Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Freedom and STD's at The Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam, Emporium.

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They wanted it all their own way. All freedom ever meant to them was to be able to do as they pleased. They insisted that everyone else have their freedom too. "You will eat those goddamned Freedom Fries or we will water-board them down your throat with John Kerry Heinz Tabasco Sauce." Freedom looks one way when you order from the catalog, another way when it comes out of the box and yet different still when you employ it, however you employ it.

Freedom is vastly different to different kinds of people, not all of whom are human and who want the freedom not to be. The most corporation friendly locations are very big on freedom that doesn't look anything like the picture in the dictionary. Some very successful experiments in living and governing began with a heavy use of the word, freedom. One thing we know, through the benefit of 20-20 hindsight is that everywhere that freedom came in like a goddess, she went out like a whore. Every time you get people talking about how fine their liberties are, you can be certain that tyranny will be the end result.

Freedom has to be exclusive to human beings and in certain senses to animals too. As long as freedom is confined (pun intended) to living things it might possibly prosper. It certainly will last longer than otherwise. Freedom cannot be conferred on corporations, left open to interpretation by politicians and lawyers, should not be left alone in the house with social reformers or the politically correct. Otherwise, Young Freedom is going to have to be making regular visits to the proctologist.

Freedom isn't license and as much as it is discussed and bandied about in conversations, at all levels of society, it is near impossible to come around to a generally agreed upon definition for it, especially since freedom for some means slavery for others.

In America only the very rich or the very savvy are free. Otherwise, there are laws in place that allow for the system to beat the shit out of you for acting free without the proper permissions. The various police agencies and military forces all work for the rich. They are not always aware of this but their charters, rules and regulations are all formulated to make sure of this. When rich people want something- and it doesn't matter where it may be located or whom it may already belong to- Governments and military forces scramble to make sure they get it. Why do they do this? One reason is that they are basically very stupid people or they wouldn't be in the business they are in, nor spend their lives in the aftermath, worshiping their time so engaged, no matter how brief it might have been. Anytime you see men getting all misty eyed about the time they spent employed killing people for the express purpose of enriching bankers and corporations, you can pretty much assume they are stupid and... when they continue to memorialize and elevate this sham into a religious experience then you know that their kind of stupid goes all the way to the bone.

Many stupid men will be outraged by those words just written. The greater intensity of their anger is because deep down inside, they know these words are true.

One thing for sure, freedom isn't free. Another thing for sure is that most of the things people embrace as freedoms lead to slavery of one sort or another eventually, or bad health, or death, or insanity.

Countries where freedom is overmuch celebrated are countries where freedom isn't seen all that often, not so that you would recognize it if you ran into it, presuming that you would know what it looks like in the first place. These days, freedom is one of the most dangerous things you can possess and don't let the wrong people catch you out looking for it. You want to spend time with freedom then you got to wait in line just like everybody else, outside the 'Wham, Bam, thank you Mam, Emporium'. This is how they do it. They pervert your understanding. they turn things upside down and that is how you get things like, "War is Peace", "Freedom is Slavery." That's how you get those slogans and songs; things to keep your mind occupied with on the way to the killing floor.

Hell's Angels want to be free. They think the lifestyle they are living is emblematic of it. Sexual revolutionaries want to be free. They believe that they will somehow be transfigured in a kind of magical epiphany, if they just bang one more body. Politicians want to be free, to screw over the population for personal gain. Bankers want to be free to collect interest on money that they printed out of thin air. They don't make enough money that way though. They need wars, lots of wars, in order to generate the necessary profits but... those are not enough either. All the profit on this planet and every other planet that ever was is not enough for a banker.

You got to keep your eyes open these days. Things never have been what they seem and these days, they most definitely are not what they seem. Never before in history have so many twisted psychopaths, surrogates and sycophants held sway over such a large number of people. Never before have so many people been so collectively stupid and cooperative, with those whose intentions are to kill and enslave them. This is what they call Freedom, the right to torment, enslave and kill you with impunity.

Being an American means having the freedom to be dumber than a turtle on a fence-post. It's being able to follow a religion, ever so slowly subverted by the very people who murdered the founder of it and who are the living antithesis of everything taught by it. Being an American means having the freedom to eat the worst food that ever hit a shrink-wrapping machine. It means being able to drink poison all day long and not have to listen to what anyone says about it. Being an American means being able to aspire to having to purchase two airline seats, even if they aren't next to each other. Being an American means having the inescapable right to produce children as canon fodder, for the gratuitous wars of Israel; the right for your children to be one of tens of thousands of mantelpiece photographs that you can hold and talk about and get all misty eyed concerning, after however many drinks you have had the freedom to consume to get you in the mood, before going postal or just becoming more and more like that potted plant in the corner, that doesn't need sunlight or water because it's not a real plant. This, of course, does not stop you and all the people like you from watering them anyway.

