Friday, March 29, 2013

The Appetite Junkies in an Unlivable Rat's Nest

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I don't watch TV except on rare occasions and then I don't watch it on TV. I stream it without commercials after jumping through hoops sometimes. I watch Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and American Idol. I have my reasons for each. With “Breaking Bad” it is well done and intriguing. “Game of Thrones” I'm not so interested in anymore since I read the books, which seem to have been written just to depress and piss a person off. I watch American Idol because it is fun to watch amazing singers mature into real professionals. Also, uncannily, my judgments tend to mirror those of the judges and that makes me feel good; like I know something about what's going on.

I just went off on a tangent and had to erase it all. That doesn't usually happen; all kinds of traffic going on on the mental plane but it's not translatable, just impressions. Things are hovering and circling like planes stacked up over a major airport. This is all generated by the planets rubbing up against each other, or setting up certain degrees of harmony or dissonance; the infinite complex mathematics of the cosmos, working in mysterious ways.

On we go through the designated changes of the lifetime, opting, according to our programming, in one direction or another. Some of us are aware of this programming and also the subliminal, telepathic invasion, being performed on the collective human mind, the hive mind of the workers and drones. Drones?

It's almost comic to watch the emerging police state, manifesting around us; this calculated, cold-blooded plotting of fat cat bankers and corporate psychopaths. It's been a great many years since I first realized that most people are asleep but I didn't realize how deep that sleep actually was. The last couple of decades have really brought that into perspective. I'm done trying to integrate with it. All I can think of is to find somewhere outside of the pending, planetary uproar. I'm being routed toward a location that was the first place I wanted to go to years ago but never went.. It is heartening and affirming to watch the choreography of destiny do its thing, like there is a benevolent intelligence behind the whole affair. A lot of the time it looks decidedly the opposite, given the unpredictable push and shove of millions of appetite junkies chasing their next fix.

The matrix of modern civilization has become an unlivable rats nest. It's congested and directionless, except for the Wolf-herders rustling the sheep into their pens; nighty night numbskulls.

The worst part of it for me is to watch the morphing of human consciousness into the acceptance of whatever the Crass Media wants to generate into reality. Besides the entertainment factor of American Idol, I watch it for other reasons because there is a shaping and molding thing going on; not just with the entertainers but with the audience. There are agendas at work. I watched the selection of the main participants and noted how at least half the men chosen were gay. From what I could see that wasn't an accident because they bypassed people of greater talent in order to get that mix. When you go to the Crass Media these days, you will see more articles about gay affairs and gay marriage than you will see about any other subject, unless it's saber rattling. That comes and goes with different measures of intensity, depending on what they want the public to be in favor of. They regularly present their rigged polls that show the larger portion of the public in favor of whatever they want them to be in favor of and the public just drinks their pink slime Slurpees and and hoots in accord. It's whatever everyone else is doing and they don't want to stand out.

I hear on a regular basis from readers whose families and associates are all diametrically opposed to their point of view. Some of them see no way out of the situation. They live in a state of tension with some element of the sleepwalking dead. The more time that passes, the more it seems inevitable that trauma will be required to adjust the scales of consciousness and awareness.

Point of fact, materialism dulls the mind. After awhile it becomes the only focus. It serves to divert the attention from things that require dramatic change. Dramatic change seems entirely too radical. It sets you apart from your fellows; no more Buffalo Wings down at the neighborhood pub. You wind up thinking too much and that's definitely going to disturb your casual companions, who want to talk about tits and ass and the games. They watch the president mouthing the words that the bankers programmed into his wooden Howdy Doody head. They watch their 100% Israeli owned politicians, lying every time they open their mouths; committing treason, selling out their country and themselves for filthy lucre. They don't make the connection. They don't see who runs Homeland Security and the TSA or what their purpose is. Even while they experience the humiliation and unpleasantness they don't get it.

Many of them think there are actual terrorist out there besides the government. Even if there were something that could be vaguely defined under such a label, they would more appropriately be called Freedom Fighters, pushed beyond endurance by the looting of their countries and the murder of their compatriots, along with their children and their wives. It's true that there are state manufactured terrorists in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other locations but these are just government forces in djellabas. The undercover killers sent into these countries by the UK and the US, France and others are the worst offenders, all sent forth at the behest of Israel, to torture, burn and bomb. Men in suits make it happen. Satanic, religious fanatics make it happen. There is no difference between them and Torquemada, Pizarro or Cortez. Basically they are getting their licks in until their time runs out.

Most of us want to do the right thing. We want to live in harmony, have access to decent food and acceptable shelter. Every effort of the governments, under the iron rod of Israeli Satanism, is geared to oppose every good and righteous thing. It's as plain as daylight and if you can't see it, you don't want to; fear or complicity, fear or complicity... willing complicity or unwilling complicity, which results in the corruption and disappearance of every good thing.

I am, with great frequency, daily astonished at the willingness of humanity to submit to every kind of indignity as if, in fact, honors were being bestowed on them. Their livelihoods are gone. They are losing their homes. Their finances are under dire threat. Law Enforcement has become an army of corrupt and undisciplined goons. It just keeps getting worse, while the volume goes up on the Bread and Circuses channel.

Well, let's step away from the doom and gloom for a moment. That only applies to those who have sold their asses to the darkness. I know it's hard for the rest of us to maintain a positive mindset. That's due to the surround sound of compromised hearts and minds, going along with the program. It's a simple matter to shut the whole thing down. What's required is a national strike where no one goes to work until the government and all of its representatives resign. Israel must be exposed for all of its pernicious behavior and given pariah status, due to a host of criminal acts against greater humanity. The bankers and many of the corporate CEO's need to be arrested and thrown in jail. The usurious banks must be closed down and a new system put into place. The greatest obstacle to all of this happening is the manipulated appearances of division between us. We have no unity of purpose. Were we to come together in a common understanding of who our common enemy is and who its servants are we could bring them down. If they are not brought down they will enslave and kill you. That is their intent. These are monsters, fiends. You are not dealing with human beings. You are dealing with an alien life-form, devoid of conscience and restraint. Luckily there are fail-safes built into the movie. There are different routing patterns for different objectives and intentions. They are like slipstreams. You vibrate in accord with a particular slipstream and then you ride it to its port of call. It's just like that. It has a vibratory integrity that holds it together and also assures the successful conclusion of what it was designed for; what its purpose is.

Think of it as a bus or train station where buses and trains are leaving every hour of the day for somewhere. Your only concern is to decide where you want to go and you'll get there. Most people don't know where they want to go. They are unable to formulate a clear image. Their state has been artificially manufactured for them by the people running the asylum.

