Friday, July 29, 2022

"What you Want and Don't Want Will Keep Waving The Red Flags of Desire and Aversion Before Your Eyes."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I received a strange communication yesterday. It was along the lines of something said, and something implied, having to do with what I write and what I link. I missed it entirely myself, but... I am not looking for such subtleties... usually. Usually... I am moving on and moving thru. I especially don't see things that indicate something that isn't even there. If I know it isn't there, then I give it scant attention (cause I am from another dimension? Probably).

I've been doing this a long time. I was doing this long before I was doing this because I have always been doing this. Earlier on there was a great deal more sarcasm and passionate outrage over one thing or another. I found that satire was my most effective tool. Those days are gone, and the style has changed, BUT... the basic intention never has.

I have always been in a love affair with God. As is USUALLY the case, in the beginning, with this sort of thing, many difficulties and obstacles were the order of the day. It's smoothed out, so... by reflex... I have smoothed out.

I could go the route of speaking in riddles and gazing upon The World with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes, but... that seems really pretentious and not real; like a pose, like someone acting AS something, instead of simply being it. HOWEVER... it happens... frequently... that NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO... someone isn't going to like it. Someone else thinks they would do it differently, AND... probably they would, so... why don't they just go and do it? Ah! Right. Right.

The thing is that I am a warrior... and I am at war, not with people but with trends and patterns, and the perverters of perception. The Gita says that nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war. If I should engage in actual war, it would be an interior Jihad of cleansing fire. Of course, I wouldn't be doing it myself. I would have to stand there and let it happen to me, and... I am REALLY good with that.

My motive here is to write about and sing the praises of the unnamable... ineffable one. My motive is to sing, Glory to God in all things, under my breath through the live-long day. OF course, I fail in consistency now and again. The Indwelling sets up conditions for me every day, where I can learn how to be more in harmony with The Divine.

Often this means The Divine putting me out of harmony with myself or some feature of The World... so that... I can readjust. Harmony is not static... it is fluid. One is ALWAYS adjusting... even when the adjustments become so minimal that no one sees them. Only one thing is inflexibly stationary and that is The Almighty. We all rotate around him. He... does... not... rotate... around... us.

So... it needs be that I must showcase The World for purposes of comparison. I must also- needs be- have the courage of my convictions. You come along far enough and God shares your convictions because you have incrementally grown to be more like God, so... of course, there would be a greater resonance. Is that not the purpose for which we are here... to begin with?

I do not expect God to change for me, but I am putty in his hands and the perspective of my moment is based on where God has placed me for the purposes that he has placed me. Eventually... if I don't spend all my time resisting and complaining, I will be more finely shaped.

I KNOW... I cannot satisfy everyone who comes here. I also KNOW that there are people who come here in costume for the purpose of disruption at some point. People come here for all sorts of reasons... even the occasional accident of... which... there... is... no... such... thing. No one that I have ever seen or heard about has enjoyed universal (without exception) simpatico with everyone. Not God himself, even when he appears right in front of people, also in costume for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Speaking to you individually... I am not ALWAYS going to be in-line with your thoughts about the vast complexity of the subject matter we cover here. Some of you would rather not see the dark corners of The World that we share WITH those who love the dark corners. Often... a posting will start out in some back alley or littered concourse. Sometimes hard events go down and we are moved to comment on them, though... you will notice that we leave most of The World alone.

The reason sexual confusions come up so often is because sex is one... of... the … driving... forces in The World at all times. Sex is THE FORCE at the levels it occurs on. That also applies to intercourse with heavenly messengers and The Divine. In Times of Material Darkness, there is more of the one than the other. People's basic drives get bent out of shape. This has to be seen and judgment passed on it IN... THE... HUMAN... MIND. We are, collectively, joined together. When enough of us share common understandings, The World polices itself.

Communion with The Divine IS a kind of sex act. It is a much higher expression of the pedestrian, carnal rites. To vibrate in resonance with The Divine is to be awash in unspeakable Bliss and transcendent Joy. This is a fact. Enough people have experienced it and testified to it to make it credible to those who can see. The Rapture of Saints... the spinning dervishes, the ecstasy of the true and living poet, are all examples thereof.

There are cabals of darkness that are ALWAYS seeking to put The World out of order. Attention has to be called to it because too many people DO... NOT... PAY... ATTENTION.

At the moment, sexual hysteria, and all the bad plumbing that attends it, is at a VERY high state of shrieking misfortune. The banshee wail of the self-tormented... is a traveling chorus that finds its stage in the hotter... denser... zones. I feel sad for those who have bought into the bullshit or have simply been bullshitting themselves. I suspect they don't know any better, though... sometimes I suspect they really do. The Christ said we must forgive them. Buddha said to only pursue a wrong-doer to show him the way. This seems to surface in the teachings of all real teachers.

