Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Showcasing the Skells and Starving the Vampires.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

My fires are at a low ebb today (that’s some kind of a literary mistake, since water, not fire, ebbs). Given that, I'll try to stay as optimistic and positive as I can, practicing reverse psychology on myself. The view from here is that some serious 3 dimensional chess is being played and the Syrian situation has been put into limbo, through the actions of some several good souls. This has led, directly, to a 'presumed' 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' among those doomed creatures, whose fate and destiny are on a timer; “tick, tick, tick, tick”.

Since for me, the whole spectacle of life is for the purpose of demonstration, I tend to, automatically these days, look for what that demonstration might be. In consideration of everything I have been seeing for some time, it is pretty clear to me that the main demonstration taking place is to 'showcase the skells'. Though I do not see a great deal of Zionist owned, Crass Media, I am, occasionally directly and more often, indirectly aware of their manufactured reportage of events. What happens in the process is that certain personages, who are thrust into the spotlight and are among the most bombastic and arrogant among us, are being given ample opportunity to show all the world what a terrible excuse for human beings they are. John McCain stands out and... what is this? That's what it's all about. The purpose of demonstration seems to be about showing us who the bad guys are. Chief among them, as a group, would be Israel and their dual national agents in the US and elsewhere. As everyone, most everywhere, has backed off, in the push to bomb Syria, all that remains are the hard ass puppets in Imperial America and of course, all those powerful Tribe organizations that wave the carrot and the stick There they are, isolated and alone, standing in the spotlight, ♫he got caught in the spotlight♫. It's clear to me now that the reason for all the delays, setbacks and permitted outrages, is to let the awakening world see what has been going on for so long. I said I intended to stay positive and optimistic. This is both positive and optimistic. There is an end game in sight.

The canny maneuvering of certain players on the gameboard, has put the vampires off their stride. Now, being vampires, they are always consumed by bloodlust. They NEED to feed. When they cannot feed, their rage and wrath become terrible. If they are denied their feed for too long, they diminish until they are reduced to a half life hibernation. It doesn't kill them, it just puts them in a continuous state of agonizing torment; not as much as they deserve but... it will do, for the moment.

Unfortunately for the world, the possibilities to feed have never been greater. This accounts, to a degree, for the size of their appetites. If they can't feed by seducing the common mind and their leaders (as just happened) into supporting some horrific international incident then, they are left with their persistent motto, “thou shalt make war by way of deception.” They are nothing if not predictable to a penetrating mind, regardless of all subterfuge and deceptions.

The thing is, deception, insidious convolutions, Byzantine plotting, bait and switch, badger games and all the three card monte routines of the degenerating Crass Media, possesses an ever reducing impact because they are all being counterpointed by the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. The Crass Media has been allowed to lie, obfuscate, omit and fabricate to their hearts content for a very long time. Now, even though the public is unaware of why it is, their desired impact is no longer effective. People are seeing through it. A few of us know why that is but... it is more important 'that it is'. Why something is happening can be less important than what is happening when 'what is happening' is a highly desired end.

It should be clear, by now, to those of us that have been capable of seeing for awhile, that there are certain obvious facets to the whole manifest dance. Students of the hidden aspects of existence are aware that benevolence leads to benevolence, once your benevolence has exceed your debt. 'They' are aware of The Awakening. One need only read Brzezinski to discover that. This is why things like twerking and the commercial payoff for it, in relation to certain pop tarts, is being shown to the masses. To see the extremity to which the culture has come, you need look no further than this. It is very telling and the effort to feminize men; all of this being brought about by men who hate women, is as transparent as some of the costumes.

Yes, Mr. Apocalypse is a busy, busy archetype. We can expect much more of this and the attitude of the subject is clearly seen. This is the sort of personality we are dealing with when it come to those facilitating the nastiness that has been the hallmark of recent decades. Those ♫who squat behind the man who work the soft machine♫ are even worse. It's one thing to be a witting or unwitting tool because of an excess of ambition, greed, hubris and appetite. It's quite another thing to do evil for the sheer joy of it. I can't say whether this sterling fellow is not an example of the latter. What I can say is that he is well on his way.