What's going to happen, sooner or later is that there is going to be a sudden shift in the power from the hands of the abusers to the abused. There is going to be a massive upswelling in the hearts of the people and light is going to enter their minds. The effect of this happening is going to have such an impact on those losing their grip that little else is going to be required. Then what needs to happen, what is meant to happen, will happen. That's just how it is.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Radio show this Sunday, like it or not (grin).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mysterious Winds of Unknown Provenance

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May you noses always be cold and wet.

Okay, I'm rotating on this (grin). ♫Aldebaran... Origami high♫ Strange energies have found us. Something came into the room and into me last night. The energy was fierce and I did not get much, if any sleep last night and it's still going on. There's some kind of unusual planetary configuration going on in respect of me. I kind of wish it would dial itself down but, I guess I have to tell myself, “Good luck with that”. I have to say that these have been some of the strangest months ever and, of course, no explanation apparently is needed (grin).

I'm thinking that something really dramatic is about to happen in the wider world and I'm getting some of the preliminary bleed-off. That would explain it, so would the approach of normally, celestial forces coming into the terrestrial sphere. That has to happen at some point anyway because the Satanists and assorted nogoodniks are making war on the cosmos. There are ancient precedents for this kind of thing; meaning it's routine but doesn't happen very often, cause it take several millennium to crank up into something annoying enough to get it's ass kicked big time. There's also plenty of ancient precedence for that as well. Maybe the reason it doesn't happen very often, is because enough time needs to go by for these clowns to totally forget what happened last time; makes sense.

This is paralleled by the fact that history disappears at a certain point, if you go back far enough. Whatever went down must have been significant, cause nearly all trace of whatever it was is gone. There are vague rumors about a place called Atlantis and another called Lemuria. There's various convoluted, channelled information like the Urantia Book and Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson. Of course there is Scientology as well, if you like bizarre science fiction history, with a mind control meringue. If you're a good little sailor through the auditing channels and e-meter gauntlet, you might get to go on their ocean liner and sail the seas of 'clear'. When L. Ron Hubbard used to be the captain, he had a bevy of beautiful ladies on board, who had all signed billion year soul contracts with him. That's a long time to be the mind (and probably body) slave of a serious weirdo.

I'm not concerned with Scientology getting upset with me. They already have labelled me a suppressive. If you were to translate that into Catholicism, it would be similar to 'excommunication', except you have to be a Catholic to be excommunicated and I was never a Scientologist, though I met more than a few of them. They all had something odd about them, which is probably an explanation for why they got into it in the first place. Seriously, there was something similar to a covered dish in the back of the icebox going on.

People occasionally ask me what I think of the Urantia Book. I tell them it makes a really good doorstop. The same can be said for Gurdjieff's entry. My take on the Hurdy Gurdy Boy. is that he was tom-fooling a lot of the time. Rumor had it that he worked over Ouspensky's head pretty good. I remember attempting to read Beelzebub's Tales and getting about ten pages into it before I let it sail across the room. For some reason, some people like to get into really dense stuff that serves no practical purpose.. I like the simpler texts. I find them more profound. Intellectual gymnastics doesn't appeal to me. A lot of that is the result of being psychedelicized. It deep cleans the inside of your head, well, my head anyway. You'll note I never recommend this course to others. Not everyone can acclimatize to the imperatives placed upon one by this particular summoning.

I remember back in the day, there was this whole segment of the hip scene that used to refer to being in altered states by saying, “Man, I'm fucked up”, or “I'm really stoned”. I always thought of it in terms of being high;certainly higher than I had been previously. These same people would always be going on about the colors, or the quality of their hallucinations, like they were watching a show in Vegas. I was always looking to dance with God, period. Subsequently they and I had entirely different experiences.

I remember all of the various subcultures that were going on in the greater consciousness movement. It exemplified that 10% thing again. I'm always running into that. Ten percent of the people get things done and ten percent of the people distinguish themselves by their industry. Everyone else sits around or gets absorbed in one distraction or another. I find it interesting that such a huge segment of the population is addicted to porn. They're watching it in The Pentagon, in Congress, probably in the White House too. They're watching it on Wall Street and they're watching it in Parliament and the House of Lords. We hear about it here and there in the Crass Media. I've seen some of it in passing over the years and I don't get the attraction. I'm not attracted to any of the players and their perfunctory bucking and lurching into emptiness. There's a reason it's called pornography. It's vile and debasing. I don't want to come off as a prude, I'm not, anything but... I just require romance and poetry; something ethereal and fairytale like and that's probably why I am drawn to the goddess/Lady Nature, more so than human equivalents and given human equivalents, it is my intention to see her in them, to invoke her.

We're walking corpses but we refuse to admit it. We come to life when we die, whether we accomplish that beforehand; preferable, or as the natural result of the life cycle. One who is aware of this condition fixes their mind on what lies beyond. Why would anyone pursue the temporary at the expense of missing the eternal? Yet there is a mad rush for this.

Humanity fascinates me. I can sit and watch people for hours and used to do that with some regularity until I couldn't leave this room very often due to all the chores. I watch people shopping. Many of them do not go out for specific things, like I do. They go out just to shop. I find that really strange. When I am in the supermarket checkout line, I study what people buy. The amount of poisonous soft drinks and the size of the containers is impressive. I've seen people buying gallons of this swill. Sometimes they have 8 different kinds of pork in their cart. They're big on pork over here and evil things, like blood sausage and head cheese. There's something here called Lieberkase. That is some toxic stuff. After awhile people begin to look like stuffed sausages. I stand there with my vegetables, good pasta, rice, sometimes a chocolate bar (high end Free Trade chocolate) and some nuts and rarely if ever do I see people shopping healthy. Sometimes they are there with their kids and there are bags and bags of chips and all sorts of candy concoctions. Then there's the processed food, with ingredients that have sixty letters in them and sometimes there are forty or fifty ingredients. I study this stuff, yet another part of my fascination as a cultural voyeur.

I want to live somewhere where people eat right and live right, where they take more joy in each other than they do in in their possessions; people who know what their real wealth is, people who appreciate the truly finer things in life, which are not Dom Perignon and a Stradivarius cigar, with some inarticulate arm candy, draped over the arm of their easy chair.

I don't want to put these people down. This is as much as they know at that point. Unfortunately their tendencies for elitist enjoyments, is indicative of the type of behavior they bring to the marketplace. With the rise of corporations, all of the different facets of a business got sectioned off. The lawyers were in one location and the bean counters were in another. The people in each section were paid according to how much they could squeeze out of every area except profits. Profits is what they squeezed into. Their job was not to moralize, or analyze. Their job was to squeeze. That's how the top 1% got so rich at the expense of everyone else. Lawyers were paid for finding loopholes to eliminate taxes and for setting up protections against really bad behavior that the CEO's signed off on because it was really profitable and it didn't matter who got hurt. The BP fiasco was an example of this. It never even had to happen had they not been so cheap. There's cheap and there's stupid, such as where certain nations situate their nuclear reactors, as well as hiring Israelis to guard them. As a digression; all this hamfisted, violent behavior on the part of the police has come about due to Israelis coming in and training them. You can't swing a live demon in any government office without hitting an Israeli, nor can you tell the difference.

