Friday, October 04, 2013

Hookers in Lycra with their Last Gasp Demon Pimps..

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be intuitive and unbroken.

In my private life, I watch sporting events (or movies) while writing posts. As a child I dreamed of playing in the pros; the tortuousness uncertainty of the times and an injury put paid to that fantasy, so... I do the vicarious thing which, given the capacity of my imagination, is sometimes almost like the real thing. It's not just the sporting aspect of it that has my attention. It is also the insidious and relentlessly permeating, Satanism that slithers and stinks, like that Saturday smorgasbord, Pit Side of the Land of Permanent Shadows. This is how I came to notice this high end hooker in skintight Lycra short shorts and spray on top. So shes's singing, ♫I know you gotta like it in my city! Everyone is welcome there.Welcome to my city! You've never had a party like that party when you party in my pants♫ I've heard it more than a dozen times so... whatever they are alleged to be saying, that's how it sounds. This is one of those 4,000 dollar a night type hookers that Elliot Spitzer used to be fond of. I've never understood paying for that sort of thing but I do understand that there are guys who aren't going to get it any other way. It's that timeless tale of losses beyond measurement, based on the particular buck fevers that attend the suicidal mad pursuits of Power, Privilege, Pussy and Gold.

I once heard, probably through a Theosophical writer, that the higher up the mountain you ascend, the more powerful are the winds that assail you. There's a contingent of know it alls that come around here, now again again, who hate all things Theosophical, or anything having to do with Alice Bailey and who have probably never read any of them; who, when they are fundies, hate all intelligent systems, like the timeless traditions of Hinduism, out of which all the rest come. It affects me about as much as water off a duck's back, or snow on a Malamute's tail. There are two types of seekers traipsing about these days, those who have taken the ambrosia of the gods, also known as psychedelics and those who have not but... are experts on the matter. Those of us who have taken them and... in my case, over a thousand times, have seen, again and again, that all oral and written teachings, come out of the same mysterious source and then are formed into temporal traditions, according to the cultures they appear in. In other words, the inflections, meanings and colors are all engineered for compatibility with the populations practicing them. None of them take you any further than the gates of the unknown, at which point everything that appeared to mean one thing, now means another or several. There is a big difference between gazing into an ocean you never swam in and imagining the experience, which certainly falls short of the experience. There is also the tingling apprehension, concerning the possibilities of monsters in the deep. Those who have swam know what they know. They know a portion. The rest knows nothing and the insecurity that this engenders makes them experts in the defense of their ignorance.

I don't care if people take psychedelics or not. Some people go all the way without the need to. The darkness of any given time has a lot to do with the kinds of necessity some of us come up against. Many who do not take them, are hindered in this regard due to primal fears. I've seen them losing it, rolling in the dirt screaming that they are Jesus Christ. I've seen the ego rear up. I've seen them unable to break free of the lies they committed themselves to because they have convinced themselves that their life depends on them. Most of them go nowhere near these things. For them, Gin and Tonic and they themselves, neither shaken nor stirred, make the rounds with their false bonhomie, chuckling with their peers about how nicely they screwed so and so. You see them at the nineteenth hole. You see them at the country club fetes, with their phony smiles. They are talking head termites, eating themselves from the inside out. I've seen them at work many times, basking in the comfort of their lies.

I've seen them in the watering holes and singles bars, their eyes fixated on the available prey. Both sides of that equation know what they want. Both sides of the equation know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. They buy useless adamantine diamonds that grant the needed temporary affirmation for their excruciating mutual confinements, that are the guaranteed aftermath of the disappearance of both the Love and the Magic that sucked them in to begin with and then left them with the terminal absence of that which will not be coming back. They're watching that hooker in Lycra singing about the party in her pants. Most of them don't hear it.

I was on the rack from the moment I was born. I never went to those private schools, where you learn how important you are right off the bat. I never lived in  a catered environment, or was the beneficiary of all those programmed perversions those elite college clubs put you through in order to insure the blackmail follows you through the rest of your life. There are no videos of me doing terrible things that guarantee my obedience and silence. I used to think that if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all. I didn't realize how lucky I was and am.

