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The World is a Sacred Object and at The Mere Approach of the Profane, it Recedes.

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Greetings and welcome to Visible Origami on this milk white skyed, not quite gray, day. Sometimes there are days where you think to yourself; “I don't really have anything to say today. I'll just let it go by and later on, up the road there might be observation worth mentioning or reporting on.” Then you find yourself in the process of saying something anyway and well, here we are.

Last night I watched a documentary on Rolling Stone magazine; “Rolling Stone, Stories from the Edge.” It started out, or when I checked it, it was already involved with John Lennon and the Yoko Magic Yoni Cycle, the it ran through the backgrounds of a lot of personnel, with regular insertions of Jann Wenner. Patty Hearst came up and I got to look at a Rolodex of the years I passed through on my way to this moment. It closed out with more John Lennon and the Yoko Magic Yoni.

I never expected the world to be the way it is now. I'm always been an optimist, thinking the better portions of our collective presence would rise into a greater prominence; not that the worst among us would continue to gain greater power and wield it with a despicable influence. I never expected the greater mass of humanity to be even stupider than they were in the crowd shots of 'living the Formica life, in Harmon Cove, Secaucus with my wife and two autistic children and one lonely dog, where death's not a threat, it's the law.'

The press of materialism is everywhere to be seen and felt. They now put bacon on everything and the they that is doing it, is doing it on behalf of the conditions that arise by eating the flesh of the pig at regular intervals. I never expected so many people to be so obese, with tales of their skin being wedded to the pleather of the chairs in which they sit, to watch Offal Winfrey and a slew of daytime and late night horrifics, dedicated to calculated assaults on Normal. I never expected so many people to be so militantly sexually dysfunctional. I never expected so many people to be in a state of deep hypnotic fascination with cellphones, or that they would measure their actual value according to social media emojis and likes and... how come the dislike button isn't there a lot of the time?

I never expected so many conditions and events to be the ones that arrived or took place and I suppose that was because I was never able to let go of the hope of a larger awakening around the world. What I observe is that materialism has become the supreme force in the world of appearances. Maybe it always was and there's just more of it to become obsessed with and entangled up in. Still... still, I think of the art and the music, the architecture and the books that came out of different periods and the efforts of the present day are a sad and terrifying departure from what was once being created. We've taken a downward turn into stagnant depravity.

Instead of 'justice for all', which we never had anyway but... we did have the appearance of it, we now have justice for the ill made and the elevation of those who lack all inspiration, save for that which wafts up from the pit, to a level of wide social influence over cultural mores. Our spokesmen and women are no longer either. They are now spokestrolls and spokesorcs who have reduced the feminine aspect of existence to 'bitches and ho's' and the bitches and ho's are dancing right along. The worship of shiny obscenities, hanging around the necks of those who gave up their skin to bad graffiti artists, has replaced the religious icons of a previous time. I am not here to promote either but I will say the former was preferable. I know who it is that is behind the enforced downturn in human behavior and aspiration. I know what the objective and intention of it is. I can't do anything about it, except comment on it to a very small audience and reject Satan and all of his works, like I remember hearing about at baptisms and communions and there was a scene with that in The Godfather but it was more an offense against the ritual rather than a celebration of the victory of the human spirit over infernal forces.

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ came here to triumph over evil and every fear and limitation that hinders the unbridled expression of the human spirit. He triumphed over Hell and was given the keys to Hell and Death. He is the doorway to paradise; the wayshower. I am not a Christian but I believe this to be true. I am a follower of Christ but I am not a Christian. I have had many spiritual experiences with Eastern systems and entities but I have never had one with Jesus Christ. I don't know why that is. It wasn't for lack of trying. Maybe that's something up ahead or... maybe what I have been lead to believe about the persona and being of Jesus Christ from scripture and church authorities is all wrong. Maybe Jesus Christ, as he applies to us, is a part of ourselves and not something apart. I do believe that Jesus was a man; the most highly evolved of his kind at the time and that Christ is a station that is shared in equally by all who attain to it. This is why Christ is the wayshower. He came to reveal that which sleeps within and which can be awakened... ignited.