Whether you can see it or not, a vile war is being waged on small children for the most foul purposes imaginable. People are being programmed and mind-washed without respite. Attention has to be called to this, and if humor can attend that, this is a very good thing from my perspective. HOWEVER... we ALWAYS try to bring the conversation back to The Divine Ineffable. We always hope that it will be the lion's share of the posting, and... usually... it is.

Metaphysical writing has to deal with the obvious as well as the in-obvious. Metaphysical writing... at its best... operates to activate a telepathic resonance with the reader. It is then that people find themselves saying, “I was just thinking about that,” or... “I had a dream about that last night,” or... “I was just talking to someone about that this morning.”

The Divine is a radiance of eternal splendor, a light shimmering with, seemingly, every color of the spectrum. He is the unchanging radiance itself. The Divine Mother, dancing before him, is all the colors that are caused by her ceaseless movement.

Somehow... the idea of Evil finds its way into the mix... now and again. It gets dealt with. It gets transmuted, and then it appears again somewhere else. It is the low-hanging fruit of ignorance... fueled into ceaseless operation by Desire which is a constant feature of existence... OTHERWISE... nothing would get done. There would be no population. There would be no change, and change... is... the... cornerstone... of... eternity, in The Manifest.

There really is no Evil. There is no Devil. The Devil is The Carnal Mind. He becomes most prominent in Times of Material Darkness. HOWEVER... if you can rise above The Carnal Mind, and... you... can. Then... you are in The World, but not of it. It is a battle royale to detach from the never-ending misery of The World's problems, replicating themselves endlessly in The Carnal Mind, from which they are out-pictured into existence. You... DO... NOT... have... to... play... this... game. Why does nearly everyone do so? It's a mystery... isn't it? No... it is no mystery.

When you can detach effectively, you are no longer weaving future engagements for yourself, BUT... BUT... even when you stop, the wheels of The Mind keep spinning for some time afterward. This... one must endure, while... at... the... same... time, not re-engaging. It is a delicate art, and... you MUST want it more than anything else because... otherwise... the other things you still want and do not want will continue to wave the red flags of Desire and Aversion before your eyes.

One has to also detach from everything that troubles and offends them too, all that they find distasteful, all that frightens... and intimidates them. One has to stop feeding these creatures of their own creation. It is not an easy task, which is why so few can see through The Game, and wind up on The Playing Field... as one of the never-ending series of actors for The Purpose of Demonstration.

So... you will get The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly around here... in a certain measure of each. We seek to err on the side of presenting The Good (grin), BUT... we must also provide contrast; just keep on choodlin... you'll figure it out. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening will take care of that.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The dreadlock thang. What happened to 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'? I ended up with a Dineh (Navajo) boyfriend because I was dressed in a Goth/First Nations get up when we met on the way to an AIM office. Ka Di Yinni (Think that translates to something like Sacred Arrow.) Keams. An artist, former activist. Enlish name Leroy. He's in a SAVE BLACK MESA poster, holdin' up a rifle. Of course when I met him he was way older, rather pudgy, and had spent 12 years in gaol for pointin' a gun at an FBI agent, but hey. He had a few awesome paintings, but most of them I didn't care for.

The only ex I have fond memories of. We split up due to circumstances beyond our control. He had to go back to Arizona, and I couldn't leave my job and all I had here.

The Poster:

Another version says 'Indian Power'.

Oh, and nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

From reading your posts over the years, Smoking Mirrors, Petri Dish, etc, I was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding taking LSD and MDA to better understand God. Some friends have taken these and they say its ‘mind expanding’ and I should try it. What do you think? Should I take the drugs to ‘expand my mind’? I’ve read a lot about the experiences other celebrities have had like Elon Musk you know spiritual experiences and all, and you say that you’ve done a lot of these and now know what’s up. I’ve been trying to get a job as a youth educator, physical fitness instructor but the ‘kids’ just don’t seem to like me and wont hear me. Will I understand God if I take the drugs? Jeff Rense site pointed me to Smoking Mirrors and many other people said I should read what you say. I’m not really interested in Indian mysticism but would sometimes read Schopenhauer. Kinda boring though. Same with Wittgenstein, Velikovsky, Slavoi Zizek and Herman Hess. I don’t know, is LSD the answer or MDA? Really having a tough time with things right now.
I heard that you were at Woodstock too, that must have been an adventure. I live in Wisconsin and everybody here says you know spiritual stuff. I want to know too. I didn’t take the vax yet but my girlfriend says I should. Would MDA help or should I just stick with marijuana?