You can't go to any Crass Media location without getting a daily dose of fecal pastry like this, or half a dozen or more like this; note the way the language is shaped and the quotes. Day after day you get examples of Tribe greed and arrogance, engaged in massive crime. Meanwhile, the Satanist's take care of their own. Yeah, they definitely take care of their own. The odious stench of the free Johnathan Pollard movement is yet another example. Sooner or later this has to be dealt with and it will be. I am happy to say that that is in the works as I write these words.

Well, I'm a tad woozy and hyper-accelerated at the same time. If I were a cloud or a Mylar balloon, I'd be bouncing off of the sky or the ceiling. I'm hoping this tones down. Something is up in the unseen realms and no doubt down here as well; 'as above so below'. I think I'll go lay down for awhile and see you on the other end. Be watchful.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

This week's radio show is still up for streaming if you missed it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

And the Darkness has Broken under the Revealing Light

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had considered simply doing this as a comment following the post but... It's of such a serious nature ...and having been engaged in collecting available facts, over recent days, it's got all the elements of a good story, a kind of mind film, which can prove informative and entertaining. I've been engaged in a lot of back and forth over the last week, with readers who sometimes appear here and some who never show up in the comments section but with whom I exchange the occasional emails.

A lot goes on here in regard to these blogs and other endeavors. Most of them never get mentioned, due to the need for discretion. I'm going to bring to your attention some number of things today but I am limited in how far I can go because I do not wish to cause distress (for the moment anyway) to even my enemies. Some of them, irrespective of their theaters of employment, are just not very bright; probably why they are doing what they are doing in the first place. If they had been more intelligent, they wouldn't have gone and exposed themselves to people who were in my corner to begin with and then only played them to see what they were up to. I can just imagine their chagrin at this point; a small digression, I used to go by the name, Maurice Chagrin (grin).

Moving right along, if you come to any of the blogs at certain hours, you will see sometimes quite a bit more than 100 readers online at the blog at the same time. If you follow that for any degree of days, you will see people coming from every country in the world, some of them are countries I never even heard of before. If is no great reach to assume that these readers come from all walks of life and as I have mentioned over the years, the readers would be pretty surprised at the names and occupations of some of the people who read here.

One fellow has ties to the intelligence communities, meaning he hears and sees things in the course of his days. You might remember, sometime earlier last year, when I mentioned that someone had come to me and told me I was being targeted by certain specific, interest groups that wanted to instigate chaos into the midst of my efforts and that I should be on the lookout for people ingratiating themselves into the scene, creating a familiar persona, becoming part of the mix and then suddenly reversing themselves and becoming a seriously negative and disruptive force at my expense. I was told that some amount of people were already in place and had been for awhile and that new ones were coming. The things I say are not desirable to those entrenched interests, who seek to conceal what they have done and intend to do. They went so far as to hack my consort's emails and then to bring certain things to the attention of some of her correspondents, all of whom live in the same country. They were informed about people I link to (did link to) and the nature of some of the things I say. I couldn't figure out, until I was told recently, how her friends all found these things out at the same time. Out of a desire for harmony I had to remove a certain blogger from my links and I had to weather a shit storm concerning some of the subject matter I deal with and how it could bring danger and a degree of infamy upon my environment and family.

It is this very thing that is at the heart of what I am forced to deal with here and because I want to do the right thing, I have decided to relocate myself in such a way that should any threat come upon me, it will only come upon me. It's the right thing to do. I am at a loss to explain that I am protected from certain entities in this respect, primarily because my consort does not believe in; more correctly, doesn't understand them. She's seen enough to know that very weird shit happens around me. In any case, I was told I was going to be relocated, even before any of this came up.

Even though I was told that certain factions were going to come after me, within the limitations of what they are allowed to do, for the purpose of demonstration, I promptly forgot about it. These things aren't all that real to me because I know there's only so much they can do but... what they can do is a lot more disruptive than I imagined. The whole purpose of intent is to paint me as something I am not and thereby seek to ruin the faith and goodwill I have built up over time. This is why certain cointelpro disinfo operations, who accuse others of this, as a blind upon their own engagement in it, suddenly appear, devoid of observable provocation, to lash out at me with innuendo and slander, always absent of any real details or specific facts. It's the usual Fox News headlines, where the copy has nothing to do with the headlines. There have been some small number of times when I've had anonymous commentary brought to my attention by one reader or another, in which snide allusions are made concerning me, where nothing is revealed or presented, except for vague and unsupported allegations. Most recently this appeared at Lasha Darkmoon's site, where she had reposted my piece, “Help is on the Way”. Studying the content of the commentary, it is clear that these snipers hail from SOTT.

Given what I have been told in recent days, I now have a much clearer idea of what's been going on and what is going on. I feel sorry for some of the people who got sucked into some of the charades presently taking place but that's their lookout. If they are so easily seduced into patently absurd BS, such as my being a government agent, or a mind control slave, then they are welcome to it. I'm not running a clinic for the mentally ill here. One of the reasons I ignored most of the chatter taking place off screen and at other locations is because it was irrelevant to me. I probably should have engaged more but... what's the point of being defensive when that's the job of the divine? The cosmos sorts everything out in its own time and you get your due, whatever that may be. One of my favorite responses to almost anything is, “We'll see”. Whatever any amount of people may believe or disbelieve is unimportant in the scope of things. Either they are right, wrong, or somewhere in betwixt,. It all comes out in time. That is one of the beautiful things about existence. It may take its time and travel across strange landscapes but it will eventually resolve everything into the destiny appointed for whatever it is, whatever it is.

It has been an interesting development over recent times to note that the readership has increased to more than double what it had been over the last few years, where it had been generally stable at certain numbers. Along with that there has been a large influx of new readers and that has caused my Inbox to near quintuple in traffic. Whenever the divine gets into a house clearing-cleaning state of mind (it is Spring after all) it's never just 'out with the old', it's also 'in with the new'. I couldn't be more pleased because it is a solid reaffirmation of the cosmos on my behalf.

For a long time, certain things have been discussed over and over here. A couple of them are 'testing' and 'trial'. It starts out with little tests, which measure our level of commitment and resolve. Failing to pass these, renders us into a repetitive loop of redundant experience. We wind up going nowhere, fast or slow; does it matter? Whether anything matters, or possesses or lacks value, depends solely on you.

I really wish I could engage in full disclosure here. It's actually pretty funny in a tragi-comic kind of a way but... my detailing the totality of all that's been brought to my attention would really stir up a hornet's nest of outrage, embarrassment and acrimony, especially if I were to publish emails exchanged between the witting and unwitting. Nothing hurts quite so much as seeing your own words in print, with verifiable provenance and being unable to defend yourself against your own words and actions. Word to the wise, don't say things you don't want revealed later on. I'm going to watch how all of this goes because, given that there is no real way to measure human stupidity, I might actually be forced to publish these communications so that we can 'all' have a more clear insight into what's really been going on of late. For the moment, let's just say, things aren't what they seem, not by a long shot. I have to admit to some amount of real amusement, given what I've been exposed to over the last couple of days.

