Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fasting through The Hunger Games in Freak Out City.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

On and on the odious spectacle grows, like some hybrid of Poisonous Nightshade and Ailanthus Altissima, with shining multi-colored berries of Belladonna. This plant, being as it was genetically created by Monsanto, also puts out some number of Durian fruits. The bad Hugh Grant (not the actor) was so impressed with the creation that it is now their signature plant and is slated for mass plantings, once everyone has a chance to see how well it grows and flowers in Washington D.C. The offspring of the plant was modeled on members of congress; Durian for Senators and Belladonna berries for members of The House of Representatives. So it is that bartenders all over D.C. in the posh watering holes, are commenting on these scoundrels partying down all through the shutdown, like a grab bag of Nero's with their fiddles playing in the flames. Their favorite drinks, from what I hear are, 'The Little Brown Boy', composed of eight ounces of Guinness with a shot glass of Wild Turkey dropped into it. I guess you'd call it an Uptown boilermaker. The other most popular drink  is, 'The Little White Girl' made from Stoli and Bailey's Irish Cream. Yeah, they're yucking it up, mucking it up and... what's that other word that rhymes around here? Uh huh.

Alright, alright, metaphysics. What are we noticing more than anything else? We are seeing the evil transform into insanity. This is one of the main courses taken by evil once it takes the turnoff to that Federal Park called Resolution Point. Evil operates in a similar fashion to one of its primary lubricants, alcohol. You either wind up in prison, dead or insane. That's what the stats tell us. Line up those shots people! It's Breast Cancer Promotion Month! Yee Haw!!! ♫Mammaries, seen from the corners of my eyes, quite obscene malignant mammaries. That's the way they are♫

Let us think for a moment. Do those corporations, who manufacture proven cancer causing products, do it intentionally in order to add to the overall stress and suffering of humanity in these times or... does it happen accidentally because they don't care enough to study the matter and those ingredients are cheaper anyway? It's a puzzling question because certainly members of their own families are using these items. Here's my theory-

During this sequence of recorded history, following the destruction of Atlantis and following the possibility that an avatar came and went, or several of them have, there has been a long period where no one has been around with a push broom to clean out the Astral Plane, at those levels where discorporate entities take up residence for long periods of time. In some cases, for all the length of time between one push broom aficionado and another. This is the source of a great deal of the evil we see at work around us and at a distance. Those that we identify as being practitioners of malice toward humanity, like most of our politicians, the obscenely rich, the religious drag queens, the military psychopaths with a license to kill, the intelligence operatives, also with a license to kill AND lie and, of course, the reverse cabala clowns who are the physical representatives of The Dark Lord, are all nothing more than channels, stolen cars and zombie shells, who carry out the dictates of invisible entities.

This explains how there can be such a huge segment of the population running around in varying stages of madness, right in the face of their own conscience, which, unfortunately is concealed behind the dust on their mirrors. There is that annoying voice that won't go away but it's nothing ear-pods, TV and all the rest of the insulating noise can't diminish to an acceptable degree, a workable degree, a self satisfying degree.

How does it explain it? Someone is behind the scenes with a push broom again and it's driving the long resident fiends out into the corporeal, into the flesh. It's a different kind of Hunger Games and that is why there are so many examples of people going berserk with weapons, killing their families and themselves, shooting up the workplace (we're not talking about the government staged events). We're only in the early stages of that. There are two directions that desperation 'usually takes'. If you have no backdrop, nothing you believe in enough to endure, you are slotted right down to Freak Out City. If you do have a backdrop, something you rely on, you endure because you have some idea of cosmic principles. You know something about the lives of others that have gone before you. At the risk of being trite, you have True Grit. That's the same grit that is engaged in making the Pearl of Great Price; however you choose to understand the meaning of that...

It's never been as tough as it is right now. It's not just the day to day that you run into in front of you, it's that oppressive vibration pressing down on all of us in its attempt to turn us into Doomsday Juice. We're in 'walk the talk' Mr. Apocalypse Land. There are no rules but the rules of Mr. Apocalypse. Before this, there were rules concerning this, that ...and yes, that too. Now, all the rules are geared to your progress along the Wake-up Highway. Let's look at it in series of 3. You get a tap on the shoulder and hear someone saying, "Wake-up, Wake-up." You wake-up and you move into the next series of 3's. You don't wake up and you hear it two more times, incrementally louder. These might be accompanied by experiences you are passing though and making the same decisions you always made before ...but they are not the right ones, which is why you are hearing, "Wake-up." Okay, you're one of the many who think they know how it is, despite the evidence of your own life indicating otherwise but... that's how it goes and why arrogance is one of the most devious killers of positive movement and change that there is. This is why the first thing anyone should do, who gives a shit about where they end up, is take a personal inventory, an honest and relentless inventory of shortcomings and assets AND hopefully at the onset, possess the ability to distinguish between them. KNOW THYSELF= nosce te ipsum. "The proper study of mankind is man.".

