Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Fortunes and the 3 Faces of Everyone.

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The last Visible Origami was our 500th posting at this blog.

A lot of strange things happen around here. Take this morning. I get this bizarre email from someone who says that I offended them some months ago and they're not happy about it. They say they challenged me, which I assume means baited or taunted me and I guess I responded in kind and now the person's going on and on about it. They included quotes from me but I couldn't actually see any injury in any of them, so it's a bit of a mystery to me. In the last letter, I'm told by this person, “I have ephemeral friends who will lick your ass and I will taste it”. WTF? That sounded positively pornographic.

The thing is that I look at things like this and it looks to me like what you see outside of your window when you're driving from town to town, on your way somewhere. It's scenery and the scenery is always changing. I'm not one of those people who keeps thinking of some town I went through miles back, when I happen to be going through another town at that very moment. For me, resentments, real and imagined offenses, are some kind of metaphorical, empty strip mall, whose dimensions I can no longer remember, along with the signs about whatever the store used to hold, or even what town it might have been in. There's no gain or profit in any of that. It's like envy and jealousy. I never got those. They seem pointless and cumbersome. It makes me think of jumping into the ocean with jogging weights around my ankles.

Of course, I have shortcomings, sometimes I'm impatient, or I get annoyed for about two minutes and... the magnetism of certain attractions still affects me, although I don't do anything about them now and that's an improvement, I guess, because I used to do something about them. It's not for lack of capacity, it's more like a burnt out case, or as B.B., puts it, “the thrill is gone”. Well, obviously the thrill is not gone but I understand a lot more about botany and zoology than I used to and the dynamics of the ease with which one can get entangled and the degree of difficulty in getting disentangled is not lost on me. It also goes back to my personal theory about The Three Faces of Everyone. I came up with this a long time ago and I've mentioned it here before but I will explain it again for the newcomer. The first face is the face we present people with when we first meet them. It's the face we want them to see and believe as being true about us. One day, of course, it will be ...and possibly ever so much more but... not today (grin). Then there is the face that appears over time and which includes all those parts of ourselves that we would rather people not see. Finally, there is the face that appears when real danger threatens, or one comes into extreme adversity and has to call on those he/she imagined were his/her friends. I've seen all of these faces more times than I can remember. The third face can be real wake-up and most people fail miserably.

There's a tangential relationship between the second and third face and people with more money than they know what to do with. In some cases I am talking tens of millions of dollars. When I used to live in Woodstock, I knew some amount of these people. I also knew some amount of them from DC, where you could meet the heirs (in the circles I ran in) of all kinds of household names; meaning products, or people who are always in the news and so on. Back in those days I was trying to get somewhere with my art and occasionally I might ask one of these people to invest in me, to become my patron, like it used to be back in the Italy of a few hundred years ago and other places too. Without exception, nearly all of the time (that would mean there might have been an exception but I can't remember it), their money was 'tied up' and they couldn't get to it. I think that is part of some code that rich people adhere to and talk about among themselves.

I met a lot of strange people through these strange people. There was one guy, the heir to Hong Kong Shirts. He had a place on Fifth Avenue, just up from the park. He was a junkie. Heck, I can remember his name, Stanley Glick. He had one room in his vast and capacious apartment that was lined in mink. The rest of the walls of the apartment were papered with soft deer skin. I used to hang out there on occasion and the very unpleasant Alice Cooper would show up and who knows who else. There was one fellow named Austin, an occasional guitar player and someone who hung out with name musicians, though he wasn't one. I was around him in several periods of extremity for him and helped him out well beyond the call. I didn't see him then for awhile and then one day I did. I come to find out that his mother was one of the richest ladies in Connecticut. She was not enamored of his coke-infused, alcohol accompanied life style, so he didn't have much while she was alive. Then she was gone and he came into a serious fortune. He had no time for me then, even though I didn't ask him for any and even though he wouldn't have noticed the absence. Most rich people are cheap, which is why they are rich, except when they want to show off. What they don't know and what they find out, like people who waste food and always leave a lot of it on their plate, is that the time will come when they will experience the deepest kind of want in the afflicted area because, THAT'S HOW IT WORKS.

Now, I don't have much (in the material sense) and I never did and I know there's a good reason for that, just as I know that will change at some point, once I have passed through these last difficulties of awareness expansion. However, I will wager that I am generally happier and more content than any of them will ever be and certainly our end game differs in outcome. It always impresses me how people ignore that Biblical truism, “Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you tenfold”. That is a real law of the universe. It unfailingly delivers, as some number of people have proven to themselves. Another truism, is the one about the talents and what happened to the people who didn't do the right thing by them. We are given things to see what we will do with them and that means, money, fortunes of birth, fame, connections, various abilities and degrees of inspiration. If you don't max out on these things, in a good way, they will leave you in a bad way. These are absolutes. You can get scientific and ingeniously creative, in the attempt to get around the laws of the cosmos and Nature but, good luck with that, cause you won't.

I see rich people going their indifferent and selfish ways and I see a long term, terminally homeless and desperate person up around the bend. I see pretty people and I think, well that's very definitely a temporary currency. I see people with certain creative abilities, who abuse them in any number of ways and poof! They don't have them anymore. I see people with sudden fame, just as suddenly gone and I note how they behaved before, during and after. For some inexplicable reason, people don't pay attention to the most basic things, concerning any kind of success and fortune, both good and bad. Things change. Change is the cornerstone of existence; why the I Ching is around in the first place, though I'm not one for oracles, rather trusting in what is sent off to me by the invisible, each and every day. We've all got ships out there, just beyond the horizon line, sooner or later they come into port and the longer it takes, the more laden down they are.

It can be a curse to be well off when you are young (cause it might not be there later on) and often a substantial blessing when you are older. Death can be a fantastic event, or the opposite and that is why it gets saved for last. In a life lived for all the right reasons, death is a liberation and in some cases doesn't come at all. It depends on how asleep you are as to how the process affects you.

People despair of their existence. They get cranky and curmudgeonly. They develop serious health problems because of the chronic condition of their mental and emotional bodies and then they spend all that money they kept hoarding for whatever reason, in the last year of their life. That's also the time when the TV and radio is on 24 hours a day. The whole medical and pharmaceutical industry is set up to milk this phenomenon and they encourage poor diet and many attendant ills because it's a cash crop. Most people don't realize how diabolically cynical and sinister these corporations and 'professionals' are in general. They see cancer, they rub their hands together with glee. Cancer wasn't anything like it is today in earlier times and there are very good, or actually, very bad reasons for that.

