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Visible Enemies and Invisible Friends

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Long time readers of these blogs know that I started touting, only for myself, the capacity of Ketamine to act as an antidepressant far in advance of anything on the market some time ago. They will also note that I have mentioned that the source of certain forms of depression is physical and psychological abuse visited upon a child in their formative years. It messes up your serotonin flow. I started saying this about 4 or 5 years ago. I caught the usual ration of uniformed abuse from know it alls, who, like most know it alls, know nothing about the subject and have either little experience in the ingestation of certain comestibles or... because they were fear based and highly resistant, psychologically, to the salutary effects of certain psychotropics had one single, or a handful of recurrent bad trips. Ergo, they have become an authority on what is good for others.

Some of these 'experts' make their negative claims based on the proclamations of certain spiritual teachers, concerning things along the lines of, “you can't find God with substances”, or that the regular use of substances is a a big no no. I tend to agree with that because I don't think most people should take sustances and I don't believe that in the case of most people that you can maintain a steady course in spiritual advancement by the regular use of chemicals. I'm not most people. I have a special dispensation and there are some others of the Shamanic type; certain Tantrics and others who are allowed a degree of freedom in this area. I have never promoted the use of substances for others. Most people can't handle these things and their attitude is wrong to begin with. That is a major key. I use certain things as sacraments and employ ritual and certain communication devices in the process. I offer these things up as engines of interchange between myself and my invisible friends; more on my invisible friends, once we have some introductory context about comestibles.

I have, in fact, encountered the divine, full on, many times via certain essences. I have seen the forms, in the Eastern expressions many, many times, right in front of me. Of course they are projections from within. How does that change anything? I've seen green holographic Buddhas in the foliage more times than I can remember. I thought everyone was seeing these things. I've seen the great radiant serpent moving in and out of the Earth. I've seen The Lady, glistening and shimmering in her kingdom. I've seen Lord Ganesh, capering across the landscape and taken many a walk with him. These happen with or without additional incentives these days. I've encountered and seen entities and conditions of which I have only mentioned a few in these pages. This is the case with others as well because it was their burning desire and intention to see these things.

About two years ago, the poster, 'mouser', sent me an article about Ketamine in Sweden. It had just been approved as a legitimate treatment for depression there, though some steps remained prior to it's introduction on the market. One of those steps would certainly be getting around the dung slugs who run the pharmaceutical crime syndicate. Today, the poster, 'Esteban' sends me this.

Some years ago, when I talked more about diet, more than I do these days, I have mentioned that good diet will ward off all sorts of contemporary diseases (and they are very much contemporary phenomena). I've mentioned that Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, are far more effective in treatment of many conditions than allopathic, symptomatic, invasive black magic, medicine. Today I find this on the alternative media, mere moments after reading the article about Ketamine. It was also referenced in the Crass Media, as noted in the article.

A few years ago I recommended to a certain person that they should try macrobiotics for the varieties of health issues they were faced with. This person attempted to do this, along with some members of the group she is associated with. Some time after, she contacted me to tell me that that was a big mistake and this and that happened. Anyone who has followed macrobiotics knows that it is considered that most people are sick, due to bad diet and that when engaging in the entry period of macrobiotics that initially all sorts of discomfort may arise, because of the changes being made to the system by the new discipline. It is critically important also to be aware of the fact that one should have a competent authority involved in the process because it is an involved science and requires some degree of professional input. As a result, I told this person from the gitgo to go to one of the Michio Kushi Centers or something similar.

Ironically, Kushi developed colon cancer and this, no doubt, sent the skeptics into a tizzy of self-righteous ecstasy and probably right down the street to a Burger King to celebrate. I suggest that the usual collection of know it alls read this short compilation, especially toward the end about where Kushi's dietary disciplines were at, during the period leading up to his difficulties. Read the damn thing.

Readers here are aware that I eat large quantities of garlic, usually around a bulb a day. When I first started eating garlic, I left a swath of aroma in my wake. Time has passed and you can't smell it on me at all most of the time. The reason for this is that garlic is a blood purifier and it forces the poisons out of your system and that is why you smell the garlic, especially when people eat meat. There are many ticks here in the area. People get bit by them all the time and sometimes bad things follow. I walk all over the fields and woodlands here. They get on the dogs and we have to remove them. People I know find them crawling on them. They never come near me, period. I can go without a shower for weeks and have done so, for the purpose of demonstration. There is no noticeable smell on me. I have done this here and in Italy, when I have had guests, just to show the truth of it. People can argue all they want but the proof is in the putting. I almost never catch a cold or a flu. Once every five years or ten years I contract the same flu like conditions that lays me out for a few days. Except for that period a little over a year ago, I've had excellent health and it defies reason considering how I behave sometimes. It bears thinking about.

I have taken psychedelic substances, well over a thousand times in my career. Would you say that my mind doesn't work very well or that my facilities seem impaired over the long run? Some people have special dispensations. It is the end to which things are applied that counts, not the thing itself. A tool can be used in a wrong or unconscious manner or it can be used intelligently. I've far less association with these things than I once did, simply because other states are now coming into play. As a result of the passage of the Venus aspect, spoken of here in the comments and possibly some other planetary adjustments, I am able to meditate again. For a couple of years I was not allowed to and when I tried to, bad things would happen. Suddenly that's all gone and my gratitude is inexpressible. Make of all this what you will. My concern with general opinion is something less than secondary. What comes after tertiary? I am concerned ONLY with results. I get results, very good. I don't get results, or undesirable results, let's try something else.

About my invisible friends; it was 4 or 5 years ago, as I have already mentioned that I was introduced to Ketamine. I was walking on a street in Basel, on my way to a drug emporium, where you could buy most things. They were around for some time, until the psychopaths from the US, who control the illegal drug trade, in order to finance their 'black bag' murder industry, had them shut down through the usual arm-twisting methods. One of my invisible friends said, “ask about Ketamine”. I'd known about it for years but never felt any curiosity. I bought a small sample and took it home and tried a little. I thought, after a few minutes, “Hmmm, okay, I see what this does, might as well just do the rest and move on”. Well, the rest was 2 or 3 times what I had taken initially and that was a game-changer. I'll point out that it is very, very difficult to overdose on K. You can get into trouble if you start mixing it into a cocktail of substances, if you are an idiot and deserve a Darwin Award ...but that's other people. That's not me or anyone else who wants to be conscious and aware about what they do. Have I always been conscious and aware? Certainly not. I've paid many a price and taken many a lick, for the purpose of demonstration.

My invisible friends have told me many things over time and they invariably prove out. Now they're telling me all kinds of things about India and other potentialities. A lot of the time I can't discuss these things. They could be considered too far out. I mentioned something to a couple of people; one I sort of know, internet-wise and one had shown up in that flurry of Red Ice listeners. I had a pretty amicable communication going with both of them. I have yet to hear back from either of them now. I chose the opportunity to do this to see what would happen. I often do things like that. On a positive note, I told an astrologer of recent introduction about some of these things and they didn't phase her negatively whatsoever. You have to be aware of the possible state of mind of those you communicate with.

This posting is not about comestibles. It is about how things prove out. No one can deny that I mentioned the efficacy of a certain item here, far previous to official commentary. That's the case with a lot of what gets said here. Blame my invisible friends. We all have them but they differ in origin and scope, depending on your aspirations and intents. That's it. There ain't no more to it. Whether you are influenced infernally or otherwise, is because of you and whatever you value and are after.

People can argue and scoff all they want but that is pointless if I can clinically prove my contentions; same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That's no cause for laurel wreaths on my brow. That's because of who I hang out with. Can I yet contract some terrible condition for the purposes of demonstration? Assuredly. Can I get dumped into the shit still? Assuredly. Therefore, it behooves me to seek to be self deprecating and humble, insofar as I can manage that. It behooves me to observe myself at all times, as it does you as well. Strive hard and seek the inner luminescence. Not much good is going to come from any other effort and not for long if it does.

