Monday, September 30, 2013

Prometheus as Liver Pate.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

If you've been coming around here for any length of time. you know I'm not the sort to complain about my personal life. I'm not a fan of whining and... I've had a pretty relentless course of things not going in my favor, with some bright spots but... having to pay as I go and pay and pay and pay.

This last two weeks I was assaulted by a horrific flu. I seldom get ill, once every five or ten years something like this comes along.Then there was the full scale war against my computer and I couldn't write any posts because I was unable to write double letters, backspace more than once and several characters typed out as another character. Meanwhile, my net book disappeared. Then it reappeared for a day. Then it disappeared again. I was told to put a CD into my CD burner and once the door opened, this device appeared out of nowhere and I had to pull it out of there and then it dissolved and disappeared. Items went missing with regularity and have not returned. I can't re-install Windows XP. I'm not sure where to go with this. Then I developed a cough that racked me with pain whenever I coughed, which was often.

Over the top of all of this, I keep hearing, "rely on me, rely on me." I've no choice in that regard but am forced to forget this without exception. Now, I've found an amount of money I had no idea I had, not any kind of large amount but certainly welcome. Where did it come from?

To say that I am at my wits end, is to have to rely on terms I am familiar with and not the terms that would actually apply, if I knew what they were. Things, trips I was counting on, are not happening anymore, not the new location I am meant to go to shortly; something else.

People that I had reasonable communications with for a good period of time, suddenly go out of their minds without my having to do anything to cause it. This is more or less science fiction, except it's not fiction. It's happening every day, though less so than it was. Now the net book is gone, over a week now and I don't know what I'll be able to use while I am away for a month, for posting and staying in touch. It's big time Topsy turvy-ville.

So, now I feel like I've been through four quarters of a bruising NFL game and I wasn't in the necessary condition or age group. Times like these you think about treading water but then you realize you are in The Bay of Fundy or, Mount St. Michel. This would explain that "rely on me" thing, regardless of it being blipped out of my consciousness every time I try to permanize it.

Of late I have felt a lot like that Al Capp character, Joe Btfsplk who walks around with a gray cloud over his head. I know there are warm, exotic and welcoming places I could go for a few months and simply let this relentless intensity drain from my being but... after all of the deceptions I have encountered in recent times, I have no idea who is who. This is not to disparage those who have offered me safe haven. This is just to point out the level of uncertainty I have to deal with. I'd love some kind of a hiatus zone like Maui through these coming cold months, then head to my new residence in the Spring. I'm more than a little apprehensive about the great deal of work required of me to get my new digs livable; much better to hit that place in the Spring. What to do, what to do?

Obviously, "rely on me" is a pressing matter in the mind of the ineffable, where I am concerned and being chained to a lamp post at the corner of Shit and Go Blind is my operational environment. I notice the occasional grin appearing on my face, briefly. This is the first time days are going by and I'm not singing. I'm usually always singing.

So, I don't want to snag the reader into a 'poor Visible' perspective. I'm just letting you know what it's like for me. Some spiteful dunce made the usual uniformed comment about, "Well, maybe Mr. Apocalypse is at your door too." This indicates one who is confident with blind presumption and given things I know about this sort of thing, I can dismiss this sort of petty unpleasantness out of hand. I could wish that people understood better how I am not much affected by things like this but... had they the requisite insight they wouldn't get up to things like this in the first place.

Somewhere between now and mid-November, the world will be utterly transformed, or so I hear. Everything is still avoidable but it's the collective delusion of the masses that makes so many outrages possible.

I'm guessing some number of you never expected me to talk like this and some of you are probably wondering what took so long. So much has happened, I can't even remember a lot of it and that is often the case with periods of hyper-reality. Normal periods operate within familiar zones. What is not normal does not usually operate within familiar zones. At the moment I am not flooded with optimism, nor negativity either. All I can think of is, 'a state of watchfulness.'

I once thought, well, success is going to come for me later in life. At the time, I was thinking that meant a lot earlier than now. I also thought there would be an increasingly greater ease of passage, not the reverse. Typically of me, I'm very adjustable and what I'm after doesn't have all that much to do with the pedestrian shit most people hunger after. That's like being in pursuit of ballast for your hot air balloon.

Any day now, things can switch into a whole new and entirely different environment. By this time I am so committed to all of the things I have been told by my invisible friends that there is no alternative for me. They've been so consistent, even if I've seen little of all that I have been promised. I never was given any dates or locations. Sometimes you get to the point where you can't turn back and you have to take each day purely on faith. I suspect that is where I am now.

Last night's radio broadcast is available now.

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Eudoxia said...

Sometimes you get to the point where you can't turn back and you have to take each day purely on faith. I suspect that is where I am now"

Yea pretty much.................limbo comes to mind, then it goes again and something else steps in to fill the void.

Visible said...

Here is what Robert Phoenix just had to say to me about what I've been going through-

So here's the deal. You have Pluto now moving forward to your 12th House. It's been retrograde, squaring your Mars in the 8th. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not dead. Honestly. Mars in the 8th House is violence. In Libra, it's violence associated with injustice. You piss people off for the demand and desire to be fair and there can be heavy consequences. This is a life aspect. However, you are blessed with Jupiter as the overlord of the house, trining your True Node in Gemini. You have nine lives there Mr. Viz.

