Monday, June 27, 2022

"Wow! Talk about a Flame Retardant for The Divine Fire! No Reason for Me to Keep Looking for What I Already Have."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The masks were a prelude to people being able to wear them at all times... so that criminals could have more cover. Like stagecoach bandits. It gives Antifa all kinds of face concealment, during their nihilistic and criminal enterprises. Antifa is shock troops for the New World Order, The International Bankers, and The Globalists, who want to bring Kafka's Prison and Orwell's Farm to Earth. Some of us have known about them for a long time. Meanwhile... it's ALWAYS the same insane passion to control The World, which... they... NEVER... DO. The Earth is a sacred vessel!

The people behind all the negative shit that is happening, want a breakdown in the social order. The specter of war, food shortages, the killer vaccines, and all the other woo-woo that is going on, is part of a calculated effort to create an environment for revolution. This is all orchestrated... but let me point out the MOST IMPORTANT feature of it all, so... you don't have to feel like you need to choose sides. God is at midmost and in surround-sound of The Good and Seeming Evil FOR... I say, FOR... The Purpose of Demonstration. This is one serious reason to have faith, and why things always work out over time. Shitstorms happen. Try not to be where they happen. Seek not to generate them.

Many people are not privy to this insight... that human storms work the way regular storms work, and with similar reach. Ergo... hurricanes... Typhoons, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis. These are, in reality... if you could see them... massive dancing entities. The same happens with people when The Beast is loosed. Fear and Panic are great motivators.

Those seeking to rule over you are quite adept at the use of Fear, Rage... and all the other crowd control instruments. If they can get your attention, and mesmerize or intimidate you, then you got a problem. Their power... however... is of secondary concern, because THE POWER is ALWAYS in command of ALL permutations of life... ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. God is in ABSOLUTE control. I don't know how to clarify that... but... it... is... present... right... down... to... the... cells... in... the... organs... in... your... body. Hard to imagine eh? Hard to believe?

On the matter of God's control in our lives, I have seen the evidence directly many times. These days, I am more likely to see it that way most of the time. Yes... you have the illusion of Free Will, which often leads to permutations of Free Willie... at some point... and in some fashion. Our free will amounts to our being able to oppose The Divine Order. Whenever we oppose it, we create suffering, and that suffering is- supposed to anyway- lead to realization and then directly to no longer suffering. Free Will is the playground of The Separated Mind.

In one way or another, all suffering has to do with attachment. Those of us who become realized are not ourselves completely free at that moment, BUT... we are free inside. Regardless... The Adept still has his appointments and duties that he/she must attend to. He has his engagements to show up for. It is that Jivanmukti thing. It's not egregious, though... getting there... can be. I found it to be so. It might seem that some have a smoother ride than others. All that means is that they did the heavy lifting at another time.

Here's an interesting point. When you wake up, you find out who you are. Sometimes... this can prove to be VERY surprising. It is said that when The Quickening comes, a man who might have been considered superior to his wife or counterpart... could well find that she is more spiritually advanced than he is afterward. I don't consider this area of life to be all that important; the pecking order and similar, BUT... I can assure you that there is one. It is the same way in criminal organizations. As above, so below.

In The Supernal Realm, people are more often identified by what they do. One sees much clearer there than we GENERALLY do here, so... less is concealed. Some of the time, when it might seem that someone is concealing something from you, they might not even know it was there to begin with. Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to ignorance... given that malice is stupid to begin with. Wow! Talk about a flame retardant for The Divine Fire. Some of the things people get up to astound me.

In this particular community of the fellowship of blog attendees, we pretty much believe in God. That is not the case everywhere. In certain circles, the idea of God is considered to be a joke. “How can there be a God when we are the Gods?” This is what they say in the places where they gather. Everyone has their watering hole. There are those who have formed themselves into monsters by the torments they confer on others... and upon themselves.

You must not fear The World and the dancing shadows it employs to distract you from The Light. This drama is all choreographed. Be a better dancer! It is possible to move so effortlessly through The World that no one even sees you, or... they see you as you wish for them to see you. The priceless components of our being are invisible. HOWEVER... they do shine T-H-R-O-U-G-H us. We radiate what we are. That is the weather that we visit on others. Is it not better to be a day at the beach than it is to be an empty and abandoned field, filled with rocks and stinging nettles? Any one of us can easily be turned into a sunlit beach... if you know how to focus and let it happen.

Think of yourself as a kitchen tap or a gem in a chandelier. Be The Moon reflecting on a still lake. Trace yourself back to your origins. I don't know how much attention any of you are paying to the Trends and Patterns playing on the movie screen of existence at the moment; the unreal dancing mirage of life in material extension, BUT... there appears to be a whole lotta shaking going on. Hey! Look! Look over here! “No! Look over here!” “Look at me!” Everything is trying to get your attention.

Here... I would like to talk about this Ascension thing. Some traditionalists call it The Rapture. There are varying legends about souls ascending, and flying saucers returning and departing. I've heard tell of two people standing in a field, and one is taken and one is left. My God... there are so many legends, fables, and spiritual tales. It seems likely that SOMETHING similar has occurred a time or two before. Look at Noah and the Ark... the legends of Atlantis, and Lemuria. Well... you can DEFINITELY presume that there have been countless iterations of the same.

