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Catapulting to the Bending End

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Visible Origami is that place where we talk about personal transformations, as they may apply to the reader and about metaphysics, in terms of transmissions received by me and also in the respect that they may apply to the reader and providing a forum for the reader to present commentary, relevant to the subject at hand. I had an amusing visitation over at Petri Dish just now. We don't usually get the monstrously pedantic at these sites but it does happen on occasion and it is always a source of amusement. I feel like I want to be kind because, who knows? In ten thousand years all kinds of things could change and evolution will have the chance to do its slow maple syrup drip, into a new state of perception; agonizingly, arduous and slow. End digression.

For several years I have had a wax buildup going on in my left ear. It had gotten to where I couldn't really hear much out of it. Today I went to the ear doctors and a big ball of gunk got displaced. What a difference! It was psychedelic for an hour or two. I'm working at addressing all kinds of concerns now. The time has come to drop off a car load of hitchhikers who have traveled with me as personal accessories; a form of camouflage, if you will, taking me safely past the pitfalls of presumption, concerning someone I am not, voyaging to the point of transition, where infinite possibility awaits, beyond premature assumption of something that had not come to term. To allow things to naturally come to term is a far better course than to put the cart before the horse.

So, I've been told the next serious upgrade cannot proceed with these hitchhikers in my car; fine with me. The moment I heard about it, the root attachments fell away, as if they had never been there in the first place. That's when you know it's authentic and it hasn't changed a wit in the past ten days, except to grow stronger, more committed and easier. It's like falling down into a room where everything is music, to paraphrase Rumi.

These are times of frenetic impatience. So many people want to be there already but they're not ready. The cosmos is not fond of such chicanery and will expose you at the optimum time and you won't recover from it. Better by far to let it unfold and fly, when the wings are tuned to endless and tireless flight. That's when you have the wind beneath your wings, that invisible lift that affirms the cosmos approves of your engagement. You can't make the grade, unless you are recognizing of the fact that you are just a front for something of primal essence, rather that a self important charade based on no enduring source of intelligent light.

Whatever quirks and strange behaviors that may have existed prior to consciousness ascension are of no importance. They fall away in the immediacy of transformation. Such things are guaranteed for those determined to that end above all other things, or for those born to a moment in time when the cosmic clock comes into accord with the personal clock. Nothing can stop this, other than one pushing for it before it is meant to occur and there's a lot of that. There's a lot of spiritual smash and grab going on. It's big money and no difficult trick to seduce, mystify and mesmerize those who pursue these states out of desperation, or latent affinity with deception; hoping to occupy a similar space as soon as opportunity arrives when the right time presents itself, through some mysterious unknown process. Everything that was out of balance, or sorted into the wrong slot, magically adjusts itself, within and without and the proof of that is evident in every following event that affirms it by relentless adjustments, all of them dovetailing to a single point of focus. It's unmistakeable. Every other alternative is a mistaken detour of eventually unnavigable jungle. The denser the foliage the more certain it is that you are going in the wrong direction.

This is where, “I don't know” comes in because any and every personal belief system, falls short of THE reality. You pull up short and run into signposts like, “Under Construction”, “Dead End”, “No Through Way”, something of that order. All the advice you get falls short because it only applies to the personal dynamic and the eventual closing advice is, “Ditch the personal schematic”. Of course, life's progressive events will make that clear in any case. It's like looking for God in a building designed by men who were incapable of comprehending the intended resident; not that anyone ever does, or wearing an outfit, which designates you are a member of a particular order of lost souls, who sooner or later, have to admit, Je suis perdu, Ich bien verloren, or some such, depending on what side of the Tower of Babel you are situated on.

The Tower of Babel is associated with the same cosmic motive as the existence of all these seemingly different deities with their differing dogmas and doctrines. None of any of it is relevant until you have gone beyond them. Wise men and women have said since the beginning, to paraphrase Lao Tzu, 'the Tao that can be spoken of, defined or described, is not the real Tao'. This would seem to indicate a solitary state, even in the midst. Surely, the visceral awareness of this sets you apart from the maddening crowd of boisterous voices, raised in shrill argument, concerning what they most obviously do not get; that being something I don't get.

The thing about making claims about yourself, which are not one hundred percent true, is that eventually you have to substantiate those claims in one way or another. The cosmos is pretty unforgiving about that kind of thing because the cosmos is the only one who is empowered to make those claims about you. Even when you are making the claims, you need authorization.

