Tuesday, January 09, 2024

"It is Like a Murmuration of Starlings... as Evil is Expanded into a Million Points of Darkness that Swarms as a Single Entity."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So long as men and women move about on this planet... interact... conjugate... duplicate... in dissimilarities trending toward all the changes coming and going... according to The Dance of The Planets... pinging off the players... forces moving invisibly all around, and... prompting actions to the effect of reactions... coming and going... like a pinball machine that has lost its mind, we... will... get what we keep getting... in endless variations of the same thing... modulating through fashions and styles... colors and sounds... on the ring around the rosy merry-go-round of mortality.

We hold this truth to be self-evident... that everything we see is a lie. It is a world of The Clueless, and... Not so Clueless... striving to make their mark on existence, and... on each other, and this they do... over... and over again... world without end.

For an age... or two... or more, many different people are keeping score... writing down what they saw and heard, or did not hear, and only imagined, or... what someone else told them, or... told someone else... who told someone else... who told them, and it changed a little or a lot with every person the story passed through.

At a certain point... certain individuals... or groups of individuals... began to see that material existence might be controlled by whoever was writing the story of what happened, and it was altogether possible to make events look the way they wanted them to look... for the profit they could make from it.

That's one world, The World of people dedicated to convincing everyone else... of their version of what happened, followed by the chaos and confusion that came after... because there is a lot of money to be made off of chaos and confusion... whether you create it or... show up to manipulate it.

There is another world that is composed of people who know the key secrets of existence, and... who have evolved in consciousness... well beyond the masses... that are made up of everyone else. This world that can also be called a fellowship or... a brotherhood... has been around for longer than the earliest scribes who have been keeping a record of events. This group is only as strong as The Moral Fiber that holds it together.

Through history... there are always people who know significantly less than this fellowship... brotherhood... or whatever it actually is, and these are the people who are responsible for forming exoteric organizations to represent however much they know from... and about... those people who know the key secrets of existence.

This is how we got organizations like The Masons... The Illuminati... The Rosicrucians... The Templars, and so on. There have been many of them. Some are still extant, and some are gone. All of them were based on some of the ideas that got loosed into The World by The Keepers of The Key Secrets of Existence. The Keepers knew that any organization they might manifest... through external means... was subject to the corruptions of time and circumstance.

They knew... sooner or later... these institutions would lose all credibility... once the psychopathic termites had burrowed into the integrity of that... which held it together.

The impetus to self-interest and treachery... the driving forces of the varieties of ambition... are permanent residents in the hearts of humanity, where ignorance and material desire are present. Many organizations are founded with the best of intentions, but human weakness will eventually open the door behind which Evil dwells, and Evil will enter in and suck at the marrow of the underpinnings.

In these times it is like a murmuration of starlings... the way Evil is expanded... into a million points of darkness... that swarms as a single entity... that can only be neutralized from within... as one's personal darkness is... or is not... neutralized or expelled.

Ages come and go. Nations rise and fall, and rise and fall... in a single life breath of The Cosmos. What is the point? Obviously, the point is not made here... within the parameters of the senses. Obviously, the answer exists beyond that bandwidth of limitation, which defines the boundaries of mortality... where lifetimes come and go, and come and go... by the thousands in a single life breath of The Cosmos.

Everything done here is an exercise in futility. It is what Sisyphus tells us. It is what Prometheus tells us. It is night following day, and day following night in a dance of contrasts, and the only valid point of residence... is outside of this dynamic... where there is another sun rising... on a day that never ends... in The Land of The Immortals... across the wide seas to that further country... across the wide seas that separate The Great Companions from The Lands of Birth and Death.

Now... a great evil threatens the lives of billions and billions of people.

It is directed by those of influence and material power, by those who have amassed fortunes beyond anything previously seen here, and they have joined together to eliminate all but a permanently serving underclass. These men and women... all mortal beings... are insane. What is the upside for them? They are here but a little while and then they are gone.

They are driven by entities who are not mortals and have arisen from The Pit. They are possessed by single-minded demonic intelligences. They are dreaming and imagine themselves to be awake. They are not awake, but... they will be awakened, as will nearly everyone who exists in these times; awakened according to their capacity to awaken... to the degree of wakefulness that is possible for them. They will awaken and be astounded at the evil they have been complicit in.

The Court of The Last Judgment will convene in thin air. The Materialists do not think such a thing is possible. I know it to be true, as do others. It has happened before, when the previous last judgment occurred, and... the one before that, and... the one before that. This and many another archetypal event come round and round again... upon the calendar of Nature... who brings it all into being... under the command of The Most High... and who takes it back in again... in a life breath of The Cosmos.