Doing these blogs, I have met some of the best and brightest of the beleaguered and oppressed among us. It's beyond obvious that the good souls in our numbers are being hammered and harassed with every passing day. The sold out, soulless shits among us are flush and unhindered. It doesn't matter how wrong, how dark or how toxic are their words and deeds, it's been smooth sailing, all the way to the abyss. There it looms in these final hours, the Event Horizon of the awaiting pit. Rank after rank of Faustian robots march down the Boulevard of the Blind. They see the projected hallucination of a shining city on the hill. It's not there but something else most assuredly is.

I'm speaking of all of these things today because of the suffocating blanket of darkness and depression being generated by the Last Gasp Demons, knowing they are going and doing all they can do to take the unwary with them. Its been perpetual gray skies for some time now. We know what happens when  plants get no sun. We know what happens when the good gets siphoned out of life, when extremity becomes the order of the day, when houses already paid off, are stolen by mercenary mortgage banks and jobs are gone missing and replaced by part time employments, devoid of health care and pensions. We know what happens when the unions get gutted by crocodile swine zombies like the governor of Wisconsin, who is a fluffer for the Koch Brothers. Nearly all of them are in harness, pulling the chariots of demons across the blasted landscape of a condemned culture. Then there are frauds like Rand Paul, pretending to be an honest conservative, owned body and soul by Israel. I could list the degrees of various darkness for pages to come but you're living in the midst of them. There's no need for me to keep stating the obvious. The only thing I'm stating is that it's all for the purpose of demonstration, out of consideration for those paying attention. Hopefully that means you.

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Visible said...

I just heard from the fellow who is giving me my new place to stay. All the work I thought I had to do he has already done! He's an angel of light. There is no question that the divine is seriously at work here. This is truly amazing!!! He sent me pictures.

If there are any long time readers that I can be sure of out there, please consider maybe coming in with me for a couple of months soon in a warm and wonderful location where I intend to heal and grow strong, as well as spend serious time in communication with the unseen.

If several of us get together we could get a nice place and have a really good time. It is an island not too far from southern Europe.

Anonymous said...

I have partaken of the ambrosia. Not a thousand times, but enough to recognize the landscape, each time I return. I haven't been all the way to the pearly gates, nor talked with the angels there, but I have ridden the bus up out of the crack of darkness and peeked over the edge into the promised land. (apologies to C.S. Lewis) Enough to make me not want to go back.

I tell anyone who is trying these things for the first time that, if you don't look at it as a spiritual experience, you are wasting your time -- also wasting good psychedelics. I've watched people take one hit of acid so that they could then proceed to drink all night without falling down. What a waste! As for bad trips, I've never had one yet. I did do a heavy amount by myself once, when I should have had a companion. I'm of the opinion that, as Yoda said to Luke, what you'll find "in there" is only what you take with you.

I'm told of an atheist who encountered a large talking bird while on DMT. The bird said it was god, and proceeded to show the fellow what it would be like if god destroyed the world: Pitch black nothingness, for a seeming eternity, after which the bird was back, saying "Sucks, doesn't it? That's why I don't destroy the world." The guy required therapy for months afterward. My take is, that's what he got for entering such sacred ground while disbelieving in the supernatural. (forgot to take his shoes off?)

As for the direness of the times, I was taught from an early age that these days were coming. I've spent close to thirty years preparing for them. I'm sure I'll still be taken by surprise at how bad it gets. Some things you really can't prepare for, you just have to trust in god. But you shouldn't just give up and do nothing, either. God helps those who help themselves. For example, continuing to live in Manhattan until you hear the judgment horn blow before "bugging out" is not a good idea.

The irony of it all is that the people who taught me to expect and prepare for these times, appear to no longer teach it. They have been snared by "the good life", all the seeming trappings and necessities of digging in for a good long stay in this temporal world. I moved to the wilderness years ago. I thought that I'd eventually be joined by like-minded believers from the same church that raised me. I'm still waiting. They may wake up and smell the coffee, about an hour or two before being dunked in the percolator. Or they may not.


Eudoxia said...

