Wednesday, February 28, 2024

"Trying to Fill The Emptiness... Created by The Departure from God, and Which... Cannot... Be... Filled... in... This Manner."

God Poet Transmitting.......

♫ Isn't this ugly? Isn't this terrible? I can't believe what The Usual Suspects have done.

Sick HIV Trans


They've made breastfeeding real with HIV. Isn't this... uglier... than... sin? dah dah din... dah dah din ♫ (with apologies to Stevie Wonder) The Weimar Republic was the same and the same players were behind the making of it, and that gave rise to what followed... eh?

This is the general reaction to deep and endemic corruption. You swing too far in one direction, and... the pendulum of reaction swings back just as powerfully in the other direction. This sort of vile nonsense is more common in The Crown Colonies than it is anywhere else... yet. This is because certain influences have fewer checks upon their perversities in those locations. This is what comes from letting everyone live their own truth... when there is no truth present at all.

Why... it gets weirder and weirder, and... well... weirder is... what it gets. When a certain segment of the population possesses an adamant resistance to the idea of a Divine Being, there is no limit to what they might be capable of creating in its place. In fact... what you get is The Opposite Number. I am often amused at how this particular set can worship The Dark Side, and then insist that there is no Light Side. It goes completely against the observable physics of existence.

My guess is that when you are driven toward the celebration of all that goes contrary to The Greater Good... when you are absolutely... and one might even say... religiously passionate about it... you don't have any great concern about it having to make sense, and then... eventually... you run into problems. The prevailing thought has been that you'll be sharp enough to get out of town... before everyone else becomes equally passionate... about dealing with what you've done, BUT... certain mysterious forces seem to know how to find you no matter where you go.

It won't be any different this time.

Well... they can't help themselves... can they?

It's a vicious cycle caused by the advance of Materialism. Humanity moves further and further away from its true comfort zone... as a home for the spirit... in the vehicle of The Soul... experiencing life in the dreaming body.

The World is filled with external attractions that amplify the wanting... because of the emptiness... that is created by the separation of the heart and mind... from that place of interior union, and... the wanting gets stronger and stronger... to fill the emptiness that is created... by the departure from God, and... which cannot be filled in this manner. It accounts for all the bizarre sexual perversities and hungers... the worldwide depression, fear... unrest... despair, and... everything else.

Materialism creates a hunger that screams; “Feed the flesh! Feed the flesh!” Wanting intensifies... satisfaction decreases... giving rise to frustration, and then to anger, and then to rage. Eventually... there rise armies of the rampaging insane... to tear it all down. People wander lost. Their minds are gone. They die on the margins.

Love creates kindred spirits. It creates kinship. The Family unit is the building block of civilization and culture. Love manifests Unity. When Love has gone, only appetite and desire remain, and... CHAOS... WILL... COME... AFTER... in those places that Love has departed from. Always remember that when The Darkness grows stronger and more concentrated in certain locations, The Light is growing stronger and more concentrated in other locations.

It is a principle of Physics. Physics and Metaphysics are one science. Where the one bandwidth cannot reach... the other begins. At the borders of The Comprehensible begins The Land of The Incomprehensible. Only so much can be contained in knowledge. Knowledge exists between parameters of limitation. Wisdom dwells where knowledge cannot go, and Wisdom comes when Right Living and Persistent Aspiration activates The Intuition.

When you persistently aspire you... are... knocking... on... a... door. You have to keep knocking. There are no general measurements of time and effort that apply across the board. Some have knocked persistently at other times. They will be answered more quickly. All comers MUST submit to sincerity testing. There is no way around it, and... you must knock and keep on knocking. Most will not continue... that is just how it goes, but... they will come again... at different points in time... when desperation compels them.

These are just words. Words can act as triggers, but... they are not The Thing Itself. There are two worlds, well... there are more than two worlds, but... let us speak about two of them. Let us consider The External World and The Internal World. The Outer World is perceived by The Material Senses. The vehicle we use to traverse The External World is the physical body. The Inner World is navigated by a different means.

The degree of Wanting that exists in any particular physical body is the determiner of its actions. In this state... there is little difference between animals and humans, where wanting... hunger... appetite... and physical desires predominate.

You see what I am doing? I am saying the same things... again and again... in different ways, and... it is just words, but... words are triggers. We watch animals at play. We play with our pets, and that brings out a part of us that we like very much. We are watched by higher life forms in the same way, and they also play with us, if... we... let... them... if we seek them out, and... especially... if we can keep it to ourselves; certain details... that is. Some of these potential playmates cannot abide profane lifestyles or the telling of secrets.

