Friday, February 02, 2024

"A Pretty Face. That Could Be The Lure on Your Hook. You Might Cash that in Before Your Sell-by Date... If You were Smart."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Desire Worlds. The Worlds of Desire... sounds like a soft-core sci-fi novel or film? Not at all. This is a very real location, with floors like a high-rise hotel, or... the levels in a video game. It is possible to acquire heavy magical powers without any of the usual dangers or mishaps.

Let's talk about these worlds of desire first. At the base level are the animal attractions... inhabited by animal magnetism of various kinds, and... of course... animal nature as various as in Nature herself. This is an actual location in every area of human and animal residence and activity. The floors and levels of The Desire Worlds interface with each other. One can see nuns walking down the street past winos and sex freaks.

One sees criminal entities passing school kids on their way to classes. One can see artwork in galleries, with a shooting gallery right around the corner, if not directly outside of it these days. There is likely as not to be no real art in the gallery, but that's just the way it is in Times of Material Darkness.

There's low desire and high desire. The latter transforms into an aspiration to exist on a higher plane of being, and there are people who do... moving through the same crowds as everyone else... looking like everyone else... now and then.

Usually, these types keep to themselves. They don't have much to say to everyone else. If they did... everyone else would not be listening anyway. Maybe they would listen for long enough to see that it doesn't answer their present state of desires and appetites.

The World goes through phases where most people listen to classical music because that is all there was, and there's a certain amount of noise out on the streets that occasionally breaks into tune... now and then. People went to school and learned Latin and Greek. They dressed for dinner. At least The Quality did. Then there were the people who waited on them... in their homes... at the restaurants... at every level of service.

Some were artisans and made shoes, jewelry... clothing, and other things. They worked in factories. You might take a snapshot of any period in history and decide it was unfair for most people, but that's just a snapshot. It doesn't show what happens along The River of Time, as the same people come and go from one life to the next.

If you worked hard and were disciplined in your appetites... you built up resources in The Bank of Karma. Of course, you dreamed about what you would do... if and when... you were able to. It was the hope of better things that kept you going.

Sometimes Magic would happen and someone would be lifted above their station and pay-grade... through mysterious inheritance... the lottery... a romance with an heir or heiress... some talent or ability might do it. You could be a pretty face. That could be the lure on your hook. You might cash that in before your sell-by date... if you were smart.

This dreaming of The Future is a real force. It impacts what happens to you from life to life. No one dies in any permanent sense... unless you get involved in really bad shit, and get sent back on the evolutionary current to start all over again as a rock. People in The East know about Karma and Reincarnation. People in The West know about Science... Technology... convenience and comfort, though... the well-off in any land are pretty much the same.

Times change. No one learns Greek or Latin anymore, and... more's the pity. More and more people don't learn anything at all but just get by as best they can or permanently suck at The Government Tit. Most governments run by gangs of criminals like this just fine. They don't want anyone upsetting their apple cart. The World can be refined or brutal, and sometimes both at the same time... depending on where you find yourself.

What I'm saying... in brief... is that cultures rise and fall. Sometimes new cultures rise out of the ashes of the old while it is still smoldering.

I'm getting there. Give it a minute.

So... in these times when The Bad Guys have … seemingly... taken control... because a large portion of us have immersed ourselves in the pursuit of pedestrian appetites, and the hunger for... things, there is also an ever-growing climate of Black Magic being practiced... on the one hand by incompetents, and on the other hand by people who have cut deals with The Dark Side to get this... that... and The Other Thing.

It's amazing really... how easy it is for people to believe in The Devil, BUT... who have such a difficult time believing in The Other Guy. This is because The Other Guy has all these commandments and rules and it's hard to see The Upside; is it now? Can you not see The Upside? What if I told you that those commandments and rules were actual forms of Magic? What if I told you they are the source of Great Power... Protection... Stability, and a sanctuary far more secure than bunkers underground?

The Commandments... The Rules... The Laws of Nature or... The Jungle... the principles and processes that are the root causes of balance and order, if not generally at all times, certainly -can be- in the individual sense. Your command of The Commandments and those other stationary and active forces ALL come from one's ability not to want; not to want your neighbor's ass or... to conspire to hijack it or... kill or steal to get it... get possessed by jealousy and envy or ANY of the low vines and underbrush you can trip on that will bring you down.

Once you have gained proficiency in the control of any of these negative desires... you receive automatically... like a Bank Error in your favor (though it's no error) The Power that comes from holding down and controlling something else... within... you.

When you can command the force of Wanting...The Self comes into residence... or rather announces The Residency, cause The Self has been there all along... watching... and waiting for this moment. The entire universe belongs to The Self. The Self just lets others use it. You get to where you know this, and you can command ANYTHING to appear before you because you are not interfering with the process or the principle by Wanting.