Visible said...

Your comment is way too suspect for me to answer. On the faint chance that you are sincere, I would say that a person such as you describe should stay away from drugs altogether. I don't doubt such people exist but I do doubt anyone like that comes around here. This sounds like either friendly ribbing (unlikely) or enemy action.

I ascribe to the Hippocratic Oath in ALL THINGS; first, do no harm.

I mentioned in the posting that there are people who come here in costume. I should add that anonymous has very few rights here.

I did not attend the original Woodstock Festival. I was there. I was around some of the people connected to it. It was not for me. I did perform at one of the reunion concerts.

Anonymous said...

Herman Hess and Velikovsky? What a combo. Great post otherwise, one of the best. I was at Woodstock BTW. Yeagers field wasn't that it? Drove down from Toronto Ontario in a micro bus. Ford econoline.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add that Kurt Vonnegut's books were quite inspiring too. No offense brother, I'll be taking peyote instead of LSD this weekend. They say there is a place where a man can fly over mountains and hills and he don't need no airplane, never will. Gonna see if that's true.

Anonymous said...

My favorite author and the most brilliant writer I have ever come across is Fedor Dostoyevsky.
That man had a superior sense of 'the human condition'. He was sentenced to death by firing squad and then released just as they were about to shoot. He was released to work off his 'crime' in Siberia, 5 years in hard labor camp. A modest human just telling stories of his personal experiences. The way he tells his stories is really inspiring. He died shortly before the Bolshevick revolution, but somehow knew the shit was coming. As for eastern mysticsim he never spoke of such but regarding Orthodox Christianity he knew. ic xc. Sorry to say, most people don't read enough and end up caught in mysticism and bullshit occultism. Feeble minds end up in masonic/hebrew indoctrination. Much of what ...

Visible said...

I would not recommend Peyote for a first sojourn. One can get exceedingly nauseous. Of course, once that passes, it lasts longer than any of the rest of them. If you are doing it in a lodge with Native American personnel it can be fantastic. Otherwise... first timing it; I recommend the Oaxacan mushrooms. They are the easiest on your system, and no loss in power, being one who nearly always exceeded the recommended dosages by many times I can attest to that. All and all... mushrooms are just a friendlier cruise. People can get nauseous on them but I never did.

robert said...

Thank you Visible!

A wheel turning post, complete in itself, a primer on the metaphysical mindset
Personal enough for persons to relate but coming from the Impersonal place

Harmony is not static... it is fluid. One is ALWAYS adjusting... even when the adjustments become so minimal that no one sees them.

Eventually... if I don't spend all my time resisting and complaining, I will be more finely shaped.

Metaphysical writing has to deal with the obvious as well as the in-obvious. Metaphysical writing... at its best... operates to activate a telepathic resonance with the reader.

You... DO... NOT... have... to... play... this... game. Why does nearly everyone do so? It's a mystery... isn't it? No... it is no mystery.

No mystery why we hide from ourselves; to hide from our response to the One who burng us to this party.

Can we stand before ever brighter light until we are burned away completely?
What remains is pure moving light that moves away from form faster than light

Scary to the carnal clamped imagination but really, the only way to be, the only way to last longer than the day, the only way to love an unlimited Love in the face of timely temptation to terminate unfulfilled.

I know I but only One knows me as I am

The personality never seems ready to surrender all control, certainly not to other human wannabes!

Dying is no way to live, boy. But dying to the personality seems to be the only way out of the vicious cycle our minds create in a closed loop.

Nothing matters much more than life loving being alive, but really alive in an ever expanding consciousness that knows no bounds

Love is conquering all everyday while we fasten upon temporary technological illusions as if they will ever matter or become life.

Wherever we are, we will be found
Whenever we will, we will be awake

A rude awakening or an awakening by our lover bringing us out of dreamland into ecstasy of a new day!

Anonymous said...

LMAO at that comment "can you give me advice on how to take LSD and MDMA to understand God"... holy crap. Thanks for the laughs. that was really funny

Anonymous said...

So V. the overlords are onto random murders to subjugate the population into submission. Submission for what? What do they want other than submission?
Check this out:
and this:

Random murders. It disturbs me.
Child sacrifice is that it? Saturn eating his children?

Anonymous said...

Thank you again dear Les. Another profound posting. The synchronicities are again, amazing, such a lovely peaceful missive from GOD, versus the 2x4 I needed in my youth.
Love and gratitude,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Either We Get Our Real Priorities in Order... or We Die Trying to Save What has No Real or Lasting Value."

Anonymous said...

"When enough of us share common understandings, The World polices itself." I can't wait!




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