Those of you who may have thought yourselves clever need to be mindful of the fact that I will have no hesitation in making your communications public if you don't quietly go your way and not trouble me, or the rest of us with your puerile chicanery again. Since you don't know who is informing me, I suggest this would be the wiser course of action. Of course, I do expect that you will try to now approach your tasks from a new angle and possibly with new personnel but... the proverbial cat is out of the bag. For those of you among the duped and deluded, all is forgiven, should you wise up over the course of time. I do know who all of the players are so... keep that in mind.

One thing that must be said, life sure can be interesting and surprising as well. As to the charges being leveled against me, I have never worked for any 'temporal' intelligence agency, never been a mind control slave and am pretty much representative of exactly what my writings indicate. As for any personal failings, I'm a work in progress and by comparison with the larger mass of humanity, my shortcomings don't come to much at all in the scheme of things. Ah well, so it goes in the land of darkness, prior to the coming of the light.

End Transmission.......

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God in Country by Les Visible

A radio show will appear this weekend. I totally spaced the last one out because of working on the novel. That should also be appearing in the near future, finally.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Devils and Demons Among Us.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every day I go to a handful of news sites. Some of them, like the former, which had been owned as a joint enterprise by NBC and Microsoft, is nothing but a prevarication mill. Several alternative news sites, mix truthful commentaries with commentaries from propaganda mills, attended by commentary on the degree of false information being presented. It amazes me, the extent to which the mass media will go to hammer blatant lies into the passive and captive minds of the brutish public and when I say brutish public, I am talking about things like this. You need to read the comments to get a feel for what I am referring to. It presents a tragic view of a wide slice of the American public. Of course, Israel has an army of internet trolls who scour the internet, seeking where they may spread discord and malicious garbage., and several of the other mainstream, sewage canals are happy hunting grounds for them. You have to keep in mind that a good portion of the comments you see at any of these sites, are the result of paid assets whose job it is to muddy the waters and personify hatred and slander.

You might think, “Huh? Isn't this Origami? What's visible doing”? Yes, this is Origami-Land and we're going to 'right turn Clyde', right about here.

If you're paying attention. If you are not routinely informing yourself of what is going on in the world around you, you stand a good chance of winding up feeling helpless and depressed. That, after all, is their intention. You hear about Satanists running around and doing their thing; to be expected in Kali Yuga. You know that there are such, formerly human creatures. San Francisco has a First Church of Satan and until recently, gay men were walking around the city naked and often hooking up in public places. I'm not a prude, I'm just pointing something out, draw your own conclusions. The First Church of Satan now has branch offices. It was founded, I think, around 1969 by Anton Szandor LaVey, a former animal trainer who worked with big cats and other creatures. Around the same time, The Process Church of the Final Judgment came into being. Around the same time, Charlie Manson was doing his thing. None of these philosophically related phenomena came about by accident. The invisible Satanic Empire was making its move, according to certain informations they possessed. Whether that information is correct, or whether it is only partially representative of the whole, I cannot say. I am not a member, quite the opposite in fact.

From that point onward, observable changes began to occur in the world. The '80's brought Reagan and a booming, shameless, 'greed is good' Wall Street dynamic.. Since that time, the presidents of the USA have gone from bad to worse and more worse still. The Zionist moneychangers, in control of The Federal Reserve, came out of the closet and began the destruction of the American economy. The Zionist money changers and the Satanists are virtually interchangeable. There is no difference between them in either intent or policy.

This tandem has infiltrated at every level of government and also the realm of international corporations, which run the governments. They have operating control of the Christian religion, through oft repeated lies, which have become accepted tenets and through control of the money. Control of the money supply gave them the ability to buy up the media and the entertainment world, along with a serious amount of politicians and high level religious leaders, who weekly brainwash their parishioners, exalting gratuitous wars in the Middle East and rubber stamping everything their Zio-Overlords request and require. The mindset of the moment for these psychopaths, is that they are unstoppable and that is why they have, in recent time, come out into public view. They are arrogant and over confident and that will be their downfall, along with a few other things and especially the eternal verity, “evil destroys itself”. This is something that you can count on. The ebb and flow of human existence, follows certain rules of order and progression. Different things happen in different time zones, as humanity moves along. The mass of humanity moves at a very slow pace. Some of us hothouse our evolution and can move at a seriously rapid pace, bypassing lifetimes of suffering. Let me quote what the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire”.

It is a sign of chronic insanity and dream weaving, mind control that the general public does not realize their options,, or what they eventually and inevitably face on the wheel of fire, the wheel of birth and death. Lifetime follows lifetime, in the pursuit of the useless, trivial and terminal. One would have to be insane, or deeply deluded to choose the usual fare, over the extraordinary, alternative possibilities. I cannot stress a certain fact enough. This time period is one of very great opportunity. It very rarely appears. This is why the force of materialism is so strong and why the agents of the dark side are so relentlessly at work, to fulfill their agenda of trapping humanity in functional illusion, until the point of advantage has been passed. Parse it how you like, it's all about a war for human souls. That includes your own.

It continues to be a mystery to me, as to how so many people can doubt various features of existence, when the proof of the matter is everywhere to be seen. I'm talking about reincarnation, Karma and the existence of the invisible planes, which is completely logical as a progression from the physical plane. One should study the bandwidth of the various rays that are employed in contemporary technology.

The truth of 'what is' has been intelligently and convincingly presented over the centuries by the brightest and most righteous of all of us. In many of these lives, these truthtellers were persecuted and blocked in their efforts to enlighten humanity concerning their circumstances. Sadly, the mass of humanity is either indifferent to this, or has embraced manipulated dogmas, which are set up to control them in order to fleece them and profit from their industry. As has been said here many times. The most effective way to bring down our oppressors is to simply step away from the machine, to refuse to contribute to or support the system. It would, as a result, shortly collapse and implode from its own weight.

These last several years have not been easy on me and I suspect the same is true for many of the readers. The testing and trial has been intense but a sea change has come. Previously it was all I could do to manifest these blogs and maintain some semblance of equilibrium; there was no music being made, no recordings, no finishing the novel. That's all been reversed now. It seems that endurance and some amount of steadfastness is what is required. Eventually, the tide must turn. This is something all must keep in mind. This is why an intentional mental and emotional state of optimism must be maintained. It will carry you over the unpredictable waters of existence and it links you up with positive forces. A positive mindset attracts positive assistance. A negative mindset attracts the opposite. Everything in your world and your position in it, is determined by the state of your consciousness and the level of your awareness. Your state of consciousness and awareness, is compromised by the forces of materialism, should you allow it any degree of preeminence. The relative degree of our fear and attachment, determines the degree of our bondage to the ongoing agenda of the dark side.

