Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Let Them Bring You Soma and Cool Your Metaphysical Forehead in The Temperate Zone of Love Materialized."

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Materialism doesn't just make you crazy. It also makes you stupid. We KNOW that the vaccines are death shots, at best, and something worse- long term- otherwise. So... why are people taking them?

We are coming into the time of Holographic Jesus, Holographic Flying Saucers... DARPA and the VR people have been working on this for some time, while the public has softened its brains on video games and porn.

They can make you fear it. They can make you love it. They can make you fear AND love it by turns... Ouroboros speaks! It's the conditioning your parents never gave you, without the objectivity that would have protected you... BECAUSE... as they say, “seeing is believing”, even if what you are seeing is not real. The Pride marches are conditioning. The Drag Time Story Hour, Dick and Jane Trade Genders (for 3rd graders). Jane and Spot (for 5th graders)... all conditioning. Some of us... HOWEVER... are unconditional. It keeps you out of choosing sides... while always being on the right one. (grin)

My immunity to the things of The World speaks volumes in the silence of my mind. I've seen The Valley of the Shadow of Death, and I know a shadow is all it is... cause I know a shadow when I see it... here... in this realm of shadows. There are all kinds of clues hidden in plain sight, as The Ineffable waits to SEE who 'gets it.' It's not bad guys and good guys except in relative play. It's a maze and you find your way out by locating the center... BECAUSE... it is not linear.

My residence in the midst of it is the outcome of directed thought. Anyone aware of the logical progression of thought... KNOWS that it precipitates into materialization... so? Think!!! Think the reality of what you seek by visualizing it as the desired end, as an extension of mind into matter.

Yeah... it can take time. What? You don't have the time? I believe you are going to find you have far more time than you wish... BECAUSE The Mind builds the prisons, and... The Mind builds Freedom Road. The Mind builds. It is what it does UNLESS... you can still The Mind. Aspire to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. The moment you begin, it begins to appear. Time moves at the speed of one's attention. The more of it, the faster it goes by... as it does for adults. It lasts a very long time for children. Remember when summer vacation was longer than the year you spent at college?

The Mind also destroys.

Round and round, like the dog chasing its tail... The Mind pursues the argument.

Have you ever considered that the one face that does not look the way it actually looks to you, objectively, is your own? You have the subjective posture. Your perception of your face is controlled by your sense of self... and the memories and patterning that helped shape that. You come to look like what you are. You might well ask how it is that evil people can appear so beautiful sometimes?

It takes time to make yourself ugly... just as it did to become beautiful, though often you are given this for The Purpose of Demonstration. HOWEVER... eventually... if you behaved like an orc, you will look like an orc. This is how those you have seen, who are characterized as rubbing their hands with glee as they take what you own... got to look like they do.

Nothing gets by The Cosmos. Nothing goes unresponded to. You can dispute this. You can argue to the mind's content. Every sparrow that falls...

Stupid and Crazy are an incendiary mix.

Facebook is going bankrupt... assisting in the theft of the nation appears not to have worked out. Nations, like the stock market, AND social media, rely on the perception of their residents and players. This is why such an effort is made to control your thought. Who captures the human mind with promises rules over them. It is best to deliver the promises ahead of making them. Leave them wanting more, but don't overstay until they are wanting less. Take the little you actually need, gratefully, and... generously give all of what you are certain to never run out of.

How you get an inexhaustible flow from the overflowing fountain, is by behaving in similar fashion. Heaven sees when you do this. Heaven's eyes are everywhere. This includes your own eyes. We are all cameras. We are all in motion. You can't help being in motion. This brings me to the idea of directed motion. Intention charts the way. According to what you are after, and what you are willing to do to get it. That's the whole world, right there.

