Sunday, October 13, 2013

On the Brink of Irresistible Change

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are no accidents in Nature or ourselves. That's how I look at things like this (I don't like this website, the owner is in an advertising frenzy and anyone who chases money that hard comes up suspect in my mind). If it wasn't clear before, it should be clear now, the astral larvae monsters, ensconced in their hidey holes, are bringing the heat down on their temporal representatives. Cutting off food stamps to the indigent population is a surefire way to galvanize the population into a reaction. Not being able to eat is much more provocative than not having somewhere to stay.

As has been said here many times, it is going to be harder in some places than others. Nowhere else that I know of do they arrest or fine you for feeding the hungry. It's a given, in times of material darkness, that being well short of material excess can very quickly put you in a bind. The generous heart, never highly prominent in such times, closes down even more so as self interest increases. I've lived on the margins many times, due to my pursuits and distaste for the games one must play, in order to move up in the pecking order. I'm not much further away from the margins at the moment. I could have been but the price is too high. Luckily for some of us we have a certain assurance of continuance, based on our faith in the ineffable.

Part of the problem for The Toxic Elite, is in the ever increasing rise of awareness, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse. This is impacting on all 'theaters' of operation but is most especially undesired by the toxic offenders in a few choice areas. One of them is the ever increasing outcry, concerning who did 9/11. This is best exemplified on the billboards and other public areas of New York City and across the internet. Another is the ever increasing pressure on Satanic Israel via BDS and a growing public awareness concerning what vicious psychopaths they are. This backlashes upon all the government whores and stooges who are on their payroll, which payroll they have a massive control over, via their ownership of The Central Banks.

As has been said here many times, rap music was created for the purpose of generating particular social tensions, as well as elevating and legitimizing perversity. One shouldn't be too surprised at this. He wouldn't have gotten anywhere near this point if he hadn't made the deal earlier but...what would Carlyle want with such a thing? I can think of various uses here and so can you. The whole industry is riddled with Chinga-bots. You can find out interesting things about some of these creatures, private life wise, if you research a bit. The internet is fascinating and fantastic, as well as comprehensive in certain respects. Just because it doesn't hit the headlines doesn't mean it isn't going on.

So... from that last series of pictures we can probably assume that there is an operative, kinda secret, society thing that is going on in certain industries. This sort of thing has been going on in the U.K. for a long time, starting off early in the education zone. They look for bright and promising students coming up through the ranks. Many of the dons at the elite universities are connected to intelligence services. Sure, it's been going on in the U.S. for a long time too.

Sometimes I think about those entertainment figures who accept a knighthood from the black widow of the black nobility. It gets them off to have people call them Sir This or That. It's a guarantee I'll never get into that society cause I wouldn't use that title if I ran into them. Of course, I wouldn't wear a 60,000 dollar watch like the Dali Lama either. His time must be very preciousssss. This is what you get in the Kali Yuga, widespread corruption all up and down the ranks. Even those of us that fight against the propensity within ourselves generally wind up with mixed results.

These last days, coming out of a gruesome period of not that long ago, I've found my awareness much more focused than before as well as my tendency to sit with empty mind, with my attention on conscious reliance on the ineffable. During this recent period I was getting pretty down on myself, looking back at my inconsistent efforts and periods where I went off the rails. I found myself momentarily despairing of coming to a good conclusion based on what I was seeing. At that point one of my invisible friends came in and said, "C'mon visible, look at how many people love you and how very few do not. Look at the work you do and where your attention is much of the time." I thought about it but it still didn't satisfy me.

I really think about these things a lot. How can I improve overall, while still retaining the right amount of controversial reactiveness (grin). Some things that happened seemed so completely beyond my control that even much later looking back at it, I still can't see my way past what I remember about the forces engaged and... so I have been told as well, "there's nothing you could have done about it. I'm running the show and everything I bring about, I bring about for a very good reason, as you will find out, later, up the way."

The human mind is a funny thing and that's why I've put so much energy into seeking control of it. I know many of you have been no less diligent. I suppose a lot of these difficulties are brought about in order to force more compassion out of me, concerning so many of the rest that are trapped in the web of delusion. I've considered other avenues of approach, containing less reproach but... it's compassion that already forces me to rail about and shout, "Wake up!!!" Sometimes I think a lot of the people with all that new age tolerance of everything and all the role playing of continuous smiles about everything, are just the safest hedge against potential criticism and a loss of income. Things are not all shiny and sweet. There are real monsters and predators out there and they've got that 24/7 media machine blaring out nonsense without pause.

