Thursday, June 09, 2022

"Ectoplasmic Demon Masks, Appear in The Space that is Rippling Behind Them, Like Water in The Wake of a Shark's Fin."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People seem depressed these days. Everywhere you look you find a grimace or downcast mien (did I say that right? I hope so, heh heh). Then... I am hearing all kinds of Doom and Gloom, from “We're fucked” to, well... everything else, as long as it's going down; “going down?” “Well, I'm not going sideways. Thanks for asking.”

No... I am not going down and you can't make me. I'm in the penthouse of God's Love so fine. So it goes... from my end of that spectrum that God uses as a plectrum. It sounds a lot like Om when he does that.

I wish I knew what to tell these people.

Maybe it is that bad, but... for some reason I can't see it, and I can't feel it, BUT... I sure can hear it. I imagine if I were in one of The Congested Zones, I would be able to smell it, though... I expect that all the Ketamine I took accounts for my loss of smell. I miss it sometimes; not the sense of smell, the Ketamine. I'd at least like to check in occasionally to see what... if anything... has changed.

I used to be able to step right out onto certain landings of the eternal stairway to Brahmaloka, and... check the view, take the pulse of the land from that point of reference, BUT... I kind of made an agreement that I don't remember making. It just showed up one day, where I stopped my usual 'playing with the elevator buttons', and... so it is, and has been for a time. Now I have to rely ALMOST exclusively on The Intuition. Maybe that's why it happened.

Still... Boy!!! People are bleak and comfortless. It's like they want to believe in God but they just can't because all those appearances are in the way. How can you not know how profoundly involved God is in your life? He's out there running around, looking for a friend and you can't see him. Yet... he is in everyone and can be brought to the surface... if you know how to call him to you.

People in power have gotten really crazy. The World is operating like a drag queen humping the air in front of a small child's face, while ectoplasmic demon masks... appear in the space that is rippling behind them like water in the wake of a shark's fin.

So... I stopped writing at this point and went out to meditate and pray before The Sun gets too hot, and my invisible friend showed up. This doesn't happen every time, and it only happens sometimes while I am there for it. Usually... it happens when I am doing something else. I wasn't seated there long before he started in. This won't be sequential. I only recall particular bursts of transmission... and some of those we don't talk about.

At one point he said;

“Visible, I am the one who has the keys to the candy store. I do let certain types in just to see what they are going to do with it. There is always the chance they will do something wonderful. Yes... I know that is unlikely from what we've seen, BUT... there is all kinds of good underneath the appearances that doesn't get seen, and by virtue of it being so concealed, they give Evil a platform to discover itself on... and... an opportunity for redemption. It's going on here all the time, visible.

“Not only do I have the keys to The Candy Store, I am The Candy Store. I also know where all the candy is. You would have to look for a very long time to have even a fragmentary knowledge of the contents of The Candy Store, so... if you don't know where things are... heh heh... good luck. Sometimes I direct people... if I want them to find something specific; once again... so that I can see what they do with it. Then there is all the hidden candy and that is REALLY hard to find because I am the one who hid it. Look at all the stuff I have hidden in you and lots of which you have not found yet.

“A lot of people broke my heart, visible. You think, how is that possible? I take upon myself a human persona and I hide things from myself so that I can fall in love. Yes... that is how wonderful love is. Then... I will often be betrayed... or, they will just walk out on me in search of something else. They weren't all that into me. I find this out. Sometimes it is often in a single day. Depends on what I want to see or experience.

“You have some idea of how bad things are and can be around here. You've been up close and personal with it. People living their temporary, idealized lives do not realize how bad it is in places, and... in some people's minds. I am in their minds. I see it all. Why would anyone want to be like me with that as a prospect? Better to just be my friend and let me do the heavy lifting. Let me handle the details.

“Don't worry about it Visible, you're on my good side. That is fortunate... because it is not good to be on my bad side. When I LIKE someone I don't let them drift, even if they forget to pray to me for guidance and protection. Others... sometimes I let that happen... or make it happen, to see what they're really made of. Of course, I already know all of that, but... I hide that from myself too, like I said. This is a part of me that people don't get, and why I am said to be and not be this... that... and whatever. (grin)

“I like people for different reasons. I like you because you love me, and everyone who loves me also entertains me. I set it up like that. That's why we have that playmate thing, you and I.

