Monday, October 28, 2013

Soulless Corporate Whores, doing the Inverse Cowpie in the Pig Sty

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As well as being a time of material darkness, this is also the age where you do whatever you hope you can get away with because... it may not be seen and then you are good to gone (grin). It is the zenith of self interest. Just as Jamie Diamond has done, all those stuffed suits take as much latitude as they can and hope the pervasive and ubiquitous corruption (in a nation that conferred personhood on corporations; this is a capital crime on the part of the Supreme Zio-Court) will give them good cover. If most of these soulless corporate whores are doing the inverse cowpie in the pig sty, they've acquired the taste for it. The pig sty is Wall Street, where monster hogs tear up and destroy the root system of the entire culture, in a frenzied fever for self gain. When one of them pulls off some hideous act against another of their fellows, it's a back patting festival of, "you go goblin."

There are various reasons for why evil destroys itself. We might get into some of that today. One of the reasons is that evil likes to push the river. It is similar to the nature of goats, who piss all over themselves in the excitement preceding copulation. As the potential bucks they don't need, mount up, they get all flushed and feverish, kinda like the Nightstalker going out for a little late night R and R in Hollywood. The more money that is in play and the more likely it is that they will never even be able to spend it, the more insane the frenzy toward acquisition.

In the backrooms where the acolytes of material darkness plot their moves, someone came up with the idea of foreclosing on mortgages they didn't even hold. Someone came up with the idea of trashing the economy, with the collaboration of The Tribe-Central Bankers, in order to steal the homes of the American middle class and the poor. As soon as the policy went into play, the talking points of justification were released into the block-headed sector of the right wing, saying that "no one should have given mortgages to these people in the first place." They feel, have been told and programmed to feel, that no matter what happens in the economy, regardless of whether you lose your job, you deserve to live in a cardboard box beneath the underpass. I have seen the comments in the hundreds, at various upchuck sectors in the Crass Media. Few collectives have less mercy than Christian Zionist fundies, once they've been given their marching orders from the pit vipers who manipulate them.

Change is coming. It's coming to Wikipedia (Uh huh and also uh huh), just as it is coming to Jeff  Bezos (you hardly hear about something ugly these days that isn't Made in Israel) over at Amazon. In the meantime, the humor keeps breaking the surface like angry acne, or those Israeli/CIA created conflict hotspots. It's truly amazing what's going on these days. Back to Evil; essentially, evil is wrong and goes counter to the natural course of existence. This means it progresses with inherent flaws. Just as a building, where the build is a quarter of an inch out on the ground floor, it becomes 2 inches on the second floor, or something like that. In the end, Evil has to abide by the rules just like anything else. Depending on the time zone in which you find yourself, on that depends the degree of time extended and the level of egregiousness permitted to Evil. Now... if you are good, or battling and striving to be ...AND you are counterpointed by a much larger aggregate of Evil, the potential for you to gain massive bonus points is very high, due to 'degree of difficulty'. This is cosmic law, believe what you like. There are all kinds of cosmic laws of which we are unfortunately unaware but ignorance has no influence over the existence of laws that affect all of us, whether ignorance knows about it or not. Evil has major partners in it's pursuit of chaos and disorder. One of them is Ignorance. You can guess on your own what some of the other players are.

Comprehending Evil or anything, depends on one's proximity to Truth. Very few, very few can abide 'in' Truth but... you can live and move and breathe in the neighborhood of Truth. You can think of Truth as similar to a beacon of light, perhaps a lighthouse, which makes it possible to see the dangerous areas leading to the shoreline and where Safe Harbor is located. This light makes it possible to distinguish between the false and the real. You can see the disadvantage that Ignorance brings to the table. If you are ignorant, you are in darkness. It's only a matter of time before you walk off a cliff or die in a Tribe owned Central Banker War. The stupid are grown and cultivated. In these days it is hot-housed. I had a very amusing thing happen to me a few years ago. I was on mushrooms and Susanne and I were walking in the woods. We came into an area of the forest when suddenly I felt female, in an unusual way (which I won't detail lest I injure sensitive feelings) and I stopped in my tracks; "WTF?" Then I looked at the forest around me and noticed that all the pine trees were of a uniform shape and height. Susanne told me that these were hybrids planted for quick growth and as a replacement for deforestation and for later harvesting for whatever. They had been genetically manipulated. I had real evidence, by experience; what happens when you mess with Nature. Had I not been on mushrooms, I would have probably not noticed.

