Tuesday, January 30, 2024

"For as Long as The Heat of Carnal Passion Fuses Them to The Objects of Desire; Attachment is a Whirlpool in Suspension."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking with The Angel yesterday... as The Sun was setting, and I said one of those things that immediately pings off The Higher Wisdom of the one I am talking to. This angel is quite snarky... in the most beautiful and humbling way. I would not recommend the company of this angel to anyone with an overly developed sense of themselves or... their own importance.

I mentioned something about stealing wisdom, and The Angel said, “You couldn't have stolen it because I have yet to give it to you.” What can anyone say to that? No one EVER takes anything from The Divine that The Divine had not already arranged for them to think they made off with on their own.

I was told, “Oh yes! I've given out false wisdom and misdirection many times... when the person was deserving of it, and... wouldn't have been satisfied with anything else anyway.” The idea that we accomplish ANYTHING on our own is one of the reasons why Pride ALWAYS goes before a fall.

Once you are utterly humble before The Throne of God, your evolution can move at a brisker pace. Prior to that, you are not going to get very far. Humility... Gratitude and Love for The Divine are the first steps on the way. (not necessarily in that order) It's not possible to understand what you are being taught otherwise. The essential part of your being is not hearing what is said, and if it is... the key points are lost in translation. Who and what is doing the translation... is always a very good question.

I was told that everything is Mind and that Mind is a sounding board... as much as it is a mirror. When The Angel speaks to any of us, it does so in a manner consistent with our particular design... consistent with the methods that apply to The Ray we are an expression of. Angelic language... the language of God... does not sound like English... Chinese... Hebrew... or any other language that comes and goes here... in a process of constant modification.

Angelic speech makes contact with The Mind and The Mind interprets it in the language it has. It might appear as speech. It might appear visually. It might come through intuitive prompts. There are many mediums and all of them are legitimate. HOWEVER... our translations of what The Higher Mind has transmitted to us are not always precise and accurate. We get it wrong often. We can ONLY hear and understand as clearly as our level of purity and detachment will allow for.

Our various negative qualities account for our Selective Hearing. We hear what we want to hear, not what is actually being said. This is why in one's exclusive love for The Divine, one must appeal for The Qualities of God. When one is in possession of these, one hears exactly what is being said, and understands it exactly as it is intended.

One needs only to be a student of history... through the lens of their own impartial witness... to see that people are always coming and going here, sometimes rising to high estate... in one or more of material existence's most coveted states; wealth... power... influence... personal magnetism, whether by appearance... or sheer force of will, and then... one has only to watch what happens to them. This I do with keen enthusiasm. It proves to me time, and time again... what is... and is not... worth having or doing.

Nothing and... I mean this... with EMPHASIS!!! Nothing has an equal value to that of true and enduring invisible friends... of ACTUAL high estate. There is no equal to this in all of life's possibilities, because... “what does it profit a man to gain The Whole World and lose his only soul?” True understanding of this statement, and... I have some measure of it... causes me to tremble at the thought!

How can I convey the INCREDIBLE security and sanctuary that comes with being a friend of The Divine? And... ALL THAT IT TAKES... is to act like one. You WILL then... get the attention of the angels who search for this motivation... this hunger... in mortal ranks. Remember the statement about one who would save his life... thereby losing his life in the bargain? I always wonder what life it is referring to? Surely it means to die to this world so that you might live in the other. What other?

The Senses are the most extraordinary form of confinement. They trap The Heart and The Mind for as long as the heat of passion fuses them to the objects of Desire. Attachment is a whirlpool in suspension. It is the sticky excrescence that holds us stationary in time, so that time might cause attrition upon our mortal form. Time is one of the truer expressions of Gravity. We only age in the theater of time.

Age has weight. Memory adds to that. There is a standard of excellence that none of us can properly define... that exists above us... and holds us accountable for not reaching it. All these vain efforts that resound... in the roars of the crowd... in the coliseums of The World... are nothing more than noise fading to imperceptible echo; strike a golden spike where that cat wailed!!! Yeah... achievements come and go. None of them go over The Wall.

These markers are like tombstones; is that all you got? Is that all you got?!?

