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Getting my Mind Right and Shaking it here, Boss.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There's a little group of individuals that runs from the extreme of Sorcha Faal (such a fool), also known as David Brooks/CIA, to Mr. 'The Yakusa are coming”! Benjamin Fulford. It moves through Mr 'Mass Arrests' Drake to David Wilcox and then includes a selection of lesser luminaries, who say all kinds of things. These lesser luminaries make less money. Make no mistake, all of these guys make money and jet around the globe talking about all kinds of things. I used to read David Icke's books and I credit him with turning me on to all kind of things, long before I wrote blogs and lived in a Garden of Eden type of resort that I managed out on the Hana Highway on Maui. Then he started putting out books about mind controlled sex slave women, who were performing for George H. Bush; probably to cover for Bush's real tastes and that led to underground locations, where all kinds of weird things went on; Cathy O'Brien was one of them. She's 'handled' by an ex intelligence agent named Mark Phillips. Yes, I know this is the metaphysical blog and I will segue into that shortly.

I can't know how many of these things are true, or whether some people are shapeshifting lizards. I've had direct experience with the reptile entities but what I got was that they operate as a control mechanism, for individuals who have given themselves over to that kind of access. I read a lot and I hear a lot and I get some sense of things ...but they are never like what I am told. Who do I trust? I trust my inner light, which is a transmitting center of intelligence that perceives and comprehends from a place beyond my conscious capacity. It has proven to be accurate by a very high percentage and it is responsible for the resonance that gets experienced here. By now, I think the vast majority of those who come here will agree, something goes on here. What that is might not be entirely clear but something is going on. India will bring a greater clarity to all of that at the end of the year and in following times. Certainly that might begin earlier as well. This isn't in my hands but it is in certain hands. I'm convinced of that.

These women and their wild tales, are they true? When I have offered certain doubts, I have heard about it from certain quarters because the people objecting to my take have an 'investment' in the tales being true. This is something we need to look at in ourselves; are we invested in a particular belief system? Do certain things validate what we want to believe to be true? This is the wrong approach. One should not start out with presumptions and then collect material that supports and justifies them. One should begin from the premise that one doesn't know anything and then prove and test what arises in the process of inquiry. One should, above all, study oneself.

To my mind, if there were any real truth in these women's claims they would have been silenced and they would have never been released out of these announced conditions. That makes no kind of sense, nor do the threats of elimination prior to, jibe with the end result. Do such things happen? Assuredly they do. Are horrific things taking place, like these or worse? Yes, they are. Why would someone promote things like this? They do it because they are 'sensational' and they pique the imagination. They heighten the celebrity of those promoting these tales and enhance the opportunity to tour and make money talking about them. All of these people are making money and gain celebrity. People invested in these things being true, latch on to them with a death grip because they provide fantastic answers for their confusion. You can't go far wrong financially, exciting the imagination of people. All manner of fantastic things are around but people are looking in the wrong places. We are in the time of false prophets in search of profit.

The same thing applies to all of these alternative sexual agendas. A lot of people are heavily invested in having their sexual attractions legitimized. They want it to be OK2BME. They want it to be natural and they want to believe that if they can get certain ideas written into the curriculum and established as laws that that makes it official. They do not want to know that their particular practices are being used by Zio-NAZI operatives, whose intention for them and society are a great deal different than their own personal concerns. They are willing to buy into anything that will make it impossible for society to have any opinion of them other than the ones they have of themselves. That's not ever going to happen. It will only go so far. This is how batshit crazy it gets.

I am as alienated and outside of the mainstream as any of these people but I accept that and the whole alternative sexual thing was fine back in the day when they were fine with this too. Things have gone well past the point where these lifestyles choices were an endangered species. However, indoctrination of prepubescent minds during a time of guaranteed confusion, which has always been the case, is beyond the pale. Once society gets into the game of legislating morality it is doomed and this present state of Western Culture is doomed. The society is in free fall. The religions are breaking up. The corporate/military structure is a runaway bus with no brakes and the public is borderline insane and passing over the border. I don't personally care what people get up to sexually, as long as it is by mutual consent and the players are in a position to know what that means. I've said this so many times but the agenda freaks see it as an attack on their freedoms. I could care less about their right to do what they do. They have that right. It's not any of my business. What is my business and the business of all of us is... what is going on behind the scenes. Communism, brought into being by these same people, autocratically ruling the alternative sexual movement, emerged filled with promises of equality and parity and turned into a vehicle of mass murder and oppression at the hands of these people. They brought about the biggest holocaust of all time. This is irrefutable. The problem is that most people are stupid and most people are brainwashed and you can't reach them. The cosmos will reach them by any means necessary.

Some number of people have reached out to me as a result of The Red Ice Radio broadcast. Several people wanted to know why I don't care for Eckhart Tolle. One person asked me why I think he's an asshole; did I say that? That would surprise me. I'm a writer, among other things ...and a seeker too. I have opinions and I don't make them with haste. I suppose I could live with him being on Oprah, though that is a red flag and several people told me that they were impressed by his talking about living in the moment. That has been brought forth across time by many, many people. This is not an original idea by any stretch. It's the Coke commercial of the New Age manifesto. My reasons for not being enamored of Tolle is that he says nothing new whatsoever and many, many people have said it better with far more authority. He charges big money to be heard. He speaks in a hypnotic monotone and puts me too sleep when I listen to him. This is also a red flag. There are a couple of other things but it wouldn't be fair of me to bring them up because they are subjective in some cases and intuitively reached in others. I don't care if people get something from him and I don't care if he's the cat's meow for them. Good for them and more power to them. He leaves me cold and troubles me too. That's just my take. It means nothing. I hope I'm wrong.

I don't like Rap Music. It makes me want to smash the player. I turn off the sound in a movie when it shows up. It is anti-life and designed to fuck with people's heads and suck them down into a brutal state of consciousness. It never fails that someone will insist on sending me links to someone who is actually using it for enlightening people. I don't quarrel with that. I know there are people doing this and more power to them. I am referring to the far more pervasive end of it, filled with the demeaning and assaulting of the feminine principle, this 'bitches and ho's' thing, this celebration of bling and violence, this one-way obscene worship of the armed force of illiterate morons. I don't mind if others like it. That's their lookout. I just don't want to hear it. I've heard enough of it and it's 99% forgettable. It is a disposable medium that celebrates all the worst instincts in people. The music of the 60's and 70's changed people in a big way and it is still played today. This other music serves 'the man' and the corporations. That's just how I see it. I don't insist on people accepting my position on the alternative sexual movement, Eckhart Tolle, Rap or anything else. I call them as I see them from my peculiar POV.