I walkabout this world, those parts of it that I see and I see what I see. I see people going through the motions and laboring under the chronic hangups that they've been giving a free ride to through their lives. I note the enthusiasm, occasionally, of the young and, increasingly, the dissatisfaction and disappointment as well. I see the grim visages of those entering into the later stages of life. There are fewer smiles but- thankfully- over here they are not as rare as I suspect they now are in other places. It seldom occurs to me that I am any age at all. I still get about as I always have but... I do notice that I am the only one who walks down the street singing to myself. I know that's a more likely thing in Latin cultures but I am not in one of those.

So much of the lightness of being has departed from the common element. Paranoia and suspicion seem to have gotten an upgrade in force. General depression has become pervasive and is behind all those toxic anti-depressants. We are either on the verge of a tremendous upheaval, resulting in powerful reactions against the psychopathic elite, or it is set to plunge down to yet another level before that comes about. Ultimately the reaction, the worldwide reaction, is inevitable. Even now the twisted swine behind all of this unpleasantness are busy calculating the relative effectiveness of various schemes. One scheme is to simply, very drastically, reduce a significant portion of the world's population. There's too many people for them to manage much beyond where they've brought it all to. The False Flag schematic is very dicey because of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking tour. They know, deep down, that they've gotten away with so much that the odds are they will quite possibly screw it up if they continue.

The biggest problem is that we are dealing with psychopaths devoid of conscience. The human aspect does not enter into their considerations. There's nothing they wouldn't do, given the opportunity to get away with it. Consonant with all of this, the game board is so complex. There are so many balls in the air. There is serious opposition also in the interplays between those in the service of The Dark Lord. There are all kinds of factions in the mix and betrayal and backstabbing are very much a part of all of their arsenals. It doesn't take a whole lot of pressure before this starts to happen and it is amplified by the emergent whistleblowing that is manifesting out of those, retaining some amount of integrity and character and who have seen enough, knowing full well that if they don't say anything they may well go down with the rest. I imagine it is much more tense behind the scenes then we might think. The shutdown dance between the two parties is protracted and intense. A great many of the players do not like Obamacare and that is the gorilla in the room. It can go a number of ways. The world teeters on the edge. We seldom realize how very quickly the whole of appearing reality can change. It can change very quickly. I once read a scientific paper about what could happen in New York City if all the power went off. They said that half the population would be dead after 3 days. I thought that pretty absurd at the time. I don't know what to think now. I know what happens to supermarket shelves when disasters hit.

Let's end this treatise on a positive note. None of us actually know where any of this is headed. We should know that it's all under control so... there's a conscious motivation and strategy being employed from the unseen realms. A great deal of what may or may not happen depends on us. What we think and say and do and don't think and don't say and don't do, has tremendous impact on what will come to pass. In my passage through time I have encountered many fine people. I've also had my eyes opened by the incredible capacity for duplicity in some people. Along with that, I've observed the herds in their mindless passing from one cheap entertainment to another; doesn't look like a positive note, I'm thinking (grin). It's my belief though that we are judged and dealt with individually. Even when many of us go down in a disaster, we all put ourselves there. Real and dramatic change awaits every moment. Every moment we are in a position to change everything that presently awaits us. For most people the capacity to change is often beyond their capacity, which is why Mr. Apocalypse shows up in the first place. Now and again, we can make a difference in the lives of others but... most assuredly we can always make a difference in our own.

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Anonymous said...

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver; stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now." - From "The Active Side of Infinity", by Carlos Castaneda

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sitting on the edge of time, waiting for the door to open,huh?

Josey said...


I remember 10 years ago the "Station" Nightclub Fire in RI.

100 people died and many others injured terribly. One person with an inexpensive Fire-Extinguisher could have saved the lives of everyone. One person can make a difference in the lives of many.

I look at you as a "Fire-Extinguisher" for us, with a similar effect. Helping to save us often from ourselves.ilsiythi

BTW, the night of the fire, a news team was in the building doing a story on Safety" in Nightclubs and the risk of fire. Strange but true.