There is an ancient maxim, “Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you”. The devil cannot abide scorn and ridicule. Many people fear this force, not understanding what it is. That fear empowers the force by a serious magnitude but it is only a shadow and possesses only the power you give it. This is how it works.

Intellectuals argue until doomsday's break about the composition and meaning of existence Pundits and presumed authorities hold forth on the how and why of process and procedure but... the understanding, as much as is humanly possible, can only come from within through inspiration and revelation. All other information is either flawed or incomplete but apparently it is enough for the people who rely on it.

I'll close with a construction analogy. Let's say you are building a two, or even three story house. When constructing the first floor, you have to be attentive to what is allowed in terms of being out of plumb because when you get to the second floor, the degree to which you are out, measurably increases and you can only imagine what happens when you get to the third floor. The same is true of life, if your foundation is out of plumb, you can expect the same results.

Okay then, some things to think about. These are the things I think about, pretty much all the time, otherwise my head is completely empty but... in a good way (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Conscious Precipitation of the Appropriate Desireable.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The Tarot is a marvelous instrument. You've got a Major Arcana card for every archetype you can think of and a Minor Arcana card for every condition and human personality going. I'm not totally sure about that last reference since, technically there are 3 decanates in each astrological sign that encompass the full gamut of representative personalities.

We live in a time of fear and instant resentments. People have lost their confidence in their invisible means of true support and they are bitter and recriminatory toward those who have done the work when they have made scant effort and believe that all desirable states should simply be conferred upon them. We live in an age of cavalier critiques, where all of our judgments and assessments are about others and seldom does the focus turn to ourselves. Somehow we have become immune to the contemplation of our own flaws and have become efficient at rising above the consideration of our own shortcomings, by always having our attention on the shortcomings of others.

The majority of us bemoan the lack of what we consider the good things in life and are acrimonious about the possession of these things by the worst examples among us. We tell ourselves we would never behave with such a selfish acquisitiveness, in the pursuit of these things, at the expense of everyone else around us. What we forget, or simply don't know, is that there is more than one way to court prosperity into our lives. Of course, Job One is defining what composes prosperity, in our particular case in the first place. Too often we confuse what we want with what others have and every personality, in it's own sphere of existence, defines these things differently. Ergo, knowing what it is that you really want and what it is that would complete you, in those empty corners of your existence, is the most important thing.

This is why reliance is stressed to me in all my communications with the invisible. The invisible knows my needs and necessities better than I ever will. This is a hard thing to get our heads around. Regardless of our awareness that this is true and has been stated many times by many teachers of humanity, there is a part of us that thinks we know better and we don't. We never will either.

In this posting, I want to talk about one of the methods of manifestation that is practiced by those masters of the form, in all cases when they seek to bring something into existence. It's called precipitation. The only difference between our practice of it and the practice of it by a master is the speed of appearance. There are some, perambulating around the planet at this very moment who can get result instantaneously. They exist in that rarefied state, where the interplay between themselves, Nature and the hidden cosmos is without stress, strain or doubt.

The Tarot teaches us the means and method of this process. Let us consider the four suits of the Minor Arcana; Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Wands represent the element 'fire' and the realm of ideas. Cups represent the element of 'water' , the creative realm, the area where blueprints are drawn up to express what the ideas suggest. With any idea there are all sorts of possibilities of expression and shape that might come about. Swords represent the element 'air' and the formative realm, the area of processes, where construction of the item is brought about, such as in a workshop, or a factory. Pentacles represent the element 'earth' and the actual, finished item in its completed state.

So, to illustrate what I mean, think of the idea of laying down and sleeping. That would be the area of Wands and ideas. This is followed by the images of all kinds of beds that would apply to the process of laying down and sleeping. That would be Cups and the Creative plane. Next would be the physical acts of cutting the wood, or whatever components you would be shaping and forming to construct the bed. This would be the formative plane. Finally, you would have the bed itself and that would be the material plane of Pentacles.

Of course, sometimes the item is already constructed and waiting for you but the steps do not change. They simply present themselves differently. The method is 'the same thing only different' (grin). These planes where precipitation takes place are called; Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. These are kabalistic terms and in some cases, the mind of the reader will instantly react, given that the Kabala has been perverted and distorted; reversed actually, by some really bad actors. This does not make the Kabala, or any other ancient system evil, simply because it has been subverted and turned to evil intent by Satanic practitioners. A hammer that is used to bash in someone's skull is still a hammer, a useful tool in the hands of a workman, who applies it to it's normal and natural use.

The source of various ancient things is not necessarily what we have been led to believe by those who co-opted it for their own purposes. For instance, there is a good argument for the Hebrew alphabet having been taken from the Chaldean flame alphabet. Much has been lost to us from antiquity, due to those who have sought to obfuscate history in order to rewrite it in their favor. We have seen some monstrous examples of this over the last century. The burning of the Library at Alexandria, accounted for the loss of many precious records, which have now been supplanted by fabrications and speculation. For those of us given access to The Akashic Records, the truth is still accessible and always will be. We carry many things within us of which we are unaware because we just don't look in those directions. That is why Gnothi Seuton is of such critical importance. That is why, “I don't know” is of such importance. It doesn't mean you don't know across the board. What it means is, that the one who does know can inform you of what is. This is also why 'everything is under control' and 'for the purpose of demonstration' are so critical to our understanding of the life process.

Life is very rarely smooth sailing. The planets are always in a state of continuous adjustment, presenting the forces and conditions we must live through, in order to become what we really are. Friendships are based on what people are willing to go through in respect of each other. Friendships are tested in the crucible of experience, out of this, trust is established or destroyed. No one needs the kind of friends who are fair weather sailors. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they do not. The latter comes about to flush out those individuals and things that are not enduring and meaningful. Life is full of presumptions and misunderstandings and those prone to operating out of these aspects, are certain to be be led astray by their own lack of sincerity and control over themselves. It's a given. Inevitably what is, will assert itself ...but it generally waits until each and every one of us have established ourselves in whatever position we find preferential. Following that, the truth will make an appearance to the delight or dismay of the players. It's a given.

If there is anything in this world or any world that you desire, you have to creatively imagine it, while residing in a state of total reliance, or as much reliance as you can muster. Everything you sincerely desire is already a reality on the invisible planes and possibly also already in manifestation. “Desire is the agent of God's will”. If the deeper regions of your heart are in search of someone to love, a home, an occupation, or anything, you only have to consciously engage in allowing the operation of precipitation to acquire these or anything, anything, anything at all. For this you have to have certitude. You have to be absolutely convinced of it coming to pass. This firmly links you up with the one who is absolutely capable of making it come to pass. You can't waffle and entertain doubt concerning it. This is the difference between the people who get results and those who don't. There isn't a great deal more to it. Those who complicate the matter, complicate the process. Neurosis, psychosis, compulsion and obsession are all pathologies that inhibit our success. These are expressions of personal insecurity.