A slight digression; as I have earlier stated, every few months or so, I head into Google and run a search on "Les Visible". I came across this by hitting, les visible wiki. I had neither the time, nor the inclination, nor am I that vain, to read what looked to me like a massive amount of speculation and commentary on me from Ouija Board Central. I did motor along for a couple of pages and never fail to become amused by the presumptions of people who know nothing about me and who think I'm living like Samuel Taylor Coleridge's understudy. Despite the historical evidence of psychedelics being used by cultures all over the world. Despite the riveting evidence of Santa Claus and psychedelics, or the list of prominent and noteworthy individuals, along with mystics and teachers of humanity, who have imbibed, this crowd of Scientology sisters has no hesitation about going on and on concerning what they know nothing about. It gets truly ludicrous. I had mentioned that at one point I got a pardon from the government for a crime I was accused and sentenced for (not a crime but, whatever). The uninformed commentator got all 'woo woo' about how surely you have to be 'connected' to get such a pardon. They love to think I'm hooked in with the dark intelligence services. The truth is that I had been sentenced under the Youth Corrections Act (Federal) and anyone who completes their time, one way or another, on the run even (long as you don't commit any further 'crimes') automatically gets a pardon. The other time I got busted, after an agonizing 18 months in between time, I was acquitted. In both cases I was set up and this is backed up by the evidence. They came after me because of my public speaking and performances. So, I don't have a criminal record, surprisingly and like many things presumed about me on very little information, the truth is something other than is here and there reported; much like the daily news.

I know there are readers who like to say, "C'mon Visible' there's no need to bring this up" but... there is; slander is evil. Diabolus translates into 'slanderer'= "[Middle English devel, from Old English dofol, from Latin diabolus, from Late Greek diabolos, from Greek, slanderer, from diaballein, to slander : dia-, dia- + ballein, to hurl; see gwel- in Indo-European roots.]" Then there are those who become disenfranchised with me. I assume it has something to do with their frustrations with their own lives. Those who have been raised Catholic WANT the Catholic church to be the source of all Evil, regardless of what the facts say and regardless of the reality of The Rothschild Satanic Banks having control over The Vatican's finances. I'll agree that both of these entities are in league with The Devil but... that should be obvious. All I ask, and I don't think it's too much to ask is... if you are going to criticize me, please present your argument in a lucid manner that utilizes logic and evidence to support your contention. I'm getting tired of people saying things that make no sense (can anyone figure out what this guy is saying?). It reflects badly on me when I attract critics and opponents without the equipment to come across as savvy and intelligent. Also, I don't learn anything. Believe me, I am always after self improvement and I will take it from anywhere I can get it. I'm not too shy. I'm not too proud. I really am a decent sort, regardless of what certain insecure and uniformed people like to say about me. Sure I'm a little quick off the cuff and I can, metaphorically put a knuckle into the ribs but... that is a constructed persona that is there for a reason. It makes it more interesting if I'm rough and tumble (sort of) than if I am all placid and gazing at everyone with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes, like I might, at any moment, start charging hundreds of dollars a seat..

At any rate, the war out there continues. The 'appearance' of the war outside continues. Once we effectively make peace with ourselves, we live in a world of peace, at least in the general perimeters of ourselves. There are exceptions, such as when you're employed by Mr. Apocalypse, or engaged in some form of specialty work. It is a very complex world and a very complex time. There's a lot going on. We are in the middle of extreme information overload. Sudden outbursts of madness abound and 'most of the world' is certifiably crazy. One of my measurements for crazy is when an individual REFUSES to see what is real because it might interfere with their vested interests, or they are fearful of the responsibility that comes with an awareness of truth. Most people, because of their fatal attachment to material things ...and the pursuit of their appetites are unwilling to see things as they are. I look at this as facing death with your eyes closed. The general ignorance, indifference, denial and sensory imprisonment of most is breathtaking. If you're awake, you find yourself swimming in the opposite direction of most everyone else. This means having to pay attention as opposed to having the focus of your attention brought to your attention  by the attentionmeisters; herdsmen, wolves in sheep's clothing, blind leading the blind ...and the immense tidal wave of lies unlike ever before in history.