If one does not  make a fair and merciless assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, how can you possibly master circumstance? It's like trying to define your depth perception by closing one of your eyes. These days quite some number of people close both eyes, meanwhile convincing themselves they are both open. This is the result of following the false light instead of the true light which... is a clue to that old saying, "in the world but not of it."

As I mentioned, there are these invisible monsters in the Astral Plane who manipulate our seeming oppressors into doing their bidding. What I didn't mention was that there is an army of good guys on standby as well and what motivates them to come to your aid is when they observe you leaving your ballast behind and embracing the right surfboards in magnetic resonance with the ocean you are moving through. Everything is conscious in one way or another and 'we' are the synthesis of all of it. In times of materialism, the negative animal appetite force preempts the objective awareness. The lower mind is frame-worked above the higher mind, which puts you automatically on the road to the Dark Backwards. The power of peer pressure and the suffocating insanity of the world held hostage by the minions of evil is pretty strong. Few people are comfortable with being left out. Fewer choose to be, certain that such a move is not only in their own best interests but in the interests of all humanity.

There are all kinds of reasons why so few of us are on such an inflexible course, also having to act outrageously on occasion just to bypass being identified as one more fraud, gazing on an empty horizon with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes, possibly twirling a flower? You might not be so identified in the beginning. That would spoil all the fun being had by the large audience so very few of us are aware of being observed by. Yeah, that's happening all the time and it is also the reservoir from which the sager souls among us draw their friends and guides who, lacking the fickle nature of present day humanity, are steadfast across lifetimes. Well, that's something you know 'if' there is something to know.

Always remember that the heavier it gets the more powerful the potential of one's support structure is, providing your focus is in that direction. That's the thing about conflict, negative pressures, visible opponents and what have you. Attention goes right to the presence demanding your attention and that flies in the face of ageless wisdom and any of the actually useful martial arts. Harmonizing with the universe changes the usual dynamics irrevocably. First you make the mental connection and then? You go through the repetition of the discipline, until muscle memory becomes automatic, until your being adapts to an immediate response relationship with the new schematic that's been there all the time ...but just never got the degree of attention necessary to galvanize it and put it first in the boot sequence. You need to go into the BIOS to make that happen and what does that mean? It means programming the subconscious. Few people realize the priceless value of the subconscious. It is a treasure world and well worth the time to build a working relationship with.

I think we've said enough for today. Go to the comments section for only one of the systems that makes this programming possible.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

After soaking this in a second time around I wondered why and there it was "da capo al fine". I swear, it wasn´t there before.

Anonymous said...

Humility is essential to discernment.

Like putting that little wafer of acid on your tongue, it is an act of ego surrender. Sometimes necessary, always useful.

A good post Les, thank you.

-steve, h-town

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon all
I cant understand why I am not able to start something and if I dont finish it. I am in touch with my higher side by sleeping and doing nothing. What is amazing is that what and when I do see something i asked for clearly in my dreams or thoughts. Actualy ends up being, irregardless of the unexpected nature of the solution. I am pretty happy with this way of life where I wait for the next hint from the divine. Allthough it messes up the life of people around me. Thats why I went to see visible one day. It was actually very helpful to see how the person who is able to visualise and then so verbally explain a lot of the things on with me in my head actually lives. We are all are so absolutely amazing in our own respects that we cant really possibly explain everything to everyone. But we must open our hearts as much as we can to the divine and the most difficult way nowadays is to accept people and things which we are unable to understand. Luckily I am after a bit of while to realise that everything is the divine.
What I do know is that its not looking good for all of us except for who are ready for whatever comes around the corner with a open heart. Please all pray that whatever knots remain on my heart are opened.

Eudoxia said...

If thou ignorest the excellencies of thine own house, how does thou intend to find other excellencies. Within thee is hidden treasure of treasures, Oh Man, know thyself, thus thou shalt know the Universe and the Gods.

Brilliant post yet again Mr Visible. I was going to go off to bed and save your Origami for tomorrow over coffee, however, I just had to partake. Then I wasn't going to comment but jump directly to a nice meditation piece and slip off into dreamworld, however, the cat jumped onto my keyboard and that was gone in an instant. Then amongst that my best girl wakes up after being spayed today and needed to go outside. I may have missed it all had the can not jumped on the keyboard.

