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Appearances, Fantastic Dreams and the Coming of the One

[I was going to write about psychopaths and their historical track record in respect of the conditions of the moment over at Petri Dish (next in line) but that will have to wait for another day. It probably serves the collective interest better to move into a metaphysical construct more in keeping with the needs of the hour].

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Sometimes when good things are happening you can find yourself in bad situations by not correctly reading what’s going on. One of our greatest failings, generally, is the inability to distinguish the meaning and intention of circumstances. It’s like that first meeting with Strider and the Hobbits at The Prancing Pony. He first seems to be a dark and shadowy form... menacing... ‘all that glitters is not gold’ and so forth and so on. Sometimes appearances are deceiving. One might even venture that they ‘usually’ are.

I had one perspective at Smoking Mirrors most recently and it’s time for the more enduring perspective that operates beyond appearances and is not so impacted on or compressed by the force of time. Time and gravity seem to have a lot in common and the more one is identified with the dreaming body consciousness, the more one is aware of both of them. This is the unfortunate destiny of a great many souls, trapped in the attractions of the material realm. Barring an epiphany or some change of direction, the process just gets denser and hotter.

Well, desire is fire and the material world exists within an endless, turning wheel of fire. There is more or less smoke, depending on the direction and intention of the desire. This is no knock on the material world. It is a necessary part of the whole. It’s like anything. It’s what you do with it. Harm and healing are products of the same power, depending on the intention of the operator. Ironically, regardless of good or bad intentions, one can often achieve an opposite result to what they had in mind. Such is the power of appearances to deceive and to conceal.

History is an example of appearances altered after the fact and hardly ever for the benefit of the people who believe in this fantasy travelogue. Two quotes come to mind; “History is written by the victors” and “History is bunk”. Much of what happens in this world, in the larger sense, is the result of machinations by those who imagine themselves to be in charge and any consideration for the welfare of those below them is usually more a matter of self defense and the protection of their own interests, than it is a result of any real concern for others. However, appearances do not only deceive the minds of those less gifted, or inclined to be aware. This power deceives all the way up. Sooner or later, the force behind all appearances and behind and within everything, decides the way things will work.

I suspect it is much more complicated and simple, at the same time, than what I am presenting here. This is just a brief prodding at the objective reasoning and intuitive state of the reader and the writer.

It is true, as many commentators have pointed out; that what we are seeing is a form of judgment, taking shape in the destinies of those who have operated as predators upon the human race. It has the appearance of making us think these predators are even more powerful than we thought and it has the appearance of convincing them of the same but... it is neither of these. It is more in the form of a sweeping state of change, transformation and judgment, which does not announce its real intent, until the chosen moment. What that is, is beyond the scope of all but a very few ...and they are not motivated to comment on it; usually.

Though we are unable to know the summation of the thing, we can put ourselves into a benevolent and surrendered state of affection and fealty to the master of the waters of all things and all times. We can put the focus upon the shining self within. We can make our faith in it the rock on which our existence rests and we can forget ourselves in a willing service to others that is the natural state of a cleansed, contrite and chastened heart. We can be far better than we are by paying less attention to what we think we are because we don’t know anyway; do we?

Recently I confused something that was already happening with something I was doing. The thing I was doing was an expression of the way my personal self generally chooses to depart from the crushing confusion of an uncomprehended life. What was happening and increasingly so, by the hour and the day, was a ship arriving and bearing more than one might expect in relation to crushing confusions, lack of comprehension and all the other inexplicable problems that confront the separated self. It was not bringing more of the same but quite the opposite and it intended to be loud and demanding of attention. As it so happened, I had my amplifiers all the way up and so it chose to speak to me through them. It might have gone a little easier on me if I had been able to be easier on myself but that has been a lifetime in the learning with precious little progress to date.

Now I find myself some days beyond the condition in which it found me and I find my condition now to be no less startling than it was then. It is much easier to listen and respond to but it’s unlike anything I’ve encountered before and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that that was how is was now.

I have hardly slept for a number of days and don’t really feel the need to sleep. When I do manage for an hour or two, the dreams that come are also well beyond anything I have experienced before. Last night, for the first time in some number of nights I slept for as much as 6 or more hours and, of course, the dreams were non-stop and when I awoke, everything was music, until it turned into the sound that it was; passing airplane, wind rustling, dogs barking and things I couldn’t identify, they all presented themselves as music until I could identify them. That’s still happening. Some times the most wonderful thing that can have happened to you is to have gone mad somewhere in the past. It makes so much possible and much less frightening than it might have been.