You get from me the truth as I perceive it and the assurance that I don't know and that I serve a particular force. People can argue about any aspect of that. What is, is and we shall certainly see the truth of that. I am comfortable with that. We shall see. At no time and in no way do I seek for or insist that people see as I see or agree with me. The whole point is to create curiosity and promote thought and inquiry, especially self inquiry. I'm coming into the Twilight Phase of what I do here, in the way I've been doing it. This does not mean I am going to turn into one of the undead, or start dating Kirsten Stewart (grin). It means that things change, things evolve, things move progressively toward the object of their pursuit. It is to be supposed that they arrive there at some point.

I could talk about what that means for me, according to what I've been told but that's not a good idea at the moment. Wait and see is the best course, because then it will just manifest accordingly. We all have 'a destiny that shapes our ends', the critical point is; do we cooperate with it?

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Dave said...

hi, I listened to Red Ice Radio interview, was great, good on you..........I don't like Eckhart Tolle either, I think I expressed this to you before though! Keep up the good work..........try a liver draining cure, helped me a lot whilst going thru a painful separation and divorce when I was constantly being overwhelmed by emotion/tears. And may your nose be constantly cold and wet too!!

Anonymous said...

so you weren't at Willie's picnic...Next year in Luckenbach.

Oh well, having met Cathy, Arizona, and Cisco...and many others...MANY...It is what it is.

If you can find a copy of Mackeys' Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, pre-1924 ...see the word Assassin.

The "Technology" oozes from what you refer to as the reverse Kabbalah...nonetheless, according to one "Scientist" with allegedly intimate knowledge of these 2000 there were more than 3 million...on the shelf,

Zevon had a song..."zombies on the lawn stumbling around"...

now the cannibals are being promoted on Talmudvision...

How is that Jesus admonished "KNOW THE TRUTH"...and a so-called "Religion"..[Bad Faith] exists simply to Hate the idea...?


You be True to yourself,

thats good advice....even for the most timid.....souls.

keep on keeping on....endure, and surely you'll hear..."Well done, my good and faithful servant {son}" any cayenne pepper ?


JerseyCynic said...

do we cooperate?

oh teh poor peeps being played for. I've given up trying to wake people up. I've thought about just greeting people now with handouts on the topic of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. until they understand how this is affecting their entire being today-- OVERBOARD they go.

pull the plug now

you'd think that with all those marketing majors out there today.... oh wait - they need to make a living too!

Erica said...

Hi Vis-agree with all you said here-usually do!I wish I had more idea of where my own destiny lies.
Like many of your visitors I'm drawn to the idea of living in a small community,outside 'the system'. Which,as a somewhat antisocial loner,seems a strange thing for me to say!
Have no material resources or obvious practical skills-so am just living from the heart,as best as I can-hopefully pointing my kids and grandkids in the right direction-and waiting to see what happens.

JerseyCynic said...

did anyone catch this recent interview?

Denny said...

A friend of mine is one of the managers of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, and he told me how the Eckhart Tolles fly in for their discourses and then fly back out again thirty or forty grand better off. Heheh! That would sure help anyone live well in the "present". My friend gets free tickets for these discourses but he'd never think of actually using them himself. I brushed through "A New Earth" some time back and it almost put me to sleep.

Anyone in this world who has discovered anything worthy of conveying to others would be only too willing and grateful to do so without financial gain.

Stephen Herbst said...

I couldn't agree more with what you have said here today Les. [[resonance]].
It is all to often that people seek out reasons to ligitimise their own agenda's and I was going to mention that on your FB page the other day after the red[field]day episode.

One thing I have certainly learned through meditation is that the answers you receive [as I fortunately have] immediately reveal any agenda one may bring to the table. It's like a discourse with ones self only to get an angle you hadn't considered. These responses stand out and with great impact. I believe that anyone who truly seeks to know anything must seek out the Divine and at all times be prepared to have their views or beliefs turned upside down [by the 'little voice']. Surely that is what a true seeking for truth entails.

Anyhow I certainly find great resonance in your work and honour your emphasis on the all important and largely ignored relationship with the Ineffable.

Once one has learned about the forces controlling world events [to their own ends] one can only know more of what can be known through and by the grace of the Ineffable.

Keep on keeping on Les, for wherever you my go on your quest, you certainly are bringing Light to the world and there are those of us who truly seek it..!!

Citizen Elle said...

"By now, I think the vast majority of those who come here will agree, something goes on here. What that is might not be entirely clear but something is going on." INDEED & you nade me cue Buffalo Springfield's "for what it's worth" very early here on the east toast --

Your work is the only true pointer for me at this point. I continue to relisten to your 6/1/12 radio broadcast & share it with others. That one stands out to me for some reason - probably due to the pure clarity of the message...our true purpose for being here (well, some of us apparently anyway). The beginning of the Red Ice interview made me nervous at first. I thought, uh oh, he sounds a little altered (but, then of course you seem to get in lazer mode). Over the years of listening to your own radio shows, I remember some where you sounded outright whacked. Must say, I love you for expressing this "let your hair down" aspect of your being.

