Monday, May 17, 2010

Considering your Desire for a Group Conscious Game Changer

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Some number of readers wants some kind of group effort to counter the unfortunate scenarios that are coming at us like invading weather fronts from the nether regions. The energy burbles out of the pit and... interacting with terrestrial conditions, after sucking up oceans and banging against mountains, they turn into corporate malfeasance, environmental calamities, ever more shocking examples of collective group stupidity and more variations of mayhem than Baskin and Robbins has ice cream flavors.

I’d said I’d address that at Reflections in a Petri Dish which is up after this but it’s not really a Petri Dish kind of a thing. I did break down and give it a Petri Dish intro, just in case anyone is feeling like walking away disappointed but... when you are seeking to manifest spiritually into the varying densities of this world, you pretty much have to go to Visible Origami for that.

Last night’s radio show (no, this is not yet another promotional effort to get you to listen to it) has certain sentiments being expressed in the last 3 or 4 minutes which play directly into what we are going to talk about today so download it... at least listen to that part because, in order to succeed at what you seem to what to accomplish, you have to have a certain kind of ground work/mindset manifested and operating.

There’s an old story about a Sorcerer and his apprentice. The sorcerer has been taking his pupil through different degrees of teaching and testing as well as demonstrating practical aspects of magic. So... the student was some ways along with his studies but like most students, had little idea of how much there really was to learn while, at the same time, had not grasped the simplicity of the process such as, “all magic is in the will”.

One day the sorcerer had gone off to some further place on some kind of business and the apprentice was home alone (grin). The previous day he had watched the master demonstrate a particular ritual in which a materialization took place. Having gained some degree of discipline as a precursor to becoming a practitioner; you won’t be much of one without it, he set about reproducing the results he had seen previously and, lo and behold, it worked and this blew his mind.

When the master returned, the disciple was excited and abuzz about what had taken place. The master gave him a wry look and said, “If you are going to practice magic you had better expect it to work.”

I had good reasons for offering the Manly Palmer Hall book for download over at Smoking Mirrors comments section. In just about every case, our concept of history is skewered and our understanding of what traditions and secret societies are, is woefully incomplete. You’re going to get a much better idea of what things mean by reading this book. It helps to understand what you are dealing with. If you don’t, how can you possibly proceed in an informed manner?

In the early part of the book the Gnostics come up. According to them; Christ entered into Jesus at the baptism and left ‘before’ the crucifixion, or what I like to call, ‘the crucifiction’ because the divine Nous could not suffer death. So Simon the Cyrenian offered his life instead and the Nous made it so that Simon resembled Jesus. This ties in with what Guru Bawa told me, which was that Jesus was not crucified but that someone else died in his place.

They also say that the ‘Jewish god’, Jehovah, is the lord of the material universe and not the Supreme Deity. Lord of the material universe means the devil, I would think. This explains their love of the material world and their search for a messiah who is a physical king on Earth. Jehovah... which is actually the Tetragramaton= yod he vod he, is the demiurge. The dark minds from this particular race/religion have so much power at the moment because of the preeminence of materialism. So, fundie rank and file Christians are actually worshipping the devil, which explains a lot. With certain modifications this is what I believe and having studied in these sciences for most of this life and probably plenty of others, I’m pretty convinced that this is more or less how it is.

This is all going to change now. We are entering into the transition now. All these things are going to pass away. I understand how it is hard to have faith given the power of appearances but you are just going to have to manage that somehow. Without this faith you are also not going to accomplish much in the way of a group effort to effect change. In other words, ‘you gotta believe’.

I don’t mind setting up a virtual time and place and I don’t mind putting some words together; clothes on the manikin etc. It is a waste of time to do it though unless those engaging in it fully expect it to work. It’s a waste of time doing it if the people involved are unaware of what they are dealing with and the fact that it is possible that a lot of what is happening is intended to happen by the all high.

That said, it is beyond dispute that a pack of malevolent clowns are busy working over time to destroy the world because if they can’t have it then no one else can either. I believe that one of the keys to success is to ask for the right thing. I think healing is a wonderful thing. I would prefer to possess that ability more than just about anything except the presence of God and the qualities of God. It is next on the list after those two.

So, in my mind, I think it would be better to focus on confounding the efforts of these John Wayne Gacy re-runs than to seek healing when they fully intend to keep right on tearing the bandages off and sticking infected forks into the wound; if you catch my drift. Now you may call this effort a lot of things but it comes down to being an exercise in practical magic. You can dress it up with other names but I assure you it comes under that definition. I’ve no problem with that but some of you might.

