Wednesday, June 22, 2022

"You Have to Free Yourself from The Tyranny of Appearances... That are Coming at You Through a Glass Darkly."

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There are some things that I am fairly certain about. I can never say for sure; mostly it is the walk and talk like a duck being a duck kind of thing.

I previously mentioned the present-day ecstasy manufacture, and control of the same, for a reason... because it stretches into a number of areas, having to do with sexual programming on a wide level, unbeknownst to those who are being programmed and it has to do with the whole transgender-transhumanism fad that reaches from body modification to something beyond brave new world... into an actual David Cronenberg film in real life.

One thing I have some direct experience of and with is drugs... spiritual and recreational drugs. I have a Ph.D. in that field. Although my experience covers the gamut, my specialty is in psychedelics... cause I was never going to be a heart surgeon. I know what drugs do... because I field-tested them over, and over, and over again. I have not taken any drugs for some time now, other than the THC compounds I take for pain. When you have broken a lot of major bones, you start to notice changes in the weather more profoundly than ever you did when you were younger. It's all manageable, BUT... I prefer ease of passage; not being a stoic by nature.

So... as I am trying to say; I am the laboratory in which the experiences went down. Of course... it is subjective. My experiences do not reflect the experiences of many others. I was looking for God. Perhaps I was ham-handed about it... clumsy... driven, misdirected, and even, on occasions, ill-advised. That doesn't change anything. I was looking for God. Now I can say I am celebrating God, because... I don't have to look for God anymore. Some drugs helped immensely. Some hindered.

In my quest, I sampled from every shelf in the chemical cabinet. This includes designer drugs, and it is designer drugs that I want to talk about. I'm not even going to begin to list the various names of compounds I encountered. There are way too many of them, and I did not sample them all. I did sample enough to get an idea of what was going on with them.

There are many versions of different combinations that I have encountered. I took the original University of Kalifornia MDMA which was... remarkable. I couldn't possibly find the right words. Let's say it was GREAT and then some. As time passed, and it was made illegal, all sorts of variants showed up... and I noticed that what had once been a rapturous communion was now something that wanted me to feel and act out like a woman. I was able to see what happened to so many soy boys.

Fortunately for me, my female nature was already ignited by my kundalini awakening. Kundalini is a feminine force. It unites with The Almighty in the bridal chamber of The Sahasrara (sounds like a casino in Vegas, doesn't it?). I'm some distance shy of that, with the exception of brief moments that I could not sustain. Being Mr. Curious. I came to find out that the illegal ecstasy business was controlled by Israel, to-a-specific-end.

They shape these drugs now to fashion your reality; to shape what your mind tells you is real. They put things in the water and the food that also cause similar changes over the long term. Yeah... they are doing this. The Killer Vaccines are another angle. You must have noticed that athletes are dropping dead all over the place now. Social Media is a cultural modification of perspective... where good and evil are whatever they say they are. Social Media is another kind of drug, and the cellphone is a delivery system for it. Surely you have seen people working on a chronic spinal injury, as they hunch over the tiny screens in search of what is not there.

The nerve center of these horrors being unleashed on Humanity is being controlled (they think) by The Davos-Bohemian Grove-Ass Bandits- Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations thing... by way of hijacked Masonry and the Illuminati waste material by-products from doomed generations... being brought to center stage... as one of the lessons on the cusp of the passing and coming of the age. These misguided souls are dark indeed.

It is hard for one who is not similar... to understand the profound depths of their madness. Certainly, they don't. They have been directed and herded to this stage for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Divine has arranged a cosmic drama meant to ring across the years... time will tell... and we shall see.

He who we call The Evil One; The Enemy... The Shadow... The Devil, and by many another moniker, is the perverse face of The Divine, as seen through the eyes of The Profane. ALWAY remember there is ONLY God... AT LEAST FOR YOUR PURPOSES. If God is all you see, then God is all there is. This is a cultivated perspective. It is a discipline of lifetimes; coming into alignment with The Cosmic Order. You have to free yourself of The Tyranny of Appearances that are coming at you through a Glass Darkly.

Unfortunately, due to errors in your thinking, often caused by ♫ the smoke of an impure fire ♫ that has been burning over the course of lifetimes, which creates samskaras... dark areas in your aura... the road maps of your mortality... on and on... it can be explained from here there and everywhere, and it has a lot to do with where you are standing and what your intentions are... all of this is caused by your desire and WANTING. Cease wanting and your problems will (mostly) go away; you still have to traverse the geography, inner and outer to finally get there where you already are (but don't know). It will hurt until you let go.

That's the other side of WANTING. It has to do with DETACHMENT... letting go. Sex is a blind for that. It is why zee French call it (the orgasm) Le Petite Morte (the little death). One HAS TO have the stones (pun intended) to turn away from the temporary attractions of The World. As a poet, I was not immune to the deceptions. I had to find a greater beauty, and I did. I found The Divine Mother... or maybe she found me.

I looked so hard, at the risk and loss of everything... many times in this life. You die daily and just don't know it. I certainly did, over... and over.

I am not seeking to censure romantic love. I'm a poet. That goes against my intrinsic nature. It peoples The World. It makes for all the great stories. Everyone... except for the aforementioned Davos-Bilderberg etc., have fallen in love, AND even they have fallen in love with something. I would not, myself, call that love, BUT... I would not call most of what I see... Love. Dreams of romance and the derring-do we imagine it might take... has entranced all of us at one time or another. I've reached the point of wanting to put away childish things.

