Friday, January 12, 2024

"It Evens Out into The Still... Serene... and Enveloping Wonder of The Moment as it Really Is in The One Mind at All Times."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every plane of your being is an entire world unto itself. Each of these worlds exists according to the same principle but vibrates at a different speed. On the physical plane, there is always some kind of weather that you are moving through. That weather is always changing. There are specific attachments that occur in The Mind, which places you in the location where you choose to live. The same can be said for the thoughts in your head.

Your mind too is filled with weather. It accounts for where you are externally... because of where you are internally, and... where you are internally is determined by your Karma. It is the weight you carry. Your body is your cross. Various teachers have said various things, all of them designed to help you free yourself of this Karma... because... there are ways to accomplish this without going through it like an automaton operating on particular GPS coordinates.

Jesus The Christ said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.” Paramhansa (how his name was actually pronounced) said, “You should take all your troubles and burdens, and put them in a bag. And throw it in the ocean.” If you are of the more self-reliant kind, you can counteract your Karma through selfless service. This frees you of the bondage-freak persona you had been acting out as.

Karma is an experiential measurement of your self-interest, previous to this moment in which you are continuing your affair with someone who doesn't actually exist. You're living in a dream world, baby, and... it's no fun. The Mind is a battleground upon which most people torment themselves over what they said and did. It's a common thing. It is so common that it has universal applications in The Separated Mind everywhere..

The unnamed master that I met on a beach... who turned out to be God in human form... gave me a technique for freeing The Mind of its means to torment you; walking you around on a leash, instead of the other way around. He kept saying, “I don't know.” It is a process that frees you of all the confining knowledge you carry around with you and assume to be true... when almost none of it is.

It wasn't all that long before I was saying, “I don't know” also. There is only one mind. Unless you know this one thing, you are missing the essential ingredient for understanding what is going on. The Man on The Beach had a much deeper draft than I, so he sucked all the thought-forms out of my head, and my head was empty for the first time in my life. Realizing I didn't know anything... was a portal into a freedom I had not experienced before in this life.

When The Mind is emptied out, only what is essential to its existence remains. It's a tool. It's not you. It certainly thinks it is you, and it makes you think it is you, BUT... it's not. Its range of comprehension is limited. It is scheming at all times to hold your attention. Insofar as he exists, The Separated Mind is The Devil.

The Mind is a trickster. It will make you see things that are not there, and... it will make you see things other than they actually are. I could go on at great length about it, but... I would prefer not to. The Mind likes to go on and on about things. It NEEDS to keep your attention. It wants to be the organ-grinder in every sense of the world. Think about that for a moment.

The Mind is an airport. Thoughts come in and land. Thoughts take off for somewhere else; sometimes they are directed somewhere and sometimes they are not. Your mind could think of a great kindness that you do not get around to performing... because... as all selfish people will tell you, “it's the thought that counts.” However, that thought might land somewhere and get acted on by someone else. The same rule applies to thoughts of murder and every other form of harm.

Sooner or later that thought will find an opportune location to go into action. There are groups of evil magicians who gather to direct thoughts of harm to specific targets. Some of them work for governments. Some of them work for ideals they wish to maintain and disseminate. Some of them are for hire by people in the know, and so on and so forth.

You have to know who you are targeting because if the thought doesn't have anywhere to land... it will come back to you... with more force than you sent it out with. Human auras act as trampolines and... an aura that is suffused with love... well.

Keep in mind (grin) that we are here talking about The Separated Mind, which is the intelligence behind all the personalities acting on and being acted on by everyone else. These minds are driven by the engine of Desire. Passion is the gas that fuels The Mind. Passion is neither good nor bad. Intention defines it accordingly. The greatest passion is Love, and it has degrees of intensity that are determined by its level of expression. The Sun is the source of love as it expresses here.

Of course... The Sun is an extension of that sun too bright to see, which is... itself... an extension of something ineffable and incomprehensible.

The Man I met on The Beach did not possess a separated mind, and that has been his gift to me. It makes one into a mirror of everyone else, AND... that can be a good thing and a bad thing... by turns... until one gets the hang of it, and that does not happen overnight.

One still has to live out the personal grab-bag of whatever there was left in you... when The Moment found you, and that gets sped up to the point of madness... and beyond... before it evens out into the still... serene... and enveloping wonder of The Moment as it really is in The One Mind at all times.

When you depart from The One Mind you enter on to The Plane of Suffering, and that suffering continues until you are reunited. (♫and it feels so good ♫)

The One Mind exists in all of us but it is hard to discover because The Separated Mind is like an attic or a garage that is jammed full of odds and ends. One empties it out through the good offices of a master or... by serendipitous occasion, also the good office of a master, but one not identified yet.

My mind was emptied out through brief snorts of breath expelled... that worked like a leaf blower or a fire hose... something... something. The One Mind appears as soon as all the junk and distractions that concealed it have been sent wherever it is that such thoughts and things wind up when you let them go. Sometimes The Fire of God's Love consumes them all.

This sort of thing often results in a rising of The Kundalini... as it did in me, and... since Kundalini is a fire, it burns up everything that stands in the way of its ascent to The Bridal Chamber. I compare it to a volcano going off and not settling down for some time.

When it becomes a matter of a year or more at near the same intensity, it is sure to guarantee continuous awakenings along the way until its job is done. That job is the consuming of all the elements of the personal self that caused The Separated Mind to come into being. It is an unstoppable force. It may stop for a time here and there... as it neutralizes everything in its way. Sometimes it is waiting for points on The Celestial Clock to arrive.

None of these things are a concern for the person experiencing it. The Details are in the hands of The Master. All real masters are the same master... who was once a personality... like anyone else... until he got subsumed into The One Mind to live in an eternity outside of Time.

One enters The Deathless State in The One Mind because The One Mind exists forever and ever. Everything that exists was imagined and given birth in The One Mind, by the same process used by The Separated Mind only... it takes longer... and is seldom an exact expression of what it was intended to be.

One's level of aspiration and degree of concentration... that the force of attention passes through... determines how quickly you arrive at The One Mind. At the same time... one should not push too hard and cause injuries that might have been avoided. Once your Faith and Certitude are at a particular state, it all takes care of itself.

It's more a matter of setting the foundation. After that... it will rise according to how true the foundation is. It's best to have a template based on the earlier passage of the one you follow. However... even when you have been a wild and crazy freelancer like me... sooner or later you run into a deeper groove and... by that time... you are extremely glad to have found it at all.

End Transmissions.......

Since 4 Origami postings now, the machines out back are no longer coming around in my time frame.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!!

0 said...

Dollar Days, by Bowie.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at the lack of comments for I couldn't think of one either. But then I was going through some old notes and came upon this gem from Aivanhov which may help - I think.
It goes..."But once a disciple begins to advance and evolve he becomes more sensitive to the Sun's rays and they give him all kinds of revelations and raptures - truly heavenly sensations."

Fuck sunblock...(sorry).


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Look to See if Their Knuckles are White... and Their Lips are Tight. Ask Them if They are Hearing Things, in... Their... Heads."

Ze Eche said...

Oh my, yesss!



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