Thursday, March 21, 2013

And the Darkness has Broken under the Revealing Light

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had considered simply doing this as a comment following the post but... It's of such a serious nature ...and having been engaged in collecting available facts, over recent days, it's got all the elements of a good story, a kind of mind film, which can prove informative and entertaining. I've been engaged in a lot of back and forth over the last week, with readers who sometimes appear here and some who never show up in the comments section but with whom I exchange the occasional emails.

A lot goes on here in regard to these blogs and other endeavors. Most of them never get mentioned, due to the need for discretion. I'm going to bring to your attention some number of things today but I am limited in how far I can go because I do not wish to cause distress (for the moment anyway) to even my enemies. Some of them, irrespective of their theaters of employment, are just not very bright; probably why they are doing what they are doing in the first place. If they had been more intelligent, they wouldn't have gone and exposed themselves to people who were in my corner to begin with and then only played them to see what they were up to. I can just imagine their chagrin at this point; a small digression, I used to go by the name, Maurice Chagrin (grin).

Moving right along, if you come to any of the blogs at certain hours, you will see sometimes quite a bit more than 100 readers online at the blog at the same time. If you follow that for any degree of days, you will see people coming from every country in the world, some of them are countries I never even heard of before. If is no great reach to assume that these readers come from all walks of life and as I have mentioned over the years, the readers would be pretty surprised at the names and occupations of some of the people who read here.

One fellow has ties to the intelligence communities, meaning he hears and sees things in the course of his days. You might remember, sometime earlier last year, when I mentioned that someone had come to me and told me I was being targeted by certain specific, interest groups that wanted to instigate chaos into the midst of my efforts and that I should be on the lookout for people ingratiating themselves into the scene, creating a familiar persona, becoming part of the mix and then suddenly reversing themselves and becoming a seriously negative and disruptive force at my expense. I was told that some amount of people were already in place and had been for awhile and that new ones were coming. The things I say are not desirable to those entrenched interests, who seek to conceal what they have done and intend to do. They went so far as to hack my consort's emails and then to bring certain things to the attention of some of her correspondents, all of whom live in the same country. They were informed about people I link to (did link to) and the nature of some of the things I say. I couldn't figure out, until I was told recently, how her friends all found these things out at the same time. Out of a desire for harmony I had to remove a certain blogger from my links and I had to weather a shit storm concerning some of the subject matter I deal with and how it could bring danger and a degree of infamy upon my environment and family.

It is this very thing that is at the heart of what I am forced to deal with here and because I want to do the right thing, I have decided to relocate myself in such a way that should any threat come upon me, it will only come upon me. It's the right thing to do. I am at a loss to explain that I am protected from certain entities in this respect, primarily because my consort does not believe in; more correctly, doesn't understand them. She's seen enough to know that very weird shit happens around me. In any case, I was told I was going to be relocated, even before any of this came up.

Even though I was told that certain factions were going to come after me, within the limitations of what they are allowed to do, for the purpose of demonstration, I promptly forgot about it. These things aren't all that real to me because I know there's only so much they can do but... what they can do is a lot more disruptive than I imagined. The whole purpose of intent is to paint me as something I am not and thereby seek to ruin the faith and goodwill I have built up over time. This is why certain cointelpro disinfo operations, who accuse others of this, as a blind upon their own engagement in it, suddenly appear, devoid of observable provocation, to lash out at me with innuendo and slander, always absent of any real details or specific facts. It's the usual Fox News headlines, where the copy has nothing to do with the headlines. There have been some small number of times when I've had anonymous commentary brought to my attention by one reader or another, in which snide allusions are made concerning me, where nothing is revealed or presented, except for vague and unsupported allegations. Most recently this appeared at Lasha Darkmoon's site, where she had reposted my piece, “Help is on the Way”. Studying the content of the commentary, it is clear that these snipers hail from SOTT.

