Thursday, April 27, 2023

"Love is The Power that Opens The Door Within... and Sustains Your Interest. Otherwise... You Will Lose Interest."

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The Breath of Life; that's what they call it, and... that's what it is. Legend has it that God blew The Breath of Life into Adam- (Namer of Things) In The Beginning. Breathing is the one thing we do more than anything else that we could have some control over. Our heart beats without our say-so. Lots of other actions go on without our say-so. I won't be getting into fight or flight or rest and digest.

All the diseases people catch happen with their say-so. They happen when one gets out of harmonic accord with Heaven and Nature. Staying in harmonic accord with life has a lot to do with your breathing.

Consider how our breathing can become agitated by our states of mind and the passions that occasionally or more than occasionally run amok through us. If you never got agitated, you might never get sick. Why do people get agitated? Attachments to form and bad interpretations of sensory input have a lot to do with that.

I'm not going to get into minutiae here. That could take all day and then some. Let me attempt to be as simple as I can. Since some people already consider me pretty simple, maybe... I can pull that off.

Okay... there are different parts to the nervous system, which is the top tier of our physical being. Actually... breathing is part of the unconscious actions that go on without our say-so, according to the people who don't know shit from barbecued chicken.

I do know the difference even though I don't eat either one. I prefer the shit that life tries to serve me to be presented in a portion cup so that I can leave it at the side of my plate.

Anyway... you can control your breathing, and I advise... given how The World operates... that you do control your breathing. You can control everything if you took the time to do so... including your heartbeat; a school of yogis does this, and this... and all those other controls... are connected to the control of the breath.

These fakir abilities don't interest me. God already has it set up the way he likes it, and I like to do it the way God likes it. In fact, I would like for God to be in control of, everything... I... do... and don't do. It keeps me out of trouble. I don't like trouble. I like serenity... tranquility... quiet walks on the beach... heh heh, BUT... I digress. Heck... I even like sex as long as my partner is luminous and invisible.

Learn to breathe. Maybe that is as much as I should say on the matter. The one who knows how to do all of these things, and everything that can be done; is resident within you, and all you gotta do is... ask. That one is sitting right there as you read these words.

I should mention that the other guy is in the neighborhood as well, AND... he's usually not cool about letting you go if he already has his hooks in you. This means you have to work at it and... ask for help.

You don't have to worry about that. Worrying about that is a problem. The one who rightly handles everything you could ever want to handle... can handle that guy too, which is why you shouldn't worry about it. Worrying about it implies that you're not all that sure that God can handle it.

All of your distress... discomfort... fear and apprehensions... and similar... are due to your not being sure that God can handle everything.

Thinking God can't handle everything means you imagine that you can handle everything or... do a better and more consistent job of it. God is perfectly fine with letting you have your way, which also means you getting advice and directions from... The Other Guy. This is what... most... people... do. I imagine you can see how that... generally... works for them.

Sometimes people handle it all very well... for a while. Sometimes they don't handle it well at all... most of the time. No one... and I mean... no one... handles it well all the time... on their own... because of The Purpose of Demonstration Factor.

I am FINALLY... in this latter stage of my immortal existence... (heh heh... that made no sense) coming to understand, IN A VISCERAL FASHION that it is preferable to have God live his life in mine and for me to become nothing more than a tool in the process. God is me when I am not being me.

This means that the separated persona... is the fallen angel... resisting the force and presence of God from expressing... in an unhindered passage... through me. God is non-intrusive. If you don't want to let him through, he... will... wait... you... out, during the process of you wearing yourself down... and out.

Conscious breathing is a way of bringing yourself into a state where God can reside in, and express through you. Meditation is the process whereby one accomplishes it. You could say that Meditation is the key to The Door Within, and Love is the power that opens The Door Within and sustains your interest because... otherwise you will lose interest.

When I was... unfortunately... on The Big Island for a year, on two occasions, I went to an ecstatic dance thing that happened every Sunday at this property that was owned by a couple of paranoid, rich, gay guys.

Here I saw people who cannot dance whatsoever, and who were actually deluded narcissistic exhibitionists. I could never stay more than a few minutes after it happened. Mostly I remember reading the promotional ads on the billboards there. (insert shrieking laughter).

Anyway, outside this big dance hall, filled with mental patients, were these performance artist yogis doing tandem couples yoga; I don't know what it's called, and once again, it was just a bunch of showing off... like they were on Venice Beach with someone passing the hat. These things are a... should be... private affair. Heaven doesn't enjoy public displays of what... should be... private enthusiasms.

I'm going to share a ritual of mine. You don't have to go to the islands to do it. You can do it somewhere out of sight of The World, but... in the sight of the only witnesses that matter.

This happens when The Sun is coming up. I sit in my basket chair and warm up with slow... deep... regular breathing. It doesn't take long to be ready. Then I inhale deeply and hold the breath while saying in thought; This vital life breath is transformed into Divine Prana which permeates me on every level of being... revitalizing and rejuvenating me and filling me with the optimism and confidence of The Sun.

Then I breathe out, saying... All negativity... all impurities... all shortcomings are now permanently eliminated from my being. I do this a dozen or more times a couple of times a day.. give or take.

You might think that is a lot to say while holding the breath. It is not. You could actually hold it longer than it took to say these things again, once you get into the flow of it. You have to take your time and build up to an ease and confidence in the process. You must feel this to be true while you are saying it. This is critically important! You must have certitude in the statement.

It so happens that what you are saying is real and true. Faith is The Substance of things unseen. So you need faith too. Faith... Certitude... and Determination, rightly and consistently applied can accomplish ANYTHING.

However... and this is also of critical importance... there is only one thing worth accomplishing and that is coming into unity with The Divine... coming into a conscious resonance with Heaven. Anything else will prove to be a disappointment at some point... unless it involves selfless service on behalf of Heaven, but that comes with the party-er of the first part.

