Wednesday, July 13, 2022

"Like Vignettes, Snapshots of Moments, Individual and in Series, You Have Life in Demonstration of The Moment."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why are people... (who SHOULD KNOW BETTER) defending the idea that men can give birth and that the men seeking to replace women, by becoming travesties on womanhood, are a legitimate reality, and... can reproduce as well? It is because of the money behind trans-humanism that filters into their pockets. We just had a nut-job Berkeley Law professor tell Senator Hawley that men can give birth. She is well past the Peter Principle of her affirmative action... dumbed down on rails... potential. These are programmed Marxists. We know who programmed them. Who is it that uses Marxism as a sociopolitical goal?

It's all about Control.

It's all about Trust the Science, which is a permutation of dining with The Devil; two atheist-empiricists walk into a bar, and one of them asks the bartender for a double Thalidomide on the rocks. What does the other one have? As you will see from one of the links, there are all kinds of cocktails available here. This is due to what Science finds out during its pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey routines. They don't really know what they are doing, BUT... they're doing it to you. It's not much risk for them... is it? Unless you find out.

A Grand Awakening is both a welcome and unwelcome event. It depends on what you've been up to when the spotlight hits. Sometimes the publicity is worth it in filthy lucre, like a Kardashian sex tape made for that very purpose or arranged marriages that work like the Habsburg families used it during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We've watered that model down now so we get Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin.

When you die, any number of conditions may await you. I bring this up for one reason. The reason I bring it up is because of the billions of souls presently incarnate on this planet. THIS... IS...ONLY... ONE... PLACE... WHERE... YOU... CAN... LAND! Why... do so many people want to come here at this time? There are planets with life in countless locations of this universe. If you can imagine it... it is to be found somewhere. Even if you cannot imagine it... it is to be found somewhere else. Why... do so many people want to come here at this time?

Obviously, something is going on here in... this... period... of... time. Very obviously, most of us have forgotten our reasons for coming here. There are a number of reasons for migrants to be mass introduced into America. A big reason is manipulating the political climate; just like they do the real climate.

Another reason is that the big business people, AND... their partners in crime, the international bankers, want cheaper workers easier to control. Follow the money. There are yet other reasons. I mention this so that you might consider that the surface reasons you often hear about are not the real reasons, and now... they have alienated the Hispanics.

Here is what a former prosecutor said about The January 6 Star Chamber Show Trial;

“It’s going to be up to the Justice Department. I agree with Dan. I think everything as a former prosecutor myself, everything that I’ve heard, I think it would be a very tough indictment to get, but I also think it would be tough, I think it would be very, very difficult, knowing what we know right now to see an indictment of this president.”

That says more about what it doesn't say, and as badly as I have ever seen it said. THEY are losing it. I mentioned that they are going to be losing it... really badly. They are going to be forgetting who they think they are, what they are doing, who they are talking to... just wait... just wait; coming soon to your world. The President is a poster boy for this. The witless are pressed into public view while their handlers do as they please, AND... they are losing it. Mr. Apocalypse is behind this.

Have you noticed the misspellings and syntax errors at nearly all major news sites lately? It's like bad AI has taken over writing the articles. Unless the new professionalism is to hire people who can't do something in order to prove that we weren't looking at the upside of their new and improved freestyle. I am starting to see them more than not. Watch carefully and you will see what I mean.

Look at how the language is being reworked... made vulgar and coarse... abbreviated for the lazy. Look at twerking? It goes from doggy style to doggie masks and chains and restraints. It's a p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s-i-o-n. It is the bestialization of human nature... subjected to the animal... carnal... mind. In Material Culture everything is about appetite and the satiation of IMMEDIATE need.

Yes... why am I jumping from one subject to another like this? Think of it as something like vignettes... snapshots of moments, individual and in series, that showcase life in a demonstration of the moment. This is what we have on our surface. Someone is stirring the deeps, which brings new things from below the border of the identifying consciousness. Life is... as much as it is anything... an experiment. God uses us to discover and catalog objects and experiences so that he might know them. Then he moves on.

