Wednesday, February 28, 2024

"Trying to Fill The Emptiness... Created by The Departure from God, and Which... Cannot... Be... Filled... in... This Manner."

God Poet Transmitting.......

♫ Isn't this ugly? Isn't this terrible? I can't believe what The Usual Suspects have done.

Sick HIV Trans


They've made breastfeeding real with HIV. Isn't this... uglier... than... sin? dah dah din... dah dah din ♫ (with apologies to Stevie Wonder) The Weimar Republic was the same and the same players were behind the making of it, and that gave rise to what followed... eh?

This is the general reaction to deep and endemic corruption. You swing too far in one direction, and... the pendulum of reaction swings back just as powerfully in the other direction. This sort of vile nonsense is more common in The Crown Colonies than it is anywhere else... yet. This is because certain influences have fewer checks upon their perversities in those locations. This is what comes from letting everyone live their own truth... when there is no truth present at all.

Why... it gets weirder and weirder, and... well... weirder is... what it gets. When a certain segment of the population possesses an adamant resistance to the idea of a Divine Being, there is no limit to what they might be capable of creating in its place. In fact... what you get is The Opposite Number. I am often amused at how this particular set can worship The Dark Side, and then insist that there is no Light Side. It goes completely against the observable physics of existence.

My guess is that when you are driven toward the celebration of all that goes contrary to The Greater Good... when you are absolutely... and one might even say... religiously passionate about it... you don't have any great concern about it having to make sense, and then... eventually... you run into problems. The prevailing thought has been that you'll be sharp enough to get out of town... before everyone else becomes equally passionate... about dealing with what you've done, BUT... certain mysterious forces seem to know how to find you no matter where you go.

It won't be any different this time.

Well... they can't help themselves... can they?

It's a vicious cycle caused by the advance of Materialism. Humanity moves further and further away from its true comfort zone... as a home for the spirit... in the vehicle of The Soul... experiencing life in the dreaming body.

The World is filled with external attractions that amplify the wanting... because of the emptiness... that is created by the separation of the heart and mind... from that place of interior union, and... the wanting gets stronger and stronger... to fill the emptiness that is created... by the departure from God, and... which cannot be filled in this manner. It accounts for all the bizarre sexual perversities and hungers... the worldwide depression, fear... unrest... despair, and... everything else.

Materialism creates a hunger that screams; “Feed the flesh! Feed the flesh!” Wanting intensifies... satisfaction decreases... giving rise to frustration, and then to anger, and then to rage. Eventually... there rise armies of the rampaging insane... to tear it all down. People wander lost. Their minds are gone. They die on the margins.

Love creates kindred spirits. It creates kinship. The Family unit is the building block of civilization and culture. Love manifests Unity. When Love has gone, only appetite and desire remain, and... CHAOS... WILL... COME... AFTER... in those places that Love has departed from. Always remember that when The Darkness grows stronger and more concentrated in certain locations, The Light is growing stronger and more concentrated in other locations.

It is a principle of Physics. Physics and Metaphysics are one science. Where the one bandwidth cannot reach... the other begins. At the borders of The Comprehensible begins The Land of The Incomprehensible. Only so much can be contained in knowledge. Knowledge exists between parameters of limitation. Wisdom dwells where knowledge cannot go, and Wisdom comes when Right Living and Persistent Aspiration activates The Intuition.

When you persistently aspire you... are... knocking... on... a... door. You have to keep knocking. There are no general measurements of time and effort that apply across the board. Some have knocked persistently at other times. They will be answered more quickly. All comers MUST submit to sincerity testing. There is no way around it, and... you must knock and keep on knocking. Most will not continue... that is just how it goes, but... they will come again... at different points in time... when desperation compels them.

These are just words. Words can act as triggers, but... they are not The Thing Itself. There are two worlds, well... there are more than two worlds, but... let us speak about two of them. Let us consider The External World and The Internal World. The Outer World is perceived by The Material Senses. The vehicle we use to traverse The External World is the physical body. The Inner World is navigated by a different means.

The degree of Wanting that exists in any particular physical body is the determiner of its actions. In this state... there is little difference between animals and humans, where wanting... hunger... appetite... and physical desires predominate.

You see what I am doing? I am saying the same things... again and again... in different ways, and... it is just words, but... words are triggers. We watch animals at play. We play with our pets, and that brings out a part of us that we like very much. We are watched by higher life forms in the same way, and they also play with us, if... we... let... them... if we seek them out, and... especially... if we can keep it to ourselves; certain details... that is. Some of these potential playmates cannot abide profane lifestyles or the telling of secrets.

Wanting gives off heat. It can often drive away the very thing you want. What you want... the force of your wanting... determines the entire course of your life. It sets up... in advance... all of your encounters in life. It has been truly said that character is fate.

How this world is set up is that you get everything you want. I'm not kidding here. What I am saying is the truth, and everything you see... everywhere you look... in the lives of people near and far... is them getting what they wanted at some earlier point, AND... the following disappointment that comes when they find out this is not what they really wanted. You get what you think you want, even if you don't understand what that is... even if you have not properly identified something for what it really is... you will get it.

Depending on what it is that you want, it might not arrive in the same lifetime you are wanting it in, BUT... your wanting... is presently setting the conditions for its appearance later on. It doesn't matter what it is... how impossible it might seem... how evil it might be... you will get it IN SOME FASHION, according to your ability to clearly visualize it, That is a very important feature of the process... clear and precise visualization.

In cosmic terms, being able to not want... can be easily as important as being able to want. Your personal evolution depends on your ability to refine your desires, as you process the meaning you have garnered from your life experiences. Yes... this was/is worth having. No... this is/was not worth having. That's all there is to it. Wanting is the source of all your problems. It is also the way out of them.

Want The Divine alone... more than anything else, and your life will improve in every area... well beyond your ability to imagine it at this point. Many people... in every culture that there ever was... are into GETTING LAID WITH THE PROPHET. They use their spiritual pretensions as seduction routines. This is always around and you have to watch out for it. There are people who will use their proclaimed association with The Divine to get other people to take off their clothes.