All of the things we have been seeing in recent days and weeks should all be telling us something. One of the things we are being told is that the bad guys can no longer act however they want. Something has changed in the climate of the human mind. Awakening is a matter of stages, levels, whereby a series of significant changes follow one another. You might call them stations of awareness and each one of them contains elements that transform the world as we know it. These are spontaneous occurrences, where some new propensity begins to make itself known, as an operating feature in the times where it appears. You might think of it as something like 'critical mass', except that it is a series of critical masses. Think of it as a color wheel that turns one color at a time over the backing light. One rotation includes everything necessary for transformation, within and without. Some are resistant. Some are too deeply asleep. Some are in direct defiance of it. On the positive side of it are all of us who are engaged at some level in the actual turning of that color wheel. Think of it as thousands of us with our shoulders to the wheel throughout each and every day. It's a great big wheel. It takes a lot of energy to turn it. From what I can see, we are turning it and we're getting help, of course.

Things don't move at the speed that we think they should. There are reasons for that. Whenever you are dealing with archetypal realities and cosmic verities, as well as collective human inventions of long standing, like 'time', there are always very good reasons for anything being the way that it is. You have two possible positions you can take on any of it. One is to resist whatever it may be because it is not convenient for your timeline or your expectations and doesn't come up on the computer screen of your understanding. Having true understanding is dependent on the possession of certain qualities that can only be acquired at great effort and expense. This means that they are rare and hard to come by. This is a time of darkness. It doesn't get any darker than Kali Yuga, except in certain parts of Kali Yuga. This means the part of the population in serious torpor is very large and those free of the denser forms are few. This is mirrored in the temporal zone by the relationship between the population and the 1%. Changing what's happening in the temporal zone is reliant on a change in the percentages consciousness wise. Given what's been said here, for the minds capable of the analysis and computation, these are all positive things. Awakening continues and it gains a steeper incline with every new stage. Those left behind by inclination, indifference, or a comatose mindset, will be passed on to the specific spectrum that handles these states. It's all very precisely arranged.

Where it is not precisely arranged is in the immediate present because the option for change is resident throughout the moment, which is always the moment because it is always, 'now'. This is one of the basic tenets of enlightenment, being able to live in the eternal now and it points out at the same time that time is your enemy in a certain regard because it is an 'artificial construct'. It is, in true fact, a prison, which is one of the reasons that you most notice it in prison.

There are a number of illusions here that are very difficult to break because they are collectively shared by nearly the whole of the population. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse has deigned to pay us a visit, just like he always does when things get like this. Expect the unexpected.

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“This frightful situation cannot be remedied by any person in this material world. It is the Supreme Personality of Godhead as eternal time [kala] that has approached us all.”

eternal time

"Wherever there is the influence of eternal time, there is this set of tribulations, namely birth, disease, old age and death, and all of them are invincible."

Srila Prabhupada: Relative and Eternal Time Explained

Pete said...

Good one Les

Ginnie said...

Good morning Les! This is the other song besides "God's Not Dead"
that pops in every day...fits today
and it's for you!

When you're falling awake and you take stock of the new day,
And you hear your voice croak as you choke on what you need to say,
Well, don't you fret, don't you fear,
I will give you good cheer.

Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.

If you wait then your plate I will fill.

As the verses unfold and your soul suffers the long day,
And the twelve o'clock gloom spins the room,
You struggle on your way.
Well, don't you sigh, don't you cry,
Lick the dust from your eye.

Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.

We will meet in the sweet light of dawn.

As the Baker Street train spills your pain all over your new dress,
And the symphony sounds underground put you under duress,
Well don't you squeal as the heel grinds you under the wheel.

Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.
Life's a long song.

But the tune ends too soon for the song.
Ian Anderson

With my shoulder to the wheel with you! Israel did 911!

Anonymous said...

Where is the metric for infinity?
Do you know St. Augustine was fascinated with the idea of time? He certainly was aware it was an illusion.
If we must reference time, let's say it's....simultaneous. Just like space, the 'there' is not really there.
Les, I love your optimism.
You see the doom, you see the gloom, but unlike others on the 'net, you don't stop at that.
-steve in h-town

Anonymous said...

Vis -
More proof for your pudding:
Pretty much sums up what you were saying... "This time the American public is clearly and overwhelmingly opposed to military involvement and the AIPAC teams are nearly alone on the Hill. What this demonstrates is that the AIPAC teams are, in fact, not part of the American public at all, but rather loyal and enthusiastic supporters of Israel. They have done us the service of removing all doubt."
Take care -

Anonymous said...

