Monday, October 07, 2013

Round and Round the Spiral Highway.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Look into the sky on most any given night, provided you don't live in a city or somewhere. You'll see round bodies or sparkling bodies. Uncountable ages ago, some of those sparkling bodies were walking around on a rounded object just like the one we walk around on today. One of the strangest things about people, mostly in times of excessive materialism, is the indifference people have to familiarizing themselves with that unknown country to which all of us are bound, one way or another. This information is far more important than anything you can learn about living here and getting by here but...? Yeah, order some fast food, unzip your fly, get comfy in the Lazyboy and tune into some quality porn (is there such a thing?)

Those who follow Wicca and other Nature based forms of worship move in circles. Those seeking a greater return on everything they learn, set off to those systems that manifest as a spiral. Sure, they're both circular after a fashion but there is a big difference.

In older times when there were similar despots thinking they were running things, similar to today, Taoist sages very often cultivated a persona of insanity, or that of a fool. Savvy operators who had to pass through Indian Country now and again, understood the value of appearing to be crazy. Some number of people think I'm crazy and... I have gone out of my way to seemingly provide evidence in that regard. I am sure there are many who wonder, "Why did visible do this, or that, say this or that? Doesn't he realize how this makes him look to a lot of people he should be at pains to win over? If visible had only been more measured and balanced, not been so comprehensive in recording his movements, he'd be way ahead of the game by now. Shit! Just a couple of weeks ago it looked like he was losing his mind again. How is it that he's still motoring on and can write the things he writes when he is so unpredictably mercurial?" That's a good question. My response to all of this is...wait and see. All things are eventually fleshed out and clarified.

First off, under no circumstances will I be allowed to go mainstream no matter how I behave until the switch gets thrown in that unknown country, already mentioned. Secondly, just like sexual relationships that are pretty easy to get into and often much harder to get out of, one has no way of knowing what is actually going on inside people until you push their buttons, then you often find out things you wish you hadn't but... are overall glad you did.

I want to make a very important point here. I really should put it all in caps but... I don't care for that method so I'll just use bold type (grin). However much and to whatever degree one is hammered by circumstances in this life, that is just how much and to what degree (comparatively speaking) one is going to get rewarded once 'the quickening' takes place. This is a 100% unwritten law of existence. If you're cruising through fat city, with seldom a thought about anything outside the course of your self interest mega-cruise you are headed, mark my words, for the land of hungry ghosts. This is a 100% unwritten law of existence.

Regardless of the projections of pompous, pseudo-advaita windbags, who ought to know that general silence is the working motif of that particular perspective, life is not a brief and temporary exercise, overlaid upon the immeasurable and timeless. Often, life can be very long and the testing can last and last, depending on... to what degree the ineffable wants a real and lasting certitude about the subject being hammered on and, once again, when one's experience turns out to be ruthless and relentless beyond anything one might have originally expected, that's how much bang you can expect in return for all of that suffering.

One way or another, one must go mad at some point. One either achieves that on their own (they think) or they are inexorably driven there by the one who loves them more than they will ever comprehend. Certain truths and certain awareness's CANNOT be understood, even partially, while one is still locked into the apparati of a self contained, individualized mindset. One must 'walk in all ways contrary to the world.' Of course, different things are expected from different instruments, depending on what particular employment that instrument is being prepared for. One thing that has been brought to my attention many times is that though we may think we are being groomed or made ready for some particular application of energy and industry we are often, often, wrong about what that might be by a wide margin.

As 'we' have stated at these blogs many times, in the last stages of the fall of empire, you see police state and martial law type encroachments upon human liberty. Eventually, this changes into the tragi-comic and lunatic, as is presently being demonstrated in programs like this. We're right around the corner from Laughing Stock Central as the ineffable, ingeniously and skillfully leads the mentally twisted, emotionally stunted and sexually messed up right out in front of the light's of Broadway, metaforcefully speaking.