Are you pursuing life or death? Can you tell the difference? These are questions everyone ought to be asking themselves, along with, "What is real?" "Who am I?" "Where am I headed, based on my intentions and collective objectives?" "Where am I coming from?" "What does it all mean?" Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Did you wait around for an answer? Sometimes the answer has to come a certain distance. The message service shows up at your door eventually and you've moved somewhere else in the meantime. How many people do you know that ask themselves these questions? That's also a good question. Okay then! Over to you

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Are you pursuing life or death? To me that is, are you pursuing existence in a compromised realm of illusion where you are only a fraction of yourself, and a total gimp 'tard due to 'THE VEIL, where you are at the mercy of the elements and your fellow flotsam gimp 'tards or are you pursuing existence in a realm of TRUTH where you are independent of everything?

Visible said...

Jeff! Let me try to thank you again for The Morning Thunder and other gift. When my computer got hacked my email did too and a lot of my emails got scrubbed. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

"Now... if you are good, or battling and striving to be...

Very few, very few can abide 'in' Truth but... you can live and move and breathe in the neighborhood of Truth."

Hear, hear, everyone! Words of Mercy and Understanding.

And about Santa Claus...the original 'little red man'.

God bless you Mr. Visible.
Glad you are back.
-steve in h-town

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Bad news on celestial Seasonings tea, by the way:

Tea We Now Boycott

More links:

For Those Who Care

the gardener said...

So... let's do discuss les visible. Is it true you will, once again, be interviewed by one of the best radio hosts around-Robert Phoenix?

Just a week or so ago several other trendy, deep circle jerkers and I were swapping links about trendy deep issues and of course some original discourse of yours came through with links and dublinmick's site too! In the same day's chatlog session at Robert Phoenix's radio show site!

All of us 'trendy, deep circle jerkers' seem to go round with not only a lot of the same sites but do our own interesting research of our own life times too! *wow*

I just spent a weekend with some mind blowing info about that other plagiarizing tribe that even considers JEWS to be GENTILES...another Rothschild funded bunch of liars and spooks. The Rothschild deals of 'splitting up this country North and South' as wedding gifts to their spawn was absolutely chilling info to read too!

Many interesting people were making comments and really adding to the info of the original poster!

I valued their input and never once did it cross my mind that these poor shlubs were just grandstanding circle jerking the site host trying to appear 'trendy or deep'... just adding to what was there from their own research and knowledge... personally acquired or picked up along their paths.

I was going to post some of it on your other site but really didn't think it was too healthy for me to post yet another revelation RE: that other tribe who call JEWS GENTILES!

I myself just consider them all to be various Satanic tools and operative organizations desiring the same outcomes for those lesser than they.


the gardener

PS. hahahahah I shared dublinmick's site link about to a bigger site and he even referenced it in one of his posts or something funny like that... That's how '3000' hits come to your site matey! Actually I've posted his site links quite a few times in RE: jumpingjackflash and a few other shared interests of my own... thanks for the big Diss bro!

insiam said...

Nothing much to add really - you just keep saying it as it is.

This is scary though. Few pigs injured and they lock down a millon people.

Anonymous said...

G*D says He still loves you, in a veritable Tsunami kind of way..
and that you can call him YEAHWAY....!!


orcs on parade...

Few collectives have less mercy than Xtian Zionist fundies, once they've been given their marching orders from the pit vipers in the stool sculpture deity cult compound who manipulate them...


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

The Tango music is starting, if the radio show is any 'herald of coming good'.

Thank you ineffable and all of the 'dogs' in its field.

Be well, Be Alert, keep the Heart pristine.

Visible said...

I'm assuming this was written by Michael Rivero; Brilliant!!!

""You must make do with less so that we may have more. You must make do with less so that we may have more. You must make do with less so that we may have more." -- Mantra of the US Government and Wall Street.

Government is busy trying to find new ways to take more money from you. Obamacare was supposed to generate an additional $200 billion a year in new tax revenues with which to lure lenders now that the debt ceiling has been suspended. That plan has obviously failed which is why they are back pushing for a Carbon Tax and proposing a mileage tax (which in theory is what the gasoline and tire taxes were supposed to be).

