Friday, April 14, 2023

"The World Cries All Around You with Bleeding Mouths of Longing. It Wants to Suck You Down Into a Hole of Darkness."

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We know that COVID was a scam. It barely deserves further mention. If you don't know this is/was a Deep State operation by now, you likely won't be around much longer anyway, nor remember ever having been here, to begin with. Still... this deserves dishonorable mention. As ever... Cui Bono!!!

WOW!!! They deleted the tweet. It was a list of what doctors got paid (per victim) to induce the public to get the Killer Vaccines; dutchsinse (the earthquake guy) put it up. Maybe you can find it. It turns into a whole lotta money.

Well... found it again. Let's hope it stays for a bit.

The World is a trick of the mind, seen through a filter of desires... appetites... and ambitions. The child reaches out for the mobile over its crib; pretty colors... wants to put them in its mouth. Right from the beginning, the hunger pangs are mistaken. It seems to all be outside you. In point... of... fact... it is all inside you. The World is a projection. It is also... can be... effortlessly controlled from within.

Everyone engaging The World outside, as if it were the real world, is fundamentally deceived, and... there is nothing you can tell anyone about it. They have to discover this on their own. The Suffering and pain are relentless due to; Original... Mistaken... Identity. The World is an Ocotillo grove filled with angry cattle. You need mental and emotional chaps if you want to ride through it.

What you really need is... indifference. You need to develop sustained detachment. The World cries all around you with bleeding mouths of longing. It wants to suck you down into a hole of darkness... where time has weight. It wants to wrap you in chains of desire... through infatuation with temporary things. They will hold your attention all through your life, and then... when you are spent, it will dawn on you that you wasted your time; you could have been doing something important.

You can climb on the mountain tops. You can climb on a soap box. You can scream about the deceptions, but... you will never manage to compete against the high winds that blow out of the jet streams of The World's desires. The World is a place of passing fancy. It is a department store with 7 floors but the way to the higher floors is blocked and under construction. The stairwells are there but the steps are not. The steps must be formed in The Imagination.

What is formed in The Imagination must then precipitate through the stages of manifestation into material form. The first three floors are crowded with all the action that takes place between birth and death. Nearly all of it is meaningless... and soon forgotten. The ant hills hum with activity until they are disturbed. Then they hum with a more inflamed and energetic activity until all has been made well again.

Humanity... through its changes... is not like an ant hill. The motivation of the ants is for the common good. With Humanity... sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. In Times of Material Darkness, it is everyone for themselves.

You might wonder how The Medical Community of doctors and nurses, and all the ancillary forces of EMTs and laboratory workers... pharmaceutical salesmen... administrators and secretaries... specialists in all the fields... you might wonder how an industry based on first causing no harm can cause so much harm. It is no wonder to me. Doctors are much like lawyers. Generally not very many people in those professions believe in God. They believe in Science, BUT... what they really believe in is... money.

The allopathic sector of medical practice is a death-dealing cult. They are all about suppressing the symptoms of disease, which... brings the pharmaceutical industry into the mix. They make the shit that helps the body to pretend that nothing is wrong. What is fundamentally wrong with everyone... that is not genetic... is lifestyle generated, and... whatever is genetic is generated by previous lifestyles from an unremembered time.

Now they've gotten to the point where they invent diseases so they can sell you the cure. Sometimes... the disease doesn't even exist. You can see... from recent events... just how stupid Humanity has gotten through its intoxication with Material Culture. They are now willing to buy invisible pigs that fly... and then turn into monsters that eat them from the inside out.

When a culture is sick, everyone in the culture starts to get sick until sickness is just one of the costs of doing business in a sick culture. You get antibiotics for this, and antibiotics for that, which incrementally weaken The Immune System, that is until diminishing returns show up and the antibiotics no longer work.

Then there are vaccines... many, many, many vaccines. These also weaken The Immune System. Those of us with healthy immune systems don't get sick in the first place, and... when we do... through some kind of temporary fever... it is simply the body routinely eliminating poisons. This is a natural event. The key is to go lay down until it passes.

In the latter stages of Materialism... which is also a fever... it does not eliminate poisons. It injects poisons into the physical system through (drum roll) The Mind and Emotions, and... yeah... sometimes directly into the body as well.

Modern life creates boatloads of toxic stress and inflammation on invisible planes of being that... also... precipitate into manifestation on The Material Plane. First, you get sick in your mind or... you get sick in your heart... and then, ta-dah! You get sick in your body... cause you reaped the consequences of precisely what you sowed.