End Transmission.......

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Color Ball by Les Visible


Visible said...

Whoa, what a surprise for me. Today's song has been lost for some years; back during one of the times when the only hard drive to fail was the one containing all my musical files. I've been asked repeatedly by a particular person to re-record that song but never got around to it.

A few weeks ago I sent all the music I had to the webmaster who takes care of so that the music could be put up there. Somehow I must have uploaded that tune and never even saw it while I did it. Of course it suffers from my typical and consistent lack of engineering skills but someone will be pleased when I send them the link today (grin).

Sim said...

Glad you like the song Vis!

You may (or may not!) remember Some Lovers is track number 2 (of 12) on your album called Color Ball.

If you can't find the song on your hard drive, may I suggest that you buy it (follow the link above) - it's yours for a dollar, or you can buy the whole album - which is dripping with some of your best music for just $11.00!

Stella, I hope you approve of Visible's comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, Les. Thanks.


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I've smoked pot off and on all my life and more so of late, but not right now and can attest to the fact that this is a spiritual drug, though not hallucinogenic for me. Don't drink alcohol with any drugs. It assisted me greatly on my journey, particularly in the last 2 years. I don't recommend it for teenagers because some might be prone to schizophrenia especially during the teen years. Or if you get paranoid from smoking then stop it. I have thought about trying something else though to have these more revealing experiences that likes of which Terrence McKenna spoke of. Ayahuasca is out unless you go to a well run retreat. Have thought about trying magic mushrooms, but will certainly consider ketamine.

Visible said...

Please understand I make no recommendations. I have taken massive amounts of Ayahuasca in a solitary location at the house in Italy and actually drank the very strong tea over several days. The same goes for Mimosa Hostilis and other things. I will say it was a wild ride as Lord Ayahuasca is a brawly and primitive sort, though no less a deity for that. Of course, it's just an agency. The same deity shows up regardless of the item (in my case) but his/her tactics and techniques and means of communication vary widely depending on the comestible.

As far as psychedelics go, mushrooms are the easiest to operate with but dosage is important. I tend to take 7 grams, though it's been some years now, since I found K I don't bother much with anything else. However, people new to it should probably never go past 3 grams to begin with. One has to see if there is an affinity before one launches full bore into the center of the cosmos (grin). Then again, I've taken a hundred hits of the original LSD. I can tell you that was some trip. I never actually come back from any of them. I just reintegrate at whatever level I finally get left off on.

Anonymous said...

This one strikes a chord with me. About six months ago, I came up symptomatic for lyme disease through digital homeopathy (A.S.Y.R.A) an amazing cellular imprinting system, and took ALLICIN/ALLIMAX for those symptoms for a while, until my litany of over 20 other daily vitamins began to take a heavy toll on my colon and liver. I quit taking everything I had been torturing my body with for years, just to cleanse myself and to start from scratch. I didn't know which vitamin to take or not to take. Simplifying to natural sources made things work a bit better, but the lyme symptoms had me sleeping all the time. I didn't have the energy or motivation to get out of bed most days. Then out of nowhere, I heard from my cousin ALLISON after 20 years, simultaneous with my always hearing that silly song "put the LIME in the coconut." Finally it dawned on me that I should resume the ALLICIN to combat the LYME symptoms. All is well these days. The Allimax works for me. I can't imagine taking that much natural garlic everyday. My invisible friends have an odd sense of humor.

Much thanks for this


Visible said...

Most times I don't eat the garlic raw. I toast it 60% of the time, I think.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My first cat came back from the vet saving his life from a urinary tract blockage on K. He wasn't fully grown yet, and when he was on a leash, he lurched forward and almost knocked me on my arse. I've never done it, never will. This nondenominational Pagan, former student of witchcraft-lite grows her own 'technically' legal plants, and can forage for the rest when the season's right, and can buy a couple of other 'out-of body-knockers' cheap at a few nice East Indian markets, though I must say I'm not in the habit of using them since life gets in the way.

Visible said...

Stella, please email me. I am supposed to pass on some info to you in my role of social secretary.

Anonymous said...

I think the mistake most people make is being close minded to those of us who are not in positions of authority for answers to different things. I attempt to spread the knowledge I have acquired through research and personal usage and most people shut me down because I do not have a PhD. My point is that we are all simply human beings--no one is elevated above anyone else except when we do so in our own minds. So I don't care if you are a doctor or whatever, I don't think they know it all because it has been proven time and again that they do not and they are as easily fallible as I am. We have to be able to open our minds to the possibility that all the answers are not outside of us.


Jody Paulson said...

You know, when I was a kid I had an imaginary friend named "Mr. Invisible." :)

BTW, I love the new features you have on your comments page, like the way they highlight your responses and the Shiva at the bottom.

Visible said...

Well, I had nothing to do with that. Obviously (I hope), the reader knows that these are not things I would come up with (grin).

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about k but do know of an herb that works for depression. It's all about dosage and using just enough.

They're claiming the zombie face eater was on the herb. BULLSHIT!

That synthetic spice they sell over the counter causes people to go batshit. A friend's son took off his clothes and was running around in public until they caught him and hauled him off to the looney bin after smoking that toxic shit.

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Karen @3:28

I've worked in a big-deal, ivy league-type research university for quite a long time. I've seen morons get PhDs. As morons they're clever, heavily schooled, but lightly educated and not terribly bright beyond their skill set.

Most are engaged and heavily invested in intellectual masturbation and they manage to make a career out of it.

It's the academic equivalent of the same kind of stupid jerked-off shit you encounter with politicians, corporate-bots, lawyer-bots and used-car dealers.

I have more respect for a master plumber or a master cabinetmaker a master stonemason or a luthier than the run of the ilk I encounter each day.

Most of these academic-bots would not comprehend the meaning the comment someone recently posted here on one of Viz's blogs:

"...Intellect is an excellent servant but a terrible master...".


Anonymous said...

I once saw 'a great radiant serpent' whilst I was on a magic mushroom trip sitting in an empty park on a cold October afternoon.
I experienced the serpent from the inside, I could feel it's almost imperceptible undulating, vibrating movement ever so slowly with the whole of my body.
Another time I saw the huge face of a god metamorphize from some fluffy white clouds in a clear blue sky whilst on an acid trip, the face floated slowly down to the outside my of bedroom window where he/she stared into my soul for what seemed like forever.
Never had the chance to try K.

Useless Eater UK

Stella Blue said...
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Anaughty Mouser said...

As Visible often confirms:

Seek the Divine first and foremost.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Luminous blossom
Wave of sublime
Touch of the holdIng
Calm of the sky
Cluster of golden
Multiplied through
Expanding in sequences
Lifting in truth
Twisting and turning
Colourful bands
Filling with life
In the life of all span
Rising and stirring
The life of us all
Birds in the heart
Where the heart of earth call


Poem lord visible. : )

Anonymous said...

israel needs to begin making financial reparations to all Palestinian Cast Lead survivors and the deceased' family members.

Visible said...

Here's an interesting anecdotal snippet. Someone who regularly links my work did not want to link this one because he felt that it might (make that 'would') hurt my hard won credibility and reputation.

I admit I laughed when I read that though I was touched that he cared.

The instantaneous thought I had was; so, I have to maintain a front? People bought a front about me but they might book if they saw what was usually behind the scenes?

I don't want people like that pretending to be my friends or supporters who boogeddy shoot as soon as they see something they don't like or don't understand. Those are known as fair-weather friends. They're welcome to hit the road any time it pleases them.

It's a funny thing, Terence McKenna gets all kinds of respect for his work and John Lilly, who did Ketamine for decades, is a major icon but for some reason I can't have any freedom of being because it might put some whitened sepulchers off. Lilly wouldn't have had all that simpatico with the dolphins without K.