Tooooooooooo much going on! I've been pretty much living on the good will of fresh air for at least 6 weeks now. Pending things go how they go, well we could all be in for an interesting trip. I realised that marvelous is mavelous though, when you worry about not having enough money - you never do, or even worse if you worry it will run out - it does. It matters not how many times we correct our thought process or think -smirk- we do. So when it actually runs out you have to start the flow in process again. Also, when it's gone you don't miss it because you don't - well I don't. Things you need still keep coming in regardless and they just keep coming. We think we have it all sown up, our intellects are right onto it yea? LOL Why is it when people I know refer to what happens in life as luck and coincidence, I can't help but cringe.......????? I'm having one of those cringing moments now, it's been hotter than the hobs of hell for several days now its freezing.

I found another island, it's a bit dodgy though, or so we are told....a little small and I don't think it's up for rent either but interesting nonetheless. So many possibilities out there even though they appear impossible it's boggling.

Visible said...

Thankn you DV, spot on.


Oh, this is a very nice island and not small.

Visible said...

That looks nowhere near 42 hectares. Only the right persons are welcome.

Ginnie said...

So glad you are getting your well deserved break. Seems like your "attack" coincided with the one I received. Still recuperating and licking my wounds but feel a "freeing up" so to speak. Haven't commented because of these happenings. Exhaustion that kinda "feels good" after a battle feeling...can't describe it.
If it is the Azores please toss a thought my way! My grandmother from Norway was named for the island and the aurora borealis in a combined name..Azora. When things get rough I think of her and her survival skills. Supposed to be the Hawaii of the Atlantic.
Have a great time!

Farmer said...

Their shining city on the hill is petrified dog shit, that somehow survived the radiation of fuck me shiva.

Copernicus Kidd said...


kenny said...

Much of the negativity towards Alice Bailey's writings may come from the Lucis Trust association with the UN and the constant chatter of it being a new age one world religion waiting in the wings to take over. I don't know the whys and hows of the UN connection but too bad. Lots of interesting narrative in her words. Not an end all teaching but a part of the esoteric landscape.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all
I am happy that you found your island ship to cross tthe waters. I thought about you coming here to Reunion, but could not visualise it. Have the wife and baby and absolutely no idea of whats comin. Allthough have had some interesting dreams and experiences which are pointing towards a reward if I move to the other side of the island. wife not co operating hopefully things will turn out better for all of us. For all those people hanging in there my prayers and best wishes.

the gardener said...

I am so happy for you that your place is ready for you. Thanks to the wonderful fellow and the guiding divine. A few months laying low and easy during the next few seasons is how the cycles were meant to work.

It's been a weird shift of energies (again) for sure this past six weeks or so. Seemed like I was entrenched in the same type of sticky gook I've been coughing up for a week. Like that kind of infected goo was settling into all the cracks and crannies of the planet.

I am rich in prayers and connections. Working on the material but had a funny little validation come my way (again) the other day.

Earlier this week I noticed we were 'almost out of kitty litter'... "hmmmm need to get some more of that tomorrow"... the next day... morning... I let my girls outside and notice a few small bags on my porch steps.

One was a cute little bag of KITTY LITTER with a note written in purple ink at top of bag "We were going to get a cat but are moving instead and don't need these... hope you do!"... the little bag of cat chow was enjoyed by all as a great little present from a friend. *grins*

So-which came first? Her deciding to gift us with the kitty supplies the day before and I picked up on that realizing "we need more litter" or my generic thought putting kitty litter on the list cast out with across the street picking up on it?

I thought it was cool enough to share. How simple it can be. :)

PS. The same couple had moved out of the place I'm in allowing me this space right when I needed it too-moving just across the way. They've moved on to better, as I did... I'm working on 'better' coming my way too.

the gardener

lightandlongshadows said...

Jiroft = Aratta?

David Widner said...

Hi V/All,
Most excellent post Vis. I have written in the past about some of my 'dark nights' leading to my ego death or at least the ego is now on life support and the plug is about to 'dematerize' if you catch my drift.
Being an empath/introvert growing up in the late 70's early 80's in Vegas was quite a 'foundation'. I can still remember seeing all the hookers going 'home' after a long night /early morning downtown on the way to Great grandmas house in the early am.