I have some amount of internal understandings about Jesus Christ but I prefer not to articulate some of them, fearing that I will fall far short of the task. I do want to say that it is possible that Christ is the awakened indwelling soul and that is what he came to show us, that part of each of us that is common to all, regardless of how deep asleep or seemingly not even present it may appear, or rather, not appear. I remember in the Way to the Kingdom, where the writer is mentioning that process which he refers to as 'the quickening' and how when it happens, the wife can turn out to be far more spiritually advanced than the husband and vice versa, even though previously the opposite was thought to be true by all those experiencing them.

I try to avoid being depressed by the conditions of the times in which I live. This is never easy because the times are depressing. They are devoid of spiritual vitality and the masses have abandoned themselves to unrestrained hedonistic pursuits. I've nothing against pleasure, except for my certain awareness that an excess of it leads to pain and suffering. William Blake once said that “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” I have found this to be true (grin). I've heard it said, that “a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise.” This I know to be true as well, though it was learned at great cost. I believe if you seek after Jesus Christ you will find Jesus Christ and you will find Jesus Christ to be a state of awareness in your awakened soul. You may well not find the popular legends of the man but you will find the essential truth. “Knock and it will be opened unto you. Seek and ye shall find.” I believe these statements to be true.

I try to avoid being depressed by the conditions of the times in which I live because I KNOW these conditions are an illusion and I also know that they are temporary. I know they change as I change and that I shouldn't spend my time reflecting on them in any case because they don't have anything to do with me. They have to do with the people living within them and under the influence of them. Conditions and events apply to the people they apply to. Everyone's world is constructed according to the lens that shapes their impression and perspective of it and this lens is composed of the value system that each individual subscribes to. We see the world through the lens of our desires and ambitions and the world adjusts or retreats accordingly. As Lao Tzu said, “the world is a sacred object, at the mere approach of the profane it recedes.” Which world is being discussed there? I presume it is the real world. There is such a place and it is a paradise of sorts. Every other version is a distortion of that. Not all distortions are unpleasant. Some dreamers and gentler souls have a positive distortion of the world, imagining the world as it might be and trying to live in it as if it were that.

We disturb ourselves far more than we should, worrying about events that have not come to pass but which we fear might do so. We disturb ourselves by believing what is not actually so and by going in fear and apprehension of we know not what. The world could descend into a planetary wide chaos but it might have nothing to do with you. The whole point of Jesus Christ walking out upon the stormy waters was to show that the forces in the world are inferior to one who possesses a true understanding and awareness of what is real and true. Jesus Christ triumphed over all limitations and fearful aspects. He did this to show us the way and we can do as Jesus Christ did if we become as Jesus Christ was and since Jesus Christ is resident within us, we only have to make the necessary connection to the 'awakened Christ within.'

I had ambitions similar to those of many who have been here. Fortunately, I was denied the accomplishment of them until my priorities could be put in order. Now I want nothing more than what Jesus Christ and every other great teacher demonstrated here. It is likely I will come nowhere close to that but it is also possible I might draw closer than I ever imagined was possible. The idea of being successful at some artistic pursuit where there have been so many who have done so and been left miserable as a result is anathema to me. The idea of accomplishing what some few, known and unknown have accomplished, is the more attractive pursuit.

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Anonymous said...

“Behold, your mother”

“Who is my mother or my brother or my sister, but he who does the will of God?”

I have always cringed at the “Christian” label. No one can be a “ little Christ”

Replication is abhorrent. Individuality is paramount.

It’s all about the will.... yours? Gods?

Satan fell by the 5 “ I wills”

Jesus won by doing the will of God.

So have you Visible!

Anonymous said...

it was Jesus who famously said to his disciples....