To most of us, at one time or another, comes the great transformations that we have heard of in the lives of exceptional souls who have gone before. It's a matter of passing through the stations, after which, in each case, an entirely new reality rises up around and within you.

We are all beset with shortcomings and they bedevil us. It seems that there is nothing we can do to rid ourselves of them. No practice or austerities seem to work in many cases. There is a very good reason for this. The shortcoming doesn't depart until the comparative quality is ready for granting and all qualities are resident at their particular station. You drop off the one and you pick up the other and some of them are found only in the final stations before liberation becomes attainable, given that the ballast and other retardants have made their exit.

One knows when certain things have run their course and then it is a breeze to jettison them. Before that, all the pitching and moaning and seemingly endless struggle is to no avail. If one is unrelenting in bringing the focus of the heart and mind back to the only thing of importance, regardless of whether it is of any importance to the majority of the population. Their indifference has nothing to do with its intrinsic and enduring value. So long as one does not fade away from the consideration and pursuit of the great prize, one cannot fail. These are interesting times. They could be symbolized by a catapult. When you find yourself in that catapult seat, you are where you want to be. At some point it will release and send you rocketing through time and space, past all manner of things you would formerly have had to live thru. You may not make it to the bending end, flying thru the totality of your waiting lifetimes but you will leave a whole lot of unnecessary garbage experiences and the attraction for them behind you and you will be much much closer to your objective.

Something to think about.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Color Ball by Les Visible♫ Persephone ♫
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Color Ball by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

Sorry to take so long with it. Madness reigns here again, with
deliveries and calls all coming at once.. If the email program messes
up the margins again, maybe you can adjust it. I already tried by
copying and pasting from my editor program; hope it looks ok.

Re what you wrote back, I know it doesn't help to say I've been there
too a couple of times, but I have. I remember escaping from my
abusive husband in my mother's brand-new car which she'd left with me
(so he wouldn't destroy it in his anger), leaving my own and telling
my 2 cats all the way to her place, "Well, guys, the one who made us
is going to have to take care of us now." It happened. But the
trouble and crises never end, not in my life, and this has gone on for
over 50 years now. I still don't have a clue why, how we are "chosen"
for this rough ride or why some of us are left to have an uneventful,
pleasant life. I'd sure like to know the criteria they're using. But
I think it has something to do with potential, a capacity for honesty
and courage that I see in both of us. (Not that I always use them!)
And when it comes down to it, I wouldn't change it if I could.

But it's much harder when we're older. Much. That is also true. The
other difference now is that I'm trying to make the *right* moves, not
just jump into the only one I see. There are always more alternatives
than we see at first glance, and I know I am still partially blinded
by the shocks. So for now, I'm staying put. I am so tired that's all
I can do, anyway.

We will be taken care of, I have that on evidence from all along in my
life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and care.

I'm sending a poem that has been my mainstay since I saw it when it
was published - because it's also true for you.

See you on the other side if not sooner*,

* P.S. When my mom was "dying", she was very afraid I wouldn't join
her because I'm not much of a Christian anymore. I told her I would
show up and would hunt her down if I had to, through the "many
mansions". I think that may be the only thing of value I gave her at
the end. I am still plagued by The Regrets. I knew so much about
"death" but it all flew out of my head then and..

I will quit now. It's dangerous talking to me because I talk back and
have trouble stopping.


I've had a few
but then again
too many to mention.....

No, that's not right. I'm making light of what is more like the tree
falling in the forest with nobody around to hear its scream.


Anonymous said...


Les, it's been a long time. I wanted to write to you asking you to
stay, as long as this is your path, telling you how much you have
blessed and inspired me with your words and especially with your
music. To tell you that I don't even read, much less believe, a lot
of stuff people accuse you of. I know what you are even though I
don't know exactly who you are. You are a mighty warrior, and we are
on the same "side". That's all any of us need to know.

That was last night. I should have done it then. Things are moving
too fast for me. It's still true but... today it looks like I have
lost my best friend and am alone with no one to talk to about things
of the Spirit. Sorry for the drama, but that's my heart you hear if
you can, breaking yet again and as slowly as a tree dies (like the
quote in the signature line says has to happen). As you say in
Smoking Mirrors, the evil within is being forced to the surface. This
is also horrifyingly true on the micro level and increasing.

