Monday, September 30, 2013

Prometheus as Liver Pate.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

If you've been coming around here for any length of time. you know I'm not the sort to complain about my personal life. I'm not a fan of whining and... I've had a pretty relentless course of things not going in my favor, with some bright spots but... having to pay as I go and pay and pay and pay.

This last two weeks I was assaulted by a horrific flu. I seldom get ill, once every five or ten years something like this comes along.Then there was the full scale war against my computer and I couldn't write any posts because I was unable to write double letters, backspace more than once and several characters typed out as another character. Meanwhile, my net book disappeared. Then it reappeared for a day. Then it disappeared again. I was told to put a CD into my CD burner and once the door opened, this device appeared out of nowhere and I had to pull it out of there and then it dissolved and disappeared. Items went missing with regularity and have not returned. I can't re-install Windows XP. I'm not sure where to go with this. Then I developed a cough that racked me with pain whenever I coughed, which was often.

Over the top of all of this, I keep hearing, "rely on me, rely on me." I've no choice in that regard but am forced to forget this without exception. Now, I've found an amount of money I had no idea I had, not any kind of large amount but certainly welcome. Where did it come from?

To say that I am at my wits end, is to have to rely on terms I am familiar with and not the terms that would actually apply, if I knew what they were. Things, trips I was counting on, are not happening anymore, not the new location I am meant to go to shortly; something else.

People that I had reasonable communications with for a good period of time, suddenly go out of their minds without my having to do anything to cause it. This is more or less science fiction, except it's not fiction. It's happening every day, though less so than it was. Now the net book is gone, over a week now and I don't know what I'll be able to use while I am away for a month, for posting and staying in touch. It's big time Topsy turvy-ville.

So, now I feel like I've been through four quarters of a bruising NFL game and I wasn't in the necessary condition or age group. Times like these you think about treading water but then you realize you are in The Bay of Fundy or, Mount St. Michel. This would explain that "rely on me" thing, regardless of it being blipped out of my consciousness every time I try to permanize it.

Of late I have felt a lot like that Al Capp character, Joe Btfsplk who walks around with a gray cloud over his head. I know there are warm, exotic and welcoming places I could go for a few months and simply let this relentless intensity drain from my being but... after all of the deceptions I have encountered in recent times, I have no idea who is who. This is not to disparage those who have offered me safe haven. This is just to point out the level of uncertainty I have to deal with. I'd love some kind of a hiatus zone like Maui through these coming cold months, then head to my new residence in the Spring. I'm more than a little apprehensive about the great deal of work required of me to get my new digs livable; much better to hit that place in the Spring. What to do, what to do?

Obviously, "rely on me" is a pressing matter in the mind of the ineffable, where I am concerned and being chained to a lamp post at the corner of Shit and Go Blind is my operational environment. I notice the occasional grin appearing on my face, briefly. This is the first time days are going by and I'm not singing. I'm usually always singing.

So, I don't want to snag the reader into a 'poor Visible' perspective. I'm just letting you know what it's like for me. Some spiteful dunce made the usual uniformed comment about, "Well, maybe Mr. Apocalypse is at your door too." This indicates one who is confident with blind presumption and given things I know about this sort of thing, I can dismiss this sort of petty unpleasantness out of hand. I could wish that people understood better how I am not much affected by things like this but... had they the requisite insight they wouldn't get up to things like this in the first place.

Somewhere between now and mid-November, the world will be utterly transformed, or so I hear. Everything is still avoidable but it's the collective delusion of the masses that makes so many outrages possible.

I'm guessing some number of you never expected me to talk like this and some of you are probably wondering what took so long. So much has happened, I can't even remember a lot of it and that is often the case with periods of hyper-reality. Normal periods operate within familiar zones. What is not normal does not usually operate within familiar zones. At the moment I am not flooded with optimism, nor negativity either. All I can think of is, 'a state of watchfulness.'

I once thought, well, success is going to come for me later in life. At the time, I was thinking that meant a lot earlier than now. I also thought there would be an increasingly greater ease of passage, not the reverse. Typically of me, I'm very adjustable and what I'm after doesn't have all that much to do with the pedestrian shit most people hunger after. That's like being in pursuit of ballast for your hot air balloon.

Any day now, things can switch into a whole new and entirely different environment. By this time I am so committed to all of the things I have been told by my invisible friends that there is no alternative for me. They've been so consistent, even if I've seen little of all that I have been promised. I never was given any dates or locations. Sometimes you get to the point where you can't turn back and you have to take each day purely on faith. I suspect that is where I am now.