You are an amazing messenger & I am so grateful to have access to your vast & varied deliverances. I have walked away from many previous messngers but, you are a keeper - thanks for that.

blessings everybody - you are loved! thank U all for your diverse sharings as well.

enjoy - always,
~~~from the deep~~~

p.s. john v. hope you are on the mend & feeling well(belated)

I have so much more to share with yaq'll but, I seem to be having logistical setbacks - maybe someday the time will come

Anonymous said...

Hi Les:

I listened to your RIR interview. Henrik wasn't sure how to handle you--unusual for him, and an indicator that you stand true in your heart. He's usually smooth. In my opinion, RIR is turning into another Coast To Coast--firstly its doctrine is to be semitically correct and diversionary. Henrik Palmgren won't interview tough people. I emailed him about interviewing certain dissidents and no reply. He's catering to the platinum card New Agers now, the upper middle class which still has leisure time.

Regarding your bad luck in publishing your books and music, I think you were sabotaged by the Tribe. Of course, the Tribe dominates these media. They know you aren't under control. The Tribe will risk the reputation of its products just to sabotage an enemy. A Tribe owned company will lose money in order to destroy an artist who's not on board the SS Kumbayah. I have purchased autobiographies by WW II German soldiers and the text was ruined with misspellings, omissions, shoddy typography. This was by design.

Take care, amigo.

Dave, on the East Toast

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Vis
Gratitude arises spontaneously.
Remarkable show on Red Ice. Even more remarkable is the nature of the comments on Tolle, when you speak soooo much of other so useful subjects - from the neccesity to seek the divine with perseverence (grin) and intensity, the Avatar etc.
The Kundalini experience, Kali, and the path to the light, the brilliance....... The nature of the reversal of the movement of sexual energy with the 'alternative practices'.
What is the essential nature of the four traps-fame, sex. power and money?
What is it that makes people want to look for the lowest common denominator - discussion on whose opinion is more valid- instead of the treasures of the heart?
Be well.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom.

Anonymous said...


getting a 404error on url when i type -- google refusing to take me. had to sneak in through the backdoor at facebook page and hitch a ride on the origami express....

this may change. everything may change. but that was the first time it ever happened to this seeker.

liz in l.a.

Visible said...

Thank you all for the good words, here and at Facebook.

Denny, exactly! This I know about the guy. He's a money machine and any number of us can do what he does better with one brain tied behind our back and also a lot less expensively. I believe in people living by The Gospel as the Bible puts it but that should cover expenses and maybe some small measure of ongoing assistance.

To the degree that you trust the infinite, the infinite will trust you. You won't want for food and shelter, nor secret springs and grace either. In what currency do you want to get paid? That is the question. I know what my answer would be.

There's a reason that certain people are the ones asked to these locations to rake in the swag and those otherwise employed and inspired are not. There are no accidents. Sooner or later though, it all pays forward or pays off in the coin of your deepest desire.

Visible said...

They're working hard to shut me down lately, not in their hands though. I get caught in all sorts of filters now as a danger site and other labels. Good luck with all that.

brokenbeat said...


Great frequent posts of late and comments as well. I've nothing of note to add, but lots of resonance and general agreement.

I enjoyed the RedIce radio show as well. Very emotional, sincere, heartfelt. I tried to recall what was going down in the posts when you did that. You're in a different space now, that's for sure. So prolific and on your game. I sense that you will stay revved to the redline and sprint to the finish line. I intend to watch and cheer and do more than just spectate and get in the race and be running at the end. Hope to meet you in person someday, hug and thank you for all you've done.


Thanks for the well wishes. Belated is OK; the mend is an ongoing thing. Got to feeling worse before just starting to turn the corner. Tons of paperwork, Dr's visits, car shopping stuff (car was totalled), full-time it seems. Lots of chiro and massage going forward (on the insurance company's nickel) which will be enjoyable (I think, never done chiro). Will resume yoga soon (no inversions for a while due to concussion). I had started a course of percussion therapy and cupping just before the accident and hope to resume but may interfere with other treatments.

Interesting stuff, percussion and cupping) way to diagnose and prescribe Chinese meds, lots of pain (some that turns to pleasire, some not so much like the lancing between the beating with sticks and the suction cupping). Interesting concept about our bodies holding emotional trauma that we may have processed intellectually and psychologically, but remains trapped in the body unless addressed (or if extremely healthy and will clear quickly). Some blood letting involved (donating blood might actually do us some good, especially for folks that eat alot of red meat and smoke). Friend said the bruises looked like crop circles on my back and asked how much the doctor paid me to let him do it!

Anyway, major off-topic discussion there, but I had wanted to share it at some point as some might find it of interest. The accident took precedence and the flurry of posts have me struggling to keep up.


What's become of you? Long time no hear... Hope all is well...


I miss your contributions as well. Just a hiatus, I hope.


Did we scare you off? You poked your head in and intoduced yourself, never to be heard from again. I hope you're at least looking in...

Peace and love to all,


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that many other sites that others here may be familiar with claim they're attacked/hacked, but no one seems to have or see evidence of such. The ONLY site I see warnings about (e-mailing included) is THIS ONE. Hmmm, now why is that?? Yeah, I read the other sites just to see what they're saying/pushing. It's difficult to figure out what's going down, but the way I see it is the arrogant ones seem to relish putting their stuff out there in a veiled way--laughing in our faces. Some have figured this out to a degree. Further, the way I perceive things, violence, stockpiling food, hoarding money, trying to find a place to hide, etc. is not gonna benefit anyone. Anyone advising such just gets the jaundiced eyeball from me. Love, Serena

Anonymous said...

This is about "getting a 404error on url when i type".

Instead, type "".

(There's a technical reason why that works, and "" doesn't.)

Anonymous said...

Heard you on Red Ice and am now a fan! Cheers! Kathleen

Anonymous said...

While researching Sorcha Faal AKA whatever, I did find a quote from him/her, saying he/she gives info out that could easily happen, to wake people up, and prepare them for the possibilty. Thats fine I suppose, but there should be more of a disclaimer. Many years ago, I emailed the "Amero" story to friends, and later that day after finding this out, had to write them back to apologize. The website in itself is actually quite good with many world event stories...Just scroll down from the "poosible to happen" stories. And I still Like David Icke. And I like Alan Watt.

Anonymous said...

"This other music serves 'the man' and the corporations."

Bingo! Check out this article:

If the URL cuts off in your browser, you can fix it at

Anonymous said...