Over the past year or so I lost my partner and then my mother (in an
unjustly painful, iatrogenically caused death if there ever was one),
who was so close we were like twin souls. My health has declined to
alarming levels, and I won't even describe the huge household upsets
which descended as if programmed to do so. I almost lost my cat, who
absorbed so much of my anguish and grief that she wanted to give up
and leave. Which woke me up and got me doing even more inner work,
and where that will end only Source knows.

So given all this, something is bound to break open anytime now. It
has to, to keep the balance in the universe, I'd think. Now I
understand your song, "Something Good", and I can admire your light,
jaunty, courageous tone. I'd never liked it as much as many others,
likely because I hadn't ever been where it was coming from and hadn't
learned that there is joy underlying grief if we let it in. As I go
along, I understand more and more of your songs. They are among my
most cherished treasures. Your book, too, which you autographed and
sent such a long time ago..

I haven't been posting a lot anywhere for a long time, didn't think I
had anything real to contribute (and likely didn't), but that doesn't
mean I stopped reading and listening. I will always be grateful to
you and for you, no matter where your path leads. It's finally gotten
through to me that (laugh) this really is an age of uncertainty,
nothing can be expected to remain the same even for a day, and nothing
and nobody can be expected to be as they seem. Only personal
experience can drill that in, I guess. So I am saying everything I
need to say while I still can, for what it's worth. I miss Neil too.

Might I offer one idea I got while waiting for my internet connection
to come back (nothing but trouble there too)? Seems to me if you were
having a totally blissful, uneventful life, that wouldn't sit too well
with readers like me who it seems are getting hit with all the heavy
artillery the wrong side of the universe has stockpiled for just this
time. So maybe that's part of the "purpose of demonstration" in your
life.. The rest of us would have a hard time with envy and feeling
like we aren't worth anything, that only you are recognized by the
real powers.. I know that's not true because I've received my share
of graces, but if I hadn't I'd be really wondering by now if you
weren't another modern-day Dr. Faustus.. it wouldn't look good at all

This is what I mean by insight you send my way or open me to. Thank
you, forever, for being who you are and being in my life.

In love, appreciation, and much admiration,
Anonymous (no, not THAT one!)

"God keeps breaking your heart until it stays open."
--Quoted by Ivan Chan:
High Priestess.rtf High Priestess.rtf
2K View as HTML Download

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you
Brother Les,

I have not been doing much for the last 10-15 years. I still haven't found out who I am or what I need to do. Today I had a weird synchronicity, where I had heard Cliff High's latest Wujo where he very reluctantly mentioned that he and others like him had noticed something to do with a change in the data because of something to do with time. To be exact like a time traveler had either left or come into our present time. I by chance decided to see M.I.B 3 for no apparent reason and lo and behold it was about time travelling. Also, at the end their was a asteroid hurtling towards earth because J had not tipped at the diner where he was eating his pie. Another interesting point being that Cliff really likes his pie. I think that small things done by small people like me,you or the lady who shared her experiences above, are in fact the last defense. The dark side has gotten everyone of any importance on its side. Only the small acts of kindness with the divine being remembered and present there, is the saving grace of the world. That's what keeps the whole charade going and will keep it going Inshallah/God willing. I try to do my best. I think the reason you got your upgrade is because you went to India and you did your act of small or big kindness to the dogs or human beings of there. Ever since I have been in France I have missed the millions of opportunities for doing this service. There are no saints or prophets in this day and age and that is for a reason. When the real A team shows up every single person will find out. There will be voice heard all over the world "God is great, God is great" and then we will launch or attack.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

My mother passed on two days ago. She lived past 90

I held her hand and chanted as she lay dying.

Her old worn out body was then cremated, accompanied by Tulsidevi.

One of the happiest times of my life.

Visible said...

Wow, Homer, what a joy when it can go like that. My mother will be 94 this year.

Anonymous said...


I was right there for my mother as well. She was also 90. I had a profound experience a that moment. I'm still trying to figure it out over three years later.


est said...

safe passage
is assured

well done
my brother

right action
means never

any cause
for regret

ninente said...

Les, there's so much in this post I'll have to study it like a textbook! I think the finest gem is "The denser the foliage the more certain it is that you are going in the wrong direction", but this is like picking up rocks without knowing for sure which is the most valuable till you get them all home and washed.