Insisting that something is so, when it is not, puts you at the mercy of it. In these times, the mass of humanity believes all sorts of ridiculous lies; 9/11, terrorism, all those wars against middle eastern countries. The list is long and I have given only a few brief examples. Most of the readers are already familiar with the mass and magnitude of the lies. In any case, everyone is welcome to what they believe and they will be liberated or confined, according to what they have accepted as true. Nothing that we say or do is without consequence, either good or bad. It may not catch up with us immediately but it will catch up with us, once the stage has been set for it.

Let's bring it to a close now and I'll see you in the next posting if there is one.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Onward and Upward to Higher Ground.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Planetary rainbows are shining through the gray rain of these dark hours. Rainbows are signs of promise, signs of an ancient covenant between the seen and the unseen. The most important thing any of us can remember and seek to keep uppermost in our minds, is that certain and indisputable fact that the avatar has forced the long resident evil within, outward into the manifest for the purpose of judgment. The utter disregard for the rights and freedoms of others, on behalf of cynical personal profit, is a horrific wonder to behold. The final depravities of established religions are mind blowing. The most compelling terror and trauma, are the things we don't know. What you don't know when it comes to things like this, is always much worse than what you do know.

Regardless of this feature, in respect of the totality, it's not as bad or irrevocably fatal as we imagine it to be. I'm hearing too much and too often from people who have accepted the proposition that we are all screwed, blued and tattooed. It's just not so. What you have done is conferred the greater power to the agents and intentions of the dark side. The dark side has never and will never possess more power than the forces of light. Switch on the light in a dark room. Turn on the light in a formerly dark mind and see what you get. There is a cosmic maxim that says the spiritual sun never hits it's zenith. There is always more reserve of power than comes into manifestation. If I remember correctly, it was Swedenborg who said this. He and Kierkegaard have always occupied a special place in my cosmology. Many people are unaware that Kierkegaard wrote all of his books in the span of a few years, after the age of forty and then never wrote anything else again. At least that's the story as I remember it.

I've always been a big fan of biographies, that is, when they are even remotely true, as so many in this day and age are not. You find out some fascinating things about people that you had previously known nothing about. Of course, a lot of biographies are bullshit, like the ones about Einstein, Edison and others. It is especially true of presidents, people like Lincoln and most of them actually. Andrew Jackson was the best president we ever had.

History should have taught all of us this much. They go out of their way to slander the good guys and even further out of their way to paint the bad guys as something they never were, 'Never were' pretty much defines them.

I'm not saying they're not trying to enslave, imprison and wipe us out. That’s a given. I'm not saying they aren't attempting to migrate to the sweet spots of the Earth, nor am I saying that the alleged sweet spots are all sweet. I'm saying that the awakening is going to take care of all of their ambitions and aspirations. I'm saying that they will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I'm saying you have to find somewhere where you feel comfortable being and that can't be determined by someone else who is not you and knows very little about the place they are advising you against. It is with this in mind that I present you with this. You can tell me this is just so much hype but I know about people doing this sort of thing for quite some time and it is something I am considering, when I make my move, given that a huge windfall hasn't hit me first, or given that my books and other efforts haven't finally provided me with a living wage.

Most of us have been living this life for awhile. Some of us, like myself, have been living this life in a public fashion. That means there is a great deal more exposure on the personal level, than there might be in most cases. This doesn't mean that the same kinds of events, failings and successes do not manifest just as routinely, in the more private lives among us, than in the more public lives. I just had an event occur in a distant land. I've had a few events occur here and there, for the purpose of demonstration and for the purpose of the exposure of veiled potentials, that would never have been revealed under ordinary circumstances but... they certainly would have come out in the long run and at a much more disadvantageous time. Out of the handful of events, which all served to prove some very important points, there have been far more than ten times as many that have resulted in enduring friendships and during the course of which there have been no unfortunate occurrences. Some people have visited me numerous times. My friend Imron is flying in from LA for the 4th or 5th time in April. Previously, he had lived in Texas. He's an IT guy and also a jeans designer. He makes a great pair of jeans. The Tribe forced him out of the business but he's a plucky chap and won't give up.

We have wonderful engagements, like those I have had with The Pope and Dr. Glenn Dormer, among others. My dear friend Akram has been by, as have others. They all went to considerable expense to find their way here and I have readers who live in my general area, who also drop by on a regular basis. I tend to measure the quality of my engagements by the overall mass of the one, in comparison to the other.

I got a comment this morning from the usual anonymous, telling me that I could not be telling the truth about India because I used a couple of Facebook pages for reference points. He says that Facebook is a data mining operation and my using it is proof that I am not telling the truth. Unfortunately for his argument, I also have email addresses for these individuals and they will go up in the comments section of the Les Visible blog once I finish here. The people I chose for references are highly respected members of their community. It is why I picked them because there are others who will gladly corroborate what I have had to say on the matter. These reference points given, know who the others are and will assuredly make them available as well to any doubting Thomas’s looking for suspect wounds.

By this time in the posting I can hear any number of readers going, “Jesus Visible, just let it go. It's not important and making a big deal of it turns it into a big deal” You may be certain that I will let it go, once I am satisfied that I have done my very best to give all of those still in a state of confusion, every opportunity to clarify things in their minds for posterity. If I don't put it all on the table it will linger there in the background like a hangnail. Of course, it will go by and eventually be buried in the ashcan of irrelevance. I beg your indulgence in this matter but... I have been the object of slander throughout my passage here. I have been the object of intense envy and resentment on the part of some people, to the extent that they engaged in setting me up with the police for things I hadn't done. In one case that could have resulted in a life sentence. What were my crimes against them? I helped them out and I possessed the attention and various elements of small success that they felt they should be having. It comes down to Karma really. With four planets in my natal 8th house, now in Scorpio and certain aspects, 'hidden enemies' is a factor, as is inheritances from former lives, most of these are due in the close and coming future.

It is a truism of life that when you achieve success early in life, the possibility of screwing things up and coming to regret what you have been given, are real possibilities. When success comes later in life, one has been given the opportunity to exorcise their private demons and come into a state of being, that grants one the capacity to manage those things they have seen in operation, by observation, all along the long walk to the moment when those ships of fortune, come over the horizon line of the sea. The beauty of this particular fate is that those items stored in the holds of the ships, has changed over the course of time and now reflect a sense of deeper and more enduring values. This is not to say that there are not a certain amount of material things, because... for the purpose of demonstration, one must be given the chance to show the proper appreciation and use of that which so many are brought low by. It's how it works. I am supremely confident about this because the majority of all the things I have been told have come to pass and those which have not, are yet to arrive.