You can change the words to suit your style. I can confirm that this is a powerful ritual, especially when done before The Altar of The Sun.

One is either living in the conscious awareness of God or one is not. It takes some getting there. The road is fraught with peril, and most of that is internal. Your mind is your greatest enemy, and potentially one of your very best friends. Until you get that sorted you will just be spinning your wheels. Make God the centerpiece of your life and naught else will really trouble you.

End Transmission.......

I'll be writing about Tucker Carlson tomorrow.

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Monday, April 24, 2023

"One of The Other Options The Blind Eye in The Pyramid has is The Holographic Jesus-in-The-Sky, 2nd Coming Caper."

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There is a strange... recurrent... and so far... inexplicable event that has been taking place across The Unites States since the 70s- if memory serves. There have been some decades involved. It is this seemingly impossible series of cattle mutilations.

Until recently it has been suggested that this is the work of aliens; much like crop circles and other unexplained phenomena.

People have been caught making crop circles, but there have been a number of them where no people seem to have been present. It is possible, with the production of certain vibrationary waves, to make geometric patterns appear in salt that has been spilled on a table or... cause water to form certain patterns. You can extrapolate from there.

The Deep State is becoming increasingly concerned about its survival. I am informed that they are getting the word from higher up, AND... lower down. I have known for some time that... once conditions get to a certain point, they intend to fake an alien invasion. Then they can Wizard-of-Oz the matter as the new overlords; same as the old overlords.

Technology has gotten to a fearsome state of possibility. What we don't know about is now dramatically more impressive than what we do know about. Hopefully, that sentence makes sense.

I know they have several options on the table, as they do their best not to go gentle into that dark night. A night... which for them... portends to be dark indeed, and definitely lacking in that dawn before the darkest that we always hear about when someone is trying to cheer us up or... lacking a someone to perform the necessary... that we tell ourselves... as we whistle past the graveyard.

One should always keep in mind that Ichabod Crane became a judge in another land or... so the story would have you believe. I think there's supposed to be some moral there... some allegorical implication... and yadda yadda said Visible... still whistling past the graves.

I never minded graveyards and often tripped in them night or day, having no small amount of Aghora sensibilities or... lack of sense whatsoever, depending on your perspective on the matter. I'd had the death thing clarified for me early on. The scariest thing I can think of is The Evil Within drumming up The Evil Without, and... I have been fortunate to have friends on ancillary bandwidths.

Nothing I know of... or can imagine... beats having The Divine in your life, and his agents as your invisible friends. It's like having to walk through bad neighborhoods with the meanest sonofabitch in The Valley, walking drag behind you... and walking point too.

One of the other options that the blind eye in the pyramid (not the real eye) has on the table is the holographic Jesus-in-the-sky, 2nd coming, caper. Surely you are aware of all those think tanks... where the Old Boy Network that couldn't get a diplomat or spy job... hangs their trenchcoats? It is in these think tanks where the incompetents born to privilege do their what-if strategizing.

It's not that much different from the writers in The Room that script soaps and shit-coms. Since all the weak sister losers went into recovery... nothing is funny anymore. Yikes! I can't believe I just said that. Well, it's too amusing to leave it out, so... moving right along. Cancel culture and weak bladders now account for why most people don't have fun anymore. I am not most people.

People are really in the dark about God. I mean... REALLY. God is one of the funniest and most fun-loving forces I... have... ever... met. I don't know who it is that most of the rest of you ran into that put that disapproving frown on your face, but... it's not the same cat I ran into.

The Frowning God is the other side of his nature that got stuck below. He's the hemorrhoidal guy with the white beard that has to sit around listening to harps all day. How would you feel if someone was harping on you all the time?

No! God is nothing like the sexually frustrated priests make him out to be. God loves sex. He's just not so hot on the entanglements that follow, so... usually... he bypasses that action, as I do myself, and... lest anyone get the idea that I know a lot about God, I... most... certainly... do... not, BUT... I do know a few things and that comes with the territory of looking for God, which I assure you I do know something about because... I found God.

I found God and he wasn't even lost to begin with. I was lost. Once I got found, God was right around the corner. He's always around the corner when it comes to describing him. That's just the best way to put it because... words fail. Words fall like cinderblocks from a cleft palate, when attempting to talk about God... unless you are a silver-tongued devil looking to get laid with The Prophet.

Human nature is something I have had a great deal of experience with, and that is not the same as knowing all about it because... I don't know all about anything, BUT... I have come to recognize patterns and trends because they have a way of repeating themselves, and... unless you are bone-deep stupid, you tend to notice that sort of thing; I certainly do.

Physiognomy and related sciences have been very helpful in giving me a clue. Our faces are a roadmap for anyone who has troubled to learn how to read them, and this is vastly assisted by an empathetic nature... where one can feel the pain of others, and... their joys too. To be down deep in the heart of the common folk is a trait of inestimable value.

Being an expert is one of the building blocks on the road to getting your ass kicked. God loves experts; well... God loves everyone, BUT... experts provide him with endless entertainment and amusement. They really make him laugh and this he has told me a time or two.

Even God doesn't know what's going to happen all the time because where would the fun in that be? Of course... he can know anything anytime he chooses to, BUT... he sets it up so that he does not on occasion... because he loves surprises.

The Sun is one of the ways that God smiles at you. It's a conscious smile and you can get into the sense of it all by accepting that all of The Devas of manifest nature are... living... conscious... beings.

Children see the forces and faces of nature as cartoons. Why do you think there are so many talking animals in the cartoons? Why do you think The Sun is a smiley face? Why do you think The Moon is an endless Rolodex of moods and mystery? You could say that something... got... added... in... the... process... of... reflection.

But... I digress. I have been in a state of digression for some time because all the important and lasting things cannot be said, but the overflowing fountain of love in the heart that discovered God-in-residence demands... absolutely insists... that you say something.

