Monday, February 12, 2024

"That Thrall... That Anodyne Narcotic Darkness... Shimmering with Dream Images... Seems to be Real in The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What a brave... canny... and articulate hero this fellow is.

It makes me want to talk about Mr. Apocalypse today because... he is about to come to center stage. He's been working The Peripheral Circuit for some time now... honing his chops... getting the groove branded into his swing... the hydraulic slide... interfaced with his electraglide. I'm trying to paint a picture but I don't have The Gene; not where he is concerned.

I have anthropomorphized the force of him... into a living and conscious persona. He is that. He is the directed archetypal force, and... he is also the living embodiment of it... too. He is unstoppable. He is irresistible. If you do try to resist him, he will expose you... through your weakest link... to the eyes of the watching world, and yourself.

In the latest case of “Let's Go Brandon!” The Rock got seriously booed by the crowd with audible chants of “Maui! Maui!”

The Mainstream gives all sorts of other background causes. I know what I heard, “Let's go Brandon! Let's go Brandon!” “Why dere no cheddah fo Maui???” Mr. Apocalypse isn't having it.

I could put all kinds of links in here... from Shannon Sharpe's lady-boy... in public... to other dominoes of tumbling deception... happening far and wide. Something happens to you when you spend so much time in front of a camera. Mr. Apocalypse is in The Blood. He is in the fleshy components of The Hive Mind. Resist him and he will burn down your closet with you in it. Everyone needs to be mindful of this.

Now... I don't care whether The Rock is a hypocrite or who Shannon Sharpe plays dress-up under the sheets with... or any of the other examples that are now... appearing... by... the... day. I do care about what Satanyahu intends for Rafah... and I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms that this is The Rubicon. This will be the death knell of Israel.

Already... starvation, and all that attends it... are moving like the uninvited guest through the millions massed in Rafah. Illegal Land and Life Stealing Settlers are at the entry ports... where aid is attempting to get through to the truly huddled masses... and they are blocking the aid trucks. They are dancing in a kind of Satanic Rapture there, while rave music blasts from massive speakers. You can find evidence in The Links... OR you can find it easily enough, in The X-Zone. Video of this outrage is everywhere to be found.

If you are any kind of celebrity in any field of enterprise now... you are being hunted by a relentless force, and you had better mind how you go... or it will not go well with you. You'll be like someone who got drunk and forgot themselves, and then did all sorts of wild and terrible things... only to wake up the next morning asking yourself; “what did I do?”

Mr. Apocalypse is breaking down the barriers between The Conscious Life, and what lurks below... where The Hidden Self... travels in search of suitable clothes to wear... upon emerging into The Light of Day... but it will not be dressing itself. It will be dressed by being undressed, and seen as... it... is... by those awakening to the awareness... that rises above the dream fog... that has held them in a hypnotic sway for so long. A piercing light is being focused on this fog.

This light will be like sunlight upon The Morning Dew. It will be like The Sun shining upon the lowlands wreathed in mist. This mist represents the illusions and delusions that have held The Collective Mind in a thrall. That thrall... that anodyne... narcotic... darkness... that shimmers with dream images... taken to be real by the soporose mind... that deadening torpor... that has concealed the true face of the predators... who feed on Humanity is... about... to... be... exposed. The Reality Repo-Man is coming.

We have been mentioning this for some time... how The Force of Awakening, and Revelation were intensifying... in their impact on life in progressive stages. The less-tightly-wrapped have been freaking freely for some time... in the streets, and... before the eyes of The World, with carnival-freak sexuality... in a reversal of natural transubstantiation-migration... into bestial aspect... murderous rages, and mucker events; some of them from the pressure of the times, and some of them orchestrated in Manchurian Candidate fashion.

The rest... in danger of the same... have gripped more tightly to that which has carried them through other storms in the past. Unfortunately for them... that which they have been holding on to... is not really there, and they are going to discover this soon. Everyone causing harm to others... everyone profiting at public expense... everyone gaming existence... twisting what is... into what is not... for personal gain... are going to find there are no more ports in the storm.

There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Even now... as they see themselves driving Humanity to ruin, they are being noted... recorded... and tracked. They are playing with forces beyond their ken. They have believed in what they could see, and in their ability to make others see... whatever they wished them to see. Now... they are going to experience what they have been unable to see, as it rises up in their own being, and around them... to confront them... with the evil that they do.

It is Shakespearean! It is prophecy in motion. It is The Fruit of The Apocalypse... falling like explosive devices from The Tree of Life. The Will of God moves progressively down and from The In... to The Out... in phases from one circle of resident force to the next. Each of these occupied zones... transition states or... sephiroth (if you prefer)... receive the coloration and imprint of The Divine Will... as it moves from one to the next... until it reaches The Manifest Plane. This is the vehicle for the transmission of Heavenly Fiat.

As soon as an idea appears in The Mind of God it becomes a reality... then it progresses through the necessary stages toward material existence. It was vitally real at inception. It becomes more defined and less real as it continues to where it appears... as a temporary example... in The Dream World we inhabit with our physical forms. All of what we talk about here was set in motion sometime before its appearance here, AND... given the source of its creation... it CANNOT be opposed by anyone... at any time... ever, and... it never has.

Bend with it... accommodate to it... or be blown to Hell and gone. There is nothing behind Door #3.

Because existence has entered upon The Playing Fields of Absurdity... you can expect its appearance to become more and more cartoonish... more and more bizarre... more and more a lampoon... a satire upon itself. As it proceeds... at every step... it loses a little more of its integrity. Its integrity is what holds it together. It won't be long now... though in human terms... it could go on for a while yet. It will end in some places much sooner than in others.

