Friday, October 25, 2013

The Pending Descending and the Treasures of the Heart.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I was sitting in my office chair which faces my computer (as you might have expected). For days I had been puzzling out my status, spiritually ...and looking back down the road whence I came. I've been analyzing the things I've been told since this started to be a regular event about seven years ago and I started being told things, if that makes sense. I've had grueling periods of Karmic Santa Ana winds, while walking uphill; think metaphorically, walking up Filbert Street in San Francisco, into the teeth of a Santa Ana wind and... I've had them last for a couple of years before but never for five years, as has been happening unto the moment. I mention it because I am told it is coming to an end shortly... in about a month. It is supposed to be dramatic enough to be noticeable. Digressing.......

I was sitting in my office chair and wondering, in a conflicted way, why I hear all the positive things that I hear when I consider all the things that have come and gone and my awareness of my awareness. Similar thoughts had been on my mind for days. I'm guessing it was all a set up because suddenly, as I sat there, I felt this force descend upon me and immediately expand into a state of consciousness that was noteworthy for it's sense of completeness and also for the Bacchus-like aura of divine intoxication that accompanied it. It was there for what seemed like a second or two, then it vanished and 'the voice' came and said, :"Yes, that's how it's going to be. That's how I'm going to do it AND for those others who have also shown their devotion to me, some of them are among your readers- and that's been the whole purpose of what you do."

The moment was so brief. It was almost as if it had not happened but it was so intense that it comes to mind throughout all of the days since, which would now be 3.

I was told that the event occurred to get me out of the mood I'd been in lately because of the accumulation of all that time passed without respite. In a way it's a little like being institutionalized. Institutionalized is what happens to a person when they spend whatever amount of time is necessary, locked up, for them to get to that state. Once they get into that state, they're no longer comfortable in the outside world and generally will commit a crime just to get back inside. Well... it's not the same as institutionalized, it's more like static depression, which has been given an assisted living transfusion, as a result of living in a nation desperately in need of a positive anti-depressant for more than a decade. I credit the blanket state of depression here with what has happened to the populace since World War 2; beaten on, brainwashed, lied about and lied to, turbo guilt injected, blamed for all the things actually done by the ones blaming them, that, like all things unadjusted, will be adjusted in their time. "the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly small." Someone said that I think, someone with some amount of authority.

Mysteries abound in these times.

In the meantime, things are getting very bad, primarily because those whom the devil has claimed as his own, are being called into the darkness to serve the demands of chaos and cruelty. Only monsters do things like this. The sort of things taking place now, are direct evidence that Satan is afoot and actively at work in  the hearts of his minions. The author of this article states that he doesn't know what causes people to do certain things at certain times. Ponder what is being said here. Observe the writing on the wall. Shoot around the corner with a little algebra and get yourself a timeline; coming to a theater of operations  near you soon, for the purpose of demonstration.

Only monsters try to blur the lines between the sexes. Satanists know that the family is the cornerstone of civilization. If they can destroy that, they can destroy society and then reshape it into a dreadful mockery. Organized religion, with all of its faults, is also a powerful entity that teaches moral guidelines for existence; regardless of what the priests and similar get up to. All of what is happening in The Church is being orchestrated by the devil for the purpose of demonstration. The Devil, through Tribe owned and operated atheist organizations and who is also behind all the gender bending politics (this is one hundred percent provable by the way, so go argue with the hard cold facts) is a busy little beaver with rabies. I don't say things I can't prove and when I speak on metaphysics and the ineffable, I have already laid extensive groundwork for the fact that these are simply transmissions I receive and that people should confirm these thing in their own experience. I know of people who have had marvelous changes come into their lives by practicing some of the things said here on occasion so... there's a little precedence that useful thing are to be found.

