Tuesday, February 20, 2024

"The World Would Become Very Grim for Me... Very Quickly... if The Divine were not The Centerpiece of My Existence."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In Russia, it is traditional for mystics to seek God through persistent prayer. They... pray without ceasing. You might call this a form of Mantra Yoga. It might take the shape of something like; 'Be still and know that I am God', but... in Russian, of course, and possibly... it might consist of something entirely different. I'm not presently informed about what's happening out on The Sibir these days.

Every demographic has particular forms of worship, be they constant or intermittent. The further West you get, the more intermittent it will probably be. From God's perspective... you're either all in or... he'll wait till you are... occasionally tweaking you here and there... or generating goosebumps to let you know he's ready when you are. It's not his nature to micromanage.

My system is quite eclectic. So far as I know, I am the only one who practices it, BUT... I don't know much, so... it might be more widely spread. I call it Raja-Tantra-Vijnana Yoga. RTV for short. It's an off-road system that I employ because I don't like being pushed around on the main thoroughfares. That's something my teacher said to me when I asked him why he wasn't in the city where he could help more people.

The Raja factor has to do with The Mind, and... the Tantra-Vijnana aspect has to do with incorporating it into everything I do... with loving attentiveness, so as to have direct experience of it in everything I do, so as to give the angels indication that I'm all in... as opposed to being just in town for the weekend.

The World would become very grim for me... very quickly... if The Divine were not the centerpiece of my existence.

I'm discussing this with you today because I have been including links to a sort of mini-Kundalini seminar, and it is beyond fascinating... those possibilities of being able to do anything simply because ♫ the kunda's connected to the chakras, and...
the chakras are connected to the nadis, and...
the nadis are connected to the siddhis, and so on ♫

There are different ways to sequence it, BUT... I bring it up because... while you have been reading this... you have surely come across the mention... now and again... that one needs a teacher to accomplish the operation. You will note that many spiritual texts mention this... now and again, and I am mentioning it because... if you try to do this on your own... you will not succeed, and... even worse, you might wire yourself wrong. Only a master electrician knows where all the circuits go.

I'm not telling people what to do, I'm simply adding a word or two of caution, and... let us mention MOTIVE here, especially... because MOTIVE has a lot to do with where you wind up. You can substitute INTENTION... if you prefer.

My teacher has told me that everything present in those texts, and a great deal more... that is not in those texts, (for me) comes... with... the.. package. It's a package deal. In other words, I rely on him utterly and he handles all of The Details. I hold still while he purifies me, as a mother might do while washing her child in the bathtub. My only contribution to the process is TO... NOT... INTERFERE. My job is not to hinder the work of the angel... operating under the direction of The Divine.

God does all the work. I do nothing. God is perfectly fine with letting me handle The Details... if I insist. He knows how that will end up, so... he steps back and waits. This is the situation nearly everyone in The World is in; insisting on handling it themselves because... they know better.

I understand what those articles say. I have been studying in these areas for lifetimes. I have enjoyed some spectacular failures because... I used to never do anything in a small way. I wanted to hang the stars in the sky and make them twinkle according to divine inspiration. No poet can write much more than laundry lists without divine inspiration. You would think that would be proof-positive for any real poet to understand where the poetry was coming from, BUT... one does get swept away on occasion and forget this.

Part of the problem is that we are divine ourselves, BUT... we are unrealized. We become realized... in stages... when The God Force becomes active in us... through some variation of the Kundalini experience. I had this experience... the first time... many years ago. It was so powerful that it lasted for a couple of years at a raging intensity. Then it backed off, and... it has come again at other times. It's a process that pushes one's endurance to the limit. Everything I might have wanted in life had to take a backseat to this condition. It also caused me real problems interfacing with the sleeping world.

I should have known better... I suppose. I should have simply walked away from The World, BUT... it didn't work out like that. Destiny ran contrary to every effort on my part... sometimes reversing its course several times over a short period of time. Only lately have I more fully realized what I should have understood from the beginning... that it was no longer my life to do anything with, but... when The Purpose of Demonstration calls... whatever you get... comes with the territory.

Now... in recent years. I consider myself among the most fortunate men to have ever lived. It was not all that long ago when I considered myself one of the most miserable of men, and that went on for a very long time, much longer than the good part has, though I am told this good part will be going on for much... much longer now. Oh sure... when it was awful I put a smiley face on it. No one knew what was happening under the surface, and... neither did I, BUT... it was happening to me... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Imagine going through something that you cannot explain to almost anyone because there is no common area of understanding. Most people... the ones that actually do believe... often believe in a God who doesn't actually exist. They have confined The Divine within the parameters of their own understanding and that's neither possible nor real.

God might well be a serpent, and I am now utterly convinced this is true, but you can't go around telling people this. You can't tell people that The Devil works for God or... all kinds of other things that might well be absolutely true, but... which run contrary to the control systems... of the incestuous clusterfuck of religion and government... going at it... in the darkness beneath the sheets. Of course, I have said these things and many similar statements have I made. And...