The most essential thing about the world, which escapes most people, is that its entire reason for being is as a distraction from the primary point of greatest importance. You can tell people this all day long but they will not get it, until they have been reduced or traumatized to the point where it can be accepted as so. It's only at that time that life begins in any real sense. Prior to that it is just a dream, ♫row, row, row your boat♫ The mysteries of life are all delineated in fairy tales and fables, which have one interpretation on the surface and another below it. Children know all that needs to be known- or they did until recent times- and the rest of life, until the exit for the recycling plant comes up on the freeway, is all about whether you can get to that awareness, where the magic of childhood reawakens in the adult mind and renews it. Everything else we chase after, weep over the loss of, occupy our thoughts with, is irrelevant and unimportant and they will stay right here when you go.

It's a mystery and a riddle. It's an enigma, this cognitive dissonance, which pursues us through our lives, until it's done its job on us. I'll leave you on a positive note. Where there's life there's hope. As long as there is breath, there is opportunity for transformation and... “success is speedy for the energetic”.

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Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Big God and Mr. Fate ♫
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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yours is the Truth and Everything that's in It

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Is the mind quicker than the eye, or the eye quicker than the mind? Is the immediate presumption of something more likely than what deeper inquiry reveals; in other words are things usually what they seem? That is a question for each person to ask of themselves and there is one more thing to ponder which is of critical importance. Who are the people who give careful consideration to the question of whether things are what they seem and who are the people that shrug and say, “Duh” and move on to whatever version of Rice Crispies are crackling in their brain? Of course it could be Fruit Loops, though they may not crackle and it could be Fizzies, which do come with sound effects. I use these examples because the FX people use to distract the mind from its primary concern vary. The mind has a primary concern? Yes, it does and those who, sometimes fatuously, tell themselves they are studying the Hermetic Sciences or Alchemy, should consider the implications of working with Mercury and the qualities of the 'element' Mercury. It is sometimes also called quicksilver. Solving this particular concern is a major consideration to solving all following concerns and even understanding them, for that matter.

Here's a thought. Let's say you were the principal exporter of terror in the world. That would be, of course, the occupying force presently genociding the Palestinians. Let us look at their recent caper in Bulgaria, where they blew up a bus with some of their own people on it, just to generate heat against the Iranians. Most people immediately assume that the guy with the bomb was either a true believer, or a so-called mind slave. How about this; certain forms of hypnosis also work this way. You convince the person with the bomb that he's just going to place it on the bus and then walk away to the escape car, which will disappear in the uproar and carnage of the aftermath. Convincing someone of something like this can be easier than you think, if they've already done some few things before that went off as presented to him. Misdirection and deception (by way of) can take many forms and that is why one needs to get Mercury sorted before they seek to go further on their road. Everything about the road is affected by the status of your Mercury. I'm not talking about the planet,though that can always have a bearing on the process.

Religion has nothing to do with anything I am saying. Religion is like priestly garments that conceal the natural truth behind them and also, with false doctrine, distort reality with things like enforced celibacy that sooner or later outbreaks through the weakest link in the chain. Everything has to do with sex; at least in terms of how you manage it, or don't manage it. It will plague and bedevil the fuck out of you (grin), if you do not manage it and you can't manage it if you don't understand it. That would be similar to attempting to wire your house, without understanding electricity and then go on to installing the plumbing. You might want to look for the connection between heating and plumbing, which is a tandem engaged in by plumbing contractors. I can never do much more than hint at certain things. I'm not intentionally vague. You will note that all everyone else has ever done in that respect was to hint or present by way of analogy and creative imagery.

I recommend the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and I provide an affirmation in terms of particular procedures, employed by seekers for centuries. For years, on and off, I have recited the text found on the tablet. This involves the mechanism of repetition. Imagine yourself as a stone mason and your mind as the virgin granite. Imagine that you have a hammer and chisel and you are carving words into the stone. This will have a lasting impact on the stone and requires a great deal more industry than writing the words on paper. Compare this with the routine of people who go to church on Sunday, or even Wednesday evening too and who say their prayers at night. Compare that with one who chants for lengths of time every single day, or who prays without ceasing. Look it up. Being able to do this is greatly affected by your relationship to your Mercury. Who do you think is likely to make a greater impression on the cosmos in terms of sincerity and determination? You don't get anything done without the assistance of the cosmos. If you think you can, you're dreaming. You will not get the assistance of the cosmos, unless you impress the cosmos. You might as well go have a career at something, start a family, whatever, bide your lifetimes until the spark is ignited. You'll be wasting your time to attempt something that takes “the last full measure of devotion”. Job One is, 'don't fool yourself'. Job Two is, 'don't even think about fooling the cosmos'.

There are various pathways and the reason there are various pathways, is because there are various personalities. There are various types. Some gravitate toward pure and perfect abstinence and surrender. That is the path of the saint. There is the path of the mystic. There is the path of the sage. There are others as well. Think of the whole thing as being on rails and having switching yards and other phenomena. What you are meant to achieve as, will be clarified as you go, by the 'nature of your experiences and your reactions to them'. It's not uncommon to set off as one and transform into another.

By example, I will reference myself, because there is a particular point which needs must be made. People have the mistaken idea that being on the path means, without exception, renunciation of the world and everything that's in it. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in these times. I mention this because I am sure I am a curiosity to some; especially those too well informed about superficial maxims and spiritual platitudes, as they apply to the anally retentive mind, of those stuck in the vast libraries of all the things they learned, which serve the same purpose as falling into the ocean fully clothed and having to swim with the heavy drag of their garments. I'm sure I am a curiosity to some that I am so consistently engaged in defining and documenting the crimes of those in the service of humanities’s ancient enemies. That just happens to be my job for the moment and that will change in the foreseeable future. I would not have to be so employed if there were a larger range of individuals so engaged.

I did not set out with any of this in mind. I had no preconceived notions about the players and the game. The fact of the matter was that I knew very little about the reality of these things, until I set sail on the internet. I am the product of the things I have learned. By this time, specific truths about a collection of psychopaths and their employees and pawns, not to mention the great uninformed, sometimes referred to as the great unwashed, have become overwhelmingly conclusive. The enormous preponderance of evidence, pointing to the same miscreants, as well as the vast historical record of their crimes, proves beyond question the state of awareness that I occupy today. Whether it is being ejected from nearly every country in the world at least once, or the list of unbelievable atrocities from The Bolshevik Revolution to the slave trade, on up to present day human trafficking and organ harvesting; 9/11, 7/7, 3/11 and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

I could fill pages here just listing one crime after the other and let us not forget the names of those families and dynasties that control just about every single central bank. Let us not forget that this control over a great stretch of time led to control of the media, entertainment, publishing and various, with the specific object of controlling the flow, content and quality of information, as well as prohibiting the publication of all things contrary to their diabolical agenda. This further led to the control of governments and sundry.