It is the reason The Sun shines so brightly, and The Stars would too, if they were closer to you. It is the real reason that The Sky is blue and The Grass is green. (most of the time)

It is the reason the dervishes spin. It is why the women dance in celebration of the ancient and eternal rhythms in The Circle of Life. It is why children laugh more than anyone else and where their energy comes from... right up until they grow up and get sucked into the same-old same-old.

There's a mystery here and until you solve it... you will suffer. Love is at the heart of the matter, and the reason this is not more generally understood is that Love is not understood. People tend to qualify love in a personal manner, and that makes it pedestrian and prosaic. It takes the very inspiration of freedom itself... and turns it into bondage.

Higher Love is impersonal, and... for my currency, that is the only love there is. That other love is simply the ping-ponging of desire in a (temporarily) magic mirror.

One has to learn to see everyone as The Beloved because it happens to be true. That is how God does it and is one of the keys to being God.

No matter how distasteful... hard... and selfish people may appear to be, that is still The Beloved in chains. The suffering continues because only the ones suffering have the keys to the chains... and have forgotten where they put them.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

"Then... There are Those Rare Points in Time... on The Clock of Destiny... When a Wider Awakening Comes to Pass."

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What lies ahead in the cities of The Damned? Urban tolerance organizations will be sponsoring an endangered feces act for coprophagic rights groups with 24/7 access to the sewers. Sanctuary cities will be announced for sexual predators and pedophiles. All colleges will have anti-whiteness hall monitors and reverse racism counselors, and be staffed with reversed kundalini practitioners.

It will be open season for every sexual attraction there is. Everything and anything can be done outdoors at any time. Do you think I exaggerate? I do not. Lawyers are already at work on all of this. No doubt there will be new laws for breathing... instituted by Climate activists... who have discovered that our exhaling causes a certain percentage of climate change. Could our thoughts be next?

There is really no limit to the absurdities that are being considered... by powerful men and women in government and industry... who are being inspired by The Father of Lies. The point of all of it is to create so much chaos that the public cries out for a halt to it, and laws created for your own good... will go into effect. The COVID scam was a trial run at total government control.

Fox News settled... in a show trial to defeat public awareness that the last election was rigged. The evidence of election interference was overwhelming... where did it go? Uh-huh. Dominion is a criminal enterprise. A tool of The Deep State. The Deep State is a land of perpetual darkness where creatures of The Pit hold sway over the minds of those given over to them.

In Times of Material Darkness, everyone fears what can be taken from them, and become willing to accept all manner of legal hindrances to secure their property. People are not rampaging in stores by accident. Hundreds of thugs are not roaming the streets with violent hearts, seeking whom they might destroy... by accident. Nothing is by accident.

Here is the integrity of having nothing that can be taken. You still have your honor. You have paid with impoverishment to afford the telling of truth. This is what the oppressors fear more than anything else; those with nothing to lose.

Here is what you must be aware of... in order to kick your fears to the curb. When great change comes upon The World, at the turning of The Age, there is turmoil everywhere. The infrastructure collapses. Food and water shortages begin to appear, and the transport of goods... and availability of services become... problematic.

At the turning of The Age, the culture is shaken to the core. People with no grip on any sense of reality devolve into ever more dramatic states of personal confusion and sexual delusion. The ascendant force of The Divine Feminine is hitting certain demographics with more force than they can process, and it is leading to bizarre acting-out, and a constantly shifting identity focus. Things fall apart.

Things fall apart outside when things fall apart inside. Those with no grip on reality lose every sense of it. Anything can be real. This happens in street culture and boardroom culture as woke nonsense infiltrates every area of life. Woke is The Anti-Awakening. You have to recognize that it is all a phase... a passing phase, which may well pass into even more troubling phases. You should not be troubled. All of these phases are zone-specific.

You have to be anchored to something. You must get your sense of what is, from... what... is. When you do, what is not... cannot trouble you.

A rudderless generation... schooled by perverts who are schooled by sociopaths... has been released upon the public with no sense of purpose or direction. Everything has become a pawn of the immediacy of The Moment. All of what you presently see... that reflects so many disturbing trends... has come about since the appearance of personal computers... cellphones... and Social Media. Children are no longer instilled with a sense of The Past, so tradition and rules of behavior... the connection between generations... is being lost.

The collective perspective of The Past... in the minds of the young... is being shaped to fit the agendas of those who seek to rule over the... new... world... coming. History was already bunk, as Henry Ford observed, now it is a tool in the hands of those who shape the collective beliefs of emerging generations.

Few are being taught useful skills. Few know how to survive in any real emergency. The idea is that you call someone, and... they don't show up. If they do show up... they are as likely to arrest you as they are the people troubling you. Those whom we are not allowed to criticize... find their identity becoming more and more known at large. What they are doing is creating entirely new segments of people you cannot criticize, as a buffer zone between them and the rest of The World.

THEY... are panicking... mostly because of what is going on in their hearts and minds... which they do not understand... and cannot control. An irresistible force is now loose in the human consciousness, AND.. depending on your state of conscious evolution... and your motivations and intentions... on that depends how it impacts you, and how you react to it.

Materialism has made large groups of people STUPID... near unconscious and comatose with carnal dreams. For the masses who are swept up in it... to different levels of intensity and belief in it... this did not just happen recently. It has been coming for some time. It has been coming over the course of lifetimes, as souls have persisted in specific directions for the purpose of specific experiences... based on degrees of interest, or... fascination; if you prefer.

This is ALL Karma... acting out on The Manifest Plane. Nothing here on the material plane is worth having... or chasing after... or fighting over, but... that is what people do... endlessly... it seems. They are collectively going to discover the truth of this in the process of what has been arranged for them; precisely arranged in every individual case.

We are all moving into a finer state of collective spiritual awareness.. relative to the level of awareness in every... individual case. Some will go eagerly... passionately willing. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming. Why will they be dragged? It is because they are gripping so tightly to insubstantial dreams... hallucinations... they caused to solidify into an appearance of reality... by long bouts of attention given to them.