In his personalized framework of expression, he exhibits ceaseless action below the sight line. In his impersonalized state, he engages in ceaseless meditation... as the force that holds everything in place. In the personalized arena, he picks and chooses. He sorts. He keeps and discards. He sometimes knocks things out of place to see how they adjust to the next integration. He does all of this without thinking about it, but... trying to discuss what God is and is not is like trying to catch and hold the rain in your hands or... sunlight. In any case... your hands... and your separated mind can only hold so much and you are soon out of your depth.

Watch carefully what comes before you as you surf The World now, via your computer. See if you can catch the direction and intent of what is not being said. Observe the portly bureaucrats trying to stop the leaks in the dike with their fingers. EVERYWHERE... Identity is being broken down.

Sexual Nature is perverted in order to accelerate The War Within. This facilitates The War Without. HOWEVER... they are losing it in the very process of doing it to everyone else. This is what I would like you to look for; to see the rising tsunami of insanity as it overruns the banks of the identifying consciousness of the separated mind... taken out of its depth while being tossed on the unruly ocean of troubled subconscious waters. The metaphors are solid here. We are not talking about breakfast tacos.

This is REALLY happening. Everyone who is not firmly anchored in a spiritual connection with The Indwelling is in danger of being swept away by rising tides of hysteria... climate hysteria... sexually provoked hysteria... personal uncertainty hysteria... Safe Spaces!!! Jazz hands!!! They are screaming like the body snatchers BECAUSE... The Body Snatchers are afoot. The Mind Snatchers are the advance troops. Snatch The Mind and The Body will follow.

Everyone is going to be affected differently. You see certain demographics violently reacting. Others shrink in fear. Others are disoriented and in search of ANYTHING they can escape into. I am speaking of these possibilities because they are becoming realities. They are self-evident.

Something very strange is going on with cellphones. At the gym, it is not unusual to see the person working out go to their cellphone after EVERY repetition... while they are on the treadmill or stationary bike. It is not unusual to see people texting and driving... to see them walking and surfing... to see them waiting anywhere but cellphone engaged. I imagine it is the same in restaurants and other public locations that I do not go to, so I wouldn't know. I was in Walmart yesterday (bird seed) and it was everywhere.

It is some sort of invisible addiction. I don't use one except MAYBE two or three times a year. Fortunately... I have an invisible Faraday Cage. I recommend one in these times. I am watching the enormous parade of souls in cities, and countries marching to a programmed beat. Do you wonder why zombie movies are so popular?

I am saying that IT... IT is happening right in front of you and at this very moment. In some locations, it is nearly unnoticeable. In others, it is full-time all the time. IT is spreading in ten thousand different ways, AND... so is The Love of God. This is the anchor you must have. Here is where it is a delight to get swept away. There are two huge currents running in these times.

It... is... possible that soon... a wave of spiritual force will sweep over The World and transform everyone who is open to it; who has been in preparation for it. It will bypass those who are closed. Some might well be swept up to points unseen... through portals that appear before them as a result of what they are radiating. Whatever is in sympathy and resonance with you, is your fate of the moment... moving through the larger envelope of your greater fate, which... of course... is in control of your fate of the moment. Heh heh...

These are some things to think about BEFORE you are compelled to think about them.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Control? Excuse me, but if I'm gonna be an idiot; I'm gonna do it on MY terms, not the terms of current programming.

I came here because of ego. I had something to prove to myself. I've proved it. But I'm still here, dammmit! I will assume that is to see what is left of this totally crash and burn, and I sense I'm goin' with it. My last piss on the electric fence. I KNOW I've got something wonderful waitin' for me.

Well, technically not waiting since time doesn't exist; but still. . .

As for immigrants being easier to control and a cheap work force. . .A lot of them are not employable, and a number at my place have quit and moved onto better things due to being sick of being exploited. I have the easiest job there, by the way. Well, the second easiest. One of the cooks gets a lot of free time. (I don't get any free time. It's just what I do is easier. I'm also part time, and don't have to be there 6 days a week, stuck at the restaurant for grueling hours every day. My only grueling hours are on Saturday. Thursday and Friday I get a half shift.) He's the only one I can't stand, and the feeling is mutual; but that's life. And tell it to MS-13 on how easy they are to control. Or the ones raping and pillaging under the guidance of that soros varmint. Cultural incompatibility doesn't work, either. It's a recipe for chaos. The powers that think they are don't know shoite aboot psychology.

