Wednesday, January 17, 2024

"Some Say to Go Impersonal, and Some Say Get Real Personal about The Medium of Your Salvation. I Say, Do What Works."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“As the saint becomes identified with God, so the wicked may become identified with the devil. Either of the two is an "incarnation" of that principle which has attained self-consciousness in him.”

One aspect says “be detached”: The Other says “be passionately committed.” (or... maybe it's simply happening at a different point in The Moment) Both of these are true. Those among us... who compose the not-very-bright contingent... like to argue about this... depending on where The Moment catches them. Over the course of time, it doesn't seem to matter which side they are on at any given point. The idea is to argue. Arguing is where The Kick comes from.

Some say to go Impersonal, and some say to get real personal about the medium of your salvation. I say, do what works... results may vary.

The fact is, and... argue as it pleases you... (there will be someone nearby who will accommodate you). no one knows every side of the equation except those who consciously (contradiction alert!) do... not... know.

Only The Divine... The Superconscious... knows every aspect... because... only The Superconscious can see in every direction at once... cause it encompasses the entirety of 360 degrees. This is not something that is open to discussion... unless you are a fool or a chipmunk.

Every age is given a name... once enough distance exists... for perspective to ensue or... for the revisionists to step in. There were The Middle Ages... The Age of Reason; a lot of ages have come and gone. When they look back on this one it will be called The Dumb Ages.

Perspective is an amazing feature that appears in The Mind when it has yet to be zombified by a grafted-on perspective. The beauty you see in any place you look... is a reflection of your own beauty sent back to you. This is how a comprehensive understanding of existence, and the phenomena of change, allows you to see beauty in everything. This is also a perspective, BUT... it requires some degree of focus.

So... the idea... for those looking to control others... is to cancel out the Objective Perspective and render the population wholly subjective. Bread and Circuses does this. Constant distraction does this. Programming does this. It's the reason any of them are around.

Now... I want to tell you one of the bigger secrets that they work very hard at keeping you from catching on to. That secret is that the force present within you is stronger than any forces arrayed against you externally. Appearances don't back this up... do they? Heh heh... well, that should tell you something. It's what that Bible quote means; “greater is he that is within me.” greater than what? “Greater than that which is in The World.”

Life is a movie and you are... potentially... The Director OR; ...let me put it another way. You are potentially a hosting mechanism for The Director; a residence if you will. Otherwise, you are an actor who is at the behest of a director. There is... at all times... an interior director, and... an exterior director. However... either of these can function internally or externally... if the placement is right... if the relationship reflects it.

You have to be in alignment with one or the other because no man can listen to and follow two directors.

For many... all of this is just so many words. People hear it. They might even agree, BUT... how many act on it? How many act on it to the effect of harmonizing with the one that puts you out of the harm zone of The External Director? (who is looking to get its hooks into you internally.) Possession is a form of this. Programming accomplishes this. Constant distractions can maintain this... until you are not distracted.

The reason that THEY employ these, and other devices... is because they want to compromise your ability to CONCENTRATE; diminish your ability to focus, and hold that focus. It's simple. Don't complicate it. That's part of the process of distractions.

Some people think it's the way to go... that you get right up in the face of authority, and... give it the finger... scream at it... throw shit... any of the tedious reactive means by which one... confronts. This isn't necessary... even though it is necessary for it to be present in times of social and cultural transitioning.

External authority is looking to provoke a reaction. They want this so that they can come at it in any number of ways. January 6th was a good example. It was a set-up and those not paying attention... walked right into it. I already know better than this. I knew this when I was very young. It is why I stay(ed) away from demonstrations.

Some people think you can change things from within. Heh heh... that is only true if you are talking about within yourself. Then... yes... you can change The World in that fashion... by coming into resonance with The Indwelling Director. This director is in charge at all times. Then... THEY can't touch you, with the exception of when it is for The Purpose of Demonstration... in which you show that they are essentially powerless. I've had this done THRU ME several times.

If you can resist the press of your personality to come into conflict with appearances... it all forms up around you in harmonic accord... while you are passing through it, i.e., The Valley of The Shadow of Death; in respect of fearing no evil.

I once mentioned an experience I had in the desert outside of Palm Springs... while I was walking on a 50-mile stretch of unpaved highway somewhere around Indio. It got dark... real dark... while I was coming out of this haunted Indian canyon. As soon as I got into the wide and lonesome... there came these enormous bat-winged creatures overhead. The noise was terrific. There was a brief moment when I thought, I'm screwed.

Someone... my guardian angel... some agent of The Divine... appeared within me and said, “Hello, My Friends!” I began to do a little jig... spinning and dancing, and... instantly... we were in accord and they followed me for miles down that highway... overhead, and it was... how can I put this? It was thrilling. I understood something about the nature of evil. There's nothing it can do to you if you are just passing through. However... if you decide to stick around and... explore? Yeah... not a good idea.

However... it was why we precipitated (materialized) down here; to experience existence at every level... to discover... to explore... to categorize, and make maps... chart the whole thing out before the eyes of God... who is watching it all through our eyes as... The Witness. We're all on a mission from God, and... at some point... we find our way back to God.

Not everyone wants to get back to God at the same time; no... you go on. I'll stick around and see if anyone shows up... catch you later. Of course, we know what he's really saying, don't we? Some buds open early. Some buds never open at all. Some will always be closer to the ground and yearning for the things one can make of it... like the dwarves. Some will always be yearning for the sky and what might be out there.