Anyway, it was uncanny for me to run across the Peter Duenov site. Obviously I was sent there. The parallels between what I read there and the 'experience of descent' that I had are many. The ineffable gave me a taste of what is coming and not just for me. It was given to me because out of the past five years, this present period is the most intense and continues for another 3 weeks or so (I think) and apparently I was in need of some reassurance because the enemy is also hammering on my mind, seeking to break my faith and encourage doubt to enter in. There have been some convincing arguments in that regard (grin).. I'll be back on Robert Phoenix's radio show again shortly ...and we'll talk about it all then.

Consider the source for this little piece when you get to the closing paragraph, which omits the much larger negatives that cancel out any good which might come from the practice but... I post this article because a picture is worth a thousand words. This one certainly is. My, how we come to look like what we are.

These days, when the government stages a false flag, as they did with 9/11, they destroy any possibility for forensic investigation by eliminating the stage set where it went down, once they have maximized the publicity they can get out of it. They've taken Realpolitk to a whole new level.. They got some big pots of steaming shit going, on the stove in Hell's Kitchen. They do have to be careful. Too many people know it's them and more and more are catching on every day. As I mentioned with my brief little experience, vibrational energizers in various directions are descending upon us. Some are for the collective mind and some are for individual consciousness, or small cabals, both good and bad.

I can't stress enough the effect my particular descent had on me. It was so quick and gone yet it returns to my mind often. It makes perfect sense to happen that way. Programmed states of awareness, tailor made for given effects, will be delivered as affirmations where applicable and otherwise C.O.D. or the black taxi outside your door, engine running; out the door and off you go. I keep being reminded of that twinkling eye thing and the attendant message I get for all to whom it may apply is, "Strive hard!" It comes along with,
""However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows." This brings me to one of my favorite bits of scripture, "“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” Note that it does not say, those who have done this or that, went here or there, or anything else. It says, "for them that LOVE him." Nothing is more important to the ineffable than that you love the ineffable. Those who love much are given great latitude. God loves the lover. This reminds me of that great quote by Rabindranath Tagore; ,"God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing." I think that is probably the reason I am doing that up and down the streets as I go, or used to. Haven't done it much of late. It becomes apparent to me just how heavy my situation is when I stop singing. I spend so much time noticing what's going on around me that I tend to spend less time than I should watching what's going on inside and what's happening to me. I think many of us share this state.

I had planned to take off for somewhere by now for a couple few months but my economic sector tightened up on me and I didn't get entrees to anywhere close enough to satisfy certain concerns. Then it dawned on me. I'm not supposed to go anywhere ...until this Pluto-Mars and sundry thing lifts. Like I said; not paying attention to the subjective end of things. For some of us and I am fair certain it applies to me, our lives are choreographed and scripted. Once we've turned our lives over to a particular degree, the cosmos assumes active command. We can go contrary to our best interest and there is that dark side that lobbies to that end but... the results of our occasional departure make it clear that is not the way to go, whichever way that may be. Sometimes we are deliberately pushed astray and unable to resist because- for whatever reason and... it is always a very good reason, we need to profit from the experience. It is by such intentional events that wisdom develops and... that is also a descending thing. All gifts of the spirit and things conferred, according to required effort completed, are gained through the higher mind and infused in us from the source in whom they are eternally resident.

The message I get is that one should live and breathe in watchful readiness for what is certain to come, to each according to their deserving status, good and bad. It is imperative to draw the mind into focus upon the ineffable as often and consistently as one can manage. The maelstrom of the material plane is very great and one should carry the knowledge of this with them to their advantage, remembering that that which is within you is stronger than that which is in the world. The trials and tests are solely for the purpose of increasing your strength and resilience and... opening the aperture of inspiration and intuition, so that communication- very important communications can be received. This is why I stress bringing the mind to an empty state, so that one can exercise a single focus and gain a great advantage. Clearing out the subliminal racket as well as the chattering wild life in the conscious mind, allows one to hear the important speaker. None of the rest have any relative value in this regard. Achieving the state where you can hear is priceless, especially when you consider 'who' is generally speaking in the minds of those devoted to self interest, at the expense of their fellows. Not all rich and successful people are in the enemy camp and they know who they are, operating as stewards of good when  the opportunity arises in their hearts and minds.