The problem is that the government can create all the new taxes they want, but in neglecting to grow and maintain an industrial base by which Americans can transform their labor into the cash to pay those new demands, the US Government has steered the nation to the edge of the fiscal cliff. Americans simply do not HAVE any more money to give to the government. I know DC and Wall Street are still firmly convinced that there are still vast amounts of unseized wealth out here in the hinterland just waiting to be clawed into the coffers of the money-junkies, but it is just not so. All this latest tax on Americans' travel will do is further hammer tourism. Worse, people will look for reason not to drive anywhere, which means revenues from the already existing gasoline and tire taxes will DECLINE!

Further taxation will only slow the economy down further, until it simply stalls completely.

The only way to revive the US economy is to cut all taxes in half, end the wars of conquest, end the billions sent to Israel and the trillions spent to prop up Wall Street's failed ponzi-scheme monetary policy, and return to the economic model this nation was started with.

What this government did following the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities fraud in 2008 was exactly the wrong thing to do. Instead of arresting and jailing the criminals bankers behind the scam as Iceland did, the US Government adopted a program of banker bailouts, a program under which the US Government took trillions of dollars from the American people and gave it to the banks so that the banks could then lend that money back to the American people at interest. A great deal from the bankers' point of view, but as we can see, that did not work out. The bankers simply put most of that cash into their own pockets via record-setting bonuses.

Had the US Government done the exact opposite; had they taken the trillions in illegally-gotten gains away from Wall Street and distributed it to the American people, nobody would have missed a mortgage payment. There would not have been a housing crash. people would have bought new American cars. There would have been no need for an auto-maker bailout which included General Motors getting a huge pile of taxpayer cash and using it to build new auto factories ... in other countries! Had the US Government taken the trillions in illegally-gotten gains away from Wall Street and distributed it to the American people, nobody would have missed a credit card payment. There would not be a credit crunch. Americans would have gone down to the shopping mall and bought a bunch of (hopefully American-0made) goodies, so there would not be a retail crisis. Had the US Government taken the trillions in illegally-gotten gains away from Wall Street and distributed it to the American people, more Americans would have been able to start small businesses, which account for 60% of new job creation.

But DC is firmly aligned with the money-junkies (the classic definition of fascism), went along with looting the people of the nation top save the banks from their own self-destructive behavior, and you can see what that policy did to the United States with a stroll through the dilapidated remains of your own local town."

Visible said...

Damn!!! C.J. Megatron is amazing! 42" vertical leap.

jpow00 said...

It seems to me, in these dark days, that evil revels in destroying the unwilling innocent along with itself. We can hold on steady try to be ready, but everyone is gonna get wet....

Visible said...

a comment only needs to be posted once. Occasionally I am away from the computer for awhile.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Seems like there are so many people born who are only here to be a liability to the human race, and everything else alive. I wonder what kind of mindset you have on the Otherside to take that sort of a job?

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I so hear you when you point out the undeniable corruption of multinational corporations and their paid for whores who call themselves politicians.

You are so right when you say the world is crazy. The depths of depravity really are something to behold. I recently came across this documentary
which proves that governments and multinational corporations have colluded against humanity for personal profit. These scum have made the only cure for cancer, and just about anything else that ails a body, illegal, so they can make huge profits from humanity's pain and suffering.

These scoundrels were not satisfied with just villifying and prohibiting the cure for cancer and other diseases suffered by humanity, so they decided to increase disease and suffering in humanity so they could increase their profit margin by deliberately introducing toxins such as fluroide (S6 and S7 poison) into our water, along with toxic GMO food's, tainted vaccinations, and geoengineering's toxic chemtrails, to make us sick!

Now these bastards know that humanity is waking up they have implemented AGENDA 21 to wipe out humanity!

Please make these links available to your readers Vis so we can put a stop to this appalling criminal behaviour.

Luv Kazz

flyingcossack said...

dublinmick was exposed as a ziotroll back on aug 1 2013 at the darkmoon site:

also exposed in later threads by others ... he perpetually brings up hitler, even when hitler is irrelevant to the topic ... as a means to divert attention away from tribe perfidy

so if dublinmick slanders you, its a compliment

Dublinmick said...