Love to All and keep on enduring! The law of One is in control.

Love David Paul Widner
AKA DW in Tahoe

Anonymous said...


Thanks be to God.



Visible said...


Yes, that appears to be the case.

dave1010 said...

I know you're a busy man Visible, but do you think you could read the V. O.blogs to us like you did a couple of months ago?


missingarib said...

Vis,all good wishes,I know you will draw strength from your new digs, the energetics of a divine breeze.

Hui-neng, the sixth Patriarch,said: Two monks were arguing about the temple flag waving in the wind. One said, "The flag moves." The other said, "The wind moves." They argued back and forth but could not agree. Hui-neng, the sixth Patriarch,said: "Gentlemen! It is not the flag that moves. It is not the wind that moves. It is your mind that moves."

The move from being asleep to an awakening ,seeing the fearful conflagration of diseased ideas manifest in the here and now separates us and no return to a state of passive understanding is possible .

refuge is in compassion and love.
live long

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need drugs to learn these things. Real, earnest desperation usually does the job. But it has to be real, with seemingly no way out. It is how we discover there is help always at hand, and that we are not alone, and never have been. Both paths, though, have their risks, I guess.
Your work is poetry.

lightandlongshadows said...

Kenny, the, or a, link between the Theosophists and the UN seems to be Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Visible said...

Wow! Dave, that's the first mention anyone has made about my reading the blogs. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

it appears i'm still in school
[of hard knocks, that is]

i am finally realizing, there are
things i just can't do, anymore

i have been learning patience
with everyone around me, teaching

sort of a watchful, waiting
oh yeah, and letting go, also

my mind is quieting down now
and my heart is becoming still

i sit out back for hours at a time
+look out into the woods, listening

hearing the wind, through the trees
whispering to me as does the stream

i can almost make out what it says
it's speaks to my heart, directly

when my mind is still i can hear it
telling me, i'm not alone, anymore

i am part of it all, and it of me
all that loneliness washes away

and i regain that connection
to all that ever was, or will be

you are my family now, all of you
we live on light and love, not fear

perhaps soon, we will reunite
and we'll be home, at last

Pete said...

Good one LV,
Really hit home. Kali Yuga is like training for a marathon by running up a mountain carrying a donkey and his rider. It sucks but the strength you gain is greater then if you trained on the flat plains of Sat / Treta / or Dwapar , no ?
So, every morning we put on our Kali Yuga ankle weights and run up Kilimanjaro. I know all this is repetitive, but it helps. Yes, the assailing winds are intense, whatever their source may be. I remember a quote by HPB, that went something like "We learn by remembering." One of my favorites in that I only can see how far I've come by remembering my varying level of consciousness throughout the years. Definite progress. At its core Philosophical Satanism is simply duality or the level of Brahma (Causal) and below.. Parabrahm and above are non dual in theory. So, core philosophical Satanists actually believe that since this world of duality was mandated by the creator, that doing the utmost evil is necessary so that the utmost light will be discernible as nothing is knowable without its opposite. Of course there are very few such high minded Occultists around, most of the Cretins you reference are just slaves to appetites and will be trapped on the wheel for aeons. But Bailey and the white lodge / black lodge dichotomy is a good start for the embryonic occultist. I dream of a region beyond good and evil. Nietzsche was so close, yet so far from the goal. Sorry to ramble bro, but this post really got me thinking. And you think you got it rough , I live in the buckle of the bible belt....try that for a week, haha...Peace out and keep on keepin on

the gardener said...

I lived in a valley for 22 years...where both Theosophists AND Krishnamurti people had big presence (in my work/play life) and between the two of them-the Theosophists were the most me anyway. As people.

Many Theosophists came and retired there as there is a retirement development for them to go to, so lots of classes and lectures... lots of meetings and ceremonies.

Many vegetarian delight fast food shops and restaurants due to both heavyweighted religions with a lot of the people having a lot of money-private schools the whole nine yards.

I found some cards I received from either Meditation Mount or some other group doing free classes through the mail way back then. The dinosaurs liked nibbling on them and when I was through with each course I'd pin them on my Unicorn's unihorn and make amusements for everyone. lol

I went to several estate sales of these modest living people's homes... have a beautiful red satin coverlet a beautiful old lady had in her cupboard... post her death.