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel, the Guardian comments censors can hardly keep up :)


zoL said...

This guy could definitely be cast as Count Dracula bus is in fact the honcho from the Human Rights Watch organization. I find it incredible how blood thirsty someone who is supposed to be concerned with "human rights" can be. How did he even get the job? How can he sit there and lie through his teeth and expect anyone to actually believe anything he says? Hopefully a few potential donors will be persuaded to put their cash in more deserving hands. Definitely worth a watch if you ever doubted that many NGO's that supposedly do good are actually evil at the core.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Augustine’s argument is more or less the same, in which he states that all infinity is in some sense made finite in relation to God, for it can be comprehended only by His knowledge. This is indeed the perfect understanding."

infinitely logical

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Something has changed in the climate of the human mind."

Bat-shit insane alert: Whatever the entrance of the 'Turning' into our space really is, it is now over ninety percent 'here'. As it moves in, I do indeed suspect a climate change (grin)...


Vis: "Those left behind by inclination, indifference, or a comatose mindset, will be passed on to the specific spectrum that handles these states. It's all very precisely arranged."

Funny you should say that. A couple of days ago, I was doing energy work and got the attention of a high 'player' (32-level). After a bit of a 'chat', this being showed me some interesting things. This non-human would look at one 'group' on our planet (roughly as defined by you above) and match it up with some other planet, to get the best 'fit' for them. (Perhaps of a 'specific spectrum', as you say.) It was not accusatory in any way; if anything, it was like a gardener transplants plants to wherever they will do their best.

This was done about four different times, each unique group to be 'transplanted' to a different planet most suited to them. It was kind of awesome and humbling to watch.

Whether it is to be some kind of 'poof' thing, simple transport of individual souls after each's death, or some other implementation was unclear. Should be interesting, if real...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Metric for infinity? I defer to the Russian, mathematician/philosopher Cantor:

A point has no dimension. How many points does it take in order for there to be a line? (or time line) There is a metric for infinity mathematically speaking. In fact there are different classes of infinity. In other words some infinities are bigger than others. A mathematically provable fact.

Liebnitz and Newton had to invent limits and differentials, which form the basis of calculus, in order to analyze non-linear displacement of matter. A differential has no defined dimension yet is a useful mathematical concept that gave birth to classical physics.


Unknown said...

Les what is visible to me is the need for the issue of more government contracts to feed the military government contract machine for the likes of Carlyle Group and their ilk. Whether war takes place or not. the contracts are issued. More cash for the cows and again the sheep are fleeced. It is always a pleasure to read your prose.

Warmest personal regards,

Dork Nozzle

Chris said...

Dear Mr. Visible,

I'm a regular reader and long-time admirer of your writing. I have followed you for years. I have never commented before, but now I kind of feel compelled. I have a bit of a different take on things goings on, and I wonder if you would hear me out.

There certainly was a cosmic chess game going on, no doubt about it. But that all came to an end recently. Back a few years ago, the dark side was dealt its most serious blow in thousands of years. Their off-world masters just packed up and said, "Well, we're outta here. Sorry about that, and good luck."

With that capitulation, a series of events was allowed to unfold by a more benevolent watch group. It disarmed weapons, and made a lot of expensive equipment quite useless. The F-22 and the F-35 immediately come to mind, along with others... if you dig deeply enough and connect those dots. Nothing works anymore. It's all kaput. War has been taken off the table as a means for some to control the rest. I will repeat that: war has been disallowed.

Hey, Les... in what year did UFO abduction cases mysteriously drop to zero? Do a little research... find out. You got any interesting yearly statistics on missing persons numbers? you might be surprised. Check the year of the steep drop off in US combat casualties. Easy to find that out. In what year did we experience our most recent financial crisis?

Ah... I'm not an insider. I just make fractal images and take photos of abandoned places. That's my calling. Maybe that allows me to see things from a most bizarre perspective.

Anyway, here's my point: what you see going on in the world, according to any and every mass media site, and even the alternative ones, is a complete illusion, manufactured by some very desperate folks looking to keep the facade intact while the ruins of their underground shelters and their nefarious plots lie smoldering in a heap of Kali Yuga debris.

Boston was a hoax... Sandy Hook was a hoax. Asiana SF was a hoax. Who believes that shit anymore? Oh, and 12 years ago to this day was the biggest hoax of all. Did you see any plane wreckage anywhere? Didn't think so. Cruise missiles and demolition charges kill innocent people equally as effectively, but I didn't see any planes anywhere, and if I did, then that was a celluloid hoax, too.