Lately a handful of anonymous dis-info agents have come around in an attempt to muddy the waters, to say that what I say is incorrect, that these criminals do not possess the control that they observably do, to say things like, “none of them are connected to any real power' (in a sense I agree with that) and that I am wrong and misinformed, despite the TREMENDOUS WEIGHT OF DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. It's what it is. I didn't want to have to believe these things. If I were a coward or an opportunist, I would have bypassed all of this and looked out for myself, instead of turning myself into a marooned sailor, on a nearly deserted island ...and effectively sinking all possibility of a successful career in the arts I have cultivated through this lifetime and those before it. It has made me a pariah to all those pretending to serve human interest on their large, commercialized websites, devoted to the goddamn dollar and their fabricated reputations that tippy toe around the mine fields of truth that would sabotage their self interest. You encounter them every day in your pursuit of the truth. You can see the hedging and the parsing and the denial that is oh so necessary for their continuance. Fuck that noise.

Our job descriptions change with the conditions of our existence. The stations of consciousness we represent, also change as the responsibilities and requirements are met. We are each of us alone in the private drawing room of our conscience and whatever may or may not take place there is known to us alone. Hell, like Heaven is, in a certain way, a private affair and we determine the nature of our state by whatever we have turned ourselves into, or been fashioned into, by the manner in which we came and went. There are litmus tests here and there are litmus tests elsewhere and secret markings that influence the opening and closing of artfully concealed doors. We are all observed in our passage and our passage is influenced and adjusted accordingly. Make of this what you will.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Good Blind Date, especially if you're Blind.

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May your noses always be hoses for the crack cocaine of universal brotherhood and impersonal cosmic love.

(A few preliminary, introductory notes. First, you were off the charts generous to James Jancik on our final radio show and he will be having that dinner. For James, let me thank you one and all. And there's good news, if you think it so. James says the downloads of our radio show are impressive and far outstretch the live listeners and that has been a problem for some reason. Nevertheless, James sent me an email yesterday saying that he didn't know where I was at with it but he would love to continue to produce the show and make it available for download so... next Saturday morning you will have the radio show and a regular vlog is coming very soon which, I think you will, find pretty damn original, if I do say so myself. I'm on top of the world today, on a gorgeous July day where the temperature is about 70 degrees. I'm on top of the world because I solved a problem that had been bedeviling me for decades. This has happened before and has marvelous salutary effects. I expect the same. Well, there are a couple of other things but let's get to the post.)

This weekend I attended a two day musical festival. I assume the website is not so colorful now because the mega concert is over but there is a tab line at the top of the page and you can get some feel for the event. It took place in Cologne, which one could say is one of the main cultural centers of Germany. Let me set the stage before I go back stage (grin). We left here early Saturday morning (6:00 AM). I got to sleep around 2:00 AM prior to and the night before I got no sleep. I went with my friend Michael, as his guest and with his daughter, Sarah who enjoys some of this form of music. It was about a five hour drive on the autobahn, where you can go a hundred and twenty miles an hour most of the time and Michael has a new Audi so.... Whoosh.

We got to our hotel(s) and checked in first. I was at a nearby hotel because there was no room at the inn where they were staying. Sarah had a friend who came in another car and as a result Michael and I had to wait for about an hour in the parking lot, while they did the sorts of things ladies do and which are mysterious to the rest of us. Finally, some distance closer to the end of the Kali Yuga, they emerged in their version of Goth/Emo, looking gorgeous under the circumstances.

This concert is a compilation of Goth, Emo and wannabe Satanists and included a measure of S&M torture freaks and alternative sexual expressions, like the tall and very slender blonde guy in a white, plastic mini skirt with a fishnet top. Here are some of the t-shirts people were wearing and it was rare if someone was not wearing a logo shirt; “My parents said I could be anything I wanted, so I became an asshole”. “I am an asshole”. “Hate me”. “Will the darkness possess me? Go to Hell”. “The Devil inside”. “I want to die today”. For some reason, I can't remember a lot of them now. If they come back to me I will intersperse them as we go. Black was the overwhelmingly predominant color and phrases having to do with Satan, death culture, nihilistic acquiescence, hunger for death, oh yeah, and things like this; more logos, “You can either agree with me or be wrong”. “Drink, fight, fuck”. That said, there was no violence. The people were generally good natured and friendly, even though they drank a lot of beer. If this were happening in the UK or the US there would have been fights.

The interesting thing is that with all of the dark advertising, it came off more as a costume ball than any actual celebration of darkness. There were guys dressed in these heavy, floor length black dresses, attended by all kinds of metal accessories like rings, clips, all manner of kinds and types. This was often topped by fishnet, black weave shirts or black t-shirts. Others wore cargo pants with the same motif. I'd say about 95% were dressed this way. Michael was dressed in black but he looked like some kind of paramilitary security. Sarah was in a black evening dress with boots. Here friend had black pants and a 'devil inside' T-shirt and her friend was dressed in routine black. Those two did a lot of clothes shopping. I had on my Jimmi Hendrix velvet jacket, black cargo pants and a black and white checked shirt. I'm sure these details are really important to the reader (grin).

At one point Michael, Sarah and I are focused on this one fellow. He wasn't so dressed up as everyone else but he had the most depraved set of eyes I have seen in a long time. You could see iniquities seldom dreamed of there. We all noticed, so I turned to Sarah and said, “Now there's a blind date for you but only if you are blind”. Then Michael said something about an open hand and I said, “I love an open hand as long as it's attached to a naked body”. There were a ton of one-liners. The result is that I got a song out of it featuring those two lines. There was a certain type of woman there who was statuesque in an Amazonian way and I said, “It would take two men to do her”; not exactly the words I used (grin) but had you seen them you would have known what I meant. There were some number of them. The general attire of the majority of the women was Slutville Central, as each seemed to be engaged in outdoing the rest of them. It was impressive in it's own way. There was a collection of buxom lassies there of what one might call 'economy sized', like when you buy the large container of soap power for your family wash and they were wearing these bustiers that barely contained their produce and seemed to threaten to escape at any moment. You could almost hear them singing, “I want to be free! I want to be free”! And some of them nearly attained this. Cynics might refer to it as a fashion accident but we're taking about something more timeless here.

The place was jammed and sometimes you couldn't move very well. At one point I was watching a band perform and this lady appeared in front of me and decided to take a serious interest in me, which led to some creative groping. I was somewhat bemused. Out of nowhere this guy appeared and swept her away. I don't think he was bemused. Michael was though. Ironically, the next day, I was standing on the other side of the crowd with Michael and there she was right in front of me again. At one point she turned and looked at me and didn't recognize me at all. That Visible charisma must ebb and flow like the tides under the influence of the moon.