Will NEVER get a cell phone. I may regret that if my car breaks down on the freeway, but hopefully I can flag someone down who has one. A few years ago my car broke down 3 times due to alternator and distributer and battery going out at short times of each other. Once I did have to walk home about two miles in the wee hours of the night, the other two times the car gave out just before I coasted into my parking spot. It was amazing. The night I had to walk home, me thinks I met an angel on the way. I'm under the impression I've met several of those in my life. 4, from what I recall. Maybe more, but who knows? Meetings that were just too profound to be typical mortal flotsam happenings.

Nostrils up!

robert said...

Visible One for many unseeing to see

This is what I would like you to look for; to see the rising tsunami of insanity as it overruns the banks of the identifying consciousness of the separated mind... taken out of its depth while being tossed on the unruly ocean of troubled subconscious waters. The metaphors are solid here. We are not talking about breakfast tacos.

Whiz bang writing verifying the depth of center point of the source!

The problem with identifying, in the sense of trying on a limited suit of clothing for size:

The process of identifying stuffs our mind into boxes of limited scope!

We know that the human mental receiver is a limited band radio receiver of cosmic communications and the music of the spheres.
If we are blessed, we know how to tune in our mind to the highest quality information source...

With good guidance from our spirit, the ghost in the machine, we can transcend the limits our minds have adopted as bandages on traumatic wounds

Identifying is the problem because it keeps resetting our limits back to less than transcendent!

A pro tip is to identify only with capital A Avatars, anyone who lives beyond their means street identity in a way that shines through all personal quirks.

This blows our minds so we may shy away from the immanent responsibility to give up our personal life forever, in favor of bringing more light, even if that attracts moths and other mostly automatic beings.

Have we made peace with our depths?
Have we embraced all shadows lurking in our "subconscious" mind?
Will we invite trouble or lovely peace into our perspective?

The answers to these self-evaluation questions directly affects the show we are observing

How we observe the show speaks only about us, nothing about the show
When we see with better eyes, the vision gets better for everyone!
(With the exception of those who like it dark and sticky, of course)

The fun is in seeing true spiritual law played on the stage of Earth.
More fun if we have no desire to have our own way with the plot!

Leesa said...

Yep, when Australia got that 'Marriage' Act passed in 2017, one of our politicians, Corey Bernadi, quipped in a news article, quote 'By allowing this M.Act going ahead, you are opening up a can of worms...the next thing you know, we'll be legalising bestiality'. WHAT THE!!!
Then in 2020, one of my acquaintances wanted to lend me a book on Chimeras. YIKES!! We ain't friends no more.
Then just last week I found out that South Australia had a law passed I think after ww2 until stated that a child 4 and under can be buggarised, for they are classed as an animal at that age. DOUBLE YIKES!!
So, when you marry up all these tidbits of info, it makes sense of what societal moulding they want in store..
Yeah, Bradley Cooper, very good buddies with that creature Lady GagMe, frequenting their spirit cooking dinners... Par for the course!!
Weighed, weighed, divided, measured...
Full steam ahead, 'She's Aboot te Blouw, Jimmy!!
It's me BDay today 14th The Bastille, Viva Ala Victory!!
Love Leesa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3:

Under 4 an animal? That's horrible. And all this time I thought they were potential burrito filling on the hoof. Sheesh! Some cuntries! (I'm sorry, but I can't resist a set up for a cannibalism joke.)

Realistically, that really was a disgusting law. My, the things you learn on this blog.

M - said...

"Frightened men are dangerous to the women who have frightened them." - The Age of Witches

Women are, once again, being "burned at the stake" - albeit in a different form.

We keep coming back, though, don't we? Intact and still WOMEN. Still FEMALE. Still DANGEROUS.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"A Great Light Shines Through The Veils of The Darkness of This World for Those Who have Opened Their Inner Eye."

Gregory said...

Hi Les,

Someone once told that zombie movies have been evolving. In "Night of the Living Dead," they ambled somewhat haphazardly. In "The Walking Dead," they jog-walked to their intended victims. Cut to "World War Z" where they run full tilt. The zombies are getting faster and more cunning to the point when they will be running for office and teaching college courses.

Nostrils up!



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