Last night's radio broadcast is available now.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Dog poet transmiting

dog poet transmiting

May your noses always

I have been to war I am not fully out of it. They're coming from ,many places . Seen that some hardline organization  Launched a war of extermination. Glen is in with them,  ray b. and others at the site . They have remote viewing me teleporting objects in and taking other things out. .I know you want to know but later for that.I have not won but I will win, no one else has the red coat. They had telepaths going through my shit And they saw that I was a wretch. But what they did not know was that god put that on me as cover for who I really am. The Mothman is apparently very real. He's involved and there are others.. They have creatures that can do most anything. Make my beer disappear, only had two. I'm banged up and crated. They had me. My whole computer was turned over to them. Then some of them found out that I was serving the highest. That changed the gameboard. As they got more and more confirmations from on high their case became tenuous. I will say here

I can't write long it is arduous and they are still; fucking with me. It is an Augean Labor.. Now they know they can't harm me anymore. That's over. But I am starting to get angry now and that is not a god sign for them. You among the readers who are with them know you cannot win this. I have imprimatur. .

Your ranks are decimated. I've taken a new bad hits with no lasting damage. The landscape is being scoured for thew rest of you, meticulously. Let's do this the easy way and you get to keep your shit and your lives, in 'most' cases. The harder you make it the harder it its going to be for you.  Make peace with me now and we can all have a glorious future. Do not make peace and rue the day.. I have demonstrated the power of my connections and those of you who thought the archangels would blow me away, apparently didn't know who I work for.You who are still at it, sending entities, creatures, spells. This is to no avail and I will ruthlessly deal with you everyone. If you stop now and come over, I am wiling to be gracious. I am the god guy and you know it in spades now so, let's not see the spades. Back off now and you can save yourselves..
I could have gone on and on. Think about who I really am. Petition me in your way  to even up what's due me  Don't wait too long. I'slo be here waiting too. Let us end the nonsense.; You know who I am. It was just a cover, a veil to protect me from the bad guys. On the other side well. I suggest you go with your gut, your integrity and conviction. this must work out. It is why I do what I do. Some of you don't have to do what you're doing anymore.The window is open. You already know the important this is. This offer will not be repeated and the window of opportunity is open. It is going to close.soon.

Well Sim, We've seen some things.
That amazing journey

Where does it end?. Al is forgiven. You are limiting your development so?
after i go by c you see how it is . 
I am the good guy. It freaked you. It hurt you, it confused you. It made you afraid. It intrigued you.

I've gone thru al those things, I met God o n a beach. Trying to get around aofthese texting problems is making me weary. Se you 2whenever.

End Transmission Take the locks off of my computer. It is the decent thing to do and it works out ever so much better for you

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Showcasing the Skells and Starving the Vampires.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

My fires are at a low ebb today (that’s some kind of a literary mistake, since water, not fire, ebbs). Given that, I'll try to stay as optimistic and positive as I can, practicing reverse psychology on myself. The view from here is that some serious 3 dimensional chess is being played and the Syrian situation has been put into limbo, through the actions of some several good souls. This has led, directly, to a 'presumed' 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' among those doomed creatures, whose fate and destiny are on a timer; “tick, tick, tick, tick”.

Since for me, the whole spectacle of life is for the purpose of demonstration, I tend to, automatically these days, look for what that demonstration might be. In consideration of everything I have been seeing for some time, it is pretty clear to me that the main demonstration taking place is to 'showcase the skells'. Though I do not see a great deal of Zionist owned, Crass Media, I am, occasionally directly and more often, indirectly aware of their manufactured reportage of events. What happens in the process is that certain personages, who are thrust into the spotlight and are among the most bombastic and arrogant among us, are being given ample opportunity to show all the world what a terrible excuse for human beings they are. John McCain stands out and... what is this? That's what it's all about. The purpose of demonstration seems to be about showing us who the bad guys are. Chief among them, as a group, would be Israel and their dual national agents in the US and elsewhere. As everyone, most everywhere, has backed off, in the push to bomb Syria, all that remains are the hard ass puppets in Imperial America and of course, all those powerful Tribe organizations that wave the carrot and the stick There they are, isolated and alone, standing in the spotlight, ♫he got caught in the spotlight♫. It's clear to me now that the reason for all the delays, setbacks and permitted outrages, is to let the awakening world see what has been going on for so long. I said I intended to stay positive and optimistic. This is both positive and optimistic. There is an end game in sight.

The canny maneuvering of certain players on the gameboard, has put the vampires off their stride. Now, being vampires, they are always consumed by bloodlust. They NEED to feed. When they cannot feed, their rage and wrath become terrible. If they are denied their feed for too long, they diminish until they are reduced to a half life hibernation. It doesn't kill them, it just puts them in a continuous state of agonizing torment; not as much as they deserve but... it will do, for the moment.

