Monday, March 18, 2013

The Devils and Demons Among Us.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Every day I go to a handful of news sites. Some of them, like the former, which had been owned as a joint enterprise by NBC and Microsoft, is nothing but a prevarication mill. Several alternative news sites, mix truthful commentaries with commentaries from propaganda mills, attended by commentary on the degree of false information being presented. It amazes me, the extent to which the mass media will go to hammer blatant lies into the passive and captive minds of the brutish public and when I say brutish public, I am talking about things like this. You need to read the comments to get a feel for what I am referring to. It presents a tragic view of a wide slice of the American public. Of course, Israel has an army of internet trolls who scour the internet, seeking where they may spread discord and malicious garbage., and several of the other mainstream, sewage canals are happy hunting grounds for them. You have to keep in mind that a good portion of the comments you see at any of these sites, are the result of paid assets whose job it is to muddy the waters and personify hatred and slander.

You might think, “Huh? Isn't this Origami? What's visible doing”? Yes, this is Origami-Land and we're going to 'right turn Clyde', right about here.

If you're paying attention. If you are not routinely informing yourself of what is going on in the world around you, you stand a good chance of winding up feeling helpless and depressed. That, after all, is their intention. You hear about Satanists running around and doing their thing; to be expected in Kali Yuga. You know that there are such, formerly human creatures. San Francisco has a First Church of Satan and until recently, gay men were walking around the city naked and often hooking up in public places. I'm not a prude, I'm just pointing something out, draw your own conclusions. The First Church of Satan now has branch offices. It was founded, I think, around 1969 by Anton Szandor LaVey, a former animal trainer who worked with big cats and other creatures. Around the same time, The Process Church of the Final Judgment came into being. Around the same time, Charlie Manson was doing his thing. None of these philosophically related phenomena came about by accident. The invisible Satanic Empire was making its move, according to certain informations they possessed. Whether that information is correct, or whether it is only partially representative of the whole, I cannot say. I am not a member, quite the opposite in fact.

From that point onward, observable changes began to occur in the world. The '80's brought Reagan and a booming, shameless, 'greed is good' Wall Street dynamic.. Since that time, the presidents of the USA have gone from bad to worse and more worse still. The Zionist moneychangers, in control of The Federal Reserve, came out of the closet and began the destruction of the American economy. The Zionist money changers and the Satanists are virtually interchangeable. There is no difference between them in either intent or policy.

This tandem has infiltrated at every level of government and also the realm of international corporations, which run the governments. They have operating control of the Christian religion, through oft repeated lies, which have become accepted tenets and through control of the money. Control of the money supply gave them the ability to buy up the media and the entertainment world, along with a serious amount of politicians and high level religious leaders, who weekly brainwash their parishioners, exalting gratuitous wars in the Middle East and rubber stamping everything their Zio-Overlords request and require. The mindset of the moment for these psychopaths, is that they are unstoppable and that is why they have, in recent time, come out into public view. They are arrogant and over confident and that will be their downfall, along with a few other things and especially the eternal verity, “evil destroys itself”. This is something that you can count on. The ebb and flow of human existence, follows certain rules of order and progression. Different things happen in different time zones, as humanity moves along. The mass of humanity moves at a very slow pace. Some of us hothouse our evolution and can move at a seriously rapid pace, bypassing lifetimes of suffering. Let me quote what the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire”.

It is a sign of chronic insanity and dream weaving, mind control that the general public does not realize their options,, or what they eventually and inevitably face on the wheel of fire, the wheel of birth and death. Lifetime follows lifetime, in the pursuit of the useless, trivial and terminal. One would have to be insane, or deeply deluded to choose the usual fare, over the extraordinary, alternative possibilities. I cannot stress a certain fact enough. This time period is one of very great opportunity. It very rarely appears. This is why the force of materialism is so strong and why the agents of the dark side are so relentlessly at work, to fulfill their agenda of trapping humanity in functional illusion, until the point of advantage has been passed. Parse it how you like, it's all about a war for human souls. That includes your own.