People were all hot to trot to appreciate Hunter Thompson who was deranged, drunk and stoned a good portion of the time. People think Ton Wait's routine is killer (even though most of it is an act like Foster Brooks). But let me have a few idiosyncrasies and look out. I know why that is and why I get held to a higher standard but what the fuck does standard mean?

One of the things I tend to measure myself by is if the mass of the world embraces you, there's something wrong. I'm a niche player. I'm not for everyone and no hard feelings attend that. I don't expect it to be crowded where I wind up either.

I don't want people taking me under false pretenses and then when they find out later, like they do with most everyone, I turn out to be a fraud posing as something I'm not. I make it a point to itemize my behaviors and shortcomings and am happy to list them should there be the need; keeping in mind that all of them may not be shortcomings.

I engage in certain things that people might consider health risks. I smoke handrolled tobacco. How come I can still go up the side of a mountain or fast walk for many, many K and not be all out of breath? Something is wrong with that picture.

Now, of course, I have plans to cease and desist on any number of activities when I am so informed of the need and the desire to do so is removed from me, as it will be... everything in it's time.

In the meantime, things are what they are. My dogs get all kinds of homeopathic things. I've no use for it so the contraindications don't really mean anything for me.I have things that work for me.

The truth is that ALL of these dietary regimes and alternative health modalities work. They just happen to work best for specific constitutions. It's like the thing I mentioned about people being on different rays. You have to find out what ray you are on. For instance, I am on the green ray. It's like with the Native Americans when they talk about the red road.

Kung Fu is fine for Asians whose physiognomy is naturally adaptable to it. Yoga is fine for Indians and some few westerners. You have to respect the universes intentions when it dropped you into particular cultures and traditions. Of course, some of us were meant to jump the fence, like me and others. Know thyself; self inquiry; on and on and so on and so forth.

brokenbeat said...

Regarding cell salts: After viewing one of Santos Bonacci's videos (thanks Mia!), I was reminded of cell salts and consulted my trusted health practitioner (intuitive hydro-therapist) and she suggested instead of focusing on the three or so as indicated by astrology, simply take a combo of all twelve essential cell salts. I now take Hyland's Bioplasma, 4 pills 4 times a day between meals. I was advised to take sublingually and not touch with hands (pour into cap, then pop under tongue). I didn't know about the other clean mouth precautions though. Thanks, Stella.

I also asked if I should routinely take curcimin as a prophylactic and was advised to just cook with tumeric. I'll revisit that later. I do cook with garlic and supplement with it on occasion. Been easy on the onions though. I was under the impression that one should go easy on all those. Perhaps it has to do with body type...

Regarding entheogens, I relayed some info I was given by a shamanic healer on that recently on a previous post and that was caps and buttons (shrooms and peyote) are generally safer than the vine (ayahuasca) for those other than the hardiest pyschonauts or seasoned shamans. I've done a smattering of things over the years (early on recreationally, but only therapeutically or with devotional intent for the recent past and here on out), but haven't tried any heavy hitters such as DMT or Special K. Synthetics have me leery (or is that Leary?!), so doubtful I will. I'm remaining lawful these days and this limits my activities, but I've primed the pump anyway.

BTW, my understanding is that it is now illegal to make plans in the US to partake in activities abroad that are illegal in the US (even if legal abroad). Also, thoroughly research the retreats if you intend to do that -- not much could be worse than be with an inexperienced, unsupportive or ill-prepared (security, health, etc) group out in the middle of a jungle and partake in strong hallucinogens perhaps precipitating a psychological or other crisis.

Best of health,


Anonymous said...

The only hallucination I had was in my late teens. As clear as a bell at 4 am around a camp fire I heard - with absolutely no one anywhere behind me:

"Roy Rogers of Damascus"

Didn't even know back then it was a city in Syria, nor did I have any knowledge of Saul's conversion to Paul on the way to the same city.

What it meant? Wht these four words and never one more one said aloud to only my ears - I do not know.

Used tetrahydrocarbinol many times, LSD twice and cilocybin a handful of times - but no auditory hallucinations.

What does Roy Rogers of Damascus mean? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Golden laden
Sky pale blue
Trinket patterns
Livened plumes
Shining upward
Waves of life
Sunlight gathers
Heart burns bright
Dynamic essence
Pulls and draws
Of given in learning
Universe pours
In volts of lightning
Tops of the wind
Fire in the spirit
Water of the spring


: )

the gardener said...

I had a wonderful Japanese sensei of whom I took Aikido classes from for several years in college. As I was awkwardly doing some move BACKWARDS he told me 'Americans do that. They do moves backwards as a natural movement to them' like resisting an attacker v standing aside and letting them pass. Being unconscious to the energies around them. Encouraged not to 'judge' or discern others and their motivations.

I stepped on my own arm doing backward rolls... and was never good at them but was really good at blindfolded moves... feeling what was around me.

He was a wonderful man-died young of diabetes. According to Louise Hay 'diabetes is a symptom of lack of joy in your life'.

I, too, am an advocate of Adelle Davis as I am anti-vaccination for all in my household which does not mean that any disease goes untended to the degree of what worries everyone so much: blindness, deaf, brain damage from the childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough. I've used many of her treatments and also homeopathic remedies in the treatments of my household members which have always included more pets than people.

But Louise Hay's book 'You can heal your life' has been well worn by me. I've had involvements with many of the illnesses -dis-ease that she writes about in that book and it has all be true though surprising what has caused the ailments.

the gardener

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

Just by way of information, Ketamine is not a heavy hitter. It isn't possible to freak out on it. It is more like ecstasy in that regard without the debilitating day after. The only thing to keep in mind with it is not to go moving around behind it for awhile. I can now be flat out peaking on it and attend to ordinary business, go up and down stairs etc. That was not the case in the beginning. It should not be considered in the same league as those others mentioned. It's true that impressive things can happen but most people don't even get any of that. It really depends on who you are. I have shared it with several people who asked for some when I had it and they were around but they did not get the effects I get.

K is not like anything else. Danger wise it is at the bottom of the list, in all senses but one should be advised that excessive use/abuse can impact on the excretory system and is one insufflates as do I then they are advised not to swallow whatever may find it's way into the throat. This precaution severely militates against unfortunate physical consequences even if one does indulge on a regular basis. Apparently none of this applies with IV but I don't do needles.

Cucumin is a fantastic item.

Enterprising sorts might want to take an hour and read up on Oxiracetam, especially at some of the forums. It seems to be pretty impressive. I just ordered a bunch on Ebay. There are all kinds of sellers there.

Visible said...

As has been stated here ad nauseum, things like kinda impaired on radio, occasionally, are intentional. Obviously they don't have to happen but they do for specific reasons, already delineated at length here.

Certain personas are intentionally invoked for a very good reason. I am informed that the need for that is passing and I think a general consistency has begun to show itself in the broadcasts. I'm not sure tipsy applies however, given that K is the culprit and not what is imagined; speaking only in respect of recent times.

I smoked Balkan Sobranies in the white metal tin, which only held ten and were quite expensive. Strangely enough, before that I also smoked non filtered Chesterfield Kings. They had the best flavor of the commercial brands. Then after the Sobranies I went on to Players Navy Cuts for years until I got into American Spirit.

Of course, we had massive quantities of the red and green barrels, which first appeared as Christmas acid made by the Brotherhood of Love, stationed in Idylwild CA, high above Palm Springs on San Jacinto.

They were connected to Tim and went through a big time bust in the 70's. I'd sometimes take five or six of those and go to Joshua Tree National Monument and dance with these 50 foot holographic cobras who would suck the sand up into their form and send spinning wind dervishes at us.

