Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Attention of Our Minds and the Affections of Our Hearts and The Greatest Commandment.

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Greetings my dear friends and welcome to Visible Origami. Wow! Mr. Apocalypse is working overtime. He's running amok through the political arena (as was just noted) and in the entertainment and media worlds. In the meantime, the hatred of Christianity is on and on. However, Mr. Apocalypse is getting Tribe centric and using their own media to make it happen. If these are the things we are hearing about, imagine what is going on behind the curtain.

Yes... that was a lot of links and some you might not have seen ...but that is the world as we are seeing it transforming before our eyes, unlike the world we usually see, going from one stage to the next, rising up into a better statement of itself or... sinking, by increments, into greater and greater displays of depravity, it goes up and down like an ocean wave, endlessly replicating itself and some of us, by disposition are on the downward arc and some on the upward arc and neither dependent entirely upon the trend of the moment, however that might be the case in general.

No... this is a special time because of Mr. Apocalypse, who is doing what he told me he would do, a few years ago in Italy when we had a several days meeting on higher planes with Lord Ayahuasca in attendance. Time passes because time for me is not the same as time is for the ineffable but sooner or later, what gets told will come to pass. Yes!!!

There are many kinds of faith demonstrated according to our faith. Some might think the most impacting example is what we see take place in our own lives, simply because we believed it into being via the grace of the ineffable. For whatever the reason, I am equally moved by what I see take place in the world around me, independent of any faith and brought to pass by the will of the almighty. I know we have all despaired of anything positive manifesting in the world with any consistency but there it is. I was told in detail that what is now happening was going to be happening. Better than that, I was told a number of other things which, given what I have already seen are likely, very likely (dare I say, CERTAIN?) to happen as well... I could not be more pleased.

This brings us back to the mass hysteria about sexual misbehavior. Of course various events of this type have taken place and will continue to, because the world is not able to deal with its sexual nature and the relentless efforts to inflame it that comes from the corporate sector, which is ordered into being by dark invisibles who have taken possession of the minds of those who are employed in sexing up everything to drive commerce and to manipulate behavior. Yes... the cosmic forces of social transformation are at work but there is a secret war afoot between conservative and liberal interests who are staging events to cast blame on one another.

This is the origin of staged exposures like this and also other similar things, in arranged dramas. These then account for a stunning reversal by Trump concerning Judge Roy Moore. Sometimes Trump just does the right thing. I personally lean to the belief that Roy Moore is not guilty of what he is accused of and I am not without sin and have no intention of casting the first stone. I find Trump to be confusing and often devoid of both class and restraint but... I don't know what he's really up to. He might just be a really good showman. It takes courage to come out for Roy Moore in this witch-hunt climate, as well as certain other 'stand tall' actions, like freeing those basketball players. I'm no fan of sold out Ball Senior and as much as Trump (in my mind) should have just kept gracefully silent on the matter, Lavar Ball is a clueless and shameless ego-driven opportunist and it is certainly what most people think.

It is important to remember that although the hand of the ineffable is behind the appearances of everything that happens and is 'allowed' to happen, this does not exclude the intentions of the players behind the scenes, who think they are manipulating events ...but who are themselves being manipulated at the same time. As has been often stated here, the devil works for God. Everything that works, works for God, no matter what any mind might imagine to be true. The ineffable weaves all events and circumstances together out of the fabric of passing time for the purpose of demonstration and as teaching lessons. Everything that has happened or will happen, brings us back to an eventual ever growing awareness of the deeper meanings of The Greatest Commandment.

The world is a fearful and infinitely complex combination of distractions, composed of exaggerated apprehensions and desires whipped up in a centrifuge that dances on a magnetic stirring device, which is sometimes called Planet Earth. All of this ever changing kaleidoscope of seeming and dreaming is an intentional masquerade that conceals what is actually taking place. It is concealed beneath the presentations of temporary conflicts and failures and successes, gains and losses, births and deaths and the portrayal of 'seeming' endless injustices because the whole of any matter is never revealed, only what serves the purposes of those revealing the cherry picked versions and which are sometimes the result of conscious effort and sometimes the result of mistaken belief in what does not exist in the form and manner it is advertised as existing in ...and sometimes for a motivator of mass response and sometimes as an inhibitor of the right thing; whatever the right thing might be.