It continues to be a mystery to me, as to how so many people can doubt various features of existence, when the proof of the matter is everywhere to be seen. I'm talking about reincarnation, Karma and the existence of the invisible planes, which is completely logical as a progression from the physical plane. One should study the bandwidth of the various rays that are employed in contemporary technology.

The truth of 'what is' has been intelligently and convincingly presented over the centuries by the brightest and most righteous of all of us. In many of these lives, these truthtellers were persecuted and blocked in their efforts to enlighten humanity concerning their circumstances. Sadly, the mass of humanity is either indifferent to this, or has embraced manipulated dogmas, which are set up to control them in order to fleece them and profit from their industry. As has been said here many times. The most effective way to bring down our oppressors is to simply step away from the machine, to refuse to contribute to or support the system. It would, as a result, shortly collapse and implode from its own weight.

These last several years have not been easy on me and I suspect the same is true for many of the readers. The testing and trial has been intense but a sea change has come. Previously it was all I could do to manifest these blogs and maintain some semblance of equilibrium; there was no music being made, no recordings, no finishing the novel. That's all been reversed now. It seems that endurance and some amount of steadfastness is what is required. Eventually, the tide must turn. This is something all must keep in mind. This is why an intentional mental and emotional state of optimism must be maintained. It will carry you over the unpredictable waters of existence and it links you up with positive forces. A positive mindset attracts positive assistance. A negative mindset attracts the opposite. Everything in your world and your position in it, is determined by the state of your consciousness and the level of your awareness. Your state of consciousness and awareness, is compromised by the forces of materialism, should you allow it any degree of preeminence. The relative degree of our fear and attachment, determines the degree of our bondage to the ongoing agenda of the dark side.

There is an ancient maxim, “Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you”. The devil cannot abide scorn and ridicule. Many people fear this force, not understanding what it is. That fear empowers the force by a serious magnitude but it is only a shadow and possesses only the power you give it. This is how it works.

Intellectuals argue until doomsday's break about the composition and meaning of existence Pundits and presumed authorities hold forth on the how and why of process and procedure but... the understanding, as much as is humanly possible, can only come from within through inspiration and revelation. All other information is either flawed or incomplete but apparently it is enough for the people who rely on it.

I'll close with a construction analogy. Let's say you are building a two, or even three story house. When constructing the first floor, you have to be attentive to what is allowed in terms of being out of plumb because when you get to the second floor, the degree to which you are out, measurably increases and you can only imagine what happens when you get to the third floor. The same is true of life, if your foundation is out of plumb, you can expect the same results.

Okay then, some things to think about. These are the things I think about, pretty much all the time, otherwise my head is completely empty but... in a good way (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Parse it how you like, it's all about a war for human souls...

what mind control...?

thanks Les, seems like one hundred Munkeys just locked onto the stick Mr. A gave you know...

like use as a tool, or sumthin'

respects neil,,,


Anaughty Mouser said...

Bada bing. Right on the money.

", and several of the other mainstream, sewage canals are happy hunting grounds for them."

BSM = Bull Shit Media

The picture of Armandinejad consoling the mother of Chavez was a photo-shop of him hugging Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei. The image of Chavez mother was photo-shopped in - it is a complete fake.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful article Les, thank you.
I think the whole universe is maintained from within using laws that apply. Is it any wonder outside is in chaos when so much within is gridlocked.


Is your name on a list? said...

Fema camps to silence dissidents?

"Oh but they will. Tillman (Pat) was shot several times in the face by BlackOps 'cuz he wrote a letter home saying there's no enemies to fight in Iraq and military is killing civilians. The same BlackOps team received metals decorated as heroes."

Anonymous said...

You sir, are on a roll…

There was an article about a local artist playing up the Sandy Hook charade;
I’ve seen these butterflies in too much media to not know what they are.
Very interesting comment from Gene Rosen about how all of these families were all new to town.

Garndener – The ritual thing. Somewhere along the line I got creeped out by the rituals of the churches. They just remind me of satanic/dark ritual. Even people who are well intended are participating in something they are completely unaware of. And you can’t tell them because they believe in God but not spirits.

I knew a satanist in my mid-teens and he was very tall and dark and mysterious. I happened across him again about 13 years later and he didn’t seem very tall (I always was tall) and was no longer mysterious either. He was still dark, though, but stuck me as benign.

“Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you”. True.

Wasn’t neil the gentleman who saw peoples’ faces? Last week, in one of your writings you mentioned to “Be as cautious as a wayfarer crossing an icy stream” by Lao Tzu, which immediately popped my mind to when neil was trying to address all of us here when he referred to me as “wayfarer diane”. How did he know?


wiggins said...

Probably the same 'black-ops' guys who killed Pat Tillman are now dead themselves. You need to remember to use a long handled spoon when you sup with the devil.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

This being Origami it seems proper to offer an analogy of spiritual house versus material house construction.

Indisputably, all things material are inherently temporary and impermanent. In a continuous state of degrading/rusting out, etc.

Also indisputably, all things spiritual exist eternally, never rust out or degrade.

When a person constructs a material house(life) at some point construction stops(dies) and the material house degrades and crumbles.

When the person then returns (rebirth) to continue building another material house(life), he has to once again start from scratch because his old house(life) has crumbled to dust.

Conversely, when a person starts to build a spiritual house(life) but is unable to finish(liberation) before he dies, then upon his return(rebirth) his partially built spiritual house(life) is waiting, intact from where he left off his construction. This due to spiritual energy being eternal. His partially built spiritual house(life) is ready for him to once again press on (cultivate spiritual qualities, actions, associates) from the point where he left off. No starting over from scratch.

Spiritual energy(life) is eternal as opposed to material energy(life) being temporary.

The spiritual house(life) does not requires a soul to start from scratch each time he/she returns(rebirth) to the material worlds to suffer and/or enjoy the effects of past karma.

The free will to either continue over and over again from scratch constructing a material house(life) of decay and impermanence (rebirth), or to start constructing an eternal spiritual house(life) which never degrades or erodes and eventually, upon completion(liberation) is truly fit to live in, is our individual choice.

This analogy is not something I dreamed up or attempt to present as an original idea.

This is simple fact as instructed by all shastra/scripture; the Vedas, Bible, Koran, etc. and is completely qualified by the exalted liberated people who do indeed reside in such eternal spiritual housing.

Respects and best wishes to everyone for great construction weather!

Ray B. said...

Vis: Enjoying your 'laying it all out', as usual. Thanks!

"It continues to be a mystery to me, as to how so many people can doubt various features of existence, when the proof of the matter is everywhere to be seen. I'm talking about reincarnation, Karma, and the existence of the invisible planes..."

So true. I believe it is the result of several factors.

Karma bothers people of lower-consciousness levels because they see it (from their outlook) as both limiting their actions and 'retribution'-prone. As a person develops and 'we are one' kicks in, the person naturally behaves in a different way towards others and the fear of Karma just fades away.

Reincarnation bothers folks because it engenders a 'long-range' view of existence. You can't just do various things or make various choices and happily 'escape' into oblivion or Heaven. It is a "oh, crap" kind of realization...

The existence of the invisible planes bothers lower-consciousness level people in a couple of ways. First, it is the fear that we might not be the 'masters of all we survey' (as humanity), and - even more frightening - that we might not even be on the top of the 'food chain'. Second, it implies telepathy and thus vulnerability. In my supernatural 'litmus test' posting of long ago, I covered the implications.

There are probably additional factors, but the above causes most people to 'recoil back' into their intellect (because of fear) and reject these ideas. Too bad...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Concerning the Quality paperback and digital Kindle-abled copies of Neil's poetry, I'm not having a whole lot of success with poems coming up. All kinds of other things are coming up, strangely enough and it only gives me 8 pages per blog; unless I'm missing something. I've been so engaged in getting this novel ready for publication that I am nearly cross-eyed (grin).

Here's my concept for the book. We'll have a forward based on reflections from his family and friends; all those who knew him in person best. The poems will be sorted and paired up with similar poems which will comprise something like chapters in the book. Interspersed through the book will be commentaries from people like Erin Parsley, Esteban, Nina, Sim, Clarity and others; all of you who were fond of him, so there will be anecdotal musings, remembrances and reflections from those readers who feel so inclined that they would like to have something to say.