Eudoxia said...

For the first time in my life, I must say I agree 100% with anonymous! Touche' Don Juan Matus and thanks Viz for yet another post to let us all know we are still on a third dimensional world trying to remember why?

kenny said...

My first thought on hearing the MSM story of the food stamp 'glitch' was that it was a test. Maybe a warning? I tend to think there's more of this kind of thing to come.

Madhya Pradesh temple stampede toll rises to 89, most of them women and children Rumors of provocateurs causing it. Just another Kali Yuga demonstration?

Anonymous said...

it interests me how the various 'mass scenarios' always have almost corny mass extinctions or disasters where everyone is suddenly reduced to some cookie cutter experience....but...what i have noticed is each of us is an individual and we each experience a unique life composed of our energetic level, awareness, consciousness, relationship with the ineffable, sense of humor....our subjectivity is the 'reality' we experience -- the 'objective world' of 'reality' is composed of agreed upon programming -- in other words -- what is un-real to us individually. this is your life to live. experience it from your subjectivity not the agreed upon 'herd reality'.
liz in 4DLA

Anonymous said...

Kali yuga - lunch is served

Copernicus Kidd said...

I know what you mean about the lack of lightness in the commons, extra paranoia and fear. Recently while exploring a lovely quiet pastoral part of northern Italy with my wife, we came across an elderly lady, maybe a nun ... I smiled broadly and greeted her. She gave us a look of horror which express an expectation of us to rob and beat her as if that were the normal course of events ... Prego, maybe it was my unruly beard. On the positive note .. if the situation is so bad among the Good, it must be incredibly tenuous among those that tread further and further in the darkness and gaze of the flaming eye. Evil destroys itself like the orcs and goblins that cannot agree on eating the hobbits or following orders to deliver them whole. Sooner or later they just start slashing one another and "looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" I keep telling myself its all for the purpose of demonstration, and do not fear the demons, they are merely trying to spook you into being late for your date with the station. "All aboard!" the Kali Yuga Express, where the lows are lowest and the highs are dizzying ... the Water Closets are primitive but the ambiance is sublime, Conductor A. P. Calypso at your service ... don't forget your Walking Stick! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK ... and whats this? a little dog? why Toto, what is this pitiable shyster behind the curtain ? ? ?

zen shaman said...

love to you bro. the dalai lama is a fraud and a false prophet.and a murderous punk. yeah. i said it.

L.L.O. said...

Wow, a $60,000 watch?
More like the Kali Lama...

Teresa said...

Vis, I don't know where to post my experience, so here I am on your site. I have a question to all for your readers and posters: Did time slow down for you today? My internal clock is reading about 4:00pm, but the real live clock is showing about just kinda sorta 2:00pm

Not kidding here. A walk that should have taken 35 to 40 minutes was done under 20. This kind of stuff has been happening all day. I did a full day's work in under two hours.

I know peak experience--I am an ex-jockette. I know what it feels like to have time stop, when I know another, absolute, real universe is present. What I am describing now is time slowdown for HOURS! Weird. Beyond my experience.

BTW, Vis, you and me read the same books. I read your blogs and just nod in agreement.


Visible said...

Hi Teresa; I'm some distance from you and I think a lot of these things are localized but... I am experiencing a variety of altered consciousness states that have not been common for me in awhile. I think all sorts of oddities are going on as the real 2012 approaches.


Uh huh about the Dali Lama, I never had any attraction for that guy. I never had any reasons and caught a lot of criticism about it but lately, well, Mr. Apocalypse has been taking care of that.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dreck sold out when he released The Colonic album 21 years ago. Check out Dre in World Class Wrecking Crew in hot pink tutu circa 1986. Poop Loggy Logg made his first appearance on the Colonic album. I'll stick with people actually learning how to play an instrument and not just a manipulation of technology in studio. The collapse and decline doesn't bother me at all in fact I'm enjoying every second. I'm using anonymous because I can and the browser won't let me go with nickname if someone doesn't like it then please note the mistletoe hanging by the seat of my pants.

Anonymous said...