Check your resonance. It is what you are vibrating to that makes all the difference in how and where you go. The pending descending is inflexibly aware of your state in respect of it. "Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." One might well add, "there your fate will also be."

End Transmission.......


Visible said...

Here's a little something about Peter Duenov.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Beauty-full on the path again.

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Vis.

God has truly Blessed you. I can only hope that Decending will happen to me too, but I suspect I'll just be reading your description about it sometime next month. Being as I'm usually wrong, though, maybe I'll be in for a suprise, and a wonderful one at that.

I can hope.

Looking forward to hearing your interview with Robert Phoenix. I'm sure he's looking at the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square on November 1st (no wonder things are so tough!)

Hang in there, brother. What a wonderful thing to know that a lifetime of hardship is coming to an end in just a short time. You most certainly deserve it.


Visible said...

We'll see about all that. One step at a time.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There is supposed to be a nationwide power out drill on November 13-14 in the u.s.. Me thinks Canada and the Mexicanese are in on it too. I wonder if that's gonna trigger something. Especially in the areas where it gets real cold. My flat mate also said there is supposed to be a police drill in Oakland this weekend, but I can find absolutely NOTHING on the web about it. He heard the news on an alternative radio programme, and he also said there were protests, but wow! Is the internet that tightly controlled, or is what he heard balderdash? I have one day to find out. Gods, I live close enough to that Nazi Hell Hole. I could walk it, though I think I'll pass. (By the way, it's not the population in general I can't stand. It's the psycho 'caged gerbil shooters', which is what we call cops 'cause of all the animals they kill.)

Eudoxia said...

Far out there are some serious demons out there alright doing their rounds, thick on the ground they are. I've just had a seriously disturbing encounter with one if given a free reign will shatter many lives. I gave it none. I'll shatter my own dream instead. People can't hide their beasts now, they are really coming into the open, it's going to be full scale war and all we can do is stand in truth and do the right thing and the sad thing is doing the right thing to some is totally another thing to others. I think the saying is Viz - "though the mills of the Gods grind slowly they grind incredibly fine" I think that was from Hamlets Mill but don't quote me on that. Thanks for being here with us in these times, your work is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


I have said this on these comments before but I will reiterate: Music and Art is what separates us from the other critters. For me, art and music are about communing with the Divine Order.

There is something beautiful in each of us. Some of us have our lives fall out in such a way that we lose all perception of anything wonderful inside us. Some of us have lots of shitty things happen to us but for some reason the shitty things only serve to make us stronger and better.

Keep on keeping on, Viz, you have helped me immensely and I know you have helped a lot of others, too.

God Bless You!


Laura said...

I have been reading all along, dear Vis, yet shadowed in my own dark night for these last months, not commenting though there have been pearls and gems which have resonated and enriched.

The upliftment in vibration of consciousness and it's attendant feeling within would be gratefully received and much needed balm for heart and soul. These are heavy times that challenge one 's resolve to keep on keeping on.

I have my own patterning of which I am very aware, that is "putting up the fight " in its alchemical transmutation and weighing me down in its intensity. This karma born of fear and judgment, since well supported in the lower frequencies surrounding us, feels to have a tenacious hold. It is illusion, of course, but the veil feels real in this now.

There is much I do not know. All I need to know and feel is the Love of the Divine that is constant and unwavering in a breadth and depth unfathomable. I have my own challenge as to where I am focusing now, through my lens of shade and shadow. This too shall pass as invisible friends, though silent, with me always, hold me in the greatest of Love.

In Grace ~

Anonymous said...

Jesus said something like this:

"Many will come to me, in that day, and say Lord, Lord, in thy name we healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, etc, and I will say to them 'depart from me, ye evildoers! I never knew you!'" It's not what you do, it's Who you know, who you serve.