Lastly I would like to include a small selection of photographs. these could appear next to the different commentaries of those of us contributing. This is how it is coming through to me as I consider the project and pass it up for invisible input.

If anyone has any other ideas or additions, you should let me know so that I can incorporate them, given that I will present what I have to a selection of you for criticisms and possible changes.

I don't want this to take an inordinate amount of time. I'm all too familiar with things becoming sluggish when they get that backburner treatment. Okay, the floor is open if anyone wants to say anything.

Josey said...


"These last several years have not been easy on me and I suspect the same is true for many of the readers. The testing and trial has been intense but a sea change has come"

No, not easy by any means, a real intense slow steady grind.

I can summon the optimism, but then it seems to wane and be replaced with depression.

I'm searching for the sea change within myself, so far its been very illusive and difficult to grasp.

Still I'm inspired by the words in your posts. You understand fully, which is reassuring. When I read any of the tree blogs, its been the most refreshing part of my day.

Anonymous said...

i will scour > 'origami'

for neil's work

great idea l v

neil, would be pleased

Visible said...

I hope so. He really deserves it and we'll all be the better for it.

Anonymous said...


Visible, You've been on Fire since you've put down the firewater.
(Said with Love and Understanding.)

-Diane, I think Neil knew a lot.

via Homer,
You've put something that's so hard for most people to understand,
into the most beautiful and simplest way to look at life.Thanks

== and if anyone makes a book with Neil's poems, I will get several of them.(gifts)

walking hawk, seeker of truth

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just a personal offering, but lessons confirmed here as the realisaiton of my main pain thingy issue (I could be wrong, I could be obsessed) of my crooked foundation from a crooked hip .. things have well, materialised, - finding the root of all evil in this little sense, suddenly last night my piano playing took off, I got it together (a small beginning, but nice, nice, nice). and yes, I have been practising and persevering (with the great distraction) for two years, so that was necessary too. it's the "something in the way" thing.
easy to say though, to each their path and, as Neil would have said, onwards, upwards, to the light.

BUM - Bloody Underhanded Meddling, it's what they do.

Anonymous said...

I remember a beautiful piece of music by Don Henley I always liked called "There not Here and There not Coming' A little piece about Aliens and why would they be interested in us! There Not!
But I beg to differ! The name should be "They are Here and They are Coming" They have taken control of the worlds Governments,Media and anything else you can think of!!! They are also under our feet,Think of those strange sounds in the ground and flashes in the skies.Those strange metalic sounds all around! The battle to Disarm us through the distruction of our beloved Children,Keep your heads and do your best to FIGHT!!!! Because the Battle is about to Begin!!!

Visible said...

Well, Walking Hawk. that was only a temporary hiatus, wherein I became convinced that if I didn't do that, I would have another repeat of waking up out of a hallucinating sleep, which came upon me out of pure exhaustion and find myself crying out in certain early morning hours, to the dismay of those renting me my digs.

As soon as I walked into the house here it stopped and hasn't reappeared again. So it was before leaving too for a period of months. That's my usual modus and my usual fare is black tea, which, as a matter of fact I am enjoying right now.

I've had a series of conversations over recent evenings with my invisible friends, trying to get a handle on why so many strange things happen to me and the explanations have been as strange as the situations. It does appear that all sorts of things took a hike in the aftermath of my return. I couldn't be more pleased.

Anonymous said...

I have been drinking of late, and the reason why, is because it helps my body get rid of the effects of chemtrail spraying. That may sound odd, but where I am, they literally bombard the skies 24/7 for days at a stretch, and I start feeling so out of it that I can barely function. One day, during a particularly chem-filled afternoon, I noticed that immediately after I drank several beers, the effects of the spraying were neutralized. I was drunk, but at least I didn't feel like a zombie, and my head got clear. So I guess whatever it takes, you simply have to trust your inner voice enough to do the right thing, even if it seems odd or counter-productive at the time. I actually dislike drinking intensely - but it beats the crap out of feeling like I am going to drop dead after they bombard the sky for days and days at a time. It's all about change, I think. And doing whatever it takes to survive and get past the hurdles.

Anonymous said...

