Thursday, January 04, 2024

"The Angels have The Videotape. They Know More that You have Forgotten than The Totality of All You Can Remember."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It is through the senses that we perceive The World. If we did not possess the senses... we would not perceive it. The blind see nothing. The deaf hear nothing. These two senses are primary. The other three are secondary unless you are a glutton... a sybarite... or a fetishist. There are schools for the blind and schools for the deaf. There are no schools that I know of that are for people who cannot taste... touch... or smell.

The World is like a vast fishing pond that is continuously stocked by fish... who were eaten at a previous time... and then came back to have that experience again. This is a visible fishing pond for invisible fishermen... fisher women... (fishers of women and fishers of men) or strange fish that will assuredly die out in a generation... because they do not generate life... except in cultural Petri dishes... where a shelf life exists for as long as the culture is in decline or... God cleans the refrigerator.

This pond we are swimming in, and... in all cases passing through... is filled with colorful lures that have hidden hooks and barbs attached to them. These lures are encountered through the senses that they attract.

In this very large pond... that is very like an ocean... there are specific locations where large numbers of fish gather. These are feeding grounds or... breeding grounds; these being the two main attractors. Animals are driven by instinct. Humans... in which the animal nature predominates... are also driven by a similar force. So... I guess you could say that this pond is also a zoo, once the residents of the pool climb onto the land.

There are... in fact... scientific theories that are devoted to the study of life forms crawling out of the water... and onto the land... and then moving through stages of change... until death claims them... because THEY STOPPED CHANGING AND ADAPTING. So they keep coming back again and again until they learn the secret.

It is self-evident. It is easily observable, that humans congregate in large numbers, and that there is a much smaller portion that chooses less crowded spaces. This also applies to the philosophies and social constructs they live by. There will always be more physicists than metaphysicians. There will always be more priests and religious functionaries than mystics and saints. There will always be more people who are driven by their appetites than those who restrain them.

There are three basic types of people, just as there are three basic body types, though there is little connection between these two. Parallels exist but they are not to be counted on for cross referencing. (I wonder how many people are going to get that... grin)

There are people who will think about what I just said. There are people who will simply move right by, and there are people it will go past; over their heads... right by them... or between their legs. There is always a demographic that lags behind. Then there is a massive demographic that is in the middle. Then there is a small percentage who are ahead of the rest; ahead of their time. Then there is a group that is ahead of them too.

There is a percentage... a very... very small percentage that cannot be counted in any of these groupings, nor can they... unless they permit it... be recorded by any of the five senses. There is a visible world that exists on a bandwidth monitored by the senses and an invisible world that the senses cannot register.

Resting on top of the physical senses, but in a state of quiescence... that is similar to sleep... are five psychic senses. When they are activated they cause clairvoyance... clairaudience... clairsentience and... so on and so forth. We all have a small amount of these psychic senses because the barrier between them is not Hermetically sealed. We sense things that have no physical cause. It's where our hunches and warnings come from; premonitions of danger... deja-vu. Chicken skin is something from the invisible touching the visible.

When you think there is something off about a person. When you are attracted to someone and don't know why. These are indications of something you can't put your finger on or... is it Hammer Time again? ♫ You can't touch this ♫ Wanna bet?

Desire is a ring of fire. It goes round and round repeating itself ad nauseam, cause eventually... you get sick of it... maybe. ♫ I fell into a burning ring of fire ♫ There's nothing anyone can do for people who are spinning on this merry-go-round. It is fortunate... perhaps... that they keep forgetting again, and again.

The Bible is very confusing for people who can't think for themselves and have lost their objective perspective, which Materialism causes. This Lake of Fire thing... for instance... that is the ring of the fire of Desire. It's that burning-with-need syndrome. I've no doubt an actual lake of fire is possible in some cases because... most people... SERIOUSLY underestimate the power of The Imagination.