The bands, except for degrees of quality were pretty much all the same group and the group which drew the largest crowd was a tribute band, heh heh for Rammstein. I was told they had the number one selling album for a number of months and nobody seemed to notice the difference. I suppose this might be called Clone Rock. Michael tells me that Rammstein is so popular that it cost more to see them than we paid to get into this two day concert. I liked this one group, can't remember the name; Lost, something, something. Though I can find all the other bands listed at Wikipedia, I don't find any with lost in the title. Every singer with every band had the same voice with variations only of power and depth. They all sang in a low voice sort of like Tom Waits, if he was on PCP and there was a lot of screaming. I couldn't imagine their throats holding out for any length of time but... what do I know? One singer was screaming, “I want to hear you scream”. Finally I let go with an, “If you stop singing I will”. That went over pretty well among surrounding ears, along with my “Wrong”, which was in response to an endless repetition of “Right”. I figured out that the engineers were using the same vocal filters on every one of the singers.

Anyway, I was hanging on trying to stay upright, after two nights with not much sleep and told Michael I had to go back to my hotel. He didn't want me to leave because 'Sisters of Mercy' were coming on. It might have been a mercy that I left, I'll never know. Michael says he will walk me to the exit and I say, “So I just go over the bridge (over the Rhine- really wide at this location) and the hotel's right there huh”? He says “Yeah” and I don't think about it. Remember that I am truly bushed and want only to get to the hotel, maybe have a few beers in the bar and just fall gratefully on to my bed. So, it takes me about a kilometer of walking and negotiating to get to the bridge and then a long walk across it. Then I spend half an hour walking all over the place and... I'm moving at a good clip most of the time. People are giving me directions to Micheal’s hotel, “The Dorint”. I come to find out after about 6 K that this is the other Dorint, there are two of them and his and my hotel are back over the bridge on the other side. I walk another extended distance until I find a cab. The driver tells me he can take me to The Skada which is my hotel. We go across the bridge and I see the other Dorint. I say it's right here. He says no and proceeds to take me a couple of miles out of town to what might have been a hotel but which is closed down and empty. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown after all the adrenalin of my efforts. I get him to take me back to the Dorint and we wind up in front of my hotel. He had been insisting that the other place was my hotel. Thank god I had had the presence of mind not to get out of the cab at the other location. He sees the name of the hotel on my real hotel and this makes him self recriminatory and apologetic. He is insisting on my not paying him. Finally we compromise; more energy expended.

I walk into the hotel and into the bar where the manager is sitting having a beer. I see the clock. It says 9:30. I was moving over distances for more than two hours. The manager says, “You're Les Visible, I know you”. What are the odds? Apparently he had run across my music at some point. He was convinced that I was performing at the festival, despite the vast difference in styles. Nothing I could have said changed it. He wanted me to meet this friend of his who was a producer and had the barmaid at the computer trying to find his email address, which didn't happen. He told me we would have coffee in the morning. I made it up to my room and lights out. I woke at 7:30 or so, still a little whipped and went down to breakfast. The manager was all business and seemed not to remember the night before. I take it he was drunk. I went back upstairs and slept till 11:00. I checked out and went to the festival where I met Michael as arranged. My recuperative powers are pretty outstanding. I don't know why I got put through what I did that night but I suspect it was to show me what is possible. I still can't believe it happened (grin).

I could get much more extensively anecdotal about the concert and any number of amusing things but I have run out of space. Michael says there's a much bigger festival in a few weeks at an abandoned airstrip. It is really too bad I didn't have my HD audio visual sunglasses working for this one but I will for that one so you'll see what I'm talking about. As some might say, “it was a real hoot”.

End Transmission.......

Friday's radio show is available for listening or download.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Crust of Ignorance and the Jesus Bunny

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May your noses always be upgradeable.

It seems that the most difficult thing to make happen is to come into a state of mind where your focus is upon the direct, resident essential, as opposed to the projected appearance of manifested and diabolically controlled phenomena, which is no more than the fading echo of something already gone. The unfortunate truth is that things tend to vibrate on the mechanisms of perception even after the stimulus is gone, if it's been pinging for long enough. Think of it as an after image and consider that the sensory mechanism, or capacity, is not activated yet which permits for the perception and recognition of what is actually extent. A number of progressive occurrences have been taking place over recent times. This has to be factored against the degree of pervasive darkness that is the signature card of this age. I like to call it The Crust of Ignorance. It's something that has built up over time and been added to by the collective denial and persistent low level desire focus of the general population. Think of the level of difficulty as being something like teaching a pig to dance in a bombed out McDonalds, where the floor is layered with shredded Big Mac's, quarter pounders, fries and slurry shakes. The slurry shake machine took a hit and it's pouring some kind of viscous liquid all over the floor. The pig's feet are making sucking sounds, as the animal moves through the wreckage. It's going to take a lot to get the pig's attention.

That might be an unfortunate series of images and you can substitute a wolf, wolves, chickens- a different environment and feed system, or whatever, if it makes you feel better. Or, if like me, you have a lot of respect for animals, you can substitute any generic Christian Zionist or Israeli overlord with a bad junk food habit, in lieu of the preferable human flesh and blood they usually get in the more exclusive bistros they like to frequent. You can be sure there are some number of faux, human replicants who most definitely engage in forms of cannibalism and much worse practices, simply for the power that such evil behavior gives to them along temporary lines. All wars are magical wars and all wars are engaged in for the same reasons, banker profit and the invocation of serious Leviathan evil from the depths, for all kinds of infernal purposes. On the surface, there are all sorts of motives and reasons given ...but they are merely incidental and of no importance, beyond the sales pitch used to manipulate the attention and awareness of those whose acquiescence is desirable for the purpose of jingoistic support, manufactured public opinion, providing endless amounts of canon fodder and the production of war material.

Presently there is continuous subliminal, liminal and varying levels of more powerful presentations of programming and propaganda, being applied to the collective human awareness, within a certain bandwidth. Outside that bandwidth, reside some number of the population that is immune to these auditory and visual excretions from the lizard mouths, of those serving the puppet masters, who are in the employ of the ones whose intent is to turn the crust of ignorance into a super sized perversion of those foil wrapped globes of solid chocolate that you see around during the Christmas season. Merry Christmas! ...by the way. On the transparent superficial side of the equation, you have things like this that stay on the front page of the Crass Media for days longer than any other news item and which celebrate screeching, agenda driven harridans, waving robo-signatures; probably done by the same out of work office temps that worked for the big bank foreclosure arms. They are demanding to see the numbers records of support by the definitely overwhelming majority, who do not want the Boy Scouts turned into S&M, B&D campouts and sleepovers. Having been a Boy Scout, one merit badge short of Eagle, I know who composes the operative authority of that org, just as I know who is bankrolling this particular farce and all of the other culture destruction engines.