uirciffi 40aThis is off topic, but since you brought up music, I learned something new lately. IMO, the Beatles were getting close to really great music. So, the NWO, the friggin queen gave them some type of queenship weird thing (to control them)..John Lennon gave his back and was killed, McCartney kept his and partied with george bush. John's music would have advanced, Pauls music went to pop music...Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Very classy beloved -

Yes operating from an inner place, letting go the most helpful.

There are so many signs already - Rich and others absolutely have to rejoice -

2 million out of power in the DC belt, singing God Bless America (begging humbly would be better), bees attacking the Boston University graduation in May, the comedic and utterly inexplicable loss of Italy (via Germany) to a 0-4 loss to the Euro cup - let those with ears listen and eyes see- oh those eyes that the Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas of Spain loves so much - the snub of Spain's Queen to E2, the recently discovered backbone in all the catholic (lower case intended) nations of central and south america - including the reelection of Nieto socialist party in Mexico after relentless media bombing of gruesome kills(how do you say no in Russian via Mexicali - you got it - NYETO!); the fall of JP Morgan and now Barclays, Rupert Murder's little snip fest against Tom Cruise (after Tom went after his tabloids in the UK and WON a few years ago) and most importantly the vote counting firm - in - you guessed it - SPAIN, SPAIN, SPAIN.

For those not familiar with the heinous Dogs and Indians Not allowed signs in the Company occupation of India - here's another unsung hero Bose - given the obsession with a particle

For those decent folks in the English, Scottish, Welsh isles as in the magical Eire and the rest of us - and there are so many if they only reconnected with their hearts instead of declaring themselves humiliation experts of colonial Europe - it is plain to see how frequently India gets spat upon in every way possible in the media - so never a fair hearing or a just comparison, just equivocating with the failed tribes of America's condom aka Pakistan.
In any case, glad you enjoyed it Marigold Hotel may go some way in assuaging the Jesuit (Danny Boyle) defecation product in the way of a movie that was the millionaire. Remember, with due respect to the luminous Freida Pinto (portugese-south indian hybrid) - it is really important for the tribe and their masters the Jesuits to ensure that the only lovely lady from the subcontinent that gets acclaim is Vatican approved- more here is a typical list of actual movei stars in the country, nay subcontinent. Notice the complete absence in spite of the religious diversity in this site of Madmoiselle Pinto - a stooge of the MI-6 and Mossad kingmakers - yep, Woody Allen snapped her up soon after., oh and for those who take their idea of indian men from Apu or another little Nazo persective, a list of actors on the left as well. Enjoy.

I realise this is taking up valuable space, but could not pass up the following -

Kol Nidre - tribal vow that promises to break every oath taken under coercion (what that might be) of a foreign diety.

Lock in step with their heinous spawn of that Johny-come-lately-cult called Islam and the Islamic "TAQIYAH" Get a familiar with this as you do with the tribe bashing - Taqiya allows every Mueslim to use any and all measures to defend the faith. Hence, religion of peace after blast-du-jur in the country of the infidels oh say paeceful India or old or presnet day Bali or any such.
Kol Nidre and Taqiya.

Oh and thanks, with your riff on rapping a few months ago, you lost me for a while with that tendency of the average non-black American to feel he can vent his actual manliness in the filthy anti-woman and verbiage of rap. Both the strange, low, slow beat and the rhythmn of jarring breaks feel nauseous, just like my touching Harry Potter books where after the first 2 pages, I just could not read another line, as if some force was obstrcuting my eyes, and what is with that unsmooth binding with the pages askew?

Blessings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Lord Krishna and Lord Jesus be upon you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Nice Les- Great stuff. We sound like we have read the same material over the years. Check out the work of Sherman Skolnik. Have you read the Series by Dave Mcgowan called "Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation"? he connects most of the Music's biggest Stars of the 1960's with the Military Industrial Complex. He also makes a great case in his book "Programmed to Kill" That serial Killers are Mind Controlled Government Killers.

Rebecca Rode said...

Hey Les,
Just wanted to send some love and light your way as you were the primary catalyst to my awakening (via your blogs mainly). You have this way with words that resonates with my core; such juxtaposition! Like a passionate kiss and an equally passionate slap at the same time. I am forever grateful to you and all the forces that led me to you!

Visible said...

I've read most all of McGowan's work and Skolniks too when he was alive.

Anonymous said...

"Tolle is that he says nothing new whatsoever"

of course! there is nothing new to say about non duality, it's pretty simple and will never change. you are consciousness and don't exist (except in illusion) as a separate entity. few want it although they say they do. they want a better 'me', perhaps one that can go off to heaven worlds. anyone on a path is totally within the illusion of a 'me' that can get something.

gotta give him credit for writing a bestseller and bringing non duality to the masses. no one else has done so. maybe some people will then read some ramana maharsi and nisargadatta for a more hard core expression.

i agree about the money and i wonder how much the ISKCON and TM people have made over the years. and chanting or repeating a mantra may put you in nice temporary state but you'll never wake up from it.

thom j's a german satsang site i came across.

Visible said...

Except that he didn't bring non duality to the masses. He just talks about it the way politicians talk about prosperity and peace. Now, Maharshi and Nisargadatta, that's a whole other thing. I'll be at Ramana's ashram in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

just info (no discussion desired/intended) for any interested:

Visible - about a year ago, all your websites were blocked by an anti-virus program i had on my personal computer (a not so well known software - name withheld); i had to open the software and manually enter your website URLs to unblock them; this means that the antivirus company management did the censorship - probably with some input from - hmm, i donknow ... and still does censor a number of other "non-kosher" info websites

Louis Farrakhan fans (like me):
"Louis Farrakhan-Violin Concerto"

Louis Farrakhan and his followers did the best research ever done, and published the work in form of 3 books; on the matter of slavery in the USA; all the research used only "chosenite" sources and meticulously excluded any/all material that hinted at the "anti s-word"; for this work; Farrakhan et al were of course smeared, labeled, etc., etc,.
point is - were Jews only responsible for slavery - no - but according to the above research - about 80% - of it - all aspects of it - from the beginning (a boat load of entrepenuers, along with so-called "Christopher Columbus") ...; such info/books may be useful in combating the next round of anti-this or that propaganda comming out of the "chosenite" history revision headquarters - in southern kalifornia

"African immigrants will be put in Israeli concentration camps"

European Union defines criminal anti-semitism

A.Mouser said...

The acquisition of facts.

The comprehension of facts.

The application of facts.

Mark said...

