Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When You're Cool, the Sun is Always Shining.

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Success can be a funny thing. Most of the time this is because we determine, collectively, that success is all about material accomplishments. Closer scrutiny shows that material success is often accompanied by a host of material problems; all of them, new material problems, unlike the problems one might have had previously, many of which were probably generated by the pursuit of success and the conditions one was forced to deal with due to the lack of material success. There are also spiritual problems that come with success, though these are of lesser concern to many.

It is an enduring truth that most people do not come here for spiritual concerns. It is usually all about a handful of interests and necessities. The interests are often combined with the necessities, by example let us say one is driven to inhabit battlefields and one must be there anyway to complete the necessities of their Karma. Keeping this in mind one might say there is a possibility that one's interests and necessities of appearance are ALL Karma. One might further speculate that one's spiritual drive or lack of it are also the result of Karma but there has to be more to it all, though there are various masters who say “fugeddaboutit. It's all Karma.” You don't hear as much from these teachers as you do from the new age salesbots who want you to believe that you are completely independent of all restraints; a god in the making in the Presto Shake 'n Bake mold and free to do as you please at any time you wish because you are only being held back by your programmed mind, which they will be glad to help you deprogram for a nominal fee.

It seems to me that there are alternatives to the 24/7 all Karma, all the time construct, if we come into an awareness of something more. Our awareness of it makes it a reality already within our minds. All that is left then is for it to precipitate into the manifest and this IT WILL do if one's attention is placed upon it in a positive aspect. This is no different than what the ineffable does when the ineffable shines upon the plant kingdom through his visible medium, The Sun ...and inspires the appropriate representatives of The Devic Realm to bring the rain down upon the nourishing Earth. We've seen this at work, even when all too few of us recognize and celebrate the beauty of its perpetual occurrence. It happens anyway. It is what it is, even when we are not what we are but we are here to come to an understanding of that. This is the purpose of our transitory presence here. This is the essential motivation of all our suffering that comes about through misplaced desire, manifested upon misidentified objective. Suffering is meant to teach us that our choices are wrong. Eventually we come into an awareness of this.

Everything is awareness and this determines how we label things and the value we place upon them. The temporary nature of everything is temporary for a reason and so the loss experienced from their departure; be it a house, or a pet or a person, is designed to inform us of the transitory nature of the phenomenal world. This is meant to provoke us to look deeper into life for the more permanent truths. It's a system. It's a mystery to most but it is there forever as... for whatever the reason, it takes near forever for some to become conscious of it. It also goes on forever that people are endlessly inspired to come here for whatever their pedestrian, or even wonderful, reasons may be, so that they can pursue and engage in all the fabulous enterprises we see around us, as well as endure all those unfortunate conditions and circumstances that we hear about every day. Some of these are not unfortunate but no matter what they are, they are temporary.

Success, given the nature of what has been stated so far, is quite possibly something other than what is generally understood about it and Life... arranges itself in such a way to prove this to everyone who thinks they have achieved success because most success is also temporary and fraught with all manner of peril and difficulty, depending on how it is exercised.

For myself, success covers a few areas ...but most importantly, success as a human being always looms uppermost in my mind. This is not to say I have been very good at it because I have had a few spectacular fails but those were either engineered (and not by me) or they were reactions to untenable conditions and I wasn't wise enough to figure a way out of it without going nova. You don't succeed without making mistakes and if you are afraid to make mistakes you will learn zip. So far as I know, 'zip' doesn't look good on a person's curriculum vitae.

True success has to do with accommodating one's ungovernable will to the single will that manifests and maintains everything; creates it, composes it and is in separation among its parts and yet remains apart... always in the greater portion of itself. As Swedenborg noted, “the spiritual sun never hits its zenith” because then it would descend and set and that does not happen, except when it chooses to dissolve into the time of its contemplation and rests in The Night of Brahma... apparently on The Sea of Milk but Vishnu could probably articulate that far better than I (grin).