There’s a trembling uncertainty at most times, countered by a strong certitude that all is well, despite appearances, which is probably why we’ve been talking about appearances. In one of the dreams, I was with an incredibly beautiful woman who was like my consort; or something to that effect. She had more of the aspect of a goddess about her than a mortal. She took me up on a mountain to an ancient church at which a celebration of darkness was taking place. Individuals and beings appeared that I am unable to accurately describe and a magical war took place between the consort and I and them ...with victory, sometimes in question, being ours at the end. There was something very powerful between us but we didn’t really understand each other, beyond the assurance that we were on the same side. I summoned a small dragon which had the back of a turtle and I flew away. More happened between us later but that’s not to go into now. I tell this story because it is indicative of these dreams in general and also because it appears that the formerly solid walls of supposed reality have been breached and something truly remarkable has come through, though it is difficult to identify at the moment.

It isn’t my intention to make these posts about myself because I recognize that that is not the important feature of the process. However, sometimes my experiences are relevant and helpful to the reader. In fact it seems to be more often than not, so... I present this as my own personal confirmation that things are decidedly not what they were or have been for however long I can remember. This is as if all the real positive results I have garnered from my former days of psychedelic inquiry, have now become the actual state of things; at least for me. This is a partial explanation for my not being around lately.

I wish I could translate this to the greatest, possible reassurance for all but it is beyond my skills to do so. I can only say that what ever may seem to be going on apart from us, is more than matched by what is going on within us and I say with all the conviction I can muster, that victory and blessed union are a fait accompli and always has been for those whose love has found the source of its expression. You can’t do better than that and anything else might result in anything else. We just don’t know. Obviously someone, or something, does and it’s coming into view.

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ Everlasting Love ♫
'Everlasting Love' is track no. 2 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
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Songwriter by Les Visible

The New Shangri-La.


Moonmonkey said...

Thank you for sharing this Les.

Your insight really hits home and set us all with that challenge of grappling with the will of our hearts and our minds. It is a tough thing to do, holding that mirror up. I pray that by dong this more and more, it will help to clarify the path ahead down which the heart can lead us.

It has only been as I have started to mature through adulthood that I am beginning to understand the true nature of this challenge which can tear you apart in the process - but all the while enable a stronger and more centered comeback which eventually starts to 'feel' right.

I am not sure if I have missed the finer points of your posting - but this is what it meant to me and I thank you for it.

Pstonie said...

Somehow it was easier to believe that changes would be happening when there was less proof. These days not many people can deny that there is something going on with the weather that's not like it was before. And yet now I feel like this could well be some large and expensive show to keep the "conspiracy theorist" types like us occupied with waiting for divine salvation while one world government is rammed through in the background. It's what the people want. Ask them. Wouldn't an oil spill be a great excuse to up the fuel price again?

We're presented with an image of controllers too stupid to understand what they are doing will destroy them, and its starting to sound like a caricature for a connect-the-dots-and-make-up-whatever-ending-you-like story. Anything to keep us here, processing. For centuries these people have demonstrated a complete control over the mind of man and now suddenly they are just going to fuck up? Oops? No, God will save us. The old is new again.

Quantitative trading is controlling the no volume market, making it dance like the president, and yet it will collapse and free us all? Does not compute. Cognitive dissonance at work. Welcome to earth.

Like true madmen, we're awaiting the difficult times for all, so that the strongest (in our minds, us) could survive and we would get a clean slate. But anything we build will end up like us, fundamentally flawed, no matter what ungraspable state of perfection--that we're not allowed to fully form in our heads--we strive for. Because we're not smart enough to see far enough ahead and realise that in the end it's all a waste of fucking time. Not that there's anything to do with time but waste it.

Someone in the previous post commented something along the lines of "if there's not enough music, make it" but there are already too many words, not enough memory, and never any action. A few generations before us, people already got tired of watching pseudo-3D movies with glasses and went back to fucking each other like rabbits, and now, when no number of consequence can remember, it is being repackaged and sold to us again. The old is new again. Pain is the new pleasure, get with it and enjoy.

Like the image of heaven and the promise of change, the stories of "a coming golden age" are vague and without definition, to be all things to all people. If the lion lay next to the lamb, would it still be a lion?