You're not likely to be able to use the word 'freedom' for much longer because one or another of the patent trolls are going to trademark it and then... if you say it or write it, it's going to cost you, probably not as much as it has already cost you, one way or another ...but more than before, in any case. In the land of the free it makes perfect sense that the patent trolls should have all the freedom they want as well and when they patent the act of walking and speaking, living and dying, waking and sleeping, eating and shitting, we in the objective right field bleachers, are certain that you won't be of a mind to argue about any of it. You'll just pay the fee. After all, what's good for General Motors is good for General Motors ...and British Petroleum.

It stands to reason that, if you have the freedom to vote for the candidate of your choice then those in charge of tallying the votes also have the freedom to alter the vote count anyway they see fit. If you have the freedom to believe utter bullshit, like, Bin Laden being responsible for 9/11, then Israel, in concert with your government, has the right to get away with being the ones who really did 9/11, along with most every other major terror event in recent memory because... because you are dumber than a brain damaged rock.

Yes, there in the land of the free, you have the freedom to be as clueless and materially obsessed as anyone who has ever lived, however briefly. You have the freedom to attend churches that God wouldn't set a foot in, due to the complicity of your ministers and priests with the governments and banks that own them. You have the freedom to let your freedom be taken from you until there isn't any more around. You've also got the freedom to be completely unaware of it when it happens and the freedom to go down to the polling station and reelect the same son of a bitch who screwed you over the last four years. Or, once that psychopath has run out of his allotted time, you can vote for your countries biggest female serial killer. Don't forget to send some money in to help keep breast cancer right up there in the Fortune 500's with the rest of your patron saint industries. Freedom sure ain't what it used to be, whatever that was.

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Visible said...

Speaking of Freedom. Freedom to give birth to scrambled eggs..

Anonymous said...

Really, what can you say after all that?

I suppose I could try to argue against it, but, I'm just not coming up with anything to say.

Guess it got said in the post. :)

What's that about the Truth giving you a nudge to wake you up, then a shake, and then a two by four over the head???

Living in America as I do, I'm wearing a helmet these days as that two by four has gotta be coming down somewhere any minute now... if I were smart I'd skip the helmet thing and move the hell out of here. Sadly, I was educated here, therefore I'm not smart. :(


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Talk of the July 4th Independence day celebration..

"He said the whole concept of being independent was foolish; there could never be any question of independence."

stale freedom

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love you Les, and this pc. you wrote is very, very good.
But I feel compelled to say that if the 'religion' of Christianity has been been twisted and corrupted then it is time to get it straight.
"Rebuild my Church" as God told St. Francis (a young man I know you would love).
No matter how much I shake my head when reading the Old Testament, I see clearly the beauty of Christ's teachings. (As did Thomas Jefferson, see the 'Jefferson Bible.)
Love one another, turn the other cheek, those without sin cast the first stone - the God/Man who threw the 'bankers' out of the Temple, who healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, who came to free the prisoners.
There are great joys and spiritual treasures hidden within the 'religion' of Christianity.
The Catholic Dorothy Day, who fought for the poor and workers, spent time in jail for protesting war, she said what was needed was a 'revolution of the heart' to bring about social change and the Kingdom of Heaven, peace and plenty. Not a fake revolution with bearded boss men directing killers and assassins.
thanks again, so happy I am that you are back and stronger than ever.
-steve in h-town

Anonymous said...

Comrade L freedom means the choice between a Big Mac and a whopper.

Anonymous said...

@ Jim there is nowhere to run to anyway and rule by the dimmest of dimbulb dumbasses for generations has turned the world against Das Homeland.

marilyn said...

very good summation. i would only add that 'with freedom comes responsibility' that part has been missing for ages.

Visible said...

Iyou might like this.

this one too.

this one too.

Visible said...

he's really in his Tao.

Visible said...

he's really in his Tao.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

That fingertip tango is getting some more good rhythm, thanks again, except why insult the intelligence of tutrtles and rocks ?

Now we know that , as Shrubby said, this false flag was done by them Saudi terrorists because they hate our freedoms ! Of course he was looking in the mirror as the binLaden family was embracing prnce bandar behind him, and barbara and poppy ( as in Afghan poppy ) were doing the 'ring around the rosie'.

Now what were the 'sweet nothings' that Alex was whispering to the 'queen' of Babylon in that language of the Maccabe and Dan, sorry, Maceodon, to get his army so angry? Must have been imitating a duck 'Bwak, Bwak' as lightening flashed above the hanging gardens.