I've always been an avid reader. I started out with sci-fi when I was a child, reading all the golden oldies. I read to be entertained and to escape whatever is troubling me on any given day. Some of you are probably avid readers too, and I want to pass along a couple of fiction novels which you will find very enjoyable. Frank Herbert wrote "Dune," the most popular of its genre ever written; but there are five more that he wrote as a series. The fifth, "Heretics of Dune," deals with a group of hell bitches called "Honored Matres" who enslave men through sex magic; they also rule the galaxy through unbridled violence. There is a passage which explains how a galaxy of people can be subjugated and what levers all tyrants press to gain their ascendancy. It truly resonates with the fix we of Planet Earth now find ourselves.

I also highly recommend "Prayers for the Assassin" by Robert Ferrigno, which is about post-apocalyptic America. This author was one of my writing teachers in college, which is not why I am mentioning one of his books. It's just a damned good book. It's a trilogy, but I forget the names of the other two, although assassin is in each title. My other writing teach was a Georgia (Guidestones) cracker who dressed in Navy admiral suits. He was big on fear as a motivator. I wrote a paper trashing Charlton Heston and John Wayne, and after class he told me he would have my nuts if I ever wrote such a thing ever again. So, trying to slither off the hook, my next paper was called "Why Yuppies Wear Dockers," which was about as close as you can get to giving yourself a lobotomy. He loved it. He later offered me a job, and I told him to ram it.

Les, I've noticed that many of your followers think you're God, but I know you're just a man. I'm just a man too, and I've screwed up more times than I care to think about. You've written some things that made me cringe, and you've also written some things that made my spirit soar. It ain't easy being human, but we are here to make jackasses of ourselves, say I'm sorry, and then try harder the next time around.

Visible said...

Yes, I got an email from another reader today who said that he could no longer read me at work because my sites were blocked for 'hate and racism'. I am complimented.

Visible said...

Robert Ferrigno has written some great thrillers, I never knew he was a sci fi writer.

We are all gods in the making, it's just a question of when.

Sim said...

Anon 7:07:00 PM

... there's a technical reason why ( works, and "" doesn't....

Yes, there is a technical reason for it - and the technical term is called "somebody has fucked up"

The problem is now fixed by the looks of it - but Visible, have a word with teh bungling incompetent who manages the tech on your site?

Visible said...

Well, I do have a long term policy of hiring the handicapped (grin).

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis...David Icke woke me up in a lot of ways, too. But the clues that he is now on of the wrong side of the equation are plentiful. I suspect he's a mind-controlled slave. Not that I believe Arizona Wilder's claims. I think it's a fact there are mind-controlled slaves, however, there's too much evidence to support it. And Icke may be one of them.

His profile raises some serious concerns - professional soccer player in England (that's like being in the NFL in the USA); former broadcaster for the BBC (that's like being an agency operative for NBC/CBS/CNN et all in the USA); former spokesperson for Great Britain's Green Party (that's like being a frontman for a political party in the USA). Three major red flags there. Who but a "chosen one" (i.e, a person groomed and programmed, a mind-controlled slave) would do all three of those things? (Because you pretty much have to be "green-lighted" to do any of those things, by higher-ups on the elitist ladder, let alone all three of them.)

The other telling points are myriad as well - he appeared on a fairly famous BBC television show (Terry Wogan's show, I believe) when his first book came out, and he summarily told the world he was Jesus; he is now a major celebrity in the MSM (which means the Elite want it to be that way); he travels the world unfettered to expose the Reptilian Agenda (again, this means the Elite want it that way - if he were a "threat", they'd stop him from doing it or flat-out take him out).

I think we're all comprised of good and bad parts - it's a dual world. But, yeah, I think he's after the fame and glory now, and many of his former associates are saying just that. He's been pretty much universally described by those who now him as "arrogant and rude". Which could be sour grapes, but if you listen to him speak or pay close attention to his written works, he's got some arrogance going on there for sure.

FYI - I noticed the new header text (large images) at the top of your blogs lately. As a somewhat accomplished web developer, I thought I'd let you know that large header text images accomplish two things that can seriously mess up your site traffic and site "stickiness" (the amount of time a site visitor stays on your site). That new header text fills the entire screen on a standard laptop. So people can't see the written words on the new piece unless they scroll down. Also, those header text images take a long time to load, and people have very little patience if a site takes too long to load (and what with mobile devices and spotty wireless connections, that can really hurt you). Just my two cents' worth. Aloha.

MiaBellezza said...

brokenbeat, sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are feeling better. I'm just coming here reading the comments ... have been working more than usual ... pretty much laying low though ... iow ... keeping zipped. Looks like Vis scared Stella Blue off maybe with all those amorous confessions. (grin) Vis, sorry if I freaked you out. Perhaps you misinterpreted something I said.

Looks like Fulford, Wilcock and Drake have scrambled egg all over their faces. Ketchup anyone?

Visible said...


?????????? freaked me out? WTF? Boy some weird stuff goes on here. I have no idea what you are talking about and I don't know about Stella Blue, I don't recall saying anything untoward to her. I take it the amorous thing was a joke. I said what I said as a defense thing; probably should have been more restrained but I was also trying to make her feel good. I'm not on the market and don't plan on being.

Sim said...

Anon 12:17

Here's one for you: enjoy.

PS: presumably you haven't actually tried to view Vis' blogs from a mobile device - otherwise you would know that mobiles display a "lite" variant of the templates.


Denny said...

Re: David Icke...

What put me off him was when I heard him speaking out against the NWO along with a slow build up of very powerful and evocative music in the background intended to have a very emotional affect upon those listening. Why the need for such evocative background music and who decided it should be there..? It accompanied what he was saying for one of two reasons: For maximum "entertainment value" in order to sell his books and CDs etc., or to make sure that whatever was being said hits home right into the psyche of those listening. Truth mixed with disinfo in order to distract as is usually the case.

If the elites such as Murdoch et al really could shapeshift, then they certainly wouldn't go around looking as grotesque as they do and have to hang out with bored Asian girlfriends. Although I do remember Kissenger stating that it's not looks that count when attracting beautiful women, but POWER...(Actually I think he meant "force" - the difference being that of chalk and cheese.) They may well have all the force of the entire world's military at their disposal but they don't have POWER.

Mark said...

Ferrigno isn't a sci-fi writer; his Assassin series I think is a prophetic shot in the dark as to what might await us in America. It seems like the whole world is placing bets on what will happen here. Maybe I relate to him because he used to be a professional gambler (poker); I did the same with Blackjack. But that was another life.