So... to reverse Lloyd Bridges; “I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue.” Let me say that I picked the right time to stop taking drugs... what with Fentanyl being loose. I told a story about my experience with it, at a solstice celebration a dozen years ago, here at the blogs.

It took me the longest time to realize that I was banging my head against the wall. I was a man on a mission, and not likely to take, “No”, for an answer. As with all reckless and determined souls that come and go here... I had to come to terms with it. They weren't going to let me in until they decided to let me in. It becomes more and more clear that my journey was a Purpose of Demonstration thing.

Now I see that most of these drugs are dedicated to shutting off... shutting down or clouding The Pineal Gland. This is the connection point for The Internal Hierarchy to communicate with us. Shutting it down makes us the pawn of The External Hierarchy... the metaphorical Caesar. I can see what they are trying to do, and the hardest part of the whole dynamic is that it is all God Dancing through the mix; the deceivers and the deceived, the predators and the prey... who routinely change places with one another and everyone gets their turn in The Barrel. I'm tired of that shit.

I KNOW I have to love everyone. I also KNOW that I don't have to like everyone. I had an all-consuming passion for union with The Divine. That happens on God's Time and on God's Dime. I got away with a great deal because those who love much are forgiven much. Mind; I was not trying to get away with anything.

Love is the magical ingredient in all of existence. It is the true nutrition in food. It is the heart's genuine salve. It is the enduring peace of mind. It is the reason I will leave everything where it stands. There is NOTHING here worth coming back for except the ones left behind... and that is Bodhisattva Land.

Yes... it is VERY hard not to hate and despise these people. Lately... it is less egregious because I see what they have crafted for themselves and... it... is... a... terrible... fate. Now I feel sorry for them more than anything. They have fallen into a deep well of flaming shit. It takes one with the steel of Jesus the Christ to go down there after them. There are all too few... all too few, called by Heaven to The Forward LZ. There are heroes among us so marvelous and we mostly do not even know their names.

To wield the flaming sword of The Putti (Putin??? Nah); the sword of The Spirit that INFORMS matter... ah... be still my heart; what a noble aspiration. The angel as a child is the symbol of eternal innocence. Our invisible playmates. What I call my invisible friends. The angel guarding Eden is the angel of innocence. That is what is required to reenter The Garden... (you have to be able to look in the mirror) REGENERATED innocence. I'm sure there are many ways people explain it to themselves. That is how I understand it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ahhhhh. How nice to not having ever bought, used a 'technically' illegal drug. Heh-heh-heh. I mean if you can buy it at a health food store or legally at a head shop or find it on the side of the road. . .not that I even need anything, thank the gods. Sally D visions were nice, but the side effects. . . Glad I never had a cell phone (Hope I can flag someone down if I lose my car on the road.), ditched the teevee (Or should I call it a telly?) in late 1994, and not playing loads of other stupid mortal flotsam games (Fast food, credit cards, status crap. . . Actually, I'm so pissed off at the economics of everythang I ain't ever eatin' at another restaurant again even if someone else offers to pay for it. . .until I change me mind. I won't. I added that ending for the snark effect.)

Ayuh, I'm sittin' in front of the innernet all day. I'm ignorin' real life, and real life is ignorin' me. We have a Mexicanese (Mehicanese?) Standoff of a different kind. I don't like the concept of bein' in a madhouse, so I do my best to bypass it. It's worked so far since I've taken that way of life.

Speaking realistically, (YES, I ADMIT IT. THE NOSE HAIR COAT AND TAIL ARE A JOKE!) all I want ain't available in this prison of my own design. The desire for an Akashic Library Card is NOT a joke. I'm also waiting for Ereshkigal to open the 7th Gate for me, but that's outta my nostrils. (Hey! Us THOOTS members have our own language. 'The Holey Order of the Septum', for those who don't know the acronym.) I'm in the waiting room, and I can almost hear her, "I hear you knockin', but you can't come in". Yet. She can't wait forever. Gotta die some time. Or transition, bein' there is no 'DEATH'.

You have written another masterpiece. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!

word bird said...

Hi Les, what's your opinion of the god named 'yaldabaoth' who's depicted in various Nag Hammadi texts such as 'on the origin of the world', 'hypostasis of the archons', and other texts ? This yaldabaoth is apparently the ruler of the material world and was accidentally created by a feminine aon called Pistis Sophia. Thanks.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Is More of a No-Brainer, in Both Senses of The Term. It Is The Product of Either Clarity or Confusion."

Visible said...

word bird.

I stay away from those demographics with names out of H.P Lovecraft. I've studied The Gnostics and pretty much everyone in the field of metaphysics and my focus is narrowed to Hindu and Buddhist traditions these days. I admire and respect some of the icons of various other traditions. However, I don't like a crowded pantheon of whosis and whatsis that never take me anywhere that my heart is more deeply involved with.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yaldabaoth. One of the names of the demiurge. Total POS! Read the Nag Hammadi, or what was left of it. It's like half the text was missing when some bitch set fire to it, and you have to guess at what's not there. You might wanna read The Kolbrin. Pick a copy, if you have a lot of spare time:

I read it during lockdown, I think, along with the Emerald Tablets, and Kybalion, and Book of Enoch, and I read them one after the other and can't remember what is from where. In one of these books, paraphrasing; it actually said to forgive the one who killed you, because he/she set you free of this realm. What does that tell you?!



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