Unfortunately for the world, the possibilities to feed have never been greater. This accounts, to a degree, for the size of their appetites. If they can't feed by seducing the common mind and their leaders (as just happened) into supporting some horrific international incident then, they are left with their persistent motto, “thou shalt make war by way of deception.” They are nothing if not predictable to a penetrating mind, regardless of all subterfuge and deceptions.

The thing is, deception, insidious convolutions, Byzantine plotting, bait and switch, badger games and all the three card monte routines of the degenerating Crass Media, possesses an ever reducing impact because they are all being counterpointed by the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. The Crass Media has been allowed to lie, obfuscate, omit and fabricate to their hearts content for a very long time. Now, even though the public is unaware of why it is, their desired impact is no longer effective. People are seeing through it. A few of us know why that is but... it is more important 'that it is'. Why something is happening can be less important than what is happening when 'what is happening' is a highly desired end.

It should be clear, by now, to those of us that have been capable of seeing for awhile, that there are certain obvious facets to the whole manifest dance. Students of the hidden aspects of existence are aware that benevolence leads to benevolence, once your benevolence has exceed your debt. 'They' are aware of The Awakening. One need only read Brzezinski to discover that. This is why things like twerking and the commercial payoff for it, in relation to certain pop tarts, is being shown to the masses. To see the extremity to which the culture has come, you need look no further than this. It is very telling and the effort to feminize men; all of this being brought about by men who hate women, is as transparent as some of the costumes.

Yes, Mr. Apocalypse is a busy, busy archetype. We can expect much more of this and the attitude of the subject is clearly seen. This is the sort of personality we are dealing with when it come to those facilitating the nastiness that has been the hallmark of recent decades. Those ♫who squat behind the man who work the soft machine♫ are even worse. It's one thing to be a witting or unwitting tool because of an excess of ambition, greed, hubris and appetite. It's quite another thing to do evil for the sheer joy of it. I can't say whether this sterling fellow is not an example of the latter. What I can say is that he is well on his way.

All of the things we have been seeing in recent days and weeks should all be telling us something. One of the things we are being told is that the bad guys can no longer act however they want. Something has changed in the climate of the human mind. Awakening is a matter of stages, levels, whereby a series of significant changes follow one another. You might call them stations of awareness and each one of them contains elements that transform the world as we know it. These are spontaneous occurrences, where some new propensity begins to make itself known, as an operating feature in the times where it appears. You might think of it as something like 'critical mass', except that it is a series of critical masses. Think of it as a color wheel that turns one color at a time over the backing light. One rotation includes everything necessary for transformation, within and without. Some are resistant. Some are too deeply asleep. Some are in direct defiance of it. On the positive side of it are all of us who are engaged at some level in the actual turning of that color wheel. Think of it as thousands of us with our shoulders to the wheel throughout each and every day. It's a great big wheel. It takes a lot of energy to turn it. From what I can see, we are turning it and we're getting help, of course.

Things don't move at the speed that we think they should. There are reasons for that. Whenever you are dealing with archetypal realities and cosmic verities, as well as collective human inventions of long standing, like 'time', there are always very good reasons for anything being the way that it is. You have two possible positions you can take on any of it. One is to resist whatever it may be because it is not convenient for your timeline or your expectations and doesn't come up on the computer screen of your understanding. Having true understanding is dependent on the possession of certain qualities that can only be acquired at great effort and expense. This means that they are rare and hard to come by. This is a time of darkness. It doesn't get any darker than Kali Yuga, except in certain parts of Kali Yuga. This means the part of the population in serious torpor is very large and those free of the denser forms are few. This is mirrored in the temporal zone by the relationship between the population and the 1%. Changing what's happening in the temporal zone is reliant on a change in the percentages consciousness wise. Given what's been said here, for the minds capable of the analysis and computation, these are all positive things. Awakening continues and it gains a steeper incline with every new stage. Those left behind by inclination, indifference, or a comatose mindset, will be passed on to the specific spectrum that handles these states. It's all very precisely arranged.

Where it is not precisely arranged is in the immediate present because the option for change is resident throughout the moment, which is always the moment because it is always, 'now'. This is one of the basic tenets of enlightenment, being able to live in the eternal now and it points out at the same time that time is your enemy in a certain regard because it is an 'artificial construct'. It is, in true fact, a prison, which is one of the reasons that you most notice it in prison.