His books move right along and there's never a dull moment. I appreciate whenever someone turns me on to a good author, because they are rare. Ferrigno's characters are very interesting. Anyway, for you readers, I think you'll enjoy him.

A couple of other books, if you haven't already done so, are John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" and Pat Conroy's "Prince of Tides." East of Eden grapples with the reasons why the world is screwed up, and Prince of Tides gives you a very "you are there" idea of the South. It was his only masterpiece, although "The Lords of Discipline" gives you a true appreciation for "Thank you, sir, may I have another?"

Anonymous said...


Props on RIR; letting it all come through 4 Real... connects through the airwaves. I feel ya... and enjoyed the interview more than the f2f show. Good to hear you rift of HP, who I respect.

Keep on trucking Brother, your spirit and words inspire me as I navigate the Matrix Filth toward my own purpose... Sympatico

Have to agree with previous anon post, Icke "footballer, BBC'r" has played an important role in terms of "voices" I've heard over the years... but the whole "shapeshifting lizard Bad Guy" is Bunk!

Peace, Love


Darius said...

Hi Vis
I've had raging doubts about David Icke ever since I went to one of his lectures and watched him hypnotise 300 people with voice, graphics and a disassociation technique, that has to be taught by someone who knows a lot about mind control, into a "one-mind" egregore. Really clever but really nasty.
Icke commits the cardinal sin in my book of using footage of the late Bill Hicks to garner fame and credibility by association, the prick. I wonder what Bill would have to say about people like good old Dave?
But the killer for me was a recent link on the Sorcha Faal website to an interview between Icke and Alex "Foghorn Leghorn" Jones.
Talk about the unholy trifecta. And the topic of the interview was how we're all "awakening" and moving to a state of one consciousness, the current topic du jour for the New Age set which is already being primed to replace the Mayan 2012 movement when it passes its use-by date.
And if you want to see if there isn't a mind control component in Icke's work, just try to get one of your friends who's a believer to look at it from another perspective.
You'll end up short one friend and they'll still be a believer.
As for Tolle, the plagiarising little creep; I can send you a list of books from which he stole all his ideas, not that you need them, you've probably already read them.
Non-duality for the masses my bum. The masses don't want non-duality, they want more of everything and they want it right now, waiter!
Believe nothing, test everything.

D. Worth Doty said...

The thing about Tolle and why he of use to the human race is that he makes the concept of being in the moment easier to grasp at for those who have not read more enlightened or in depth books on the matter. Being on the Oprah book list might mean that more people are ready to start taking some baby steps toward evolving...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

"Except that he didn't bring non duality to the masses. He just talks about it the way politicians talk about prosperity and peace."

talk is all anyone can do. they can only point, we have to each find it individually.
and he did have a profound life changing awakening and his book 'the power of now' is a decent non duality book. but i agree that he isn't fully there.

if you do the little walk around arunachala know that it's really no different than a muslim doing the haj, a christian praying the rosary in a famous church or a buddhist bowing before the golden buddha in bangkok. it's all thoughts, beliefs, imaginations and hopes of a separate one desiring something. simple non dual awareness is as available in indiana as india. it's all there is and all else arises and falls in that and ultimately is fluff, distraction and delay like the "path" of a mystic. all that must be dropped before truth is known.

check out john wheeler. doesn't charge a dime.

look at his pointers page. simple and direct.
who wants to 'die before you die'? not ME. lol

thom j

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

Ive enjoyed Icke a lot lately, but know I will get tired of his scripts. One test is, if a huge butterfly landed on him tomorrow and told him that it was really butterflies in lizard suits (by way of deception), and he believed it (maybe some hard evidence huh?) and if it made him penniless and on the streets of wherever the slum residents of Calcutta go to after the gentrification (I digress), then for truths sake, would he come out with it, or continue the same lines.
I know of one blog writer that would , if convinced, tell us that Santa is the good guy/bad guy, even if it meant no hits.
Truth first, consequences later is my motto (minor caveats apply).

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Thursday, July 05, 2012 6:29:00 PM

Hi, John! Hope your body is recovering. Best wishes from all here.

"Interesting concept about our bodies holding emotional trauma that we may have processed intellectually and psychologically, but remains trapped in the body unless addressed..."

This is absolutely true! I have had it proven time and again in different massage venues, to the chagrin of my engineering mind.

One tale, similar to yours, which may help: Way back when, Liz and I were saving money by borrowing an open-top pickup and hauling a big entertainment center home from the store. I was in the back holding it up (probably illegally, now that I think of it). I knew about the aerodynamic drag and was braced for it. Somehow, either a bump or a gust got the better of me, and it slammed back on me. I did catch it as it moved out of the windstream, but it was down on me. Liz pulled over, I got it back up, and we proceeded the rest of the way home without further incident.

Now, here is where it got interesting. My shoulder 'seized up', and I had much reduced range of movement. Stretching it out didn't help. So, I did "Focusing" on the area. Wham! Out came a pure sense of panic from that area. It seems my body had experienced the incident as a 'survival' situation, and the reduced range of movement was it still 'reacting to' that. As soon as I felt the body-fear through, the shoulder had full-range movement, again - and has, ever since.

I bring this up in case your body may have had the same reaction, but possibly 'all over'. Any good methodology and practitioner can work, but make sure that they are 'friends' with the body.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. On chiros: Try to get one who is emotionally aware (or perhaps body-sensation aware?). Long ago, I had one do a needed adjustment on my back in a correct but 'sharp' way. This caused my spinal area to believe it was 'in danger', and I had the same kind of result as above. An 'aware' chiro will be in a kind of empathy with the body, as opposed to an intellectual knowing of what needs to be done. It makes a world of difference...

Mark said...

Here you are trashing David Icke, but you support Jeff Rense who, listening to his eight ex-wives, is a genuine psychopath.

Checking out your posters here, I see they are mostly newbies. The ones who were here before are no longer here. I watched you trash some good people, just because they had the temerity to question something you had written.

You almost succeeded in ruining a friendship which I value, but I managed to mend that fence. I wonder if you have the cajones to post this.

Gretchen said...

" By now, I think the vast majority of those who come here will agree, something goes on here. What that is might not be entirely clear but something is going on. " Yes, absolutely agree with you.