Insanity, regardless of its many manifestations, always has something to do with successfully integrating into the operational end of social interaction, in the work place, in the family eunuch, sorry, unit and in wider social spheres, buying, traveling, talking shit, the usual. Only a seriously sick individual could possibly believe that the present state of modern culture is not terminally ill, both mentally and emotionally, not to mention physically and... the epidemic of SSRI's tell the tale in convincing fashion. Therefore, those of us considered insane by failing to fit into the dimensions of the toxic template of contemporary mores are most definitely, for the most part (grin), saner than the average bear. If your main objective is to match up with the divine's pursuit of you (which is what is actually going on) then you are automatically defined as crazy. If your main objective is to fit in with the trough-feeding troglodytes at the all you can eat Shit Buffet; given that none of them mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm, then... you are certifiably crazy according to the cosmic yardstick.

I was diagnosed as being chronically and incurably schizophrenic. What does that mean exactly? That means that, unlike most people who have a nice picket fence all around the fixed parameters of their mind, 'we' have portions of the fence missing and our thoughts can go grazing off into areas most people never visit. When you take psychedelics, the fence gets flattened automatically for a set period of time (most of the time-grin). The fence pops back up gradually, as integration sets in but never as it was before. Here's a truth that applies to all of this. There is only one mind. That fence most of us have, in it's uninterrupted, keeping in and keeping out, is the indicator of a separated individualized mind. That's just an illusion, as those of us who have had some version of the timeless unity of all things come down on us, at some point or another, sometimes more than once, have learned ...and telepathy... is an automatic ability that arrives simultaneously with the awareness of there being only one mind. Those who have experienced this KNOW it to be what it is because it is in all aspects, unmistakable as anything else. This is why madness is a  requirement because what we understand as sanity is nothing more than a terminal confinement until... hopefully, you wake up; madness is no more than a seashell beyond the seas kiss... when the sea is the sea of conformity.

No one knows better than I what certain reactions and purposes of demonstration have cost me. I also know what they saved me from, had I simply gone along with the program. As we live, we are converted into specific currencies that have value in some areas and none in others. The wise endeavor to be converted into a universal currency. You only take with you what you have become. At the right moment, you light up like an illuminated passport and those assigned to your particular case are automatically notified the moment you light up. All along the way you are observed and followed by those whose job it is to watch out for you and your direction. Better be real certain of your direction and your inland path because depending on where you are actually headed, on that depends who is advising you and the quality of advice you get.

Unless you know by now that the least of what is available in the higher planes is much greater than the best you can acquire here, you haven't learned much of value and this will compromise the strength of will available to you as you go.

The cognitive disconnect pandemic of these times is frightening in terms of the loss factor waiting for those who miss the invisible boat. For instance, the Amitabha Buddha, over the length of a truly massive amount of time was able to create a heaven called The Western Pure Land and all you have to do to get there is to have his name on your lips when you pass. Furthermore, you are then permitted to take all of your future incarnations there without ever having to come back here. What's more important to the average westerner, this or their Twitter account? Similar possibilities exist within other faiths as well.

Hopefully some amount of useful information managed to slip through during the construction of this posting.

For those of you waiting on the actual publication of my latest book,the enemy has been hard at work attempting to keep it out of publication. First I had it proofed and was left with hundreds of mistakes. Then over the course of weeks I was assured by a certain party that it would be professionally done. Finally I had to contact the person, who had chosen not to inform me that they weren't going to do it. I think I'll just do it myself. I'm not afraid or simply involved for personal gain, so I'm probably the best choice even if I'm not a very good proofreader. I'll get it out as soon as I can. Several people wrote me to offer their services so if you see this and are still out there and not under the governments thumb I'd love to hear from you.

End Transmission.......

We'll see about getting the radio broadcast off to James to ready up for streaming in the next day or so.


Visible said...

For those of you waiting on the actual publication of my latest book,the enemy has been hard at work attempting to keep it out of publication. First I had it proofed and was left with hundreds of mistakes. Then over the course of weeks I was assured by a certain party that it would be professionally done. Finally I had to contact the person, who had chosen not to inform me that they weren't going to do it. I think I'll just do it myself. I'm not afraid or simply involved for personal gain so I'm probably the best choice even if I'm not a very good proofreader. I'll get it out as soon as I can. Several people wrote me to offer their services so if you see this and are still out there and not under the government's thumb I'd love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Sukadeva Gosvami continued..