All of it all is a mask of overlay, which disguises what is really going on and what is really going on is a spiritual war and the plunder and booty, which in a material sense is often shown as a nation's resources and its geographical borders, or a desire to control this entire plane of existence is, in reality, the human soul; that spark of the divine which exists in all but a very few and which, even in them might still be present in a microscopic fashion, or being held in escrow at some far reach in a literal black hole. The value of a single human soul is greater than that of all the wealth in the material plane. They can't really be compared in any case, since one is temporary and of value only on the material plane and the other is eternal and has value everywhere and forever.

Putting aside what some might say about the man and focusing only on the meaning of the title apportioned to him... Mahatma means, “Great Soul”. What this infers is that not every soul at all stages of 'development' is of equal power and variety of presence and expression.

The goal of every one of us should be to increase the power and variety of presence and expression of our soul and there is only one way to accomplish that and that is through some personal version of adhering to The Greatest Commandment; interpret that as you will and comprehend it as you are capable of doing. I know there are many systems of philosophical and religious teachings and practices that claim to take you to a better place of being and awareness. ALL OF THEM involve some combination of personal industry, devotion and learning. How you sort this out is your own affair. For myself I have found that the essence of every 'legitimate' system of thought arrives at a performance of The Greatest Commandment, where one's understanding of the meaning and real value of it increases as you go, or is forgotten, as the heart and mind are drawn into one pedestrian interest or attraction... or another.

Such is the nature of existence; our lives are the product and result of where we place the attention of our minds and the affections of our hearts. One can 'hothouse' or fast track one's destiny. Your fate is in your hands and the disposition of it is in the hands of the ineffable. If you place your hand in the hand of the ineffable, you will have no other concern and this explains why the simplest among us and the most intellectually advanced, ALL possess a similar opportunity for liberation and illumination. The end product of all spiritual search is the wisdom gained from the knowledge that God is Love.

Nothing is what it seems. None of the exposure of sexual peccadilloes among the high and mighty is what it seems, except for the truth that sex is the essential nature of the interplay of all life forms and the command of it leads to the experience of ever greater and more refined expressions of LOVE. Existence is the battlefield of an eternal spiritual war and the human soul is the objective. The true meaning of the life of Jesus Christ exemplifies the victory and poetry of Love, as it is manifested in the highest performance of Love, which is sacrifice and that is what it is in the 'transitional period' of the Piscean Age;

"Let us make it absolutely clear that when we use the world 'Christ,' we do not necessarily mean Jesus. The Christ is the final step in the evolution of Man. It is a level of consciousness in which the individual has completely unified his Self with the Godhead. In this respect Buddha was a Christ as was Krishna as was Jesus.' “As in most New Age thinking, Jesus becomes the Christ through attaining the Christ Consciousness, the awareness of the divine Self. Jesus and the Christ are separate because anyone who achieves this spiritual awareness of the inner Christ can become the Christ.'”

That quote is true to an extent but certain important variables are not attended to and the use of the term, 'new age' should be considered with reservations, since a good portion of what is presented as New Age is Satanic in its intentions.

“And Jesus, when He had been baptized, went up straightway out of the water. And lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon Him.”

What happens in this world is relevant only to those who are concerned with the things of this world. To triumph over the forces of darkness (our own personal ignorance) and the endless cycle of death and rebirth on the wheel of the fire of desire, one has only to place their fate in the hands of the ineffable. To live forever one only has to die. There are a number of forms of death and one of them is a portal to the infinite.

Christmas is coming. May that special birth take place within us... within everyone who will provide a place for it to take place.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The World is a Sacred Object and at The Mere Approach of the Profane, it Recedes.

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Greetings and welcome to Visible Origami on this milk white skyed, not quite gray, day. Sometimes there are days where you think to yourself; “I don't really have anything to say today. I'll just let it go by and later on, up the road there might be observation worth mentioning or reporting on.” Then you find yourself in the process of saying something anyway and well, here we are.

Last night I watched a documentary on Rolling Stone magazine; “Rolling Stone, Stories from the Edge.” It started out, or when I checked it, it was already involved with John Lennon and the Yoko Magic Yoni Cycle, the it ran through the backgrounds of a lot of personnel, with regular insertions of Jann Wenner. Patty Hearst came up and I got to look at a Rolodex of the years I passed through on my way to this moment. It closed out with more John Lennon and the Yoko Magic Yoni.

I never expected the world to be the way it is now. I'm always been an optimist, thinking the better portions of our collective presence would rise into a greater prominence; not that the worst among us would continue to gain greater power and wield it with a despicable influence. I never expected the greater mass of humanity to be even stupider than they were in the crowd shots of 'living the Formica life, in Harmon Cove, Secaucus with my wife and two autistic children and one lonely dog, where death's not a threat, it's the law.'