Yes Wake Up, Wake UP, it's the tap on the shoulder, still not waking up yet, how about the slap on the face, still not woken up yet, MACK TRUCK on it's way!

Yes those Mack Truck moments, seriously bad shit that hits hard and rips you right out of your comfort zone never to be the same again.

Rcihard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

AHROOO, and that is with the full moon still 8 days away.

The throat center, expressed through the tango of the fingertips on the keyboard, is certainly on the way to a new level of excellence, something akin to the new layers of lacquer applied to fine chinese furniture, to the Pearl of Visible's expressions.

AHROOO !!!!!

Inspiring, indeed, to pay the price of the new structure of gentleness as the regent of one's thoughts, actions, intentions and wishes ( in whatever order, but fused like a Pearl ).

AHROOO !!!!!

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 4.11


As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pṛthā.


lightandlongshadows said...

The universe, the heavens will take care of itself obviously. It's the universe within to attend to. When the cosmocraters have chisled away the sphere of self to dust and begin to dance in circles ...growth begins anew. The faster they whirl the larger the sphere, that now contains them, of what was dust and is now light extends.

Anonymous said...

I love this post.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mammaries, and deluded pink ribbon twits and ninnies flocking together and frolicking along in their pink delusions, i thought it'd be kinda fun to walk by and cheer on a bunch of 'em and shout 'Hey! You could put all that money you're trying to swindle from ignorant suckers to good use to buy back Angelina Jolie's tits!'

Is that mean of me?

Unknown said...

visible did I miss the section on programming the subconscious in the comments section?. i'm not seeing it. thanks


Visible said...

The Tarot

Visible said...

Heh heh, Kenneth, just before seeing your post I went here and put in the comment. Typical.

Anonymous said...



kenny said...

You've been at the top of your game the last two posts Vis.

This is the playoffs. Next is the World Series.

Eudoxia said...

FINALLY! Thank you Mr Viz! I have a quandary regarding the Tarot which has perplexed me for years. I commenced studying this area quite seriously, but was knocked off track by certain influences. These influences have now departed. You have just given me a reminder as to where I need to take up again. However, I digress. I understand the major arcana are the only cards that are important. Court cards can be completely disregarded. The major arcana depict man's incarnation upon this world. It took me a while to figure this out and I don't know if this is right or wrong but there aren't to many people I can discuss this with. I got onto Samuael Aun Weor's books some time ago, one of which was The Initiatic Path of the Tarot and Kabbalah he shows a precise method of utilising this process to enhance ones consciousness. To cut a long story short prior to SAW I had read Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis series. He listed a series of numbers (22) and their meanings that corresponded to the major arcana. I did a chart and put these together in the order I felt they corresponded to, but the Fool somehow was out of place. This perplexed me and has for some time. Now 0 The Fool is an interesting card - while it could be assumed to be the first stage of our monad incarnating on this plane, it makes no sense to me that The Magician would follow directly after being Card No. 1. - this could be where I am totally going off track. I have come to consider the possibility that during our journey of which we complete when we hit The World that's it we return to God head but only at completion of our synthesis - failing that we return for another incarnation to try again. But The Fool which represents folly, mania etc can enter our deck at any time whereby we either drop our suits in order to incarnate and start again, or stay present in a form of hell, a meglomaniac state of torment until departure. Would I be incorrect in assuming that this is what has happened to these psychopaths who control the world? The Fool enters their deck, but instead of passing over to re-start a new incarnation they are using occult forces to remain anchored here but can go no further in their synthesis to complete? That's not all but that will do for now. I would really appreciate your input on this, as I've said I've been in a quandary for years over this one with nobody really to discuss it with.

Muchos Gracias

Anonymous said...

I'm not going anonymous. Curtis M. Ellsworth here, but before I type all that I'm going to type, I just need to see if this goes through. I have problems both with being blocked and with the understanding of computers, so...

Anonymous said...