It's all arranged and it always has been. Defy the almighty at your peril. Every one of us when we were young thought we had come up with some original idea. No such thing exists. Every seemingly new and useful thing comes out of the mind of the one who inspires it. Anyone who is any good at anything is only so empowered by the one who powers everything. One either gets this or one doesn't. I get it and that is success to me because no matter how many times I may fail at the grand objective, I know I am guided and I know I am loved and the latter is all the reward I could ever ask for. This makes all the the trials and tribulations a walk in the park. Of course, it is not walk in the park when the heat is on you but you manage, somehow.

There are portions in the Bible that I love, they have to do with sweet honey from a rock and one being fed in the wilderness. On these things I truly believe because I have experienced them and that... more than once. I have been freed from prisons by seemingly magical agency; more importantly I have been protected while in them. God is real. Make no mistake about that. Certainly that indefinable being is oft veiled and entirely hidden from the eyes of those whose minds are captured by the interplay of dancing dust. Sometimes it might seem as if there is no God but that is directly relative to the level of investment you have made in what is not you. Of course your own duplicity is a perfect concealment.

For me, logic and reason are amazing things to be in the possession of. I can prove to myself what I can't even see. It is a sort of canny algebra that shoots around corners and visualizes what can't be imagined by simply pinging off of what can be imagined. As has been often stated here, “I don't have to convince anyone of anything. I only have to convince myself.”

When I read a book like The Kybalion or The Way of Life, or any of the remarkable texts that have been left as good footprints by those who have passed on, I often weep at the discovery, cause I know they left that there for me. They left it for anyone who cares enough to look. These days the dust of the world obscures the mirror of our better self and it does it so quickly that if you do not polish that mirror on a daily basis you will very shortly no longer be able to see your own reflection and this becomes problematic when you then cannot see the light in others; when you can no longer see yourself in everyone else.

I never had a problem loving god. It has been the great romance and obsession of my life. I have had a real problem loving myself. It took me a long time to come around to getting this. My advice to you is not to wait so long, nor be intimidated by what broken people told you when you were too young to defend yourself against it. You are the crown of creation. I advise that you act like it, with all the attendant humility that implies. However well one might come to shine, it is no match for the sun. Anyone who gets anywhere on this path understands that. Until you can generate so much light that entire solar systems respond and life manifests along with atmospheres to contain it, I don't want to hear about your imagined majesty and magnificence. It should come as no surprise that pharaohs and warlords all must bend the knee to death. Death is final determinate of your power and legacy. Humility is a passport to the world's beyond. It should come as no surprise that in order to live in the celestial realms, you need to know your place and there will be a place for you.

“the power of the pack is in the wolf and the power of the wolf is in the pack.” The law of the jungle is an ancient thing. Kipling picked up on that.

Anyway... greetings and salutations to all of you.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Outside of the Sheltering Wings of the Almighty God there is Only Suffering

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Well... it looks like Planet Nibiru is on its way again and the world is going to end this month. That's kind of a drag because I was looking forward to this summer; hanging out at the beach, doing my version of Raisin in the Sun. That's not a Stevie Wonder tune by the way. Speaking of Stevie Wonder tunes, ever since I posted that article that included those Stevie Wonder videos, I can't get his songs out of my head and it is worse than you might think. They are appearing in my dreams. The full songs play on the subconscious ethers of my dream state. I wake up with them playing in my head. I don't know what the meaning of this is but at least it is Stevie Wonder and not Barry Sweet and Low.

Where was I? Right, Nibiru. Well... expert astronomers are saying that this planet is on its way and we are screwed and... to quote me, “not in the way that I wanted to be, with sweet fruits and champagne but more like the Christians and the lions with lots of excruciating pain.” My problem with this is that probably not a single one of you is preparing for this. I recognize that most of us do not have a VIP pass to those underground luxury low rise condos; seriously low rise, since they are going in the opposite direction and behaving like David Rockefeller's dick, unless there is the appearance of a young boy in a communion suit to sacrifice on the altar to Satan. Then all bets are off.