The press of materialism is everywhere to be seen and felt. They now put bacon on everything and the they that is doing it, is doing it on behalf of the conditions that arise by eating the flesh of the pig at regular intervals. I never expected so many people to be so obese, with tales of their skin being wedded to the pleather of the chairs in which they sit, to watch Offal Winfrey and a slew of daytime and late night horrifics, dedicated to calculated assaults on Normal. I never expected so many people to be so militantly sexually dysfunctional. I never expected so many people to be in a state of deep hypnotic fascination with cellphones, or that they would measure their actual value according to social media emojis and likes and... how come the dislike button isn't there a lot of the time?

I never expected so many conditions and events to be the ones that arrived or took place and I suppose that was because I was never able to let go of the hope of a larger awakening around the world. What I observe is that materialism has become the supreme force in the world of appearances. Maybe it always was and there's just more of it to become obsessed with and entangled up in. Still... still, I think of the art and the music, the architecture and the books that came out of different periods and the efforts of the present day are a sad and terrifying departure from what was once being created. We've taken a downward turn into stagnant depravity.

Instead of 'justice for all', which we never had anyway but... we did have the appearance of it, we now have justice for the ill made and the elevation of those who lack all inspiration, save for that which wafts up from the pit, to a level of wide social influence over cultural mores. Our spokesmen and women are no longer either. They are now spokestrolls and spokesorcs who have reduced the feminine aspect of existence to 'bitches and ho's' and the bitches and ho's are dancing right along. The worship of shiny obscenities, hanging around the necks of those who gave up their skin to bad graffiti artists, has replaced the religious icons of a previous time. I am not here to promote either but I will say the former was preferable. I know who it is that is behind the enforced downturn in human behavior and aspiration. I know what the objective and intention of it is. I can't do anything about it, except comment on it to a very small audience and reject Satan and all of his works, like I remember hearing about at baptisms and communions and there was a scene with that in The Godfather but it was more an offense against the ritual rather than a celebration of the victory of the human spirit over infernal forces.

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ came here to triumph over evil and every fear and limitation that hinders the unbridled expression of the human spirit. He triumphed over Hell and was given the keys to Hell and Death. He is the doorway to paradise; the wayshower. I am not a Christian but I believe this to be true. I am a follower of Christ but I am not a Christian. I have had many spiritual experiences with Eastern systems and entities but I have never had one with Jesus Christ. I don't know why that is. It wasn't for lack of trying. Maybe that's something up ahead or... maybe what I have been lead to believe about the persona and being of Jesus Christ from scripture and church authorities is all wrong. Maybe Jesus Christ, as he applies to us, is a part of ourselves and not something apart. I do believe that Jesus was a man; the most highly evolved of his kind at the time and that Christ is a station that is shared in equally by all who attain to it. This is why Christ is the wayshower. He came to reveal that which sleeps within and which can be awakened... ignited.

I have some amount of internal understandings about Jesus Christ but I prefer not to articulate some of them, fearing that I will fall far short of the task. I do want to say that it is possible that Christ is the awakened indwelling soul and that is what he came to show us, that part of each of us that is common to all, regardless of how deep asleep or seemingly not even present it may appear, or rather, not appear. I remember in the Way to the Kingdom, where the writer is mentioning that process which he refers to as 'the quickening' and how when it happens, the wife can turn out to be far more spiritually advanced than the husband and vice versa, even though previously the opposite was thought to be true by all those experiencing them.

I try to avoid being depressed by the conditions of the times in which I live. This is never easy because the times are depressing. They are devoid of spiritual vitality and the masses have abandoned themselves to unrestrained hedonistic pursuits. I've nothing against pleasure, except for my certain awareness that an excess of it leads to pain and suffering. William Blake once said that “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” I have found this to be true (grin). I've heard it said, that “a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise.” This I know to be true as well, though it was learned at great cost. I believe if you seek after Jesus Christ you will find Jesus Christ and you will find Jesus Christ to be a state of awareness in your awakened soul. You may well not find the popular legends of the man but you will find the essential truth. “Knock and it will be opened unto you. Seek and ye shall find.” I believe these statements to be true.