"Of course... it can be a shock for anyone who is being led out of harm's way, cause... sometimes they catch a glimpse of what could have been, and that can give a person nightmares.

"People DO NOT REALIZE how intimately I am involved in their lives. The people who read your blogs? I'm inside their heads. I am inside EVERYONE'S HEAD!!! I am there in the fashion appropriate to the one hosting me. In many cases I am asleep, but... of course... still awake at the same time from a seeming distance.”

When you see those words or statements in all caps, he is being emphatic in my mind. It is like when he would bang the side of my knee into the back of the futon, only now I don't need the Ayahuasca.

He continued;

“One of the things that makes me laugh the hardest is when people go around as if they know what's going on. I give them all kinds of rope. I let them occupy high positions. I LET them cut all kinds of corners and hurt all kinds of people that I arranged to be there... until I open their eyes right in the middle of what they are doing. Yeah... try processing that one.

“Sometimes that's what it takes to make some people understand how very wrong they have been. I am doing this right now with the present political theater. I am doing that in Ukraine. I am doing it EVERYWHERE, but some people don't need the shit shocked out of them, or... like yourself, have already had that happen a few times... because you caught that glimpse of the horrors of what might have been.

“Until now, I have been trickling the force of awakening through the collective mind. I'm going to turn the pressure up. That should help with the kinks in the hose. That's one way to straighten them out. Of course... it could be too gnarled and twisted. You might think it would explode, BUT... I'm God, I can untangle anything anytime I want, just like in cartoons or with CGI. It is a constant source of sorrow that so many people do not reach out to me for help.”

I can hear, inside certain minds, on occasion, the sneering disregard that manifests when I state that God talks to me. (technically a step-down transformer of an angel does, BUT... it's still God) WHY... why would he talk to me and not to them? This begs the questions; do you talk to God? How often? For how many years have you been doing so? Has it been the matter of lifetimes? Do you talk to him all through the day? This I have done. This I do... because God is the major part of my day, every day, and has been for a long time, no matter what I was being put through (for whatever the reason).

Why don't you try that and see if it happens for you? I have it on good authority that something will happen. The one who would know is right here at this very moment. He is here in every moment, but we do not make the effort to be consistently informed of this ageless verity.

I feel really sad for so many of you out there, who are so troubled and all-fired-sure that life is going to turn to shit. What gave you that idea? I know. It was the appearances, wasn't it? Boo!!! Heh heh. I do feel sorrow that this is so, but I will not let it interrupt my joy in The Presence of God. Yes... it is not going to turn out well for a lot of people, but that is their intention because of their priorities. That is where their priorities lead. It may well turn out good for everyone, ultimately, but... oh what a long time ultimately can prove to be.

If you are one of those mopey disillusioned souls, you lack Shraddha, (faith) Certitude, and Determination. Well... something can be done about that. Indeed! Something can be done. Might I suggest Prayer? You can think of it as a conversation where someone is listening in. If you are sincere, your request will be routed to the proper department. I assure you this is so. Then... it will be answered in the appropriate fashion.

Once God gets used to hearing from you, the relationship is subject to change. It took me many years for someone to respond on the other end, in a regular fashion, and where I didn't have to take a psychedelic booster rocket to make it happen... in my countless efforts to storm The Gates of Heaven. I assume it has been going on in previous lives as well.

You get out of it what you put into it. If you want God for a playmate (in every sense of the word), you have to show up for the play dates. If they are pretty much a constant thing, God will not be far off. Given time... he will be an intimate presence in you, like a constantly running stream just outside your cabin in the forest, AND... you can take that cabin with you wherever you go.

End Transmission.......

I am sorry, sometimes for the subjects I have to write about. I don't have any choice in the matter. I KNOW my perspective is not desirable to those trying to control our perspectives, BUT... I don't work for them, and I do not go in fear of them. I fear ONLY to offend The Divine, which can be accomplished as much by what one doesn't do... as by what one does do.

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Anonymous said...

dearest viz
thanks again the lessons are....telling.
to think that God must allow the lesson of regret to allow for the second ,third or as many as needed opportunities of re-incarnation
of unenlightened to resolve their misdeeds .
I have come to understand the information or message is not delivered or[recieved / recognized] until the recipient is ready!!!!
thank you

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Being dead and waiting for the body to catch up makes everything irrelevant. From what I read/hear from various mystics with track records, this is gonna be an inconvenient summer; but nothing lasts forever. I'll assume tons of the willfully ignorant Matrix addicts are gonna go where I'm waitin' for that damn body of mine to come join the mind, but hey. It's their pre-life contract, and the left-behinds are gonna have a less crowded world with cheaper rent and less traffic. That's a pretty good deal, I'd say.