Jesus, Visible (thank god I put a comma there) this doesn't sound very spiritual so far. Well, it's just one of those things; happens now and again and maybe the saving grace of that is that Nibiru is probably spiritual, even though it is a manifest expression but surely there have been manifest expressions that have been spiritual, like Jesus Christ, not Jesus Visible, which, as far as I know, does not exist but might be a good name for a Folk Rock group, if I can ever get the band back together. The thing is that everyone else is probably geriatric by now, except for me; that is a positive for arrested development and in my case, both arrested and incarcerated. You'd think as bad as my condition in that regard is that they would have sent me to a youth facility but... I digress.

Nibiru... something... something. It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember what it is. Some massive planet is coming; ten times the size of Earth and it comes every 27 million years or so, which for me is a long time but somehow they know about this; must be algorithms or something and Google would know about that but Google is silent on the matter, except when it isn't but it is all chatter isn't it? As much as it annoys me when people quote scripture, cause of that self righteousness virus thing, I approve of and enjoy scripture because it confirms things that I believe to be true and one of the lines I like is that “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” I think I am going to go with that for the moment; given that there is only now and ever will be.

It makes me smile when people talk about God as if they know what he wants and what he will do. I think I will create some scripture; no one knoweth the Nature of God, for that is sealed up in mystery and defined only in the vanities of a presuming mind. The Lord is neither good nor evil but some measure of awareness well beyond the barking of dogs, walking on their hind legs for a time and performing tricks for an audience of laughter.

Nibiru and whatever other doomsday scenarios that are birthed of the angst of this troubled age are of no consequence to me. Come they might, or not but my personal ability is not sufficient to a control of such events. I have enough on my mind simply seeking to control myself. It is the most difficult thing in the world, given that we are meant to surrender to achieve it in the first place. I'm not Abraham wrestling with angels. I don't wrestle with angels, given that they are direct extensions of the ineffable.

I figure we can put a couple backpacks together (should this prove real) and head for the Luray Caverns in Virginia but... you know they would probably close them, saying they are not safe, because above ground is the much better option or some form of bureaucratic nonsense or... they are already secreted there with their more deserving relatives.

Like another bit of scripture says; “for whosoever shall desire to save his life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, he shall save it.” Amen. The truth of the matter is that if the ineffable wants you saved, he'll do it. He can whisk you into the upper atmospheres without a whole lot of thought involved. The ineffable can do anything that can be imagined and one should not forget this, otherwise one might be left to their own devices.

There is this feature where if you have the desire to be independent -that can happen- if only to prove certain enduring truths about walking through the valley of the shadow of death on your own. Many, many times a day people experience what it is like to be on their own or to believe they are. One of the most powerful lessons that attend life is that at some point one must discover that there is a divine being and whatever experiences are necessary to take one to that understanding will occur and continue to occur until one reaches this understanding. All our arguments and protestations are in vain because there most certainly is a divine being and life... lifetimes are nothing more than a game of hide and seek. Outside of the sheltering wings of the almighty god there is only suffering. It might seem for a time that there are those who cruise along in some fantasy existence of their own device but it is only one more soul bound for self discovery and there is a vast distance between actively seeking the indwelling divine and having that information brought to your attention in extremity.

As it so happens, those of us in search of the divine also suffer as well but that suffering is just money in the bank. This is how I see it. One might say that all suffering achieves something. I am not sure of that. I think some suffering is pointless but suffering experienced in the pursuit of the ineffable is never pointless. It is currency. It is an investment. There are all kinds of investment banks, bankers and investors. Some of these banks are spiritual. There are all kinds of parking meters, whether on Earth, in Heaven, in Hell. I'm not interested in temporary things; material, spiritual, or otherwise. I don't like the idea of parking meters when it comes to my saying Aloha to this place, only to come back again. This is not a natural habitat for me. It isn't for any of us, it is a place of trial and testing. So... perhaps according to the ineffable it is natural but I prefer the supernatural. Some don't. Many don't. They like it here. They get to do things that are natural and unnatural in this place. I don't understand the logic of most of it but apparently it makes sense to them. It makes little sense to me. I've tried a lot of the experiences that people are so hooked on. They just don't do that much for me except as some form of temporary palliative, a momentary escape but... we cannot escape ourselves. That follows wherever we go.