Please define/explain "the quickening"

Also, dal lama always wears so much makeup in his pics looks like he's in drag to me. I don't know why but among all traditions I have always intensely disliked and continue to dislike tibetan buddhism and any of its western practioners. Frankly i think it's so alien to the western mindset/collective unconscious that westerners cannot understand it

Anonymous said...

Crystalline Light Needles Penetrate into Gaia Hiddens at this Moment
by ÉirePort

This occurs Gaia-wide.

All unilluminateds will be pierced and revealed.

Secondary purpose of the Needle Light is to unveil all energetic soft points and upgrade (strengthen).

Tertiary purpose is to stimulate both Hue- and humanity to next levels.

Quaternary purpose is dissolution of lower D cultural, societal, and governmental paradigms, inner and outer.

Current Cosmic energetics and Gaia consciousness levels have initiated this.

ÉirePort | October 13, 2013 at 16:06

Visible said...

quickening is a Christian term from early in the last century and means spiritual awakening. Rise of the Kundalini would be comparable in Eastern thought. There used to be a sect called The Shakers who made some very collectible furniture. Anyway their name came from their reaction to the serpent power rising

Anonymous said...

Found this searching for your "rap" posts.

Can you go into more detail about this stuff? You say civilizations that feed on human suffering. Doris Lessing talked about this kind of stuff a lot from the Idries Shah perspective.

Also, when you had your recent battle and made your posts during the battle time they read exactly like scenes out of the book The Mind Parasites.

And finally, you mentioned them looking like insects. There was a period of a month or two when I perceived me irredeemably evil "mom" and "step-dad" as giant crystalline insects. No idea where that came from and have never come across anyone discussing anything like that.

Anonymous said...


Remember, 'The System' is how the elite maintain their control, riches and dominance. The utter and total destruction will NEVER happen and only because the elite value their ungodly powers beyond all else. I believe they don't even want to reduce the total population to about 300 million. They would rather have more control and dominance in ALL our minds. Small disruptions and the minions fighting amongst themselves is the real goal and all along profiting and control the dance.
Our weapons against them is cohesion, working together, sharing and educating. Helping whistle-blowers, spreading knowledge and exposing the truth, constantly vigilant and one to one help.
The elite cannot destroy the internet or completely shut people down, it would be too exposing and dangerous to them.
We have time on our side in that they cannot do anything too quickly, they have already shown too much desperation.
Bottom line, keep the pressure on.

Stegiel said...

Arise, Awake...said Vivekananda to India and we too are under a Raj.

Anonymous said... you say...there are too many variables...balls in the air..and evil souls involved to accurately predict what is going to happen...

However, as the child of abusive, corrupt, law-enforcement officer disturbed parents...and after spending two decades working for The US Department of Defense as a Federally Protected Whistle-Blower...I know that by living a life of relative integrity... trying to be a better person from day-today...trying not to infringe on others, their rights, space and enjoyment of life...trying to be responsible, motivated, attempting to accomplish and leave something of meaning....treat kids right, raise them that they can have a better future...and then depart the planet with as much of a clean conscience as possible....screw all the corrupt bastards after that...Ha!


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

kf said...

Last Saturday, I tendered my resignation, cutting off my income. The boss's sticky fingers inevitably put me in a bind. The corporation's management protection program left me dangling in the wind and at the mercy of his wrath. Some folks may find a way to get satisfaction from the "Human Resources Department" but it upholds the management protection program and I knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt in this case.

I do not accept the grin-and-bear-it concept under unreasonable circumstances. However, I've spent the week wondering how the hell I'm going to find another job. They are scarce and I am of a certain age.

Tough times for honest folks, as has been the case since the MBAs came marching through the workplace in the 1980s.


Kyriacos said...

It falls upon the shoulders of the enlightened and aware, to pull the blind out into the light.As this is a very slow process, especially with the controlled media blackout and not only, the situation begs for more drastic measures. The time is ripe. The diagnosis about all aspects of corrupt societies has been layed out thousands of times. The time to fight fire with fire has come. For the first time in history, the financial tools for bringing about change, have
been placed into the hands of honest people. People of Truth and Virtue. People who have risen into the realm of the collective, who have transcended into higher levels
of being, if you like.

The battle is on for Greece (Hellas). Why Greece? For symbolic and historical reasons.Freeing up Greece from its largely concocted debt burden will act as the spark to demolish the filth that's been riding on the backs of humanity for eons.