I only hope that, whatever is coming -- and when it comes -- I am on the good side of the receiving end. I feel unworthy, and hope is all I've got right now. Things have gotten so evil, it would be worth going down in flames, just to see it all end.

I looked into Peter Duenov. His prophecy about a coming cosmic cleansing wave sounds similar to what Joseph Chiappalone has said, also what's been coming from the ouija board over at SOTT. I've heard some really bad things about ouija boards, so forgive me if I'm skeptical. I keep thinking that the strong delusion will be mostly truth, otherwise it wouldn't be strong.

Big things are definitely coming down. I can sense it. I've had this feeling of foreboding for a while now, but it really kicked into high gear when WW III almost took off last month. The forces of evil were held in check again, for a little while longer, but they will be completely turned loose soon.



Anonymous said...

The Lord helps those that help

Child's Play

the gardener said...

"though the mills of the Gods grind slowly they grind incredibly fine" thanks for this one Eudoxia :)

Another mercury retrograde in Scorpio blast from the past

TWO old cases coming up for review again-Jon Benet's snuffing and Martha Moxley's killing on 'mischief night' back in 1975-both with high and mighty class having the light shined on them. Both involving the system/industries that usually serve them well. Cries of 'incompetence' by those who pay for the best coming or going.

Incredibly deep Vis... glad to hear you'll be talking with Robert again-great show he does. Great intelligent knowledgeable interviewer Robert Phoenix who is also a fantastic astrologer-the science of discerning and describing historical patterns and cycles.

(I'm always interested when there are dates in old cases/events-looking for the cycles... that hanged man in Paris... very intriguing story-so very much another MERCURY RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO EVENT)

the gardener

Eudoxia said...

Talk about psychology gone wrong. Just shows we don't control anything and I mean NOTHING! I have been lecturing my friends for weeks now on NOT trying to control things so what happens next? In a nutshell, I am buying a property with another couple. Two contracts on their house have crashed. The purchase of the other property is conditional on their property selling (my property has settled but the purchase isn't conditional on that). The aim of the game here is to sell both properties and buy one and get out of debt. Out of the blue, another inspection is arranged and when we were notified the potential buyer was coming around in less than 3 hours. So my friend and I decided to do a few things around the house. We were told he was a miner on fly in fly out and wanted to buy a property to live in downstairs and rent out upstairs - PERFECT! So I thought okay miner, and if you have ever been to an Oz mine site I can tell you now all they think about is SEX, SEX, and more SEX and beer. All they want to do is drink and have as much sex as possible in their time off, the typical Oz male doesn't float my boat but each to their own. In saying that I do know what motivates them. So I set about re-arranging the art downstairs (we are both artists her more so than me but there's plenty of it nonetheless). Naturally according to moi to cater to this and make it even more appealing then the decor had to be about boobs, naked women, drinking etc so we significantly changed the decore - we left an empty beer bottle and wine glass on the bar which really isn't a bar, it's just a nice piece of polished timber - next to a bronze mermaid with great boobs that I retrieved from the garden. All the abstracts and other things went down and were replaced by smoldering eyes and boobs - everywhere you looked. Anyway we took the dog (which isn't one of mine but is another weird story) to the dog park for the inspection and before we were even home we get a call from the real estate agent - HE LOVES IT and he's made an offer. Turns out the miner isn't a miner after all, he's a psychologist engaged by the mines as a consultant for the employees who obviously love sex, sex and more sex and beer. Go figure, the contract is delayed now due to him not being able to contact his financial adviser due to him running everything by his financial adviser first and contract on Monday instead of earlier tonight. So here we are in limbo once again. Okay Mercury retrograde could explain this but I rest my case in regards to trying to control things...........oh well stranger things have happened and continue to happen. Between now and my last post it just keeps getting stranger by the minute - if something even more bizzare transpires in the next 24 hours I won't be at all surprised. I have an appointment with my two four legged teenagers (big mistake getting two puppies at once)in the morning with the local dog whisperer (and that is yet more weirdness), I hope he only has one head and the sky is still blue tomorrow. If it wasn't for here I would think I was going insane. I can only share here what I can't share with others as they'll only think I'm losing the plot. Thank you all............. Peace.