Wanting gives off heat. It can often drive away the very thing you want. What you want... the force of your wanting... determines the entire course of your life. It sets up... in advance... all of your encounters in life. It has been truly said that character is fate.

How this world is set up is that you get everything you want. I'm not kidding here. What I am saying is the truth, and everything you see... everywhere you look... in the lives of people near and far... is them getting what they wanted at some earlier point, AND... the following disappointment that comes when they find out this is not what they really wanted. You get what you think you want, even if you don't understand what that is... even if you have not properly identified something for what it really is... you will get it.

Depending on what it is that you want, it might not arrive in the same lifetime you are wanting it in, BUT... your wanting... is presently setting the conditions for its appearance later on. It doesn't matter what it is... how impossible it might seem... how evil it might be... you will get it IN SOME FASHION, according to your ability to clearly visualize it, That is a very important feature of the process... clear and precise visualization.

In cosmic terms, being able to not want... can be easily as important as being able to want. Your personal evolution depends on your ability to refine your desires, as you process the meaning you have garnered from your life experiences. Yes... this was/is worth having. No... this is/was not worth having. That's all there is to it. Wanting is the source of all your problems. It is also the way out of them.

Want The Divine alone... more than anything else, and your life will improve in every area... well beyond your ability to imagine it at this point. Many people... in every culture that there ever was... are into GETTING LAID WITH THE PROPHET. They use their spiritual pretensions as seduction routines. This is always around and you have to watch out for it. There are people who will use their proclaimed association with The Divine to get other people to take off their clothes.

It is not the most important thing that the players see what is happening, though... eventually... everyone sees. The Most important thing is that God sees; Cave Dei Videt! Beware! God sees! That was something often inscribed over doorways to certain locations in Medieval times. If you are dedicated and sincere... YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! Nothing and no one can stop you!

“Seek ye first The Kingdom of God, and everything else will be added unto you.” Those are true words. They may be just words, BUT... words are triggers. Get The Main Item! Everything else will follow, and far... far... more than you ever dreamed of. God is real... my friends... and you cannot deceive The Divine... not ever!

Wanting is the problem and the solution. You cannot kill out wanting. You cannot kill out desire. Desire is the agency of God's Will. You must direct your wanting and hold it in place. Concentration will intensify the force of it... like sunlight through a magnifying glass. It will ignite and activate the object of your attention.

All the vain wanting... across the impossible reaches of time... will not fill the emptiness inside, The emptiness drives The Wanting. However... it was never empty to begin with.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am not getting everything I want in this realm. I still don't have omniscience, I never got to be a starship captain, I never got to be a horse when I grew up, I don't think I'll ever be able to pet Geddy Lee's nose, or 95% of my waking life discretionary time, and I'm still waiting to grow a tail and get my red nose hair coat, so I'd say not quite on that line on getting everything I want. . .in any lifetime in this reality. But hey. considering the lives of 98.9% of my fellow mortal flotsam, I suppose I really shouldn't complain. Well, other than that I'M STILL ON THIS BLOODY PLANET! Oh well. At least I wasn't born yesterday.

Oh, and before I forget: WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON:

The title of that video is:

It’s NOW LAW: The Great Crash To Start March 11th - 15 Days (w/100% Proof!)

Might be a good time for a bank run. I'm in a credit union, though all that means is the money will probably last a little longer.


0 said...

"Always remember that when The Darkness grows stronger and more concentrated in certain locations, The Light is growing stronger and more concentrated in other locations."

This verity is why its good to be-come Whole. Then when one side grows so does the other maintaining a longitudinal expansion like a bubble inflating, instead of some lopsided growth that will invert with the iteration of form switchover.

It is good to be able to be good, it is good to be able to be evil, both things can be drawn forth as needed to address the context one finds oneself in. If ones only half a whole, there will be a failure to recognize what is from the opposing side that one refuses to think about or accommodate.

This seems to be how it works for me.

Tho I try to stay consistently in neither state, better to be aware and alert at what might show up than try to engage in bringing things to ones doorstep. I am not good or bad, I am what I need to be in the moment its needed.



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Materialism Celebrates The Animal Drive which Generates The Material Forms over which... The Horned One Presides."



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