I try to avoid being depressed by the conditions of the times in which I live because I KNOW these conditions are an illusion and I also know that they are temporary. I know they change as I change and that I shouldn't spend my time reflecting on them in any case because they don't have anything to do with me. They have to do with the people living within them and under the influence of them. Conditions and events apply to the people they apply to. Everyone's world is constructed according to the lens that shapes their impression and perspective of it and this lens is composed of the value system that each individual subscribes to. We see the world through the lens of our desires and ambitions and the world adjusts or retreats accordingly. As Lao Tzu said, “the world is a sacred object, at the mere approach of the profane it recedes.” Which world is being discussed there? I presume it is the real world. There is such a place and it is a paradise of sorts. Every other version is a distortion of that. Not all distortions are unpleasant. Some dreamers and gentler souls have a positive distortion of the world, imagining the world as it might be and trying to live in it as if it were that.

We disturb ourselves far more than we should, worrying about events that have not come to pass but which we fear might do so. We disturb ourselves by believing what is not actually so and by going in fear and apprehension of we know not what. The world could descend into a planetary wide chaos but it might have nothing to do with you. The whole point of Jesus Christ walking out upon the stormy waters was to show that the forces in the world are inferior to one who possesses a true understanding and awareness of what is real and true. Jesus Christ triumphed over all limitations and fearful aspects. He did this to show us the way and we can do as Jesus Christ did if we become as Jesus Christ was and since Jesus Christ is resident within us, we only have to make the necessary connection to the 'awakened Christ within.'

I had ambitions similar to those of many who have been here. Fortunately, I was denied the accomplishment of them until my priorities could be put in order. Now I want nothing more than what Jesus Christ and every other great teacher demonstrated here. It is likely I will come nowhere close to that but it is also possible I might draw closer than I ever imagined was possible. The idea of being successful at some artistic pursuit where there have been so many who have done so and been left miserable as a result is anathema to me. The idea of accomplishing what some few, known and unknown have accomplished, is the more attractive pursuit.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Intricate Dance of Karma and the Piper We All must Pay.

(“so many things I want to write about today but... it is Origami and though the distinction between the blogs has blurred a lot over recent times, I would like to get back to a more traditional separation between perspectives so... we will have to wait a couple of days to get into other matters.”)

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It seems to me that some of the best qualities a person can possess are often hidden from the eyes of others. The person exercising them is aware of the value and performance of them but often they are not seen by most. It's like what they call, 'intangibles'. Let me provide an example. It might not be the best example but it gives an idea of what I am trying to talk about. Say a person (myself-grin) is walking down the street and sees garbage somewhere and walks across the street to pick it up (often fast food detritus, a soda can, a candy wrapper) and disposes of it. The CCTV cameras don't usually pick this up and the Channel 7 reporter won't be following you around, however... you see it. You know you did it and that is sufficient. I could point to a number of actions that I personally take whenever opportunity presents itself because... God sees. God sees through my eyes as he sees through your eyes, as he sees through the eyes of the wicked and the good and... in the end, the judgment passed on us is passed by us.

When you go to that waiting space between lives, you wait. Then, at some point you are taken into something like a room; some kind of environment and you stand before something like a council and video highlights of your life are played for your attention. As you are watching this, you are not watching it the way you may be watching anything now or later today. You are watching from the soul level. The Way to the Kingdom gives some insight in places about 'the other side'. You see clearly and convincingly what took place. Not everything that happened was your fault, even if you are blaming yourself for it now. Sometimes what you didn't do turns out to be of far greater importance than what you did do. After you have experienced this, judgment upon yourself is passed on you by yourself. I will not attempt to explain how this comes about. I am not as informed or competent as I need to be. Let us just say, for the purpose of the point under consideration, it happens.

A moment occurs and it might seem a very long moment, although time is much different outside of the manifest. You will be experiencing some degree of emotion and depending on how wicked and indifferent you might have been, a great deal of shame and self loathing might well be an issue. Then one of the council will say something along these lines. “Your behavior was very unacceptable to you. The way you presently feel about what you have been shown makes this clear. The ineffable- praise his name- is most merciful and so you are to be provided with several options that you may choose from to right the scales in respect of your behavior. Each of these choices vary in the time and experiences necessary to bring you through your debts outstanding. Some are direct and severe but provide the opportunity to burn off what you owe in an expeditious fashion. Some are more and more circuitous and require lesser degrees of suffering over a longer stretch of time/lifetimes. It is up to you how you choose but... choose you must.”

Let us segue to the present time and present location; life as it exists around us and life as we are informed concerning it; via media, historical evidence and our own observations, as they appear to us in the lives around us, the lives we hear about, the fortunes and misfortunes that are visited upon us all and for which no explanation is often available, except when we see where someone has been engaged in certain lifestyles that often lead to certain results both positive and negative; someone becomes a junkie, someone works their tail off and success follows in their wake or greets them in their life are all outworking of the variations of karma. In each of these lives there are likely some number of intangibles; those things seen by the person manifesting or experiencing but may not be obvious to others as they could well take place in private or simply go unseen by the rest of us, though NEVER unseen by the ineffable.

