Wednesday, February 07, 2024

"In Times of Material Darkness... The Greatest Feat God ever Performed... was to Convince You that He Exists."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In The Midst of Times of Material Darkness; the greatest feat God ever performed was to convince you that he exists. Hmm... that sounds like something else I heard once. Doesn't that remind you of something? Heh heh... oh well, it was worth a shot, Kobayashi.

I'll tell you what puzzles me; how it is that people can be so utterly convinced of the existence of The Devil but have such a hard time believing in God, and... when they do... God's always at a distance. The point of Life... the way I get it... is to close the space between, and... that is what life does... sort of. It brings you closer to one or the other... sometimes without you being the wiser... until you are well along.

Here is something I have learned from the direct experience of it. The more you read The Divine into every aspect of your existence, the more The Divine presents through every aspect of your existence. You go from wondering if he... she... or it is even a thing. Then you find yourself talking to your version of that which you will never comprehend.

Then... some kind of pressure... that is always present in The Cosmos... causes you to get answers through a variety of mediums... until... you're having a back-and-forth conversation. You become one of the actors in that song, “In The Garden.”

It's a process of stages. It's a matter of degrees. It's a game of Marco! Polo! Only... you have to keep playing. Therein lies the best example of the greatest heartbreak we shall ever know; we stopped playing. We stopped calling out. We stopped coming.

When we were children we were in The Garden. You kind of have to be a child to be there. Puberty leads you out of The Garden, and... closes the door behind you. You fall in love with someone and that magic extends itself in every direction so that The Garden appears again, briefly... and then you fall out of love, and The Garden disappears once more.

The trick is to fall in love forever, and... this you can only accomplish by falling in love with What Is forever.

It was all arranged a long time ago; the presence... the eviction... the long return. The truly important things only gain their real value in your heart... once you have lost them You start out in a state of unity... then you are divided... then you search, and you search... and you search for that unity again. That last part can go on for countless lifetimes, as long as you are looking for that union in anything external to yourself.

All through the long exile, it does not occur to you... until much later... that you were being guided all along. People recapture some part of it... vicariously... when they have children of their own. They live through them. This is what The Divine is doing all along the way. The Divine is living through you... whether you are aware of it or not. Once you do become aware of it... oh, happy day!!!

It's a trick of The Mind. The Mind has so many tricks. The Mind is fighting for its survival. It is what The Mind does, but those who lose their lives... for the sake of that which is greater... come to live in eternity's sunrise. Once again... I believe the operative phrase is... oh, happy day!!!

You're right on the verge of it the whole time... even across the span of lifetimes... it is right there. It is closer to you than you are to yourself. It is yourself. It is that part of yourself that you are separated from. That sense of separation is what drives you, and drives you, and there is no peace. There is peace ONLY in the return of that union.

Once you have accomplished this union, once the union begins to speak to you... you no longer want anything else ever again, and it is so full of itself that it overflows... forever and ever. There is enough to share with the entire universe and the well... never... runs... dry.

Eventually you get that magic wand and... ♫ that magic touch ♫ and... “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” You get the magic-anointer ring. However flippant the presentation might be in that statement, it's as real as real can be.

Everything The Dark Side has down here... is a cheap and badly drawn copy of the original... that exists in Heaven. If there is a Ring of Power down here, it is based on the true Ring of Power in Heaven. This is why... when you finally know that everything on Earth is a poor imitation of the original... you no longer fear ANYTHING down here... because you know where the real power lies, and you can call upon it whenever there is need.

There is a great deal of deep meaning in The Works of Shakespeare;

“I can call spirits from the vasty deep.”

“Why, so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call for them?”

“Why, I can teach you, cousin, to command The devil.”

“And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil—
By telling the truth. Tell the truth and shame the devil.”

There certainly are more things in Heaven and Earth, but the real question is; why is it so hard? Why is it so dreadfully and excruciatingly hard? Well, the truth is that it is not. It is not hard. It is only hard when YOU are trying to do it... because YOU cannot do it. You cannot ever do it. That is not in your job description. You can ONLY allow it to be done. You can ONLY hold still... while it is performed without your interference.

Everyone who has had it accomplished in them will tell you the same thing. It is The Angel who completes The Great Work in you, and... all your own efforts are futile and will prove so.

There is no free will... except that which comes from your separation from The Whole, which puts you in whatever degree of resistance you muster to maintain your state of separation. Oh well... have it your way!

Time exists only apart from The Unity. There is no time within The Unity, and Time is corrosive and Time wears you away. It bends you over. It sucks the life and vitality from you... through all the activities you engage in... to maintain your separation. Good luck with that!!! Eat... Drink... and be Stupid! AH HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (Glorp.) That is the sound that dissolution makes.

So... The Whore of Babylon meets The Horses Ass, and... The Clock begins to tick.

All over The World at this time, people... situations... conditions, and the archetypal infrastructure that holds them together are... breaking down. We are approaching... actually presently undergoing... a Great Reset, BUT... it is not the one that the stand-in for The Empire Strikes Back is talking about. You see... everything the self-deceived are intent on bringing about for the rest of us, is already in play. They just want it to look like they are the ones doing it.

They... of course... would not be doing this... if they knew how it was going to come out. When you operate under false pretenses... you are taken to your doom under false appearances. It is only fitting that it should be so, that... that which you intended to inflict upon others should happen to you. It is ALWAYS too late to do something about The Apocalypse!

The biggest problem for The Movers and Shakers... is the constrictions of their own ignorance. They are not capable of saying, I... don't... know. They are absolutely certain that they do know, which... provides one more opportunity... among endlessly replicating opportunities... for history to record the evidence that they did not know, and... do not know.