Of course, you can get things by Wanting too, BUT they won't stay with you and you'll have to protect them from all the other people who want... whatever it is... too. Right now, The World is... seemingly... being run by a bunch of cheap sonsabitches who want it all. None of any of it belongs to them. They are simply poster boys and girls for The Purpose of Demonstration. You might think a billion dollars should be able to buy good health. Quite the contrary. Lots of money will destroy your health.

None of the people around you love you, and... you know this, and even if some of them do love you, you don't believe them. You live in a paranoid prison camp of your own design.

However... if you can master yourself. If you can control these primal urges... these huge currents that move beneath the surface of The Ocean of This World, anything you could possibly want will come begging you for a place to stay. You can give it away too. Let's say you could convince God to show you where the portal is to his ocean of Divine Love. How would that be?

What if he were to grant you the power to heal... close up and far off? What if you could inspire an army of souls to combat the same disorders within and bring about a Golden Age? I could go on and on here about the wonderful things that The Divine... The Self... possesses and is just itching to turn over to you, just for the fun of watching, if only... if only you would follow those commandments... and rules... and laws of nature; superior and inferior.

You are being watched all the time. Some of the watchers are trying to help, and some are trying to ensnare you, and both of them work for The One who pulls the strings. Why can't it be perfect all the time? Well... there are locations where that is true. This here... this plane is not that place. This is the place where you demonstrate the right qualities... actions... and attitudes that get you promoted to that place where everything is perfect. That's how it works.

Some get demoted too. Some run around in circles until they tire and sink... cause... nothing stays the same on the plane of appearances... where the state of your Desire determines your state of affairs.

Want perfect health? Follow The Rules. Want to be rich... secure... safe? Follow The Rules. Want to be untouchable by man or fate... where that is your fate? Follow The Commandments. Follow The Rules, and... you are in for one big and never-ending series of surprises.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Good post man. Its surprising more don't tumble to the just withholding of action against their desires. Its more will but less Effort to Not act on that which calls at oneself with siren song. After a time that which calls is almost tuned out. Like a spouse that nags constantly and after sating the nag for a time, the nagging never stops and one stops giving the nag its way.

I suppose many have to realize that even if they get what they desired it wasn't what they thought it would be and how many tend to think deeply after getting their way? ha, right.

Seems we have the b-1b's in the air from the UK and somewhere on the east coast today. Guess we'll see how things go thru the weekend. Not that it matters huh, its all under control of the All for the purpose of demonstration.

Fuck the Takers. They're making their own hell on earth once the public starts to realize it can harass the oligarchs they find local to themselves and make their lives hell in return for their Gift of TAKING ADVANTAGE. Harass them non-stop and make them enjoy their own infamy for pretending to be everyones Unaccountable Authority.

Uh... aside from that, Have a great weekend!

Stridering said...

It could be the dog that catches the car and you realize what you wanted was a trap.
Triumphant return of Sol today and the honkers (geese) were using the school crosswalk in line.
It made me wish I had a sailfawn to record it.
Unseasonably warm and the geese were later flying in formation honking and changing directions quickly what a beautiful demonstration.
Gave verbal and mental Thank Yous to God and Sol and during prayer said please deliver us from the evil one.
Stop all the wanting is a favorite Visibleism and found out that the Sack-N-Save is real!
Let the world be the world is my new fave.
Thank You.

Visible said...

There is always a level of enjoyment when you show up, Strider.

M - said...

Vis, do you realize that GAB is not listing ALL your posts? It jumps from last week to January 5th - showing nothing in between - and so on. Am I missing something here?

Visible said...


I must rephrase my response because I confused Sebastian Gorka (although I did not include his last name) with Andrew Torba.

As far as this goes, a reader contacted me to say,. " I noticed missing posts on GAB a long time ago. But, it was only a problem if one didn't get to the links page on GAB within a day or so of the post.

The times a blog post did disappear, I was able to find it using their search function, although I needed to be somewhat creative."

Perhaps that is all it is.

Thank you for pointing this out.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Pervert Human Sexuality... Bestialize The Iimagination, and... The Culture Sinks Like a Stone into Exploding Hog Lagoons."

Anna Cordelia said...

Reading this post I realized... it's easy to demonstrate The Physical Rules (like gravity), and those are The Rules most of us get. Drop a ball from a few feet off the ground and you get it.

The Cosmic Rules, on the other hand, are another matter. The Cosmic Rules are just as real (arguably more real!) but they are so much harder to "see" in action, unlike the ball dropping to the ground.

That we don't "get" The Cosmic Rules is because we haven't learned how to tap into our "Cosmic Senses." Developing those Senses can be lifetimes of work, but if we have faith in the right Teachers, we can at least follow The Rules until we drop our blinders.

Thanks for clarifying that for me, Visible.



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