It’s not my place to jump in here and tell you how it is. This is not something I would assume to know. I am giving you my impressions and in this case they are pretty strong. I know for certain that the Supreme Being is not disapproving of our collective desire to have an impact on the crap that is being shoveled over our fence line every night and making our world a lot more difficult to live in than it might be but my preliminary reaction is that we’d be better off praying, invoking, commanding or... however you personally plan on going about it; that confusion and discord is magnified in the hearts of these miscreants and that their activities be turned against them; that they be exposed to the world and themselves and revealed as what they are in a way that cannot be avoided or denied and that they be hamstrung in their efforts to cause harm and mischief to the rest of us, who are a great deal more sane than they are. I’d like to see an epidemic of them shooting themselves in the foot. This is coming anyway but I don’t see any harm in speeding it up.

We’re not asking God to strike them dead and send them to Hell. They’ve already got their tickets in any case. This isn’t about revenge or payback. This is about our operating as the children of the all high, which in fact we are and asking our parent to permit us to focus our collective will upon the source of our discomfort that it might be rendered powerless from causing further harm. It doesn’t do much good to ask for the ocean to be healed when they just go right on doing what they do. You heal the sea but the mountains are poisoned and they run into the sea. You heal the mountains and the skies are poisoned and they rain on the mountains and run into the sea. You heal the sky and the mindset that brought us here goes right on behaving as if there were no limits to what it can do any time it feels like it.

I’m throwing this out there for you to think about. I’ve only sketched out some considerations. We are not at the next step yet but this has to be covered first. I fully expect things to work or I don’t do them to begin with. I expect that from you too. Let’s just think about it a bit and see if we can’t fashion a game plan that will direct its force at cause as opposed to symptoms. Once we have come to some agreement in the comments section, ‘then’ we will present something a little more precise as a reflection of the overall sentiment and that will be reflected in the next Petri Dish.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Appearances, Fantastic Dreams and the Coming of the One

[I was going to write about psychopaths and their historical track record in respect of the conditions of the moment over at Petri Dish (next in line) but that will have to wait for another day. It probably serves the collective interest better to move into a metaphysical construct more in keeping with the needs of the hour].

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Sometimes when good things are happening you can find yourself in bad situations by not correctly reading what’s going on. One of our greatest failings, generally, is the inability to distinguish the meaning and intention of circumstances. It’s like that first meeting with Strider and the Hobbits at The Prancing Pony. He first seems to be a dark and shadowy form... menacing... ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and so forth and so on. Sometimes appearances are deceiving. One might even venture that they ‘usually’ are.

I had one perspective at Smoking Mirrors most recently and it’s time for the more enduring perspective that operates beyond appearances and is not so impacted on or compressed by the force of time. Time and gravity seem to have a lot in common and the more one is identified with the dreaming body consciousness, the more one is aware of both of them. This is the unfortunate destiny of a great many souls, trapped in the attractions of the material realm. Barring an epiphany or some change of direction, the process just gets denser and hotter.

Well, desire is fire and the material world exists within an endless, turning wheel of fire. There is more or less smoke, depending on the direction and intention of the desire. This is no knock on the material world. It is a necessary part of the whole. It’s like anything. It’s what you do with it. Harm and healing are products of the same power, depending on the intention of the operator. Ironically, regardless of good or bad intentions, one can often achieve an opposite result to what they had in mind. Such is the power of appearances to deceive and to conceal.

History is an example of appearances altered after the fact and hardly ever for the benefit of the people who believe in this fantasy travelogue. Two quotes come to mind; “History is written by the victors” and “History is bunk”. Much of what happens in this world, in the larger sense, is the result of machinations by those who imagine themselves to be in charge and any consideration for the welfare of those below them is usually more a matter of self defense and the protection of their own interests, than it is a result of any real concern for others. However, appearances do not only deceive the minds of those less gifted, or inclined to be aware. This power deceives all the way up. Sooner or later, the force behind all appearances and behind and within everything, decides the way things will work.

I suspect it is much more complicated and simple, at the same time, than what I am presenting here. This is just a brief prodding at the objective reasoning and intuitive state of the reader and the writer.

It is true, as many commentators have pointed out; that what we are seeing is a form of judgment, taking shape in the destinies of those who have operated as predators upon the human race. It has the appearance of making us think these predators are even more powerful than we thought and it has the appearance of convincing them of the same but... it is neither of these. It is more in the form of a sweeping state of change, transformation and judgment, which does not announce its real intent, until the chosen moment. What that is, is beyond the scope of all but a very few ...and they are not motivated to comment on it; usually.

Though we are unable to know the summation of the thing, we can put ourselves into a benevolent and surrendered state of affection and fealty to the master of the waters of all things and all times. We can put the focus upon the shining self within. We can make our faith in it the rock on which our existence rests and we can forget ourselves in a willing service to others that is the natural state of a cleansed, contrite and chastened heart. We can be far better than we are by paying less attention to what we think we are because we don’t know anyway; do we?