We are like The Sun in miniature. What we shine on grows into being before our attentive gaze, forged into shapes by the fires of desire, AND aspiration... from the purity or perversity of our intentions it becomes beautiful or monstrous... by the power of the quality of our love.

It is the Karma also of those deceiving the masses and leading them to perdition. Long periods pass in which Karma is made and stored up for times to come, and always the time of the moment is the particular time for a particular Karma to meet its resolution. Then... there are those rare points in time on The Clock of Destiny when Judgment and a wider awakening come to pass. We are on the verge of this now.

I do not know how many will be caught up... swept up... in The Great Culling. It will... I suspect... be in numbers that have not been seen before, in that time when The Quick and The Dead become a reality, and the souls of those present are flung far and wide, but with a divine precision... to that further land that their aspirations and efforts have accorded them. In my Father's House are many mansions. The same can be said for The Father of Lies. Oh... how many Bardos and waiting rooms there are.

The swirling and tempestuous dance of The Divine Mother; Whirling Prakriti. All of it held in place by the ceaseless meditations of the ineffable, who doesn't use caps because its work speaks for itself. Now it rises and now it falls. The Cosmic rhythms of breath go in and out. The Music of the Spheres individualizes in planets passing in singular notes, born out of The Eternal Om, and... destiny proceeds... in its never-ending denouements; their gravitational passage through the realm of time.

If you have business here, you will find it here, over and over, again and again... world without end... in the burning rings of manifest desire. Sirius watches its material self go chasing its tail. The constellations move through the vastness of space, and for those who care, there is a world beyond all of this. The promise of it remains through the infinities of those forever losing their way in search of themselves.

That is my destination, that world beyond, resident in the deepest part of within. Others have gone before. I only have to follow the tracks they have left for me... and you.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, April 14, 2023

"The World Cries All Around You with Bleeding Mouths of Longing. It Wants to Suck You Down Into a Hole of Darkness."

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We know that COVID was a scam. It barely deserves further mention. If you don't know this is/was a Deep State operation by now, you likely won't be around much longer anyway, nor remember ever having been here, to begin with. Still... this deserves dishonorable mention. As ever... Cui Bono!!!

WOW!!! They deleted the tweet. It was a list of what doctors got paid (per victim) to induce the public to get the Killer Vaccines; dutchsinse (the earthquake guy) put it up. Maybe you can find it. It turns into a whole lotta money.

Well... found it again. Let's hope it stays for a bit.

The World is a trick of the mind, seen through a filter of desires... appetites... and ambitions. The child reaches out for the mobile over its crib; pretty colors... wants to put them in its mouth. Right from the beginning, the hunger pangs are mistaken. It seems to all be outside you. In point... of... fact... it is all inside you. The World is a projection. It is also... can be... effortlessly controlled from within.

Everyone engaging The World outside, as if it were the real world, is fundamentally deceived, and... there is nothing you can tell anyone about it. They have to discover this on their own. The Suffering and pain are relentless due to; Original... Mistaken... Identity. The World is an Ocotillo grove filled with angry cattle. You need mental and emotional chaps if you want to ride through it.

What you really need is... indifference. You need to develop sustained detachment. The World cries all around you with bleeding mouths of longing. It wants to suck you down into a hole of darkness... where time has weight. It wants to wrap you in chains of desire... through infatuation with temporary things. They will hold your attention all through your life, and then... when you are spent, it will dawn on you that you wasted your time; you could have been doing something important.

You can climb on the mountain tops. You can climb on a soap box. You can scream about the deceptions, but... you will never manage to compete against the high winds that blow out of the jet streams of The World's desires. The World is a place of passing fancy. It is a department store with 7 floors but the way to the higher floors is blocked and under construction. The stairwells are there but the steps are not. The steps must be formed in The Imagination.

What is formed in The Imagination must then precipitate through the stages of manifestation into material form. The first three floors are crowded with all the action that takes place between birth and death. Nearly all of it is meaningless... and soon forgotten. The ant hills hum with activity until they are disturbed. Then they hum with a more inflamed and energetic activity until all has been made well again.

Humanity... through its changes... is not like an ant hill. The motivation of the ants is for the common good. With Humanity... sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. In Times of Material Darkness, it is everyone for themselves.

You might wonder how The Medical Community of doctors and nurses, and all the ancillary forces of EMTs and laboratory workers... pharmaceutical salesmen... administrators and secretaries... specialists in all the fields... you might wonder how an industry based on first causing no harm can cause so much harm. It is no wonder to me. Doctors are much like lawyers. Generally not very many people in those professions believe in God. They believe in Science, BUT... what they really believe in is... money.

The allopathic sector of medical practice is a death-dealing cult. They are all about suppressing the symptoms of disease, which... brings the pharmaceutical industry into the mix. They make the shit that helps the body to pretend that nothing is wrong. What is fundamentally wrong with everyone... that is not genetic... is lifestyle generated, and... whatever is genetic is generated by previous lifestyles from an unremembered time.

Now they've gotten to the point where they invent diseases so they can sell you the cure. Sometimes... the disease doesn't even exist. You can see... from recent events... just how stupid Humanity has gotten through its intoxication with Material Culture. They are now willing to buy invisible pigs that fly... and then turn into monsters that eat them from the inside out.

When a culture is sick, everyone in the culture starts to get sick until sickness is just one of the costs of doing business in a sick culture. You get antibiotics for this, and antibiotics for that, which incrementally weaken The Immune System, that is until diminishing returns show up and the antibiotics no longer work.

Then there are vaccines... many, many, many vaccines. These also weaken The Immune System. Those of us with healthy immune systems don't get sick in the first place, and... when we do... through some kind of temporary fever... it is simply the body routinely eliminating poisons. This is a natural event. The key is to go lay down until it passes.