Only one who lives in blessed and Divine Anonymity understands real achievement, because that is the greatest achievement of all... to be able to put aside one's elemental need for recognition, and to serve under the radar of The World; to come and go outside the constraints of time. To exist on The Plane of Legend! To be realer than real! To be the currency that rings when it strikes The Anvil of God.

True Gold is not materialized. Rays of Sunlight are the closest approximation. Material Gold is materialized sunlight. It is a scripture that says... to a realized soul, a lump of gold and a clod of Earth have the same meaning... the same value. Nothing matters here except the service one can render. Everything else damns you by association, but my parents said... but the educational system said... but The World says... but... but... but. It is all rumors and lies.

Lao Tzu, when he saw that corruption was unavoidable, and had come to swallow up his world, he got on a water buffalo and rode out through The Gates of China... into The Plane of Legends... onward to Cold Mountain... through the thinner and thinner veneer... of degrees of materialization... until he was no longer materialized, though he can still come and go at will. He is eternal. He is wedded to eternal principles, and... therefore... he shares in their perpetuity.

Become identified with that which goes on forever and you will go on forever too. Cease to be a temporary thing apart. Become one with The Everlasting. That is the real and true objective of all your comings and goings here, and your coming and going will not cease until you have realized this. Until then... Suffering and that sense of separation will be your daily fare.

There are some who know this, but... do not really know this... who say that you should eat... drink... and be merry. Well, you can... of course... see where that leads. Many do. Many do so again, and again, and again.

What I am saying here is nothing new. It's been said over, and over again in myriad ways, AND... life demonstrates the truth of it every day, and all across the long reach of time... from obscurity to obscurity. Listen... don't listen... it doesn't mean shit to The Wind or The Water, both of them are as adaptable as anything can be.

Both of them go around everything and anything... until they wear them away... a particle at a time... in their own fashion. Adaptability... Adaptation is the key to Immortality. One who is capable of endless change need not die because they already die constantly; I die daily! So... though it is true that all forms must fade away, and cease. It is not true that we cease. We evolve... or we go round in circles... or... we descend. We do not stay where we are.

The secret is hidden in plain sight, but no one is that interested in seeing it... anyway... because of what it demands from you. We'd rather be footloose and fancy-free. Well... you get that anyway, but... it's impossible to understand this from The Plane of Attachment. The smoke of carnal fires occludes the clarity of sight. So it is in Times of Material Darkness.

Selfless service will get you there too. Loving God more than The World also accomplishes it... becoming still; Be still and know that I am God... that too. The ways are various though they do... all.. arrive at the same entryway... given that no man comes to The Father unless he models him/herself on The Redeemer. God is Real... everything else... less so... by degrees of distance... imaginary as they might be.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Reading The Gospel of Barnabas. By the time I got to chapter 30, it said you're supposed to hate this world (Well, I got that covered.), which wasn't described in a favourable way in one of those earlier chapters. Well, I got that covered. But it says everything you said in this post. The nose way of describing it is GET TO WHERE YOU'RE GOIN' BY BEIN A COSMIC DISHRAG. Actually I've done a pretty good job of that, though it may be hard to tell by most of my commentary. Yet at the same time, I've been more pragmatic than most by not playing the stupid games most people play. I've sidestepped a ton of gratuitous inconveniences that serve no purpose but to inconvenience the 'player'. That wasn't always the case (Though to a lesser degree from the majority.), but better late than never. I guess most people don't consider time a valuable commodity or they're addicted to high stress lifestyles. I dunno. I can't begin to understand the collective of humanity, and I'm not sure I want to. I mean, 4 inch stilettos? Teslas? (Totalled after a fender bender, not to mention the things blow up on occasion, and have fun stating your car in subfreezing weather.) Mainstream political parties? Buying shoite you don't need and can't afford on credit so now you can flush more money down the toilet by supporting the evil banking industry (Which seems to be being destroyed right now.) via interest which is up to what? 30 odd percent right now? Don't get me started on those parasitic economic black holes known as crotch droppings. The list goes on, parsec after parsec. (Might be a bit of an exaggeration. . .maybe.)

I've done some stupid shoite in my life, but at least I never buried myself so deep that I couldn't just step out of the hole. In analogy, I don't think that hole was ever over 6 inches deep.

Nostrils to the sky.

AL said...

I am not fabulous Les, God through you Sir are fabulous!