'round them {{{{TARES}}} up...
and stick them in the ovens' !!!
@ Matthew 13:39-43.

blessings and salutations


ps - fear is born of ignorance, and Jesus said FEAR NOT !!!

Anonymous said...

Tares into ovens.... is that why the tribe keeps screaming about those invisible ovens that never happened?
They know their real name is tare and that ovens are their future!
Wouldn’t it be unusual if the final tare count was 6,000,000!
Maybe we paid reparations in advance (pay it forward) for all these years!
We paid for it so they have to deliver...getting juicy... crispy!

And every tribesman I ever met was terrified of any food that might give you gas.
Gas and ovens and tares... Oh my!!!!!!

ericman said...

Hello Mr Visible .. You say you dont understand why you haven't had a close spiritual experience with Jesus .. Well .. You have to believe in him first maybe .. Who he really was .. Why He came here .. If you choose to give yourself to Him .. Then the relationship can grow ... As you think he was just a man in a line of enlightened masters you are contrary to his claim on the world. Probably in the future you will call,upon his name as biblical prophecy manifests itself in our reality. Cheers

Visible said...

ericman; I have to catch myself because people tend to annoy me when they don't get what I am saying or did say and then put words in my mouth and generate fanciful conclusions as being resident in my mind. It's quite possible there is more to it than what is resident in your perspective on the matter given that you do not know me outside of what I write and apparently in that regard no so much either.

I mean no offense but I am actually past Sunday School and dogma and cant simplistics. I try to be clear in what I say but apparently I am not able to do this. I'll close with the admonition that I have often referred to Jesus Christ as the son of God and that Christ himself said, "greater things shall you do than I have done because I go now unto my father." That's pretty clear as far as an even footing goes with Jesus. He also said he called us friends because a servant does not know what his master is about. I've read scripture at length and can quote it at length which doesn't mean anything except to say it does mean I have read it. It is things like this... this talking down to thing that makes it a certainty I will never be a Christian but I don't have to be to follow Christ. The degree of smugness and sense of being absolutely right is what really derails my being able to communicate with Christians. As I said, I intend no offense here but I must be plain spoken. Let us each see to our own salvation and have less concern about browbeating others into submission through high and mighty certainties. I wrote an interesting post once, years ago at Petri Dish entitled, "Jesus Loves me even if I am a big fat pig." It has to do with the idea that Christians don't have to worry about anything and can do as they please because they are saved; whatever that means.

Visible said...

Here we go-


Anonymous said...

“I’m with Vis on this!” Man after my own heart!


Anonymous said...


Jesus would still love you even if you fart in church. So don't worry be happy.

Ray B. said...

Christ is a station, not just one man. That is my understanding. To be of that station, one has to be 'walking' there. Assuming the walking-upon-water, loaves-and-fishes, and other 'miracles' to be truthfully reported, it is clear that someone is operating upon the Worldly System. To do that, one has to be outside that Worldly System, 'looking down' on it. That is the Great Secret here: location, location, location... (grin)

Based on different entities I have met, there are a number of different 'shells' one has to get above in order to operate-upon each level of limitation. The price one pays at each level is to know the levels below are a form of silly-putty. There is no joy in 'winning', when you can rig the game. (Hence, the desire to forget in the first place.)

I believe each of us is somewhere along the decending->experience->ascending path. While you are in the early part, it is contraindicated (fancy word *hah*) to awaken. That would void-out the very reasons for being (down) here. This is probably why some resist awakening. (Others are being messed-with.) Once one has completed his/her desired experiences, the self-enforced veil falls away, and the re-ascension to a Christ station begins - this time with enough Experience to have developed Compassion...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Fantasic post Mr. Les.
I think a bit of Ezra Pound may be appropriate here...

With Usura
With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,
with usura
hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luz..."


your friend,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like, and based on the news reports; our reality is currently being shaken to the core.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if hair is long or short
Or sprayed or partly grayed . . .