Bear hug
Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Regarding "military idiots": i suspect that many (most) are actually psychopaths, not fools. The reminisce about the slaughters because they actually enjoyed it. They love their masters; because of them they were granted the opportunity to realize their fantasies. Psychopaths hate being exposed; this in why they become angry when the truth is revealed. It's not just the psyco's that run the show that deserve all the blame; or even the psyco's in uniform, its the banal everyday evil ones that walk anomalously among us every day.

Anonymous said...

There's a freedom to conform. That's about all there's left on the table.


mike m said...

Freedom ain't free, motherfuckers!

Unknown said...


did you see today that business insider is reporting that only about 8.1% of the nfl pink merchandise revenue collected goes toward cancer research?

Visible said...

I didn't see that but I'm not surprised. That's probably much higher than the actual percentage though, since we know they are thieves and liars.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks freedom is not needing anyone, lack of obligation, and knowledge. Especially the knowledge of what life really is. (It helps to have Shiva as a good friend, too. ;^))

flyingcossack said...

one man seeks to improve his score ... one man seeks to improve the total score ... to which part does the total organism give more freedom?

Copernicus Kidd said...

In Concussion Nation, you are free to be pistol whipped all night long.

Jackson Holly said...

... well ... this really got me
humming "Me & Bobby McGee" ...
you know, "Freedom's just another word,
for nothin' left to lose ..." and dude,
we got nothin' left to lose.

I'm a piss-poor Existentialist, however
I do feel at times that we are condemned
to "freedom" ... which, for some, includes
the freedom to ck=hoose slavery.

Keep on keepin' on ...

howisthere42 said...

Thanks les
You have helped me find the evidence I needed to confirm what I always new but could not quite get a hold of because of all the disinformation.I found a very good site that answerd all my questions and confirmed my thougts.
I can now carry on doing what I was doing with a much clearer undertstanding of the facts and who is who in the great lie.
I had some idea but not to the extent that I know am informed.
I think freedom is truth.
So what do I do now I ask myself.
I answer just try to be a better,more understanding humanbeing.

Good on you! Les.

Anonymous said...

anyone that still believes charities have their interest in their mission statement and running a truthful enterprise deserve to loose their money or their time supporting such a display of corruption...

most have known for years how much of the exploited dollars go towards their mission...yet, the robots still walk, run and donate....

50 years of cancer research and no further ahead then when they started their exploitation of the peoples hard earned money...while others like Rick Simpson are curing certain cancers with hemp oil...i bet they hate when that happens...

the same thing goes for most charities helping one thing or another...they pray on the hearts and souls of goodness with their lies and deceit...

it appears going back in recent history the small independent charities are the ones that truly do what they say they are doing...and they are the ones living on a shoe string budget...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

I'd donate to any charity that is dedicated to wiping out two-legged parasites.

the gardener said...

THEN there are the really big charities who take it under threat of the guns held by the one faction of back up mobsters to enforce the taxes taken-whether property, state or local and god knows...fed.

That VAWA (Violence Against Women Ac) as one big example-had a fight for re-funding last year. I mean who could be against funding for VAWA?

Like all these 'acts' of, by and for the government freaks who create and utilize them ... whatever 'help' is given to "the women" is miniscule compared to the help it gives all the admin, lawyers, courts and law enforcement to totally strip families of everything they have... on the sly, on the down low...again, with the pressures of the gun enforcing these 'acts'.

All of these programs, charities, 'acts' are created solely for the psychopaths to plunder them and receive a lot of public accolades for being such great humanitarians. Whatever help or assistance is probably quite tiny compared to the damage done by the psychopaths working these funds.

All and all quite fascist behaviors. At least with the EBT cards breakdown last weekend it was made known to all that 'Xerox' handles the computer work for these state projects and that Bank of America deals with the financial end of these cards.

So Xerox and BofA must have gotten contracts via the gov to deal with these programs. Wow!

Then the credit scoring company 'Experien' is who Social Security depends upon to validate all SS recipients. Makes me wonder if that is the reason for all these credit score companies coming into important power over everyone decades ago now.

I thought a friend of mine was being deceived when he told me that 'old taxes owed to State of CA were being collected by a lawyer firm in Florida'. CA outsourced to a law firm in FL to collect because... you know...there aren't enough lawyers in CA to handle the work there.

So many psychopaths working it for them and their nepotist family and friends. With most of this 'charity' taken at the point of threats by armed men or threats of imprisonment. Hard to compete with or do honest business with layers of federally funded lawyers, all armed with powers we don't have.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheel of Obscenity

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Joker is Twerking with Bobby Vinton's Hair.



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