There are a number of illusions here that are very difficult to break because they are collectively shared by nearly the whole of the population. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse has deigned to pay us a visit, just like he always does when things get like this. Expect the unexpected.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Cosmic Brooming Process of the Approaching Avatar.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Although weirdness continues with people who have inserted themselves into my life and who keep trying to play me, I'm not prone to emotional blackmail or any other chicanery these days. I now know if something looks suspicious, it is. I'm relying on the Big Kahuna in my life to take care of all details and I'm not going to concern myself with them. Things are what they are or they are not and what they are or are not, is not my concern. Everything will find its own place and level and if I don't concern myself with it, then it doesn't concern me. I can be deceived for a little while but once awakened, it doesn't happen again. So, as expected, they're pulling out all stops. Have at it with a will. I'm going to focus on what's in front of me. That said, what better thing to do than to construct a real Origami (grin)?

If you haven’t heard the radio show with Robert Phoenix and me, you can catch it here. I'm inserting this principally because of the subject I intend to address today. During the interview with Robert, he asked me about hierarchies and the possibilities of contacting them (the invisible hierarchies). I was a little vague, scattered and roaming ...because we had discussed so much already that it was a lot to jump into and listening afterwards, I thought, I could have said so much more and said it more clearly. This I now intend to do, inasmuch as I am able.

One of the things people do when they don't know is... speculate. This, of course, is never a good idea because... it's 'speculative'. You don't have to speculate though, all you have to do is apply the Hermes Trismegistus rule, “as above, so below, for the performance of the one thing”. The world we see 'here', is a shadow of the world we might see 'there'. Perhaps 'reflection' is a better word, except that it is not a true reflection. It's another one of those funhouse mirror things. What happens, over the long course of time, from better times to worse times, the further away we move from the last 'visit by avatar' is that the lower positions, in the upper hierarchy, are prone to being occupied by corrupt entities. The higher you go, the less likely this is, simply because this would upset the critical balance of what holds all things together.

As has been stated here, many times, when a new avatar comes on to the scene, his mode of entrance is from the highest plane downward, to a final precipitation into the manifest and... that can happen in different ways, depending on the unique character, qualities and needs of the avatar. The avatar is God, individualized for specific purpose ...but containing access to all of the cosmic wealth of force and features of the ineffable. As I have said, you have to visualize the avatar with a broom; sweep broom, pushbroom; design your own Tarot card.

In order for the avatar to effectively do his job, he has to sweep out all of the spiderwebs, dust devils, cobwebs and sundry that collect over the long course of time, on the astral and other planes between the times of his previous and pending appearance. He sweeps out the 'powers and principalities in high places'. He sweeps them out into the manifest for 'the purpose of judgment'. I should point out that you might not see that judgment actualize on the manifest plane (and you may too). What happens is that the judgment is passed, to be carried out at whatever further locale that particular judgment is carried out. They are, 'so informed'. The bad guys are told, just as Jesus Christ was known to speak to the reprobates and miscreants. He also offered forgiveness of the, “go and sin no more' kind. The thing with hardened violators is that they often don't want to hear it and the window of patience proffered to them is scorned and looked at as weakness. There's nothing weak about the avatar.

In recent times, this is the single factor receiving the least attention. A few years ago you used to hear, 'avatar this' and 'avatar that'. It's been some long while since I personally have seen that word used anywhere; not that I get everywhere, cause I don't , even though all of us are omnipresent in our cosmic self, though few of us are '"operationally" linked up. My theory on why nothing is being said about the avatar is that he is directly engaged at this time and awareness of him is limited in the human spectrum. The avatar is, in fact, Mr. Apocalypse.

Some have said the avatar has been and gone. Some fools say it was Osho, no. Some say it was Meher Baba, no. Some say he's not coming for awhile, no. Let me clarify something on which I am 100%. I'm not 100% every time. I am this time. There is NO limit to the avatar's power and presence, according to the degree he wants to use it, in whichever theater of application he is disposed to use it in. The avatar is 'here', a decent time before he gets 'here' so that you can see him. Independent of that, he is still in operation on the physical plane. He accomplishes this by suddenly entering into the consciousness of whole groups of people for the purpose of mass demonstration, witness the 'out of nowhere' public groundswell of opposition to the pending assault on Syria. He accomplishes other things through specific tools among our numbers. He accomplishes things through the agency of Nature. He accomplishes things through motivating bad guys into certain courses of action, while simultaneously convincing them that actions leading to their self destruction are actually something else. There is an argument to be made that the avatar is coming in multiple personas on this occasion, due to the complexity of the times and the vastness of the population. I tend to favor that possibility, mostly because of things I have been told; keeping in mind, the avatar can be active within someone and then go dormant, then become active again and so forth.