Given what I have been told in recent days, I now have a much clearer idea of what's been going on and what is going on. I feel sorry for some of the people who got sucked into some of the charades presently taking place but that's their lookout. If they are so easily seduced into patently absurd BS, such as my being a government agent, or a mind control slave, then they are welcome to it. I'm not running a clinic for the mentally ill here. One of the reasons I ignored most of the chatter taking place off screen and at other locations is because it was irrelevant to me. I probably should have engaged more but... what's the point of being defensive when that's the job of the divine? The cosmos sorts everything out in its own time and you get your due, whatever that may be. One of my favorite responses to almost anything is, “We'll see”. Whatever any amount of people may believe or disbelieve is unimportant in the scope of things. Either they are right, wrong, or somewhere in betwixt,. It all comes out in time. That is one of the beautiful things about existence. It may take its time and travel across strange landscapes but it will eventually resolve everything into the destiny appointed for whatever it is, whatever it is.

It has been an interesting development over recent times to note that the readership has increased to more than double what it had been over the last few years, where it had been generally stable at certain numbers. Along with that there has been a large influx of new readers and that has caused my Inbox to near quintuple in traffic. Whenever the divine gets into a house clearing-cleaning state of mind (it is Spring after all) it's never just 'out with the old', it's also 'in with the new'. I couldn't be more pleased because it is a solid reaffirmation of the cosmos on my behalf.

For a long time, certain things have been discussed over and over here. A couple of them are 'testing' and 'trial'. It starts out with little tests, which measure our level of commitment and resolve. Failing to pass these, renders us into a repetitive loop of redundant experience. We wind up going nowhere, fast or slow; does it matter? Whether anything matters, or possesses or lacks value, depends solely on you.

I really wish I could engage in full disclosure here. It's actually pretty funny in a tragi-comic kind of a way but... my detailing the totality of all that's been brought to my attention would really stir up a hornet's nest of outrage, embarrassment and acrimony, especially if I were to publish emails exchanged between the witting and unwitting. Nothing hurts quite so much as seeing your own words in print, with verifiable provenance and being unable to defend yourself against your own words and actions. Word to the wise, don't say things you don't want revealed later on. I'm going to watch how all of this goes because, given that there is no real way to measure human stupidity, I might actually be forced to publish these communications so that we can 'all' have a more clear insight into what's really been going on of late. For the moment, let's just say, things aren't what they seem, not by a long shot. I have to admit to some amount of real amusement, given what I've been exposed to over the last couple of days.

Those of you who may have thought yourselves clever need to be mindful of the fact that I will have no hesitation in making your communications public if you don't quietly go your way and not trouble me, or the rest of us with your puerile chicanery again. Since you don't know who is informing me, I suggest this would be the wiser course of action. Of course, I do expect that you will try to now approach your tasks from a new angle and possibly with new personnel but... the proverbial cat is out of the bag. For those of you among the duped and deluded, all is forgiven, should you wise up over the course of time. I do know who all of the players are so... keep that in mind.

One thing that must be said, life sure can be interesting and surprising as well. As to the charges being leveled against me, I have never worked for any 'temporal' intelligence agency, never been a mind control slave and am pretty much representative of exactly what my writings indicate. As for any personal failings, I'm a work in progress and by comparison with the larger mass of humanity, my shortcomings don't come to much at all in the scheme of things. Ah well, so it goes in the land of darkness, prior to the coming of the light.

End Transmission.......

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A radio show will appear this weekend. I totally spaced the last one out because of working on the novel. That should also be appearing in the near future, finally.


zepheri said...


Visible said...

and in a most informative and detailed manner!

Szabi said...

The World would be less, without your writings. Carry on and God bless your work!

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you Les,

I will be returning soon to France again to pick up my wife and kid and bringing them back here. I was wondering if you were interested in coming here to Reunion Island. There are places here where the are no roads its perfect for your version of Shangri-la. Its easy for all first world country citizens to come here as well to emigrate here. As it is the further most point in the east which is a part of the E.U. I want to start farming on a small level with a few chickens and goats. I want to start a Muslim village here because I believe in the concept of Shaikh Imran Hosein. I am very understanding of all faiths because I have lived always as a minority in all countries. I believe in diversity because nature believes in diversity. I believe the paper money is bogus. I am kind of stuck at the moment I am not being able the courage to take certain personal defects such as laziness head on. I am looking for alternatives for the current "modern & civilized" way of life. But as I have always lived life easy I am not being able to achieve my goals of self sufficient life.
But I cant complain as life moves on so do I, in search of a new and better life for me and my family.
I pray that no harm comes to you and your family in your pursuit of truth as well as the countless others.amen.
Love and respect

Visible said...