Thank you, Alive, for your comment about "the last defence", that we don't need to bother with what's thought important here. That was great. We, as the mice chewing at the ropes! There's quite a list of "absences" on, just scroll down a few posts.

Since I wrote all that to you, Les (but didn't expect it ALL to appear-I may just get you for outing me, but in a mischievous not an evil way because I know who guides your hand!) I may as well take a deep breath and poke my head out all the way. I'm not at all the same person who was writing here before, and I won't be whoever I am now in a little bit either (only the same body), so oh well. Transformations have been running around and bumping into one another since I wrote the above and also did another thing I knew was right - I'm sure that's the key to start it all running again. It's in the doing. For me, anyway.

For one, I found something, I can't remember how, in an obscure site that provided the first real comfort over my mother's death and her current situation:
They don't write like that anymore in this secular age. This is from 1915. Sure, it's channelled info, but the site is full of just.. goodness. It's like an enchanted glade one stumbles upon in a forest and then can't remember the way in.

Many other comforts, assurances, and guidance have descended as well. My path has never before been so clear. Another post I found of great value recently is here, don't know if it's been posted on your sites:

I hope others can benefit from these words and links too.

PSO said...

It might nor sound blessed o you guys and gals but I found my mother lying naked on the bathroom floor. She had passed just 30 minutes previously- as her body was till warm and the sinews were not dried up.

I just sat there and told her how much I loved her. I told her she was a good mom and did the best with what she had been given. I thanked her. I went to the other room and made the necessary phone calls. I watched them take her out of door I punched in [it was single wide trailer and this hallway Door adjacent from bathroom hung there at my chest level. When I heard dog barking and not yet the usual "Come on in!" from my mom after yelling through door to her if she is alright- I punched it in one time and the door slammed open and immediately I saw my mother there.] sorry , I am letting it out here. Maybe it will help some reader..I DON'T KNOW ;)
I am reminded of a statement that struck me and has me intrigued and always pondering it; what is eternal -and what is temporary.

Spiritual Survival in a Temporary World; An Exploration Towards the Ineffable.

In seeking to free ourselves from the conditions of terrestrial imprisonment, it would be a good idea for one to familiarize himself with the things that act upon us every day and to see them as eternal operating conditions within the sphere of the temporary; which is what this world is to us, given that we are born into it and die out of it. There is a phrase in The Bible that I am very fond of and that is: "we shall not all die but we shall all be changed." The implication here is that as long as you can keep changing in accommodation of the eternal and invisible, death's power is removed. Death is a transitioning process for when we can go no further. It's a liberating force, not something to be feared, but most of us have got it backwards here. we've got it backwards because the world presents reality as something other than what it is -for the purpose of control.

I italicized the extraordinary statement above

Visible, you are treasured here in my life.

quoting from same book:

"The master is a REPRESENTATION of what is possible for ALL OF US. The master does not want us sitting around and worshiping him. The master wants us to EMULATE him and ... how do we do this?

We RESONATE. Like sympathetic strings on a sitar, we VIBRATE to the sound of the PRIMARY string. as we resonate and vibrate, we are changed and one day that vibration becomes stronger than anything else."

pss: Will miss your poems and thoughts Neil

PSO said...

Sorry but I meant to check the Follow up through email option when I sent the last post.
So I am now ;)

Anonymous said...

(sorry but nice to hear about the 4 score and ten longitudes).

trivial stuff but... my doctor told me how to put olive oil in my ears, with a needleless syringe, lying on the opposite side, for 15 min a few times a day , for 10 days or so, to soften it, then squirt (boiled) warm water to wash it out. i dont bother with interfering in there with cotton buds to get water out. first time he cleaned them the difference was shocking, the traffic painful, and the music, as Salieri said of Mozarts music (in the tribe movie), wonderful. Pythonsquely, the Witch/Duck scene, "I got better" ie back to normal in no time . I came across an ear/music training book the other day for some real, progressive, steady, assured, reliable and long term progress to get to.
steady on, captain.
(oh dear, WV is leSeady. doesnt mean Ill incorrectly call you Les though)

ninente said...