I don't watch TV but every day it is on downstairs and I can hear it when I'm in the kitchen and sometimes I go into the living room and I catch a short of burst of the inane idiocy that passes for entertainment; interviews with sex experts who know nothing about sex but everything about kinky diversions that are designed to take the awareness off of the timeless import of the act. Of course, that's been lost for a good long time in the gen-pop, along with any working connection between the higher virtues and deeper communions. The intention of the adversary was to first turn the divine feminine into a submissive, bottom slut in order to translate the timeless into the time conditioned; effectively making the planet into a prison and whether you are actually confined for some form of rebellion against the systematized controls of the arch-criminals, or simply a wage slave in their industries that eliminate the natural landscape for the plastic-mall temples of the end time snake dance, it is only a matter of degree.

The point of perverting the sexual dynamic, is to turn it into communion fluid for demons who draw their power from the draining of a very common fluid with serious occult properties. Like the reverse Kabala, this force of liberation is subjugated into a force for confinement. This is all part of a cycle that repeats over and over again and is one of the motive powers that keeps the great wheel of life, death and rebirth rotating over and over again, for those who have made the decision to go through this over and over again. It's easy for any number of us to get caught in a sense of futile helplessness, when we see the greater portion of our fellows willingly walking into the grinning mouth of the great devouring agent. They think it's the entrance to a carnival funhouse but, like some of the carnivals one sees in horror movies, it is staffed with ghouls, vampires and assorted monsters, who feed on the level of corruption of any and every specific resident.

Seen from the surface, the appearance is grim; unless you are wandering in some temporary dream of possession, imminent acquisition or pending satiation. That about accounts for the usual 90%. Even their spirituality is based on gain of one order or another, along with an adopted, exclusionary contempt for all others and a self conferred elite status, due to being exceptional for having chosen the one and only true path. This true path usually allows for any desired appetites and the exercise of them because you're doing it in the name of The Jesus Bunny, even though, most of the time they don't even do that.

I live in a small town that has a high concentration of fundie, American Christian missionaries, their offspring and various children of people, living in this country and wanting to send their children to a school with certain standards. They have a junior and senior high school and they also train missionaries to go to Africa and make the terminally suffering aware of the pie in the sky when they die. These wide load, polyester junkies do not integrate with the local population. There are hundreds of them. You see them everywhere. There's some kind of word out about me because I am shunned like someone out of a Nathaniel Hawthorne novel. One time I was standing with someone outside of a cafe they had just opened in the center of town and it was their grand opening. I was speaking in English to someone next to me and I guess one of the men involved in the project heard me and he came up and said, “Come in please”! Some other guy rapidly came up to him and pulled him aside, said a few words and they both skedaddled like I was some manifestation of the one they actually serve.

I see them in restaurants and I watch them, in my usual surreptitious fashion. I've never seen a single one of them say grace yet before they eat. A few months ago I was in a restaurant. I don't usually eat in restaurants but one of us likes that on her birthdays and such. We weren't sitting too far from a couple of the elder movers and shakers. They were in an animated conversation about real estate prospects and the profits they could make from them and it had to do with something local. They didn't say grace either and never once mentioned anything remotely religious or spiritual. I look at the kinds of items they buy in the supermarkets. It's as if their grocery list read, “buy only non digestible garbage. It's what Jesus would do”.

I remember when my Kundalini was in full swing in the early years and the sort of youth (I was their age mostly) that got Socrates poisoned would come around to hear me speak. It wasn't long before priests would show up or your generic Christian with a Bible, who would wave it at me like it was a weapon. They liked to throw firecrackers at me and the usual. They weren't very good at argument, which is probably why they got so incensed. It's the same word of God that they are dying on foreign battlefields for, at the command of the moneychangers who, allegedly, hung their leader up to dry. I love the smell of hypocrisy and ignorance burning in the morning.

Anyway, so it goes in this time of darkness when a darkness is upon the land and also upon the minds of those in darkness who will be watching TV at this very moment and conferring a real authority upon anyone who happens to have made it to the screen because that means they are legitimate and it wouldn't be on TV if it wasn't good clean fun. You see, when you have the appearance of a whole lot of power, you're automatically legitimate and whatever you do is pretty much okay, just as it will be when they get their shot.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Visible Enemies and Invisible Friends

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Long time readers of these blogs know that I started touting, only for myself, the capacity of Ketamine to act as an antidepressant far in advance of anything on the market some time ago. They will also note that I have mentioned that the source of certain forms of depression is physical and psychological abuse visited upon a child in their formative years. It messes up your serotonin flow. I started saying this about 4 or 5 years ago. I caught the usual ration of uniformed abuse from know it alls, who, like most know it alls, know nothing about the subject and have either little experience in the ingestation of certain comestibles or... because they were fear based and highly resistant, psychologically, to the salutary effects of certain psychotropics had one single, or a handful of recurrent bad trips. Ergo, they have become an authority on what is good for others.

Some of these 'experts' make their negative claims based on the proclamations of certain spiritual teachers, concerning things along the lines of, “you can't find God with substances”, or that the regular use of substances is a a big no no. I tend to agree with that because I don't think most people should take sustances and I don't believe that in the case of most people that you can maintain a steady course in spiritual advancement by the regular use of chemicals. I'm not most people. I have a special dispensation and there are some others of the Shamanic type; certain Tantrics and others who are allowed a degree of freedom in this area. I have never promoted the use of substances for others. Most people can't handle these things and their attitude is wrong to begin with. That is a major key. I use certain things as sacraments and employ ritual and certain communication devices in the process. I offer these things up as engines of interchange between myself and my invisible friends; more on my invisible friends, once we have some introductory context about comestibles.

I have, in fact, encountered the divine, full on, many times via certain essences. I have seen the forms, in the Eastern expressions many, many times, right in front of me. Of course they are projections from within. How does that change anything? I've seen green holographic Buddhas in the foliage more times than I can remember. I thought everyone was seeing these things. I've seen the great radiant serpent moving in and out of the Earth. I've seen The Lady, glistening and shimmering in her kingdom. I've seen Lord Ganesh, capering across the landscape and taken many a walk with him. These happen with or without additional incentives these days. I've encountered and seen entities and conditions of which I have only mentioned a few in these pages. This is the case with others as well because it was their burning desire and intention to see these things.