The difference today is that these kind of things aren't acceptable to the current watch group, and they took that away from the curriculum, so to speak. The game plan was changed, oh yeah, and they nearly pissed themselves into a frightful neurosis. So they made a new plan. They still needed to suck as much negative energy out of us as possible with the allotted time remaining, and they still needed the appearance of "business as usual", so they decided, "Hey, we're under no cosmic constraint to give the appearance of "business as usual", so let's go that route.

And here we are.

I could go on and on. I've taken enough of your time already. I have no absolute proof of anything I say, and could be talking out my arse. Let me know what you think., Maybe, one day, you can come over for a look at some cool fractals and enjoy a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Cheers mate. Thanks for all of the years of wisdom and guidance that you have provided.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

The energy has changed!

We are absolutely returning to the divine.

I was recently dragged to jail by the police for maintaining my connection to the divine and refusing to commit fraud against the divine.

As a middle aged mum of 5 I went up against a judge and two barristers last Monday, who were representing the Police Service, and the judge fled the room, so as a sovereign child of God I dismissed the numerous false allegations aimed at me and walked from the courthouse free. This occurred even though the police prosecutor was screaming for a warrant to arrest the living being.

God prevailed. Blessings to our miraculous creator whose beauty,grace, kindness, love, forgiveness, and sense of humour knows no boudaries.

Luv Kazz

kenny said...

"It’s another day in the Empire. Money and blood are flowing in twin rivers, turning into each other and then turning back into themselves. Blood is flowing out of your body and into the banking system. Money is flowing out of the banking system and turning into blood. It may well be a perpetual motion machine."

"People don’t realize that Iran would have long ago been bombed flat by the US and certainly by Israel except for Russia…"

"The other thing that keeps coming up in my mind is… all over the world, many of the people and all of the governments know that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA hit. It’s known."

"I’m tired on The Blood Money River. I can see where it goes. I can see where it drains. It drains into The Ocean of Human Tears."

Those are words from you Vis in '08. Ran across them when going through some archives.

Timeless in that they could have been written today.

Thanks for continuing the narrative and even if it's inappropriate... "Happy 9/11 Day." In a way, truth should give us some happiness.

Josey said...


If there was NO 9/11 that occured, NO history of it, and we were able to create a scene in which those Towers were destroyed, hit by the planes, had limited fires, and we were able to give any number of randomly selected individuals the details, showed them the supposed results and destruction, and tried to explain it like the News Networks and Government has, they would be in complete disbelief as to the possibility of it happening as described. They would cry foul immediately. It would be a joke, they would laugh at us for even trying to pass it off as a real possibility.

Yet there are still some who fail to see this. Any films showing the collapse of WTC 1, 2 or 7 shows that it's no pancake collapse from fire, or plane damage. It's so obvious that to say otherwise is embarrassing. And Building 6 "The Custom House" had a giant explosion, that's where a lot of Gold was being moved out early that morning. No explanation of open and empty vaults has been given, NO GOLD where it should have been, and a truck stuck in an escape route with a large amount of GOLD on board.

On the subject of living in NOW, they say the past is a cancelled check, the future is a promissory note, and the present is just that, a present, a gift from God that we should be thankful for and cherish.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


quantam founding fathers

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, if you go to the alternative news sources, ESPECIALLY, WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM, you will note things are falling apart rather severely.

I really, REALLY hope someone can help save Michael Rivero, and that site.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Ray, Here, there and everywhere Mayadevi, material illusion rules.
Even elves desire. How could they be conscious and not?
(don't answer that)

Being a person, Mayadevi knows better than a computer and a psychic combimed what is your desire, your rope to hog tie you with.
She is the champ. As all the living entities know. Consciously or worse.

Hey, this ain't heaven..

Puck knows that.

"The king doth keep his revels here tonight:
Take heed the queen come not within his sight;
For Oberon is passing fell and wrath,
Because that she as her attendant hath
A lovely boy, stolen from an Indian king;
She never had so sweet a changeling;
And jealous Oberon would have the child
Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild;
But she perforce withholds the loved boy,
Crowns him with flowers and makes him all her joy.
And now they never meet in grove or green,
By fountain clear, or spangled starlight sheen,
But, they do square, that all their elves for fear
Creep into acorn-cups and hide them there."
- Puck

9/11 was a false flag/ inside job said...