It is not the most important thing that the players see what is happening, though... eventually... everyone sees. The Most important thing is that God sees; Cave Dei Videt! Beware! God sees! That was something often inscribed over doorways to certain locations in Medieval times. If you are dedicated and sincere... YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! Nothing and no one can stop you!

“Seek ye first The Kingdom of God, and everything else will be added unto you.” Those are true words. They may be just words, BUT... words are triggers. Get The Main Item! Everything else will follow, and far... far... more than you ever dreamed of. God is real... my friends... and you cannot deceive The Divine... not ever!

Wanting is the problem and the solution. You cannot kill out wanting. You cannot kill out desire. Desire is the agency of God's Will. You must direct your wanting and hold it in place. Concentration will intensify the force of it... like sunlight through a magnifying glass. It will ignite and activate the object of your attention.

All the vain wanting... across the impossible reaches of time... will not fill the emptiness inside, The emptiness drives The Wanting. However... it was never empty to begin with.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, February 23, 2024

"By Means that May Seem Magical... Their Doom Approaches. They are Going to Lose Everything They Thought They Had."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today we are going to reveal a great secret. It is known to some, and some who know of it... discount it... don't think of it in practical terms... see it but don't see it. It is our collective ignorance of this great truth that allows The Divide and Conquer Bunch... The Predatory Feed on Their Fellows Cabal... that little cluster of protected life forms who... actually need the protection... given how they behave toward the rest of us... to do what they do, and... to get away with what they get away with.

I am talking about the focused... collective... mental power of The Hive Mind... directed toward the common good, AND... directed toward those who would abuse us. It is one of the greatest powers there is... the power of the collective mind of humanity. There is a reason that The Powers that Were... reacted so violently that day at The Pentagon... when the protesters encircled the building and began a chant to levitate it.

When the people realize that focusing the collective attention... of all of us... upon the predators... can result in their being rendered powerless.. then there are some changes that will be coming swiftly indeed. Also... there are those of The Good Guys... who are empowered with the immeasurable force of The Divine, but... who have held their peace until now... letting existence work itself out... along the Karmic continuum, BUT... the time is coming. The Time is coming.

This is a very dangerous subject to be addressing, but... if I am permitted to say it, that is authorization enough. I am already marginalized and shut out of wider access so... we'll see. However... this great secret... that is similar to what Tesla was up to, and the doctors who find cancer cures, and all manner of discoveries that threaten the control of The Vampire Matrix... have been around since The Beginning. It has served the purposes of The Overlords to keep this intelligence away from us.

They do not want a golden age. They do not want free energy... abundant and nutritious foods, clean water... or real education... that includes the knowledge of useful things. They do not want this. They want to live in their exclusive palatial settings... feeding off of an enslaved humanity.

One of their great diversions... was the creation of Communism... to address the disparities in existence, that were CREATED BY THEM, BUT... that... in fact... simply resulted in them having an even greater control. The record of misery caused by Communism should be known far and wide.

They consider themselves to be the arbiters of fate. They have the appearance of being in control of everything material for the purpose of world enslavement. They have corrupted or bought off most of the public figures... who exist as a kind of barrier between us... and them. They make the laws and they... selectively... enforce them.

By means that may seem magical... their doom approaches. They are to lose everything they thought they had. They are going to be rendered bankrupt and penniless for a very... long... time. It is what they caused for themselves and nothing can stop it coming.

Part of The Awakening... is the common knowledge of the power of The Unified Human Mind... when it has been released from its bondage to the fears and hungers... perpetrated upon it... by those who have been manipulating the perceptions of The Hive Mind. They have been telling you what to think... because there is a great power in thought. There is a far greater... an exponentially greater... power in united thought, and it is what The Master intended when he spoke about... wherever two or more are gathered in my name.

They prosper by keeping us at each other's throats. They create climates of suspicion and distrust... just like the present construct that paints Putin as an adversary to our good fortune... which we do not even possess... because they took that away from us.

Some decades ago, a man could own a house and a car... feed a family, and ensure for them a better life, all... on... one... paycheck. At the time there were far fewer millionaires and almost no billionaires. Look at what has happened since. Now even two paychecks cannot pay for one family, and there are a great many billionaires. It's simple math.

They create wars to control our numbers, and to acquire more wealth. They create diseases and suppress cures to create tension and fear in our existence. They poison the food and water to make us weak and stupid... disoriented, and caught up in The Pleasure Games... that involve gratuitous sexual gratification... making many of us... not unlike caged monkeys... pushing the buttons for sugar... cocaine... whatever. Bread and Circuses are The Great Distraction.

Another great distraction is The Enemy at a Distance, while they import enemies to create ever greater unrest domestically. Distraction causes disunity in The Mind and a disunity between our fellows. Diversity... Equity... and Inclusion... are weapons being wielded against The Common Good. I'm not telling you anything new. I am telling you what you can do about it.

If you want to be a part of making The World a better place then... your mind has to come into a common accord with the rest of us... in order to push out The Invaders in our hearts and minds and The World around us. When I say invader I am not referring to the orchestrated migrant scam. That is just another symptom of The Great Unrest... created by those who have no country... no creed... no fidelity toward ANYTHING but their own gain. They are The Globalists... Satanic Banker Syndicate... of The Makers of War... and Want.

Our collective awareness of them is a power indeed. That alone will put them on notice, and our joining together... creates a machine... greater than anything Tesla was working on... because it is the source of all great things, whatever... they... may... be. The Mind of The Divine is to be found in a unified consciousness... It's another kind of unified field theory, and you can leave Einstein out of this conversation.

Think of yourself in a state of unity with everyone around you. Radiate unity and love... without having to say anything about it. One thing I do... every morning at the rising of The Sun, and every evening at the setting of The Sun is to stand before it... with my hands at my side and my palms forward, and softly repeat OM while focusing on The Sun. You can look directly at it at this time. This OM unifies your consciousness with that of The Sun, and puts you into resonance with the intelligence that is streaming from it.

You can then enter The Higher Mind... already within you.