About two years ago, the poster, 'mouser', sent me an article about Ketamine in Sweden. It had just been approved as a legitimate treatment for depression there, though some steps remained prior to it's introduction on the market. One of those steps would certainly be getting around the dung slugs who run the pharmaceutical crime syndicate. Today, the poster, 'Esteban' sends me this.

Some years ago, when I talked more about diet, more than I do these days, I have mentioned that good diet will ward off all sorts of contemporary diseases (and they are very much contemporary phenomena). I've mentioned that Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, are far more effective in treatment of many conditions than allopathic, symptomatic, invasive black magic, medicine. Today I find this on the alternative media, mere moments after reading the article about Ketamine. It was also referenced in the Crass Media, as noted in the article.

A few years ago I recommended to a certain person that they should try macrobiotics for the varieties of health issues they were faced with. This person attempted to do this, along with some members of the group she is associated with. Some time after, she contacted me to tell me that that was a big mistake and this and that happened. Anyone who has followed macrobiotics knows that it is considered that most people are sick, due to bad diet and that when engaging in the entry period of macrobiotics that initially all sorts of discomfort may arise, because of the changes being made to the system by the new discipline. It is critically important also to be aware of the fact that one should have a competent authority involved in the process because it is an involved science and requires some degree of professional input. As a result, I told this person from the gitgo to go to one of the Michio Kushi Centers or something similar.

Ironically, Kushi developed colon cancer and this, no doubt, sent the skeptics into a tizzy of self-righteous ecstasy and probably right down the street to a Burger King to celebrate. I suggest that the usual collection of know it alls read this short compilation, especially toward the end about where Kushi's dietary disciplines were at, during the period leading up to his difficulties. Read the damn thing.

Readers here are aware that I eat large quantities of garlic, usually around a bulb a day. When I first started eating garlic, I left a swath of aroma in my wake. Time has passed and you can't smell it on me at all most of the time. The reason for this is that garlic is a blood purifier and it forces the poisons out of your system and that is why you smell the garlic, especially when people eat meat. There are many ticks here in the area. People get bit by them all the time and sometimes bad things follow. I walk all over the fields and woodlands here. They get on the dogs and we have to remove them. People I know find them crawling on them. They never come near me, period. I can go without a shower for weeks and have done so, for the purpose of demonstration. There is no noticeable smell on me. I have done this here and in Italy, when I have had guests, just to show the truth of it. People can argue all they want but the proof is in the putting. I almost never catch a cold or a flu. Once every five years or ten years I contract the same flu like conditions that lays me out for a few days. Except for that period a little over a year ago, I've had excellent health and it defies reason considering how I behave sometimes. It bears thinking about.

I have taken psychedelic substances, well over a thousand times in my career. Would you say that my mind doesn't work very well or that my facilities seem impaired over the long run? Some people have special dispensations. It is the end to which things are applied that counts, not the thing itself. A tool can be used in a wrong or unconscious manner or it can be used intelligently. I've far less association with these things than I once did, simply because other states are now coming into play. As a result of the passage of the Venus aspect, spoken of here in the comments and possibly some other planetary adjustments, I am able to meditate again. For a couple of years I was not allowed to and when I tried to, bad things would happen. Suddenly that's all gone and my gratitude is inexpressible. Make of all this what you will. My concern with general opinion is something less than secondary. What comes after tertiary? I am concerned ONLY with results. I get results, very good. I don't get results, or undesirable results, let's try something else.

About my invisible friends; it was 4 or 5 years ago, as I have already mentioned that I was introduced to Ketamine. I was walking on a street in Basel, on my way to a drug emporium, where you could buy most things. They were around for some time, until the psychopaths from the US, who control the illegal drug trade, in order to finance their 'black bag' murder industry, had them shut down through the usual arm-twisting methods. One of my invisible friends said, “ask about Ketamine”. I'd known about it for years but never felt any curiosity. I bought a small sample and took it home and tried a little. I thought, after a few minutes, “Hmmm, okay, I see what this does, might as well just do the rest and move on”. Well, the rest was 2 or 3 times what I had taken initially and that was a game-changer. I'll point out that it is very, very difficult to overdose on K. You can get into trouble if you start mixing it into a cocktail of substances, if you are an idiot and deserve a Darwin Award ...but that's other people. That's not me or anyone else who wants to be conscious and aware about what they do. Have I always been conscious and aware? Certainly not. I've paid many a price and taken many a lick, for the purpose of demonstration.

My invisible friends have told me many things over time and they invariably prove out. Now they're telling me all kinds of things about India and other potentialities. A lot of the time I can't discuss these things. They could be considered too far out. I mentioned something to a couple of people; one I sort of know, internet-wise and one had shown up in that flurry of Red Ice listeners. I had a pretty amicable communication going with both of them. I have yet to hear back from either of them now. I chose the opportunity to do this to see what would happen. I often do things like that. On a positive note, I told an astrologer of recent introduction about some of these things and they didn't phase her negatively whatsoever. You have to be aware of the possible state of mind of those you communicate with.

This posting is not about comestibles. It is about how things prove out. No one can deny that I mentioned the efficacy of a certain item here, far previous to official commentary. That's the case with a lot of what gets said here. Blame my invisible friends. We all have them but they differ in origin and scope, depending on your aspirations and intents. That's it. There ain't no more to it. Whether you are influenced infernally or otherwise, is because of you and whatever you value and are after.

People can argue and scoff all they want but that is pointless if I can clinically prove my contentions; same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That's no cause for laurel wreaths on my brow. That's because of who I hang out with. Can I yet contract some terrible condition for the purposes of demonstration? Assuredly. Can I get dumped into the shit still? Assuredly. Therefore, it behooves me to seek to be self deprecating and humble, insofar as I can manage that. It behooves me to observe myself at all times, as it does you as well. Strive hard and seek the inner luminescence. Not much good is going to come from any other effort and not for long if it does.

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Getting my Mind Right and Shaking it here, Boss.

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There's a little group of individuals that runs from the extreme of Sorcha Faal (such a fool), also known as David Brooks/CIA, to Mr. 'The Yakusa are coming”! Benjamin Fulford. It moves through Mr 'Mass Arrests' Drake to David Wilcox and then includes a selection of lesser luminaries, who say all kinds of things. These lesser luminaries make less money. Make no mistake, all of these guys make money and jet around the globe talking about all kinds of things. I used to read David Icke's books and I credit him with turning me on to all kind of things, long before I wrote blogs and lived in a Garden of Eden type of resort that I managed out on the Hana Highway on Maui. Then he started putting out books about mind controlled sex slave women, who were performing for George H. Bush; probably to cover for Bush's real tastes and that led to underground locations, where all kinds of weird things went on; Cathy O'Brien was one of them. She's 'handled' by an ex intelligence agent named Mark Phillips. Yes, I know this is the metaphysical blog and I will segue into that shortly.