Curtis Ellsworth: There's not much sanity left amongst many people that consider themselves "normal", and the cognitive divide amongst such types always stays that way on account of some sort of beyond worthless popularity contest consisting of never willing to be ostracized for, well, anything that "sounds crazy" another, said "normal, sane person". Meanwhile, the dynamics of the rule of rotten authoritarians are falling apart, albeit, like always, behind the scenes. Their fear is palpable, the elite idjets, but the idiotic compartmentalization of other minions in on the same rotten "game" such as the gate keeping media, have no clue, sort of like the average congress critter, of what's to come in the form of all their rotten, evil karmic liabilities getting unleashed on their dumb dumb selves. Yes, there's much more to the esoteric story than "all that less" that a lot of self-proclaimed sane individuals will ever deign to even think about trying to look into introspectively. They'd rather BS themselves "honestly" and use the veil of lies and horrible secrets like a kid using his favorite "blanky" just to have to deal with issues that they called crazy all that much more. It's analogically biblical, the treatment by self-proclaimed "sane people" in loving to laugh at people who espouse so-called conspiracy theories, in that we're like jesters to them, when we're just being honest with ourselves and trying to help not let the Earth end up in eternal, infernal literal hell by actually trying to save her. Meanwhile, we scare the Idiots That Be (going down!!!) while those "normal people" run interference for the Idiots That Be and against themselves and their own, ultimate providence. So, all of those people have certain cosmic liabilities in having ran rough shod over cosmic strictures about handling knowledge that can only lead to a lessened divine dispensation, I strongly intuit, not that these people are real deal hellians headed to the lake of fire. That's for the anthropomorphic, darkness-worshiping "success stories" in "high places" to experience. Still, all in all, something's going to give, and once started, the actual dealing with all the evil individuals, it will not stop until they're all nice and done for.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...there are these invisible monsters in the Astral Plane who manipulate our seeming oppressors into doing their bidding."

One of my 'oh, sh_t' moments, as to the above, was when I was contacting my Higher Self and a kindly, caring voice responded, "Yes?" This was so out-of-character for my Higher Self that I immediately went into hyper mode and started checking around. Sure enough, it was an Astral type attempting to 'play' me. (It was soon de-pained.)

That incident really gave me an understanding of the manner with which many have been gradually led away from their real connection. If I hadn't had a lot of 'felt sense' about my connection, I might have been really up the creek. It was such a kindly, caring, "Yes?"

In the "X-Files" mode, "Trust no one..."


Vis: "The power of peer pressure... Few people are comfortable with being left out."

Ironically, the lower three chakras must be 'dived into' to combat this. Those chakras have to do with power (3rd), relationship (2nd), and existence (1st). Once all the 'garbage' is cleared out of them, they are powerful 'allies'. Unfortunately, it gets more intense as you go down. So, few people have the huevos to grab an old pain there and just 'hold on' - until it is felt through, and you are free.

When enough old pain is felt through, the positive aspects of the lower chakras become evident. That is when all the 'shadow pressure' to submit no longer has any value for you. It is not a conscious decision; it is more like a "why would I possibly want to do that" kind of reaction. (This may mesh-in with your comments on the subconscious being of priceless value...)


Vis: " is also the reservoir from which the sager souls among us draw their friends and guides ...")

I have a 'self-created' problem here (ironic grin). Once your soul has contacted enough of these folks, it becomes near-impossible to simply enjoy being around most other 'normal' people. For me, the contrast is just too painful. I would not give up this 'reservoir' for the world. But man, talk about being 'alone in a crowded room'...


I enjoyed this Origami. Lots of long-view, and yet practical wisdom. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ursala said...

Excellent post Visible! It's funny because I was just reading this book called 'The Matrix and Sanskrit Texts.' The parts I read was almost identical to what you wrote. Must be some synchronicity goin on. Ha.

Interesting ass times.Hold on tight, reckon this is gonna be a real bumpy ride....

Anonymous said...

from my own experience...

Sons of Somerled - Steven McDonald

continuous play overnight...5 Yrs.

programming the subconscious is an acute reality few comprehend...

think about the children...

who listen to the DEATH METAL

full blown TARES ...

ready to harvest


Visible said...

The Builders of the Adytum correspondence course is the best of the best on the Tarot. Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies ring the bell on every page. I took them for 20 years

Anonymous said...


I've been coming here for a couple years and very rarely, if ever, comment. I think that has to do with me wanting to keep my mouth shut, for various reasons, all making sense to me on this end. However, your post here really struck me, in a good way, and I needed to write and express my appreciation for your efforts and the resonances that bounce off around this place. Some time ago a hyperlink in Origami (my favorite, by the way) directed me to the BOTA website. I joined. Your present comment on the nature of that course are very accurate. I hear a chorus of bells every day. It helps. It helps a lot.

Scott in Iowa

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Bread and Circuses and The Toxic Elite.

Eudoxia said...

Thanks Vis for the information, it was right in front of my nose all along. I will be looking into it in more detail. Muchas Gracias!



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