A Crowley anecdote: One day a guest at a hotel was eating in the establishment's restaurant. As he was eating a man dressed in strange garb wandered in. Being an Englishman, the guest pretended not to notice the outlandish man as he twirled around the tables and then rushed out again. After he had left, the guest called over a waiter and asked him, "Who was that strangely dressed fellow who was in here a few minutes ago?" The waiter replied, "Why Sir, that was just Mr. Crowley pretending he was invisible again."

Anonymous said...

Assuming it gets finished, how much will this collection of Neils poetry cost and what of the proceeds?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 10:47 am

Call on the Wind Spirit to help clear manmade clouds.

Start in east direction,call Spirit, blow breath and wave arm to the east. Then face south and repeat, continue to the west and then the north.
Thank Spirit,wait 15, 20 min.
See if this will help.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Also anon 10:47
You have to do this Sober.

Visible said...

How much this will cost is not anyone's affair but mine and the proceeds will go to his family, failing that I'll buy a lot of heroin and just get high off the proceeds.

Anonymous said...

Funny Vis.
walking hawk.

Visible said...

I had considered hookers or firearms but... well. Typically someone always shows up anonymously, as usual and does the snide inference that maybe things won't be aboveboard, like there was some huge amount of money to be made. Meanwhile it's all being done on my dime and my time for free, meaning no return on expenses. I see the root of this kind of thing coming out of the basic dishonesty of the people who leap to the questioning because... if it were them... well, uh huh; no good deed goes unpunished.

the gardener said...

lol Vis... just another demonstration of the Cavalier Consumer mentality v the Conscious Creator mentality... I've given a lot of thought to beautiful Neil's beautiful poetry and what a wonder a compilation of his works will be-never once thinking about whatever $ will come or not come... I was told once (after grand heist of my belongings by the heister) "Gardener, you didn't keep your eye on the ball!"...

Well that was true! That particular 'ball' anyway. But I know who was. :) Can't be everywhere-do everything!

the gardener

PS-never forget Rachel Corrie either-that beautiful brave girl did well. And brought up Pat Tillman for demonstration purposes to an idealistic young man the other day. Told him "maybe you should try and get in touch with his brother".

Anonymous said...

I would stick to firearms, always a better investment and they last longer. (smile)

w h

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

I had considered hookers or firearms but... well. Typically someone always shows up anonymously, as usual and does the snide inference that maybe things won't be aboveboard, like there was some huge amount of money to be made. Meanwhile it's all being done on my dime and my time for free, meaning no return on expenses. I see the root of this kind of thing coming out of the basic dishonesty of the people who leap to the questioning because... if it were them... well, uh huh; no good deed goes unpunished.

That's an awfully drawn out snarky explanation for a very simple question that only needed a word or two in response.

Why easily take offense where none is intended?

Looks like you're the only one questioning motives and intentions here.

Anonymous said...

And FYI, I asked about price as anyone interested in purchasing anything tends to do...

Visible said...

Actually I was more taking exception to where the profits would be going. I get a little sensitive when I get altruistic and line myself up for a lot of trouble and effort etc etc. I'm also a little gun=shy over recent serious misconceptions and inexplicable lies so, if I was off the wall you have my apologies. I am sorry if I took that the wrong way.

I really do try my damnedest to do the right thing and I still catch shit about it, not often but it does happen. Once again, I am sincerely sorry if I took you the wrong way. I'll try to do better in the future

Visible said...

Sure, but is it pure indifference or simply detachment from the act and thought? Each of us has to find the perspective that works best for the sort of person we are. it isn't the same for everyone and I try to recognize that when I am saying things and always include the truth that there are various approaches and all of them work in their fashion.

kf said...

Words like these below are the things that make the difference. Thanks - Kathy

"It seems that endurance and some amount of steadfastness is what is required. Eventually, the tide must turn. This is something all must keep in mind. This is why an intentional mental and emotional state of optimism must be maintained. It will carry you over the unpredictable waters of existence and it links you up with positive forces."

Anonymous said...

Visible said...
"taking exception to where the profits would be going"

No one need be profusely apologetic for an honest mistake

The hookers, firearms and heroin gibe probably could've been made by anyone sincerely engaged in charitable endeavours .