Some of us discover we can find all of this within ourselves and never have to go anywhere at all, cause, we...are... already... there. We actually are the thing we are looking for. You tell people that and their eyes glaze over. It's literally true, but... they can't hear you until they've burned out on all the shiny shit, and run out of the magic juice of vitality. It doesn't have to be that way.

You can conserve that energy and it will serve you well in the dark hours of the aging process OR... you can have an arrangement with The Divine where he gets to experience whatever he wants to get up to, and that could be anything, and... he gives you that energy back later on.

God wants to play. Let him play through.

Now... I know that lots of people don't want to hear about this side of it or find out the real nature of Good and Evil, and what they have to do with each other, cause... they are timid... anal... uptight... absolutely sure they are right.. yadda yadda.

There is a great deal more to The Divine than you know or EVER can know. In fact; there is more that you cannot know than all you can know, just as there is more of the ineffable in reserve than you will ever see in manifestation.

Once you've made The Great Hookup, which is considerably different than all the random and temporary hook-ups, and God is riding you like a horse that takes him wherever he wishes to go... well... there's not much one can say about that. One shouldn't even try. You have to be there.

Patrick Willis has released his latest.

End Transmission.......

The machines are still not coming around since the day I wrote about it. Are the lambs still screaming, Clarice?

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yup. Proves we don't really own ourselves, huh? Until we find that out, we're gonna have issues. Take it from an Arsehole to the 33rd Degree.


0 said...

"One aspect says “be detached”: The Other says “be passionately committed.”"

In be-coming whole, one becomes both simultaneously. Nothing has a handle on self, and self still is passionate about Understanding to produce Harmony.

I prefer to be a generous easy going person. The context is pushing me to become a mean focused son of none as I continue to more fully be-come myself. Its not a very pleasant process but its not something to turn from either this far into the ordeal.

I will go read the rest of todays blog now... that line just caught me and I didn't see the disparity in being both. As one be-comes, one consumes ALL, not picking and choosing what looks good or bad and deferring whichever.

As an analogy take a sphere. divide it in half, label half good half bad. People will then generally Waffle between the two HALVES of themselves pretending the Good half only is them being Whole or the bad half only. Being whole means one accepts all aspects of self and learns to apply good or bad as the context draws it forth in the now.

Chop Chop huh.

0 said...

"The machines are still not coming around since the day I wrote about it. Are the lambs still screaming, Clarice?"

Hehehe... it seems they read and adjust based on whats shared. Maybe theres a way to use this to ones benefit and THEIR detriment.

Did you see this weeks fulford where he claims theres an Evil AI living in silicon valley and they expect to have a big false flag that hoses most of California to take that AI out? As opposed to pulling power, they want to weather weapon the state. Cracked me up.

Guess we'll see what shows up and handle it in that now. Being in a concentrated state tends to let the all seed that which one needs to know inform self seconds to minutes before needed in that Now anyways.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

Benjamin Fulford and his variegated rainbow ninjas. He and Sorcha Faal are a couple on some plane of non-existence.

Anonymous said...

DEI is really DIE. When i heard they were putting in those microwave x ray backscatter naked passenger pods in the airports, i haven’t flown since 2006. Now i have an even better reason to NOT fly.

🎵Keep your eyes to the sky it could be a brand name 🎵



Anonymous said...

Pierre said, after clicking invisible like button.
yes Fulford, or FullOfIt, It's Ninja Turtles all the way down,
shedding is real, with leprosy, I'd take a chance on Jesus , but with a swiss army knife of harm bioweapon, it's gonna take Big Daddy. (/blashphemy, re trinity equivalance)
or as I say when the anecdotal becomes ubuquitous. we shall see
take care.
loved he snordster video.. seems like AI voice to me. his videos uses AI, which sounds more a steve inman than snordsters richard burton, or alexander scorby (who did a audio of KJV bible). real men don't suck eggs, they lay them

TotoFromOz said...

Wow that was a long time ago...something like 10 years, when you told here that dark desert walk near Palm Springs with those demons. I never forgot that one.

Anonymous said...

Mr Apocalypse hard at working exposing the evil nature of the evil ones who have tried to hide behind a mask of being "peaceful and nice". Sikhs are driving around high-indian population centers in California with a trailer sign that says "Modi: Face of Hindu Terror". And on the other side, Mr Apocalypse is hard at work fully exposing the Zionist mass-murdering scum for what they are doing in Gaza. Around 22,000 children have been killed by Israel since October 7

0 said...

Do you wonder how disease X plays into twitter now renamed X? how will it produce 20x the deaths. Or will it be more of a X does the listbuilding and amazons Prime fulfils people into the next life. Gotta wonder at how easy it is to now poison or otherwise tamper with things. All the evolutions to "business" the last 10 years have been those services which provide no goods, doordash, uber eats, lyft, uber, grubhub, and now every grocery store has delivery service. Real easy to get someones order and taint it.

Bumped into this today about Musk.

"Biden Caught in Huge Rigging of EV Carbon Credits at Taxpayer Expense
January 18, 2024 7:28 am by CWR
Sharing is Caring!
via Mike Shedlock:

Tesla is a huge beneficiary of an improper “no legal basis” Biden-sponsored subsidy. This is a massive scandal reminiscent of the diesel-emissions cheating that rocked Germany."

URL here:

I wonder if he gets extra subsidies for EVs that wont charge in severe cold? :P


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Did it to Themselves. They are PRESENTLY Doing it... on The World Stage... before The Eyes of The World."

Anonymous said...

Pierre added.. after face palm slapping.
ah Patrick is Snordster (I remember him now, and that is a real voice).

Anonymous said...

I thought he died or something. It was hard to imagine he would stop doing something he was so good at.




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