I never got hit by one but my friend Richard Yerxa who owned Bookland in Palm Springs; a truly fearless guy, decided he needed to get hit by one and it picked him up and tossed him many meters away in the desert. That's the sort of thing he would do.

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Vis, for your info on Ketamine and tip to research Oxiracatem. When I get the time, I will scour Erowid vaults on those. I have an interest in nootropics and have been taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine both to assist in metabolism (on empty stomach before bed and when waking before fasted exercise) as I don't eat red meat and as a pre-cursor to acetylcholine which sweeps away waste from neural activity readying for subsequent firings.

Tobacco has a positive effect with acetylcholine concentrations (and a few other positive aspects, though obvious negatives, and less well-known polonium sequestering in leafs) and I have an occasional NAS, usually blue. Tried Perique and robust, haven't found organic or loose, but will try a smoke shop. I don't inhale often, and it's not really something I want to integrate into my practice, but I enjoy the taste, routine (outdoor break), and mental sharpening (especially before drumming). I treat it as a sacrament.

My only experiences with LSD was in the late seventies with "Mr. Natural" and I have fond memories of those few times. Shortly thereafter, I made LSA from morning glory and Hawaiian baby rosewood seeds and would visit zoos and art museums. I especially enjoyed impressionist art while in a mildly altered state. No other entheogen activity for some time other than psylocibin that I took reverently. It is hard to come by and I am now staying legal to not run afoul of the law, so I'm seeking other avenues, but would welcome the occasional assist should it be legally possible.

Thanks for being candid about your experiences and also cautioning that it may not be best for all and some may have dispensation of a sort that allows for this.



Visible said...

Huh... I'll look into that. Yeah Mr. Natural! That was a great series, like window pane and a few others but nothing ever touched Owsley's work except for the liquid from Sandoz that I used to get in the ampules.

I only did Woodrose and Morning Glory a couple of times, the arsenic was a bit of a problem. I learned to soak them in vodka first. Nutmeg is very similar to those two but heavy on the kidneys. What haven't I taken? Pretty much everything but Ibogaine.

I'm being told that there are things I don't know about that are going to come to my attention shortly. I suspect Oxiracetam is one of them but the vibe I'm getting is all woo woo and mysterious.

neal said...

Roy Rodgers of Damascus, Oregon, he used to visit. Southeast of Portland, for what that is worth.

lightandlongshadows said...

I smoked a lot of pot in my early twenties, not a bad counterbalance for a testosterone soaked being. It kind of dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and we mostly parted ways. I'd dabbled with a few other things as well. Done acid a dozen times or so, I always found it very insightful, never had a bad trip, never been a mega-doser. A friend tried to commit suicide on some bad acid we'd done. I knew it wasn't clean based on my experience, despite that I was good. He thought he was in hell, I'm sure he was before he took the acid (he was no neophyte btw), wandered off by himself and slit his throat and wrists, stabbed himself a few times with a pocket knife and very nearly succeeded escaping his hell. He's alive and well. Unwittingly did PCP once, sold as mescaline, later learned it was "city mescaline" aka PCP. We did way too much, I had a great time, though I could see how it could go terribly wrong. "You're not dead when you die, I could jump of this building...". Sounds filling the room in colours, yelling and yellow pouring out my mouth and flooding the and speech in waves of colours all based on tone and intention, it was interesting, never did it again though. Did magic mushrooms a few times too, the first time I was just drenched in sweat and very hungry, not the best. Probably did a few other things too, dabbling, but as Visible says try a little to see where it's going to take you. If you're inner space (intention) isn't "clear" and you're outer space isn't placid (nature is the best), if these things aren't conducive to "harmony", we might hear about you on the news. The problem with chemicals is you don't know what the hell is in there. The only thing I have any intention of doing any more are mushrooms as they grow here and I know how to identify them and they're easy to moderate.


lightandlongshadows said...

When I was about 23 I moved to a village, had a job I really enjoyed. I rented a room in a small cabin and was quite isolated. At first I was feeling quite suicidal. I had been travelling in "alternative" circles for a few years. I'd had some minor exposure to occult teachings, mostly a strange somewhat creepy golden dawner, more dark than light. I would read some Hesse and Castenada type stuff, Mutant Message Down Under ha, ha. Anyway I had a lot of time to myself and started questioning myself quite intensely, where did that belief come from? Where did that emotion come from? I then found a very large patch of mushrooms in the field out back, bags and bags. I started doing a cup or two of tea every night after work and trip around with myself and nature. I was sleeping a lot as well and started lucid dreaming, at first they were nightmares but slowly but surely they transformed into riotous laughter and the line between sleep and awake blurred. Duality was swirling inside and out, faster and faster until "I" realized "I" was the problem and in the way. What followed is not to be believed but I will say that there are no strangers and no weeds in God's garden. There was a thread I couldn't trace though, a fear I couldn't identify so I found a representative of that fear. A beautiful tragic woman, what's her story? Why's she such a mess? She told me about being raped as a young teenager by a group of older boys. In a terrifying moment I had memories come flooding back that I didn't know I had. I'd always had memories of jumping through the air at about 6 and realizing everything is connected, I'm part of everything, that sense of absolute belonging. Now it was coming back to me that shortly after that, memories of being locked in a dog cage at a neighbors, pissed on, sprayed with a hose, begging to be let out until I "broke", I wouldn't tell anyone. Going to the doctor because I was bleeding out my ass, of lying to the doctor and my parents (I grew up in a war zone and knew my parents couldn't handle this). WTF! Am I going crazy, I must be. The fallout was like a concussion that lasted years. Loneliness and distrust (mostly of myself), guilt and shame were my companions. I started smoking and drinking heavily, I just wanted to erase myself. I hitchhiked around the province, met a lot of good people, crashed wherever, I was totally fucked up and I knew it intensely and was pissed off with God and everybody and everything, just toxic. I always landed on my feet, somehow.


lightandlongshadows said...

When I came back home I tried to fit in, got a regular job etc. Ghosts from the past were appearing everywhere. My grade 1 teacher was working a second job where I was working,for ex., ghosts turning up everywhere in a addicted society in denial. I made pubs my living room, I practised drinking beer, I got good too. Just blot it all out. I'm a happy drunk to my credit, had some good times. One day about six years in I met a woman in my "living room" who's younger brother was in my class at elementary school. Another beautiful mild tragedy (I've met a lot btw), another ghost, she asked me if I remembered our elementary school principal going to jail for molesting kids, I had not until she mentioned it, he did though. Click, a big piece of the puzzle. The troubled neighbor kid who'd molested me was about 12/13, I'd probably got it "second hand".

Anyway fast forward 19 years since "remembering" (it had bubbled up momentarily along the way but had been pushed back down for "later"), many, many pints later, I'm 41 and still here and in a great place, with a beautiful, sweet wife of 10 years. I wouldn't recommend my experience (there's much more obviously)but I wouldn't trade my experience either. We all have a story to tell and to learn from. Duality is swirling ever faster inside and out again, the transformer is back in operation, in a free-fall of faith to transform into wings of knowing. I'm looking forward to mushroom season this year, first time in 18 yrs. Do the groundwork, thread by thread, then reap the rewards that "messengers" have to offer.


lightandlongshadows said...

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster..."
Yes Visible, you are correct, it's a power trip.

Things have a way of working themselves out, the more we get in the way the further we stretch time and space, Being consciousness in a spacesuit. With infinite patience and mercy our story will be presented in different guises until we recognize, understand and accept, surrender. This mortal coil can be a constrictor, the harder you struggle the tighter it grips. We certainly conjure up what we need to see, to learn, to grow which can be painful. As the self dies the Self is born anew.

The best thing about words is the space in-between.:)
Sorry to plug your blog up Vis., it was cathartic though so I appreciate the space. Hope it was coherent, if you're still reading.:)
Take care all

preacher said...

@Anonymous july 09, 2012 8:18:00 PM

Roy Rogers rode on a white horse named 'Trigger'...