I acknowledge that I am at the altar of Nature... which eternally celebrates the ineffable... through The Portal... where the ineffable streams the life-giving force upon The Earth, and... upon every living thing. We are all composed of sunlight.

I recognize that I am in a continuously ongoing... tantric act of love, and union... with the incomprehensible source of all good things. This sense of love and unity... is coming into the collective consciousness... through The Awakening and the good offices of Mr. Apocalypse. It cannot be stopped. It is The Inevitable... courtesy of The Ineffable.

I cannot put into words all the necessaries to this idea that is eternal in The Heavens, BUT... I trust that you... the reader... already know all that needs to be known about this, and that you also know you can rely on the certainty of being informed... about everything you may not know at present... simply by seeking and being open to it.

Let us think them out of existence. Let us use the creative imagination to see them ruined and devoid of all power to harm others. Let us see them fading like a shadow before the brilliance of The Sun that... even now... is streaming The Avatar into manifestation, and following his visit... comes The Golden Age. You can absolutely rely on this coming to pass. You can also rely on it... eventually... passing too... such is the nature of things... here on The Plane of Constant Change.

The endless duplicities... of the double-dealing hoaxsters... is Byzantine in its ability to deceive. As long as you want nothing from them they cannot seduce you.

Now they have their own double-visioned images of self-deceit directed back at them through a mirror that has been shined up for just such an occasion, and it can play tricks on the mind that the tricksters never imagined to be possible.

It's Schrodinger's crematorium at Auschwitz. It's a parallel prevarication that is false in two places at the same time. It's a continuum that doubles back on itself, and then disappears up its own asshole... where it hibernates for some number of years... before an interior alarm activates it into a vibrating butt-plug... that reverses the Kundalini, and you get The World you see before you today.

This is not their world. They have only been allowed to play with it for a time... for The Purpose of Demonstration. That time... is at an end!

It's rad, man!!! I was there! I saw it happen. It was so freaking far out that I can't remember a thing! Can you imagine how that haunts me? I can't remember that either. This is what dumbing-down will get you, but there is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Unity is the single objective of Love, and you will certainly... eventually... unify with that which you love. Given what I have seen in the times I've been here; best make that... A Higher Love.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

"The World Would Become Very Grim for Me... Very Quickly... if The Divine were not The Centerpiece of My Existence."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In Russia, it is traditional for mystics to seek God through persistent prayer. They... pray without ceasing. You might call this a form of Mantra Yoga. It might take the shape of something like; 'Be still and know that I am God', but... in Russian, of course, and possibly... it might consist of something entirely different. I'm not presently informed about what's happening out on The Sibir these days.

Every demographic has particular forms of worship, be they constant or intermittent. The further West you get, the more intermittent it will probably be. From God's perspective... you're either all in or... he'll wait till you are... occasionally tweaking you here and there... or generating goosebumps to let you know he's ready when you are. It's not his nature to micromanage.

My system is quite eclectic. So far as I know, I am the only one who practices it, BUT... I don't know much, so... it might be more widely spread. I call it Raja-Tantra-Vijnana Yoga. RTV for short. It's an off-road system that I employ because I don't like being pushed around on the main thoroughfares. That's something my teacher said to me when I asked him why he wasn't in the city where he could help more people.

The Raja factor has to do with The Mind, and... the Tantra-Vijnana aspect has to do with incorporating it into everything I do... with loving attentiveness, so as to have direct experience of it in everything I do, so as to give the angels indication that I'm all in... as opposed to being just in town for the weekend.

The World would become very grim for me... very quickly... if The Divine were not the centerpiece of my existence.

I'm discussing this with you today because I have been including links to a sort of mini-Kundalini seminar, and it is beyond fascinating... those possibilities of being able to do anything simply because ♫ the kunda's connected to the chakras, and...
the chakras are connected to the nadis, and...
the nadis are connected to the siddhis, and so on ♫

There are different ways to sequence it, BUT... I bring it up because... while you have been reading this... you have surely come across the mention... now and again... that one needs a teacher to accomplish the operation. You will note that many spiritual texts mention this... now and again, and I am mentioning it because... if you try to do this on your own... you will not succeed, and... even worse, you might wire yourself wrong. Only a master electrician knows where all the circuits go.

I'm not telling people what to do, I'm simply adding a word or two of caution, and... let us mention MOTIVE here, especially... because MOTIVE has a lot to do with where you wind up. You can substitute INTENTION... if you prefer.

My teacher has told me that everything present in those texts, and a great deal more... that is not in those texts, (for me) comes... with... the.. package. It's a package deal. In other words, I rely on him utterly and he handles all of The Details. I hold still while he purifies me, as a mother might do while washing her child in the bathtub. My only contribution to the process is TO... NOT... INTERFERE. My job is not to hinder the work of the angel... operating under the direction of The Divine.

God does all the work. I do nothing. God is perfectly fine with letting me handle The Details... if I insist. He knows how that will end up, so... he steps back and waits. This is the situation nearly everyone in The World is in; insisting on handling it themselves because... they know better.

I understand what those articles say. I have been studying in these areas for lifetimes. I have enjoyed some spectacular failures because... I used to never do anything in a small way. I wanted to hang the stars in the sky and make them twinkle according to divine inspiration. No poet can write much more than laundry lists without divine inspiration. You would think that would be proof-positive for any real poet to understand where the poetry was coming from, BUT... one does get swept away on occasion and forget this.

Part of the problem is that we are divine ourselves, BUT... we are unrealized. We become realized... in stages... when The God Force becomes active in us... through some variation of the Kundalini experience. I had this experience... the first time... many years ago. It was so powerful that it lasted for a couple of years at a raging intensity. Then it backed off, and... it has come again at other times. It's a process that pushes one's endurance to the limit. Everything I might have wanted in life had to take a backseat to this condition. It also caused me real problems interfacing with the sleeping world.

I should have known better... I suppose. I should have simply walked away from The World, BUT... it didn't work out like that. Destiny ran contrary to every effort on my part... sometimes reversing its course several times over a short period of time. Only lately have I more fully realized what I should have understood from the beginning... that it was no longer my life to do anything with, but... when The Purpose of Demonstration calls... whatever you get... comes with the territory.