Been nursing some liver\gallbladder\thyroid issues the past 5 weeks and feeling like I'm getting no where which has been disheartening due to lack of achievements of various proportions. No hospitals wanted no insurance either so it has been me and God ever since, who needs anything more really. Yesterday evening I finally let go and mentioned to God it's okay, whatever you have in store for me I know is in my best interest so I'm surrendering and giving it to you because the mind is killing me faster than the health issues.

Today I received a castor oil pack and put it on and omg is it working well and I actually feel like I may survive this.
BTW castor oil packs are the bomb for liver health and I recommend them for anyone wishing to improve their health and detox the liver.

Thanks Brutha for what you do!

Anonymous said...

This is so true. thanks so much. I read you every day and am always amazed by your clarity. sandy

Visible said...


I am sorry I didn't get right back to you. I hope you see this. If not I will catch you at a further point. I was on my way to take a nap and I told myself I would respond quickly, but... Life intruded. (grin) When you have more than one organ going out of wack it's a systemic disharmony for specific reasons, and there are certain remedies that are more attractive than those provided by our contemporary black magicians.

I studied Shiatsu for a year in NYC and I could see how remarkable it might be in the hands of a COMPETENT practitioner. That would be the main issue, to find someone who knows what they are doing. It is especially recommended for when organs go out of symmetry with one another. At the same time, the organs you mention could indicate a dietary concern. I don't know if you are having problems with gallstones. I had them and did not know what I now know about treating this problem OR... it was pushed from my mind because I owed a certain amount of suffering... yes, such things happen.

So I had mine removed because the pain had gotten unbearable. Unfortunately, today's surgeons are collectively incompetent across the board or else I've been unlucky and I don't believe in luck.

If you can find a competent Shiatsu practitioner and/or a naturopath that is the direction I would go in. Prayers, of course, will attend you as well.

Anonymous said...

Another resonant stream from the flow of Visible ink. Thank you.

Strideby said...

I admit to wanting the magnificent Esmerelda Villalobos who recently moved in.
Such a pretty face and amazing lips.
Libido should go away sometime, hopefully.
Always giving thanks to God multiple times in prayer and at every meal.
Those people who want their reward in this world will get it.
Not my problem if they are the dog that finally catches the car or get a short ride on the tiger.
I remember what you said about you don't want to go through what they had to go through to get it.
Fame is for whores and they are expected to perform
All glory goes to God, always.

Visible said...

"God grant me chastity, just not yet!" St. Augustine.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"A Clueless, Factory-Assembled Zeitgeist of a Bankrupt Culture... A Perverse Merger of Bologna and White Bread Under-Glass."

Anonymous said...

Why would the Bible be the book. What about other so called sacred books?
Not having read too much in or about them I'm not sure about the following...

Karma and multiple lives isn't in the Bible or Koran.
Priest class prey upon people's fear of the unknown... do this, believe that and your okay, right?

God, Allah, Jehova, Yaweha, Him contra Her, Father, whatever.. on our side, right?
Kill the infidels, heathens, barbarians, whatever.

How come these things were revealed to modern humanity, quite a while back and not earlier? No updates either. Anyone adds or takes away from this book is doomed etc.

That would be the mysterious ways I guess.

Karma bought me a round of testicle cancer fifteen years ago. The medical industrial complex removed the walnut, pumped me full of expensive toxins (some of it containing platinum something-or-other) In the 70's the survival rate was around twenty percent contra eighty percent when I got lucky ( they kept telling me - you're lucky, it's the most curable cancer there is these days... I understood the intention but got a bit tired hearing it).

I'm glad I took the medical route, because at the time I was tempted to go all herbal and alternative. Obviously all the " Distance Healing" and "I'll pray for you, for money" just seemed too much like suicide.

There's most likely something else on the other side (no nice big sleep) I'm partial to the heart weighed against a feather thing even though mine is a cold, black, heavy stone... sigh - but somehow I actually find myself more in paradise than hell in this Demonstration, or preschool playground, cesspit, hellhole, whatever.

In short, respect all beliefs and customs as long as people aren't ramming it down each others throats.

Find this site and the folks commenting to be one of the best places for inspiration.

Good luck everyone... really? ... well the sun shines equally etc.



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