Years ago, I had a vivid dream of a rider on a white horse; sparkling and sword raised high. The battle cry "Jawhallah" bounced across the burning ravine in which he rode...

So maybe the destruction of Damascus is the trigger?
It seems to says so in the bible somewhere...

preacher said...

"It is apparent that Oxiracetam is more potent than Piracetam. They are both water soluble, and act quickly, thus may be more useful for quick study periods. It is also nearly impossible to overdose on a water soluble complex, so they seem like a safe choice.

Pramiracetam is more potent than Amiracetam, but they are both lipid soluble. This would suggest that they are stored in the body for longer periods of time, and one would recieve more of the neuroprotective qualities this way"

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Les, God bless you, man! I read every post on your blogs, but don't reply.....except in spirit. You have been such help to me. Sam

Visible said...

Light and Shadows; Thank you for that; really amazing stuff as well as the mark of a gifted writer. I can't comment on the content. That's something only understood by the principle.

Preacher: that was the very forum I was referring to. There are some interesting tales in that thread, like the guy with the IQ bump. I always wonder when people come up with those kinds of numbers. I've never placed much above one forty and have slipped as low as one twenty eight depending on the test... of course,left brain types have all the advantage the way the tests are geared.

Thanks Sam.

As for Roy Rogers of Damascus, i could explain that but then a representative of the Nine would be coming to see you at the witching hour of an October night. You should be okay as long as neither Trigger or Bullet shows up. Roy had both of them stuffed. I'm not sure whether he had Dale stuffed too or not. I do remember the Disney influenced memorials to his little angels,the children of theirs that died young.

Denny said...

I can't say a single constructive thing this time round since I've never taken any type of recreational drug or pharmaceuticals in my entire life (never been sick either). A friend of mine in India tells me that he becomes "one with the universe" when he takes acid, and insists that I try it also, but if I can't become one with the universe simply by having say wild pheasant with raspberry sauce for dinner, then the universe will just have to carry on without me for the time being. Actually I thought I was hallucinating yesterday, when I saw a teenage girl walking along the road WITHOUT an ipad/pod/smartphone in her hand and with no wires going into her ears, but upon closer inspection I realized that she had the very latest miniature model with ultra thin wires and plugs.

Meanwhile here in Sweden it's just after Midsummer but it's as dark outside as MIDWINTER, and this is OMINOUS...! Maybe I'm gonna be needing some of that ketamine myself shortly...

"On and on the rain will fall, like tears from the stars, like tears from the stars..."

Anonymous said...

species k is a dissociative. not for every one.

in any case, when you get the message it's time to hang up the phone.

excepting for re-booting or entertainment value.

either preaching to the choir, one is, or ...

Clarity said...

lightandlongshadows, I read it all. Your writing is beautiful; your story, not so much. The thoughts I have shouldn't be expressed here, and I'm not sure I'd be able to find the appropriate words anyway. I am sending something from the heart. I hope you can feel it. Of the many possible paths from which you had to choose, I'm glad you ended up where you did.

I need to thank you for what you have shared, not just here, but in other comments. You have opened up a new world to me for which I am ever so grateful. The music is magical, and perfect for whatever feeling is prevalent at the time, whether it be happiness, sorrow, feeling reflective... The sheer beauty of some has brought me to tears. Blessings to you.

Visible: "I'm a niche player. I'm not for everyone and no hard feelings attend that. I don't expect it to be crowded where I wind up either."
Well said...


Anonymous said...

It could be said that Mae Brussell was the forerunner of today's truth-blogging movement. While in the midst of a far-reaching investigation into the Presidio molestation case, Mae was beset by a fast-onset cancer and died on October 3, 1988; she was 66 years old.

This woman was way ahead of her time, and she dug deep to find hidden truths where others feared to tread - and that's why they whacked her.

Since we're drifting toward the subject of LSD in this thread, some of you might find this article of Mae Brussell's to be quite enlightening (it was written way back in November of 1976) -

Stella Blue said...
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MiaBellezza said...

I had to come back and chime in because it's gnawing at me. My feeling now is that I should refrain or reduce consumption of drugs and alcohol. The impression I am getting is of being discouraged or blocked from this pursuit. Not trying to be challenging, just my 2 cents.

I've also been reducing meat consumption significantly for 2 years, not by conscious choice, it just seems to be happening and wouldn't be surprised if I cease.

Years ago while travelling with my family in the country we passed by a farm where young calves were each chained a few feet from what looked like a big dog house. Puzzled, I enquired. This is so their meat stays light pink (veal). Realizing these young calves lived their short lives on a short rope I cried deeply and never ate veal again. After watching the Santos video yesterday this has been on my mind again.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I wonder if the garlic tick repellant would work on the animals, if you could convince them to eat half a bulb a day.
next to people (paralysis) ticks are
the biggest killer of animals here. would still have to check them though.

Anonymous said...

Cannabis is also handy for excelerating your progress (into the ether).


Anonymous said...

"i just re-integrate at whatever level i get left off on."

sounds about right.(grin)

spacegoat said...

Dear Visible, You feel you were given dispensation to take mind altering drugs without harmful effects.
1.Had you not taken those substances, your development may have been vastly greater than what it is today. Maybe you missed your true vocation due to taking them.
2.Gopi Krishna, who rigorously studied these matters in 15 books, some scientifically reviewed, stated that development comes through yoga, nutrition, physical and mental hygiene and the grace of God. He stated that drugs are a false piste and that the states achieved through drugs are a very pale comparison. From my own experience I agree with him.

Of course, this cannot be resolved without a double-blind test, but I thought I would give you and the trippers attracted to your latest article pause for reflection.

I appreciate your work.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I respect your honesty Vis. It is reliable. As to the people like Terrance McKenna and Hunter Thompson, they were pretty "nichy" in their day and society becomes less tolerant by the week.
In high school we did lots of ups or downs depending on your mindset, black beauties were my favorite and pounds of weed which was never enlightening or uplifting. Weed always gave me paranoia and a headache. I always liked angel dust before a concert though. Lucky for me my only addictive propensity is chocolate. In my
20's when I was "serving my country" I tried anything that didn't require a needle. Mostly mushrooms and peyote but blotter and lsd on occasion too. I was so tempted to ride my bike on the rainbow road one night but everyone else went straight (sigh). After the service it was all about the snortables. None of it holds any interest now.
Your stories, everyones', make me long for a passion. Health, nature, finding who you are, real history, learning for learning sake. These are noble things and I thank each of you for sharing them with me in some small part.
Lightandlongshadow, it seems that abuse is a conduit for growth. A positive from a negative I guess but a horror none the less.
What is the purpose of that demonstration? I'm afraid I'll never get it.
Maybe Roy Rogers in Damascus was someone else's message and anonymous accidentally overheard...
Peace out

Visible said...

Space goat, of course, you and Gopi Krishna are welcome to your points of view, just remember that they are entirely subjective and one is not in a position to know what might apply to another. I remember reading about Gopi's horrendous kundalini experiences. Mine have been nothing like that.

My advancement is directly attuned to and related to the progression of events in the world around me and my inner voices, which have been far more spot on than any outer voices, have been very clear on my practices.

It should be noted that my practices are much diminished from prior times and as I was at pains to state about Ketamine, it is a full on cure for depression, which brings any number of more unfortunate things if I don't treat it occasionally.

All of the speculation about what is good for another is similar to Christians saying one thing, Buddhists saying another, Muslims saying yet something else and Hindus saying what they say. All of them are in disagreement where the essential scriptures do not disagree, at least in my perception of them.

My bringing this subject forth at this time had nothing to do with usage and everything to do with what the wider world has discovered about what I use in the times following my use. I will lay all of these things aside shortly as I am in line for divine intoxication, or so I have been told. Everything that happened was for a reason and hindsight is always 20-20 but useless in terms of time travel.