Now... in recent years. I consider myself among the most fortunate men to have ever lived. It was not all that long ago when I considered myself one of the most miserable of men, and that went on for a very long time, much longer than the good part has, though I am told this good part will be going on for much... much longer now. Oh sure... when it was awful I put a smiley face on it. No one knew what was happening under the surface, and... neither did I, BUT... it was happening to me... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Imagine going through something that you cannot explain to almost anyone because there is no common area of understanding. Most people... the ones that actually do believe... often believe in a God who doesn't actually exist. They have confined The Divine within the parameters of their own understanding and that's neither possible nor real.

God might well be a serpent, and I am now utterly convinced this is true, but you can't go around telling people this. You can't tell people that The Devil works for God or... all kinds of other things that might well be absolutely true, but... which run contrary to the control systems... of the incestuous clusterfuck of religion and government... going at it... in the darkness beneath the sheets. Of course, I have said these things and many similar statements have I made. And... caused me problems, but... now The World is about to turn over in its grave and come to life in ways that few imagine to be possible. Now they got bigger fish to fry or... they soon will have. Yeah... it's going to get REALLY interesting.

The World envisioned by The Globalist... Satanic... Banker cabals is beginning to crumble about their ears that never listened... right before their eyes that refused to see. Tedros... Kerry and others are whining on international media about how people are not buying into their bullshit, AND... it's for our own good!!! The pressure is coming down hard on these fools... who front the combines... that hunger for death and destruction... but mostly for control... on a grand scale.

Imagine that you are Kerry... or Tedros... or Gore, and you have fire-breathing Satanists giving you what fur. Yikes. Imagine what it's like to be in The Court of Heavenly Justice... only to find that your personal advisor... over the entire course of your bad behavior... turns out to be The Prosecuting Attorney. Imagine those who run The House... that sets the odds... that always wins... finding out that the real fix went in before they ever started their own little scams.

Now The Truckers are realizing their power.

The Bud Light Factor exists at every level. NOTHING is off the table when it comes to the ingenuity of Mr. Apocalypse. The Wheelers and Dealers at every level.... always miss the fifth wheel that powers the other four... or the Gestalt Wheel that turns invisibly within the watch-works of every mechanism.

It is the same with seeking spiritual powers via Lady Kundalini. You can and will mess yourself up through any ambition other than the desire to serve in a selfless fashion... to be humble like one who has true perspective... to be grateful beyond thought... to love without reserve. These are the powers to be sought after; the possession of The Qualities of God. All that other noise leads you right back into the landscape of the hands reaching up out of the graves for... you... in... passing. If you're headed the wrong way... it's open season.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

"Or... We Can Leap Once More into The Breach, The Entryway... The Portal... into The Primordial Soup of Carnal Desire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I can't get the scale of it... the amount of population... hundreds and thousands of people in places I never heard of... though... as time passes... I become more familiar with parts of The World, and I still... routinely... come across cities, and sometimes even countries that I did not know about previously.

I remember being in airplanes at night... in Europe... flying from one country to another, and looking out the window to the lights below. Sometimes there were smaller clusters. Sometimes there were wide stretches of light. I would think about the lives being lived below me... people I would never meet. Places I would never go, but the whole of it... here and... even in the distant reaches of space... all choreographed by a being with an intimate knowledge of everything coming... going... and standing still.

That being is the actual force of life in every living thing. Everyone I saw... man or woman... bird or beast... possessed a spark of The Divine Being. Everything I saw... Trees and plants... rocks and other solid matter... were all made out of the body of that Divine Being. Every living thing... every inanimate thing... was some adaptation of The Life Force for a specific purpose... often possessing of a destiny that reached far away... into the distance of time... forever coming, and... totally unknown to the one passing through it.

Lately, when reading books, it occurs to me that I've already seen this... that... and the other thing... over and over again, and why am I reading any of it since I found what I was looking for and there is nothing left to find ever again? Now... all that remains are the changes and progressions from what I am... to what I really am.

I'm reminded of that line in The Bhagavad Gita; “Just as a reservoir is of little use when the whole countryside is flooded, scriptures are of little use to the illumined man or woman who sees The Lord everywhere.” I don't mean... in any way to imply that I am an illumined person, only that the whole countryside is flooded... with sunlight... and the teachings of The Sun, and there is little use for scriptures... for me... because there are living reproductions... in life itself... everywhere I look...

I imagine I will continue to read The Gita and The Sutras of Patanjali each day, but... The Sun radiates Ageless Wisdom all day long, and a smaller... replica Sun is resident within each one of us, though it might not be operating at prime efficiency OR... the person it is present in... has distanced themselves from its light to such an extent... that it appears as a very distant star in the sky... if it appears at all.

I had an image of The Sun today. I know that every soul that departs from here sets off for The Sun initially, I tend to subscribe to the Tibetan teaching concerning The Soul's migration. You see a bright light and you head toward it. That light becomes increasingly brighter... until you cannot bear it. At that moment... a softer light appears to the side, and you change direction.

This can happen a number of times, and once you have turned away from The Sun itself, you are headed toward some permutation of The Moon... or even Pluto for all I know... or worse. Each soul is drawn to the place that accommodates the nature... the persona... it has developed during its residence here... in The Department of the Flesh... also known as The Magnetic Dust Composite (by me anyway) which was woven for each of us... by a seamstress on The Moon... during our last journey in and out.

This seamstress weaves our fate into the material envelope... that carries us through this material dimension... each time we come and go. Free Will enables us to cooperate with the forces from The Higher Planes, whose job it is to assist us in Liberation from The Vale of Tears OR... we can tell them to piss off and leap once more into the breach... the entryway... the portal... into the seething primordial soup of carnal desire. There we can writhe like the characters in the living wall that moves behind Al Pacino when he speaks to Keanu about taking over his father's business in “The Devil's Advocate.”

You also see these lifeforms described in Dante's Inferno, (which is not actually what scholars have defined it to be...) OR... visually depicted in the paintings of Bosch and others, and most especially represented in Buddhist iconography.