They were vegans, didn't use any leather or animal products... most stayed virginal single all of their lives-most professionals like teachers where they got to travel a lot and teach and learn their entire lives. Always very kind to me but I really liked that generation born in the 1900 -1920s era.

Some wore saris-some were great artists and wordsmiths, always very humble.

K people very materialistic but based on same premises as Theosophist people. Worked with many of them over the years doing holistic home care... lots of great veg and vegan cooking under my belt for sure.

ahhh yes, Meditation Mount what beautiful pictures at their site-miss the Birds of Paradise... yes, the gardener was in that very perfect conference room designed by Zelma Wilson, a friend of a woman I cooked for getting over her stroke, they were both blacklisted via the McCarthy trials in the 50s, Zelma's husband having written 'Bridge Over River Kwai"...

My son's first Summer Solstice spent in those beautiful gardens... many a Full Moon Ceremony done there...great times, great place. Maybe they still have the mail meditation cards and classes?

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS-Meditation Mount is right near Thacher School and Thacher was a Skull and Boneser... they're all related to each other somehow. I noticed that a long time ago living in that town.

Howard Hughes went to Thacher School. Small world we live in.

the gardener

Tony said...

Hey man, I have been a long time reader of yours and enjoy your take on things with reference to your psychedelic experiences. But I find it rather grandeur of you to be toting on about how much wisdom and insight you have BECAUSE of your psychedelic experiences, and those who do not use psychedelics are often abusing alcohol and that damages the spirit, etc, etc.

Now I know those are not your exact words but that is the jist of the post today. It may be my interpretation of your post but I am highly offended. I have done weed and mushrooms. I want to do Peyote but have not put forth a real effort in obtaining some. I know you have went on and on about your Ketamine use, that is fine, I have not judged you on it and found your revelations while under the influence rather interesting. At the same time I have had it in the back of my head and on good accord that the only time most people obtain some spiritual enlightening, see ufos, etc, etc ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

I would like to hear a story of as much insight as the ones you have when you are flying high, but instead, tell one where you were sober. In the 6 years I have frequented your blogs NONE of them start off with, I was sober and this happened.

Take that into consideration the next time you want to knock the people that DONT consume psychedelics on a regular basis.

I love your posts, this one, rubbed me the wrong way. I had to voice my displeasure and maybe you can take something from it, maybe not.

Eudoxia said...

Getting onto the the topic of DMT - I've never had it but would definately like to one day, I would go the South America for that purpose plus a few other reasons. Dr Rick Strassman as main stream a psychiatrist as you can get (I'm sure many on this site are already familiar with his work). Worked with people from all different walks of life for over a period of 15 or so years and he would give them DMT intravenously. He said that in his opinion, after the results of his research, that he is convinced beyond doubt these people were not hallucinating but entering into other dimensions. Graham Hancock in Meetings with Ancient Teachers of Mankind wrote that Jeremy Narby an anthropologist who stayed with Peruvian shamans when he took the brew he vomited up two massive pythons who told him that in the grand scheme of things man is really quite insignificant.

I know for me personally, I've experienced one of these so called hallucinations reported by some on DMT. but what happens to me is different and difficult to explain and I'm not under the influence of any substances DMT or otherwise. I simply refer to it as an event. It happens without warning and I could be doing anything and be anywhere. I will notice if I'm reading or on a computer screen that letters start to disappear out of words, then words disappear out of sentences then (it always starts on the left hand side and moves outward to the right) Then whole sentences drop away, my peripheral vision starts to form what are shiny, colorful, shapes (usually triangular), these shapes are always linked together in a type of chain and are always silver - shining silver on the outside, many colors on the inside (the full spectrum). These shapes get larger and larger (this lasts for a bout 20 minutes) they don't go away when I close my eyes they just remain and it finishes when it finishes - nothing I can do about that or stop it, once it starts its on until it finishes. Once it's done back to normal, no ill side effects that I know of. I looked right into one once, I concentrated on it and kept my focus on one shape alone. What I saw in there was alarming or interesting depending on how you relate to it. What I saw was a type of character resembling Gumby and this Gumby was pulling levers of some description. About two years later I read Hancock's book and there is a description of somebody experiencing this on DMT in Strassman's study - they reported that what they saw was Gumbies operating machinery????? If that was reported while using DMT then WTF is going on with me???