Thank you, too, to Homer and Mandocello for reminding me that I did more for my mother than I said above. I sang to her, old Gospel songs she loved, until I couldn't remember more. I could see that quieted her pain. There was much interference; by the next day my head was full of songs I wished I'd sung. I sang them then anyway, and I still do when one comes to me. (There occurred a wondrous integration in me of my fundie roots with what I know now, starting with the funeral I designed with my mom's wishes uppermost.) Twice in dreams she has told me something I needed to hear at the time, so I'm more blessed than I often think. I do believe our loved ones watch over us and help us all they can, maybe until we ourselves go. Still, it's an amputation, as all losses are.

Please forgive me for filling up your page with talk of death, Les, but there is little usable information on it these days and almost nobody wants to think about it. I know I still have far to go in the grieving process; a grief counsellor said it takes two years and the rest of your life, and that sounds right. Thank you all for your empathy.


Anonymous said...

Old Les!
Love ya


the gardener said...

Aliveinthewastelands- I, too, have been trippin over that wujo of Clif's. I really picked up that it had something to do with the Darth Vader energy Pope... the Vatican and their big telescopes in AZ-their talk about 'aliens being potential members of the church' etc... priming the communal (or communion) pump for... ?

Dear Homer, peace be with you always.

Dear thea... hang in there baby.
Your reference to 'many mansions' recalled this great song that's helped me get straight with deathbed promises I have made.

AudioSlave-Like a Stone

"On a cobweb afternoon
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway I confess
I was lost in the pages
Of a book full of death
Reading how we'll die alone
And if we're good we'll lay to rest
Anywhere we want to go

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone
I'll wait for you there

And on my deathbed I will pray
To the gods and the angels
Like a pagan to anyone
Who will take me to heaven
To a place I recall
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The wine was bled
And there you led me on..."

then Tom kicks some otherworldy guitar butt-

The longer I get the more it seems like this is a death cult planet... where we spend so much time either longing for the real home we come from or else monger about putting our time in decently-keeping our soul intact-unstolen-these are testing times-these lives we have. "In your house, I long to be... room by room...patiently...I'll wait for you there. Like a stone.

The cannibalistics want to even eat that... soul eaters. Whatever it takes to cause one to choose to surrender their very soul for a turn of this planet. Soul wise.

yes. I will.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Love the song Persephone ♫!, Les!

Thanks for creating and sharing!

If not an ancient Chinese secret, did you layer the harmonies using your own voice in multiple takes or use a digital apprentice? (grin)

Keep rocking the cradle baby!

Long time lurker and enjoyer,

McKenna Fandango said...

Rob in WI and Ray B.--

Got some back and forth here, so...

Rob- "Someone" did not "dissuade the research." Adm. Hyman Rickover wanted all of the R&D cash and all those with any training in Nuclear physics (not so many at the time) for his priority: solid-fueled/Uranium-Plutonium -- weaponizeable shit.

Read this:


Ray B.- I said that I didn`t care what went on here, but that`s just claptrap.

Actually, my corporation got the contract involving the classification and matriculation of beings from this system into their new realities. - Or it didn`t. Or I am not the owner, nor have I ever been employed by said type of corporation. Nor do such corporations exist, nor have they ever existed, at any time, or in any place. Perhaps it was only imagined casually by me. And these fantasies were never at any time co-opted by advanced computer systems from the future, based upon their interpretation of insane pot-fueled emails to my friends located deep in the bowels of NSA databases which survived an unspeakable biological/nuclear armageddon. Nor have these cybernetic/time-traveling organisms ever been involved in the recovery of entertaining characters whose intimations of immortality were contained in the computer ruins of a burned-out civilization. These people were not regarded as worthy of resurrection, nor were their insane fantasies ever used as the basis for a model of a potential business concern.

So, you can just sleep well tonight, knowing...

I don`t know.

Whatever it is that you know.

Anonymous said...


(A musical parody, by Goy George, based on the song "People", by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill, made popular by Barbra Streisand.)

Sheeple who need sheeple
Are the luckiest sheeple
In the world
They're infants
Needing other infants
And yet letting their grown-up pride
Hide the brain-death inside
Acting more like children
Than children

Are very special sheeple
The most malleable sheeple
In the world
With one placard
One very special placard
They scream to the CIA
"I'm here come and take me away"
Protests accomplish naught
They just induce bullets shot
At sheeple

Sheeple who need sheeple
Are the luckiest sheeple
In the world
They're infants
Needing other infants
And yet letting their grown-up pride
Hide the brain-death inside
Acting more like children
Than children
Sheeple who need sheeple
Are the luckiest sheeple
In the world

Visible said...