Down here... there are always... the never-ending arguments... concerning whether we are all screwed... or not. Tinhorn dictators and porcine despots are always on hand... to lend an atmosphere of uncertainty. A bunch of strong-arming shitheels get together, and plot the end of The World for everybody else. They have the money and the big guns, and they always have an army of Stupids... that they can convince of their mission, and... call to arms... for the completion and defense of their cause.

However... something always goes wrong... especially in an apocalypse, where all of your efforts bring you more and more to the attention of everyone else. There has never been, and there will never be a time when some pack of scoundrels can take over The World. The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of The Profane... it recedes.

No one can succeed for long... who relies entirely on appearances... for the information they operate according to. It's what you don't see, and... can't see... that gets you. Oh well... you can't tell anyone anything. They have to find out for themselves. I did find out. I don't know. That should keep me in good stead until God sorts them out.

End Transmission.......

We now come to the heaviest statements yet by Jacob Boehme. (pronounced Burma) I don't know what to say about any of this. Some of it is deep and mysterious indeed.


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0 said...

Excellent post!

I have nothing to add. Thanks for keeping on keeping on. I've been a reader for probably 15+ years now. Found you in my 30s and you are one of none that helps keep me going. Thanks for being you.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You really know how to make my day with your posts.


robert said...

A masterpiece in whole cloth!

Please pardon the interruption of a master origami composed of original meaning unfolded for
our joy!

Dare I attempt to clarify a statement in negation stuck into the flow of a masterpiece of insight in starling murmuration?

There is no free will... except that which comes from your separation from The Whole, which puts you in whatever degree of resistance you muster to maintain your state of separation. Oh well... have it your way!

Just as Buddhist wannabes glom onto the statement made by one master that "there is no God", taking it out of the context that clearly meant that there is no god as the student anthropomorphically conceives, so there is no free will apart from the Will of the One.

But a detail, either heavenly or devilish, is the key to the entire game of Life:

The One does not impose upon creation being birthed by bliss!
Creation is conceived in the free bliss of Being and has the Will to create driving it

No preconceived judgment to kill the baby in the bath water
No arbitrary limitation to mar the magical murmuration

Only the supreme knowing that what was conceived in perfect freedom will always converge to perfection

We fragmented fractals of the One are free to learn to know we are free to learn

We can learn the hard way or a less hard way
We can learn that the less hard way can be made even less difficult
We can learn what love means from the only True Lover

That unconditional does not mean there are no safety nets, no pattern laws to use as guides and templates to unlimited life
We are held in tender regard and infinite delicacy so we may grow without end

We are given an entire universal dream to wake up within, fresh from falling asleep in ages past.

Will apart from the Will of the One IS a fiction
However, that Will is FREE!
We are free the moment we realize we are One
With the One
With Every One
With every thing which reflects in seeming separate ray tracings from a singular source

We are free to make dissonant mistakes that teach us the One in Everything

We are free will in motion, even though our fractured mind forces more pain by disbelief

The mind thinks erroneously that its furtive will to be apart from all-that-is is going anywhere
Going nowhere faster and faster until the mind turns to butter
Until the spin becomes faster than the light the mind can see
Then into the darkness, into the silence, out of our minds

Well, the truth is that it is not. It is not hard. It is only hard when YOU are trying to do it... because YOU cannot do it. You cannot ever do it. That is not in your job description. You can ONLY allow it to be done. You can ONLY hold still... while it is performed without your interference.

Everyone who has had it accomplished in them will tell you the same thing. It is The Angel who completes The Great Work in you, and... all your own efforts are futile and will prove so.

Getting out our own way, out of having our own way, is the only way to free will.
Out of our limited conception, out of excuses to rely on love, out of trial and error.

Maybe telling the little self a negation of its existence may get its attention for a moment's pause but then the inner knowing washes over the illusion of a hard stop anywhere in life and the experimentation continues!

There is no god as carnality can conceive
There is no free will as banality can butcher

There is only One, one Thinker, One Being, One Way to be All one
We are free as the Spirit that brung us to this party, to be more than we believe we can ever be

Visible said...

Thank you.

You make many fine points with palpable sincerity.

It always expands the conversation when another observer witnesses to the same thing from another perspective.

I'm guessing you've seen this (speaking of fractals), but others may not have. It's a real trip. (grin)

Thankful Strider said...

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

Psalm 40:2

Asil said...

You write there is no “free will”. I think that the greatest gift from the Divine Creator of All was free will. But . . . that was given for us to find out that what it really means is the “will of God” . When that becomes our will, then we will understand what “free will” means. I think that coincides with your words about being in sync with the commandments of God. They are not oppressive but the way to strength and freedom.

Love you Visible and thank you very much for all the great inspirational things you write. I have always believed that those who have music in their souls are especially loved by our Father in Heaven. Your gifts of poetry and music are so far beyond what the world listens to. I am lucky and glad to know you . . .

Visible said...

Asil; that's the problem with anything one says. (grin) Each phrase needs an affirmer and a disclaimer, a; what I meant to say was, etc. Of course, there is free will, but all free will is a departure from the union with The One, (which, in fact, is where it becomes really free); the Spiritual Will, unless it is aligned with the Spiritual Will.

We are meant to depart from God because how could we return to God otherwise? It's a story. It's an age-old story. It has billions of permutations and it's all part of the complexity of The Singular expressing as The Many. I could go on from here through books and books and never cover but a portion of the matter, nor... would any of it matter. Heh heh.

Okay... moving right along.

Thanks for the good words.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Poor Evil Sonsabitches... Trying to Hold on to The Reins of The Bucking Bronco... of These Terminally... Uncertain Times."



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