At the forefront of the battle is an organisation with the acronym E.N.D. (End National Debt).
Comprised of 12 core members, all Greek Nationals living in the U.S.A. The organisation is
supported by many from around the world. From all walks of life. Professionals in Law. In accounting.People of stature but also simple folk. Karen Hudes is a very good example.

The president is Emmanuel Lambrakis. A practising doctor residing in New York. A person
carrying a wealth of knowledge. A true patriot. A true Cretan. A person who has delved into
the Classics (Light). A person who knows the workings of the adversaries of Humanity (Darkness).
I'm not praising him. God only knows i don't praise anybody. I have only respect for people
who sacrifice their personal life and even bodily integrity for an honourable cause.

Artemis Sorras is the personality chosen to fund the whole operation. A Greek national living
in Greece. A very intelligent, fiery person with a logic that breaks bones. He has been entrusted
with the financial instruments which run in the trillions to stab the beast out of existence once
and for all. Too literary for you? Well, it's that simple but overwhelmingly complex. It takes
people with courage, determination but above all knowledge and stamina to lead such a fight.

By whom you he's been entrusted you might ask. By those powers that are working fevershly
for the dawning of a new age. There are such enlightened people. It couldn't be all pitch black, damn it!

I won't go into more detail on account of this being just a post. I have seen and heard these people in person. They have already made their move on Greece and Cyprus. All they ask is for the national
debt to be audited and those responsible for fraud, no matter who, to be tried and if found guilty,face punishment. Their terms? 0 interest for 100 years. And not only for paying off debt, but for funding economic development and recovery. You realise how this would be a death blow to the international loan sharks of the I.M.F., World Bank, ECB,the hedge funds and all that prey on the creativity and labour of the world.

Needless to say that for the past year they have come up against the treasonous behaviour of the government,all political parties and the media. Either because they are sold out, afraid or downright threatened by the secret services.

However, another move is under way but this time down to the level of municipalities. The news that
are coming out from the countless of interviews that have already been given by E.N.D. are
encouraging. I really hope this time, the long arm of centralised government will be given a beating.

The rats will soon be flashed out!

Visible said...

There's rough things happening to many good people. That is why for some years I wanted to put a community together because there are all kinds of ways we could support ourselves and live very well but that hasn't come together for whatever the reason is. I've pretty much backed off of that and am attending to myself. That's a full time job anyway (grin). I hope things improve from you, I'll mention your situation to my friends.

galen said...

Teresa, I must validate you're observation/experience with 'time' today. It also slowed down for me, way down. I seem to have 4 extra hours, or so. Errands that usually take half a day were completed in an hour and a half. It's very weird, and I'm not one for having a lot of 'weird' things happening around me. It was amazing to hear you say something similar happened for you. I will keep observing this. Perhaps we are really in the present. Now, I wonder how I will use these four extra hours? (smile)

Farmer said...

The most loving thing anyone can do for another is reprove their behavior, even if they are only acting that way towards you. The purpose is also to validate ones own self, as existing. A pinch of self to know one is still there, or here, or wherever here, or there is.

Steel sharpens steel.

When plastic is sharpened by steal, it just denigrates, and decomposes.

Steal always wants other steal to sharpen it.

Sometimes the sharpening process can be painful, and quite hot.

But in the end, a nice sword, or butter knife, is the final outcome.

Either way, I like you being around, and find comfort in your presence, though we have never shaken hands.

Sometimes you really piss me off. Sometimes make my head hurt. Sometimes make my heart go soft.
At times you truly are a brilliant writer, and a mentor in the alchemical construction of words, that wreck havoc on the forces of darkness in ways I only wish to emulate myself.

And others, you bore me to death.

Just like my own family. (smile)

Ok, is that enough massage to get you down the road another 50 miles?


Chinese Sneakers said...

After i read what follows from a commenter (see above): "Karen Hudes is a very good example;" i had to ask--'of what?'

A counter-intelligent asset, i dare say.