When I say heart... it is both metaphorically and literally so because... everything depends on the quality of your blood and the level of its purity. People who know how to breathe, which is practically no one... (because of the force of The World in creating Stress on your invisible planes) understand the 3-fold nature of breathing.

You breathe in. You breathe out, and... you hold the breath on the intake action... for a short period of time, depending... on... your... intentions... at the time, so that the heart can do what it needs to do in purifying the blood.

If you hold The Mind within specific parameters. If you can empty it at will, and monitor all of the traffic otherwise... if you can quiet the emotions by arresting their responses to trigger-zones that got imprinted on your being from unconscious reactive actions in previous times... if you can then maintain the body in a state of equilibrium, you will get a cookie and a pat on the head. (grin)

Actually... it's a little more than that and I've never found cookies or pats on the head to be motivation for anything, but... that's me. Many people will do almost anything for a cookie and a pat on the head... literally and metaphorically. I am not one of them, and I am much more likely to bake my own cookies than to buy and eat anything that was not made with Love.

That doesn't mean I don't buy things at the store, and The World of the moment makes hypocrites and liars out of every one of us if we don't watch what we think... and say... and do. However... that's where blessings come in. That's where prayers and attendant actions come into play. Blessings and Prayers are purification rites.

The entire world of Light Magic opens up to the purified. Yes... The World is de facto going to make you dirty. It will do worse than that; corruption is a deeper and more persistent state of dirty. When you were a kid, your mother washed you. At some point, you took over that side of the operation with mixed results.

Some of us long to be clean again and are not resistant to what might be required to accomplish it. Showering more often is not going to cut it. Some of the nastiest sociopaths on Earth are clean freaks. Especially the atheists among them, which includes all of them... cause denial of God is the first step to becoming a sociopath. So... what do you do? You go back to your mother... your real mother and she will gladly restore you to a more pristine state of being. It might take a while, BUT... what else are you doing anyway? Yeah.

Also... you might want to go to The Sun. I have heard it said that sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Try to make it clear to your mind, which is a tool and nothing more, that everything of any importance DOES NOT all exist and happen on the physical plane, and neither does your relationship with The Divine Mother or The Sun. When you sit before the altar of The Sun, it is possible to open every floor in your department store to the healing and transforming rays of his living light, AND... once again... precipitation comes into play.

This has been a simplistic primer and you are expected to extrapolate on the implications. You are expected to adapt it to your own understanding. You'll know you're on the right track when The Divine Mother starts giving you cookies and The Sun pats you on the head.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Quite frankly, all I want of the world is for Scotty to beam me up and nevr have to see this POS again, though obviously that ain't gonna happen. Oh well. Being here under protest, I'm gonna continue to be the biggest bastard I can be as far as the status quo goes, so PPPPPHHHHHHHLLLLLLTTTTTTT, or however ya spell that. Ayuh, that's aversion; NOT detachment. Well, in my book that beats attachment with an H-bomb in this case.

Needless to say I hate this place. Personally I don't think it should exist. That is the conclusion I've come to after a gazillion lives here. Hence I stay in my nose cave as much as possible, watching the entropy from the computer, giving this place as little as possible, and taking some delight in everything falling apart as I wait for the 'Western Gate' to open to me. When death comes knockin' on my door, I'm invitin' 'it' for tay. Hey! Psychopomps come in all genders, so how can I assign the unknown one, one. Donn? Thanatos? Ereshkigal? Hel? What ever.

Still, wonderful post; master of philosophical light. Rock on, and nostrils to the sky. . .as opposed to the skt of yesterday. One of these days I must read what I have written before hittin' 'publish your comment'. Then I wake up. Not gonna happen. What's a schrodinger's nose to care aboot a type-o that can be figured out. After all, my current mode of operation is to do as little as possible, so. . .outside of bein' an Arsehole to the 33rd degree, that is.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Massey is a gem. Thanks for that.

I drink my urine every day which is free, and I stay disease free.

My Own Perfect Medicine.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,
Just what I wanted to find at 4 am- a cosmic primer.
It is masterful to hold up gems of truth in a whole new way.
God, the Logos, the divine Mother are all allowing spirit sparks to grow and become like them.
Once you see that, you can never be blind again. Sharing one of my favorite prayers:
I am Light, glowing light, radiating light, intensified light.
God consumes my darkness, transmuting it into light.
Thank You Vis for sharing your Knowing and Love,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"This is a- Time- of- Transition- to a New State of Consciousness. Some Will Make The Grade and Many Will Choose Not To."



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