After my friend cleared the cache on the computer, I've had an issue 'googling' your site as well meaning there was nothing matching your sites available through searches. I ended up getting to you through Rense.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sim - back to "site stickiness" and large header text images taking a long time to load, while eating up the entire initial screen on initial page views, via laptops and desktops.

According to the site logs I've looked at - well, a little background is in order here first: I own two successful web design businesses. My specialty is algorithmic math as it pertains to search engine optimization. I've generated over $200 million in online sales over the past 12 years. But, once again, back to "site stickiness" - according to the data I have looked at on my own sites (over 600 of them, which I personally own and designed, and another 100 or so which I have designed and manage for others), laptops and desktops account for over 70% of the total page views on the entire Internet. Meaning, over 70% of all Internet users utilize a laptop or a desktop to view web pages. On laptops and desktops those large, slow-loading header text images eat up screens and alienate visitors. And since 70% of all people (I like to repeat myself for the mathematically challenged) utilize a laptop or a desktop to surf the Net, that figure just might be statistically significant to somebody here.

To make a short story even longer, based on my knowledge and expertise (which is extensive), Vis should ditch the header text images and put as few images as possible near the top of each page. If he does that, I think his site stickiness will increase dramatically, his hits and page views will increase dramatically, and he will generate more repeat visitors than he will with those header text images up.

I'm also into gambling, and predicting outcomes based on statistical data. I am assuming someone can check Vis's traffic stats over the next week? Well, you might do that, if so. I'll wager if those header text images stay up, that during the course of the entire time that they are in place, Vis's overall page views/site visitors ratio will decline significantly - ESPECIALLY AMONG NEW USERS. Also, the length of time that his site visitors stay on the site overall, will drop significantly. So run it for a week, check it out (if you can view those stats, that is; just compare them to prior stats before the header text images went up), and see what you find.

I already know what you will find. But test it out - that's what matters, the bottom line. Aloha.

"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind." - Lord Kelvin

Rob in WI said...

If you haven't read Julian May's (female), series of about 8 books, you might enjoy them. She wrote them over a period of 10 years or so, but they mesh well as a saga. A bit corny, but well researched and entertaining. Interesting concept, as well.
Thanks for lead to opera browser (currently firefox). Might be just what I need.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

jocks on acid;

david was a late bloomer by some standards.

a bit quirky. whole lotta information to process, sorta comes with the territory.

one might add to that; tenacious, conscientious, fearless.

a touch of pride? somebody toss me a stone.

just a reporter following a lead. man, if i had a nickel for every one of them ...

man on a mission. or is that a wire.

('top hat on his head is all you see.')

Visible said...

Okay, let's try some of the useless clarifications that never works-

Anyone can call themselves Mark said...

"Here you are trashing David Icke, but you support Jeff Rense who, listening to his eight ex-wives, is a genuine psychopath.

Checking out your posters here, I see they are mostly newbies. The ones who were here before are no longer here. I watched you trash some good people, just because they had the temerity to question something you had written.

You almost succeeded in ruining a friendship which I value, but I managed to mend that fence. I wonder if you have the cajones to post this".

First of all I did not trash David Icke. That's an outright lie and provably so by anyone who read the article. I simply called into question the tales of the mind control sex slaves. I mentioned how much I got from him otherwise.

The ones who were here but no longer here is not backed up with any names or lists and the tale about almost losing a good, unnamed friend with no cover story reads like something out of Fox News. I suspect you get no credibility whatsoever which will be in keeping with your possession any amount of it prior to.

Also, you'll have to post the commentary from Jeff's 8 wives. I was unaware that 8 wives had commented. I can't imagine you would lie about that too so, please direct us to the tales of the '8' wives. Failing that uh... hmmmm.

As for Tolle, I'm fine with people getting something from him. I just don't like the large money angle, that's not very non dual where I come from and he does take his material from all kinds of people I have already read. I didn't post that point because I didn't want to get too deep into any of it but that also bugged me. I tangentially alluded to it though.

I have consistently posted disclaimers attending most of the things I say with various caveats and explanations. I could just talk about tame and lame shit and I could write as if I were gazing into an exclusive depth of the universe with a faraway look of wisdom in my eyes. I know how to do that. I could be reserved and equanimitous but I 'intentionally' present myself a certain way for very good reasons. Not everyone might like it but it is useful in keeping us all on an equal footing. It is as if I burned one side of my face to make myself less attractive. I've explained all of these things ad nauseum.

If you're just pissed at me for any reason, no matter whether legitimate or not, please don't be disingenuous or dishonest. It hurts your case. Focus on useful points of interest where change might be feasible, unless, of course, you're not even interested in that. I got work to do, later.

Sim said...

Anon @ 6:39am

Thank you for your reply and posting your CV. (I wish I was more impressed - grin).

I concur that the images at SM and VO are a bit data rich in terms of total kb - and that is an aspect which I'm sure will be addressed -
- but this concept that main content must be viewable above the fold - otherwise people won't be bothered to mouse down (poor lambs) - says less about the structure of any website and more about the "instant gratification" mindset of the people concerned - who, if they do exist, are unlikely to understand or appreciate what Vis writes about anyway.

Perhaps you should credit Visible's visitors - I mean those with whom his works will resonate - with a little more intelligence...

No doubt if Visible wants to lose the header images (or any others) then his will, er, will be done.

Meantime, the main concern regards page loading times should be focused on the "Translation" gadget in the blog sidebar - that is the one thing which really could slow things down (as is). It should have been built using Sprites rather than individual images, and if what I hear is correct then that will be happening soon.

I'll be more than happy (sincerely) to get further into this with you, but not on this page; can you contact me here? Thank you!


By the way; people use (not utilise) laptops etc. for the purpose of browsing web pages.

If, for example, I read a magazine, I am using it; if I swat a bothersome fly with said magazine, then I am utilising the magazine...

If I employ a coathanger to suspend my coat within a closet, I am using the coathanger; if I take said coathanger and loop it and unlock my car door, then I am utilising it...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning.

MiaBellezza said...

Well, Vis, that was an unusual day of posts and lets just leave it at that.