The thing about grieving is that when you lose someone in the
Sphere of Temporary, 'catch and release' is the best strategy. ♫if you love someone, set them free♫

Point being; there is no intoxication like freedom. It activates the homing pigeon aplication and ♫we will see them again, yes we will see them again but I don't know where you are. I don't know where you are♫

I just had it happen in a 'still living' situation.

So many wonderful souls come here, each bearing their own very personal grief. The commingling is the collective cure. Some people are messing up The Big Room and some people are sorting it all into place under direction.

Sooner, rather than later, the real Big Kahuna comes in and looks at what you left behind or are still standing in the middle of ...and says what needs to be said about the state of your affairs.

I'm sure we all want to hear the kind voice and that is a matter of personal choice.

Anonymous said...

I Love This Place.

Nothing dies,
it only changes.

walking hawk

Cassandra of Troy said...

@ PSO: Thank you for excerpting from Spiritual Survival in a Temporary World; An Exploration Towards the Ineffable. I haven't yet got my hands on a copy of it (money is tight at the mo) but this passage just whets my appetite for it. It's coming my way, I just know it.

And of course, thanks to he who wrote it, and most of all to the Unseen, who inspired it.

Visible said...

You people are the deepest and most righteous of which I know. I don't know when to quit and neither do you.

It appears that I will be coming to one of the states in the US anyway. Looks like I'm coming back to Maui. I'll have a place. It's already there. The certitude of things happening, is dependent on who you hear it from. Authenticity is a case of testing and being tested and proven so more than twice.

My domestic reality will simply continue. It will be a few months getting everything in ordnung but this seems to meet all necessary karma and intentions.

So, Goy George are we going to get the band back together? (really funny take Might be Mighty Scott Armstrong will have the freedom to join us.

I put this comment out because I was told to do so. God's not laughing (at the moment) and I'm not making plans (grin) but that is how it has been presented to me. Just file it under Unfinished Business.

Smoking Mirrors coming up.

And remember the purpose of demonstration wouldn't be much fun without the drama, the inexplicable events and all the revelations about you and me, some true, some untrue

Don't let your ass get too insulated into the headphones and cellphones. Live and breathe. It's not half as bad as the wrong part of us thinks it is.

♫You got to accent the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. Inbetweeen".

Visible said...

Uh huh; Cassandra, if you have an email account that can take a a megabyte or two file,I will send you a digital copy

Skepticfrog said...

Good grief, Vis.

Coming back to the States?
People here are trying to find ways and means to get out, as the totalitarian killing steamroller machine is now fully stoked, gathering steam, already started to move, and those who can see and recognizing it, are trying to get out of its way - which means leaving.

And this is not even dealing with, or addressing the economic tsunami gathering, surely devastating the land.

Why would you walk barefoot into the snake-pit of vipers, cobras and black mambas is utterly incomprehensible to me.

But anyway, I wish you luck (plenty of it too).

Visible said...

I hear what you are saying, no worries, the wheel is still in spin. I'm just passing on what I have been told to the moment and there is that space of 7 months in between. God is going to buy me a house on the Hana Coast and give me a central space to make words and music in.

I'm not the same guy who left there. Heck! I'm not the same guy that left India. Thee is a good reason for everything and one thing for certain. We shall see.

PSO said...

@ Skepticfrog: Hawaii is already blessed that Visible is going there. Don't we all possess that attribute? to bless wherever we set foot? I always thought we did. I could be wrong; been plenty before. Now that I check, ah yes, we do possess this attribute of Spirit dwellings in 'low places', cough roof woof

I just bought a house in the forests on top of a hill 100 yards from the Kentucky lake. I had no money; I imagined it only, ever so kindly- warmly, lovingly- and I did it to the point of feeling myself already there- and once I felt that, I let it go; I planted the seed. The master does the rest ;)

- and a year later the Harvest came.

do any of you recognize your harvest when it comes in; or how many have disciplined your minds enough now to know that things have become fluid; malleable..take advantage of this while you may.

If I knew more, I would freely tell you- but thank god, I do not. :)

@Cassandra of Troy: Click my name [I give you permission to be rough (wink)] and email me your mailing address. I will mail you my copy; and we shall pay it forward this way. I have done this with other Author's works. They usually appreciate it.