Anyway, I respect the opinions of 'most' people (grin) but I have my path, such as it has been and such as it is. Like Guru Bawa said about me, "He'll be fine, he has just taken another path.

And not to get too redundant, I do not recommend usage for anyone else. Few people are in a position to profit from these things but, inexplicably, some of us are. I do appear to be useful and that is my 'only' concern.

Zoner said...

Well, the drugs have quit me, so onward in the raw and we'll see how that goes.

Hints of the magic immediately begin to present once again, so at least there is that..........

The energies are off the charts right now in this vessel. Avoiding complete combustion often takes all the attention I can muster. Maybe resisting is the problem.

Thanks for sharing, Visible


Citizen Elle said...

{This particular blog title of yours is truly awesome, shame to hear someone edited you out of a posting on their site due to content topic but, all is as it should (so I’ve been told). It would be valuable for readers to know which site that was.}
I went to sleep last night after reading this blog and all 29 comments at that time with a feeling that we are reaching higher together here and a sense that I’m blessed to be witness to a collective pushing of the envelope a bit more with each passing day. This may sound absurd but, I’m having fun here in this virtual place with you all... been here for years. Then, this morning, I woke up with the lyrics “whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, it’s alright… whatever gets you through your life, it’s alright, it’s alright” and a feeling that truly we all are that - ALRIGHT. A, K, MJ, all the elixirs that can aid awakening to the magnitude of it all are surely there for good reason (and thank you for that, Great Creator = what fun!). It seems that most of us who come around here are lead by the soul, engaged from the heart and stick around to maybe get the mind clearer about the expanse of what cannot be known from its sole perspective.
Cultural programming has been relentless on our targeted minds. What a game – an extreme sport even. Despite my decades of effort to operate above it, I catch myself more and more observing my defaults (many of which appear to be defects) but, now allow these to become a reminder to once again return my focus to seeking union with the Divine… and I am grateful.
Maestro Visible, thank you for your encouragement in getting the main priority right - seek the Divine now. I continue to be……