If you can still yourself enough, you will be able to see The World in ceaseless motion, in pursuit of its appetites and desires. If you don't want anything, you are no longer a pawn in the game. Those who are driven... are driven by the same force as those who are driving, but the view and the conditions are very different. If you are driving... you can be leisurely about it. Not so if you are driven. If you are driving, you have all the time in The World. If you are being driven you are racing against your mortality. Who will arrive first? Yes... there is NEVER enough time in that particular framework.

You have seen, up close or at a distance, how storms behave. How unpredictable they are. You've also seen the force and the fury of them. There is weather everywhere. On every level, there is climate and atmosphere. Yes... there is dead space. The worst of that is in people's heads, BUT... the weather is one thing, and how you take it is another. It makes all the difference how you adjust... until the whole thing is adjusting to you. Storms can be fun. You need to have the right mindset.

“What is all this seeming random stuff, visible? You've done that a few times lately.” Moi? It might be that some things are impossible to talk about. You have to sculpt the area around them, as... that... is... the... best... you... can... do. That is where fables, allegories, koans, and the like come from. Yeah... there are a number of terms for this practice of trying to put into words what cannot be put into words, and yet? Still, we use them.

Once again, it is our intentions that chart our way. It is of critical importance to get your marching orders from The Supernal Realm... because... you can't help but march... and show up wherever you are meant to be; from Samskara to Samara or otherwise to the Sahasrara.

It seems like we have two choices. One is to direct ourselves outward to the sensory plane... for the purpose of acquisition and enjoyment (call it the pursuit of pleasure and distraction) and all that it reveals to us, within the particular bandwidth of the plane. Or we can venture inward to a higher plane. That would enable us to get directions as we go... through the sensory... material plane, on our way to the higher planes. Just think what death would be like when you know ahead of time how to enjoy the process of changing to a more perfect form... of expression.

Ever onward... ever upward. That is an actual way to do it. What is the point of letting The World kick your ass, over, and over, and over again? Why not float on the lily pad, while houris or enlightened dakinis and other bright spirits bring you Soma, and cool your metaphysical forehead in the temperate zone of Love materialized? Man and woman make one thing. Incomplete on their own they forever need this closure of one another, BUT... you can wake up your opposite number within. That is how I prefer to do it. Everyone is different about that, and it is how we get all these worlds of the varieties... of the celebration of it... that populate it. Be fruitful and multiply! That is accomplished inwardly as well.

As you can see from the news, it matters greatly what the temperament and disposition of your parents is. What conditions do you seek to be born into? Mind how you go because there are some grim environments you can set yourself up for. Make it ever onward, and ever upward.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"there is dead space. The worst of that is in people's heads" - Brilliant and true

"Own your own mind." - Wim Hof
“If someone is looking for a trashcan, don’t let it be your mind” - Dalai Lama

We all grapple with our inner demons from time to time, and the negative energies swarming around us can adversely affect even the most rational person. My BFF, who is a smart cookie and normally very composed, lost it the other night; bullying me over an issue regarding her sister. I was very calm but stood my ground. Finally she screamed in my face. Something I've never seen from her, let alone AT me. In the middle of a restaurant, too. In the car she was contrite and apologetic, but what she said after that was revealing:

"That's not like me."

Indeed. Perhaps something else is eating at her that she doesn't want to confront...

Visible said...

That sort of thing is going on all over the place now. Really quirky and inexplicable. So very much is at stake now.

Missing Munich said...

"If you are driving... you can be leisurely about it. Not so if you are driven. If you are driving, you have all the time in The World. If you are being driven you are racing against your mortality. Who will arrive first? Yes... there is NEVER enough time in that particular framework."

I agree 100%. Your blogs keep this tired nurse going, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Greetings all around,

Missing Munich

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This like totally resonates with 'moi'. Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!

. said...

What a beautiful piece Vis.

Your words flowed like honey, really sweet. I felt deeply in tune with you, almost like I was dancing with your essence in the ethereal.

It was a beautiful thing.

Much gratitude.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Your blogs keep me going

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Skies are Lit with Enchanting Lights. They Glitter and Gleam for a Moment and Then... The Lights Go Out."



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