So, i gave her a listen and heard her argue in her own words that the Vatican Bank is the final stop for all of the usurious robbery taking place against we, the people. She never said a damn word about the fact that N.M. Rothschilde Bank has held sway over the Vatican Bank since 1824. Moreover, she said nothing about Switzerland hoarding all the gold, nor did she dare identify who owns and runs the City of London, in spite of the fact that she has spent a good number of years as counsel at the World Bank.

We must not look for easy solutions, and have to be as wise as serpents, good people.

And, yes, sometimes this struggle into the light is going to hurt like hell.

Brilliant piece, vis. You're back on the top of your skills again. i Love it when you write like this. Your personal life is just that, for me.


shoolson74 said...

A couple of weeks ago I experienced time not slowing down but speeding up! I was watching something on the internet, what seemed like about 10-15 minutes was actually nearly 3 hours. It was like I lost nearly 3 hours. Something else happened also, when I was out and about. I can't quite recall what it was specifically and it was about a month ago, but it made me start to ask friends if they were experiencing similar incidents. I've had other interesting experiences though with glitches in the matrix will post separately.

Anonymous said...

Rap music started to be promoted big-time in the early 90's: In conjunction with the govt. selling a good portion of the prison system to private concerns in the early 90's. The more people thrown in prison, the more profits for the people/companies who own the privately owned prisons.

Rap music was planned to incite violence, so more people would be thrown into prison.

The corporate elite dismantled American industry and sent it to China en-masse ; So more people are on welfare/food stamps now because of lack of industry/lack of work. The govt. actually actively encourages people to go on welfare and get food stamps.

The govt. wants as many people on welfare as possible. People on welfare are NOT going to protest against the government. When the welfare/food stamps runs out, then there will be riots, of course, but by that time everyone will be either too busy rioting or too busy protecting themselves from the rioters to have time to protest the government.

I believe that's how "our" leaders think. That's their plan, it looks like to me. Planned rioting. Massive rioting : perfect excuse to impose a very intense die-hard martial law on us. We live under martial law as it is. Martial law lite. Except, "our" leaders want Martial Law Talmudic/Noahide Commie INTENSE.

I know what the one-eye thing symbolizes. I have NO idea why Miley Smiley ALWAYS sticks her gargantuan dinosaur tongue out of her head so ardently, so incessantly. It's too weird.

Who knows? Miley is so obnoxious, maybe more people will realize what the NWO is all about and start fighting back against the NWO gang. She truly is disgusting.

~ Salvatore ~

Copernicus Kidd said...

You may find this interesting

Anonymous said...

While I agree the dalai lama seems like a total fraud, please don't assume (to anonymous in particular) the Tibetan dharma teachings to be equally fake. I know from experience they are powerful magic.

One example: a friend was studying Tibetan meditation in the '80s and '90s. He taught me a simple prayer intended for distraught seekers called "Calling the Lama from Afar." He told me the prayer is intended to be recited three times, on waking and before sleeping. The very abbreviated version went like this:

Glorious root lama, Precious One,
Dwell in the lotus on the crown of my head
(daytime)/depth of my heart (nighttime).
Look upon me with the grace of your great
Grant me the attainments of the body, speech, and

My friend also wrote the phonetics of the Tibetan language so that I could recite the prayer properly.

Twice in the ensuing years, when I found myself in desperate need of guidance, I recited this prayer in English and Tibetan, morning and night, for three days, and both times I "coincidentally" encountered the same lama on the third day - lama Tharchin (recently deceased). The first time lama Tharchin came to the headquarters of The New World Times (a grass roots magazine on American Indian issues I worked on), and I unexpectedly found myself having lunch with him. The second time he appeared on a flyer in the window of a cafe I frequented in Frisco, inviting me to visit his retreat in Santa Cruz (imagine my shock both times). I have otherwise never met a lama, either before or since.

So don't throw the baby out with the bath water - all spiritual paths lead to the same destination (as you have pointed out repeatedly, Vis), and like it or not, magic is real.

Namaste and love to you all,

SJ Palmer

PS If we're discussing fraudulent gurus, take an honest look at everyone's favorite pop-spirituality writer, Carlos Castaneda:

zepheri said...

Stumbled across an eagle feather while flowing down a state run elitist mountain called death. The leaves on fire and the tourists with a certain stupor. All this brings up thoughts of a man in a zebra shirt sweeping out a lion cage.
The scene from Blazing Saddles with black cowboy waving the gun at his head saying nobody move or the homeland is gonna be lit up like Watts. What what!!!