Everything going on around us; what we are aware of and unaware of all have their roots in Karma and all this karma has its roots in that conversation which took place in that waiting place on another plane, between the lifetimes. There are crusaders at work we are making up for being the violators of what they are presently crusading against. There are people working in Third World countries, atoning for conditions they previously created. There are sidewalk hookers who were formerly pimps. There are people having one bad run of seeming bad luck after another and this is all relevant to past actions. The simplest definition of Karma is, 'the fruits of actions'. There are children that bad things happen to. There are people winning the lottery. There are people living in war zones and people born into tremendous prosperity and here is where the construct of karma can become incredibly complex. Sometimes there are people who have desired a certain experience for lifetimes and have industriously pursued it and desired after it. They paid their dues and the stage was set. Sometimes there are those who were furiously outraged at certain injustices... or most anything- injustices that weren't injustices at all but went contrary to the perverted ambitions of a particular individual. They are given the opportunity to have the power to affect any theater in life BUT... they have to pay the going rate in blood, sweat and tears; sometimes over a long period. Anything is possible here. Imagine what it is like to find out how very wrong your agenda turns out to be, or the unexpected results that come about which the person never imagined could take place.

Everyone who shows up in every one of these dramas is in place for one reason or another. They may be working their way from a bit actor to the main actor and have to play all the parts to achieve it. They may be paying off a debt. They may be reaping a reward. Then there are those who came into manifestation for some form of service and the appearance of their lives might be one of tremendous struggle and suffering but along the way they have alleviated the suffering of many others. Sometimes they are there only to alleviate their own suffering. One can't know, unless they have a particular spiritual power. There are those among us who can read the Akashic Records. There are those who can't even read. All of our lives are a combination of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas; sorry about the popups but I preferred this article for its simplicity and clarity- just close them. These gunas set the environment of our experience; the atmosphere and our own personally in respect of it all. As we have said in the past here, those who meditate know how strongly it influences the course of our day. We especially notice when, for whatever the reason, we are unable to do it and see how different our experiences are and how our day went.

AT ANY POINT, you can take the high road. Remember it is always most difficult when you are trying to change and KNOW that as the stability of uncompromising discipline kicks in, it will become easier. The time will come when it does itself. It is difficult in the beginning for several reasons. One of them is that sincerity MUST be demonstrated. Another is the unfamiliarity of the terrain and the pull of past habits that are like ocean currents. There is also the pull of the collective of humanity all around you. Choosing the high road is a road less taken. Most people have a small window in their lives to make dramatic changes before complacency sets in, before compromise takes its considerable piece of the action. If you take the high road you will find yourself walking it alone (you are never alone... for good and for ill). You will also encounter that sometimes inexplicable hypocrisy of the human kind where though you may be more than willing to forgive them, they are incapable of forgiving you, though they have no hesitation in proclaiming themselves to be other than they are.

I'm watching the World Series and noticing how a certain cellphone company at every opportunity will mention the money they are providing for hurricane victims. You ever wonder where all that money raised for charity and which is really a promotional effort of avaricious corporations to show you how wonderful they are? One of the low moments of the industry was the Clinton/Bush charity for Haiti. I cringe thinking of it. I am stunned by the lack of awareness of so many intelligent people concerning the future consequences of their actions.

I don't watch network TV except for sports so I don't see the day to day grind of fatuous self serving commercials but I am seeing black men with white women, black women with white men, Asian women and men with black and white actors, sometimes exclusively and less and less am I seeing the same colors shown with one another. I am talking about romantic scenarios and family scenarios. It is obvious what they are up to. It is also obvious to me who is behind it and why. I will leave it to your imagination what this and all the other aspects of runaway political correctness and social justice aggression which they intend for us all. Thank god there is a god!

I didn't cover what I was trying to communicate very well. Most of it is suggestive and alluding to but I rely on the intelligence of the reader to find their way through to the central issues. My friends, we have been about this business for some time and I know convincingly that many of you are engaged in similar efforts. Keep in mind that due to the nasty climate of the times and material addictions of the general public it has seldom been so hard to persevere as it is now; as a result... the rewards are commensurate with the degree of difficulty. Do not be dissuaded in your convictions and your efforts, always remembering, no matter where you are or what you are up to... God sees.

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