(there will come a time when you won't even be ashamed if you are fat!)

Frank Zappa

Anonymous said...

Your words are the comfort that get me through the day.
Your writing gets more and more closer to TRUTH with every word.
Thank you

Kazz said...

The word 'Christ' means 'anointed', so to be a real Christian one must be anointed with the Holy Spirit. Many call their self Christians but few are, which is evident from Christ's rebuke (Matthew 7:21-23).

There are two kingdoms on earth, one is satan's and the other is God's. God’s Creation and ethereal church are sacred. Man's Creation of manmade churches and temples/courts, along with all other institutions (Enoch’s giants), are profane. These institutions exist for only one reason, to control, deceive, and rob Man, not only of his wealth but also his energy. Lust for power/sex and greed, along with ego, are the devil's favourite tools for capturing those who seek God, to enlist them into his own ranks.

Satan has worked very hard to disgrace the name of God/Christ. What better way to do this than create a secular church and have its representatives enslave and rob humanity? Not to mention raping and sodomising little children, all in the name of God and Jesus.

That which is secular is worldly and temporal. That which is secular is not sacred but profane. Physical temples and churches are temporal and therefore profane. Satan's system of duality is a trap because both sides serve satan/fallen Man. Both sides are ruled by the infernal realm. This is why Christ refused the devil's offer to be King of this world (Luke 4:6-8).

Man’s worldly system is still governed by satan. This does not change until Christ’s return, which occurs when the Holy Spirit starts flooding into the hearts and souls of humanity. While many are in a hurry to leave this world I AM not. I AM here to draw down the Holy Spirit, as are others, so we can help bring in God’s true Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

What I have been shown is that Satan's time is running short. When the global elite and their secular churches, temples, and other Manmade institutions fall, and they will, the elite will scurry for cover. This process will be like a woman giving birth, which is something I have much experience with :o).

I have it on good authority (the Holy Spirit) that when the global satanic elite are gone from this plane the Golden Age will ensue and a new era will begin for humanity. This era will be one of light, love, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Worth sticking around for I think ;o).

Luv Kazz

_0_ said...


_0_ said...

This world we live in is based upon the entirety of one question all humanity asks constantly.

"What's in it for me?" Be it the reward or the punishment. It's all about what's in it for me? A crown in heaven! Eternity in hell.. what's in it for me? Karma. Money, property, prestige? Feeling good? The love of a woman or a man, children? Reputation and character? What is in it for me? Streets paved with gold, a name above all mames? To be called good or evil, all these things are a system to keep you trapped in "What's in it for me?"

When you stop asking that question on a deep level, you will have a close encounter. By all means, I should have died a loooong time ago.. I boast and am an asshole, but I am still alive because I quit asking, what's in it for me a long time ago.

I don't care about a reward, or a name above all names, a crown or any of that. Jesus wasn't concerned about what's in it for me? He didn't desire to become the christ, he didn't set out in a mission to save the world from my perspective? He just never asked what's in it for me.

Have a good day Vis, and to the rest of you. Be well. Love covers a multitude of sins.


LostJeb said...

on a material level I figure extremities must be pushed before bridges can be safely(to the rest of us) be burned, prior to any new age especially. this probably includes the church(and related institutions) too, and have long felt that tying the new covenant to the old killed any chance of christ's life and ways from being a workable religion of any sort. he was an empathic healer(which wasn't and isn't an uncommon thing, even after millenias of relentless persecution and mountains of trash across nearly every continent), and they called him a magician and sorcerer and every other thing in their books and had him killed, over a "revolutionary" murderer also named Jesus when given the choice. how much else is needed to be known prior to that? it's not tomes worth as they've had it at least since the septuagint in greece. where they don't steal and claim as their own they turn all things into something else, piled with toxicities before sold to us at threat of death(or worse). Exodus is a really good example of this too. like Hollywood, it's all inversion, which gets projected onto the rest of us whether we buy into what's sold to us or not. it certainly seems to be on the verge of flipping, like the poles of the earth and the energies involved there. interconnected exchange of energies, including what we call life and death, not quite the same but still manages to coexist, maybe moon and tides being a more obvious reminder. one has to be pretty self-chosen to fight this, worse when radiating it all around.