Anonymous said...

Give me the name of a guru (not an alleged god, or emissary of god, or an alleged avatar), past or present, for whom a strong case could NOT be made that he was full of crap - i.e., that what he said was a mixture of truth and lies. I'll sit here looking at my watch, and I'll count the hours, and then the years, while you sit there, and try and come up with a name. The point being, all good dogma is a mixture of truth and lies, which ultimately allows those who create it, to disempower and enslave. Which doesn't mean there aren't great truths in the writings of any guru, or any scribe who writes for a particular religious sect. There are many great truths in such works. You simply have to possess the ability to use discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff. Castaneda was on the cover of Time magazine in 1973. He was called the Godfather of the New Age Movement. So obviously he was involved in deception - obviously he was a Pied Piper, probably working for U.S. Intelligence agencies. But that doesn't mean he didn't pass along great truths in his work. If you have ever tried his practical advice on dreaming, for example, you will find out that it actually works. There are many states of consciousness he describes in his writings, which I had personally experienced prior to ever reading any of his books. Much of what Castaneda wrote about, occurred in what he described as the second attention, a state of consciousness where the rules of time and space do not apply (which, obviously, would create inconsistencies, if one were to attempt to write about those experiences). So, all I can say to those who wish to throw away the baby with the bath water here, is, by all means, please go ahead. The truth is not for everybody. And it certainly isn't for anybody who blindly discounts every single thing a person has to say.

Anonymous said...

To expand on this a bit further (I wrote about discounting everything someone had to say, based on the accusations made by whomever might make them; in this particular case, Carlos Castaneda), I think everybody is different. Everybody needs a unique combination of morsels of wisdom, to ultimately encounter what is the real truth for them, and for them only, so that the truth they discover (whatever it may be) might set them free. We are all unique, and yet we are all the same. It's a dual world. There are humans on this plane, and there are beings on this plane who appear to be human, but aren't. It's a messed-up, fucked-up, crazy world. But when you start pontificating, when you start saying this is the only way to enlightenment, or to wisdom, or to eternal life, well, you are proving that you are full of shit, whomever you might be. Infinity knows no boundaries. There are infinite pathways to enlightenment, and wisdom, and eternal life. This has to be so. And if you say it isn't true, you are probably hooked on the writings of one particular guru or another, whom you steadfastly believe will take you to the promised land, and he will undoubtedly fall off his pedestal sooner or later, and you'll be disappointed, because in the end, the guru will ultimately prove that he was all-too-human (or extremely deluded). Here's the juice - you, are your own guru. And once you work that one out for yourself, you'll be well on your way. Have a nice day.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A World of Flaming Shit and Shake 'n Bake Truths.

Anonymous said...

"They said that half the population would be dead after 3 days."

Hi Vis

one of the single most terrifying books I have ever read is called 'Last Light' by Alex Scarrow and its sequel 'After Light'. OK, it's UK-based but my God it shows just how quickly civilisation falls to bits if the power goes off.

Me and my friends who read it, found it a deeply disturbing book and it has changed my perspective on life in a way I find quite uncomfortable. One of my mates couldn't sleep properly for days afterwards. It has brought about a realisation of just how fragile our society actually is.

In this case it took about two weeks for all the elderly and sick to die. After that starvation and murder slowly takes the rest.

Whole families take to their beds and simply lay there and die because the situation is so hopeless. No government, no army or police on the streets - they got families too - and no hope of rescue. Millions simply starve to death.

In the second book it's ten years after the lights have gone off and only a few survive.

If you've got kids like me, you really wouldn't wish this sort of thing to happen. I'm sorry to say this (because I know you've railed against this attitude on occasions before) but I would rather have a 'stable' and corrupt society than a wipe-the-slate-clean catastrophe occurring.

I know you perhaps won't agree with the above statement, however, having to scratch a living from the countryside or defend oneself in a city may make good fiction but it would be truly horrific in real life.

Even if you got together with a bunch of people to live communally you'd better make sure you can provide enough food, fuel and have a spread of useful skills. Otherwise you may as well go to bed and join the rest and become nothing more than semi-mummified remains laying in silent houses in silent streets.

