Tuesday, April 11, 2023

"It's not Poison Unless You are Poisonous. It Takes The Form You Give It, Depending on What Rules Your World."

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In the spirit of strange WTF; here is an amusing take on The Dallying Lama. I come neither to praise nor to bury The Lama. My personal disconnect with the fellow is the same one I have with Mother Teresa; their lives did not match up with their hype. When people are too chummy with The Power Brokers, it makes me wonder. People who smile all the time also make me wonder... if they are Short Bus material... or serial deceivers.

Let me not be unkind; being world famous is no walk in the park. Gladhanding becomes a necessary part of one's defensive strategies; if only to ease around people you don't want to have a conversation with. You're in 'dammed if you do and dammed if you don't' territory, and a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes attends your daily passage without respite.

Whenever I focus on a particular individual, information seems to flow toward me and a profile materializes in my mind (Patanjali speaks of this); a mental plane image with missing parts... because we never know the whole story about anyone, most especially ourselves; however many selves... in however many phases of transiting change... that may amount to.

It's hard being famous, and... from my perspective, no fun either. You usually have to be a terrible person to enjoy being famous, and most people who are famous spent a lot more time getting to be famous than they ever did working on themselves, especially... these... days. The result is that you possess no real-life skills, and wind up having to be constantly accompanied by PR flacks because you are constantly out of your depth.

A Superficial mindset is a real cross to bear.

You're surrounded by people who don't give a shit about you, and all of them work overtime to keep any real friends you may have at a distance. This also means you spend all of your time around people you don't like, (and for good reason) and whose own best interests do not involve any sincere interest in you... other than as a cash machine.

I've known famous people and been around them. I see what goes on. I hear about what goes on. Early in my travels, I decided I didn't like famous people as much as I did people who weren't famous except to me. As I also happened to be an artist in several fields, it was unavoidable that I would be around The Fame Engines; “Hey! What kind of fuel do you put in that puppy?” The fuel you put in that puppy is... you.

God let me know that that was not the road he intended for me to take. I kept working at it anyway. The number of times that someone died, the day before... or the week before they were going to hook me up with Willie Nelson or some other name artist is several times+. You can imagine how many other permutations there were as well.

I didn't get it though. I always chalked it up to 'the breaks', 'paying your dues', etc. It became chronic for me, but I was indomitable. Finally... God took mercy on me and clarified the matter.

He told me he had other things in mind for me, and it saved me terrible heartaches down the road. He told me I'd been famous already a number of times and he was sparing me the ordeal this go-round.

He also told me it was a signature role of mine to be famous after I moved on, or... an obscure personality who could have been someone else. He topped it off with something like, “Well what do you know? It's happening again. Surely... the name, Les Visible should have been a clue but that went right by you, didn't it?”

No one does ironic snark like God. No one has that sense of humor that echoes like a seemingly endless “hello!” ...in a Utah canyon... where the meaning can change over and over again until you discover you have been laughing for some time already. I used to spend entire days like this, tripping my brains out in Lady Nature's Wilderness Gardens, alone... but, oh my... never alone. My invisible friends were always around. Her Ladyship was the most prominent of my companions except for The Sun.

I used to think this happened to everyone.

This kind of thing can lead to long bouts of brutal indifference and scorn born of suspicion and fear. People like this don't fit in. You have to come to terms with that at some point, AND... when Fame is involved... it is, most often, badly handled.

I used to marvel at all those guys who trailed after the pretty girls with the brains of a chipmunk. It did not take me long to see how often they deeply regretted catching them. It's something like trophy wives. I had a girlfriend already. She was there when I arrived here, and she'll be there when I go. She is ALWAYS with me. It's taken a lifetime to realize what has actually been going on all the time.

People are the main subject in many different kinds of stories. For most, it is a pedestrian journey through the same old same old. Some of us wind up as cautionary tales. Some of us become fables. Some of us become a song God sang because we got out of the way enough for him to sing it, and didn't insist on singing it ourselves and winding up noticeably out of key. Life is a mystery. This you can be certain of, regardless of your inability to decipher it.

I guess what I am saying is that everything comes with a price tag. If you chase The World and all of its false promises, that has one price. If you pursue God with your whole heart, it still has a cost, but one you are most grateful to endure.

On the one hand, you MAY gain the accolades of The World for a time, but you will most certainly be forgotten. Many of the most famous become footnotes in some tedious bibliography of people behaving badly. On the other hand... you are made an immortal before... a large invisible audience... that surrounds us all and that... inexplicably... most are completely unaware of or... they would not do the things they do.

The reason I went off in this direction today is to point out something that is increasingly coming to my attention... more and more... and with ever-greater intensity. The presence of The Avatar, in advance of his arrival... is unsettling people from top to bottom. The high and low of us are being driven crazy because we are unable to process the force of it. From the Dali Lama to Joe Six Pack, from heads of state to the homeless and wretched refugees, they are all being made mad at the weakest link.

The sexual insanities are a marvel to behold. Sexual force is one of the most powerful in The Universe. It's like rookies trying to control a fire hose. It's not pretty. The cheering sections are uglier still. It can kill you, and it usually does... or it can give you eternal life. In Times of Material Darkness, the latter is a rarity.

Others are chasing power... wealth... fame. These are all permutations of the sexual force directed to specific ends. You always have to sublimate it... for a time... if you want your ambitions to succeed. Of course... this has been the way of The World since we started keeping a record of it, AND... long, long, long before that as well.

Now we find ourselves in one of those strange interludes that come around at such rare intervals that no one you know, (and just about everyone you don't know) remembers anything about it. The World Changer is on the horizon, and even well before he gets here, the force of it has kicked over the hornet's nest.

Many hornets are enraged; atavistic fears are the culprit. Even worse... the hornets are invisible. People are getting stung and the poison affects them in many different ways. It's not really poison unless you are poisonous. It takes the form you give it, depending on what rules your world.

This is why The World is going crazy, and it will get even crazier before it smooths out. The really crazy ones are at the top of the food chain. You see the influence of their particular form of crazy everywhere these days. They are trying to put a brave face on it, BUT... inside... they are terrified. They are terrified that they might not succeed in subduing and controlling The World. The truth is that they will not succeed. They will fail in spectacular fashion.

I am not alarmed. I am not frantically tossing this way and that in search of rest or release. I have my invisible friends to thank for that. I know that many of you are also finding a deeper certitude, despite the howling madness that rolls over The World like some massive weather front. You understand as well as I do that this is the storm before the calm. God is real, my friends. God is real.

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0 said...

Hehe... this bit from the old movie Houseboat is pretty Key.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks you insulted the chipmunks. Brings to mind Victoria Jackson doin', 'I Am NOt A Bimbo'. Gods that was funny.

Oh, how true your words. Nostrils to the sky, of course.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It Seems that All of Those Captured by Religion Must Reform The Truth to Harmonize with Their Perception of It."



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