When magnanimous efforts become too strenuous for the psyche, it may be best for all involved to recuse oneself from the situation.

Visible said...

I'm not going to be doing this on my own; Esteban and I'm pretty sure Erin Parsley as well as the indefatigable Sim will all make their presence felt. I have no intention of doing it all on my own simply because these other people would very much want to be part of an effort that celebrates the life of their dear friend. I don't doubt there will be more. I'm just going to be the central gathering place (for the moment) and input about the overall design because I think I have a good idea of something that will grant maximum impact.

Anyone who wants to engage in this effort should simply contact me and anyone who has any of Neil's poetry should send it to me. Thank you!

DaveS said...

This post resonated with me this morning. Recently my lovely companion and I were fixing something broken and I realized I was lucky!

There was a time when I'd have just went to the store and bought a new whatchamacallit but these days my wallet is more a vacuum than a repository of green portraits of presidents and inventors...

Ahem, as I was saying, I realized I was lucky because my life was made much richer by fixing the broken object than just replacing it. I spent quality time with my love, we repaired something broken and we saved money to boot. What's not to like about that.

Peace everyone!

Anonymous said...

Considering that the wheel of karmic reincarnation is a fabricated,
closed loop system illusive LIE, it is but a halfway grock to settle there and be happy
thinking that you've arrived or graduated or have the inside scoop of things or is actually Liberated while here in a body, when the next leap is waiting for you to glean that the entire system is being deconstructed for the never before done, actual, real, first time ever since the get go of the physical dimension, Liberation of True, Original, Viable Essence, what you would call original benevolent God Stuff. All else, ALL physical and astral planes are to be done away with, transmuted back to primordianl unmanifest, as the mistake it always was. It all happens in 'no time'.. we are just unfortunately experiencing the slo-mo of things.

No one has ever graduated upon physical death.... no one or another or any that were trapped here, upon physical death, ever has escaped the karmic wheel's hold... the New, never before (as it concerns this physical dimension) is the coming restoration of divine spirit back to original state, liberated back TOGETHER w/original creation that has continued and gone on eternally without us.

The delusion is that there is spiritual progression being made here when it is so that there is a wiping clean each go 'round, a rinse/repeat set up by the cruel lords of karma who made and enforce the rules to ensure its perpetuation via the extraction of your REAL, spiritual essence that lives you, that is, if you ARE the Real embodied. Not all humans are divine in nature. Most are fabricated creations by the abberant, subordinant demigod and they exist in order to push your buttons, make you drink too much or do drugs or stay emotionally triggered and attached. ALL emotions, not just "negative" emotings are an energetic exchange. Eating other life forms, sex - the biggie.

Divine Mind has put an end to it. We're watching the dismantling presently, the inbuilt auto-correction is almost over.
One is damned lucky to wake up at all, to awaken fully, considering the obstacles set in place to prevent this. Do you have your ticket out? Believe me, it's not via "deserving", it's either there or it's not. All "life" in this dimension was opportunity to lose. Who was it recently that said that insanity means unclean? Was that you Neil. Exactly. Does any of this world look sane to you? Life feeding on life?

Whatever has a beginning has an end and this dimension had a beginning.
It's now over, believe it or not.
As Mr. Les has said, evil is temporary.
The REAL spiritual house is either there or it isn't. (anonymous -viaHomer 6:31 pm)
It doesn't get built while here. It only comes to wake up because that it's nature.
... nothing to add, only potential loss.
OH, and the demonstration of psychic tendencies is NO indication which end of things you are, period. People sorely underestimate evil. (re: litmus test)

still more comments to peruse past #13.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thank you ShirlE.

I'll stick with Krishna, Shiva, guru, sadhu, shastra, the Avatars and the incarnations.

Yes our spiritual house exists there. As do our spiritual bodies. But there is not here, and here we are.

Your rather forcefully given explanation/definition of never having to say we're sorry because it doesn't matter anyhow, is to me indecipherable.

Not that it matters, eh?

That's fine. Any sincere gesture at all towards understanding God and creation in any form is recognized.

To believe there is no advancement, enticement, reward, growth or grace along the way is puzzling to me.

More than puzzling. Impossible to entertain.



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