Monday, July 18, 2022

"The Real Stars, not Brittle Little Rhinestone Glitter Monkeys, Performing for The Organ Grinder with The Horns."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I looked long and hard at the lives of successful people according to the way The World measures those things. I was drawn to the arts at an early age and despite my abilities, entrée into The World behind the velvet ropes was denied to me. I had more brushes with it than I can remember, BUT... it never took. The same can be said in every other area of life that I passed through... except for The Spiritual Path. I did not know at the time that every other port of call would be closed to me or... how very, very, very kind God was to me for having closed them.

Now I look at the lives of famous artists and celebrities in every field and I thank The Living God above...and... within... that he spared me that. God went so far as to put me in the company of famous people many times for The Purpose of Observation. I was able to get a look at life inside the velvet ropes. What I found... fairly often... was people afflicted with Bronzemia. Bring in the pigeons ♫ don't bother they're here ♫

I had some amount of the glamour of The World in my eyes. Nearly all of us do. It is VERY hard for any of us to escape it... so we must struggle mightily to rise above or beyond it in some fashion. Alice Bailey wrote a book called, “Glamour (a world problem).” She can be difficult to read. You need a functioning mind and some degree of focus. This is easier than a lot of her work though.

The World of Celebrity IS... The World of Glamour. It is The World of Fashion. It is The World of Appearances and the manipulation of them. It is also The World of Sexual Degeneracy. Now... hear me, I am not an official with The Morality Police, whatever people are passing through... it is only a phase. I can't judge people for their weaknesses. I have had plenty of my own on my way through here.

Sometimes these phases can go on for many lifetimes before the actor gets it out of their system... if... they... ever... do. HOWEVER... society and the culture, MUST NOT be shaped according to the sexual preferences of a tiny minority of people. It won't last. Lady Nature will rebel... with diseases... and suicide... and catastrophe, etc.

Heaven also will step in. It is Heaven who steps in through Nature. ALL force is God's force. All force is not directed toward heavenly intentions because the God Force is borrowed by life forms... and they exist in The Separated Mind of Selfish Intent. God is in absolute control because God is behind every awareness, no matter what it is contained in. This is why masters do not fear the beasts of the wild. They have subdued their own internal beasts. Master yourself and you AUTOMATICALLY master The World.

Anyway... I did not know at the time -and it was often frustrating for me- that God was protecting AND directing me. I skirted deep rivers of misery, which is what I see in the lives of entertainers and celebrities. We are all performing for audiences unseen too. Some of us have large numbers of invisible watchers... if we are entertaining or interesting enough to them. Some of us perform for Heaven, and some of us perform for Hell. These days... it is nearly all the latter that comes before the eyes of The Public.

These are some of the reasons that I find Vanity especially abhorrent. I consider it ALSO... to be incredibly dangerous. Vanity can get you killed or... worse. How can I possibly take myself seriously when I see The Sun shining in the sky? I ask you... HOW! How can I measure myself against The Sun? You want to see a... real... celebrity? Well... Look at The Sun. Right! You can't; about brightly shining.

The Heavens are filled with the right kind of celebrities... they are the real stars... not brittle little rhinestone glitter monkeys, performing for The Organ Grinder with the horns. What a dreary tune they dance to, and then? Oh! The Horror... the horror of aging, and disease, and death... and then? Whoosh... famous no more; back to being a bit player. Of course, you will have to account for yourself once you arrive at the next stop because that determines your next posting, your next appearance here or somewhere. How did you use the borrowed light you were given?

I see now that there is a kind of anonymity that is the highest fame one can achieve. You are known to millions in The Invisible... and only a few in The Land of Flickering Dismay. Maybe why they call it a flick. They perform all of the tragedies... and comedies, while their own lives are e-m-p-t-y. AND... instead of only your immediate associates knowing that you are a braying ass, the... whole... world... knows... it.

God is the ultimate celebrity. In The Gita, he says... wherever you see excellence, that is me. I am the best of everything that is demonstrated in life. This is not ego speaking in any way that we know it. This is the one who created the whole she-bang. It also is a way of saying, “if you want to be great. Let me demonstrate through you.” Many who are honored in this way would smirk and laugh about the idea of a God moving through them. Why... they are the God. Right?

There is The True Self... and all else is The False Self in transition. God moves among the false selves and sprinkles fairy dust over this one, and that one, and this one, and that one, cause he wants to see what happens. Unfortunately... for many... the only way they learn is by making a fool of themselves., and some of them have to do this over, and over, and over, and over, and... like that. You have to move up the ranks; as above so below. There's a pecking order and too many people are willing to do anything to improve their place in the order.

HOWEVER... if you do the right thing with it... even if it mirrors Les Misérables or The Count of Monte Cristo... The Man in the Iron Mask... things can change in a marvelous and profound way. God is ALWAYS watching. He sees what's going on. Good grief! He's... looking... through... your ...eyes! Roy Eugene Davis said;

“there is a CRITICAL phase of self-realization when we must stop trying to attain, and awaken to the fact that we are now God expressing.”

You do need to apprehend that with real humility.