PS who here remembers the Demon Vanquisher? I painted it and it appears to work, but that's yet more weirdness :-

Visible said...

You can expect strange and weird. It's how you adjust that counts which is why leaving it in the hands of the ineffable is a good idea

Is there a particular reason why 'I' can't say "the wheels of justice grind slowly but the grind exceedingly small?" I've seen the quote but in my mind what it is referring to is, "justice". So, let's just attribute that quote to me (grin).

I think I'll add, "a nose by any other name would smell as sweet or sour."

Doug Pearson said...

They're also leveling that school in Sandy Hook and making the guys doing the work for the demolition company sign non disclosure agreement. Get rid of any evidence, just like 911....

Visible said...

Sandy Hook is what I was referring to.

Anonymous said...

barely slept last night
thinkin' 'bout my 'situation'

i was actually in deep despair
my mind let go of my reputation

an emptiness had enveloped me
and tried to break my will

i recognized the sirens call
yet i stood my ground, so still

couple hours later when i woke i
climbed from my perch to the floor

looked back at the empty feeling
didn't feel that way anymore

went out back to the garden
where i lit a smoke and inhaled

my feet hit the ground beneath me
my 'soul' took the sky and sailed

these patches are doing nothing
'cept giving me the oddest dreams

as i came up for air i realized
nothing is as it always seems

we float through space on a planet
that spins 'round a sun that don't set

we sit right behind the driver and
constantly ask 'are we there yet'?

right in the center of the mind/heart
the axis upon the wheel of law turns

as we struggle through this universe
with our 'karma' as it tenderly burns

we look for the warmth in each-other
in words and good deeds and best wishes

dream of a banquet with dance and song
where everyone helps with the dishes

i'll end it here, though i could go on
but i've said way too much already

my only advice hold fast to the main sheet
and keep your tiller hand [real] steady

Eudoxia said...

I get the justice bit Viz - karma comes to mind and it's interesting that you mention "how we handle it" yea I'm getting that too. Had a real nasty one there for a bit thought it was going to destroy everything but I got through it and got through it well - we just have to stay in our heart center and not budge at all and no compromising on anything. Speaking our truth is imperative now, it's the only thing that works. There is something really a miss here tonight though, went to bed earlier and could not sleep, the cat was running up n down the hallway like a maniac, the dogs were both outside barking at who knows????? I managed to get one back inside who is now starting to try to crawl on my lap, she has obviously forgotten she's no longer little. It's now 4.26 am and I'm not tired at all. My mother has been in hospital for a week now, not sure if she's going to make it or not. Seems like she's getting over one thing then something else happens, it's getting very, very intense. I like many people here have got a very strong feeling of foreboding, however, like you said, trust in the ineffable. Although, I wish I had a fucking cigerett! eeek!!!!!!!! Even the birds are sounding weird today maybe that's just because I'm actually awake listening to them. Thanks Viz yet again. Going to try and get some sleep - maybe I will maybe I wont.

galen said...

For me, animals have been friends, teachers, healers. Their life is art; their eyes are music. We are not separate from the "critters."


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Also by Tagore:
Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.

dave1010 said...

That was a cool comment est.


PK said...

The new world order Tribe has brought itself to Divine Judgement. All the spiritual hempen ropes of justice are being mercifully handed to the iniquitous by The Most Highs who rule in the kingdoms of men. Fear not, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Trust in the sovereignty of God, His infinite Love and Eternal Mercy. Have faith in the leadings of the truth and in the Christ Consciousness of our Matchless Creator Son, the source of truth in our universe. Les, you are one heaven of a wordsmith. Your God consciousness shines bright even from here in the Isles of Sandwich. Onward on inward. Aloha

Anonymous said...