Normally, you can handle the intensity around Pluto. With all those planets in the 8th, you are a Plutonian type. Death and rebirth is an algorithm in your life, but this is different. This is violence and not of your own accord. You are not doing it to yourself. You see, Pluto in Capricorn is the full, crushing weight of the corporacratic, fascistic state that wants to put the boot on the neck, from Tel Aviv, to London, to NYC, It's also Baphomet and the invocation of dark and unholy forces. This is planetary and yet we all have our individual dance with this energy. Remember, what they want is for you to do violence to yourself via their stalking, prompts and triggers.

This is a major test for you as you already know.

Now if it were just Pluto, well, I think you could handle it, but there is also Uranus in Aries opposing your Mars in Pluto. This is troubling as Pluto and Uranus form a T-Square to your Mars.

Uranus in Aries is swift and sudden energy, opposing Mars, it comes from out of the blue, like these attacks that are sprung on you.

Uranus is in your 2nd and this does not = grounded energy. On the contrary. There is nervous tension and an uneasy restlessness. I would look into magnets, healing magnets. They have them in Europe. I would also be taking magnesium supplements to help with your grounding. I'm betting your nervous system and all around electrical in your body is shot.

Gotta stay grounded. Now Uranus is going to be in your 2nd House for quite a while. We're talking another 5 years. The good news is, is that by the end of the transit, you'll be able to channel more energy than you have ever had before. :-)


Visible said...


I'm concerned though that your electrical system will be so taxed and out of balance through the attacks and manipulation that again, the harm that will be done will be to yourself. This is a stroke aspect, so you have to, have to, have to take care of those nerves.


So the throw down, the final chapter in this version of the story happens in November. That is when Pluto and Uranus do their final square off on your Mars. The attacks will cease after November. So at least you can get some respite there. But in 2104, you will face different challenges, like relationships. The scales come into play. Emotional bills come due.

You see Pluto and Uranus are your teacher---or at least manifestations of the great teacher. Think of it as going through a pyramid ritual without the pyramid. You're going to have to find your way through the dark a bit, without getting bit by the asp.

This is what happens to people that have considerable power and I'll even wager that this time and the months ahead are what your life in some ways is about. That it's all been a prelude for you to get through this deep and heavy initiation.

Uranus trines Mercury in December and flashes of insight, unparalleled come to you. Grab them and hold on.

By January, you are re-defining both death and life as Uranus comes into trine with your natal Pluto. Those that think they have you have another thing coming.

Believe it or not, someone connected to royalty steps in for you--someone quite powerful.

You just have to get through November. That's the chamber for you. Acceleration on the other side.

In 2015, Pluto goes into your 12th House. All of this, and I mean all of it is a prelude for that transit. Great mysteries are revealed, but you will have to prove yourself ready.

Alright. I'm passing this back to you.

Let me know if you have any insights or questions.

Big love.


Visible said...

Alright, maybe that explains the degree of intensity I am going through. I'm thinking if my donations pick up a bit I am in a position to go somewhere warm for the next couple of months BUT... not too far from where I am now; something like the Canary Islands or maybe someone out there could recommend a location to me?

With a little serendipity I should be able to muster around 3,000 Euro. That should cover me for a couple of months, don't you think?

I know there are people who have offered me sanctuary but there is a very powerful reason why I must not be too far from here.

I can't see myself going to my next residence and spending a month to six weeks putting in insulation and removing years of dust and so on and so forth. I think, for my own health and sanity, I should go somewhere easy going where I only have to post these blog entries, maybe play the guitar a little, or work on the next book. I would very much appreciate any recommendations anyone can give me. It is typical of me to be hard core in terms of staying upright and doing what the universe has put before me. This time, I think I will actually look out for myself.I'm guessing if you have read what that fine astrologer Robert Phoenix said you can see what I mean.

I know there have to be islands all over the place. It would have to be affordable but there should be such spots too. I found a room in Tenerife for 16 dollars a night. It's got good reviews, and looks good and there's a folk music club there and all sorts of things.

Well, we shall have to see what surfaces.

Anonymous said...

well it reads like a 4th dimension attack or initiation. imagine yourself fully in the 4th dimension and focus on where you want to be in the coming months -- writing, playing guitar, someplace where your basic needs are joyously met....

liz in l.a.

Visible said...

Working on it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going up a few notches all around. Seems that way for everyone. Relieved to know you’re still with us, tho’ I well know you’d prefer to be elsewhere, as would I. If you discover the way out, please let us know if you’re able to.
I chanced upon an old news article the other day which related how the insane, power-hungry control freaks are busy creating a parallel universe involving planet earth to use as a prediction of what to expect from any action they may force upon us. This thought continued skipping thru my head with no real direction. It just sort of meandered around in my thoughts. I recalled the movie “Lawnmower Man” (pimped as a Stephen King offering, but on the level of “They Live” (style, content, acting). In a nutshell the movie explores virtual reality.) That said, and knowing what these clowns get up to and how so many of their Frankenstein projects go awry, I thought to myself; Hmmm, what if that’s the REAL rapture. All these clowns get raptured into their very own created parallel universe planet earth, where they’ve created their own reality. They should be quite comfortable there and we who can do without them shall be left to honor and restore Gaia. Sounds like a potential happy ending to me. Believe me, I’m laughing at myself and my thoughts. Sigh. Love to All - Serena

Anonymous said...