I would like to point out that this Rapture... this ascension, is possible at any time and happens all the time but we don't see it because it happens out of sight. It happens on a plane higher than our physical sight. There is an endless conga-line of souls dancing up the endless stairs to glory. There is another line going in the other direction. What's your pleasure? What's your preference? What can I getcha?

We come here for specific life dramas. That is how Karma plays itself out. There are countless other worlds that you can inhabit. You are HERE for a specific reason(s). I was never much for arguing about anything with people. It got old quick. I prefer to seek out the truth on my own... and verify it by experience. Then... when I do talk, I prefer to talk to kindred spirits, who share my love of The Divine.

We're all just passengers on this bus. I, generally, like to sit up next to the bus driver. I was clowning it up in the back for a while, but that didn't get me anywhere. I can also watch where I am going up front, like the bus driver does. Since the bus driver has done this before, he is a good resource for the journey and the destination.

There are those who say that ALL world leaders are part of a unified cabal, aligned against humanity. This is NOT so. It is set up so that all agendas will find an opposition, and... it is this contending against itself that accounts for Evil's self-destruction. Heroes and villains arise in the same time period to contest the field of battle with one another. The outcome has already been determined-

♫ and we have come to Armageddon...
just to find... the battle won.
Spread your wings. Close your eyes.
Let your love flow. Come inside ♫

What is the most amazing feature of love that almost no one knows about? The power and magic of Love comes from the reality that you give it away. How can it even be called Love otherwise? Why is it that so many cannot see the connection between Love and Selfless Service? That you give it away is what defines love and sets it apart. Everyone is looking for it but the only ones Love associates with... are the ones who give it away. That is what gives love its value. Love is priceless, and so? We give it away.

People who work the sidewalks of The World claim to offer it for sale, and regardless of whether they work the seedy sidewalks... or on Boardwalk and Park Place, they don't have any of it in stock, BUT... they could arrange for you to get a reasonable facsimile that... is nothing like it at all... not at all. Still... at first it seems okay from the outside. “Why don't you take it for a spin around the block?” “Why don't you let me hook you up?” Oh yeah... all the fakes and facsimiles that are hawked from the auction houses of The World, are... gift-wrapped disappointments. I don't want any of it. I got something better. There is no reason for me to keep looking for what I already have.

Forgiveness is the wise choice. It could be the right choice too, but it is... especially... the wise choice. It beats the Hell out of me beating the Hell out of me... with regret... or hard feelings. You are only doing it to yourself and it wouldn't have happened in the first place if you hadn't engaged in it at another time. This seems very difficult for people to get, In many cases, they are unwilling to get it, and so... they suffer, and they suffer, and they suffer.

Give your love away... each and every day. And by and by it will return to you in countless replications of itself. Stay frosty, and burn brightly.

End Transmission.......

Before I get to the links let me mention a couple of things. Sometimes, now and then, over the course of a day, I check the visitors that come and go at the traffic spot on the right-hand menu. They come from all over The World, and I am used to seeing certain locations every posting. HOWEVER... lately, I have been getting many visits from The Ukraine, and also from this place; “Singapore, Central Singapore community development council viewed 'Reflections in a Petri Dish.'” I have no idea what it means. I went to their website to check them out. As a result, I learned a lot about modern Singapore. I already knew about The Singapore Grip (grin).

The link stops working after a few minutes so one must often refresh it.

Anyway... that caused me to remember what my internal angel has told me quite a number of times, “You have no idea of who reads these blogs, visible. No idea.”

Some links (as this is Monday there will probably be a lot of them; sorry Elf!”)

GAB is thataway=

Via Mail Online
Man!!! They are really losing it.
How do they find people stupid enough to attach themselves to this kind of journalism? It's all breaking up and it's going to fall down on top of them=

Via Gateway Pundit
Well, isn't that special?=

Via ElijahSchaffer@Twitter
About a minute of the most obvious devolution celebration I've seen. The irony is that most of them are sexual-others who DO NOT REPRODUCE, and are also the only source for LGB-L-TUSVWZXY people to get here, with parental mind morphing. One of the attendants is the world BLT consumption champion. You'll see her toward the end. Wheaties wanted to put her on the cover but she wouldn't fit=

Via Gateway Pundit
The more you pervert nature, the more Nature makes you pay. She's a mirror that acts out the consequences of a poisoned desire body. then she gives birth to it on the material plane for you to raise as your own. Well... it is your offspring=


Via Breitbart
Oh!!! be still my beating heart!
The land whale further down makes me wonder who her sign applies to. IF such a person actually exists and is sentient, I would call that, “taking one for the team”=

sex strike

Jon Rappoport Via The Truthseeker
Interesting thoughts=

Jon Rappoport

Via The Real History Channel
Tchaikovsky played for the pink team.
This is the same thing Israel is doing to The Palestinians; the ACTUAL people of The Book=

Via The Saker
When you want the real low down, go to the man with his ear to the ground, Please note at the end where they say something about a new currency. You know what has happened every time this happens=

Via Fox Business
How big is your delusion?=

Via Gateway Pundit
Yeah... I noticed this=

Via Fox News
I am officially rolling my eyes AND making the OK sign (but not in Italian)=

Via The Huffington Post
Boy... am I glad I live here=

Via Gateway Pundit
This is what they do to others and themselves.
They are in hellish torment=

Ethan Huff Via The Truthseeker
Well... we already knew this too.
It won't do them any good. They are barreling down the road to their Brave New World which is, in fact, a plain of desolation=

Fake meat

Via Gateway Pundit
Celebrities just wanna have fun too.
She's a fan of one Bob Avakian. More about him tomorrow=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hence 'free' will is actually quite expensive. Don't I know it.