...it caused me problems, but... now The World is about to turn over in its grave and come to life in ways that few imagine to be possible. Now they got bigger fish to fry or... they soon will have. Yeah... it's going to get REALLY interesting.

The World envisioned by The Globalist... Satanic... Banker cabals is beginning to crumble about their ears that never listened... right before their eyes that refused to see. Tedros... Kerry and others are whining on international media about how people are not buying into their bullshit, AND... it's for our own good!!! The pressure is coming down hard on these fools... who front the combines... that hunger for death and destruction... but mostly for control... on a grand scale.

Imagine that you are Kerry... or Tedros... or Gore, and you have fire-breathing Satanists giving you what fur. Yikes. Imagine what it's like to be in The Court of Heavenly Justice... only to find that your personal advisor... over the entire course of your bad behavior... turns out to be The Prosecuting Attorney. Imagine those who run The House... that sets the odds... that always wins... finding out that the real fix went in before they ever started their own little scams.

Now The Truckers are realizing their power.

The Bud Light Factor exists at every level. NOTHING is off the table when it comes to the ingenuity of Mr. Apocalypse. The Wheelers and Dealers at every level.... always miss the fifth wheel that powers the other four... or the Gestalt Wheel that turns invisibly within the watch-works of every mechanism.

It is the same with seeking spiritual powers via Lady Kundalini. You can and will mess yourself up through any ambition other than the desire to serve in a selfless fashion... to be humble like one who has true perspective... to be grateful beyond thought... to love without reserve. These are the powers to be sought after; the possession of The Qualities of God. All that other noise leads you right back into the landscape of the hands reaching up out of the graves for... you... in... passing. If you're headed the wrong way... it's open season.

End Transmission.......

Links await at GAB=

Those articles on Kundalini just keep getting more and more riveting. First, go here...


and then... go here.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Censorship, Tucker talks to Mike Benz. Hardly watch tucker at all since he left Fox. Presume hes talking to they who followed him out the door. Might be useful, might be like Anna von Reitz's endless commentary which is curious and interesting but still plays along as a parallel narrative to the many currently held like balls in the air of a juggler.


Eh. Let it Begin in Earnest. Molon Labe.


Visible said...

Wow! I just saw the short version with Benz. Yikes!!! Like we been saying. It's all coming out!

0 said...

In the Long view of things, long being one time around the galactic arm we're on which is about 25 thousand years, The world is pushed into "good" standing and there arises an "evil" to offset such, and then its pushed into an "evil" standing drawing forth a "good" to offset that. Back and forth the pendulum swings and people are induced to self identify with a Side, never thinking to step back and take in the full View of what is ongoing eternally in the world created for the Work of Change To be Wrought.

Makes me wonder what one like myself saw to induce me back into this plane of being. I don't seem to change much, except where I see that I think I need to and then do, but otherwise I am more like Stone than people in my consistency of Being.

Luddite, Erudite, all dites for de nothing. Nobody Loves the Nothing. Nothing Loves Nobody.


Visible said...

Just give it a little while and... from what I am told... all that is going to be made clear.

Anonymous said...

"The Way of a Pilgrim" by anonymous

TotoFromOz said...

I've long considered myself to be extremely fortunate...blessed,to be able to "click" completely & most naturally with all that you say.I agree wholeheartedly that you're among the most fortunate men to have ever lived, at least in this present time & space. I'm still a way back in the line... where the miserable ones are, but it sure is great to see your sign posts leading my way & I'd be miserable & at a huge disadvantage without it. I rely on no other human here for my spiritual guidance & encouragement & have no excuse to lose my way on this go-around.

0 said...

Thanks for the kundalini links, this one was nicely condensed and succinct.


"The external worlds are created by the lower mind. By controlling the lower mind, the external world is finished. Then meditating on the One Reality, the Yogi becomes that Reality or Brahma. He is not affected by matter, space or time. He is above all."

That sounds like one is causing the still center to form in self and then expand it to encompass all of ones aura, which then acts like some sort of separate world while present in this one in this iteration of form. A world mindfully directed by the core inhabitant. Reminds me of Trailanga or Vimalananda.

I still don't direct my world, tho I've sorta come to the conclusion that the best Force is the most subtle and unperceivable force by that which is impinged by it. So maybe I do in a manner, but its a trick learning how much force to bring to bear on a context. I try to start with words and then ratchet it up till it starts having effect.

An example for me is, My oldest who had my first grandbaby with a guy shes not yet married to, live with me, and its been an effort to get them to Work consistently. I'm using this context to apply the force dynamics and am finding they are ok with me being angry and sort of a dick to make them do what they want to do, and I don't like being an angry dick, but I can be one. They made rent for the first month in 4 months on time, courtesy of me forcing them out the door to work. I guess we'll see how it plays out. The grandbaby makes it mostly ok, as I do love having her about, shes almost 1.

Thanks for keeping on,

Visible said...