Good that you're back Visible!

Places to go, but i don't know, maybe, Piran, Slovenia - mild winter climate, supposedly like Italy without tourists -and maybe not as expensive

Sochi, Russia on Black Sea, good, warm winter climate, but may be too far away and probably too expensive

galen said...

Somewhat unrelated, but maybe not. . .

Perhaps all lost love will one day return. See:

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Glen is in with them"

Are you referring to me?

If you are, you are 100% mistaken.

Truthfully, Glenn

"done what I did in order to make them reveal themselves. God told me to do what I did"

I do not understand what are you talking about. What do you mean?


Visible said...

I believe you. It is weird they would say that and so are a couple of other things but... as I've said all along, I don't know. You'd have to be on this end of it all to see just how crazy it's been. Be well.

jpow00 said...

i can't speak to your spirit troubles but i can strongly suggest that you stop using windoze xp. Try using a flavor of the linux operating system. They are generally quite reliable and relatively easy to use. i personally use ubuntu linux. You could try that one or one of the other flavors. Just say no to microsoft and mac.

InvertedPope said...

It's a key, you have to connect the loose strands. And once they are connected, somehow they discombulate and the process is cyclical ad infinitum. Hence the feeling of something not quite in sync. The resulting sensation, wether good or bad is indicative of a lesson learned.
I'd eschew windows and go with OSx

Visible said...

I have Ubuntu but am rather trapped with Windows due to all my recording software. I'll keep looking deeper.

Thank you, both

Chinese Sneakers said...

So glad you're getting back at it. You've meant a great deal to me over these past few years.

There's much that i could write but won't.

Suffice it to say that,

i) the minute a person of prominence (yes, i mean you) goes after the money changers, seriously dark tribal forces are mustered in response.

ii) that new novel has caused much concern as well.

iii) 'tis also possible that you may have gotten a little burned out.

With all due respect, there's nothing wrong with taking it easy. And i wish thee only the best tidings from here onwards.


Visible said...

Thank you my friend. This is why I am looking for somewhere to just kick back for a couple of months.



David Fiske said...

I just ordered your book on Amazon and am sending a small donation. Good luck. hugs,

Eudoxia said...

Fuck a duck Vis, that chart is full on and quite frankly down right scary. I would have suggested Thailand but not with that chart. Barlow and Chambers come to mind back in the 80's. I'm not suggesting that you would in any way even entertain the thought of smuggling elicit substances, but with that chart what are the chances of being set up? I'd say outstanding! Perhaps steering clear of cabal strongholds would be wise. That chart show's one heavy journey on Earth, it also shows you're well advanced in the incarnation process, but you already know this. It also shows you're on thin ice for the rest of the year. That gave me the eebie jeebies, I'm a day after you 23rd August but 60's vintage. The problem I have with my chart is my mother can't remember the time I was born. She has no clue, apparently she can't distinguish between day and night.

Here I found something that might be of interest. I'd never even heard of these before. I can't remember exactly what I put in the search but I found this batch of interesting islands

Turkey (don't care much for the leadership there though, but we are talking about Europe) and Croatia in that assortment look interesting and I do believe weird and wonderful is right up your alley!

Frank said...

Greetings Les,

For your computer you may want to have some Antivirus Boot CDs ready, this way you can scan your Windows XP. See:


Anonymous said...

i prefer opensuse but to each their own had some time off and honestly think im better off unemployed working again exhausted the endless hammering from the shitheads i can relate to what youve been going through when i wasnt working lots of guitar ddp yoga and chi kung and at night a nice feed at the krsna street van no money but life is alot better when you can just relax i hope you find somewhere nice to take it easy

galen said...

If you choose not to, I understand, but in the radio broadcast you used the word "relapse." Would you elaborate on that? I ask because it is a personal challenge that stays with me.


Visible said...

Old ways of thinking, Galen.

Anonymous said...

one more time for the children in the hospital...

the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual...!

in a simple way....

a transfer of's either one or the other

I like the way Jesus said it...


the Children of Israel -

{12 Tribes/company of nations} -

...CANNOT be "Jews" from Khazaria

the "Jewish" state OF MIND is a LIE !

over and out


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Old Soft Shoe Outside the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum.

DreAmeoba said...

I sent you a spur of the moment donation on the 20th, perhaps that was the extra change you discovered?
Anyway good to see you are back....

Visible said...

No, this was in a pocket of previously worn jeans. I don't remember yours as I answer everyone who sends me something. I'll look.

Visible said...

We're not interested in sniping little shits that come around whining about Lucius Trust and making their own history revisions.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Nimrod Collective and the Hail Satan Brigade.



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