Sometimes... I think of it as waiting in line to suck at the teats of a massive hog, that is the embodiment of Mammon, dispensing the elixir of The World. Then I realize it is ALSO God in yet another disguise, (Indra once did this) and that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g has a reason for being. Some of the roles are not glamorous, like the vulture... the hyena... the dung beetle... the pig, BUT... they are all necessary. It has taken me a LONG TIME to develop an impartial eye, while still having to call attention to certain things and conditions, given my occupation.

In the process of doing this, and communicating with readers... for whatever the reason, I have come to learn that there is no way to say certain things without pissing some people off. They think you are being dismissive... unkind... abrupt; especially when you are telling them the truth and they don't want to hear it. I've learned my lesson, but it still happens sometimes. Many of the readers do not know the sort of spaces my mind inhabits, and... that I am not into protracted relationships... discussing minutiae, hanging out in virtual space, chatting... or any of the pedestrian enterprises people engage in to hide themselves from God.

Or to distract themselves from who, and what... is really present because the personality is ALWAYS seeking to interpose itself in front of The True Self. One has no alternative other than to dance out of reach of The World.

I would have no time if I let things develop beyond the cursory. It is the reason I write these postings. They REALLY are all I have to say to anyone. I don't mean to be rude or unfriendly. I am just very busy. Even if I am doing nothing at all, I consider myself busy. I am always up to answer emails. Sometimes it takes a day or two, but... I am not into chitchat, and if people have nice things to say to me... how am I supposed to respond to that? I am not the reason this work has a good effect on people. I CANNOT take these things personally so I go right around them. That's not rude. That's a fact.

Back to the idea of glamour and celebrity. As... no doubt... you have read here before... I consider Fame to be like wearing a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes everywhere you go. What if you mostly attract people with dream dust in their eyes, as is the case with most celebrities? If you are the sort that likes preening in front of cameras... posing... phony smiling... like a timeshare salesman, then... Fame is for you. There are people like that. It works for them. I have an imaginary playground filled with imaginary friends and NEITHER OF THEM is imaginary.

When God loves you he keeps you for himself. He does not throw you on the mercy of The World, which... has... none. Sometimes you are called to do a job and you are required to be a public figure. That is a CHORE that you take upon yourself for The Greater Good, and... no doubt... you pray at regular intervals for the protection of Heaven to follow you along the treacherous route of celebrity.

ANY... OF... US... CAN... BE... SPECIAL... IF... WE... STOP... TRYING... TO... BE... SPECIAL!

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

It was only a short while ago that I thanked God for not letting me become a medical doctor. Easy to see why now, but 35 years ago I really thought that was what I wanted. I know better now. BTW, I just happened to see 3 turkey vultures sitting on the roof of my shed. They are very big birds. Not glamorous but they get the job done. Every creature has their purpose even though I'm still a bit confused about mine. No matter, I'll figure it out, in time.

Nadia said...

I liked the analogy of Fame. Precisely the reason to avoid it. Looked like quite an unpleasant situation from my perspective and very superficial. Things are murky enough as it is. Why add to it?

Anonymous said...

Tried multiple times to get famous, go viral, the past year. Failed every time, and I thank God for it every time. There's nothing better than the simplicity of being a nobody, and just focusing on your work/job and worshipping God. I was also shown the reality of the left-hand tantra path, and how people like OSHO and others who promote it are pure evil, narcissistic sociopaths. God is great

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky! Celebrities. I knew Skip Spence. What a mess he ended up bein'. Also, he was KILLED. I saw his murder. The morphine overdose part, anyway. Not when they yanked life support.

M - said...

"Beauty is in the cracks, the worn spots, and the imperfect lines." - Todd Dominey

Me? I see Paradise all around. In Nature. The wind in the trees, the bees in the basil, the birds on the fence, and my Cat taking it all in...

Anonymous said...

Here's some interesting info on Robert Malone:
Sorry about the copy and paste.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Evil is The Uncertainty of Outcome... in The Camouflage of The Moment. Evil is Raw and Undisciplined Force."

Anonymous said...

Yes Visible prabhu, it’s true. The Lord helps those who help themselves. And sometimes when one doesn’t help himself either from laziness or misguided personal ambition He delegates this job to expert subordinates such as Shani Dev who on the very first day of moving into my Capricorn Rashi (July 13) brought me to my knees and nearly to the court of Yamaraja as a demonstration of love I could not refuse. Thank you Shani Dev!
Jai Sri Krishna!

Visible said...

Shanti Devi

Anonymous said...

Visible prabhu, yes I know about dear little Shanti Devi.
We have the same birthday. Hmmmm..

Anonymous said...

The secret of Shanti Devi’s experience

How could this come to pass? This gets interesting. As far as we know, Lonnerstrand is the only person with whom Shanti Devi unblocked her secret of this connection of identity. As Lugdi Devi she was a big follower of Lord Krishna, and his godly Name was ever on her mouth and in her brain, so much so that it became one with her inhalation and mind all over the day and night. She clarified that as she went into the darkness of death she prolonged the reiteration of the Divine Name and it became the hub of her familiarity in the next world.

“I had almost reached a state of eternal bliss and salvation…but I made a mistake. I was far too eager to come back to earth again, longing to see my son and yearning for my husband Kedar Nath.”

“My love was egotistical, greedy and demanding. I still loved myself even when I was dead. Therefore I had to experience death’s next stage, reincarnation.”



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