Rothschild family along with the Rockerfellers, Morgans, Schiffs, Kuhns, Loebs, Goldsteins, Warburgs et al

Without money there is no food. Without food there is no life. Control the money and you control life.

Control of the money also gives the control of governments' armies to be dispatched to take over over the resources of foreign countries.

The .01% control the world by controlling the money.

Doubt the above? Try to get food without money.

Visible said...

heh heh, I read that Blood Money River quote and went, Wow! only to find I had written it. I have no memory of that whatsoever (grin). Obviously, I didn't write it.

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

A while ago (not that recently), I saw something very similar to what you describe ..... as if humans were to be 'evacuated', 'transplanted' to some other planet/s. Three other people I know, whose perception I greatly respect, saw the same thing at the same time. After about a week, it all stopped, very abruptly, like ships docking that had pulled away from each other. I wondered if it had been some emergency contingency plan, like, 'If the worst comes to the worst, we take them all off and relocate them, each to a planet of matching vibratory rate'.
I would be interested to email you, if you like and have time, of course.

bee wrangler said...

hoping to see the good in it help with that-thanks friend- love, jen

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

No Pain... No Gain.... and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!

neal said...

Points without dimension are very real, spinning. That is not quoting, just the thing itself. Stuff gets bound for a time, gets released for whatever. That is funny, how spinning is not holy, when those that spin do what they will do. It is really OK to let go when instinct gives way to what is trying to be maybe more balanced energetics.

They say no one understands relativity, or differential equations, or the rest. That is just some arrogance of mentation coming across instinct, now that is funny, and tragic, mostly when it focuses on certain lifeforms.

Maybe that why they have to try to kill us, that is OK, maybe that particular instinct would be a good trade for some kind of understanding.

Of course, these ones despise deals, yet do not want to get too angry. That would point to something, not another point, just some kind of warpage, no one else gets to swallow it, without a little of this, and that.

Anonymous said...

Forbidden Archeology

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., September 12, 2013 4:15:00 AM

Yes, indeed, desire is everywhere. All the way from all-God on down, if truth be known. Of course, one consciousness-level’s desire is different from another’s.

I tend to see desire as different from the religiously-oriented viewpoint (especially Hinduism). To me, desire is not a ‘trap’. True desire is a signpost that I haven’t experienced a particular realm yet. That desire is a pull towards filling in a soul-gap. As such, it is a positive thing and needed for soul-completion. It will zero-out as the gap is filled. (False desires - as programmed in by the mainstream media - are another thing, of course.)


On your ‘Puck’ reference and verse, I am presuming that you are talking about imaginary creatures that the author used for effect in his tale, rather than the (real) elves that I have known. If not, you sound remarkably similar to a MiaBellezza posting that I replied to here.

If desired (grin), you might want to review the fear-programmed mindset on elves that you seem to show. Otherwise, I need to give the ‘warning’ that I posted to MiaBellezza:

"Elves tend to reflect back the mind/emotional state of their viewer. So, a fearful Muslim will ‘see’ a terrifying Jinn, and a fearful Christian will ‘see’ some form of demon. To a calm, centered, and friendly person, they are great company.

If you ‘met’ one, I am afraid you would ‘see’ some form of demon. I am sorry."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, your presuming is a bit askew, but that's OK!

"if truth be known. Of course, one consciousness-level’s desire is different from another’s."

Different though the same. Material variegation.

There are two types of desire.
Material or spiritual.

Material desires accrue karma no matter who we are or how big our muscles are.

Spiritual desires do not accrue karma. Akarma.

A small coin offered sincerely(spiritual desire) to one's Lord is an act apart from karma, even as material desires entertained in enjoying the biggest gold mine in the galaxy are acts which accrue karma.

Vive la différence!

Visible said...

Mist of these I never saw and did not put up these blogs. They're doing it here too.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 16.8


They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no God in control. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than lust.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 10.76.1


Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Now please hear, O King, another wondrous deed performed by Lord Kṛṣṇa, who appeared in His humanlike body to enjoy transcendental pastimes. Hear how He killed the master of Saubha.

The Battle Between Śālva and the Vṛṣṇis

Lord Kṛṣṇa Slays the Demon Śālva



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