{always, holding space for higher love}
~~~from the deep~~~
Elle (aka etc)

…committed today to seeking conscious fortune through the eyes of the Divine One as directed by the voyager tarot (which I discovered on my adventurous journey not too long ago & really enjoy)

please, stay light and bright as best you can (combustibles anyone?), the rest of the show will potentially be more enjoyable that way if you use only what truly serves you (all for the purpose of demonstration, of course).

p.s. can’t believe it took me YEARS to figure out what that “wv:” referenced here so often in your comments was about. Jeez, what a DUH on my part . I asked once & nobody answered. Where would we be without all these acronyms & webspeak anyway? LOL ((BIG GROUP HUG 4 US))

Astro advice this week is for me to listen more than speak and I here I am going on & on... wtf? I’ll look at it as though I’m just sharing with you what I just heard, iffin ya know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Citizen Elle;

"all is as it should be (or so i've been told)"

indeed, "there's no where you can be you're not supposed to be..."

'elephant's memory' there to remind you. "whatever gets you through the night" - is waking up to your very own personalized broadcast ... comin' to you live from radio W-ELLE.

perhaps when we seek the divine, It returns(in kind.)

Anonymous said...

"It seems that most of us who come around here are lead by the soul, engaged from the heart and stick around to maybe get the mind clearer about the expanse of what cannot be known from its sole perspective."

You said it best for me also.

Love All You All.

walking hawk

p.s. shrooms and nature.
nothin'like it (bigassmile)

Anonymous said...

yep, what many claimed to be owsley's 'sunshine' were small, hard, knockoff 'orange barrels'.

the real deal preceded, were fatter, crustier, and one might've noted the difference.

(#9,#9 ...)

Anonymous said...

Note : adding to earlier comment.

Although most, nearly all of my (One With) experiances were straight and sober. These seem to affect me even more probably because I was sober.?

Love, walking hawk

Anonymous said...


You were in a dream that I had last night. You were mediating a meeting between me and an entity, a positive entity that I have been dodging for most of my adult life. You made the whole situation less frightening. I woke up not frightened.

How much of this type of astral stuff do you normally do?


Anonymous said...

I live in a hostile environment and consequently my thinking rests primarily in my reptitlian portion. I can't help it. This free-floating love thing doesn't work here. I mean, I think about sharp pointed implements mostly. Smoked a lot of weed but it didn't change anything; it was a temporary sedative. Expensive and illegal and hard on the lungs. Sometimes the thing is to feel your environment and let the stress evolve you. I can't move away yet.

Les is right. Drugs are sacraments and should be used properly. I don't take Pharma's sedatives (Xanex), or porn or buy shit I don't need. In other words, the "sedatives" the herd of grease monkeys uses don't work for me; I don't touch them. Hate TV. Radio also. I'm boxed in. But waiting and evolving to see how much I can take. The System is waiting for me to do something stupid so it can lock me up as Enemy of the State.

Believe me, the System wants you to lock you up.

Dave, East Toast

brokenbeat said...

Great comments and valid perspectives from all; after all, the truth is greater than anyone's view of it. My overall take on drugs -- be they pharamaceutical, designer, natural -- is that each has good and not-so-good qualities. With some, that apportioning is decidely off-balance, but there is something of value and something of detriment in all; such is the bittersweet nature of life.

Abuse, leading to addiction or dependence, is the real danger, and at some point even some substance that has a real positive aspect will no longer be of service due to it's negative aspects, possibly toxic side-effects, physical addiction, or psychological dependence, and hopefully it's use can be discontinued. That is not always easily the case, thankfully I have been able to walk away from dabbling in most everything out there and for that I am grateful as many cannot or at least have not.

But I contend that there are lessons and unique perspectives that can be gained from even the most derided substances. Sometimes it is simply showing one's self what is possible and already contained within -- a grander aspect that has remained dormant and can revived again later. Of course, it is possible that irreperable harm can be done to one's organism with even a single dose of some stuff particularly if there are pre-existing conditions or some pre-disposition for that. For that reason, I do not recommend that anyone experiment to the extent that I have. FWIW, my experimentation is not exhaustive; there are many, many designer drugs -- some quite popular -- that I haven't and may never try.

Now with the particular class of entheogens, especially the naturally occuring variety, other wisdom applies, IMHO. I don't contend that their use is essential for spiritual growth of an individual, though I do think they have been indispensible in the evolution of our species. They allow views of divine states, and remind us of what is possible and contained within. In a sense, these visions are signposts on a divine road, but the language on the signs are incomprehensible to those without spiritual wisdom. Continued use without the previously acquired wisdom is simply recreational. Convincing one's self that this will lead to enlightement or significant spiritual growth is folly. One is simply gaining access to the Lord's mansion through a window, like a thief in the night. It is pharmacopia at it's worst, part of the left-hand path.

For a select few, shamans and the like, entheogens can be used regularly as a tool for enhanced communication and communion, but a toll is likely still being taken on their body and psyche. For all others, what might be of assistance initially will probably become a hinderance in due course. And in some cases, acheiving these states without ever previously having glimpses may be far more rewarding, like seeing a vista for the first time in travels without first seeing pictures in a travel guide. And it may even be possible that entheogen use may prevent the real thing for some. For those reasons, I cannot recommend their use across the board for all. Unfortunately, like with the addiction or irreperable harm potential of other drugs, one can never know which camp one lies in with total certainty. While there are glorious benefits with occasional use, one has to follow one's inner guide as to the suitability and dip one's toe before diving in. Best to do real work on knowing yourself first and learn some of the language you'll see on the signs.

BTW, there could never be a double-blind test or in anyway do an A-B comparison to see what could have been if someone had or had not taken a certain path as each individual is too unique to draw meaningful
conclusions from group studies. And short of access to parallel universes or diverging timelines, how could one know what would have been?

Happy trails,


Anonymous said...

FYI, I was topping and picking off suckers in the tobacco patch while the plants were wet with dew last summer when a very sick dizzy feeling hit. Found out what nicotine poisoning feels like, not a fun trip at all. Read up on it and found out that one drop of pure nicotine can cause convulsions and death. Didn't feel like smoking for a day and learned a lesson the dumb way.

Best to all,

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for you candor in sharing your personal saga. Very sad and disturbing but also uplifting and transcendant. You are a bonafide survivor and have been tempered by the fires, forged into a warrior spirit. I am in awe at your strength and admire your grace.


Thanks for the tip. I take C regularly, now in a whole food supplement, Cataplex A-C-P, but not simultaneously with the Acetyl L-carnitine. Dunno if that's sufficient, so I'll start shifting that to coincide (it's OK on an empty stomach).


Great comment, much resonance here. I also struggled with "wv" for a few months. Sometimes the most obvious can be elusive... Perhaps not having mondo experience with online activity plays a role. I figured it was folks coining new words or phrases, and I suupose it was, but I couldn't quite make sense of it, not knowing the word verification was the seed for it. Also, I was usually posting with the mobile version and the wv doesn't show from the start, so it wasn't apparent how it could get integrated into the comment before posting.

Peace and Love,


lightandlongshadows said...

"I can't comment on the content"

You comment on the content all the time and I haven't disagreed with what you've been saying. Karma excepted, and it's not all Jews (I know, you know), people have been haywire everywhere, always. You really nailed what sexual abuse is about a couple months ago. Someone commented that they were just remembering for themselves. It's a power over, stealing innocence trip. Our base nature's are brutal but I know you know that. 9/11 really set me off, that event led me into what I now call the labyrinth of contrived bullshit aafter ten years of research, really fleshed out my knowledge and understanding though. The same principle(s) is at work all the time, everywhere. One doesn't have to look far to find someone getting off on having power over others.

I guess you don't want to hear anymore then? There's always more, ha, ha, ha. The same dynamics have a way of repeating in different appearances until it's unwound itself. The last thing to set me off was the realization that nuclear tech. has trapped us all in a way.

My own experience has taught me that we have the ability to "get over" anything, it's easy to become overwhelmed and tangled up in it all though. It's all an opportunity to see through and/or beyond ourselves, mind over matter. I almost never talk about these things anymore, don't need to. If you ever want to float a big lead balloon though...

Again, thanks for the space Vis. The whole drugs lead in led me down that path yesterday and as you write about these subjects quite often I figured I'd use it to try to organize my thoughts in writing, something I don't often do.

Take care all, it's a jungle out there

Anonymous said...

Rainbow clusters
Mountain swarms
The wild wild wind
Where earth calls
Livened circles
Braids and strands
A conscious pull
The widened span
Of vibrant charms
The jaguars raw
A well of goodness
Constants draw
Inwards outward
Across the seas
Emblazoning consciousness
Of hearts in peace


Anonymous said...

Mr Visible. The place you report from is a place of freedom and beauty

Clarity said...

lightandlongshadows, whether you were referring to your story or music, I'm open for more. I think you meant the music, though. ;) At first I resisted the temptation to click on the side links on YT for more by the particular group. When you left me hanging for a bit, I couldn't help it - found some new ones on my own. Two days ago I spent some time in iTunes. I got all but one (wasn't there), including the new ones I'd discovered. Some came album-only, so I bought the albums. I liked every song on each of the albums, which has never happened. I put them all in a new playlist and that made things much easier.

I enjoy music, but these being instrumental (except for one) allow the opportunity for inner reflection - the best of both. In fact, they inspire it. Whatever, whenever, bring it on! Your story shows a lot about who you are, and I hope you at least give yourself a modicum of credit and acknowledging what you have accomplished. You had many options, most of them a lot easier - at least in the short-term. Your contributions are a gift, made available as a result of your inner strength. Much love to you...

Neil, nice to see you back. You've been a little quiet for a bit.


Anonymous said...

East Toast Dave at 5:04,

There's no need to smoke weed. Wrap a bud around a couple of pieces of chewing gum(Juicy Fruit is optimal) and enjoy. No need to swallow the gum. Save it for later. Don't overdue. A few minutes of chewing will do the trick. Slower onset though.

This was my delivery method of choice during a few transatlantic flights way back when. It's subtle and discreet. And no one need be the wiser.

Save your lungs.


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

In the spirit of the post I thought I'd put this up.s.

I found this great site. where you can be genre specific and tailor what you hear. I thought I might listen to a little music these days while I do my writing.

I want to make a point and it's a point I've been trying to make for awhile and I haven't been able to make it any better than I have been able to communicate that I have nothing against gays or people of any religion or lack of it. My concerns are very specific about a collection of first class shits whose intent is global harm for the joy of it. They get off on it; this isn't my point though.

Let's see if I can make it in the context of this post. Seems like too many people have an opinion on everything and the less they know about the subject, the more fixed their opinion is. Ignorance is fairly amazing in it's capacity for unexplored presumptions.