Anyway... I got distracted and went off on a segue several paragraphs ago. I was thinking about The Sun, and over the course of millions of years, the number of souls who actually make it to The Sun must be huge by now, even if it is never more than a trickle at the best of times. I saw The Sun as a vast mass of individual lights... all joined together and shining with a fiery love. Imagine millions of realized beings all generating soul light for our existence here on Earth!

Could this be the actual cause of the put-up job of Global Warming? Could it be the gradual increases in The Trickle Up Theory of population increases in The Sun?

At regular intervals, avatars of different ranks travel to Earth. Some of them are directed toward specific communities, and every now and then... a World Avatar descends... with a number of attendants... who fulfill certain duties... that have to do with his message... disseminated around The World.

So... the Sun is composed of millions of cells that are each a living creature of light... an angel... or other illumined beings, and they are constantly in an endless rhapsody of movement and song that dances and sings its praises to The Creator, and that is what life is like there. Many of the people resident down here... at this time... would not like it there. They still have all kinds of business here that The Separated Mind is heir to.

Our planet at this time is in a raging fury of billions of separated minds, jostling one another in a skirmish of appetites. Massive currents of hunger... anger... lust... all manner of negative desires... out of the Lower Nature... move through this ocean of humanity. Some currents burn like fire. Some chill like ice. They foment the wars, and... the wanting, and... the fear that moves... like giant creatures... in these currents. It is all born out of the sense of separation. In The Sun there is only unity. There are no battles of personalities in The Sun. Heaven is impersonal.

Yes... some shine brighter than others. They have been at it longer. Sometimes, they are driven with greater intensity, but there is no resentment among the others... because each and every resident is filled with an unspeakable joy that is born of an inviolable unity... Unity is always the objective of love... even when it is carnal... it is in search of union. The key is to seek a higher union, BUT... the flesh is demanding. Taming the flesh is much more difficult than letting it have its way.

This is true only for a short time though. Habit soon becomes stronger than one's ability to resist or avoid it. Good character is something one develops through the performance of habits, and the avoidance of habits. This is why Discrimination is of such critical importance. Discrimination is born out of Temperance... the force of tempering, which is the endless effort for ever-greater refinement. Eventually... the process makes one free of suffering altogether.

Each of the planets in this solar system has large populations of souls. In each location... lessons are being learned, and time is being served. In The Earth, there are chambers that also contain populations that work at producing metals and all manner of things. Our physical population on Earth is considerably smaller than the populations that exist outside the bandwidth of our senses. Those with spiritual talents of perception have no trouble seeing them and they have reported on their appearances.

Paracelsus documented many types of creatures of this sort.

There are many heavens. There are the Christian heavens of various densities of light. There is The Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. There are the Muslim Heavens... Krishna's Brahmaloka and various other locations. As Christ said, “In my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.” Fundies don't like that cause it implies less exclusivity for them. Anywhere that Fundies go could hardly be called Heaven; could it?

Every religion has Fundies where it's... my way or the highway... or worse... people who don't get along with anyone else, and they don't get along with each other either... they watch to see if anyone is breaking the contracts that are understood as The Letter of The Law. One of these days they might discover The Rules, but... it won't happen quickly because nothing happens quickly for these people.

Every religion has its Heavens and its Hells. You can see that right here on Earth, according to the eternal maxim; As Above so Below. Here we have imperfect reflections of what is ever more and more perfect the higher you go. If you discovered The Truth you will head toward The Sun, and... keep on going. Then you will head into The Lightning, and then... something... something.

If you have some relative truth, some truth that is in conflict with other truths... especially, say... if you are living your own truth, then you will wind up... temporarily... on The Moon until you are processed to your next port of call. It's all perfectly orchestrated for the people who love the systems they fancy they are in control of. Whoops!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 12, 2024

"That Thrall... That Anodyne Narcotic Darkness... Shimmering with Dream Images... Seems to be Real in The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What a brave... canny... and articulate hero this fellow is.

It makes me want to talk about Mr. Apocalypse today because... he is about to come to center stage. He's been working The Peripheral Circuit for some time now... honing his chops... getting the groove branded into his swing... the hydraulic slide... interfaced with his electraglide. I'm trying to paint a picture but I don't have The Gene; not where he is concerned.

I have anthropomorphized the force of him... into a living and conscious persona. He is that. He is the directed archetypal force, and... he is also the living embodiment of it... too. He is unstoppable. He is irresistible. If you do try to resist him, he will expose you... through your weakest link... to the eyes of the watching world, and yourself.

In the latest case of “Let's Go Brandon!” The Rock got seriously booed by the crowd with audible chants of “Maui! Maui!”

The Mainstream gives all sorts of other background causes. I know what I heard, “Let's go Brandon! Let's go Brandon!” “Why dere no cheddah fo Maui???” Mr. Apocalypse isn't having it.

I could put all kinds of links in here... from Shannon Sharpe's lady-boy... in public... to other dominoes of tumbling deception... happening far and wide. Something happens to you when you spend so much time in front of a camera. Mr. Apocalypse is in The Blood. He is in the fleshy components of The Hive Mind. Resist him and he will burn down your closet with you in it. Everyone needs to be mindful of this.

Now... I don't care whether The Rock is a hypocrite or who Shannon Sharpe plays dress-up under the sheets with... or any of the other examples that are now... appearing... by... the... day. I do care about what Satanyahu intends for Rafah... and I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms that this is The Rubicon. This will be the death knell of Israel.

Already... starvation, and all that attends it... are moving like the uninvited guest through the millions massed in Rafah. Illegal Land and Life Stealing Settlers are at the entry ports... where aid is attempting to get through to the truly huddled masses... and they are blocking the aid trucks. They are dancing in a kind of Satanic Rapture there, while rave music blasts from massive speakers. You can find evidence in The Links... OR you can find it easily enough, in The X-Zone. Video of this outrage is everywhere to be found.