@Visible, There's always a bed with your name on it at my place :)

♥patrick from western kentucky, usa

Ray B. said...

Vis, in case you get to Maui: There are some Huna spirits (like the Druid-types who have 'moved up' enough that their bodies are no longer visible to the average human - not ghosts) in the foothills as you go up the Iao Valley in the western part of the island. There is also 'activity' around the Seven Sacred Pools on the southeast side, both Huna spirits and (real) Faerie. Enjoy.


PSO, March 08, 2013 9:58:00 PM

"I had no money; I imagined it only, ever so kindly - warmly, lovingly - and I did it to the point of feeling myself already there - and once I felt that, I let it go; I planted the seed. The master does the rest ;) - and a year later the Harvest came."

That is exactly how a couple of my teachers told about manifestation. Especially, imagining/feeling as if you were 'in' it, and the release. I am glad it is working for you!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

hawaii? an easily locked down island with the constant poisonous breeze from fukushima.
if i could get out i'd go to chile

Visible said...

Chile was my secret haven #1 but I have no contacts in Chile. On Maui, I have some solid friends, I am not concerned about Fukushima because, to slightly paraphrase Tom Waits, I ♫have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport And the cargo that they're carrying is (me) you.

At this point it is written in the wind. A lot can happen in 7 months, so... that's just how it is stacking up now.

I was talking to an invisible friend and it came down to who would choose and I said I would leave it up to him/her. I am divinity gender challenged. Sometimes the inside of my head is a real circus, even when it's empty. I was told Maui.

Rob in WI said...

McKenna Fandago,
An interesting comment. Seems you're fishing for information that's not in the books you've read. Certainly nothing wrong with that. We should all have access to all information.
I can only offer you a question to explore. Why did development of civilian nuclear technology, and development of civilian aerospace technology disappear at about the same time, late 60's? A very deep rabbit hole. Be well, seeker, Rob

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Yes you do have contacts in Chile. developing....

Ray B. said...

Rob in WI, March 09, 2013 4:11:00 AM

"Why did development of civilian nuclear technology, and development of civilian aerospace technology disappear at about the same time, late 60's? A very deep rabbit hole."

Your question to 'McKenna Fandago' is also causing me to reflect on same. (Damn!) I was in my Aerospace Engineering bachelor degree program at the time, and remember so many programs being cancelled.

The surface response is that all funding was being pulled to support the Vietnam War. Slightly deeper was the influence of the bankers and military/industrial complex, to start it and keep it going for their own profit and control purposes. Slightly deeper still, the above was part of the overall Rothschild Zionist 'plan' for NWO.

Side issues in all of this were the various alphabet agencies' desire to keep space as a 'gentleman's club' rather than opening it to private concerns, the 'Big Oil' desire to keep the world as oil-dependent as possible, and the overall desire to keep the world's populace as worried and sheepled as possible.

Care to add to this?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

heh heh, that's good to know. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

welcome back goy george, I missed the fun. my challenges/suggestions

Gordon Lighfoot (on gun control)
Sundown to Gundown, you better beware, cause theres a FEMA goon creeping around my back stairs.

Harry Chapin on the resigning pope. Cats in the Cradle to
Ratz in the ladle and a sliver spoon. Little boys due and the man and the ruin. When you gonna be accountable Ratz, I dont know when, we will get together then...

(putting this in here, its a great example of controlled opposition, we've got cardinal Ratzinger at 33 years old giving a wikileaks style interview to an italian reporter, Ratz is going on about how the Church is going to hell in a handbasket with all this Vatican Council liberal rubbish and "we can hardly stage a coup can we", when he was one of the team-A that set up the agenda in the first place years earlier. his interview followed some concerted and real stirrings in the neutered Bishopry, having their main power given over to Councils, were sent off the retraining school to get "their heads right"... and so on. this from Mary Ball Martinez, the Undermining of the Catholic Church.
Now a book on Freemasons from mud to Mars, which I will bet London to a Brick will make more sense of it for me (including, where possible, the positives). funny how the mingling of religion and trades which were naturally, at least, originally comingled isn't necessarily evil. its the uses of the tools, the deceptions even within the club, and the abuse of the general population that's where the trouble arises.
still, when someone says that Rense, Nanthaniel, Rivero et al are doing this, I have an ear for it BUT I resist the urge to react thoughtlessly, but I DO bear it in mind.
wv: input the WV which you cannot possibly read to prove you are Telepathic.