In the latter stages of Materialism... which is also a fever... it does not eliminate poisons. It injects poisons into the physical system through (drum roll) The Mind and Emotions, and... yeah... sometimes directly into the body as well.

Modern life creates boatloads of toxic stress and inflammation on invisible planes of being that... also... precipitate into manifestation on The Material Plane. First, you get sick in your mind or... you get sick in your heart... and then, ta-dah! You get sick in your body... cause you reaped the consequences of precisely what you sowed.

When I say heart... it is both metaphorically and literally so because... everything depends on the quality of your blood and the level of its purity. People who know how to breathe, which is practically no one... (because of the force of The World in creating Stress on your invisible planes) understand the 3-fold nature of breathing.

You breathe in. You breathe out, and... you hold the breath on the intake action... for a short period of time, depending... on... your... intentions... at the time, so that the heart can do what it needs to do in purifying the blood.

If you hold The Mind within specific parameters. If you can empty it at will, and monitor all of the traffic otherwise... if you can quiet the emotions by arresting their responses to trigger-zones that got imprinted on your being from unconscious reactive actions in previous times... if you can then maintain the body in a state of equilibrium, you will get a cookie and a pat on the head. (grin)

Actually... it's a little more than that and I've never found cookies or pats on the head to be motivation for anything, but... that's me. Many people will do almost anything for a cookie and a pat on the head... literally and metaphorically. I am not one of them, and I am much more likely to bake my own cookies than to buy and eat anything that was not made with Love.

That doesn't mean I don't buy things at the store, and The World of the moment makes hypocrites and liars out of every one of us if we don't watch what we think... and say... and do. However... that's where blessings come in. That's where prayers and attendant actions come into play. Blessings and Prayers are purification rites.

The entire world of Light Magic opens up to the purified. Yes... The World is de facto going to make you dirty. It will do worse than that; corruption is a deeper and more persistent state of dirty. When you were a kid, your mother washed you. At some point, you took over that side of the operation with mixed results.

Some of us long to be clean again and are not resistant to what might be required to accomplish it. Showering more often is not going to cut it. Some of the nastiest sociopaths on Earth are clean freaks. Especially the atheists among them, which includes all of them... cause denial of God is the first step to becoming a sociopath. So... what do you do? You go back to your mother... your real mother and she will gladly restore you to a more pristine state of being. It might take a while, BUT... what else are you doing anyway? Yeah.

Also... you might want to go to The Sun. I have heard it said that sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Try to make it clear to your mind, which is a tool and nothing more, that everything of any importance DOES NOT all exist and happen on the physical plane, and neither does your relationship with The Divine Mother or The Sun. When you sit before the altar of The Sun, it is possible to open every floor in your department store to the healing and transforming rays of his living light, AND... once again... precipitation comes into play.

This has been a simplistic primer and you are expected to extrapolate on the implications. You are expected to adapt it to your own understanding. You'll know you're on the right track when The Divine Mother starts giving you cookies and The Sun pats you on the head.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

"It's not Poison Unless You are Poisonous. It Takes The Form You Give It, Depending on What Rules Your World."

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In the spirit of strange WTF; here is an amusing take on The Dallying Lama. I come neither to praise nor to bury The Lama. My personal disconnect with the fellow is the same one I have with Mother Teresa; their lives did not match up with their hype. When people are too chummy with The Power Brokers, it makes me wonder. People who smile all the time also make me wonder... if they are Short Bus material... or serial deceivers.

Let me not be unkind; being world famous is no walk in the park. Gladhanding becomes a necessary part of one's defensive strategies; if only to ease around people you don't want to have a conversation with. You're in 'dammed if you do and dammed if you don't' territory, and a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes attends your daily passage without respite.

Whenever I focus on a particular individual, information seems to flow toward me and a profile materializes in my mind (Patanjali speaks of this); a mental plane image with missing parts... because we never know the whole story about anyone, most especially ourselves; however many selves... in however many phases of transiting change... that may amount to.

It's hard being famous, and... from my perspective, no fun either. You usually have to be a terrible person to enjoy being famous, and most people who are famous spent a lot more time getting to be famous than they ever did working on themselves, especially... these... days. The result is that you possess no real-life skills, and wind up having to be constantly accompanied by PR flacks because you are constantly out of your depth.

A Superficial mindset is a real cross to bear.

You're surrounded by people who don't give a shit about you, and all of them work overtime to keep any real friends you may have at a distance. This also means you spend all of your time around people you don't like, (and for good reason) and whose own best interests do not involve any sincere interest in you... other than as a cash machine.

I've known famous people and been around them. I see what goes on. I hear about what goes on. Early in my travels, I decided I didn't like famous people as much as I did people who weren't famous except to me. As I also happened to be an artist in several fields, it was unavoidable that I would be around The Fame Engines; “Hey! What kind of fuel do you put in that puppy?” The fuel you put in that puppy is... you.

God let me know that that was not the road he intended for me to take. I kept working at it anyway. The number of times that someone died, the day before... or the week before they were going to hook me up with Willie Nelson or some other name artist is several times+. You can imagine how many other permutations there were as well.

I didn't get it though. I always chalked it up to 'the breaks', 'paying your dues', etc. It became chronic for me, but I was indomitable. Finally... God took mercy on me and clarified the matter.

He told me he had other things in mind for me, and it saved me terrible heartaches down the road. He told me I'd been famous already a number of times and he was sparing me the ordeal this go-round.

He also told me it was a signature role of mine to be famous after I moved on, or... an obscure personality who could have been someone else. He topped it off with something like, “Well what do you know? It's happening again. Surely... the name, Les Visible should have been a clue but that went right by you, didn't it?”

No one does ironic snark like God. No one has that sense of humor that echoes like a seemingly endless “hello!” a Utah canyon... where the meaning can change over and over again until you discover you have been laughing for some time already. I used to spend entire days like this, tripping my brains out in Lady Nature's Wilderness Gardens, alone... but, oh my... never alone. My invisible friends were always around. Her Ladyship was the most prominent of my companions except for The Sun.