"My dear King, the body of the sisumara, as thus described, should be considered the external form of Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

"This great machine, consisting of the stars and planets, resembles the form of a sisumara [dolphin] in the water. Great yogis meditate upon supreme consciousness in this form because it is actually visible."


The Sisumara Planetary Systems

zepheri said...

surely less visible
A biker gang that included police pulled a 33 year old asian banker from his Range Rover and beat him. The video is fascinating and it is the only thing everyone saw.

JMH said...

I guess madness is what madness does, while wisdom and love are reminding us there is more here than meets the eye. Them that try to close the ocean remind me of King Canute demonstrating that no earthly king commands the tides. And it sure feels good to hear my friend laugh when he sees me reading a blog with a title "Twerking whores and Chicken McNuggets are made from the same ingredients." Words like this keep me sane or insane, whatever it is. Thank you for your words, Visible.

flyingcossack said...

you want to be a child with the pretenders ... it keeps your soul light

where you dont want to be a child ... is with your children ... they need a father

i think you have it right most of the time ... more than me anyways

the gardener said...

hahahah one of the first and most consistent doodles I've done all my life, pretty subconsciously, starts out with circles then they go into frenetic spirals looking like tornadoes by the time 'they're' done.

Came across this one today...still looking for answers to 'why I was led to believe I was in Paradise-all my dreams answered no less than by God when in reality it was the most perverted black energized region and experiences I could ever live through' and found this site The Righteous Seduced By Secret Combinations Very conscious and conscientious blogger and one of the responders was: STEVEN JONES of 9/11 fame!

and has he ever paid (heart and soul) with his honest discourse as a physics professor from the 'Gadianton Robbers' and all their minions eager to toady and win at his losses and expense.

Here is an excerpt of Prof Jones' comment:

" Thank you for this discussion — with many insights. May I add a little from personal experience?

This is ex-Professor of Physics, Steven Jones. Starting in 2005, I learned about 9/11 using scientific methods (experiments on thermite etc). I spoke out regarding the collapse of WTC7, the lack of air defenses that day, the whistle-blower testimony of Norman Mineta — and I was placed on Admin. Leave in September 2006. My classes — teaching the students I loved — were taken from me at that time and it was clear that I would not be allowed to teach again at BYU.

But just before I was called in abruptly and told that I was being outed, I had a wonderful experience that morning. In teaching my Physics 121 class on Newtonian physics, during class I felt strongly prompted to bear my testimony to the class of students whom I loved. I had taught at BYU by this time for over 21 years and hesitated momentarily — “bear your testimony now!” SO I DID.

I paused in my discussion of Physics and simply expressed my love for the Savior – I spoke of Jesus Christ and my testimony of Him. And my love for the students.

At that class, I had NO IDEA what was coming later that afternoon — I was severely placed on Admin. Leave in a public manner (you can read the press releases). Of course, I requested (in writing) a full hearing, but that hearing was denied me. I was invited to accept early retirement..." SNIP

Very outrageous and so glad to hear this fleshing out of his life which continues to tell me who he really is and this is what these times-painful and distressing as they can be-are really all about.


So it is a very interesting site with loads of helpful info helping others try to make sense of just what the hell is going on here with so many robbers and so many wishing they too could be so successful!

"Gadianton Robbers' ... is what we're dealing with here world wide. Seems like the 1% is what's left after all the Gadiantons get through with the world and its bounty. So be careful with anyone saying 'the 1% must be offed! Eradicated!" (they're crafty like that!)

the gardener

Farmer said...

"one must walk in all ways contrary to the world".

That sums it up nicely for me, and the best advice for the moment at hand.

robert said...

Vis to the Max,

One metaphysical nit or lint to pick from the navel of the seer:
There IS only one Mind, that of the ONE.

However, this does not imply that individualized perception is mere Maya or an accidental artifact of limited consciousness.

This points to the sublime subtlety in the Design: we, as living beings are GIFTED with a totally unique, locus point for our perception which is OUR GIFT and invitation to join the ONE. Not a mere short-cut return to primordial undifferentiated bliss nor to being a dependent portion of a hive mind but as a potential peer, a playmate of the ONE!

The most important implication is that the Design Desires new individualized beings to grow up to be true co-Creators! The mystery of Creation is how can the ONE expand dimensionality for ANOTHER ONE to emerge onto a level playing field which transcends the original dimensionality!