I always sing the pinko commie rat song when out for a walk about because I fucking hate pinko commie rats. Hopefully no one hears it or they might call the comrades tip line and report it to a commissar or commissarka here in the glorious super duper power USSA.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train.

Doug Pearson said...

Hahahahahah OK, I guess I got caught not reading all the links...

Visible said...


Torey Sabatini said...

Great post Les!
Glad you are okay and spirits are being lifted. I always look forward to reading your articles, they mean a lot to me. You're a brave soul my friend, and are doing the Lord's Work. Stay strong in the certainty of faith.

God Bless,
Torey Sabatini.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Still hear tell anyone of us, even demons ... can skip all that exercise and self flagellation to very simply and easily wash ashore upon the Promised Land.

Simply via fessin' up.. Imagine such a transcendental 'Eureka!!' Please.

Yep, a spiritual catch-22.

The only catch is ... you gotta mean it..

If you do (or even if you don't), we all get what we want forever. .

thanks be

Odin's Raven said...

Grinding: sources. See Quotes from sources

Though the mills of God grind slowly;
Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting,
With exactness grinds he all.


Pete said...

Bravo, yes ! Same exact thing, like a brief sartori, followed by laughter has been happening periodically with me as well over the last few years. You are not alone as the last 5 years have been super tough but have also been filled with great opportunities , great growth, it's how you view it I suppose. I too hope it comes quickly when it comes. "Like a thief in the night."
No matter where a person is or what they are doing, if they are partially or fully awakened, life on this plane is brutal.
Just driving down the street I seethe at the parasitic nature of this world. The Pawn Shops and check cashing stores make me cringe. The prostitutes, the junkies, Travis Bickle needs a few words here. The economic nature of human relations is so wearisome.
But deep down we know what it is. Training for a marathon with ankle weights.
Thanks for baring your soul out there.

Eudoxia said...

I'm with you on that one Galen, few times in my life have I lived without animals. I prefer them to people always have.

Anonymous said...

enough with that damn quote. Its getting very anal retentive.

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. Thanks!

est, October 25, 2013 8:08:00 PM:

Wonderful, inspired poetry. The following especially resonated with me:

"as we struggle through this universe
with our 'karma' as it tenderly burns

we look for the warmth in each-other
in words and good deeds and best wishes

dream of a banquet with dance and song
where everyone helps with the dishes"

Again, wonderful. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

As a an ex-opera singer, I've had to leave more venues than I'd like to admit because my frequency is very strong. Boom...I'm googling around trying to find a reason for this and came acoss the book, 48 Laws of Power. by Robert Green. It's the 'psychopaths' bible for "success"....amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive. It's the numero uno informational guide for churches, rappers, get the idea....."life." You aren't like that. Most people want POWER. You are a sweet kid. I truly believe you'll be, okay!

Kazz said...

Hi Vis,

Luved the post! I am 100% in agreement with you about what is coming. It is going to be wonderful, for those who have travelled a certain path. Lately the divine keeps showing me things, like how to cure every disease known to man, how to stay under God's protection in regard to the law, and how to sustain a healthy body so I can more easily resonate with the divine to be come an even better receptor.

It doesn't matter what the Criminal Cabal does their days are numbered. They cannot harm your soul if you are heading in the right direction. Their threats and intimidation are not working any more. The people are seeing through the illusion as the veil comes down. Humanity has the solution to all the woes that trouble us currently, once the elite remove their suffocating clutches from us, which they will have to do to attempt to bring in their new system, humanity will burst forth like a flower in full bloom. The butterfly emerging from the cocoon. The light needed the dark to realize itself and now we have we can move on. Schools coming to a close people :o).

Luv Kazz



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