A great master told me that there are 3 things one must have to ensure success in both this life and in your passage into the next one; faith, certitude and determination. The first two are pretty much the same, are they not? The third depends utterly on the possession of the first two. We hear things. We go, “Yeah, okay”. And then we move on without contemplation or reflection. Everyone should read Alice Bailey's translation of Patanjali's yoga sutras entitled “The Light of the Soul”. It is available free online and you can find it with due diligence. Once again, I am no one's research assistant (grin). I don't want to hear about Lucis Trust. Just read the book and consider what is said there. I have read it several times. It's an experience. It explains and shows how to get any object or concept under your consideration to reveal itself to you. Without possessing some modicum of what is contained in that book you're not going to get very far.

In earlier times, I must admit that I got a little creative with the truth, for the purposes of entertainment. Those days are long gone and I don't lie. It's no hardship for me to be forthcoming and truthful. I've never tried to pass myself off as someone who doesn't make mistakes and can fall short of perfection. I do learn from my mistakes however and I struggle mightily and daily to reach a higher ground.

People who are resentful, envious and jealous of me, do not realize the cost involved in gaining particular abilities. Various muses are not easily impressed. Sacrifices and continuous efforts are required and a real love and devotion is necessary to get their attention. It can and often is, the product of lifetimes. I measure my success by the quality and quantity of my friends ...and the same is true of my enemies. I rarely respond to praise because I know who is really deserving of it. I know this in the deepest portion of my heart. I'm a servant and a tool. It's all I want to be and to me it is the highest station one can obtain to. If you don't know this, you will, sooner or later find it out. There is no joy like the joy of being a useful tool. It is payment in spades for the infinitely, valuable opportunity to exercise it.

Please accept my sincere apologies for having engaged in a discourse that many of you will find unnecessary. It seemed necessary to me and maybe there are other things in this posting that some will find of value and if that is so, all will be well. I'll close on a sincere note of surprise. I had never seen a photo of Nina before and I have to say that she is incredibly beautiful and of a type that has always been attractive to me; the librarian. I mean nothing prurient by this and that is also the truth. I got the immediate hit that she resembled Jim Morrison's girlfriend of long ago. This might all seem out of left field and I often don't know why I say the things I do but... there it is.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday's radio show is now up for the listening.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Catapulting to the Bending End

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Visible Origami is that place where we talk about personal transformations, as they may apply to the reader and about metaphysics, in terms of transmissions received by me and also in the respect that they may apply to the reader and providing a forum for the reader to present commentary, relevant to the subject at hand. I had an amusing visitation over at Petri Dish just now. We don't usually get the monstrously pedantic at these sites but it does happen on occasion and it is always a source of amusement. I feel like I want to be kind because, who knows? In ten thousand years all kinds of things could change and evolution will have the chance to do its slow maple syrup drip, into a new state of perception; agonizingly, arduous and slow. End digression.

For several years I have had a wax buildup going on in my left ear. It had gotten to where I couldn't really hear much out of it. Today I went to the ear doctors and a big ball of gunk got displaced. What a difference! It was psychedelic for an hour or two. I'm working at addressing all kinds of concerns now. The time has come to drop off a car load of hitchhikers who have traveled with me as personal accessories; a form of camouflage, if you will, taking me safely past the pitfalls of presumption, concerning someone I am not, voyaging to the point of transition, where infinite possibility awaits, beyond premature assumption of something that had not come to term. To allow things to naturally come to term is a far better course than to put the cart before the horse.

So, I've been told the next serious upgrade cannot proceed with these hitchhikers in my car; fine with me. The moment I heard about it, the root attachments fell away, as if they had never been there in the first place. That's when you know it's authentic and it hasn't changed a wit in the past ten days, except to grow stronger, more committed and easier. It's like falling down into a room where everything is music, to paraphrase Rumi.

These are times of frenetic impatience. So many people want to be there already but they're not ready. The cosmos is not fond of such chicanery and will expose you at the optimum time and you won't recover from it. Better by far to let it unfold and fly, when the wings are tuned to endless and tireless flight. That's when you have the wind beneath your wings, that invisible lift that affirms the cosmos approves of your engagement. You can't make the grade, unless you are recognizing of the fact that you are just a front for something of primal essence, rather that a self important charade based on no enduring source of intelligent light.

Whatever quirks and strange behaviors that may have existed prior to consciousness ascension are of no importance. They fall away in the immediacy of transformation. Such things are guaranteed for those determined to that end above all other things, or for those born to a moment in time when the cosmic clock comes into accord with the personal clock. Nothing can stop this, other than one pushing for it before it is meant to occur and there's a lot of that. There's a lot of spiritual smash and grab going on. It's big money and no difficult trick to seduce, mystify and mesmerize those who pursue these states out of desperation, or latent affinity with deception; hoping to occupy a similar space as soon as opportunity arrives when the right time presents itself, through some mysterious unknown process. Everything that was out of balance, or sorted into the wrong slot, magically adjusts itself, within and without and the proof of that is evident in every following event that affirms it by relentless adjustments, all of them dovetailing to a single point of focus. It's unmistakeable. Every other alternative is a mistaken detour of eventually unnavigable jungle. The denser the foliage the more certain it is that you are going in the wrong direction.

This is where, “I don't know” comes in because any and every personal belief system, falls short of THE reality. You pull up short and run into signposts like, “Under Construction”, “Dead End”, “No Through Way”, something of that order. All the advice you get falls short because it only applies to the personal dynamic and the eventual closing advice is, “Ditch the personal schematic”. Of course, life's progressive events will make that clear in any case. It's like looking for God in a building designed by men who were incapable of comprehending the intended resident; not that anyone ever does, or wearing an outfit, which designates you are a member of a particular order of lost souls, who sooner or later, have to admit, Je suis perdu, Ich bien verloren, or some such, depending on what side of the Tower of Babel you are situated on.

The Tower of Babel is associated with the same cosmic motive as the existence of all these seemingly different deities with their differing dogmas and doctrines. None of any of it is relevant until you have gone beyond them. Wise men and women have said since the beginning, to paraphrase Lao Tzu, 'the Tao that can be spoken of, defined or described, is not the real Tao'. This would seem to indicate a solitary state, even in the midst. Surely, the visceral awareness of this sets you apart from the maddening crowd of boisterous voices, raised in shrill argument, concerning what they most obviously do not get; that being something I don't get.

The thing about making claims about yourself, which are not one hundred percent true, is that eventually you have to substantiate those claims in one way or another. The cosmos is pretty unforgiving about that kind of thing because the cosmos is the only one who is empowered to make those claims about you. Even when you are making the claims, you need authorization.

To most of us, at one time or another, comes the great transformations that we have heard of in the lives of exceptional souls who have gone before. It's a matter of passing through the stations, after which, in each case, an entirely new reality rises up around and within you.