I used to think this happened to everyone.

This kind of thing can lead to long bouts of brutal indifference and scorn born of suspicion and fear. People like this don't fit in. You have to come to terms with that at some point, AND... when Fame is involved... it is, most often, badly handled.

I used to marvel at all those guys who trailed after the pretty girls with the brains of a chipmunk. It did not take me long to see how often they deeply regretted catching them. It's something like trophy wives. I had a girlfriend already. She was there when I arrived here, and she'll be there when I go. She is ALWAYS with me. It's taken a lifetime to realize what has actually been going on all the time.

People are the main subject in many different kinds of stories. For most, it is a pedestrian journey through the same old same old. Some of us wind up as cautionary tales. Some of us become fables. Some of us become a song God sang because we got out of the way enough for him to sing it, and didn't insist on singing it ourselves and winding up noticeably out of key. Life is a mystery. This you can be certain of, regardless of your inability to decipher it.

I guess what I am saying is that everything comes with a price tag. If you chase The World and all of its false promises, that has one price. If you pursue God with your whole heart, it still has a cost, but one you are most grateful to endure.

On the one hand, you MAY gain the accolades of The World for a time, but you will most certainly be forgotten. Many of the most famous become footnotes in some tedious bibliography of people behaving badly. On the other hand... you are made an immortal before... a large invisible audience... that surrounds us all and that... inexplicably... most are completely unaware of or... they would not do the things they do.

The reason I went off in this direction today is to point out something that is increasingly coming to my attention... more and more... and with ever-greater intensity. The presence of The Avatar, in advance of his arrival... is unsettling people from top to bottom. The high and low of us are being driven crazy because we are unable to process the force of it. From the Dali Lama to Joe Six Pack, from heads of state to the homeless and wretched refugees, they are all being made mad at the weakest link.

The sexual insanities are a marvel to behold. Sexual force is one of the most powerful in The Universe. It's like rookies trying to control a fire hose. It's not pretty. The cheering sections are uglier still. It can kill you, and it usually does... or it can give you eternal life. In Times of Material Darkness, the latter is a rarity.

Others are chasing power... wealth... fame. These are all permutations of the sexual force directed to specific ends. You always have to sublimate it... for a time... if you want your ambitions to succeed. Of course... this has been the way of The World since we started keeping a record of it, AND... long, long, long before that as well.

Now we find ourselves in one of those strange interludes that come around at such rare intervals that no one you know, (and just about everyone you don't know) remembers anything about it. The World Changer is on the horizon, and even well before he gets here, the force of it has kicked over the hornet's nest.

Many hornets are enraged; atavistic fears are the culprit. Even worse... the hornets are invisible. People are getting stung and the poison affects them in many different ways. It's not really poison unless you are poisonous. It takes the form you give it, depending on what rules your world.

This is why The World is going crazy, and it will get even crazier before it smooths out. The really crazy ones are at the top of the food chain. You see the influence of their particular form of crazy everywhere these days. They are trying to put a brave face on it, BUT... inside... they are terrified. They are terrified that they might not succeed in subduing and controlling The World. The truth is that they will not succeed. They will fail in spectacular fashion.

I am not alarmed. I am not frantically tossing this way and that in search of rest or release. I have my invisible friends to thank for that. I know that many of you are also finding a deeper certitude, despite the howling madness that rolls over The World like some massive weather front. You understand as well as I do that this is the storm before the calm. God is real, my friends. God is real.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, April 06, 2023

"It Is Out of This Hum that All Things are Materialized into Specific Vibrations for Their Singularity of Being."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When I first began to study The Tarot through The Builders of The Adytum, one of the first things I learned was to imprint the image on the Subconscious. The Subconscious is like a child and it sees and communicates in pictures. Children basically live in The Subconscious in their early years. Usually... The Self-Conscious doesn't crystalize until later on. Puberty plays a big part in that, though it continues to develop... usually... into the early '20s.

The Tarot cards are a series of portrayals that represent the cosmic archetypes that operate through and around humanity. I am only talking about the 22 Major Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana have to do with elemental and numerological progressions in ordinary life. I don't really address them because I have little interest in ordinary life. (grin)

One is encouraged to meditate on the cards for 5 minutes at a time, in order to impress and imprint them into The Subconscious. The objective is to cause these images to vibrate into The Subconscious and set up a resonance with the indwelling archetypes and draw them forth into the field of Personality.

Ultimately... it is to merge the personal will with The Cosmic Will to the end of completing The Great Work. This results in The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. This is who speaks through The Intuition. Once The Voice of God is audibly talking to you, your part in the process is over, except to hold still.

These archetypes can also be referred to, in part, as The Qualities of God. These are the great treasures that are stored up where moth and rust do not corrupt. I no longer use The Tarot in my daily meditations because that which they were meant to activate, did get activated. I do have them circling the walls of my room... up against the ceiling where they can remind me.

For the couple of decades that I took the lessons, designed by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davis, they came to dominate my existence, and still remain one of the greatest resources for spiritual teaching that I have EVER encountered.

There have been a few other teachers that made an impact on me; Paramhansa Yogananda... Swami Vivekananda... Mikhail Aivanhov... Guru Bawa... Lord Vivasvan... Lord Amitabha. These are some of my invisible friends, but... not all of them. Certainly, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order... The Lord Jesus Christ and the archangel Gabriel deserve a mention as lasting influences.

Now... in recent times, I have discovered another source and that is The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There is also the text version, for those who want to follow along with the audio or use it as a standalone. I bring it up again because of the value of imprinting on The Subconscious.

In order to successfully imprint anything on The Subconscious, one needs to do it repeatedly and attentively. Often... we gloss over things and they never go any deeper into our thoughts. In Times of Material Darkness, people cruise over the surface of life. Trivia becomes an art form, in literal and observable fashion like the works of Warhol and others who celebrated the superficial aspects of existence. We live in the age of processed foods, and insta-pop-up throwaways; the effluvia of a disposable culture.