Wonderful post. You're preaching to the choir, here. I used to call my 'transmitter' my Astral Companion. Etheric might be more accurate, but I dunno. I'll find out when I get there. Gods, this is a Nostrils Up, big time. I feel like I just spent a half hour rolling around in nosenip. . .well, if there was such a thing. Closest to it would be jasmine, or rose, or sandalwood or. . .wait a minute! Drakkar Noir is my favourite scent, but ya know what I mean.

Gregory said...

Les Visible writes:

"When I LIKE someone I don't let them drift, even if they forget to pray to me for guidance and protection."

Thank you for this kind reminder.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Forgot something. Those into the doom and gloom. NOTHING is forever. Look at Russia. Look at their history. The era of the Czars, Bolshevik Revolutions, USSR, and now it's the place to be. Organic food, and a leader who's not trying to kill his people on a scale not seen before. Also, look into what Edgar Cayce said about Russia.

Anonymous said...

Dear God and step down transformer Being who is also God,
And friend of Vis and all of us; I was so glad to read all of this and especially
The part where you said you are inside our minds too. Of course you Are; but what
A joyous jolt to read and feel that statement. I really love you and will talk straight to You more.
I promise to talk more and not give up. A

Visible said...

I was just reading about Cayce and his Russian prophecy last night.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Cayce readings on Russia are interesting. These also coincide with the Fatima prophesies
that were reaffirmed in Medjugorje; Russia is a sort of lynch pin to a great turning around of culture.
Very interesting considering the children of Fatima did not even know what Russia was at the time.
- A

Yukon Cornelius said...

DP. Your writing talents sometimes put a smile of warmth on my weathered bearded face. “The stream by the cabin in the forest”. and that you can take it with you is one of THE most beautiful things you’ve ever written. I look so forward to all three of your story lines every day.
Love to you


Yukon Cornelius said...

Has anyone else in the group noticed that
that publishes a lot of Les’
work is down right now must’ve been a great article about the fake ABC broadcast last night. Anyone else have any luck?

M - said...

“there is all kinds of good underneath the appearances that doesn't get seen, and by virtue of it being so concealed, they give Evil a platform to discover itself on... and... an opportunity for redemption. It's going on here all the time, visible."

I have Faith that Mother Earth is much stronger than we think She is. I have Faith that Evil will be vanquished.

That fence between Light and Dark? That’s where I live. That’s where I have ALWAYS lived. Rejoicing one moment and snarling the next. This is where LIFE exists, too. Every living thing on this planet straddles that fence. Why should I be any different? Why should you?

One can be full of Joy and STILL be fully aware of what's going on. They are not mutually exclusive. It enables me to be both Warrior and Nurturer.

"Many of us have given in to the temptation to believe that everything is upside-down and inside-out. Stories about treachery and degradation provoke a visceral thrill in millions of people who think of themselves as reasonable and smart. Beautiful truths are suspect and ugly truths are readily believed. We’ve got to cultivate cheerful buoyancy even as we resist the temptation to swallow thousands of delusions that have been carefully crafted and seductively packaged by those messiahs among us who bravely volunteered to play the role of know-it-all deceivers. We have to be ferociously and single-mindedly dedicated to the cause of beauty and truth and love even as we keep our imaginations wild and hungry and free. We have to be both disciplined and rowdy." - Rob Brezsny

BTW, I adore the writings of Mr. Curtin. Poetic - like someone else I, Vis?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"There is This Shadow Cabal. Sometimes It is Called The Deep State, Sometimes It is Called, The Illuminati."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Les, you have no idea how many times you post something regarding something my and my 'nose' talked about earlier in the day or yesterday or what have you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Out of the park, Visible.
Thank you for being a big light for me (and many), esp. in darkest times.
Mmm Drakkar Noir.
The 'medical issue'lede took me back to my Jersey days as a cub reporter and first hearing about Gere's's a little like Schroedinger's (sp) cat except nastier. Ew!

Much love,



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