Try to remember that the biorhythms of existence go up and down, BUT... slowly but surely... your following lows are eventually higher than your previous highs. Trust and persevere. You have friends in high places guiding you, and... you can hear them more clearly once you have reduced the noise in your head. That is what meditation is for.

Visible said...


Concerning this... "I still don't direct my world, tho I've sorta come to the conclusion that the best Force is the most subtle and unperceivable force by that which is impinged by it. So maybe I do in a manner, but it's a trick learning how much force to bring to bear on a context. I try to start with words and then ratchet it up till it starts having effect."

There is a sutra from Patanjali that discusses the fineness of the strength of the elephant who can pick up a straw... a child... or remove a tree by a measured awareness of the task at hand. I find that book, which is linked in the side menu... to be of remarkable help.

As for the lazy shits of more recent generations. If you can't get them to play fair you are doing them a grave disservice because the ministrations of The World are far less kind. Sooner or later they are going to have to deal with that. You do them no favors by not insisting they play far... or move along. KNOWING that you will do what you say, will have the needed effect on them. Keep in mind that they are well aware of your love for your grandchild and are using it to work you. You need to disabuse them of this and everything will work out accordingly. I think they call it tough love... though I don't consider that tough. What The World throws at you can be tough.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The Villains are... Sooner or Later... Going to Get Their Asses Handed to Them... for The Purpose of Demonstration."

0 said...

Thanks Viz, I'll see if I can locate the sutra you note is on the page and give it a read.

I do understand what you say and I've already kicked them out once, they went to houston for a month then my wife facilitated them moving back but leaving all their shit in houston without me being aware that she did that. That was a mistake. She shoulda let them stay there and earn the funds to come back.

At this point I hound them daily. I know when I drop form, they will be screwed, I am hoping that dawns on them before I exit stage left. Mostly for the grandkids sake, since they seem to have no interest in understanding anything. (yeah I know she uses the kid as leverage, but I can walk away and leave her with a screaming baby who wants grandpa. Sometimes things take longer than one expects.) Its a weird wavy line to walk. But that seems to be how it goes when ones paying detailed attention.

Thanks pal,

Visible said...

I well understand that you are doing the best you can and have an understanding of what you are up against. I find the one thing that REALLY works is that people know what your Yes is and what your No is and... that there is no wiggle room there. When that door is closed then people adjust to it. They have to. When that door is not closed... then people adjust you.

#24 in Book 3 is where the bit about the elephant is. Sorry... I know the general direction so I found it quickly. Should have gone there first

0 said...

Cool, the link to the 3rd book sutras audio is here:


#24 is read out at the 32:15 mark in the file in case anyone else is interested.


Ty said...

Wonderful post, thank you Visible.

The Kriya phenomenon and working of the nadi's by the Kundalini a few years after my awakening was mind blowing...

She did this at certain times to remove the heavy metals from my body; she sucked metals out of the ground with my feet, and got me real sick. She soon later sucked the metals out of my brain through the roof of my mouth, and I slowly swallowed them down my digestive tract like a serpent swallowing an ox. My gas was so toxic I had to evacuate it outside or else I would get sick. But she knew precisely what nadis to activate to prevent the toxic waste from reabsorbing. I had to douse my blankets in a bath of zeolite clay to remove the metals.

I came up with my own reflexology / acupressure / acupuncture technique that anyone can learn in 30 seconds... it doesn't require you to know any of the nadis or what they do... all you need is your intuition, water, and a Himalayan pink salt stone or lamp... small enough to hold and rub into your skin. I'll make a video on it eventually...

Himalayan pink salt lamps are basically pure prana. I came to that conclusion after confirming this from Indian yogic sources... the western scientific term for prana is negatively charged ions, which is what these salt lamps release. That is how this 300,000,000 year old ocean condensed into salt purifies the environment, lifts your mood, helps you sleep, and if used correctly, reduces swelling and so many ailments. If you are drinking alcohol and place pink salt under your pillow sheets before bed, you will not get a headache or a hang over... in fact you may wake up feeling better than if you did none of those things.

These salt stones work with the body, kind of like clay... two components of the ancient primordial soup we arose out of. Wet your body, and rub the stone around until you find an itch. These itches correspond to nadis. The stone will make your nadis cry for more. The bigger the blockage, the deeper the itch... and the scratch can go until you bleed. Once one nadi is activated, then another, it snowballs... and suddenly you've activated and opened thousands of nadis all over the body... and the purification begins. The biggest blockages will remain as red dots, that can persevere for months. The smallest ones will disappear within minutes. Topically the salt will bring a radiant sense of bliss.

Ty said...

The amazing thing with this is how many nadis and subtle energetic bodies you can activate and interconnect with oneanother without knowing the slightest thing about them. The possibilities are as endless as the stars in the sky... and I assume, more nuanced and personalized than anything any acupuncturist can do for you. If you look at a meridian map sometimes you can locate exactly what is being healed, but most of the marks I saw appeared to be.



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