Huh? I'd never even heard of Reunion Island before and... it's part of the E.U.? I'll have to go on a little internet tour today and see what's said about the place.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in any case, sooner or later Akram.

Top Ten said...

Here are my ten top psychopaths in the world. Many have already been featured in Profiles of Evil.

Evelyn Rothschild
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Henry Kissinger
George Soros
David Rockefeller
Rupert Murdoch
Queen Elizabeth
Bill Gates
Jamie Dimon
Lloyd Blankfein

disHonorable mention to: Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, George Bush Jr & Sr, Barry Soetoro.

Smyrna said...

I had a look at Darkmoons site earlier to see if any new posts were up. Some entertaining fly-swatting and bug squashing there.
That's a place for grown-ups. Talk about being out of your depth! Or picking the wrong bar to look for a fight.

Josey said...


I read recently that approx 85% of all matter in the Universe is invisible to us. So 85% of substance is beyond our sight. The empty space between particles therefore holds more substance than the visible particles themselves. The ether is alive and bursting with hidden energy and substance. Amazing but something I have known and believed all my life without ever learning it in school or being taught.

On today's subject:

I found what you were talking about a little hard to follow without more details but understand why, and trust your insight.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Ahhh, so many posts where the, self-evident fact, has been clearly spelled out by you, ' it is all for the purpose of demonstration, or demon-stration, and yet.... and yet....
Some just do not get it, even staring into the smoked-up mirror at the zit at the point of the nose in the reflection.
Be well, Be alert, Be ..... In Re-union
May the Rose Garden of the Heart alwys be in Bloom.

Skepticfrog said...

In the Land of the Stupid personalities are paramount, facts and events are marginal, and ideas are ignored.
I'm lucky, I'm from a land where we were taught: it's the message that counts, the messenger is unimportant, other than credit to be given him/her - if deserved.
Although I have learned - to my chagrin - that the vast, mostly stupid multitudes are utterly unable to function this way, I still get angry when instead of a critique of an idea, I read a trashing of the persona.

If your readers can/could function thus - which is in my opinion a higher level of intellect - Vis's detractors and enemies could get absolutely nowhere. All attacks on Vis are personal - i.e. gossip. The problem is not with them, they cannot function any other way; you cannot turn a carnivore into a vegetarian. They will attack Vis personally to discredit, because they don't know and cannot do any other way. They are just too dumb, petty and shallow, and beyond redemption. Primitive humans exist this way.

It is us, the readers, who must rise to the higher intellectual level and cherish the ideas, facts and intellect, and pay scant, or little attention to the author's personality and possible human shortcomings and frailities. (No offense intended Vis). None of us are perfect or are saints. But a few of us have better ideas, information and messages than most, and that's what's important.

We, the readers, have to ignore the accusers and detractors; what they say about(!) Vis (true or not) is utterly irrelevant.
You are either here to sip, fill, nourish your intellect and expand your pool of information, or go away, you're to stupid to be here; watch CNN or "Dancing with the stars".
This is not a gossip blog about the author - even though he does disclose some general personal info about himself. I take it as a personal courtesy, rather than it giving me a license to critique - even if I disagree.

Some people here get the notion, that because they read Vis, in turn, Vis owes them something. I'm clueless where this insanity comes from in those (few) deranged heads but it's surely bizarre. If I'd have to guess, it's "I'm your faithful follower, therefore you owe me something" - or something like that.

Vis is doing us a FAVOR; it's his treat. He owes us NOTHING. Recognize it.

niijii said...

Thank you visible,
Standing by with snot icicles hanging from my nose hairs and mustache. Enjoying the coldest spring here since 1965.