The main question on matters of hierarchy, as brought to my attention by Robert Phoenix on the broadcast yesterday is... “How do I contact the hierarchy?” What I said was, you pick a persona that attracts you and meets your needs according to its duties and disposition. If you want sweet and intuitive, you seek out Green Tara, or another permutation of benevolent Lady Nature on the higher arc. If you are looking for a sense of immediate contact and assistance in your manifest life, you realize that Lord Ganesha is, of all the deities, the one closest to the material plane. If you are one whose heart swells at the thought of deity then Jesus Christ is a solid choice, as is the worship of Lord Krishna. The path of Christ is not an intellectual journey. If you are of a contemplative nature and you don't ever want to come back here (grin) then the Amitabha Buddha is a good choice. If you have his name on your lips at your passing, he takes you into his Western Pure Land and if you are scheduled for reincarnation, you can take the rest of your incarnations there. That is a very attractive proposition. If you are a robust and positive personality and you like dramatic exchanges, then Lord Vivasvan is for you. If you like a blend of the intellectual path with that of the heart, then there are many choices in the Hindu tradition and certainly, Islam, via The Sufi Path is a good choice. The thing is, you HAVE TO decide on a persona, based on the inclinations of your own. It's especially effective to find out what ray you are on. Alice Bailey's Treatise on the Seven Rays is a good thing to read. Here's volume one. You can find the rest of it by using a search engine. For those who are unaware of the existence of search engines, this is a facility that helps you find things on the internet. There are some who believe using a search engine means that the NSA is going to have pictures of them performing self abuse, or going to the bathroom. I'm no therapist for the treatment of anal retentiveness or the various forms of paranoia but if you use a search engine, you can find a professional near you. Some of them (in these days) might encourage you to perform self abuse in their office in order to help you get in 'touch' with yourself. They might even recommend that you attend some form of consciousness raising awareness, seminal seminar. This is why we have, 'trusted professionals'. You will want to check out the menu on this webpage, which tells us of the connections between leather and spirituality; something I am sure we were all previously aware of (grin).

The invisible hierarchy is a vast and comprehensive space. Find your groove and stick with it. If you've come to the wrong location (for you), it's altogether likely that representatives of that entity will facilitate your migration to the right department for you, “You go down the hall to the elevator and take it to the 6th floor. Turn right out of the elevator and it's the 3rd door on your left.”

Well, the days of crisis continue. Keep your eyes especially upon September 14-15. these are special days when the blood lust murder freaks like to sacrifice others to their dark God. The earthly representatives of this arch demon are hard at work, pushing for blood sacrifice. They're having a hard time of it at the moment so... likely they'll blow something up and blame it on Syria, like they did with the gassing, which they provided the poison gas for.

It's a fine time for any and all of us to remind ourselves that there is an avatar engaged at some, or several, levels and keying on this might incorporate you into the program. When you are a useful tool, you are put to use. You are also valued as well, at least when you are employed by the good guys. Otherwise, you might get mulched, once you've been utilized for some less than desirable task, on behalf of the bad guys, given there being no honor among thieves.

You can talk to the avatar. You can talk to anyone. It might take a little time to travel upon the ethers but it will get there. The avatar and company are constantly on the lookout for willing souls, who are in search of truly gainful employment. Whatever your real skills may be, you could well find yourself using them; something to think about.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast tomorrow night at Feet2thefire radio. You can find the link to James Jancik's website in the sidebar menu of any of the blogs. What the heck, here it is.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you wind up being the woman in the dunes? I had recently realized that I was being played and from a great many angles, like 3 dimensional chess. Since I'm smart but... really a Pollyanna, because of my trusting dog nature and this terrible loyalty thing I can't shake. Once I discovered, irrefutably, that I was being played, worked, bounced from polar opposite states of “Nah, that's impossible.” to “holy shit!” I've been through one day after another of serenity getting buggered, by more darkness than you can shake a stick at; not that you would be able to see the stick in all that darkness. You might be aware that you were shaking a stick but as for any effect it might have... hmmm, that's a matter of debate;. Who's debating? Who are you debating with? Given that I don't debate, I only state... there's no real argument going on, things being what they are in any case. These are stranger times than I was expecting. Actually I was expecting much stranger times. It's simply that these are a different kind of strange than I was anticipating. Isn't that how it goes though? You expect strange and you get weird.