The Satanic priest class uses fear and other forces to intimidate the parishioner. They want to compel people to come to them for answers, but they don't have any. At the end of this posting, I have a short treatise about Jacob Boehme. If your mind still works, I recommend that you read it when you can find the time. It doesn't take all that long. It's about the difference between the mercenary priest class and the truly inspired.

Desire goes in circles... like the snake with its tail in its mouth. Aspiration... on the other hand, which... can also be termed, Yearning; yearning for something higher. Yearning for something more. It goes in a spiral. To aspire is to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. It is said... I think by Kierkegaard... that one must work out their own salvation through fear and trembling. There is something to that, cause without it... the invisible helpers can't do much for you. You HAVE TO BE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS.

Something very profound is taking place right now and there are two positions one can take on it. One can get blown to hither and yon by resisting it, or one can surf it right up onto the sweet sands of Serenity.

The Pope is a Satanist. He comes out of a long tradition of Satanic Popes, with few exceptions. It's that way through the whole church. It is what happens to presidents that are well-intentioned. You may wish to do the right thing, but many of the people you are in charge of are not, and they can undermine you from all sides, and kill you if you get too frisky.

The Christian Religion is owned and operated by The Usual Suspects... with their chosen people nonsense. I think we all know... those of us who still possess an objective perspective... who they are the chosen people of. In a way, it's not their fault. Certain animals are the captives of their nature. It's what they do. When you are a materialist you don't believe in a Divine Being. That makes you a servant of The Prince of this World.

When you are a stone-cold materialist you believe only in what the senses report to you, and... you get very good at working within the parameters of the senses, because it is all you do, and you are not hampered by conscience. The Talmud clarifies this comprehensively, in case you are still programmed... enthralled by nonsense... or obedient to those you fear to offend. We have a bumper crop of cowards at this time because of The Mindset of Materialism. I don't give a shit about any of that so... that makes it easy to see through and to get around.

Besides which, I know that The Devil works for God; his wonders to perform, and... when The Court of Judgment convenes in mid-air, he is the prosecuting attorney. He sits at the other table, and not where his supplicants (the ones he misled through the temptations) expected him to sit. You have to defend yourself AND BELIEVE ME... The Angels have the videotape. They know more that you have forgotten... than the totality of all you can remember.

You can think of it as a game. It certainly bears remarkable similarities to a game. You can think of it as a movie or a dream. Once again, it bears remarkable similarities to both. You can think of it as being scripted... or free form... or a combination of both, cause it certainly is. You can believe it is only what you can see and touch, and... for you, that might be so, for... a... time. Obviously, it is where your sympathies lie, and you'll be headed right back there again... after an interim.

As is ALWAYS the case... at distant but predictable junctures... an apocalypse comes around and reveals to us all that was deceiving us. It is attended by an awakening, and so The Deceivers must scramble to stay ahead of these cosmic forces... in order to maintain their predatory advantage... over the stupid fish who are their livelihood and food source.

All of the fish are not stupid. Some have been asleep and that is what the awakening deals with. Mini-Apocalypses come now and again, BUT Grand Apocalypses come only preceeding The Avatar. That is where we presently find ourselves. You don't have to worry about the predators unless you do. They have their own pressing concerns that intensify by the hour. Soon enough they won't have time to think about you at all... because they will be running for their lives; won't do them any good though.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

“I’ve no doubt an actual lake of fire is possible in some cases because... most people... SERIOUSLY underestimate the power of The Imagination.”

This might spark one’s imagination:



0 said...

Hehe Find the Fish.

That old Meaning of Life movie has lots of curiousities for they who can see. I particularly like the universe song.

And of course the old To many Hats clip from the same.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Duntoirab said...

My goodness. The Jacob Boehme text is right up there with the Impersonal Life!

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I know I have a lot to work on because I cannot shake off the desire to own a Squier Contemporary Tecaster and a classic vibe 70s deluxe. I love Telecasters!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Invisible is Not Populated Only with Righteous Entities... No More than The Physical Plane Is. As Above... So Below."

Anonymous said...

0 :

I will see your 2 Monty Pythons and raise you two;





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