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz

Your post had a sweet grace resonance for me. Walk tall my friend.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Twerking Whores and Chicken McNuggets are Made from the Same Ingredients.

Visible said...

Tony, you're an idiot and publicly so. No one is being knocked here and I even said there are people who don't need them and get all the way there without them. You are a troll, you misquote me, you talk about that being the gist of it. Go away and find your peer group. You will not find them here. Man, are you transparent. What I take from this all is that you aren't very bright. You're also deceitful. It could be that you are really dumb but I thinks there is more going on.

I'm upset too, upset for having to waste my time answering you. Next time pay attention when you read a post, 'before' you let your unevolved ego take over. Am I correct in assuming you drink too much?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


I have experimented with DMT and have now learned to access these brain chemicals organically from my pituitary and pineal glands.

Most of what you can find about DMT online is from cosmic cowboys who are fearlessly venturing forth into transdimensional space. What these consciousness cowboys do not yet realize is that the pineal gland and its dmt secretions are part of a larger integrated glandular system.

My own experience and research tells me that pineal gland DMT should only be driven from the pituitary glad as that is how we were engineered and designed.

This is important work and I just wish Terrance McKenna had lived long enough to learn to access his own brain chemicals. You can be busted for smoking DMT but not for squirting it in your brain (at least not yet).

When I say important work I mean that we live in an insane world because we do not know how to use the brain at the higher bandwidth levels and because there is no place to learn this important work.

We each are responsible for operating a powerful biological entity with complex software and hardware and they forgot to leave the owners manual. Most of the cosmic and planetary neighborhood have this functioning relationship with reality and we are at quite a disadvantage because we do not.

I have put online simple instructions to access your own brain chemicals on a blog. See:

It still amazes me that what supposedly distinguishes us from the beasts is consciousness, and yet we live on a planet with 7.5 billion people and not a single school of consciousness exists.

How messed up is that?

A normal alpha state of consciousness is about 2000 bytes/sec and when we brain chemical kick it up we can go past the dosage blink-out point and skip into the delta brain state and 4 billion bytes/sec bandwidth.

I believe that civilizations come and go... they fail when they achieve a technological prowess without the corresponding gains in consciousness to be able to transcend the primal limits and we are near that fail point again.

Problem solving becomes quite simple at the higher brain bandwidths and I have now learned to make gold from silica dioxide using LENR Interferometry with a home grown microsmelt lab. To see a Kickstarter preview vid, go to:

Making gold is really quite simple but I would never had the mind capable of doing this alchemical work without a functioning relationship with reality/nature from a super consciousness perspective and certainly not with out the pituitary and pineal gland resources.

Hope the htmls work this time.

Visible said...

except intuitively

Eudoxia said...

Thanks Sovereignty for the information - I could not see any of the links though. This event has been happening for years, since at least 2006 and it happens at least 2 - 3 times a year. Always totally straight when it happens. Vis I'm glad you've found somewhere - sounds great. I can't wait to get to my new place, will be moving up there early November - 2.5k above sea level nice view over a beautiful valley then straight out to the Pacific Ocean - I don't know what happens from there, I guess I'll find out. I just know I'll be chilling out for the next 3 or so months and see how it all pans out.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of fond memories trippin' on acid back in the early 70's. The experience helped me come to terms with some profound emotional problems I was having.

I would like to spend the night in a sweatlodge with a mescalero shaman doing peyote sometime.

The bad people can do harm but they, too, will come to know ruin and the time will come when each of them will look into a mirror and see a stone loser looking back at them. Maybe that time is already here. Anyway, God bless us all!

Time wounds all heals.


Visible said...