The worst part about it all is that I can't talk about it and that will certainly come off as either strange, or weird, depending on which you're disposed toward. It will look like one or the other, given that I usually talk about everything in respect of full disclosure. The thing is that I'm sure but I'm not sure. Even though I'm 99% sure, I'm 1% uncertain. This doesn't help worth a damn but it speaks to my state of mind. One thing I am 100% sure of is that it all has to do with affecting my state of mind. It's not likely to again because... once aware, the genie does not go back into the bottle.

The whole world is going to change now. It will change this week or it will change next week. I don't think it goes much further than that ...unless they are calculating the usual October thing. They usually have an extended scenario, locked in with varying possibilities, as they troubleshoot the likely fallout.

I watching that corrupt hack John Kerry yesterday at the Senate hearings and I noticed, sitting behind him, this extraordinarily corrupt looking woman. The arrogance and imperious disdain on here features was palpable. She looked depraved in the way that only a lifetime of depravity will confer on a person. I wondered who she was. In the process of watching this dog and pony show, where Senate leaders were conveying virtual blowjobs on those being inquired of, one them, who had been playing poker on his cellphone the whole time (John McCain) mentioned how delighted they were to have the wife of John Kerry back in the flotsam/jetsam tank. It turned out to be her.

This is Origami and I do want to stay metaphysical so let's keep that in mind as we go. Looking at John Kerry's face was an experience.

John Kerry is an Asshole
John Kerry - Satan's Asshole

The Satanic aspect of his persona was near hypnotic. If you play poker and... I have, enjoyably so, you know what a 'tell' is. Kerry was Tell City. The tics and giveaways were many. He was lying out of his ass, which I am confident happened to be on his neck at the time. He and his smug and 'in on it', privileged associates, on both ends of the charade, were engaged in a hideous mockery of all that they were put into power to defend against.

What is it that these twisted fiends want? What makes them think (how can they be so confident?) that they will get away with these massive violations? The forces arrayed against them are not inconsiderable. One answer is that the power of Israeli blackmail and dirty money leverage is so strong that all of these men and women are compelled to go along with it. On the other hand, Israel will definitely get hit, as well they should. There’s a real puzzle here. There's a real confidence on both sides. The bad guys, which are, at this moment, Israel and her bitch, America (England and France would be on this list but they're a tad stymied at the moment) seem to think they can do whatever they please. They're talking about a sixty day window of freedom to bomb at will with... with the option of another 30 days. It's ridiculous but... remember, 'no boots on the ground', 'no boots on the ground' as if that were to matter at all, given this enormous opportunity to carpet bomb Syria. What happened to the limited strikes over no more than several days? This was all a set up to go to a completely compromised, bought and sold congress, under the pretense of adhering to the letter of the law and coming away with far more than they would have had before.

Meanwhile, the confidence factor with the Syrian government, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia (don't forget China) is also very high. Someone has to be wrong in their presumptions. I can only pray and hope that it is the Satanic nation of Israel and their crack whore police state, bitch- America that's delusional about their optimism and capacity. I'm confident that both the United States and Israel are going down. Given that, it makes sense that sooner or later they will make the big mistake. Hubris is a guaranteed fall, quite often a spectacular fall and those fateful words of Nietzsche are indisputably true, “those whom the God's will destroy, they first drive mad.” We are seeing that. It's going on before our eyes.

I have to stick with what I know about the long term intentions of the cosmos and especially, especially given the fact that we are in The Apocalypse. It makes sense then, everything that's happening makes sense in light of The Apocalypse. It makes sense that these evil men and women would be moving machine like from one terrible act of mass murder to another, without much in the way of actual opposition. Sure, people everywhere are waking up but... they just shift their tactics and do whatever they want anyway. It has to be that they are being led into a trap. Still, it looks overpowering, the whole spectacle. All I can take away from this is that it is supposed to look that way, to deceive us and make us feel helpless. We're not helpless and definitely, if the effort has to be made to make up feel helpless then, we are not helpless.

I'm guessing there is a unity of the mind that they are most concerned about. There is this mysterious thing that happens when enough of the population has awakened to a degree and are informed about what they are awakened to, to a significant degree. This is something that happened when a whole lot of protestors got together in an attempt to levitate the Pentagon. The authorities responded as if there might be something to it.

Never has that rabid police dog, America, been so broke and so over extended. Never has the rest of the world been so united in their opposition to this Israeli controlled juggernaut of outrage and abuse against the rest of the world. There is no way that either of these demonic entities can prevail against the rest of the world. No one ever has taken over the whole world, ever. Something happens at a certain point, as it did to Alexander, as it did to Rome, as it did and will to anyone and everyone who attempts it. So... it's very likely that this is what we are looking at now.

