Wednesday, June 01, 2022

"The Figureheads at The Head of Their Respective Governments, are Hand-Puppets Controlled by Bankers."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every day, I take a brief and wide-ranging, virtual walk through the wreckage of a falling culture. It is not only falling here... but... all of Western Europe is falling even faster, as this coming winter will show. The Crown Colonies are falling. China is becoming a movable prison. The clash between East and West has steam curling from the bubbling pot. The pot lid clatters randomly, but... there is always the hiss of the escaping steam.

Everywhere I go, I see the evidence of sexual perversity, and early childhood programming... in a rampaging fury toward... some... further... end??? Either they are coming to a long-anticipated conclusion... of an effort to subjugate humanity... to a constant darkness of mind and spirit, or... some-THING is hot on their trail, and getting closer all the time.

They seem to be in a panic, driven by fear and a ticking clock. For whom does the clock tick? It ticks for thee, my love. I cannot understand their sense of urgency, EXCEPT for one possibility... that there is a time factor in play, giving one the opportunity to say; “it's coming down to the wire!” What wire? What, or who... is coming down?

The Great Reset... The Great Replacement... the coming shortages... the relentless pandemics, and the pacification of The Masses by face coverings, that... bear a strange resemblance to a particular religion, where women are required to wear a head covering, and face veils. It is like some new religion of Trust the Science. If the powerful and wealthy can convince us to protect ourselves from what is not a threat, against our will... they will, by degrees, gain an ever greater advantage over us. Half of the population is going along to get along... swaying and rolling their eyes into their heads, in a conga-line of collective stupidity. They just want it all to end, BUT... they are unwilling to rise up and shut down the system.

Before The Internet came around, I used to say that it was easy for Humanity to overthrow their oppressors. ALL they had to do was cease to comply with their servitude. Stop going to work. Stop traveling. Stop buying anything other than bare necessities. Stop participating in any and all civic affairs, except for silent protests... massing in the streets, where all the signs say... “We will not comply. We will not submit.” Think of it as a staring contest. Non-violent protest... as silent witnesses... humming a single note of unity against the forces of division, WOULD... and WILL bring them to their knees.

THEY need us. We DO NOT need them. They need us to show up for the entertainments they provide for profit. They need us to attend their Bread and Circus acts. They need us to buy what they manufacture and sell. They need the economy to start and stop on their command, which is another way they control the population. They create depressions. They create inflation. They create war. They create shortages, AND they don't care how many people they kill. History provides ample proof of that.

They thought it was amusing to create a character named Barack (Bwak!!!) Obama out of spit and old shoelaces, and shoehorn him into the presidency. He pretty much came out of nowhere, with a resume. They VISIBLY tampered with the last national election. This is PROVEN... but... but what? Why is nothing done? They control the information highways. They orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and then they controlled the spin. It is VERY MUCH as if a dream is going by and we are all helpless players in it who can do nothing. Is that true? Are we helpless players?

The figureheads... who sit at the head of their respective governments, are hand-puppets controlled by bankers who regulate the currency, and disburse it as it pleases them. They have one major problem that they did not have previously. Perhaps the problem is a collection of parts that compose the whole of their ongoing difficulties. I may not know all of the parts. I do know that God is the Gestalt. I am aware of some of the parts. They are... Mr. Apocalypse... The Great Awakening, and Lady Nature in a state of agitation.

Yes... there are armies massing. There are ignorant armies, and armies of light. We are in a time of our greatest transition. I do not know who among us will remain in the aftermath. I do not know if entire countries will become blasted landscapes. I do not know whether mountains will crumble or... the seas boil. I do not know whether history will repeat itself, in the usual ways that cause people to experience the same horrors of previous times... when they were on the other side of the equation. I suspect there will be some part of all of this.

Although I do know that there are places that will avoid all of the troubles that are coming, I would rather not work the sensationalist angles like so many of my contemporaries. There is at least one in Mexico, and... we have some too, as does South America, Russia, China, and Australia (and others). I remember reading about The Seven Locations where all would be well, but I could not be bothered to remember them, hoping to avoid the sorts that flock to these alleged locations... as is happening in Patagonia and other places. Seven major geographic centers. There will be lesser enclaves.

I tend to go with the thought that no man knows the hour of his coming. They also don't know which specific face of God will appear in which locale. The Avatar comes to Reward, AND... to Punish. Some of that is already going on.

It is past obvious that there is a shadow government; a cabal... if you will, that manipulates world leaders to do their bidding. They believe they tell everyone what to do, whether they are aware of it or not. They have the money. They can hire the personnel to be the change they want to see. They can arrange for protests and flash mobs at any time they choose, and then they can have their compromised networks inform us all about it, through their odious talking heads.

I know there is a large group of people who do not believe in what they cannot see, and who do believe that there are terrestrial solutions that can be utilized to protect them from what they can see, but... probably will not see when it is coming... until it is too late, AND THIS... THIS is what they don't get. They may see what is moving, BUT... they cannot see what is moving it. They can give you all sorts of information about The Wind, but they know nothing of the intelligence that guides it.

You can say that The Sun causes The Wind, and that is true. What you do not hear is that both The Sun and The Wind are composed of conscious entities who take direction, and who ALL serve The Will of Heaven. Anyone who has gone to the trouble to raise their consciousness and expose themselves to these invisible elemental forces, KNOWS that there is something to what is being said here.

Now... it is perfectly okay to run around like a chicken with its head cut off... if that floats your boat. It is okay to cower in fear, to imagine you can hide from Destiny, to think you can barter like Faust, and... escape in the final reel; that you can pay someone off if you need to. It is okay to be like anything that suits your needs, as long as you don't mind the conditions you are going to find yourself in as a result. Unfortunately... it does not work the way they think it does, AND... they were put into this frame of mind, by The Supreme Lord of Creation for... yes, of course; the Purpose of Demonstration.