I can't know how many of these things are true, or whether some people are shapeshifting lizards. I've had direct experience with the reptile entities but what I got was that they operate as a control mechanism, for individuals who have given themselves over to that kind of access. I read a lot and I hear a lot and I get some sense of things ...but they are never like what I am told. Who do I trust? I trust my inner light, which is a transmitting center of intelligence that perceives and comprehends from a place beyond my conscious capacity. It has proven to be accurate by a very high percentage and it is responsible for the resonance that gets experienced here. By now, I think the vast majority of those who come here will agree, something goes on here. What that is might not be entirely clear but something is going on. India will bring a greater clarity to all of that at the end of the year and in following times. Certainly that might begin earlier as well. This isn't in my hands but it is in certain hands. I'm convinced of that.

These women and their wild tales, are they true? When I have offered certain doubts, I have heard about it from certain quarters because the people objecting to my take have an 'investment' in the tales being true. This is something we need to look at in ourselves; are we invested in a particular belief system? Do certain things validate what we want to believe to be true? This is the wrong approach. One should not start out with presumptions and then collect material that supports and justifies them. One should begin from the premise that one doesn't know anything and then prove and test what arises in the process of inquiry. One should, above all, study oneself.

To my mind, if there were any real truth in these women's claims they would have been silenced and they would have never been released out of these announced conditions. That makes no kind of sense, nor do the threats of elimination prior to, jibe with the end result. Do such things happen? Assuredly they do. Are horrific things taking place, like these or worse? Yes, they are. Why would someone promote things like this? They do it because they are 'sensational' and they pique the imagination. They heighten the celebrity of those promoting these tales and enhance the opportunity to tour and make money talking about them. All of these people are making money and gain celebrity. People invested in these things being true, latch on to them with a death grip because they provide fantastic answers for their confusion. You can't go far wrong financially, exciting the imagination of people. All manner of fantastic things are around but people are looking in the wrong places. We are in the time of false prophets in search of profit.

The same thing applies to all of these alternative sexual agendas. A lot of people are heavily invested in having their sexual attractions legitimized. They want it to be OK2BME. They want it to be natural and they want to believe that if they can get certain ideas written into the curriculum and established as laws that that makes it official. They do not want to know that their particular practices are being used by Zio-NAZI operatives, whose intention for them and society are a great deal different than their own personal concerns. They are willing to buy into anything that will make it impossible for society to have any opinion of them other than the ones they have of themselves. That's not ever going to happen. It will only go so far. This is how batshit crazy it gets.

I am as alienated and outside of the mainstream as any of these people but I accept that and the whole alternative sexual thing was fine back in the day when they were fine with this too. Things have gone well past the point where these lifestyles choices were an endangered species. However, indoctrination of prepubescent minds during a time of guaranteed confusion, which has always been the case, is beyond the pale. Once society gets into the game of legislating morality it is doomed and this present state of Western Culture is doomed. The society is in free fall. The religions are breaking up. The corporate/military structure is a runaway bus with no brakes and the public is borderline insane and passing over the border. I don't personally care what people get up to sexually, as long as it is by mutual consent and the players are in a position to know what that means. I've said this so many times but the agenda freaks see it as an attack on their freedoms. I could care less about their right to do what they do. They have that right. It's not any of my business. What is my business and the business of all of us is... what is going on behind the scenes. Communism, brought into being by these same people, autocratically ruling the alternative sexual movement, emerged filled with promises of equality and parity and turned into a vehicle of mass murder and oppression at the hands of these people. They brought about the biggest holocaust of all time. This is irrefutable. The problem is that most people are stupid and most people are brainwashed and you can't reach them. The cosmos will reach them by any means necessary.

Some number of people have reached out to me as a result of The Red Ice Radio broadcast. Several people wanted to know why I don't care for Eckhart Tolle. One person asked me why I think he's an asshole; did I say that? That would surprise me. I'm a writer, among other things ...and a seeker too. I have opinions and I don't make them with haste. I suppose I could live with him being on Oprah, though that is a red flag and several people told me that they were impressed by his talking about living in the moment. That has been brought forth across time by many, many people. This is not an original idea by any stretch. It's the Coke commercial of the New Age manifesto. My reasons for not being enamored of Tolle is that he says nothing new whatsoever and many, many people have said it better with far more authority. He charges big money to be heard. He speaks in a hypnotic monotone and puts me too sleep when I listen to him. This is also a red flag. There are a couple of other things but it wouldn't be fair of me to bring them up because they are subjective in some cases and intuitively reached in others. I don't care if people get something from him and I don't care if he's the cat's meow for them. Good for them and more power to them. He leaves me cold and troubles me too. That's just my take. It means nothing. I hope I'm wrong.

I don't like Rap Music. It makes me want to smash the player. I turn off the sound in a movie when it shows up. It is anti-life and designed to fuck with people's heads and suck them down into a brutal state of consciousness. It never fails that someone will insist on sending me links to someone who is actually using it for enlightening people. I don't quarrel with that. I know there are people doing this and more power to them. I am referring to the far more pervasive end of it, filled with the demeaning and assaulting of the feminine principle, this 'bitches and ho's' thing, this celebration of bling and violence, this one-way obscene worship of the armed force of illiterate morons. I don't mind if others like it. That's their lookout. I just don't want to hear it. I've heard enough of it and it's 99% forgettable. It is a disposable medium that celebrates all the worst instincts in people. The music of the 60's and 70's changed people in a big way and it is still played today. This other music serves 'the man' and the corporations. That's just how I see it. I don't insist on people accepting my position on the alternative sexual movement, Eckhart Tolle, Rap or anything else. I call them as I see them from my peculiar POV.

You get from me the truth as I perceive it and the assurance that I don't know and that I serve a particular force. People can argue about any aspect of that. What is, is and we shall certainly see the truth of that. I am comfortable with that. We shall see. At no time and in no way do I seek for or insist that people see as I see or agree with me. The whole point is to create curiosity and promote thought and inquiry, especially self inquiry. I'm coming into the Twilight Phase of what I do here, in the way I've been doing it. This does not mean I am going to turn into one of the undead, or start dating Kirsten Stewart (grin). It means that things change, things evolve, things move progressively toward the object of their pursuit. It is to be supposed that they arrive there at some point.

I could talk about what that means for me, according to what I've been told but that's not a good idea at the moment. Wait and see is the best course, because then it will just manifest accordingly. We all have 'a destiny that shapes our ends', the critical point is; do we cooperate with it?