Can it be that they are simply so mad and crazed by the appearance of their own omnipotence that they believe what their perverted imaginations tell them? Can it be that they are no different than any deranged mentality that is hearing duplicitous voices, urging them and convincing them, urging them on and convincing them they can? It seems more and more likely. As usual, you follow the money. You look at the strategic situation that Syria occupies, the concerns and plans of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and how that affects the movement of oil and the desired movement of oil in terms of desired profits and in terms of the needs and long range plans of Russia and China. It's all right there and you can find it if you look and study the big board. Into the mix comes Genie Oil, which involves drilling for resources on stolen land and which is a part of the holdings of the Satanic Lord (snicker) Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney. What it comes down to is the control of resources on the big board game of international profit. It also then comes around to land theft and consonant with this, are the actions of The International Bank of Settlements and the IMF, as well as the usual Central Banking scum, who create debt in order to steal resources and compromise the political spectrum in all those countries who have things they want. It also ties in with Israel's desire to seize vast amounts of land that they have no right to. They have no right to ANY of the lands they presently occupy and it is coming out about the fact that they have no genetic tie to those lands and that they Palestinians do. It's coming out that the Palestinians are Semitic and they are not. This is why they are so busy seeking to expunge all Palestinian history and their intent is to murder all of them and most everyone else, if they get their way.

They know they are on a time line. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to. They know that all the lies they have woven over the decades are unraveling. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to and they are trying to head him off at the pass. What they don't get it that Mr. Apocalypse has got them surrounded. This they do not know because they are not allowed to know it. They are now being driven into the necessary actions that will convict them as the criminals they are and bring them to judgment. I'm leaving you with this because it may look different for awhile. Then again they may not. Don't get sucked into buying into appearances. All of us, every one of us has to be certain that unstoppable justice is on the march.

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Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Duped, the Despicable and the Depraved.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Never before have we seen the darkness stymied as it is presently. Sure, they're going on about their business, as they have been but, there's a hitch in their giddyup. There's a limp perceptible in the movements of the main offensive players. They blinked. They drew back. They haven't done that before.

Let's look at present equations, in terms of metaphysics, with a little exampling from Nature's perennial truths. Things occur in a seasonal order. So far as I know, the routine has always been Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It's never gone in the opposite direction, nor has it leapfrogged, so long as I've been a witness to the cycling. What I'm trying to get around to here is that everything has a season. We've already had that brought to our attention by the folk rock group, The Byrds, back in the 60's. David Crosby sacrificed his liver in order to bring this to our attention; “there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven”, or something like that. The words don't necessarily go in that order but... they do go in some order that is not necessarily Novis Ordo Seclorum. I hope I haven't been over using the word 'necessarily'.

Yes, there are cycles and seasons to everything, including you (except for certain rare and special cases) as was put forth with great finesse and articulation by The Bard in his 'Seven Ages of Man'. Regular readers here will see 'for the purpose of demonstration' written large throughout this rendering. Consonant with the obvious truth contained in this piece and the unwavering truth of the term, “for the purpose of demonstration', we come also to the inflexible veracity of that other term, “Everything is under control”. The most powerful personage I ever encountered in this life and... I have encountered a few, said that to me; “Everything is under control.”

No doubt those who understand little about me, consider me a gullible and imaginative sort. I don't doubt there are people who think I believe as I do, because it is what I want to believe. The truth is otherwise. I believe what I believe because I have subjected it to rigorous inquiry, in much the same way as I have come to certain fixed conclusions about the damned state of Israel and the dreadful entities that populate that place- for the most part. If I believe something I have gone out of my way to shake it every which way but loose. I've looked around it and into it and I have held it up in comparison to all manner of other things, to which it bears any likeness or to which it occupies a space close in time. I understand that time itself is not the same everywhere, at least not in the perception of it. One experiences a very different sense of time, in a prion or at the motor vehicle department, than one does at a dinner party or during an acid trip (especially during an acid trip).

In the case of everything being under control, let us consider the presence of gravity, the Earth’s rotation, as well as the Earth's course around the sun. Let us consider the course of all of the planets in their orbits. Let us consider the temporary courses of the usual human existence, the rise and fall of empires and societies, as well as the emergence of new cultures and the decline of those past their prime. Let's consider what physicists say about everything being made out of the same thing and that everything is 'thought born'.This is general and certainly less than comprehensive but I haven't got all day to spend with angels dancing on the head of a pin; not that there's a whole lot of room. The truth of the matter is that people are either coming to their conclusions objectively or subjectively. Controlling reality and the perception of reality; what reality is, according to those interpreting it, is the usual province of governments and religions. In the worst of times, the two of them conspire toward the greatest degree of profit and that means, manipulating fears and defining the elements of mystery. The truth is beyond the power of words to interpret or define. This makes it open season on the credibility of the dupes seduced by appetite and the promise of what lies beyond, as determined by the priest classes from the temples of superstition and the marketplace. Yes, there are priests of the marketplace, as there are priests from any place where the machinery of business runs on the blood of the people, by virtue of being the lubrication, which allows for the smooth turning of the gears and wheels of industry.