Most of us are messed up one way or another. Myself, i have a pretty serious chemical imbalance and I can't do much about it. What I can do about it has some drawbacks but none so severe as the condition itself unaddressed. It's something I have to live with and for all I know, it's been an asset in what I do. If you haven't read this book, you can chalk it up with so many tales you never ran across.

There are a few things I have put a degree of study time into, like years. Hidden but real history is one, serial killers is another. Hermeticism and a couple of other things have occupied big lengths of my time. Jazz even was an area of interest for me once and I had the first all Jazz radio show on a major Hawaiian radio station. I can't even remember most of the artists I used to love. If I'm not progressive in a particular line of endeavor then it tends to fade. These days all I care about is, "seek the lord god with all your heart and mind".

So, I have a problem of sorts. It's been there since I was a child and it came about there too. It has spurred me on in many ways, made me occasionally wild and anti-social and absolutely fearless no matter the situation or the odds; note to yourselves, that's not always a good thing.
So I took a certain tantric path and it works for me and... if you have ever dug anything I have had to say, then dig this. God doesn't give a flying fuck if you take drugs or don't take drugs. He doesn't care if you get deeply immersed in the passions, or whatever darkness you may slip into IN SEARCH OF LIGHT (new poem coming I think).

God doesn't care about all the petty shit so many of us care about. God cares if you are looking for him/her period. Those who love much are forgiven much. God only cares if the divine is the object of your activities. I say this with an incontestable authority. I say this as if it came from those very lips, though they usually mention his ears.

All this scriptural crap, all these rules and regs. All these dogmas and doctrines, all these performances and practices are just jerking off in search of true union and everything but true union is jerking off, even if you do happen to have a partner for awhile or several.

Meanwhile, it's different for everyone; don't piss over the railing or you'll be getting your own golden shower soon enough.

You can't know the needs or the weaknesses of another until you've been in their shoes. So many, many times, God sets things up just to see what you will do. in fact, that's about all of it. You may be sure that whatever I do, I have to do. I don't have a choice. Most people, at least they think they do. I don't. That's good news. Well... probably didn't get it across again but once must needs continue to try.

Visible said...

My commentary has nothing to do with the ones going before it here. I never even saw them till I put my own comment up.

lightandlongshadows said...

I was joking, it was rhetorical. I'm bored of my fool self, yesterday was a one off.

On the topic of music; we're all playing our own unique song that's of infinate variation based on the same notes. Understand the notes you're playing with...there are no strangers.

To seek the light is relatively easy, to understand there's no light without darkness is more interesting, to accept there is no light and there is no darkness only our perception of it, hmmm.

I have absolute faith and complete confidence that we'll all meet in the middle as that's all there ever was, we just think otherwise which isn't wise at all.
My old friend, that absolute feeling, is returning with greater frequency. The glow of simply being.
Dear God I'm about ready to light this mindscape up, burn baby burn, praise to the Most High...let's dance. Ha, ha, ha

Take care all, you never know what's lurking in your shadows until you shine your light in.

DaveR said...

Anybody hereabouts ever try this?

Anonymous said...

You have forgotten one major component. And it is the most important in Ayurveda.


Mind over matter.
Medicine is always the second solution in Ayurveda.
In all of the great traditions, self-observation and a disbelief in my temporal emotions is what also changes my body chemistry.

Ayahuasca and the like open doors to what I might become with inner work. It is not the cure-all because I am still dependent on an outside solution and have not seen how my negative energy can be transformed even while washing dishes. Being responsible for my actions by observing my negativity is the most potent and permanent cure as it creates real inner change.

Eckhart Tolle does not speak out of his asshole. The wrong working of my mind is what needs to be seen and dealt with by larger portions of humanity.

In fact, apparently the coming destruction -- or purification -- is meant to lead us to this realization apparently. When there is nowhere else to go for protection... nowhere to go but HERE, perhaps sanity will prevail on Earth.


Visible said...

Thank you for missing the point and being amped up through uh uh well I guess I don't know what to say here; being full of shit somehow doesn't apply. Well you say what you have to say, we shall see the truth of it. Yes, we shall see. In the meantime, for the rest of you who are not either assholes or operatives, good night. I'm going to get some sleep.

preacher said...

Don't let the bad bugs bite... ;)
Sleep well @Les!

giov said...

Yet to read all the posts but want to share this, so...

Being easily swayed away from my sadhana, my invisible friends were not able to shuttle me to catch your blogs until just this last week or so, although traces of admiration had wafted thru facebook. So now I feel like that miraculous ball that is playfully balancing on top of your fountain of living water. I know I have kinship to the profuse expression. You have been put into a place others with possibly similar yearnings to communicate just didn’t find. You also have come from the strength of former life experience you revealed. I really look forward to reading back and forward and listening more to your songs, maybe try to learn and play one or two. I also have had my share of substances, but never ketamine. I’m not depressed. At my age of 66 cannabis and coffee and earl grey tea is what it has dwindled down to. And because of high and low blood pressure I’ve spent a month testing my pressure with only a tea daily to cheer things up. I always believed that baseline is a good high, actually, and I’ve grown to appreciate the abstinence. You feel like a friend so here I go just rambling and getting personal. I liked this post, the idea of your dispensation, the shamanism, the ceremonial and sacramental and the grace that has allowed you to fully follow this path which is really important today, moving against the hurricane of stupidity about it. It is one thing that is earth-changing, ascention-inducing, paradigm-shifting and I’m honoured to be part of the hippie generation. We blossomed in the face of all the nasty ignorant violent stuff in the world and, ridiculed and demeaned as we have been, and despite the bone-headed disasters, we are still thriving. It is important to realize that humanity, our brothers and sisters, despite some being forced to be impoverished in the outback have experienced unprecedented things and energy follows thought. It has been a long strange trip but just wait for the one to come! Thank you for the sense of intimacy you convey that makes your readers feel comfortable to communicate. Namaste. Giov

MiaBellezza said...

There's a big difference between using drugs for recreational use (you know sitting around with your buds drinking a lot and getting stupid) and for work and that includes spiritual work. Don't confuse the two.

insiam said...

I was sitting next to a guy in a bar a few weeks back who started to complain that the food stalls where he purchased his vegan food all added oyster sauce rendering in un-vegan. He said he was 65 years of age - but looked much younger and was in pretty good shape. Funny thing was he chain-smoked about 10 cigarettes during our brief 30 min or so encounter. When i asked why he was so concerned about a bit of oyster sauce considering he was a chain smoker. He told me that he was a nutritional expert having spent most of his working life in the study of
nutritional immunology and that if the body is kept clean then it has no trouble dealing with the affects of smoking cigarettes.

Maybe this is why you can still walk for many ks and not be out of breath.

insiam (formerly know as siamsiam)

Visible said...

Insiam; I believe I've made that very point on occasion but... it's the divine as much as anything else.

Yes John, I know, looking forward to it. The Newsroom looks pretty good too. It's great to watch certain things while I do other things..

welcome giov... I was proud to be a hippie and have always resented the image of us being unwashed and vagrant; none of me and my friends were, though we saw enough of it. I remember all the times I used to say to people, "don't say your stoned, say you're high". Thanks for the good words, I don't really deserve them but I appreciate it.

Mia; right you are and that also makes a big difference. If god knows you're getting high for no other reason than to hang out with him, it happens. I expect sooner or later I will have one of my final shroom trips with a reader and then someone will see what I'm talking about.

Okay, some mirrors?

Anonymous said...

I visited Chaco for the first time this past January. Kudos to the NPS for maintaining a magnificent viewshed. On the way in a couple of wild llamas ran across the road. I pulled over and rolled one and smoked it. I started crying. Finally, finally I was out from under this insane Yuppie Jew meatgrinder, for a few hours. I felt like I had come up from 300 fathoms of acid water...

I had the place to myself. At Wijijii ruins I power-respirated and stretched out before Alfather Sun. After about half an hour I felt an entity hovering over me. It was utterly alien to me. This lasted about three seconds. I got frightened and blocked it. I guess I wasn't ready.

Dave, on the East Toast

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Road of Ignominy and the Lord's of Parsimony.

Erica said...

Beautiful song Vis-thank you.
One of my greatest regrets was my not being quite old enough to be a hippy-but 'Easy Rider' has always been one of my favourite films-apart from the end!
Many years later I had a spliff-smoking phase-gave up when I'd had enough of coughing,and feeling monged-out. My only
comestibles these days are vitamins C and D3,and a couple of scotches at the weekend.

Visible said...

Hmmm, that is generally not a woman's drink. I occasionally like Scotch, if it's some of the best. I don't care for the vin ordinaire

lightandlongshadows said...

Well things seem to have gone a bit sideways haven't they? Let's see if we can't clear the air a bit.

My last post began as a response to Clarity as her last post was the last message published on the board at the time I began writing. I left a couple spaces and then began a bit of origami, just tripping around my mindscape enjoying myself, did I get carried away? Sure, why not. I had a big grin on my face, you seem to have taken it far more seriously than I did, oh well. It can take me some time to write things down as I type in the one finger hunt and peck fashion, along with that I often patially write and then do others things while thoughts roll around, sometimes the cursor blinks for an hour or more before the publish button gets hit. In short I wasn't responding to you at all, I would have addressed you by name if I was.

Shortly after publishing that last post we went to the big city to see Toots and the Maytals. Toots is fading a bit, getting a bit frail btw, still a good time. I had read your longer post before leaving but certainly didn't have time to respond. Many words could be written in response but suffice it to say it was revealing on many levels, clearly visible. As to the core of your message; I have dug, I do dig, I will be digging. There's the labyrinth and then there's the real work. Make of that what you will, in the end it's of no concern.

I've been tasked with the responsibility of sorting out my own fool self, that's enough. No one person can save another but we're all given the same invitation. No one person can completely understand what another has been through but we all fall down, we can empathize to the degree that we can. All the world is suffering, compassion can light the way.

Since returning home yesterday afternoon and reading your comments I've been contemplating whether to bother responding or not. As always this place inspires contemplation, puts a smile on my face. This misunderstanding has too, I've constructed some humourous responses in my mind as a result, cracking myself up, so I thank you for that.

A war of words holds no interest for me though, I've intended you no harm and this remains true.

You take care Mr.Visible, you certainly can turn a phrase.

Visible said...

Hi all,

Visible's computer is still down. He'll be back as soon as possible. thanks for your patience and aloha.

Ravenise said...

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Visible said...

New Petri Dish up-

Ten Days to the London Scarelympics.



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