Tuesday, July 05, 2022

"It Probably Seems Inspired and Foolproof to The Uninspired Fools with The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu."

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All of the bounties of Lady Nature are actual gifts from Heaven. When rain ceases to come in places where rain was a normal feature, you can know that is where virtue has ceased to abide; where Devotion is no longer present in a suitable amount to cause it to rain. The Blessing Channel has been shut down for The Purpose of Demonstration. One lives by Faith.

Yes... in some places... food is going to be a problem, BUT... Water is a far greater concern, though you won't know this until it is on top of you. Yes... there are psychopathic collectives who are working to take control of FOOD; the production of food, the storage of food, the transport of food, and the sale of food. Bill Gates, The Chinese, and other vested interests are hard at work making The Starvation Games trilogy. Disney will be producing.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”, and we are seeing this right... left... and forward, as the culture collapses. Integrity has fled and all that held the infrastructure upright is no longer present. How quickly it all happened. This has taken place in my present lifetime.

When I was young, we had an outhouse. Television was in black and white, and most of the entertainment was on the radio. I, vividly, remember listening to “The Shadow.” He knows what lurks in the hearts of men (or something to that effect). There was Amos and Andy, who turned out to be two white guys. I lived in The South early on. I went to military school there.

We had an hour of PT and an hour (at least) of drill every day. Every school I went to had an hour of PT every school day. You were not allowed to wuss out. Manhood rites took place on the playing fields and in The Street. Our culture never had the kinds of Rites of Passage that you would see in other climes and times. The best we could manage was Banker Wars, though we did not know that at the time.

We took Latin in school; the sciences, the humanities. It was all preparation for higher learning. You learned important things... back in the day. There is a link about Puppy Culture below. It tells you where it's all headed now. Gay guys behave like dogs... literally. One of the founders is a doctor of psychology who teaches Gender Bullshit at the University of Kalifornia. He is a PSYCHOLOGIST!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! I'm guessing Monkey Culture is coming too because they have already got the disease.

Tens of thousands of people belong to The Furries, who dress up in stiflingly hot animal suits to anonymously fornicate in public spaces. It might sound cute but it is about bestialization. When the sexual nature is perverted, sooner than you think, all Hell breaks loose. Babylon goes up and down with frightening speed. It is doing that now. All the chaos you see was born of The Gay Marriage Act. They knew where it was headed when they did it.

Take away the human qualities, inspired by The Divine Qualities, and... you have The Beast.

People need safe spaces now and there is far less to worry about, in that regard, than ever there was in The Old Days. Loud noises make them piss themselves so... you must use Jazz Hands to show emotion. We've come some distance from men suiting themselves up in 50 pounds of armor and hacking at each other with broadswords.

We've had all these amazing discoveries. Life has become Easy Street, and most people can't do ten push-ups anymore. In just a few generations we have forgotten how to survive on our own. Turn off the power and... in a matter of days... arriva-dirtnap.

I worked out all of my life. I still do. If you want to keep your health you HAVE TO work at it, and that is not just physically. You have to work at it in... your... mind. Your emotions MUST BE upbeat or the related diseases will find purchase. You're going to pass on ANYWAY, but it does not have to be in a torture-suit mindset... as you are racked with pain. Oh... right! We have painkillers now, if... you... can... get... them.

Painkillers are easy to get illegally. Legally, they are very hard to get BECAUSE OF LAWYERS. Life has gotten difficult to navigate because of lawyers, who are ALWAYS looking for ways to make money. I've met a lot of doctors and lawyers in this life. A number of them come by the blogs. I've met architects and other professionals, and MOST OF THEM are no longer working in their fields... with a few exceptions, and the ones I know are dedicated to service.

It is what it is till it's not. Then it is what it's not till it is... cause... it goes out of focus. It comes and it goes. Like the seasons that turn... it keeps changing its clothes.

THEY are being ALLOWED to act with impunity. Nothing here is by accident. HOWEVER... where the plotters and orchestrators get it wrong is... they think they are the ones who are doing it. Au Contraire. They are being guided and encouraged in their folly by The Left Hand of God. God IS... 'seeming' Good and Evil in expression, and... very much NEITHER. Which aspect of God do you want to deal with? It's ALL God.

Maybe every life is different, and maybe all of them are the same... but only vary in perspective. There is ASSUREDLY a commonality that crosses all borders. People go in abstruse directions because of flaws in their thinking... agitated and enabled by their desires. They have convinced themselves of the rightness of what they do, or... the inescapable necessity of it. That's just how it is for them, and this world you see around you is a constant example of that.

Only a fool and a coward stand around weeping for the fallen nature of humanity. It is what you make of it, and... EVERYWHERE are the examples. So... yes, bad men seem to have gained the upper hand. Yes... History does not bear good record of past experiences. Yes... I can see how it might look to atheists and sundry... incomplete... mind-frames. The truth is that The Grand Architect is at his drafting board. The Cosmic Weaver is spinning the costumes and weaving the plots... for those in need thereof.

Mr. Apocalypse is up and down the street AND in your head. Depending on your intentions and objectives... he urges you on and shows you how to get it done. It probably seems inspired and foolproof to the uninspired fools with the Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. That's a much bigger problem than this COVID hallucination.

What is happening. What is REALLY happening... is that a lesson is in-the-works for all of us. For some, it is going to be a confirmation, and for some? It is going to be a big surprise. There is no parity in the numbers here, BUT... The Grand Awakening is in progress. We shall see if it is possible to awaken enough of us, OR... if more trauma is necessary. IN SOME PLACES... severe trauma is going to be required because The Dream State is deep and strong. Kalifornia is an example.