Anyway, for anyone reading this, I recommend these books but they are deeply disturbing.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

It's always funny to me how one can criticize the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, or Jesus Christ, and Western esotericists will hardly bat an eye. But say Castaneda's a phony and their hackles immediately rise.

>"Give me the name of a guru … for whom a strong case could NOT be made that he was full of crap."

If by "guru" you mean a hierophant like the pope, whose dictates can't be questioned, then we are in agreement, but if you are referring to a wise teacher who initiates a seeker into the mysteries, then I could name at least one - a lovely little elf who helped me to climb out of my own self one magical morning years ago. I may not agree with everything she says and believes, but I can say with certainty that she never lied to me.

>"all good dogma is a mixture of truth and lies, which ultimately allows those who create it, to disempower and enslave."

Do you mean "effective dogma," or "popular dogma" or something, because you seem to contradict yourself here: dogma, by definition, is bullshit. As RAW used to point out: "Belief stops thought." Since dogma is unquestionable, it's purpose is to prevent true inquiry. So in my opinion there is no "good dogma."

>"to those who wish to throw away the baby with the bath water here… please go ahead. The truth is not for everybody. And it certainly isn't for anybody who blindly discounts every single thing a person has to say."

If you're referring to me here, I never said to throw away all of what Castaneda wrote, simply because he was a charlatan. Everybody gets it right some of the time. If you throw 100 darts at the board, you'll probably hit a bullseye sooner or later. And if you sit in a library for days and read other people's research papers on Mexican shamanism, you'll find some good ideas. I've read books written by the Dalai Lama but you can't call me a Buddhist. I've read the New Testament, but no one would consider me a Christian. Nonetheless I will freely quote the Bible or Buddhist teachings when appropriate. I read Castaneda's first seven books, as well, and while I learned a lot from them, I would almost sooner quote Dianetics or the Book of Mormon than anything Castaneda wrote.

>"when you start pontificating, when you start saying this is the only way to enlightenment, or to wisdom, or to eternal life, well, you are proving that you are full of shit"

Again, are you referring to me? Because I never pontificated, I only suggested you take an honest look at the liar you quoted before you tossed out criticism at another fraud.

My final point: the Dalai Lama never claimed to be an expert on any culture other than his own. Castaneda, who probably never met a Mexican shaman, wrote a book called "The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico," and another called "The Shamans of Ancient Mexico, Their Thoughts About Life, Death and the Universe." Anything in those books that's true he found in the library at UCLA.

And I never said I wasn't full of shit.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

"You think about yourself too much and that gives you a strange fatigue that makes you shut off the world around you and cling to your arguments." - From "A Separate Reality" by Carlos Castaneda

"Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it - what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone." - From "The Fire from Within" by Carlos Castaneda


P.S.: SJ Palmer, you write uncannily like someone named Ray B., who hangs out here periodically - from the excerpts of comments which are pasted into your posts, complete with little arrow indentations and quotes around the entries, to the holier-than-thou responses to said postings, and, most especially, to the alleged "elf experiences". Quite a coincidence there. Yes indeed. Visible, I made a comment a while back that if there was more than one Ray B., you'd be facing rabies. Well, here you go, it has actually happened...heh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I offended you, Anon.

SJ Palmer

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, October 15, 2013 7:57:00 AM

"SJ Palmer, you write uncannily like someone named Ray B., who hangs out here periodically - from the excerpts of comments which are pasted into your posts, complete with little arrow indentations and quotes around the entries, to the holier-than-thou responses to said postings, and, most especially, to the alleged "elf experiences'."

Anon, I am sorry that you have such a hard-on for me. To me, I have been simply espousing what 'my world' looks like. I thought we had freedom to do that here. If that comes off as holier-than-thou in your eyes, that is coming from you, not me. Other readers have responded that they enjoyed my writings. Of course, as Vis has observed many times, hiding behind 'Anonymous' while making sly innuendos of this sort marks you as a coward, a troll, or a shill...


"Visible, I made a comment a while back that if there was more than one Ray B., you'd be facing rabies. Well, here you go, it has actually happened..."

For the record, I am not SJ Palmer, or vice versa. That is quite a stretch - unless you have an ulterior motive?


Any comments, Vis?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Another nice read.




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