how much greater is the fear of what won't happen amplified when a society's near entire being is built on things that never happened for the sole purpose of exceptionalism, servility and getting over on others, from their genesis literally. illusoriness was just one more thing to be exploited. even just from an american standpoint, the whole columbus myth holds more historical accuracy than much of the old covenant, which isn't saying a whole lot. and it's a lot less exceptional when considering others were travelling here long before that, they just didn't leave huge and dense swathes of destruction to show for it.

not that darwin was any different or better, at least christ has potential in his own genesis built-in http://nulluslocussinegenio.com/2015/11/10/prince-kropotkin-russias-answer-to-charles-darwin/

re: Pound; that usury canto there's nothing illusory in what he pointed out at all. "War, one war after another, men start'em who couldn't put up a good hen roost. Also sabotage.." as he also said. a bit esoteric and kept in the shadows but still clear as day.

LostJeb said...

just to add - institutions that aren't "properly" servile are routinely destroyed, often coopted first.


_0_ said...

An after thought.. something that occurred to me on your kapernick post vis. A multi-layer metaphore, a thought for consideration. There are 3 groups of people on the field. Apposing teams and the refs. What game are the referees playing? Do they win or loose? Do they not have the power to remove anyone from the game? Who's team are they on? Are they swayed by super star personalities or the fans? Mmmmmmm?

They are the keepers of the clock, enforcers of the rules and keep the game in motion. They are untouchable by the players, coaches,, media and fans. They are part of the fame but are not bound to its outcome nor influenced by its play.

Is it any wonder that most all refs all wear the same colors as the yin and the yang?

Now think of the fans as spiritual influences. Non material entiries. In purportion to your locality.

Until we meet again.


Stan Del Carlo said...

Bodhisattva (christian boogeyman) Maitreya

"In the persons of our Lord the Bodhisattva, the World Teacher, and of the Master Kuthumi, his principle lieutenant, the influence that is especially noticeable is the radiance of their all-embracing Love. The Lord Maitreya is wearing a body of the Keltic race at the present time. His is a face of wondrous beauty, with rich hair flowing like red gold about his shoulders. His beard is pointed, as in some of the old pictures, and his eyes, of a wonderful violet, are like twin flowers, like stars, like deep and holy pools filled with the waters of everlasting peace. His smile is dazzling beyond words, and a blinding glory of Light surrounds him, intermingled with that marvelous rose-colored glow which ever shines from the Lord of Love.
We may think of him as seated in the great front room of his house in the Himalayas, the room with many windows, that overlooks the gardens and terraces and, far below, the rolling Indian plains; or in flowing robes of white, edged with a deep border of gold, as walking in his garden in the cool of the evening, among the glorious flowers, whose perfume fills the surrounding air with a rich, sweet fragrance. Wondrous beyond measure is our Holy Lord the Christ, wondrous beyond any power of description, for through him flows the Love which comforts millions, and his is the Voice that speaks, as never man spake, the words of teaching that bring peace to angels and to men."

The Masters And The Path, C. W. Leadbeater, 1925

Kazz said...

Dear O,

The very foundation of Christianity and God's Kingdom is the family unit. As a mother I can assure you, there is no 'me'. A good mother/wife exists for one reason and one reason only, to make sure everyone else in the unit is cared for and has what they need.

'God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;…' (Genesis 1:27-29)

The love that a woman and man share together is a blessing from God. The bounty is their children.