I'm not a real daemon. I only play one on the telly. Such seems All The Is right now.

My appointments and duties are all under protest. After all, I do now see it as an incarceration without bars. Aren't obligations like that, even if they are self-imposed? And I must say, I am a dishwasher; so I'm still stuck with the heavy lifting. I can still keep up with the sausage casin's, but I must say; after the weekends I can barely drag myself up the steps.

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!!

Proud Member of the Holy Odor of the Septum said...

What is so weird about your postings is they are so synchronistic with my unfolding life. You mention things that are personally relevant to me that are not even remotely subtle, as in today's post about bus drivers. Today I was officially hired to drive a bus for the City of Sacramento. Not that makes me on par with the Driver you are referring to, but it at leasts put me in some kind of driver seat where I can practice unconditional love to my passengers. Emphasis on practice.

And yes, I am one of the watering hole attendees that loves God. Thank you for accepting us into your circle of influence. That being said I thoroughly enjoy the comments by the other attendees. They are an insightful bunch, with their nose hair coats and mind-boggling lists of reading recommendations.

I admit I have much I wish to say, but I feel this deep urge to retract into my shell. I want to share, but I feel self-conscious. I fight with myself all the time. I liked what you had to say on this matter in today's post. Really have to ask myself, who wins when I beat myself up?

What I wish I could be is a DJ. I would love to spread the word of love through music. I feel it can say so much, bypassing our brains and speaking to our hearts. My contribution to this post today is Iggy Pop, "The Passenger." One of my faves.

Thank you for listening

Anonymous said...

Since I found you a few months back I come every day to read your wisdom. I can't put what I know into words like you do - and that's why I love reading you. All I can do is nod my head yes yes...I get it and thank God I've discovered a lot of what you talk about. It sure makes it easy to digest all the crap in the world going on. You remind me to keep keep aware of what's real. thanks for that.

Duntoirab said...

Your link to the actress I've never heard of has a most telling second to last sentence.

SC did not ban abortion, it passed the buck to the states where it always belonged.

This is why I never discuss politics, deviancy, etc with people. Most of them are just too stupid.

Leesa said...

I agree with what was said about malice being mis-diagNOSED
as just plain ignorance, they know not what they do until
the four-be-two comes across the scone!! Heh Heh!!
LTPTB- I concur about being a DJ- wanted to be one since
17... I had 300 (45) singles records gearing up for my new
vocation, only to find out by the time I reached 27, CD's surpassed
vinyl... I let go of that attachment... Women DJ's don't cut it anyway..
In rregards to sound and music 528 hz is meant to represent LOVE...
But a real mind bender is that SMELLS can have their own
frequency- Otto Rose Essential Oil is the highest on this
frequency, I think it's about 587hz.. A close second is Sandalwood
That's why we crave the smell of a rose or light some joss sticks..
A song to listen to by Alan Parsons Project, '7.83 hz, A One
Note Symphony', very interesting harmonies and sythesizers...
So it all comes down to resonance and frequency..
LOVE WILL raise us up-guaranteed!!
Love Leesa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Leesa, I think it's Greg that wants to be the DJ, not me. We have two 'noses' on board now. Well, Les Visible's been inducted as a honourary nose, but I don't think he's too much into the Order. He's got a beauty of a nose, and his 'tude is right; so. . .

If I were a DJ, I'd do a classic rock and Celtic mix, with a few songs from other countries thrown in maybe once every couple of hours. I'd also lie awake at night thinkin' o' new SNARK to push more buttons with, but that ain't gonna happen, so. . .

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Find The Resonance. Then You Hear The Music of the Spheres. Then You Dance in Perfect Harmony with Heaven."

Hobbiton Greybeards said...

Greets Fiesta del Sol LV!
Fam was watching the J6 Kabuki and it was nap inspiring.
The Trumpster said a line from a Snoop Dogg and Dre rap about the wymyns and a great editorial page has the Carlin a big club and you ain't in it shirt for them right on cue!
The demonstration is always enlightening and we could use some lightning as the ground is cracked and the grass crunchy.
The synchronicity is off the charts beautiful and all kinds of people love Burt Bacharach.
The music is the best just as the great Frank Zappa said.
Many are stopping by to see what condition they are in and the non-evil browser says 6 million results.
We just might have a chance because they fear consciousness and awakening more than anything.
Non-Compliance is the way and if you can't say NO then you are not free.



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