If you are any kind of celebrity in any field of enterprise now... you are being hunted by a relentless force, and you had better mind how you go... or it will not go well with you. You'll be like someone who got drunk and forgot themselves, and then did all sorts of wild and terrible things... only to wake up the next morning asking yourself; “what did I do?”

Mr. Apocalypse is breaking down the barriers between The Conscious Life, and what lurks below... where The Hidden Self... travels in search of suitable clothes to wear... upon emerging into The Light of Day... but it will not be dressing itself. It will be dressed by being undressed, and seen as... it... is... by those awakening to the awareness... that rises above the dream fog... that has held them in a hypnotic sway for so long. A piercing light is being focused on this fog.

This light will be like sunlight upon The Morning Dew. It will be like The Sun shining upon the lowlands wreathed in mist. This mist represents the illusions and delusions that have held The Collective Mind in a thrall. That thrall... that anodyne... narcotic... darkness... that shimmers with dream images... taken to be real by the soporose mind... that deadening torpor... that has concealed the true face of the predators... who feed on Humanity is... about... to... be... exposed. The Reality Repo-Man is coming.

We have been mentioning this for some time... how The Force of Awakening, and Revelation were intensifying... in their impact on life in progressive stages. The less-tightly-wrapped have been freaking freely for some time... in the streets, and... before the eyes of The World, with carnival-freak sexuality... in a reversal of natural transubstantiation-migration... into bestial aspect... murderous rages, and mucker events; some of them from the pressure of the times, and some of them orchestrated in Manchurian Candidate fashion.

The rest... in danger of the same... have gripped more tightly to that which has carried them through other storms in the past. Unfortunately for them... that which they have been holding on to... is not really there, and they are going to discover this soon. Everyone causing harm to others... everyone profiting at public expense... everyone gaming existence... twisting what is... into what is not... for personal gain... are going to find there are no more ports in the storm.

There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Even now... as they see themselves driving Humanity to ruin, they are being noted... recorded... and tracked. They are playing with forces beyond their ken. They have believed in what they could see, and in their ability to make others see... whatever they wished them to see. Now... they are going to experience what they have been unable to see, as it rises up in their own being, and around them... to confront them... with the evil that they do.

It is Shakespearean! It is prophecy in motion. It is The Fruit of The Apocalypse... falling like explosive devices from The Tree of Life. The Will of God moves progressively down and from The In... to The Out... in phases from one circle of resident force to the next. Each of these occupied zones... transition states or... sephiroth (if you prefer)... receive the coloration and imprint of The Divine Will... as it moves from one to the next... until it reaches The Manifest Plane. This is the vehicle for the transmission of Heavenly Fiat.

As soon as an idea appears in The Mind of God it becomes a reality... then it progresses through the necessary stages toward material existence. It was vitally real at inception. It becomes more defined and less real as it continues to where it appears... as a temporary example... in The Dream World we inhabit with our physical forms. All of what we talk about here was set in motion sometime before its appearance here, AND... given the source of its creation... it CANNOT be opposed by anyone... at any time... ever, and... it never has.

Bend with it... accommodate to it... or be blown to Hell and gone. There is nothing behind Door #3.

Because existence has entered upon The Playing Fields of Absurdity... you can expect its appearance to become more and more cartoonish... more and more bizarre... more and more a lampoon... a satire upon itself. As it proceeds... at every step... it loses a little more of its integrity. Its integrity is what holds it together. It won't be long now... though in human terms... it could go on for a while yet. It will end in some places much sooner than in others.

This is the sort of thing a lot of people are proud of these days... proud enough to want to let you know about it.

Next week, it will be people bragging about how many times they stabbed a fork into their heads. This is what people captured by lies call 'living their own truth.' The fragmentation of unity... through the agency of Diversity... results in a general Perversity... because the overall cohesiveness has been chemically dissolved and now... things fall apart... just as the angel told Yeats... on the day that poem precipitated from The Celestial into The Material.

When you want to destroy a culture, you seize control of the music. Then you can program the soundtrack that people dance to. You turn Poetry into Pornography. You make graffiti and obscene performance art the imagery of the time. You grease the skids on the downward slopes and open the gates into The Land of Infernus. Many will attend this degeneration through Monkey see... Monkey do.

Those who wish to rise... above the gathering chaos... will understand the process... through the continuous application of The Greatest Commandment. Aspiration ascends. Desire descends. Desire is the agency of The Will of God for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is eternal. It is everlasting. It is the attractive force whose higher octave is Love... in an ever-rising awareness of The Cosmic Lover within.

Love is the magic fluid of existence. Will is the stationary posture that channels the flow of it. Life... and life more abundant, and... Existence more and more refined... are the products... of the process... of projected... constantly evolving Love. When nothing more is present or retained, the portal into Eternity and Limitless Light is opened wide for those with the eyes to see it.

End Transmission.......

Jacob Boehme's The Signature of All Things. This is the fiery hieroglyphics... inscribed into everything that we have spoken of here... at various times... over the course of these writings

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Wednesday, February 07, 2024

"In Times of Material Darkness... The Greatest Feat God ever Performed... was to Convince You that He Exists."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In The Midst of Times of Material Darkness; the greatest feat God ever performed was to convince you that he exists. Hmm... that sounds like something else I heard once. Doesn't that remind you of something? Heh heh... oh well, it was worth a shot, Kobayashi.

I'll tell you what puzzles me; how it is that people can be so utterly convinced of the existence of The Devil but have such a hard time believing in God, and... when they do... God's always at a distance. The point of Life... the way I get it... is to close the space between, and... that is what life does... sort of. It brings you closer to one or the other... sometimes without you being the wiser... until you are well along.

Here is something I have learned from the direct experience of it. The more you read The Divine into every aspect of your existence, the more The Divine presents through every aspect of your existence. You go from wondering if he... she... or it is even a thing. Then you find yourself talking to your version of that which you will never comprehend.

Then... some kind of pressure... that is always present in The Cosmos... causes you to get answers through a variety of mediums... until... you're having a back-and-forth conversation. You become one of the actors in that song, “In The Garden.”