Recently I confused something that was already happening with something I was doing. The thing I was doing was an expression of the way my personal self generally chooses to depart from the crushing confusion of an uncomprehended life. What was happening and increasingly so, by the hour and the day, was a ship arriving and bearing more than one might expect in relation to crushing confusions, lack of comprehension and all the other inexplicable problems that confront the separated self. It was not bringing more of the same but quite the opposite and it intended to be loud and demanding of attention. As it so happened, I had my amplifiers all the way up and so it chose to speak to me through them. It might have gone a little easier on me if I had been able to be easier on myself but that has been a lifetime in the learning with precious little progress to date.

Now I find myself some days beyond the condition in which it found me and I find my condition now to be no less startling than it was then. It is much easier to listen and respond to but it’s unlike anything I’ve encountered before and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that that was how is was now.

I have hardly slept for a number of days and don’t really feel the need to sleep. When I do manage for an hour or two, the dreams that come are also well beyond anything I have experienced before. Last night, for the first time in some number of nights I slept for as much as 6 or more hours and, of course, the dreams were non-stop and when I awoke, everything was music, until it turned into the sound that it was; passing airplane, wind rustling, dogs barking and things I couldn’t identify, they all presented themselves as music until I could identify them. That’s still happening. Some times the most wonderful thing that can have happened to you is to have gone mad somewhere in the past. It makes so much possible and much less frightening than it might have been.

There’s a trembling uncertainty at most times, countered by a strong certitude that all is well, despite appearances, which is probably why we’ve been talking about appearances. In one of the dreams, I was with an incredibly beautiful woman who was like my consort; or something to that effect. She had more of the aspect of a goddess about her than a mortal. She took me up on a mountain to an ancient church at which a celebration of darkness was taking place. Individuals and beings appeared that I am unable to accurately describe and a magical war took place between the consort and I and them ...with victory, sometimes in question, being ours at the end. There was something very powerful between us but we didn’t really understand each other, beyond the assurance that we were on the same side. I summoned a small dragon which had the back of a turtle and I flew away. More happened between us later but that’s not to go into now. I tell this story because it is indicative of these dreams in general and also because it appears that the formerly solid walls of supposed reality have been breached and something truly remarkable has come through, though it is difficult to identify at the moment.

It isn’t my intention to make these posts about myself because I recognize that that is not the important feature of the process. However, sometimes my experiences are relevant and helpful to the reader. In fact it seems to be more often than not, so... I present this as my own personal confirmation that things are decidedly not what they were or have been for however long I can remember. This is as if all the real positive results I have garnered from my former days of psychedelic inquiry, have now become the actual state of things; at least for me. This is a partial explanation for my not being around lately.

I wish I could translate this to the greatest, possible reassurance for all but it is beyond my skills to do so. I can only say that what ever may seem to be going on apart from us, is more than matched by what is going on within us and I say with all the conviction I can muster, that victory and blessed union are a fait accompli and always has been for those whose love has found the source of its expression. You can’t do better than that and anything else might result in anything else. We just don’t know. Obviously someone, or something, does and it’s coming into view.

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Priceless Value of the Qualities of God

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Whatever you set out to accomplish, you need certain tools. The right tools make it possible to move a lot faster and be much more precise than if you did not have the right tools. A can opener is much more efficient than a rock it you want to open a can of beans. Some of us acquire the right tools to begin with and some of us discover that we don’t have them later on. You get the picture.

I decided some time ago that no matter what I was doing at any given moment, everything I was doing was a part of walking the spiritual path. Before that I had been in the music business. It didn’t matter if I was making up a large batch of salsa or sweeping a floor, I was in the music business. What this achieves is to put you in the mind set of having a single goal that is driven by and composed of one prevailing intention that is operative in everything you are engaged in. Someone once suggested that the quickest way into the kingdom of Heaven is to pray without ceasing. This also incorporates everything you do into a single purpose.

Concentration; focus, determination, Mercy, humility, faith, steadfastness and a host of other qualities are essential to successfully walking the spiritual path. Despite the possession of these valuable tools you are still going to get knocked down and routinely lost in the woods as you go. This makes persistence another extremely useful tool. In the years when I studied The Tarot, I applied the major arcana cards to acquiring the qualities that they were representative of. The Magician is concentration. The Empress is imagination. The Emperor is reason and so on. These cards are pictorial expressions of archetypal forces that exist within human agency. The subconscious speaks and comprehends through the medium of images so... I would focus on these cards for a certain amount of time each day... for years.