One thing you can count on, is The Bad Guys have their heads up their asses, and it's not even a tight fit. It is a broad and encompassing panorama of a drama that is scrolling before us in these times. Outcomes are going to vary... WIDELY. I do not know if you have the means or the roadmap to find your way. I do know that great faith leads to Certitude. I know that Certitude makes one so determined that NOTHING can stand in their way.

Why do so many people fall by the wayside and give up? The Way is not easy, and EVERYONE finds this out. However... if your Shraddha/Faith is strong, the way becomes easier by far... because you are not dragging a reluctant, divided self in your wake. The divided self is not divided, so... “divide and conquer,” DOES NOT apply. The Devil's Snares ONLY work where they work. They do not work where the part of you susceptible to them is no... longer... susceptible. You can't be compromised when your heart is in the right place, and... “you can't cheat an honest man.”

It does not matter so much what fortune hands you. ALL circumstances are temporary, AND... AND further circumstances are formed by what you did with those temporary circumstances. It can be uphill your whole life... sometimes. It was for me. It is STILL challenging, but... in different ways now.

Don't let the Baba Yaga intimidate you. It's just a movie on a screen. It seems real enough, BUT... are you involved in it? If not, then it is none of your business, AND... guidance is ALWAYS at hand. Yes... it is terrible what is happening to these people. It is terrible what happened to those people, and those people... and those people. How is it that you are hearing about it apart from it?

What is going on here is always going on here... more or less of it depending on the phase you are in. It's a continuous kaleidoscope of Cause and Effect, dancing in the ballroom of The Overlook Hotel. It seems to be important to a great many people. It IS NOT important to me. Your degree of involvement is determined by the level of its importance to you. Find what is of true importance and all else... will be like the morning mist before The Sun.

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We put up a post at Petri Dish yesterday. Since I often don't post on holidays, maybe you missed it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I see a culling and a cleanup. All is pre-contracted to my knowledge, and those here now are gluttons for punishment. I sure as Hell seem to be. The descent of the wrong side of history is speeding up. The slope is increasing. I figure it's around 20° now, and it's gonna be 90° by December, and you can't get much steeper than that. Bein' a combination of Pantheist Pagan, Cathar, member of The Holey Order of the Spetum, and Arsehole to the 33rd degree who feels very hostile toward this realm, I'd say the here and now was the ride of my life. I'm enjoying this entropy of all that shouldn't be to the furthest reaches of my nostrils.

Kalipornia, puhleeeeease. Gods, and I'm kinda stuck here. No, actually because of how I live, I am definitely in a different zone despite being in the Bay Area. I seem to be devoid of the general reality, and this is good.

Ya know, I really think the human races potential bigger favour to itself would be to stop reproducing so it wouldn't have to put up with this garbage any more. The 'Don't feed the demiurge' philosophy. Funny, but when I bring that concept up on the various mystic screwtubes I listen to, it gets deleted. When I ask what makes this place of limitations and illusions so damn important.

Nostrils to the sky. Gods, I can't wait for September. I anticipate the dissolution of this disaster should start goin' into overdrive by then.

sandy said...

all i now is i read you every day - i know what's up and you confirm it ...thanks so much. i don't know everything but enough to know that i follow the Source - I trust in the Creator of all that is to keep me sane and aware and choosing ..no fear...watching it unfold and knowing it all is exactly what is necessary for people to wake up...or not.

robert said...

Visible One, invisible to many, shining with more frequency

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”, and we are seeing this right... left... and forward, as the culture collapses. Integrity has fled and all that held the infrastructure upright is no longer present. How quickly it all happened. This has taken place in my present lifetime.

Why we love the sun, despite all the propaganda pushed to have us block His/Her/It's touch from our skin, one light from our eyes and the unbroken glow which leads us by example toward real being!

Visible's station, transcribing sunlight into words which carry faith, certitude and determination in a fitting tribute, warms our long orbiting souls.

The sharing of personal details to point to the impersonal is pure good example, the kind that the repels envious group-minders out of shame...

As Sandy posted in response:
but enough to know that i follow the Source - I trust in the Creator of all that is to keep me sane and aware and choosing ..no fear...watching it unfold and knowing it all is exactly what is necessary for people to wake up...or not

How comforting to know we are One with All at heart!

To touch the real enough to feel One
To feel just enough to know
To know just enough to trust

While the miscreation of the human-divided world is being rendered into elements before our eyes, we still see something MUCH larger and heart nurturing coming into view through the tattered curtains of delusion.

Without needing to prove our identity to other observers, we sidestep being drawn down the drain with the error of our ways, watching vanity take a beating to make a pulsation we can all dance up against.

Birds made wise by lifelong flying may embellish the drama by circumnavigating happenings without being hit by ill-conceived wind generators beating the flow into submission...
So we may wind around the unwinding knots and weave a new garment with no ensnaring network which constrains

Glad to be here now and then...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Totally off topic, but regarding the stupidity of the human race, I just HAD to post this here:


I'd love to be there as the owners of the vehicle and house explain this to the insurance agents.


Anonymous said...

You're right. I'm not part of it but my oh my what a litany of craziness in the links.

Sukh said...

Smoking Mirrors:
The Mid-Terms are Not Just Half Your Grade. It's Pass-Fail... Learning to Carry Starlight in a Bottomless Pail



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