One might logically then say that “everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration”. All wars are magical wars. Every man and woman is a magician. Unfortunately, most of them are bad magicians, just as they are uncoordinated and awkward dancers, for the same reasons that their so called lovemaking is a momentary passion, in which the whole of it is beyond their control. As I've said a time or two, when people have sex, various invisible diners are having a picnic. As Mikhail Aivanhov said, “If people knew what was having lunch, while they were having sex, they would be a lot more careful about the way they go about it.” That's a paraphrasing of course ...but the meaning is exactly what he intended.

If it were not for cosmic justice, there would be none. You might not see it, it's scope is vast and its timelines beyond the understanding and framework of any human life. When people think me crazy, I'm gratified. I know if I seem crazy to them, I am sane in all the ways that count. If the world does not see you as crazy, you can hardly be considered sane in any real sense. Everything is upside down and backwards. As I've pointed out often enough, when you are born you see things upside down. It's in learning to walk that it comes right side up and the reason that is such a marvelous accomplishment. I won't go into it other than to state it.

Do not forget, 'evil destroys itself'. That is the nature of evil and it's under control as well, regardless of appearances to the contrary. There are long extensions of time and history, during which little but rape, rampage and Draconian oppression are to be seen. Then there are those cusp periods, which connect the ending of one long, long procession with the beginning of another. We are in such a cusp period and it is here that justice and the summation of all that has gone before takes place. I'm repeating myself but I don't know what else to do, maybe this time it will, ring a new bell here or there. You can only imagine what kind of evil Obama, Kerry, McCain, Graham, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers have gotten up to. Certainly John Kerry (look at his right eye- left from your perspective) and the rest of them have indulged in seriously dark escapades. It's not about the wealth. They have that. It's not about the power. They don't actually have any of that. They are mere pawns. No, they are compromised by some combinations of outraged innocence, torment, death and sex and... who knows in what order this has taken place?

The whole of the previous decades has been to instill an unshakeable conviction in the hearts and minds of these vile creatures that they cannot be stopped and this has propelled them from one heinous act to another, always increasing in measurable depravity. They are being 'pressed out', just like the real sources of the evil, which are hidden on other planes ...but which are being persistently driven outward into manifestation for the purpose of judgment.

Look around you at Fukushima, the series of endless wars, the grand economic failures, the toxicity of GMO's, the plague of poisonous pharmaceuticals, the torture and the genocides, the depleted uranium, the blowback from fracking, the destruction of The Gulf of Mexico, the perversion of the Jet Stream and the Gulf Stream. I'm told the Trade Winds have left Hawaii. These are only a few of the ills that threaten us all and collectively they 'potentially' signal the end of human life as we know it, even though human life is a strange euphemism, given the parody of it that we have been witnessing.

The oppressive overview of the threats and looming storms of the moment are surely intimidating to those who lack the necessary certitude about everything being under control. It definitely looks anything but; unless you've got other intel. Besides the obvious fools and identifiable monsters, there is that greater mass which sees the cup half empty or the cup half full. Pessimism and Optimism are natural extensions that project out from the embrace of specific philosophies. The philosophy one embraces, is directly relevant to the justification of their appetites and pursuits. In order to legitimize whatever we get up to, we adjust the parameters of our value systems for inclusiveness. We lie to ourselves and then we lie to others and because there are a great many of us, so engaged, you get a symphony of dunderheads in collective agreement of manufactured bullshit.

I'm not the sole professor or depository of these observations. There are quite some number of others, present and gone, who have discovered the same things and anyone, willing to put aside the powerful impress of appetite and ambition, along with fear and denial, will have little trouble coming to similar conclusions. Well, we are each responsible for the determinations we make about life and the meaning of life. We are responsible for the things we go after and the steps we take to acquire them. We are the authors of the actions taken and the dialogue engaged in, which makes up the story of our life. All of these come as a direct result of what inspires us and... in these times, more often deceives us as well.

So, I think I've beaten this dead horse enough this go around. I'm surprised, given how often I've been about it, that it hasn't gotten up and simply galloped away by now. Stranger things have happened and... stranger things are about to happen. Live and learn, or don't.

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