Few of us are sane in these times, but...some of us are, and we can clearly see what is happening here. When one has divorced themselves from the delusions of wanting... and come out into the clear light... that reigns forever... beyond the smokescreens of desire and senseless craving... one sees without distortion... what is and what is not. One sees that this has all been and gone many times before... in a life breath of The Cosmos.

Those who love the one that hung the stars in space... will continue on with him... as he passes through here... on his appointed rounds... that occur at the inception of every age. He will come and pay the fee for the coming age... with the lifeblood of The Divine. It is the legacy of The Dying and Resurrected God... whose graven images emblazon the temples, and who also forms the template of his being... upon each of us... to shape us... in our emulation of him... should we rise to that occasion. Many are called, but... few are chosen.

The Living Book of Nature bears clear and enduring evidence of The Key Secrets of Existence that do not change through the length of a life breath of The Cosmos. It is why it is called Ageless Wisdom. It never changes. Everything else changes, and it is the key to passing beyond The World of Changes, should you be so inspired to rise to the occasion.

The World is changing in horrific ways toward a brighter future. This is only the beginning of a collective Arrogance... Stupidity... and Pride... meeting an irresistible force. It has happened many times before, but we have no accurate record of it. The Organized Churches destroyed or hid away all of the records... in order to control the multitudes as sheep for the shearing.

Governments come and go. The Church has endured for many centuries... millennia. You do the math. Their... time... is... at... an... end... because The Newer Testament is soon to be written upon The Hive Mind and The Collective Heart. It is to be branded upon the essence of Nature that has been too long overlaid with the falling dust of time. The reflection of truth can no longer be seen there. The dust... must... be washed away. The Truth... at the center of unstoppable destiny... will be revealed.

It will be profound and enduring... because it links to all of the other testaments that have been imprinted here, Yet... none of them... are more than a sigh... in a single life breath of The Cosmos. They are... each of them... like a massive strand of shining stars... around the neck of an unknown God.

End Transmissions.......

Remember the first link in yesterday's post about the giants in the Miami Mall? Here is the prankster admitting it was a trolling effort.

Yet more Boehme for your divine feeding time.


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I know some of you might have a problem with this.
It's an interesting method=


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which one I love more - the title or the very last sentence.
But i do know that the journey from one to the other was worth the trip!
Nice to see that the comment section is still alive and well (smile).

Thanks, Viz!


0 said...

I suppose I should prepare to be ready for when my parents drop form. My Dad stopped taking the injections after 2 shots. My mom stopped after 3, but then took a flu vaccine about a month ago and has had a bad cough ever since. Its unpleasant to think about but practical to start sorting emotions now.

That link to the doctor commentary on x was pretty specific about results of death in 6months to 3-5 years. 1st shot 15% compromised immune system. 2nd shot up to 35% compromised immune system. VAIDS. Vaccine Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.

We better see accountability soon. If the public at large tumbles to whats been done to them, the people in authority positions who screwed the public via the mandates will be getting hung in the streets. Especially if they realize they're walkin dead, no point not taking the criminals out on ones own way out.

In my technical work with voice over ip, I see technical people losing their technical edge and just not being detail oriented enough anymore. It causes new issues that would have been prevented had they been more detail oriented in the first place. I expect this is mirrored in all they who took the shots over the last couple years. The effects will be additive.

Its ironic really. I don't talk much in person, so one would think when I did bother saying something, my family would listen, but the rest of my family is not like me at all. They're all engaged in their social groupings and go with whatever those crowds do. Eh, I suppose this is why I'm generally quiet. It is what it is and will be what it will be.

Take care,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are, we were, and we will be. . .somewhere. We are eternal, and I don't get why it's important to some that we be HERE in this garbage of a realm where truth is hidden, and innate abilities are curtailed 98%. I can't wait until my contract is up and I can get off of this vile pile of shoite. I still am having a hard time processing how many times I've been here. I suppose I was a glutton for punishment.

Needless to say I rather liked the link you posted in the main article. Almost makes me wish I wasn't a pure blood, but that's NOT how I wanna go. Headshot with a hollow point, ground zero nuke, Rusty Cage's (Ben Steele's) guillotine. . .I mean lemon cutter, Monty Python's foot. . .fine, but. . .


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Behave Contrary to The Common Good, and You Cause Chain Reactions in Nature that Are Going to Come for Your Ass."



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