Many here at SM have voiced that they would like to get out of Creation, but we spend eternity out of Creation and only the blink of an eye within it. The opportunity to be here in Creation and serve the Divine, especially at this auspicious moment in history, is an unimaginable honour, because it gives us an opportunity to show the Divine our allegiance at a time when so many have turned from 'the way'.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

LostJeb, here's a couple of hints as to what they're hiding, what they have always hidden..
Builder of pyramids with Vedic tilok
Egyptian monarch with tilok on forehead

_0_ said...

Dear Kazz, there is only one true soulmate. That is the Divine. I have many children but only one is mine biolgically. I have known the love of a woman many times. My point is, this world is a system of carrot or stick. It creates a mind set, of what is in it for me?

Now, I will be vulnerable for a moment IF les allows and shair a bit of my personal experiance.

A number of years ago.. this;

I made an appointment to get fixed. I told God and my ex wife, I am done having kids. 2 days later! 2 freaking days. We get a call. It’s about my ex wife’s sister at the hospital. They won’t tell us anything. We get there, my ex wife thinks she is dead. She is an iv drug user. Meth and heroin.
So they say, after checking my ex’s id. Right this way. So we follow. We get to the maternity ward at the Arlington hospital and they tell us, your sister had a baby girl and left her in the hospital. Ohhhg what? Would you like to see her? Sure. You are next of kin, so would you like to take her home? If not she will go to foster care.
As I held that baby girl in my arms my ex wife asked me what are we going to do? I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said, there is no way in hell we are leaving a baby in the hospital. She took a week to detox, born on meth and heroin.
Now normally you have 9 months to prepare. We had 6 days, so i drained all my savings and bought a crib, fomula, diapers, clothes etc. Etc.
When I got home I went out on the porch and said Really God!!!!!! And I felt him smile and heard him laugh.
2 years later I adopted her.

I'm rasing her no different than if she was my own. As all my children, more than 15. And yet, I ask for and ask for no reward, no crown, no title. I expect no compensation at all from the Divine. IF the Divine decides to merit me anything, (i do not concern myself with that) that is entirely up to the Divine. Had I died in one of my NDE's and not returned to this life. How much different it would be for one little girl. Who knows safety, security, love, respect and affection from a father that chose her after she was tossed aside like garbage. IF the Divine didn't hold my course steady. So I care not about a carrot or prize. I'm here, I'm useful and that is enough.



P.S. I'm trying to leave this site. Lmao!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Living for the Material Moment in Snapshot Capture Land without Panorama View.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth

les your mirror page is locked to me. Did you see the march of independence in Poland? 60,000 very angry people. For 4 years I've been hiding evidence in different places, now it's time to complete without using the internet. first destroy europe and next coming taim on USA

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis! Every single link whether online or on your own site comes back as server unavailable.
That’s why I am posting here because you are being blocked everywhere.

Smoking- mirrors cannot be accessed

Ray B. said...

Yep, Smoking Mirrors is blocked-out for me, too. Whether from the URL in the comment section or from the link in the right sidebar. Redirects to a search engine.

Visible said...

I just got this from the elf-

Hello vis

I have checked the DNS and something there seemed to be off.

Just for the record, smoking-mirrors should have the follwing CNAME in order that its blogspot address points to the URL smoking-mirrors.com:

imfkg76eiuwl.smoking-mirrors.com. gv-gla2igovttbpr4.dv.googlehosted.com

When I checked, it was presented instead as:

vfzy5rsdaxfm.smoking-mirrors.com. gv-ref6iavpeco6l4.dv.googlehosted.com

Why it wasn't correct, I have no idea.... none. It certainly wasn't me changing anything. Possibly, Google / Blogger changed the required CNAME, and for their own reasons....

In any event, I just changed the CNAME to the correct one.

Everything else being equal, this should see smoking-mirrors.com accessible again though it may take up to 24 hours. If after those 24 hours it still doesn't work, then I'll try have SM in its new WordPress home much sooner not later.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Zen and Back Again; travels Between the True Light and the False Light; blind and Perfectly Illuminated.

Anonymous said...

Can you say LOL?



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