As a seeker, winding through the labyrinth and reading about potential save the day ETs or EDs, or knights in shining white armor, or on the other end of it ... keeping the plebes in order with fear tactics, be it reptiles or unGodly ceremonies, it reminds me of a WWII story about how the Germans couldn't figure out how the Americans where having such a high success rate shooting down their planes. Well the Americans conveniently leaked that they had razor sharp visual sight because they ate so many carrots. The German pilots then proceeded to consume large quantities of carrots!

I'll let you chew on that one. (grin)

Visible said...

MiaBellezza; uh what's up doc?

Anyway, I'd rather chew on how it is that you could imagine you offended me but I'll just leave that slip off into the ethers and continue onward.

I'm glad you chimed back in. Everyone is getting all sensitive about things of late so one does wonder. I dealt with that; tried to, at Smoking Mirrors just now.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i think that sometimes the message can be so all consuming that even the messenger loses track of the distinction between the two.

to my mind, just another sacrifice made in the service ...

more to the point may be how adept is the listener at recognizing that which is being shared.

can i hear an amen?(grin)

Gretchen said...

Just an observation:
That guy trashing on Rense and defending Ike sounds like Henry Makow.

Visible said...

Could be. What I do notice is that when I hear some kind of slander and know immediately that it is either a severe exaggeration, propped up with allusions that are not true and are followed by all sorts of things tossed out in the trailing wake with the presumption that it must be so because, "Look here, there's real emotion involved". It tends to all add up to a load of bullshit from what I can see and of course, the person never returns to address what I had to say because they have no actual details and all of their details were lies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible and all. When a website is all flashy like lookin into a disco it gives a bad vibe. I like the way you've widened the text, saves me clickin user mode and loads the same speed as always.

Rob, I,ve the simple version (9.51) of opera and haven't updated it in years. It does have a majik wand :)

Best to all,

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for your kind thoughts about my well-being. I appreciate that, but I wasn't seeking that when I addressed you -- I was actually just curious where you had gone or what you were up to as you had dropped off the blog comments page (as well as Stella, and Kelli who almost started participating).

I dunno what you were referring to about you offending Vis or Stella perhaps staying away due to untoward advances. I might have missed some nuances, but I tend to read all here and I haven't a clue to either. Perhaps it's that sort of thing that can be read into written communications leading to assumptions about motivations and such. I suppose it's best to not rehash and move on as you and Vis appear to be doing.

As for Stella, even with some of the crazier stuff that went down earlier, she held up fine. She's got a strong spirit and I'm not concerned that she would take offense about any double entendre or such. She's pretty sophisticated and has a good sense of humor. Hope all is well, Stella.

Ray B.,

Thanks for your well wishes, sharing your experiences, and providing sound advice about chiros. There are many, many out there and I had references from a masseuse that was treated successfully for decades to manage scoliosis, my primary physician (an osteopath), but I have started treatment with one that was referred by someone I trust and respect on many levels, my hydro-therapist.

I reluctantly met and received treatment (colonics) from her right about the time I started commenting here. A good friend had been trying to get me to go to her for almost a decade, and in principle it sounded Luke it made sense, but I resisted. Besides it being far more helpful than I could have imagined with nutritional advice possible from an experienced practitioner, she is an amazing, spiritual, intuitive woman with many psychic abilities that she holds in reserve, restricting her vision only to health matters for the most part, but health as it is in the greater sense to include mental, spiritual, even situational (financial, etc).

Anyway, she highly recommended a very experienced chiropactor with extensive peripheral modality knowledge that she recently hired away from a medical group to be part of her amazing team. So far, I've only had two easy sessions since the accident, primarily for evaluation and the second was yesterday after getting x-ray results and closely examining the twenty or so images. So far, it's been mostly massage, but I've come to understand that she is very selective and gentle with adjustments and first makes sure the surrounding tissue can support the adjustments.

I've discussed my beliefs to a fair degree and the notion of stored emotions and she is in total agreement and we are treating many long-standing issues including extreme-sports fractures that I rehabilitated on my own (I seem to have a high pain tolerance, but low emergency room tolerance!). I have developed trust for this doctor and will actually allow her to make adjustments that I have long feared (spinal).

Thankfully, my neck is in great shape and won't likely need adjustment (my biggest fear!). My homepun yoga routines and the last year of formal yoga helped me survive with minor injury. I highly suggest that folks work on their range of motion and also develop decent muscle mass and tone. It bodes well for life in general, but shines when in a violent accident.

As for the trapped emotional trauma, I will resume the Chinese medicine percussion and cupping therapy. The chiro and massage may play a role with this as well, I suppose, and it's to be seen how "body aware" my chiro is. I can't imagine a better chiro, and I feel that I'm in safe experienced hands with a spiritually aware soul as a big plus.



Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Gretchen said...

Just an observation:
That guy trashing on Rense and defending Ike sounds like Henry Makow.
Friday, July 06, 2012 4:19:00 PM

I don't know whether Henry Makow reads this blog but I do remember that Rense used to post Henry's articles. Never looked into what caused all the fallout...

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brokenbeat said...


It's great to have you back in our midst; I'm glad to hear you just took a voluntary break from the blogs and the net in general -- computerus interruptus! I appreciate your concern for my well being. We are like a family and everyone's support has made a real difference. And, yes it could be that one of us could suffer some fate and simply not be heard from again. I hope all is well with you up in MT -- I haven't heard the latest on the fires there. I was considering attending the indigenous grandmother's council in Lame Deer, but will pass partly due to dealing with recovery.

Good to hear from you,


Anonymous said...

"indoctrination of prepubescent minds during a time of guaranteed confusion, which has always been the case, is beyond the pale."

It's evil. I had an in-law relative who decided she was lesbian and had only lesbian friends around. She decided to have a baby on her own. She had a boy. After the general disappointment by her friends, she also shared that they wanted to "bring him up like one of us". I've lost touch (thankfully) with this person, but I've learned that that attitude is much more prevalent than most would think. It's the fascination with the freaky side, and intentionally wanting to take some anger out on 'society' by 'being me', which is primarily a very selfish and narrow-minded focus. I think that planning to raise a child as a homosexual (to justify one's own dysfunction, and yes, in this case most were seriously dysfunctional and focused on their navel, and below) is child abuse. Thanks for speaking out, Les.



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