Flyingcossack, thanks for leaving the link, and I stand by everything I said on darkmoon's site.

I don't know that there is anything there that pegs me as a 'ziotroll' however. Hopefully that is a concept limited to your own feverish mind. I think what bothers you is, I laugh at all of the goose steppers over there because Hitler was without a doubt Jewish. I don't see how anyone who does a modicum of searching in this area can come to any other conclusion.

I wasn't suggesting Les Visible runs over puppies with a truck either, simply that he is glossing over a bit when it comes to Roman involvement in the NWO. And I think he overreacts a bit on it at times just as you did, with the "ziotroll mantra." Let me simplify, I think they are all in it together and I wouldn't be surprised if 90 % of the Jesuits were Jewish. In the article I said "discuss Les" not crucify him. Some of you must have a mind the size of a beebee.

As for bro nat, yeah he provides some interesting information at times, though I am not all convinced he doesn't wear that silly circus hat to cast dispersions on many of us doing the same. It is funny how the internet is, with some it is you have to be 100% in on this guy or you yourself must be trolling.

Probably unknown to you, I think you will find that Les Visible is not the greatest fan of John Kaminsky either. Kaminsky can't get away from the idea that Der Fuhrer was just the greatest human whoever lived and we need another one. Kaminski although again provides good information but at times gets very strident about "doing away with the jews" to the point where he seems to be urging people to drive their car through the front door of a bank or temple." It sounds almost contrived and whatever you believe it is still against the law to make threats on the internet.

So in short I am not big fans of John or Field marshalls, Carolyn Yeager. Not much is going to change until people manage abolish the federal reserve and soldiers refuse to go to foreign lands and kill people. In hindsight Russia became partially free from much of this but only after economic collapse and I am afraid that is where the US is headed. Even now however many jewish oligarchs still own so cheesy real estate. The big items however came under Russian control.

insaim said...

@ The Gardener ...

You use the term 'circle jerker/s' quite a lot and i havent got a real understanding of what it means.

'deep circle jerkers and i' - indicates it isnt a bad thing if you consider yourself to be one.

in UK speak i would transalte it to 'circle wankers' - suppose that would mean people that stand in a circle and masturbate. am i missing something?

really i dont get the term!

Ray B. said...

Vis: "They feel, have been told and programmed to feel, that no matter what happens in the economy, regardless of whether you lose your job, you deserve to live in a cardboard box beneath the underpass."

At the umbrella help agency where I work, I see the carnage brought on by the bad guys, firsthand. People are still losing their homes, living in cars, under bridges, in fields, etc. Veterans come in who have been IED'ed and are not really there anymore. Other folks have to really scrape to get food. Slippery-slope people are getting their power cut off with winter coming. Sometimes, it is hard not to scream out in rage and frustration, and then to make the conscious decision to instead "engage in some form of specialty work"...


Vis: "Have you asked yourself any of these questions?"

Babylon 5 (best-ever SF series):

Vorlon: "Who are you?"

Shadow: "What do you want?"

Upper chakras vs Lower chakras...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Well Heck DublinMick, then we are on the same page, anything contrary would be just splitting hairs and I don't like to split hairs or argue. To me, when you have to argue, you've missed the point. Typically of me I have now forgotten any conflict we might have had. The only thing that bugged me was that you haven't been around here to comment for years, yet when you decide you want to talk to me you go and make a posting elsewhere. If dialogue and clearing the air was the point then here is the place so... that leaves me confused, except I've forgotten all about it.

Ironically, the same person sent in two ad hominem comments. Anonymous? Mais oui. This Slither also said I'm posting under assumed names here to bolster my case. I haven't looked but I'm pretty sure everyone is accounted for.

Despite what some may 'wish' to think of me, I actually do have some amount of integrity, in other words I am as I write. I live my words... only exception is when I am trying my damnest to live my words.

In the end, the proof is in the pudding and God will certainly knock me back if I stray too far. At the moment, my invisible friends say they're fine with me.

I'm not that complicated.

I should mention that Slither's ostensible reasons for throwing feces through the bars of his cage is because I don't mention all the other Satanists. One can find dozens of incidences where I mention them. .