The mind digested these images the way your stomach digests food. These images also resonate and reverberate deep in the human psyche and eventually awaken these qualities within the mind of the aspirant. These are the qualities of God. They are also components of what is referred to as the armor of God. These qualities possess immense power and can instruct, protect and nurture whoever has them, should they understand the means by which these things are achieved. Generally, anyone who has gone through the suffering and difficulties that are set upon the way of the aspirant seeking to get them should have some idea of what they really do. It’s also extremely doubtful that anyone can get these things without coming under the watchful eye of those further along the path.

You can’t get these qualities until you get rid of your shortcomings because your shortcomings would tend to compromise and pervert these higher qualities with the result that they would depart. You can’t pour water into a pitcher that is full and if the water has a little salt in it then the whole of the contents of the pitcher has salt in it.

I believe that the possession of the qualities of God is of far more value and importance than the possession of any amount of knowledge or the power to operate supernaturally as a result of the possession of certain knowledge. These qualities are our birthright. They are there for us to claim, when we are in a position to receive them. I cannot imagine anything in Heaven, Earth or anywhere else as having anything like the value of the qualities of God; the archetypes that shape out an appearance of the divine. One might say that these qualities are the parts of the body of God. We cannot see this body (looking in the mirror you won’t go far wrong, depending on what you think you see) but it does convey an image and an idea that helps us to understand what we cannot comprehend (grin). I should point out that God has no other hands but ours to accomplish his work here. The divine works through human agency. The power of the divine expresses itself through the human channel and this is unlikely to occur unless that human agency has some portion of the qualities of God.

You could say that these qualities make up the personality of the divine. These qualities are also what we might call the higher virtues and are those elements aspired to by the mystic and the saint. One of my most common prayers is the request to have my shortcomings removed and the qualities of the divine granted to me. I’m still asking.

Much more is transferred to a person when they receive these qualities than the power and protection they confer; being in possession of the qualities of God opens areas of higher understanding in our consciousness. No matter how hard we strive to know the meaning of things we cannot grasp it until we are equipped for it. The qualities of the divine equip us to see into the deeper truth of anything before us. They open our eyes, our heart and our minds. They galvanize the super sensory awareness that sits atop our mundane physical senses. The common senses are just insect feelers that provide us with information about things that are passing away as we confront them.

A great many people who believe themselves to be on the spiritual path are obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge has no value at all unless one also has the specific illumination which can draw understanding out of whatever it might be that they are seeking to see to the center of. We have no power and no importance which is not given to us by the one. In our minds we can think all sorts of things about our value in our own eyes and the eyes of others. This is mere fantasy and rests on nothing solid. It can blow away or be reduced to dust at any time. We move through the world and assess it through the lens of our vanity. One cannot understand anything if their vanity colors their perception of it.

We wonder why it is that people cannot see the reality of their words and actions. Sometimes it is because the centers that are capable of this work have been closed off by the ineffable. Sometimes we have closed them off ourselves. God doesn’t move, he motivates. Everything else moves. The spirit of God moves and the human will is resistant to it because it is not being motivated in a more preferred direction. All life, unaware of its true nature, moves naturally toward destruction. Unless the human mind is consciously linked to the divine it simply rotates on a wheel of fire, living and dying in recurrent cycles. The liberator, who is not understood by the mortal mind, appears to be a mysterious creature of fear that sends a shiver up the spine.

Inasmuch as the human mind can understand God, it can understand him through these qualities. These qualities cast a revelatory light upon everything that is encountered. Otherwise ...and no matter how intelligent and well informed we imagine ourselves to be... we see nothing but a personalized hallucination based on misinterpretation. Nothing that we see is seen as it is unless we have possession of the light of comprehension, which is conferred through the possession of the qualities of the divine. Nothing we want to get can be gotten anywhere except from the divine, regardless of the agency he may use to provide it. People have chosen to make determinations and judgments based on their personal awareness. This is permitted but not the saner course. Our being is a temple of residence for the divine. If the divine is living there then the whole being is filled with the light that reveals the meaning of anything and everything.

We have decided that we know and we are allowed to operate on that presumption until the reality of our bankrupt state is revealed to us through whatever agency has been assigned to the task. What we think we know proves its limitations with a fine consistency over and over again. The mother releases the child upon the child’s demands to run free through a world of which it knows nothing. Experience enters upon the stage to demonstrate what little knowledge and insight we possess by putting the power of our information up against the unpredictability of circumstance. Meanwhile, the mother waits for the child’s return.

There is no greater sanctuary or place of safety like the qualities of the divine. There is no teacher as great and there is no peace and serenity as what comes with the possession of these qualities. As Lao Tzu said about one of these qualities, “compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead”. Here is another of the priceless blessings that are available through the temporary window of our times. These qualities are shimmering in the air around us and one of the surest ways to acquire them is to operate as if you already possessed them.

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