When we drink alcohol and go down or sideways and when we get high and go up to whatever levels are permitted to us... it is momentary and there is a level of attrition attendant, regardless... and you always have to come back to the level you are at because of the integration factor that attends every flight of imagination and perception. The doors close again. Only through initiation or grace is there a lasting operational impact and whether earned or conferred, it is still earned in some way. We have to keep pressing or... conversely, letting go. There are arguments for either approach. I think it is a matter of temperament which one applies ...and I think this speaks to all those different roads that the travelers each insist upon being the only way. The only way where the only way applies is when it has to do with the singular preference of any individual soul. It depends on the ray you are on and your level of advancement and then one could say that this or that was the only way, simply because it is the most expedient and that can vary widely. It still wouldn't be the only way.

The only time it becomes the only way is when it is the path of Love because that is the same slender vein of gold within every path... no matter which, so long as it be a path where Love applies, it can be the only way because... sooner or later, that path must be taken.

I believe it to be true that one can gain all the wisdom of Solomon but they will still have to come back and walk the path of Love but... if one walks the path of Love to begin with, everything else is automatically conferred as well.

I've no idea if Nibiru is around the corner, or if it is something else or something else again. I know that I will be guided to where I should be, or transited, or it won't matter. It will be as it should be because my own greatest drive is for the ineffable and that is a contract that no matter how inconsistently I might honor it, is completely honored at the other end, though there is no other end really. They are the same point but differently perceived from two 'seemingly' different aspects. Eventually we are one with what we seek and emulate and that applies across the board; no matter what way stations we may inhabit for however long, no matter what exit is taken, no matter what town or wasteland of location or being we fall asleep in, we will awaken at some point, no matter how vast the distance ahead or within may appear to be.

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Monday, April 04, 2016

There is No Way Out... only A Way In.

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People express their affections in various ways but most people, in the much larger mass, express them by degrees of the same way. It is understandable that someone might develop an attraction for Brazilian tree frogs. That it should become a powerful political movement is not understandable, unless the mass of the population have become so conditioned into being 'agreeable' that they lose all sense of proportion and accurate perspective. In the Bible it says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Attraction and affection are two different things and Love is different than either, even though Love at its more primitive level may give birth to both attraction and affection, Love moves far and away beyond either of these. It's been said that 'god is love' and that Love created everything, including that which is not love for the purpose of everything being brought under the dominion of love. Of course, I don't remember anyone actually saying that but I believe it and I think I am probably paraphrasing. We all are at any point because everything that can be said has already been stated, as Ecclesiastes said, “there is nothing new under the sun. All things have been from of old.” I buy that. God knows I paid for it.

Love can never be fathomed in its totality or fully expressed but everything that could be said, has been said, except in those wordless transmissions between the potter and the vessels; between the creator and the created. In that zone, wonder upon wonder appears and transcends beyond anything that human consciousness is prepared for, so, in the manner of the ancients, one must become more than human in order to experience it. This is the way of ancient wisdom and that which fools call evolution through limited understanding... first the rock, then the plant, then the animal, then the human, then the God. Intelligence is the source and guidance system of creation and not the result of it and intelligence will always fail if it is not directed by Love. Love sees across spaces too large for the imagination to visualize or for the senses to behold. It is always out of reach and as a result, for informed souls, always to be pursued.