I hammer on The Tribe more intensely at the moment because I see they are in the act of sending out many false fronts who pretend to be the good guys. I've noticed and I'm sure the rest of you will. They are ramping up the PR wagon mightily.

For about the 50th time, let me explain that anonymous thing again. Positive or neutral comments get posted without thought, except that I read them. Negative comments, of which there are only a few, are not so readily posted, unless the criticism is even handed. That is because anyone who won't stand behind what they say is almost certainly lying and a coward to boot. I don't want such people around here. I've driven away some number of people who are basically good but... prone to vacillation and also able to turn on a dime to the negative after being seriously positive. Such people are either government plants, of which there are several or... they are mentally ill.

After the stunt Steve pulled on me very early in this year, I take everything with a bigger grain of salt. I thought the fact that I had 3 established and respected members of the small community in India that I was in to refute entirely what Steve said. Instead people who are looking for a reason to dislike me, seize on it and people who do like me just shrug and go forward.

If naysayers don't want verifiable truth then what good is the truth to them? They've got their reward.

I hope I have explained 'anonymous' effectively this time because of the other people who post anonymously for WHATEVER their reason is. I am perfectly fine about that.

People are coming after because of what I say and because I have an audience. They'd like to break it down. Good luck with that, given who I work for.

Here's an example of how far out it gets. One of my formerly biggest supporters has offered to house and support someone, if only they will no longer have anything to do with me. Mind, I've said nothing bad about or to this person. They just instantly went full negative when Steve's gratuitous blog posting came out. I know in this person's case that they are mentally ill because they have demonstrated it at length in emails which, doesn't rule out being a government plant either.

People don't usually go to radical extremes like this without something grave happening 'between' the parties. It is quite strange but also indicative of what I have to live with at the moment.

Invertedpope said...

I ask these questions, almost on a daily basis. The common answer I always get back is a shadowy figure in the background, waiting for me to figure it out for myself.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Haute Tension in Broken Heartland.

flyingcossack said...

hitler was good for germany/europe 1930-40, and bad for germany/europe 40-44 ... other than his short limbs, he has no physically jewish features

now, was he good and hard working for 10 years just to derail germany ... i dont know ... i just dont think one person is important

jews committed so many crimes against humanity before/during/after WWII that they want the attention on someone else ... so they perpetually slander hitler to uphold evil connotations of him ... as well as to take attention away from jewish crimes

jews want you to talk about hitler, stalin, lesvisible ... instead of talking about jews murdering/backstabbing polish at katyn, jews holocausting ukrainians and russians ... it is typical ziotroll activity to turn every study of jewish perfidy into a hitler debate (regardless what hitler was/wasnt) or another person debate

flyingcossack said...

no one-perspective is the total perspective ... that is one of the first things any sage realizes and declares

i dont put all my eggs in jesus' basket, nor visible's, nor kaminsky's, nor whoeverelse's ... nor would any honest sage want it that way

so if someone good turns out to be bad ... and someone bad turns out to be good ... its no difference to me ... i follow the truth, not one person

Dublinmick said...

Well in retrospect I was perusing here and noticed some anon talking about rome he got the zio troll treatment. I had imbibed a few beers and was thinking, you know that is what happened to me when I left a link to the black pope over there. I probably shouldn't have posted on it. You have your blog and point of view and I have mine. I had been annoyed by about ten guys posting daily from the same IP and same email, Guesseppe, Guesseppe bo Beppe, Salvatore, Joe and about ten more Italian names that I have to scrap to spam daily.

The poster Bob stopped by my blog and wants to post a long list of disagreements with you, which I am not going to get into. I will be interested however is his notion of just who is running the NWO. There can not be much discussion on this which leaves out our boys from khazarland. My only contention was they are involved in just about everything and that includes the church of rome which I consider was infiltrated long ago. And various priest fleeing the city seem to bear this out over time. I can't prove the stories of sacrifices in the basement are all not true.

Now as for flyingcossack, Hitler is open for debate. He was a Rothschild, financed by the usual suspects and the Bushes in fact, his sister is clearly Jewish, his relatives test positive as khazar genes, he was tavistock trained, the reichstagg fire was just like out 911, Aleister Crowley calls Adolf his magic child, CBS is now reporting that Mussolini was a British agent, paper clip brought the nazis here have you read the NDAA? ”The brother of the founder of the US Federal Reserve Max Warburg was the chief of German Intelligence.” You don’t even have to be good at connecting dots to pick up on this.