If we go no deeper into ourselves we become shallow and uniformed puppets of The Manipulators, Pogo-sticking our way through life, like Nike and Budweiser's new poster-thing. Unfortunately... that is the case with the majority of us.

We don't want to know about anything deeper. It might take effort. It might require dramatic change. No... better just to call Amazon and Door-Dash and get the important essentials brought to our door; is this really what we came here for? Of course not, and many of us will pay the price when we are left with no more than the transitory things that occupied our attention; none of which will continue on with us when we leave here.

Our attention is a matter of Life and Death. Don't pay attention and see what happens. Those who can hold their attention on something are capable of Concentration, which is the secret of The Magical Art. So it is that we have come round to the point of this essay.

I have been regularly listening to Patanjali's Sutras several times a day in ten to fifteen-minute bursts. It is not good to listen overlong. It is ONLY useful to listen for as long as you can hold your attention on what you are hearing. I follow along with the text because it really helps me to concentrate on what I am hearing.

I rigidly fix my attention on what is being said and read. I absorb it into The Subconscious. I imprint it. I do it again and again, and I will do it relentlessly many times more BECAUSE... I want to make it a part of me. This is what happens when you fixate it into The Subconscious... where it percolates, AND... eventually brings it to the surface mind in flashes of illumination. This is already happening to me, right while I read and hear the text.

Unfortunately... now and again, the text does not match up with the spoken words. This is a minor concern and I do not let minor concerns affect me. I try not to even let major concerns affect me unless they are of a positive nature.

I don't know how it is for the rest of you, but my life is filled with watershed moments that alter... enhance... or emphasize the course of my life. My life is only important to me for so long as I can learn about The Supernal Realm and progress toward a unity with The Divine. This I am doing by making The Word flesh. This I am doing by tattooing... branding... and carving this teaching into The Virgin Subconscious. This is the sex act that I engage in.

These are the seeds and efforts I sow, and these are the fruits I WILL reap. I do not concern myself with the cost or the work involved. I have no other interests save for coming into a resonance with The Divine and a harmony with all life.

The Sutras speak of Powers to be gained. I care not for The Powers. I do care for The Stations of Consciousness. If certain powers lead to abilities that facilitate my inward progress, I am pursuing them with my whole heart.

Several times a day, I enter The Cathedral of Lady Nature and I sit before The Altar of The Sun and partake in a communion of light... exemplifying that I do not live by bread alone.

There is an eternal hum that permeates existence, and it is from this hum that all life forms and objects are materialized into the specific vibrations that account for their singularity of being, by... the... process... of... adaptation, which is the particular means by which The Operation of The Sun is accomplished.

I would not hold myself up as any kind of an example of righteousness. I certainly would not recommend the paths I tread to get here, BUT... one thing I can say with authority is that I did get... inexplicably... to where I desired to go. From here... everything that follows is in The Hands of God through the medium of his angels. What I am saying is that this is possible for anyone else who might be so inspired to aspire. Aspiration being the higher octave of Desire.

People do the same things every day with mind-numbing predictability. Why not do the same things every day with enthusiasm and joy? If these are expressions of Right Intention and Right Effort then Joy and Enthusiasm you will have. This is where the power-to-do comes from, and why everything else is such a meaningless and Sisyphean Labor.

MAKE IT MEAN SOMETHING or... don't bother. If it is your preference to eat, and breathe, and all the other things that having a body requires of you, in a perfunctory and uninspired manner, I doubt that Heaven will be much impressed, and you will... as is eternally the case, reap precisely what you have sown. Do not live an unexamined and uninspired life.

May God spark and galvanize each and every one of you to a higher destiny; that destiny which is your birthright to accomplish, if... you think that might be something that interests you.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 03, 2023

"It's Like a Fire Hose in Many Ways, and Easily as Powerful in The Hands of Those... Who... Cannot... Control... It."

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Wow! This Pop-Tart World. This shooting gallery of attractions and aversions. This Land of Here-and-Gone. The Land of Moving On. The Land of Coming to, and Fleeing From. Poof! The Magician waves his wand; now you see it, now you don't. Not all dreams come true. Hardly any dreams come true with any degree of accuracy. One of the main reasons is that The Dream is always changing. Those focused dreams that don't change are already a success upon arrival, but... most... dreams... change.

“I didn't think it would hurt so much,” he said. “I didn't think it would be like this,” she said.

Much of the pain comes from getting what you wanted that you no longer want. It comes from not knowing what you want. It comes from having to discard what you thought you wanted, along with the person who thought they wanted it.

Consider the oddities like the material self-absorption of Dollywood... the Las Vegas ideal of success... Biblical amusement parks in Florida... all of the places created to celebrate the here-and-not-here coming and going of material torpor; I have no right to judge. This is their dream.

Crazy it may be, but why should I piss over the railing? I wouldn't want others pissing on mine; Elton John... Bruce Springsteen... Madonna... all the faces of our time... here now and soon to be gone. They slowly ease (and sometimes not so slowly) into the ridiculous. They become lampoons of themselves, AND... history is not kind.

They are playing a role. So am I. I thank God for the one I am given, and every day, I think, when I see someone headed for Dreadful Epiphany... “there but for fortune goes I.” Ah... the wonders of existence in this dream of life.

Here is the big ticket item=

Death is an illusion. All that funereal bullshit... the grieving... the hoopla... and artifice... it's not real. No one dies, everyone changes. That's the good news and the bad news. Dreams die. Dreamers don't. Each of us is infused with a particle of Eternal Divine Light. We may go into darkness and lose our way, but the light shines in perpetuity no matter the countryside through which we travel. If you want to be sad at a funeral. If that person was a misguided soul, then you have a reason. If you need a reason.

The bigger the hearses and limousines, the bigger the fool contained therein. Death is part of The Market Economy. It's brought to you by the same people who say, “Hey! You only live once.” BULLSHIT!