I may not comprehend the HOW of this Mystery but I can point to the evidence of the WHAT, by directing attention to the universal tender regard with which every living being (easier to observe but even the mineral kingdom is growing in consciousness!) is held, granted the same equal access to Life, given the same impersonal operational Universal laws designed to bootstrap the tiny fledgling individual mind up to a mighty Phoenix who may aspire to become an equal player with the ONE, in a Creation dreamed up by the ONE!

At the neutral center of our being (out of time and space naturally!) is a portal into a trans-universal manifold, a “structure” of higher dimensionality which is completely integral. This means every portal from any individual being’s neutral center into the manifold of the ONE is DIRECTLY connected, no transit nor transformation required; this direct line to the power of the Infinite can be fatal as well as supremely benign, depending on our level of understanding and Self-mastery.

We must go mad as the human world defines it but we need not go completely crazy, only MOSTLY crazy…LOL!

The ineffable ONE does not desire that we be overwhelmed by the immensity of the ONE, any more than a loving mother or father wishes to overshadow or disempower their beloved child! We are ALL given ALL the time we require to find our way to balance, the divine poise which allows the ONE and the individual son to co-exist in joy and freedom and for BOTH facets to grow.

Logically, if the hard-case recalcitrant ones, the spiritually infantile, though culturally ancient, the regressive mean egotists instructing the rest of us by negative example, cannot get with the program in one room of creation when recycling time arrives, they will gracefully be granted a time-out in another room suitable for finger-painters in feces…

Of course, all excuses for acting from a parched paucity of love toward our brothers and sisters and all sentient beings are null. We must act in integrity, once we understand ourselves beyond kindergarten limits!

The ONE is the ultimate Individual and from that, we discard all limits to perception based upon arbitrary boundaries, all special favors/chosen statuses, all wounded ego scabs and scars, yet retain the right and privilege to perceive the Universe or all of Creation from our own branch of the tree, our own path back home, our own unique Ouroburos trip.

With you, I am eternally grateful that my path this time was challenging; in my vanity, when the way looked to be too easy, I MADE it harder by choosing the longer, harder road! Whoops! Never second guess the ONE, unless you enjoy the extra pain and attention. What I did in hindsight was to childishly insist upon take the long way home, to avoid having to perform my demonstration until the last possible moment…

The ONE is actually going to reap a surprisingly bountiful harvest from this terminating death culture experiment in Materialism-gone-wild!

Accept no false assumptions, the ONE really and truly KNOWS how to maximize a party!

That is all!

Eudoxia said...

As always excellent post, explains a lot of what has happened to me/with me over the last 4 years in particular but reality was much longer - it just intensified over that period. I will leave the esoteric comment for later though.

If you are having trouble or need help with proof reading, I can help you there. There are several ways it can be done, it can be done on a word processor with tracking enabled, that way you are able to see the corrections and either accept or reject any. 2nd method is a hand written mark up but that requires posting and I'm in Australia. A third method is noting what needs correcting and advising via email. The latter is probably the least effective method though. Problem with all methods is I'll be really busy with moving over the next 3 weeks although at present I have about a one week hiatus - lack of funds is pretty well preventing me from doing anything constructive as I need STUFF! like packing boxes, tape all the things that matter when moving LOL At the moment so I'm home bound just sorting through POD items vs SKIP items! In other words I'm just moving one mess to another location which is counter productive really.

Publishing - okay, I'm involved with a foundation in the UK they don't publish books but distribute books of a certain nature. If you like I can make inquiries as to any contacts the principal has with regard to publishers. The foundation's books are not so much esoteric but rather an alternative genesis (totally alternative). Please let me know. Another publisher you might find will probably run with it is Bear & Co Inner Traditions (long history there) link here they are in the US though. Barbara Hand Clow used to own Bear & Co. I doubt she would have sold it to the dark side. I really don't know that much about publishing other than publishers take a big hit on profits. At the end of the day you might be better off just finding a secretary/admin type of person who works form home on a contract basis and who can print off hundreds of copies and bind them for you. That way you would only have to pay her an hourly rate plus materials, but then again you might be able to negotiate with a publisher for them to just print out a certain amount of books for you. Then you do your own distribution. Worth a thought or just leave it as an ebook. Anyway let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Like I said what I do have is a one week window of TIME!