We are all beset with shortcomings and they bedevil us. It seems that there is nothing we can do to rid ourselves of them. No practice or austerities seem to work in many cases. There is a very good reason for this. The shortcoming doesn't depart until the comparative quality is ready for granting and all qualities are resident at their particular station. You drop off the one and you pick up the other and some of them are found only in the final stations before liberation becomes attainable, given that the ballast and other retardants have made their exit.

One knows when certain things have run their course and then it is a breeze to jettison them. Before that, all the pitching and moaning and seemingly endless struggle is to no avail. If one is unrelenting in bringing the focus of the heart and mind back to the only thing of importance, regardless of whether it is of any importance to the majority of the population. Their indifference has nothing to do with its intrinsic and enduring value. So long as one does not fade away from the consideration and pursuit of the great prize, one cannot fail. These are interesting times. They could be symbolized by a catapult. When you find yourself in that catapult seat, you are where you want to be. At some point it will release and send you rocketing through time and space, past all manner of things you would formerly have had to live thru. You may not make it to the bending end, flying thru the totality of your waiting lifetimes but you will leave a whole lot of unnecessary garbage experiences and the attraction for them behind you and you will be much much closer to your objective.

Something to think about.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 04, 2013

On Betrayals and the Inexplicable

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Jesus Christ! I wish we could start talking about something else. Now I understand from a comment at Petri Dish that I am supposed to have said that I am one of the seven avatars, the final one and that I came to Earth to save mankind. I flat out never said this. Wouldn't I have said it before to someone else if that were the case? Whenever I say things like that, which is rare, I will mention that it could be that I am a Bodhisattva because I have been told that. I should have read that blog posting but I did not because, my recollection of it all was that nothing happened and neither I, nor anyone else around could figure out why he just up and split for no reason. It was out of the blue. Meanwhile, I was only drinking about six beers a day, which doesn't change me much at all. Maybe there's some kind of an effort to get me off of the internet, to discourage me to the point that I don't want to do this anymore. In any case, it's working because I am pretty close to just hanging all of this up. It isn't worth the shit I go through and doing it all for free in the first place so, if I just disappear you will know why.

I am now finally finishing that novel and it will be out in March. After that I will consider what is best for me. It's been getting a little wearisome anyway, working all day for nothing but what dribbles in occasionally from the collection box. This, in part, connects to the dissolution of my marriage. The cost has not been small. I am paying through a nose that is no longer cold and wet. As I have mentioned already, several astrologers warned me about betrayals and hidden enemies. Typically, I paid no great attention to it. I should have. Usually when I get warned about something there is usually a good reason but I go blithely along, as if nothing can really touch me. I really ought to pay more attention but none of it seemed relevant to me.

The fact that he would just go and make a blog post in the first place, without saying anything to me beforehand is inexplicable and really bad form, no matter what the excuse may be. There is no excuse for that kind of thing. It is the penultimate expression of petulant childishness and no real man, or anyone who calls themselves a friend of mine would behave in such a fashion. I know he took the blog down out of embarrassment, when it dawned on him what he had done. I took him into my home there at my expense. I bought him bedding and food and all else. Friends of mine gave him money to enhance his trip and he repays me like this? It's odious and contemptible and I'll say no more about it. Then he went to the fellow that gave him a considerable amount and said, “You got your moneys worth. What could that possibly mean? If I should lose some readers over this then so be it. I have served as best I could but apparently my service comes to nothing in the end. Well, I got next to nothing for it. I gave my books away to all who could not afford them. I give my music away for free, though no doubt there are some who feel it isn't worth that much to begin with. Well, I'm not going to cry in my tea about it. There's nothing I can do but trust that the majority of the readers trust me. This is some kind of test, obviously and I will do my best to meet it at the marrow.

When things like this happen, there is always a good reason and it usually has something to do with the wheat and chaff. I doubt anyone who has my back will believe I said such a thing and how, if there are seven avatars would someone come to the conclusion that I was the last one if there were six others around in the first place? The lie is embedded in the statement in the first place. and surely I would have made this comment before to someone else and no one can say that I did. So... I'm going to let this slide, hoping there will be a general accord on this. There are always going to be bumps in the highway and we have to keep our minds on the highway and not the bumps that are already behind us.

I can hear my mind telling me, it's for the purpose of demonstration and I realize the best thing is just to laugh about it and chalk it up to temporary insanity and experience.

Now, the usual anonymous is coming around trying to get my goat. Luckily I don't own a goat and 'women scorned' like Katz are coming around making outrageous claims that she will not, because she cannot, back them up. It's like Fox News headlines, where the story bears no resemblance to the headline.. I suppose this is all to get a rise out of me but I am impotent in that regard (grin).

Drunken Gopals are calling me up in the night because I didn't do enough for him while I was there, even though I tipped him outrageously and left him everything I had when I went. I'll have to put India up there on the clusterfuck list. Truly, I wouldn't even have been drinking the beer, except that I would have gotten no sleep as a result. The power of that mountain is something else and when I wasn't having a beer in the early days, I started waking up and crying out, “Oh my God” and had to leave my first apartment as a result. After that there were no more events of that nature and I attribute that to the beer grounding me.

My new Goldtouch keyboard arrived today (thank God) the old one was always sticking and causing me continuous problems. Now, at least that is over.

I don't really know what else to say to the reader. You'll take all of this in whatever way it sorts out for you, based on what you know about me over the years and I wish you well, no matter what conclusions you arrive at in the end. It's what it 'was' in any case.

Spring officially arrived today. This is the warmest part of the country where I live and one year, Spring came on February 14th. Today it is near 60 degrees with a brilliant sun shining down and melting the snow. Spring, of course, is a time of new beginnings. Let us hope that applies in every sense of the word. One of the things I have always found mystifying about people in general is their inability to let things go and subsequently most people carry a lot of baggage. I prefer to travel light (grin). Well, I've been beating this dead horse for over 20 minutes now and it refuses to get up so... let's see what else we can get into now before this posting reaches its destination.

I should have done that radio show last night but just as I was set up to record, Susanne came in and wanted to watch a movie. By that time it was very late and I was very tired. I will do that show today and it should be up at whatever point James is in a position to make it happen. When you first get back from any journey of any length there is always so much to do. You have to just take each necessity up one after the other, until you reach the end and come into some reasonable facsimile of present time. I'm nearly there and finally, at last, I am finishing the novel, doing at least four pages of transcribing a day, so it will be ready to go in mid-March. It's taken years to get to this point but it is finally happening. I'm working on buying back the old Visible-mobile and soon I will be behind the wheel of it again; 'same as it ever was'. In 3 months I will be in some location, as yet unknown ...but probably around here, if your reasonably practical invitations come in and if nothing else happens.

However this all turns out it is my pleasure to have been of service for the years in which it occurred.

Much Love,


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