This is the sort of thing a lot of people are proud of these days... proud enough to want to let you know about it.

Next week, it will be people bragging about how many times they stabbed a fork into their heads. This is what people captured by lies call 'living their own truth.' The fragmentation of unity... through the agency of Diversity... results in a general Perversity... because the overall cohesiveness has been chemically dissolved and now... things fall apart... just as the angel told Yeats... on the day that poem precipitated from The Celestial into The Material.

When you want to destroy a culture, you seize control of the music. Then you can program the soundtrack that people dance to. You turn Poetry into Pornography. You make graffiti and obscene performance art the imagery of the time. You grease the skids on the downward slopes and open the gates into The Land of Infernus. Many will attend this degeneration through Monkey see... Monkey do.

Those who wish to rise... above the gathering chaos... will understand the process... through the continuous application of The Greatest Commandment. Aspiration ascends. Desire descends. Desire is the agency of The Will of God for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is eternal. It is everlasting. It is the attractive force whose higher octave is Love... in an ever-rising awareness of The Cosmic Lover within.

Love is the magic fluid of existence. Will is the stationary posture that channels the flow of it. Life... and life more abundant, and... Existence more and more refined... are the products... of the process... of projected... constantly evolving Love. When nothing more is present or retained, the portal into Eternity and Limitless Light is opened wide for those with the eyes to see it.

End Transmission.......

Jacob Boehme's The Signature of All Things. This is the fiery hieroglyphics... inscribed into everything that we have spoken of here... at various times... over the course of these writings

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

That '22' chick must be addicted to STDs or sumthin'. After all, I don't think she's a nose-pet slut, but a standard slut. I'll pass.

Music? I think I'll stick to Runar Karlsson, Antti Martikained, and stuff like that. Oh, and Nox Arcana for classical dark atmospherical every now and then when the mood calls for it. They all beat the crap on modern radio which I haven't listened to in forever. (Actually, I have no idea what's on anymore considering how long ago I abandoned radio. I still like classic rock, but it is on the back burner, big time.)

I suspect this year is gonna be a lot of fun if you're into schadenfreude for the idiots. (Is my collective misanthropy showing?) Wonder how long it will take for the wrong side of history to by fully squished? I hope it's less than 3 years.

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

I have never liked "Dwayne" nor his wrestling persona.

"This will be the death knell of Israel."
♫♪ Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' ♫♪

Re: Shannon Sharpe's lady-boy. I'm assuming you're referring to the blonde bodybuilder because he was dating a brunette fitness instructor. If so, are you using facial structure in determining its sex? Just curious.

Visible said...

No... I don't do that sort of thing. If you put ladyboy and Shannon Sharpe into Twitter-X it will probably come up. It's a small black guy who was... allegedly... dating an NBA player before Shannon. You have to be familiar with Shannon's persona to get my reasons for even including it. It's about Mr. Apocalypse causing people to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do in a very public way.

I tried to stress that I don't care what people get up to in that area of the woods. I'm more about the backstory (when relevant) and its impact on the young and the state of the culture, especially when tiny subgroups become militant and demand things that are toxic to overall existence. At first, a lot of what is being asked for seems simple and not a problem and then... progressively (and I use that word in every sense of its meaning) things deteriorate into the abyss. I've been watching the stages develop. People's sexual attractions are not important to me. Many of the writers and artists I admire were of alt-persuasions.

It's about the step-by-step descent into madness. The next Petri Dish will be going into the mainstreaming of Satanism.

M - said...


Thanks. I'm not a part of X but I did a search on "ladyboy and Shannon Sharpe" and now see who you were talking about. Interesting. I was just wondering if you got a sense of the blonde being masculine...because she appeared feminine to me. Perhaps Shannon is bi.

I don't follow any of that stuff either, but sometimes I stumble upon things, like here. I used to watch Skip & Shannon years ago so it piqued my interest.

I get what you are saying and concur in every way.


0 said...

"You'll be like someone who got drunk and forgot themselves, and then did all sorts of wild and terrible things... only to wake up the next morning asking yourself; “what did I do?”"

Oh it won't stop there...

“what did I do?” as the door is pounded in by the weight of the masses who have been taken advantage of enough. As the seeming masters of the universe feel their limbs ripped from their torsos it never crosses their mind that this is Consequences for their never ending Taking and Scheming... "

Reminds me of that book you wrote where the guy in the castle got put in with his Beast of a man who Ate the boys the master of the castle raped and abused and finally needed to be rid of. That feels about as close to FAIR as we can get on this plane of existence. The remainder owed gets paid out in realms less restricted to specific forms.



ps, the comment about not having the Gene cracked me up. Nobody has the Gene, everybody has the Gene. Once people can identify the cause, or come close enough, the gloves come off.

0 said...

Hahaha... this part from Braveheart feels Apt today eh?

Strider Aragorn said...

Sterling Sharpe wasn't too bad as he wasn't afraid to get blasted by defenders and hold on to the ball while playing for the Packers, he has the concussions to show for it.
Thankfully the Tranny Swift Pfizer Boy kabuki is over and that was broadcast early in the No Fans Left league season.
The Swifty Bowl being held in Sin City is just too delicious, oh the irony.
Mr. Apocalypse dressed in finest Fred Astaire gear cutting the floor.
All that faded glory in the FUSA where everything is fake and GAE and they like that way.
Listening to World Party-Hawaiian Island World off of Private Revolution and earlier it was the king of rap MC Mel Brooks and the Hitler rap!
In the world but never of it.

TotoFromOz said...

"The Reality Repo-Man is coming." Love it :)

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now=

"To See Something that Only Makes Sense in The Lens of Appetite... that Only Has Meaning... when Translated by Desire."



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