Interesting times for sure.

wv: outgoo
What thaws when I'm in.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...


I've been to Mendoza, Argentina, just across the Andes from Santiago.

One can't miss the view of the highest point in the entire Andes range, Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres. Also, Mendoza is a university town.

Perhaps another place to consider.


Anonymous said...

Try searching" Salazie" it is the no 1 prettiest village in France. Ive been there. Its so easy to get there with daily inexpensive bus service. There is the highest point in the Indian ocean with the mountain Piton de Neige at 3000 m high in the background. The land is cheap and its one of the beautiful places I have been to personally. There is abundance of natural drinking water flowing from the countless waterfalls. The volcanic soil is rich and fertile. In short its Subhanallah(all beauty is from god) :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that the CointellTROLLS have been shut down over @ Darkmoon's site. They wheedle about trolls, but they're the ones on a campaign to run interference with their shit talking so that you're so busy defending yourself that you can't expose the Zio-borgs. They don't run fuck all around here other than their mouths.

This should be posted regularly on genuine alternative sites so that newbie truth seekers don't get sucked into their morass of slime:

Upward and onward! Happy Spring, loves.

Visible said...

Well Akram, I've read up on Reunion Island. It's about a quarter larger than Maui and has a ratio of 7 women to every man. I'm afraid it's a little out of my price range. I assumed that, being as it is French. On the plus side, I have E.U. residency so going and staying there is no problem but cost of living is... for the moment. It is also way out there!

Seems to be very beautiful and polyglot. Mail appears to be a bit of a nightmare. I imagine there is more to learn about it. It's French speaking. I was fluent in that as a child but most of it has left me now. I haven't spent much time there since I got into this area.

Anonymous said...


You've diagnosed Spladgett's condition exactly--he hought he was owed something.


Visible said...

Yeah, nihilism has never worked for me either. A lot of impersonalists get into that kind of thing. It appears to be some sort of intellectual ring around the rosy that elevates mental processes about the intuitive as if each of us were already gods, merely lacking most of the essential qualities that make one.

Terrance said...

Hello have taught me a lot and I'm thankful...please carry on and may the demons go back under their rocks!....onelove

flying cossack said...

the world has serious problems ... mass murder, mass theft, mass rape ... the accusations on lesvisible are so mundane, this seems like a comedy

i think some mossad are frustrated .... frustrated that they failed to change lesvisible's beliefs and words

every 'israel did 911' removes a few years from the lifespan of the jew world order

neal said...

Last friend left, came by and mentioned his sister and her husband have like 190 acres in Kona. If anything comes of that, I will let you know, I still have your back, for what that is worth. There was a day, when hanging out on the beadh, and being lost, was OK, and did not need all that machinery to argue whatever point that was lost before that began.

Not that certain parts do dare, or care, just is really tiresome to see the dynamics of low grade warfare play out, over and over.

It is another irony when everything gets relocated. It makes sense, just not linear, if any are still boiught in.

That is the real calendar, wtill working it, mostly singing, and dancing, in the closet, There is a door, and a spiral, I do not make the damn rules, just hang out with the rest of the ones who just get
here, whenever.

missingarib said...

vis, are we composites available for disassemble by any waster with a keyboard ? ( truth cannot be chewed apart by dragons teeth)
does the click, click, click of key boards stringing together dragons teeth signify something -

When I can look Life in the eyes, / Grown calm and very coldly wise, / Life will have given me the Truth, / And taken in exchange---my youth. -Sara Teasdale, poet (1884-1933)

Pink Floyd
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.

Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
You were caught on the cross fire of childhood and stardom,
Blown on the steel breeze.
Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger,
You legend, you martyr, and shine!

You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Treatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision,
Rode on the steel breeze.
Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter,
You piper, you prisoner, and shine!

Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Pile on many more layers and i'll be joining you there.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
And we'll bask in the shadow of yesterday's triumph,
And sail on the steel breeze.
Come on you boy child, you winner and loser,
Come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!

whom does the song call?
is it love that makes us pray for an encore ?
live long

zepheri said...