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to be raised among zombies and fools (while being totally aware) to not go totally insane. Fortunately, more enlightened exist than I had previously supposed and more are 'waking up' every day. I'm just busy putting on my dancing shoes and getting ready for the grand finale.

Great post by the way.

Michael said...

first time I have heard your admit you are a schizophrenic, I have been reading your blogs for a long time now.

That explains a lot.

Jenny said...

Great post- and I love the insights from the gardner & farmer- and now here I am the beekeeper- what a world we are in( I too have knocked down many fences). all together-the one- as the bees in the hive-the knowing is among us.-Jen

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Hello Vis,

Still around and loving you, should you require honest, simple, help with ze book.

Much to share, just outa time right now.

Shanti om :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

I would happily proofread. Check your email.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

I wanna do some twerking with Miley, and then hork up a giant hairball and read "GQ" for like, six weeks straight.

Visible said...

Robert; the two are mutually inclusive.


As for the schizophrenia, I've mentioned it dozens of times. I would suggest considering the definition I have given, a POV held by many thinkers far beyond my own reach. I only mention this because your comment seems to reflexively embrace the limited and basically wrong diagnoses of those who make their living, misunderstanding and mistreating it.

I seem to be pretty consistent and successful at what I do and I wouldn't bet too much on the chances of pseudo psych dilettantes winning any arguments.

Visible said...

Thank you all for your offers of help. I've got someone working on it now but I will reach out immediately if that doesn't go well.

Alan Jong said...

This is a joke, but you may take it seriously, and I don't care. Anyone Preaching about selflessness, should go blow their brains out right now, you'll do nature a favor. The Earth who demonstrated to me how to get out of those psychological locks is a Supreme Intelligence, helped me reverse engineer my way out of the psychological locks by Krishnamurti media that should have a warning label. If you've been hypnotized, and then psychologically locked in that state, you might be feeling like a part of you is missing. But if nature has evolved you out of it, and you know everything about how the human mind works. Use it wisely, Sticks and stones might break your bones, my words will devastate you, that should be the warning on Krishnamurti's videos. Your readership might be people that he hypnotized, I know how it works and every form of it. 9-11 truth is virtual reality.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

How about a Nice Slice of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Now, if 6 turned up to be 9.."

One's business

Eudoxia said...

AJ "Anyone Preaching about selflessness, should go blow their brains out right now, you'll do nature a favor" Suggestion, why don't you go blow your own shit for brains out right now.

Now if I've misinterpreted this in any way, then I sincerely apologise -goes back and reads it again- Nope I don't think so, comment stands.

Now that I've broken one rule I try to maintain - never enter into an argument with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level then beat you with experience! Onto the next topic.

Vis I had a theory about schizophrenia and it goes like this. We all make a certain amount of DMT naturally, which is taken up by our neurotransmitters nearly the moment it hits the synapse. It stands to reason that in the case of schizophrenia the DMT isn't taken up by the NTs as fast allowing the DMT more time in the synapse and something is interrupting the reuptake process or is it? Maybe for non schizophrenics it's our process that's not working properly. Your description of this condition is excellent - how could it not be, coming straight from the horses mouth. I've often thought this condition is in fact the reverse of how psychiatry explains it. I don't think there is anything wrong with schizophrenics and I don't think they are hallucinating, they are perhaps the only sane people in an insane world who have the extraordinary ability to be able to communicate with other worlds and beings - they can do this without the use of substances, albeit they enhance it. I've often thought that schizophrenics can do naturally what it takes others a good deal of time, study and will to actually do - step into a new world/condition in order to have this experience. That's my take on it, thanks for sharing this Viz. The event I experience at times is what I put down to possibly a similar occurance, not really sure WTF is going on there???

SHIAMOND! < new word meaning, shine on you crazy diamonds :-

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Rectal Dysfunction Rats from Lodi with the Darkside Blues Again.

howisthere42 said...

That about sums up my day.
It was nice what you said about the art in heaven.
Mate what a day.
Keep on keeping on.




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