It's a process of stages. It's a matter of degrees. It's a game of Marco! Polo! Only... you have to keep playing. Therein lies the best example of the greatest heartbreak we shall ever know; we stopped playing. We stopped calling out. We stopped coming.

When we were children we were in The Garden. You kind of have to be a child to be there. Puberty leads you out of The Garden, and... closes the door behind you. You fall in love with someone and that magic extends itself in every direction so that The Garden appears again, briefly... and then you fall out of love, and The Garden disappears once more.

The trick is to fall in love forever, and... this you can only accomplish by falling in love with What Is forever.

It was all arranged a long time ago; the presence... the eviction... the long return. The truly important things only gain their real value in your heart... once you have lost them You start out in a state of unity... then you are divided... then you search, and you search... and you search for that unity again. That last part can go on for countless lifetimes, as long as you are looking for that union in anything external to yourself.

All through the long exile, it does not occur to you... until much later... that you were being guided all along. People recapture some part of it... vicariously... when they have children of their own. They live through them. This is what The Divine is doing all along the way. The Divine is living through you... whether you are aware of it or not. Once you do become aware of it... oh, happy day!!!

It's a trick of The Mind. The Mind has so many tricks. The Mind is fighting for its survival. It is what The Mind does, but those who lose their lives... for the sake of that which is greater... come to live in eternity's sunrise. Once again... I believe the operative phrase is... oh, happy day!!!

You're right on the verge of it the whole time... even across the span of lifetimes... it is right there. It is closer to you than you are to yourself. It is yourself. It is that part of yourself that you are separated from. That sense of separation is what drives you, and drives you, and there is no peace. There is peace ONLY in the return of that union.

Once you have accomplished this union, once the union begins to speak to you... you no longer want anything else ever again, and it is so full of itself that it overflows... forever and ever. There is enough to share with the entire universe and the well... never... runs... dry.

Eventually you get that magic wand and... ♫ that magic touch ♫ and... “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” You get the magic-anointer ring. However flippant the presentation might be in that statement, it's as real as real can be.

Everything The Dark Side has down here... is a cheap and badly drawn copy of the original... that exists in Heaven. If there is a Ring of Power down here, it is based on the true Ring of Power in Heaven. This is why... when you finally know that everything on Earth is a poor imitation of the original... you no longer fear ANYTHING down here... because you know where the real power lies, and you can call upon it whenever there is need.

There is a great deal of deep meaning in The Works of Shakespeare;

“I can call spirits from the vasty deep.”

“Why, so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call for them?”

“Why, I can teach you, cousin, to command The devil.”

“And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil—
By telling the truth. Tell the truth and shame the devil.”

There certainly are more things in Heaven and Earth, but the real question is; why is it so hard? Why is it so dreadfully and excruciatingly hard? Well, the truth is that it is not. It is not hard. It is only hard when YOU are trying to do it... because YOU cannot do it. You cannot ever do it. That is not in your job description. You can ONLY allow it to be done. You can ONLY hold still... while it is performed without your interference.

Everyone who has had it accomplished in them will tell you the same thing. It is The Angel who completes The Great Work in you, and... all your own efforts are futile and will prove so.

There is no free will... except that which comes from your separation from The Whole, which puts you in whatever degree of resistance you muster to maintain your state of separation. Oh well... have it your way!

Time exists only apart from The Unity. There is no time within The Unity, and Time is corrosive and Time wears you away. It bends you over. It sucks the life and vitality from you... through all the activities you engage in... to maintain your separation. Good luck with that!!! Eat... Drink... and be Stupid! AH HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (Glorp.) That is the sound that dissolution makes.

So... The Whore of Babylon meets The Horses Ass, and... The Clock begins to tick.

All over The World at this time, people... situations... conditions, and the archetypal infrastructure that holds them together are... breaking down. We are approaching... actually presently undergoing... a Great Reset, BUT... it is not the one that the stand-in for The Empire Strikes Back is talking about. You see... everything the self-deceived are intent on bringing about for the rest of us, is already in play. They just want it to look like they are the ones doing it.

They... of course... would not be doing this... if they knew how it was going to come out. When you operate under false pretenses... you are taken to your doom under false appearances. It is only fitting that it should be so, that... that which you intended to inflict upon others should happen to you. It is ALWAYS too late to do something about The Apocalypse!

The biggest problem for The Movers and Shakers... is the constrictions of their own ignorance. They are not capable of saying, I... don't... know. They are absolutely certain that they do know, which... provides one more opportunity... among endlessly replicating opportunities... for history to record the evidence that they did not know, and... do not know.

Down here... there are always... the never-ending arguments... concerning whether we are all screwed... or not. Tinhorn dictators and porcine despots are always on hand... to lend an atmosphere of uncertainty. A bunch of strong-arming shitheels get together, and plot the end of The World for everybody else. They have the money and the big guns, and they always have an army of Stupids... that they can convince of their mission, and... call to arms... for the completion and defense of their cause.

However... something always goes wrong... especially in an apocalypse, where all of your efforts bring you more and more to the attention of everyone else. There has never been, and there will never be a time when some pack of scoundrels can take over The World. The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of The Profane... it recedes.

No one can succeed for long... who relies entirely on appearances... for the information they operate according to. It's what you don't see, and... can't see... that gets you. Oh well... you can't tell anyone anything. They have to find out for themselves. I did find out. I don't know. That should keep me in good stead until God sorts them out.

End Transmission.......

We now come to the heaviest statements yet by Jacob Boehme. (pronounced Burma) I don't know what to say about any of this. Some of it is deep and mysterious indeed.


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Friday, February 02, 2024

"A Pretty Face. That Could Be The Lure on Your Hook. You Might Cash that in Before Your Sell-by Date... If You were Smart."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Desire Worlds. The Worlds of Desire... sounds like a soft-core sci-fi novel or film? Not at all. This is a very real location, with floors like a high-rise hotel, or... the levels in a video game. It is possible to acquire heavy magical powers without any of the usual dangers or mishaps.