DodgyOne said...

Keep those cotton tips and the Cerumol in reach for that stubborn wax.

Seeing as your hearing better as your wings soar on the breeze of truth and you head off on your adventure of yet Higher and Higher cosmic voyages of being. ->

Being on flights within one does soar also in the cosmic realm of the creator spirit that is the spark of your light in the eternal.

Rob in WI said...

Ray B.
I started university in early 60's, and then went back in '71. The lapse was due to children and being drafted. When I returned, university (UofM) was like an entirely different place. Whereas we seemed to share dreams and visions, the first time, going back was like a visit to zombieland.
I, like you, wanted to further aero/astro engineering, but the programs had been canceled, as you say. We joked, downheartedly, about how lame the shuttle and ISS programs were.
Wish I could offer more, as to what happened, but will try to accent the disconnect.
The Boeing 737 and 747 are arguably the best airliners produced. Products of the 60's, and still in production. Concorde, and US and Russian(USSR) SSTs, 60's.
I worked on the Bay City,TX nuclear plant in the 80's. It was one of the last, if not the last plant commissioned by the NRC (used to be AEC). Anyhow, most of the blueprints were from the early 60's.
Soyuz? Pretty much the same rocket that launched Sputnik in '57.
Strange, isn't it? There is a rabbit hole there, but to go down, you need the proper security clearances and authorization.
To the best of my limited knowledge, once you go, you don't return to tell the tale.
Be well Ray, Rob

Anonymous said...

Viz, so we are getting the band back together? Shit. I'd better get to work on some tunes then, or at least warm up with a few more parodies. Question: Would you consider coming to the mainland, if somebody we knew (meaning me), was seriously considering producing an independent horror film and wanted you to be in it? If so, "Let's talk", as the film folks say...Pierre, thank you for the "welcome back" message. I posted a parody of "Sundown" over at...sheesh, can't remember which blog of Viz's. Uh. Anyway, it was within the last few days or so. I used "Dumbed Down" as the title and theme. Thanks for the suggestion on Ratzinger as a potential next victim. I'll give it some thought. - Goy George

Visible said...

The beauty of Hawaii is that though, US, it is not that really. I have not been there in ten years. so things may have changed. The same 80% of not worth talking to may have changed too. This I do not know but what makes more sense in end days than making music by troubled waters?
Even Susanne thinks I should. and Chile is just across the water too. In the meantime... chop wood, carry water.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Mice and Munchhausen.

Ray B. said...

Rob, March 10, 2013 5:26:00 AM

"There is a rabbit hole there, but to go down, you need the proper security clearances and authorization.
To the best of my limited knowledge, once you go, you don't return to tell the tale."

I kind of got that early when Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was originally bought, 'turned' because of the evidence, and promptly 'committed suicide'. An academic physicist, Dr. James McDonald, started doing serious, science-based studies of UFOs and also promptly 'committed suicide'. Funny that, as he was originally happy as a clam in both his profession and his home life. Here is an article on 'horizontalized' UFO researchers that is enlightening, to say the least. The 'good news' is that their deaths give us a great 'homing beacon' as to what was so sensitive, should we choose to invest a bit of time.

By the way, I agree on the 'pause' in anything forward-looking. NASA bureaucrats are now looking to 'reinvent' the 40-year-old Saturn 5 engines! And the ISS is a joke compared to the 1950s-era Werner Von Braun / Willy Ley rotating-wheel space station 'plans'. We should be out exploring* the asteroid belt by now...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

* Not simple unmanned probes, but large, capable, crewed mining ships.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Marooned on the Planet of the Demons from Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

GG, I came across another Pope Ratz (early 1900's?) in the last book I read. youve done it before with Mitz, but Puttin on the Ratz rings crazy bells. Putin on the Ratz if Putin Ratz on the corrupted Papacy et al. hehehe ahhhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

I went to earth for a while to reflect. Les, thank you. Great song, gardener; it helps me too. So did all the other voices, each of them kind in their own way. Here's one of many things I didn't know before: regrets, like other such manifestations, can fall right off when they've served their last purpose! Blessings and the beauty of discovery to everyone.



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