Psychedelics has done more good than all the self righteous, know it all ego clowns ever could. I didn't even mention Ketamine, which I haven't taken in I don't know when and was only talking about psychedelics. then I get this supercilious lecture by a fearmonger bragging on all his time working in shelters, making him an expert on none of the items mentioned and presumably all of the ones who weren't. Given the crap I've run into recently, I'm not in a soft and forgiving mood as I usually am. It gets so tiresome listening to people glorify their own ignorance while visibly bypassing what actually got said.

Farmer said...

"It gets so tiresome listening to people glorify their own ignorance while visibly bypassing what actually got said."

Thats all conversation ever is today. Its much like TV. The click from one subject to the next, without quantifying, or clarifying anything that is brought up. All surface, and when they are listening to you, most often, it is only because they are thinking of what they are going to say themselves, as a repsonce, thus defeating to the purpose of listening to respond in the first place, for obviously how can someone respond, without listening to their response, instead of thinking of their own while listening to you.

Mental midgets attempting to multitask thought. These things drive be mad, and its ever increasing exponentially.

No wonder society is falling apart.

So much of it is tied to the TV.

My mom was telling me a story the other day, that the year the TV came into existence, that very year, and even month, people went from hanging out on the front porch, and community gatherings, etc, to sitting in front of the tv. All withing a very short, noticeable, frame of time.

Its mind boggling to think, that thousands of years of social interaction, just comes to an end, all within a blink of an eye.

Disgusting in all its various forms.

Freddamedgjedda said...

In Norway the magic mushrooms grow once a year, right around the first night of frost, in other words, NOW!! I take my annual trip into the (no longer so) unknown...

It has not been a full year since the last trip, because I got hold of some "changa", DMT mixed with herb, this winter. I smoked it, it was the heaviest trip I have ever been on, by far. It was like I was shot into space, my body was left behind, lying still for 3-5 minutes.

I have seen others smoke the same stuff(I asked for the strongest..) and they are out of this dimension(reality or whatever it is) for 3-5 minutes, and then they slowly come back. No more effects after about 15 minutes.

Since I knew the "landscape" from before this was nothing "new" to me. The trip only confirmed what I already knew, but my girlfriend had a very different experience.

She was one of the people who had read alot of books, doing yoga, meditating, eating vegan and so on. BUT she was blown away by the experience, and not entirely in a good way. She got scared out of her mind(or almost), she encountered what can be described as the death of the ego. She saw how this reality is solely what viewpoint you have. Your ego IS this world, and you created it all for the purpose of your own learning...

She got scared because this is all she knew(remembered), up until that point, and it all was ripped to pieces. And it's interresting because she always talked about how all this is just an illusjon, and you create your own reality, the usual meme, but she had never experienced it...

I had to use all my knowledge to help her thru the next months, not that I think I fixed anything, she did it herself, cause it is only you in that "space". You need to put your ego down, not kill it but put it in it's "rightful place"...

She is the mother of three, her youngest is 5 years, so I was scared too because she can't "lose it" without huge consequenses for her kids. So I joined her "fear", and its well known to experienced "trippers", it is what is called the "bad trip", I assume.

"The void", "The abyss", the feeling that scares people away from psycedelics, the moment when the fun is taken out of the trips. This is where the serious initiation into a greater(or different) understanding takes place. Most people run away from this "task", I have seen many, but some see it as a true reflection of what is, and grows(changes) enormously afterwards...

So in conclusion, psycedelics as a spiritual teacher, is not for the rigid mind, no matter how "spiritual" you think you are, but it is a big "boost" in understanding(misunderstanding) if you are ready for it. The difference is: some think it is only your mind playing tricks on you, while other see it as a window into the greater reality...

She no longer talks about advancing spiritually without the proper respect, I also learned alot from this experience of hers... Being a "shaman", helping people evolve, is no joke, it can literary kill you or worse...!!

Peace and much love from the norwegian wilderness!!

Visible said...

Thank you for both showing up and reminding me that a lot of very cool people come around here

Visible said...

None of that faking identities is going to work. Nor are wild exaggerations without provenance.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Collapsing Empire of the Zio-Ogre.

Citizen Elle said...

Thank you Visible.
Thank you Farmer.
Thank you, Freddamedjedda.

I needed your words.
In lakesh

from the deep,

Freddamedgjedda said...

Thank YOU!!!!!!! We need us...!!



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