Let's talk about these worlds of desire first. At the base level are the animal attractions... inhabited by animal magnetism of various kinds, and... of course... animal nature as various as in Nature herself. This is an actual location in every area of human and animal residence and activity. The floors and levels of The Desire Worlds interface with each other. One can see nuns walking down the street past winos and sex freaks.

One sees criminal entities passing school kids on their way to classes. One can see artwork in galleries, with a shooting gallery right around the corner, if not directly outside of it these days. There is likely as not to be no real art in the gallery, but that's just the way it is in Times of Material Darkness.

There's low desire and high desire. The latter transforms into an aspiration to exist on a higher plane of being, and there are people who do... moving through the same crowds as everyone else... looking like everyone else... now and then.

Usually, these types keep to themselves. They don't have much to say to everyone else. If they did... everyone else would not be listening anyway. Maybe they would listen for long enough to see that it doesn't answer their present state of desires and appetites.

The World goes through phases where most people listen to classical music because that is all there was, and there's a certain amount of noise out on the streets that occasionally breaks into tune... now and then. People went to school and learned Latin and Greek. They dressed for dinner. At least The Quality did. Then there were the people who waited on them... in their homes... at the restaurants... at every level of service.

Some were artisans and made shoes, jewelry... clothing, and other things. They worked in factories. You might take a snapshot of any period in history and decide it was unfair for most people, but that's just a snapshot. It doesn't show what happens along The River of Time, as the same people come and go from one life to the next.

If you worked hard and were disciplined in your appetites... you built up resources in The Bank of Karma. Of course, you dreamed about what you would do... if and when... you were able to. It was the hope of better things that kept you going.

Sometimes Magic would happen and someone would be lifted above their station and pay-grade... through mysterious inheritance... the lottery... a romance with an heir or heiress... some talent or ability might do it. You could be a pretty face. That could be the lure on your hook. You might cash that in before your sell-by date... if you were smart.

This dreaming of The Future is a real force. It impacts what happens to you from life to life. No one dies in any permanent sense... unless you get involved in really bad shit, and get sent back on the evolutionary current to start all over again as a rock. People in The East know about Karma and Reincarnation. People in The West know about Science... Technology... convenience and comfort, though... the well-off in any land are pretty much the same.

Times change. No one learns Greek or Latin anymore, and... more's the pity. More and more people don't learn anything at all but just get by as best they can or permanently suck at The Government Tit. Most governments run by gangs of criminals like this just fine. They don't want anyone upsetting their apple cart. The World can be refined or brutal, and sometimes both at the same time... depending on where you find yourself.

What I'm saying... in brief... is that cultures rise and fall. Sometimes new cultures rise out of the ashes of the old while it is still smoldering.

I'm getting there. Give it a minute.

So... in these times when The Bad Guys have … seemingly... taken control... because a large portion of us have immersed ourselves in the pursuit of pedestrian appetites, and the hunger for... things, there is also an ever-growing climate of Black Magic being practiced... on the one hand by incompetents, and on the other hand by people who have cut deals with The Dark Side to get this... that... and The Other Thing.

It's amazing really... how easy it is for people to believe in The Devil, BUT... who have such a difficult time believing in The Other Guy. This is because The Other Guy has all these commandments and rules and it's hard to see The Upside; is it now? Can you not see The Upside? What if I told you that those commandments and rules were actual forms of Magic? What if I told you they are the source of Great Power... Protection... Stability, and a sanctuary far more secure than bunkers underground?

The Commandments... The Rules... The Laws of Nature or... The Jungle... the principles and processes that are the root causes of balance and order, if not generally at all times, certainly -can be- in the individual sense. Your command of The Commandments and those other stationary and active forces ALL come from one's ability not to want; not to want your neighbor's ass or... to conspire to hijack it or... kill or steal to get it... get possessed by jealousy and envy or ANY of the low vines and underbrush you can trip on that will bring you down.

Once you have gained proficiency in the control of any of these negative desires... you receive automatically... like a Bank Error in your favor (though it's no error) The Power that comes from holding down and controlling something else... within... you.

When you can command the force of Wanting...The Self comes into residence... or rather announces The Residency, cause The Self has been there all along... watching... and waiting for this moment. The entire universe belongs to The Self. The Self just lets others use it. You get to where you know this, and you can command ANYTHING to appear before you because you are not interfering with the process or the principle by Wanting.

Of course, you can get things by Wanting too, BUT they won't stay with you and you'll have to protect them from all the other people who want... whatever it is... too. Right now, The World is... seemingly... being run by a bunch of cheap sonsabitches who want it all. None of any of it belongs to them. They are simply poster boys and girls for The Purpose of Demonstration. You might think a billion dollars should be able to buy good health. Quite the contrary. Lots of money will destroy your health.

None of the people around you love you, and... you know this, and even if some of them do love you, you don't believe them. You live in a paranoid prison camp of your own design.

However... if you can master yourself. If you can control these primal urges... these huge currents that move beneath the surface of The Ocean of This World, anything you could possibly want will come begging you for a place to stay. You can give it away too. Let's say you could convince God to show you where the portal is to his ocean of Divine Love. How would that be?

What if he were to grant you the power to heal... close up and far off? What if you could inspire an army of souls to combat the same disorders within and bring about a Golden Age? I could go on and on here about the wonderful things that The Divine... The Self... possesses and is just itching to turn over to you, just for the fun of watching, if only... if only you would follow those commandments... and rules... and laws of nature; superior and inferior.

You are being watched all the time. Some of the watchers are trying to help, and some are trying to ensnare you, and both of them work for The One who pulls the strings. Why can't it be perfect all the time? Well... there are locations where that is true. This here... this plane is not that place. This is the place where you demonstrate the right qualities... actions... and attitudes that get you promoted to that place where everything is perfect. That's how it works.

Some get demoted too. Some run around in circles until they tire and sink... cause... nothing stays the same on the plane of appearances... where the state of your Desire determines your state of affairs.

Want perfect health? Follow The Rules. Want to be rich... secure... safe? Follow The Rules. Want to be untouchable by man or fate... where that is your fate? Follow The Commandments. Follow The Rules, and... you are in for one big and never-ending series of surprises.

End Transmission.......

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