Monday, January 22, 2024

"Every Time We Show Up Before Them... We are Given Choices to Correct The Scales... Until Balance is Finally Attained."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In the direction of God and Good, as in the direction of the servants of evil, and Evil... there are sacrifices required of you... no matter the direction you are going in. You always have to give something to get something. I call it displacement theory, which is something like Nature abhorring a vacuum.

Movers and shakers in the world of entertainment... the people behind the people who operate the government... or act as religious figures... and who are... intimate with powerful people in The World of finance... did not suddenly show up one day as full-blown Satanists... and similar. They had certain interests that attracted them early in life, no doubt they were attractions developed in previous lives, and so they moved in a series of progressions to what they later became.

All of these interests emerge from the cultivation of selfish intent. We ALL share common ground, we simply plant different seeds there. Whatever you plant will grow. It is activated and fed by intention AND attention.

Remember... in a recent posting... the graphic of the hand below the surface that was God, and the fingers pointing up above The Earth? Each of us appeared as separate fingers, but below The Surface World, we were all fingers on a single hand? It's very similar to the operations of Mycelium. It's real, my friends. I don't care what you think you see; given that appearances are a lie. We are all connected in ways beyond what might seem to be true on cursory observation... on the surface level.

Imagine that there is a left hand and a right hand. In Italian... Left is Sinistra (Sinatra?) from which the word 'sinister' comes. We are told that God created both The Good and The Evil. Evil is sometimes referred to as The Left Hand of God. I'm left-handed, but that is neither here nor there. (I hope)

People are drawn to The Dark Side because that is where you can get many of the objects and conditions one is attracted to in The Material World; wealth... power... fame... and a myriad of other attractions, some of them are depraved beyond what you might imagine because... with certain hungers and appetites... the satifactions can level out all too soon, and then one seeks for the thrill of deeper and darker things... because The thrill is gone; due to diminishing returns.

This is how serial killers progress from torturing insects... to animals... to starting fires when the fire of Puberty begins to rage within... and then to people, and so on. Each step comes at a cost, as one is more and more removed from their humanity. When you get on the road to Evil... then there are fees attached to the acquisition of one's desires. Someone planted something in them, and... it grew.

I have heard on various occasions... from people who made arrangements with The Dark Side; “well... I got what I wanted but, my sister died... my mother died... my husband died... my child died.” A life is required... usually... for the high-ticket items. Sometimes a regular offering of lives is required to retain one's station. This is especially true of nations, as is the case with a particular nation in The Middle East that... coincidentally... often have their attacks on other countries take place on their religious holidays.

Holiday, is another name for Holy Day.

Each of these roads toward more pristine and powerful good... or darker and darker evils... involve sacrifices of some kind. With The Good... the sacrifice is something given or offered by the person who will then fill that space... formerly occupied with what was sacrificed... by whatever the sacrifice was intended for. When it is evil, the sacrifice is the life of another, and the space of that person or life form is now filled with a familiar of some kind.

The Truth is, (and I think we can say here; “by their works ye shall know them,”) that... at this point... those CONSCIOUSLY serving The Dark Side include most of the name players at the top of the food chain; The Pope... World Leaders. It's a club whose membership roles swell by the day.

I had to start this post over again. I removed the names that I mentioned because the list is woefully incomplete. I suddenly realized I was going in the wrong direction. I'm not at all hesitant about deleting entire posts and sections of posts. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. This is one of those times.

Let's be more succinct and direct. Whenever Material Culture becomes the driving force in society, the worship of The Dark Side comes into play and is synonymous with the decay of traditional religions and infrastructure. This is all easily seen in these times.

What is happening is that The World is being divided into two separate camps. On the one side are those still holding on to deeper convictions... concerning an invisible ruling authority... whose commandments... given through scripture... set the tone for a person's behavior in this world. On the other side is a growing number of people seeking material gain at all costs, and who are willing to DO ANYTHING to acquire it.

There is a third demographic of those who have slipped through the cracks and who are homeless... alcoholic... drug addicted... insane... rudderless souls who survive... somehow... on the margins of society. Their numbers are swelling too.

The only number that seems to be decreasing are those with strong spiritual convictions, BUT... this might be a deception that is orchestrated by the people who own The Media that is... everywhere now.

We are approaching a monumental turbulence in human affairs. Think of it as being attended by storm-force winds, AND... if you have nothing to hold on to it... WILL.... blow... you... away. Satanic forces have taken over The World's governments and religions. The fires of appetite rage through the population. More and more people are being driven mad. The temporal rulers are MOSTLY all possessed by a controlled madness, as they are manipulated to do whatever they are told.

This involves killing millions... billions of people... by a variety of methods. If you are not paying attention you are in harm's way, and... your chances of survival are slim. Given that we are all mortal... unless we have found The Portal... it would only be a matter of time in any case.