We don't know if anyone has reached it but we do know that they were no longer human if they did. Kundalini is the power of manifesting godhood. The tenets and truths of this are beyond the power of words, music or symbols to express. All that one can gather is that there are those who have passed through certain gateposts that their intensity and Love caused to open before them. Where they landed or arrived at after that is beyond description here.

This is why one notices in all true masters an abject and complete humility. They have recognized their limitations before the all being. The unfortunate condition of humanity in times like these is the priesthood and religions that they use for the purpose of material gain. Where is there a religion that attends through service and anonymity the greater good of all? Such a religion can only be found in the silent and hidden caverns of the heart. One's greatest journey is not completed by foot or ship or plane anywhere. It might involve that and it often does as in the tales of Theseus, Perseus and Ulysses. These are all allegories of those challenges mastered and those tests passed. It is internal and always will be.

On the outer planes it is all about pomp and circumstances and the accomplishment of individual glory. This is the cesspool of vanity in which so many souls drown or are trapped for whatever period the ineffable requires on the pathway to their understanding. The only way out of this cesspool is within and that is what contains so many in that hog lagoon of ignorance for so long. Eventually like over inflated bladders, these things and states explode as a result of their own efforts at self importance. How can anyone compete with the sun? The sun itself is only a material expression of the spiritual sun and the spiritual sun is only an idea in the mind of the ineffable.

Out here it goes from mystery to mystery and once unraveled one finds nothing. Within it goes from mystery to mystery and once unraveled, one finds something and it can be said that definitively what one finds is themselves. Then one gains the power to free and inform humanity and every other kingdom that might exist or come to mind or be created for the purpose of demonstration to that effect.

All we can do here is work through innuendo and inference. We have no other powers of any real importance and any power that any of us does have is conferred.

We have people coming around here and putting down everyone who gets mentioned from Stevie Wonder to Martin Luther King and from Gandhi to Alice Bailey. The people that do this, knowingly or unknowingly, work for the dark side, either as conscious agents or unconscious tools. Whether any one of these individuals that have been mentioned here have had flaws is something I am indifferent to. We all have flaws and as we have said some number of times; every master has a secret life of shame. I am less concerned about the flaws in any one life than I am the lack of performance. We all have handicaps but... do we overcome them or... do we go on despite them, doing our best ...or... do we fail to try? “The only failure is a failure to try.” If you don't give up you cannot fail. Did any of these people leave an inspired legacy of great thoughts and actions to consider? Did they leave good footprints? Are people's lives improved by hearing their words and experiencing their thoughts? I would say that is what counts.

Of course, people change costumes down here and people impersonate values and qualities they do not possess. Some people highly regarded in recent history are psychopathic monsters and some who are horribly defamed have served with honor and served well. You never get good press telling the truth; not in these times. That should never be one's consideration. The rewards to be gained on the manifest plane are temporary and less filling; like that beer commercial. The rewards elsewhere are far more lasting and also change you in a lasting way. To each their own I suppose. You are in a supermarket of the mind; you pick what attracts you or you pick what sustains you. That choice is made based on the nature of your appetites and aspirations. No one can make these choices for you unless you give them that power and that can be both terrible and miraculous. Some of us choose to give over our wills; it can be said but... in fact... all of us do, one way or another.

Some believe in what they can see and some believe in what they cannot see but all of us believe in something, even if that is nothing, it is still something because everything comes out of nothing... seemingly.

We try to cover all the places that can be covered in these postings. Sometimes that comes with an impression of anger, or passion or force and sometimes it runs over the waters of more lazy and meandering rivers. One cannot get the sense of it from any particular riverbank or any particular place on any particular water, unless one gets the awareness that the awareness of it all is within the water itself... just as memory is the most crucial of qualities because it is all about remembering and not about discovering. It is more about recovering and that is where the statements of 'be yourself' and 'know thyself'' comes from. That is where, “the kingdom of god is within you.” comes from.

It's been quite a ride. I hope you have enjoyed it. Don't let the sun go down on your disappointment and don't let it come up without you already being consumed in Love or determined to find it.

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