The song calls on the fool within us all for the hope of ever lasting love.
"shine on"
Harley Davidson

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Great stuff like this never fails to make me chuckle.
Both are heap big medicine.

"Yeah, nihilism has never worked for me either. A lot of impersonalists get into that kind of thing. It appears to be some sort of intellectual ring around the rosy that elevates mental processes about the intuitive as if each of us were already gods, merely lacking most of the essential qualities that make one."

Also, I really do believe the Vamana Avatara pierced the side of the separation wall which seals this and every material universe off from the Casual ocean, with His toe and in flowed a few drops of the transcendental spiritual ocean. Those few drop which entered Bhumidevi, Earth, is the Gangadevi, the river. A few drops of this so-called (by the modern scientists), "nothingness," would easily pass through the earth destroying it, if not for Lord Shiva taking this spiritual water on his head.

All the other stuff they could ever in a million years make up, conjure or declare, all put together pales by comparison to even one verse of scripture having to do with God.

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate haarpies (not to be confused with hair pies. I like those.). Subtlely and implicitly, they've challenged your oft repeated "It's all under control" to mean that your personal security comes via your DARPA or GARP or HAARP ID card. Once again, it's an appeal to narcissistic assholes who believe HAARP or GARPA or DARP really give a flying fuck about their whiney comments.

They soundbited you, like they always do. Everytime you said "It's all under control", it had to do with the Almighty. Sneakily, they want to make it look like you work for DIPPA and man rules.

Yahweh has 7,000 incorruptible and they have this locust army on a leash and it's a longer leash right now. If you think Psalm 91 is bullshit, you should go back to the cyclops priest and man of the house in every goy polloi's living room, from where you came. GARPA only attacks half-asses, because it's easy.

It has nothing to do with the Cap'n Spadgett flap anymore. They saw a breach and inserted themslves right on in and made it a crevasse. The tea party and OWS. Get a clue.

Ray Zerwitt

Rob in WI said...

"just is real tiresome to see the dynamics of low grade warfare play out, over and over". Thanks, for putting 17 english words together, that describe the stagnant waters we're living in perfectly. The strategy is old; keep them in suspense, until the previous generation surrenders.
Be well, neal; with much respect, Rob

Arnie Lerma said...

You wrote: "I should be on the lookout for people ingratiating themselves into the scene, creating a familiar persona, becoming part of the mix and then suddenly reversing themselves and becoming a seriously negative and disruptive force at my expense. " - Wow, just wow, that guys got it right, sounds like my now ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

last, so far.

with a Max Smart/Mel Brooks slant

"7 women to every man. I'm afraid it's a little out of my price range"

would you believe 5 women and a dwarf gypsy,

then how about 5 blow up dolls and a can of hair spray?

1/2 a woman and a magicians guidebook?

like as if I heard that Visible, Les, dumped in his underwear and put it in peoples letterboxes that would negate all the truth, erudition and apparent intent that has gone on here? seems like they sort out the sheep from the goats for us.


though, I do ponder the "don't worry about the opposition" thing... in the here and now and how many led astray and do the good guys win in the end. Christians, romans, Lions and clubs in caverns.

another was "intimate, not personal".. I think that's the telepathic and above the clouds reigning of logic, and tears, and nourishment.

long may you reign.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously, a nearly constant experience for me when reading your essays. Maybe i have erred in ass-u-me-ing that was perceived also, in a spontaneous manner, so in case it was en error, an attempt at the correction.
The cat is out of the bag, and about to be drowned in the Danube, much as Vukovar let the cat out of the bag and many were indeed drowned, their corpses flowing down river to their wailing mothers.
The mothers chose revenge, inflaming the populace.

Self defence at an act of violence, when done with the presence of Love is not promoting Violence, r. Krishna's lesson to Arjuna.

No intention at being cryptic, simply an invitation to use the molars , for those who have aspirations to chew and digest solid food. ( do your own research....)