However... no one dies. They are simply relocated. In most instances they are transported to their next destination on The Wheel of Reincarnation... they are further molded and prepared... to continue in whatever they were doing prior to being relocated. In some cases one's fortunes are adjusted dramatically up or down... based on whatever we had gotten up to, because... in the process of relocation, ALL OF US come before some version of The Lords of Karma... who inform us of the several roads we might take.

Every time we show up before them... we are given choices to correct the scales... until Balance is finally attained.

We are now entering a time of High Jingo.

I only watched a small portion of this. Five minutes was enough for me. Such things don't interest me. COVID didn't interest me either, except when I noticed the small amounts of inconvenience it caused me at certain times, which didn't happen often because I stay out of most places most of the time.

You're going in one direction or the other. Otherwise, you are treading water in an ocean of hidden currents. The World is filled with ticking time bombs... on many different levels... while one is walking through a minefield. The mines are mostly visible if... you... are... paying... attention. That is the main difference between being dead or alive... whether or not you are paying attention.

The currents either take you down or carry you from one side to the other. The time bombs are calibrated according to those life forms its function is related to. The mines either wake you up or put you to sleep and then into transition.

It's all mathematically precise. The thoughts in your head carry you to the zones they are magnetized by. If your head is less filled with junk... you can see what's going on because your influence switches are turned off. Am I making sense in a hunt-and-peck connect-the-dots way?

This is a time to tread lightly... to go slowly... to be wary... to see clearly. We see most clearly when the smoke of carnal desire does not compromise our sight. Mind the attractions on all sides. People who gravitate toward evil are driven... or led... by attractions. If you are not divided against yourself, you will KNOW that everything belongs to you already, and... you can call it up or find your way around it.

In it, but... not of it. In it, but... not of it. When you are not possessed by Want, everything you need or seek comes to you by certain enduring laws that have been with us from ancient times. This has been pointed out over, and over, and over again, but... people forget. A new guidance system is precipitating into form. Watch for it.

End Transmission.......

Those of you who rage against what you do not understand... because you did not even try; are you angry? Is it fear? Have you just gotten old and mean? Stomping your feet and shaking your fist... howling imprecations and accusations... thinking you are on the side of right, and... needing to correct everyone you encounter... you cause as much harm as the shadows in your mind that you contend with. You are helping no one including yourself. Stop... Look... and Listen. Perhaps... then... you will not be hit by a train.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Awesome 'Nostrils to the sky' post. I admit I'm 'light grey', basically wanting all that is right for the world, but being as fed up as I am with it, I find it impossible to be anything more. After all, I can't stand what is, see it as a prison, and would like to leave it behind as soon as my stupid contract is up; and I'm still reactive to circumstances. . .not always in a good way.

As for those sacrifices, tell me about it. (Doin' 21 hours in two days in an insanely busy restaurant as a dishwasher/janitor at 61 ain't no walk in the park.) Sometimes I think I'm running on obligation alone. It hurts to move.

But we are getting everything we need and a wee more since our lives are kinda on the Spartan side. (Yes, we do give stuff away. Noblesse Oblige is ingrained in me. Always has been.) Our lives a weird. It's like we're living in a different world, watching everyone else's Hell Hole go by on the net.

Reading Beowulf now, and it's amazing how in analogy it pertains to current society.

M - said...

"The only number that seems to be decreasing are those with strong spiritual convictions, BUT... this might be a deception that is orchestrated by the people who own The Media that is... everywhere now."

This supports THEIR agenda(s). THEY feed on despair and hopelessness so don't buy into it. Fuck them and fuck that. WE are LEGION.

As an aside, I'm not fond of domesticated canines, however, that arctic fox is just too cute.

0 said...

Did you see Tom Luongos Comfortable Wolves post over the weekend. Some of us are perhaps comfortable Lions. At the appointed time... huh.


0 said...

New date to watch for, 1-27-2024. Guess we'll see if something Shakes out on that date.

These updates pretending Satan is to be defeated once and for all crack me up. Its a permanent feature on this plane of condensed forms that there be good and bad to lend draw to desires held by they who show up here. Wasn't the best trick satan played on people, convincing them he didn't exist? :P

Eh, to some both the Good and Bad are co-aggregated in self to bring that one above both and master of either as necessary.


0 said...

The Heritage guy finally had enough.



Visible said...

Yes... but he's also full of shit too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!

Visible said...

Heh heh...

0 said...

Hehehehe... yeap. Anyone getting air time is in on the charade. If they were real they woulda come out day 1, not waited 2-3 years into it before "manning" up.

They think they're gonna rebuild trust with nobody being held accountable for the criminal actions over the last 3 years, they gonna find themselves at the end of the gun-point wondering how they got there.

At least it will be amusing to watch them attempt it. I wonder just how far over backwards they'll go to win the plebes back?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"These are Healing Waters. These are Informing Waters. These are Protecting Waters. These are The Living Waters."



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