THIS IS what happens... when you do THAT, and THAT IS what happens when you do THIS. You can tell yourself anything you please. That DOES NOT make it so. It just doesn't. It is much better to accommodate yourself to The Way of It, than to bull-rush existence, and imagine you can overpower it. You can't. The endless roles played, and the dramas they experience... are ALL brought about for The Purpose of Demonstration... in the hope that you will learn, BUT... the jury is still out on that.

I make no claims of knowing more than the rest of you. I... likely... very likely... know less than most of you, because I have emptied my head of all the bullshit I thought I knew, and I dwell now in the perfect envelope of The Cloud of Unknowing. I am told what I need to know... when I need to know it. Otherwise, I know nothing at all. I like my chances with that dynamic.

This cartoon carnival may work for most of you. It DOES NOT work for me. When I look at contemporary culture, what I see is lunacy on its way to a bad end, which doesn't have to happen, BUT... we will all make our choices based on what we value, and desire. Our intentions will take us there, and our value system (and what we desire) will be the judge of our rewards and punishments. There has never been a better time to be Amish or in a community of The Sane. We have given you many examples lately of communities ruled over by megalomanic mischief-makers. On a larger scale... you are still dealing with megalomanic sociopaths.

Get Faith... Certitude... and Determination. These will serve you well in times of need... that are now approaching. Let your interior light be powered by the one who put The Sun in the sky. (which it is in any case) Let your light shine so that you might attract the attention of angels. They are ALWAYS on the lookout for those of us so engaged.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I hear enough people say. “”God Help Us’’
Maybe He will maybe He won’t.
I don’t know

Visible said...

Probably... likely... almost certainly... some measure of both; outcome to be determined by your relationship to the force that contains, and maintains... all of it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And people here are so stooooooopid. They attack random targets as opposed to what's the haps in Sri Lanka. I'd add the French Revolution, but there were too many feckups during that time.

I'm the only one in my restaurant not wearing a masque. A fellow dishwasher asked about it, and I explained I'm not working with food, so the boss is OK, not to mention it's 'mal salud'. (They don't speak English, and being trapped at the restaurant 12 to 13 hours a day 6 days a week, they're not gonna learn it. But they do make damn good money to send home.)

Loved your non-compliance article. I try, as if past posts didn't shove that in everyone's face over and over again. It also helps to be aligned with the Cathars, considering how they feel about this Hell Hole. I also feel like I've just passed Ereshkigal's 6th Gate, and I can see the 7th up ahead. In fact, I think 4 pounds of me passed that 7th Gate last night. (Ever have to go through 2 good sized bog rolls in 6 hours? I had to cancel and off schedule house cleaning appointment since I was trapped by the loo.)

I personally would love to be nuked at Ground Zero. I don't think this realm is worth fighting for. Those forcefully graduated from this midden heap are the lucky ones, as far as I'm concerned. Well, there are the degrees of pleasant and unpleasant on the Otherside, but at least everyone gets put where they belong. I'm going to The Akashic Library, Tech Duinn, Elysian Fields, a brief visit to Niflheim, and considering I mentioned Ereshkigal, I'd like to check out Kur, too. . .amongst a ton of other places I don't know the names of. And I'm gonna ask Anubis if he'll pet my nose. Gods, and I not only asked for this experience I am having, I BEGGED for it. Well, I guess that's one way to detox for a desire to be here. Be dissatisfied with it for 90 odd percent of your life. I am soooooo grateful for being shown all this during my NDE. No one should live life without one.

Yes, you get the obligatory NOSTRILS UP! Your posts not only beat a fentanyl, adrenochrome, heroin, nicotine fix for addicts, but a Campari tomato fix, which is way worse than all four of those put together. Oh well. At least the tomatoes are a little cheaper. (I can't believe I gotta pay $3.00 a pound for 'em.)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't let this slip by:


be still and know said...

The Politics of Obedience...“A people enslaves itself, cuts its own throat, when, having a choice between being vassals and being free men, it deserts its liberties and takes on the yoke, gives consent to its own misery, or, rather, apparently welcomes it.”

Étienne de la Boétie

It is Terminal Madness mode now LV and the bankster funded globalists are stating on video that they want 50% of humanity gone within the next few years.
Most of the masses have absolutely no clue and if you tried to explain anything it would be like speaking a new unknown language.
This Idiocracy, Brave New World, 1984, hybrid abomination is going to come down hard and that is a feature for the controllers.
The tension is so thick that you could cut it with a knife as all the smoke and mirrors have reached the end of the line.
Baling wire, bubble game, duct tape, spitballs, shoe strings, these are not meant to last forever and the Big Steal was a Cosmic Bridge Too Far.
The "elites" bought those Patagonian bolt holes for the fresh water but Mr. Apocalypse has a Universe sized rucksack of spanners for their works.

Visible said...

"LV and the bankster funded globalists?"

That's not a bridge too far. That's a river too wide; might be a good song lyric.

robert said...

"LV and the bankster funded globalists?"

That's not a bridge too far. That's a river too wide; might be a good song lyric.

Thank you for the belly laugh, Visible!

It is high time we unleashed the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Love, against the dark design: hilarity!

Since all resistance to the One is futile, we may laugh with compassion at the hubris smackdown coming.

The beat goes on so the beat down will come on time.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Time to Stop Trying to Understand the Wang Dang Doodle and Simply Come into Harmony and Accord With It."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Yes , and I am IN that Western Europe - thank goodness you put that last paragraph, Les.



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