As J.G. Bennett in a deductive and inductive manner clearly showed, Love is the force that unites, for some it is binding, for some it is enslavement, all in the perception and intention of win-win, or win-lose. The' Dramatic Universe', not sure at the moment in which Volume of the iv.


The ingrained tendency of the 'educational system' of the lats many decades has been to find the lowest common denominator between two number, thus training the psyche to flow in that direction without any self-questioning, yet many other factors exist as a 'common denominator', including, 'god forbid that it may be considered', the factorial. Should the factors in question be three, let's stick to the triangle, and should there be duality, well..... it has to be as 'star of david'.

Geometry has changed, i mentioned in a comment over two years ago, no New Age BS.

As you so aptly point out, having been in the presence of ' those who have polished', it is not so easy to to fall for the 'sell' of the superficial, and frequently fake, polishing. Yet is is so much easier, even in the effort at 'polishing', to talk the walk, than it is to walk the talk. No more consorts - time for the couple. Costs for the roof, food, and clothing, may be higher than one immediately perceives, and everything has a cost, even a price ( not the same, but aperreantly so, appearances can be deceiving ) even the in-ha-lation, has the ex-ha-lation.

Ahhh so much 'pontifacating', no?.......

May the balance between talking the walk and walking the talk, Shiva-Shakti Tango, bring the Bloom of the Roses in the Garden of the Heart.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

a very enjoyable french film here, subtitled in english.

the way humans should live.

The Green Beautiful

thom j

Anonymous said...

Offer for more light

Dear Mr. Visible,

I’ve heard the song “I need more light” sometime last year? Have I not?

What an inspiration to hear it for a second time!

I’ve got some good news for you! (This is not the surprise prize alluded to before though!)

I am only doing this favour to you and your curious readers with absolute benevolent intent, so please don’t dwell on the trivial issues.

My SOURCES, which I acquired through my doctoral research, have provided me with a collection of Mr. A’s original work and some supporting evidence that includes among other things poetry, prose, papers and photos symbolising and exemplifying Mr. A’s yet-to-be published whole vision for creation.

The Nectar, the Pollen and the Fragrance and all!

My sources, which I know to be benevolent, include but not limited to: Mr. A himself (of course!), and members of CIA(us) MI-6(uk), Mossad(il), SVR(ru), MSS(cn), MOIS(ir), RAW(in) and ISI(pk), who are eager to put an end to this continuing crazy crisis.
My role in providing this information is something like (but not quite like) that of Mr. BF (aka Mr. NC)(grin) and Mr. DB (aka Mr. MA)(more grin) in servicing their respective stake holders.
If you can get this published in your blog in its entirety, I can assure you that, I can be a voice, though not as perfect as yours, to the not-so- awakened masses to wake up to the place the nature intended for them.

Now Mr. Visible, the publication should reach all of your readers. No deceptive PPL please! It will be verified.

Lots of Love and Lots of Light...

Dr KnowBody

Parzival said...

You're the House & The House always wins!

Leaders of the world? said...

Snordster's direct truth.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Deaf Beethoven, Listening to Timeless Music.

Visible said...

Actually that is Jim Kirwan, being vocalized and framed in imagery by Snordelhans who is Patrick Willis.

Smyrna said...

I once worked with two women from Mauritius at the Federal department of Transport. They were an admixture, and some more, of every race under the Creole sun and wonderful people. (Good looking too)

Their native tongue was French, yet they spoke English better than most of us. God luck to Akram. I wish to hear more about Reunion.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Doomed and Clueless Rich in Freefall.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Cowardice Implicit in our Denial of the Truth.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

thanks John j for The Green Beautiful link.
thoroughly I did enjoy it.
it was like a reverse They Live, on several counts.
"Yes, that's right, he was crucified" or as Bill Hick put it "do you think that if Jesus came back he would want to see another cross".
why cant these organised bricklayers just lead by example instead of making a song and dance out of it which we all must conform to? I am refering to the Masons, Templars, bourgoisie et al, free as in free of paying taxes or doing local military service (the watch) and other exclusive perks.(my current book). same old same old and something more sinister behind it all no doubt.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley and Whatever's Right.



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