So yeah I enjoy digging at the goose steppers. The only thing they have is well he is trashing our fuhrer he must be a zio troll. aangirfan has a really good piece on this lately.

And for about a 400 discussion on this at real currencies and let me say I enjoyed it. The great fascist beulahman came out of the closet throroughly and said of Migchels, somebody must have gotten to him. This guy beulah couldn't balance a check book. So as not to repeat myself for all interested there is rousing debate between myself and field marshall Strobach.

Dublinmick said...

Regardless of what we all think of each other's opinions, we will after each lifetime stand before the great cosmic engine, the creator of the universe and be evaluated and action taken accordingly. It is not up to us to make final decisions.

That is why I blog, the only reason. I am sure Les can tell you I stopped blogging at one point. I deleted two blogs. Then I started once again thinking hey my opinion is good as anybody else's.

I am very argumentative, Les will verify that. Sometimes too much I suppose. I spent some time here pointing out that "Michael" had some shortcomings and Cap Spadgett and I, well what more can be said of the Cap? I zeroed in on him right away.

Now Cap meow from the behind the dumpster said there was nothing going on in the Gulf. It ended in childish oneupmanship of me answering him with bow wow from behind the tool shed. Yeah it got pretty silly. The gulf is a dead zone if you haven't noticed. But people are still eating those shrimp at jumbalaya parties in nawlins.

As I say, "very argumentative" the hot buttons are, Hitler was not a Rothschild, there is no climate change, Miami to Norfolk sinking is not an issue, the poles are not melting,(Hence the name of my blog, here comes the sun... second sun) Rome is not hand and glove with the NWO, and there is no winged globe, this is my fav. I can't help myself when anonymous or not goes on line to explain every culture in the world is full of crap with their so called "myths" of the winged globe of the Greeks, sky dragon of China, plumed serpent of the Mayans, and cross in a circle of the Cheyenne.

They must have not paid any attention to anonymous posters on the interwebz.

I have to give a hats off to Beulah, he really gets me going. After a comment on my site such as great story, amazingly told concerning the Nefilim, where did they go, will they return. I finding him sneaking at Greg's site with comments like Dub is not all in on the fuhrer and best to leave Niburu to Mick. What a two faced fool.

I initially linked him thinking his heart is in the right place, he is just not very smart, found his submissions concerning growing turnips in Mississippi amusing. Now I see he is sneaking around posting about what a fool I am. Maybe but ........ Now he is out of the closet goose stepping.

No doubt the zios plan to kill northern euros first but everyone will become Palestinians before it is all over. When one ethnic group is targeted, we are all targeted. We are all one.

They will have to hurry, there is a big planet out there

Dublinmick said...

I have probably spouted enough here, but I will say this for the Kaminski supporters, even Stewart Rixon who does carry his articles has gone on record as saying that he will reserve judgement on whether John is working for somebody.

Enough said on that and I have long admired the point of view when it comes to Stewart Rixon.

He was the only sane voice posting on RMN in the late nineties before I was banned. Don't know why he links Rayelan, she is the queen's cousin.

Anonymous said...

ha ah ha
the term refers to those who 'jerk each-other' off, as if they are in a 'circle'
here i believe it means some sort of mental mastrubatuation so to speak
capice ?
very common on the 'internet'

Visible said...

I knew someone would come around and handle that and I wouldn't have to. besides, any search engine will throw up pages on it.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

From The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (chapter 6):
When unto thee comes a feeling,
drawing thee nearer to the darker gate,
examine thine heart and find if the feeling
thou hast has come from within.
If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts,
banish them forth from the place in thy mind.

Send through thy body a wave of vibration,
irregular first and regular second,
repeating time after time until free.
Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.

insiam said...

mabe so Mr Vis - but i was asking the author of said comment as it has negative conatations and i couldnt understand why he used it to describe himself. i do know how to use a search engine. but somethings are best directed on a personal level.


Visible said...

Well, my possible confusion was that I was the one who used the phrase and I thought I was the one being referred to. I can't find any possibility of some other arcane info coming out of the obvious so I'll just move along.



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