There is no point or purpose in grieving. If they lived a righteous life, your heart should swell and tremble with an overflowing of joy in their departure from this veil of tears. I've never felt sorrow when someone dies unless they walked in darkness to their point of departure. Even then, I know... there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how distant in time it may be.

When I was 21, I had a massive Kundalini experience. It stayed at full power for many weeks. Then it stayed as a focus of Will for much longer, and it was during this time that I was imprisoned; but not really because I was freer than my friends outside. Then it stayed consistent for a year or two, and then it went into a spiraling descent into the chaos and depravity of material life. Then it intensified in the same direction, BUT...

Kundalini is a cleansing fire and slowly... but surely... it burned through the haze of material distortion. One day... late in this phase of the game... it broke free enough for me to see the goalposts. Now it continues and cannot be halted by ANYTHING or ANYONE. It was necessary for The Living Light to rub my nose in material distortion... to leave me... seemingly... unguided and unaided for years and years, BUT... that was a distortion too.

At intervals of years, Lady Kundalini came again and again. She is no friend to Materialism, and if she visits you and you attempt to focus your mind on anything of material culture, she will burn it down before your eyes. She is a jealous sort. Nothing could be more terrible than if she left you to your attractions and affectations. Fortunately... she knows what she is doing. Even if you do not.

Kundalini is a cleansing fire and it moves at its own pace... scouring the one in whom it occurs... of all corruption and distortion. It is not a quick fix. It is certainly not pain-free. It is a cycle of deaths and rebirths in continuous flow. It cannot be resisted by the host. The whole of the force of it is toward Unity. It burns away the illusion of The Separated Self in The Separated Mind. No temporary prison of material attraction or distraction can hold its attention. It is the essential... cosmic spirit... of implacably moving on.

Sooner or later the mid-point is passed and human sorrow appears in the rearview mirror. The cities of The World disappear into the distance behind, and even the smell of their burning fades, as does every attraction they mocked up as something worth having. All the broken dreams and puerile desires are transformed into a fountain of overflowing love and adoration for The Shining One within.

The whole of The World is a striving for union. In The Carnal Realm, it is the lower sexual drive for union. In The Spiritual Realm, it is the higher sexual drive for union. The former is a fascination with The Outer World. The latter is a fascination with The Inner World. It is the same force. On the one hand, it is coarse. On the other hand, it is refined. That's all there is to it.

It is sex that is the main focus. One is copulation for temporary satiation, and the other is for eternal union. The Atheists see it one way, The Faithful another. There is a simple difference in the objectives of the two perspectives of mind. It is a single fire that either consumes The World or The False Self. This is the true meaning of Jihad. The fires that the sinners burn in are the same fire that the saints dance and rejoice in. To each is given the rewards of their quest.

On the low end it is Desire. On the high end, it is Aspiration; As above... so below. The very force that binds you is the force that... rightly directed... sets you free; "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil." Desire is the agent of God's will. It's like a fire hose in many ways, and easily as powerful in the hands of those who cannot control it... BECAUSE... they cannot hold the focus. They cannot concentrate the direction of the flow. This is the single purpose of Meditation; to train the mind to hold the focus. It is the labor of lifetimes.

In The World of the moment, THEY are very serious about Perversity. Budweiser 'the piss of beers' has a new spokes-creature; sadder Bud no Weiser. Observe how relentless they are! Look at it! Surely you can see The World teetering on The Abyss. This is all part of The Program. As often as it happens in a cyclical fashion, still... no one remembers the last time it came around.

For those who believe only in what they can see, it is a terrifying spectacle. However... GOD IS REAL! Living and conscious. Eternally present. Forever separating the wheat from the chaff. Now and again comes The Apocalypse and one Biblical plague after another. For those who have lost their way in dreams of flesh, GOD... will inform them... of the error of their ways; “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

This has been a test of The Emergency Broadcast System. If it had been a real emergency, you would already have been relocated. Don't worry. It happens over... and over... and over again. You can count on it to happen over... and over... and over again UNTIL YOU WAKE UP! Ground Hog Day is a reality for many. Crises will come, and they will get more and more intense UNTIL YOU WAKE UP!

Look at what is happening all around you. Look at the masses adjusting themselves to each new outrage; “maybe it I cooperate they won't single me out. Maybe they won't notice me if I stay completely still.” Good luck with that.

You HAVE TO get it clear in your mind that this is all a part of a Divine Plan... and that you have been adjusting to the wrong thing. The point is to get you to keep adjusting and adapting until you are completely bent out of shape. You will get no mercy from that quarter. You are looking in the wrong direction, and... you are going the wrong way. Seek God. Strive hard. You have powerful friends. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

End Transmission.......

Several times each day, I listen to portions of the audiobook of Patanjali's Sutras.

This is book 1 only.
Visit the link above to go to a page where you can listen to all four books.

I also follow along with the text.

Mouse over / tap the document to scroll

For some reason, occasionally, the text does not match up with the audio. Heh heh, kind of like life eh? So I stop and give my attention to both. Rarely... in recent times... have I come across a material representation of The Truth that is so powerful and profound as this, AND... as is the case with all enduring works of Ageless Wisdom... it is simple and precise.

I highly recommend that you avail yourself of what is to be found here. Very seldom do I recommend anything. I usually just transmit... to the extent of my abilities... what I hear internally. I will... in all likelihood... listen to and read this dozens and dozens of times. It's now in rotational play with The Gita and other things that repeat with me each day.

I likely won't be bringing this up again any time soon, though I hope to put it into the sidebars of the blogs.

For the second time in recent days, I received a notice that a warning was being attached to my posts due to the subject matter. That part of The World... that is pressing humanity's head... down into the darkness and swill of material depravity... also owns Blogger. We'll see how it goes from here. As has been stated a number of times, look to GAB if they try to close up shop here.

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