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Monday, July 02, 2012

Kali Yuga and the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The principal thing that must be kept in mind is that we are in Kali Yuga. The next thing to remember is that a golden age is on the doorstep. You can read and hear all about it from various sources with the verification of ancient scriptural texts that directly reference it.

In this age of material darkness there is a particular feature, which should be of great interest and concern, to all whose awareness is not submerged in the ocean of trivia, fabricated for that very purpose. That feature is the invisible side of the equation. In Kali Yuga, the general focus is upon the information given by the senses. In Kali Yuga, the pull of the material realm is seemingly greater than that of the spiritual realm. This accounts for the power and effectiveness of the reverse Kabala as applied upon the unwitting and unsuspecting consciousness, of the general population, by the enemy of humanity, in this particular period, going back to the last recorded evidence, following the destruction of what came before. This also accounts for the reversed kundalini of a certain part of the population, given over to the practice and performance of the type of sexual engagement that comes about when the kundalini is reversed and spiritual nature is drained into material expression.

There is a dark feminine of the type of Kali, Hecate and others, which manifests in perversions upon Nature and which can be seen in the proliferation of concentrated cities, where the signs of enduring Nature have been reduced by a great degree and replaced by centers of infernal energy from shopping malls to trading floors, to killing floors, like the meatpacking district of NYC where, ironically enough, certain sexual mores are acted out throughout the area, in empty tractor trailers and wherever opportunity might raise, or lower, it's reverse, serendipitous head. A hundred years ago only a fraction of the population lived in urban settings, now more than half of it does.

The plague of fast-food eateries and endless advertisements for items of spiritual darkness and even death, the evil of Tribe generated Monsanto, the insanities of constantly shifting fashions, in which millions celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, by doing the same thing, is commonplace. The list of toxic, material abuses upon the human spirit, could read like a dirty laundry list down the rest of the remaining pages of this post. You know what these abuses are. You encounter them every day. They account for the down syndrome of terminal distress in this benighted age.

Some may read things into this posting that are not there. Some will take exception to things said here as if they were judgments upon behaviors that they have been told are genetic predispositions, as well as being wholly legitimate expressions of a natural being. It takes no great application of imagination to make the connection between the dark feminization of the male principle, by the near overpowering effect of material culture. There is a positive feminization of the male principle that is one of the inheritances of the Aquarian Age. This has to do with the awakening of super sensory powers, within those open to them. One can find out what these powers are by investigating the gifts of the goddess upon those devoted to the expression of her secret nature, upon their extended world, as well as their internal being. Once again, the negative side is an expression of Kali Yuga. Those so seduced by one, or several, feature(s) of this power will instinctively react to what is said here because it threatens their hold on the justifications they have woven as a defense for their practices.

It should come as no surprise that Tel Aviv is the world capital of certain practices, or that members of the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf sit, often exclusively, upon the boards of directors of every alternative sexual organization the world over. Only a fool does not make the connection between this and so many other things, inspired out of the reverse Kabala, of the synagogue of Satan. These are plain and direct words and easily proven from any position on a 360 degree circumference of possible perspectives and approaches. These are all easily proven, just as is who did 9/11. These things are beyond dispute. Fools may argue, like captive flies, with human heads, in a spider's web. Their arguments and positions are meaningless and unsupportable.

We have clearly stated here that varieties of alternative sexual practice are to be expected in the course of the journey of every soul, through its progression of lifetimes. These things are learning experiences but not always pleasant; like war and want and infirmity. I have no position on the matter and no judgment on individual choice. I merely point out a particular agenda that is masquerading behind the appearance of freedom of expression. This agenda is masquerading behind all manner of movements and organizations, co-opted by the servants of the devil. It is of no consequence to me what people believe or do not believe, except in the sense that it affects my empathetic nature ...but none of these things; none of these things are in my hands, except for the capacity for reliance upon and surrender to the indwelling self. Out of that construct comes whatever the self intends, with this particular vehicle. Such is the case with us all, to the degree that we can accommodate this relationship.

One should not stand aside in puzzled surprise that the many, who are also members of that cabal of the few, who torment the greater population, do not speak out against their fellows. Their own profit lies in silent association and the hammer and horn of destiny are not deceived or amused. Silence is a crime of omission. One should not be surprised at the increasing appearance of various members of this group, suddenly coming forth to challenge every aspect of the darkness other than its main agents. This is the nature of controlled opposition. It's in your face and the subjugation, enslavement and partial elimination of the human race is the intention and agenda.

As already stated, we see the visible but we do not see the invisible. It is the figure eight, infinity symbol and it's evolutionary operation is that of a helix. At no time is the material more powerful than the spiritual, except in the hearts and minds of those given over to the former. In actual fact, this does not and cannot happen. What you rely upon, that is your source of sustenance and strength. Once again, it is where your treasures are. This is simple stuff but... we demand a greater complexity because we insist on the possession of knowledge and the presentation of ourselves as learned; 'The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of God's creation'. “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked”. We need to be important, so our definitions and presentations need to be complex, how else are the people who never really pay full attention to us, going to recognize how well informed we are, while they are waiting for their turn to speak?

Psychedelics made their appearance because so much carbon had built up on our jets that the car wouldn't start. We needed a booster rocket to get outside the gravitational pull of material culture. It was effective for some of us... for the rest, mixed or negative results, along with a suit and tie and a cubicle further on.

Some special souls, because of the industry of former lives, can consider and employ Jnana and Raja yoga. However, in this time of material darkness, only Bhakti yoga is to be relied on, along with the focus of the devotion. What happened to the Hare Krishna movement was a direct expression of the effect of Kali Yuga but does not negate all of the wonderful efforts of those who did not participate in the lethal ways that Kirtanananda and others engaged in. Another facet of Kali Yuga is to provoke us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The overwhelming atmosphere of the times, is to draw and hold our attention upon the seeming power and attraction of the negative. It's all a fantastic shadow thrown by a stunted and puny form. It's the exaggerated image born of a polluted imagination and that is why the path of Bhakti is so effective and important because it purifies the senses, illuminates the mind and opens the heart.

The demon worshiping AshkeNAZIS are a symptom of these times. They are the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf. They are mostly all atheists because that is the religion of those who worship material culture. Their most enduring expression is communism because it presents the premise that we are all on an even footing but provides the infrastructure, where the few can operate as predators upon the masses. Love consumes their darkness with an atomizing fire. The only power they have is the power of your fear and their time has come. Judgment is on the doorstep and the punisher waits in the wings. Some number of them have burrowed into every religious and spiritual movement to control and modify the followers and tenets of the same.

No worries, unless you think it's in your hands or unless you think you know something and don't mind being held hostage to what you think you know. No actual human beings were injured in the construction of this posting.

End Transmission.......

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