Maybe this is what it feels like to be an evolutionary dead end. Majority rules here, bumming out not welcome.

Above all, I hope that I am wrong and I'm only seeing the darkness before the dawn. I hope, because it's all we have.

Visible said...


Certain forms of cherry picking only result in us proving what we are inclined to believe with no further proof of its reality than there is proof of the other not possessing any. It's not profitable to speculate on what may or may not happen or be true based on the aggregate knowledge of one tiny lifetime measured against the vast scale of infinity.

Certain things are evident and obvious or they are not. Some people have no trouble with it and some can't make any sense of it at all. One thing for sure, everyone is going to find something out as we move through present time.

As for afterward that is a matter more suited to what one expects to find because the possibilities are easily as vast as all the situations and environments we can see here.

It stands to reason that what is here is reflected in another manner wherever there is. As above, so below. Since I have found that those I consider to be the wisest, most profound and informed souls who have ever walked the Earth all agree on what I have come to believe to be true (probably from having been exposed to them) and that those who believe after another fashion or believe in nothing at all have not had enough influence on me for me to say much more about it.

Visible said...

Glad you find it useful, Moonmonkey. That pretty determines whether it was worth saying and surely a greater repayment than one could hope to receive in terms of the baser currencies.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Glad I am not the only one feeling 'completely bonkers' and at the same time extremely happy and at ease these days (grin)

The first thing that popped in 'my' mind after reading your story are some words from the Gino Vanelli song:

'Getting High'

don't care much for smokin' weed
You know I'm a man of a different breed
I don't thrive on drinking alcohol
'Sides I'm feelin' much too tall

Gettin' high
Gettin' high
Gettin' high
And I don't mean I'm gettin' stoned

I was just a buckin' bronco bomb
I loved me a billion black and blue eyed blondes
I never thought I could change
Yep sure is pretty strange

Gettin' high
Gettin' high
Gettin' high
On something I've never known
I've got a babe of my own

Gettin' high
I've got a babe of my own
I've got a girl of my own

Video at:

Never thought in the past of these lyrics depicting 'my' current sensations. (happens a lot lately with other lyrics as well)

Love to All,


Anonymous said...

its a funny thing because i,m assailed by outside forces here but i notice if i let their bullshit affect me it magnifies but if i go in the other direction it completly changes i have come to understand even though shit is happening we can change it in the twinkling of an eye

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Your "consort" in the dream might have been Badb Catha.
Good friend to have around.
She's a relative of mine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les --

It always amazes me that your experiences mirror that of your devoted readers. The last two weeks I entered earthly realms of hell again for both personal, professional and "other" reasons. Wailing, painful, inchoate noise assaulted me at every turn, literally ripping off my head and laying waste to my soul...

The major revelation this time was more than profound. I was "told" that I was lucky to be able to experience "hell" -- because only those whose souls are ALIVE are allowed to enter. While there, the burning icy iodine once more stripped me bare, each time allowing more light to enter. The message was quite emphatic -- the soul dead do not go to hell. They are dead to light and therefore they do not suffer... nor do they live out their souls destinies.

I'm not happy to be able to experience hell -- just thankful that there is a point to it besides suffering... It is the great cleanser and another thing we misunderstand at our peril.

Much Love,


Visible said...

You know Peter, that is exceedingly odd because your relative. looks remarkably like her except she was a great deal more radiant and beautiful but the features (and I've seen several renditions by now) are strikingly similar. I wouldn't have mentioned it at all otherwise.

All that makes some of the other events later in the dream, which I didn't mention, extremely interesting and also half scary and half funny for reasons I'm not going into.

Visible said...

RJ; well that goes contrary to the 'official' line nearly everywhere but doesn't de-legitimize it. I've been through enough that I can say a great deal of it I never saw in scriptures anywhere. I heard parts of it alluded to but never explained in anyway that I could explain to myself what happened to me.

I believe there is a secret world where all of the heart's greatest possibilities and what is sought in the purity of will and in full clarity of mind exist and that they exceed and confound everything we have heard here.

In some ways I think the higher realms, which are vast, are very personal and that is part of what makes them heavenly. Although another argument would be given that one cannot enter unless one has become truly impersonal. These do not contradict each other as far as I am concerned.

My personal situation, although unpredictable from moment to moment; referring to how I feel at any moment, is not unpleasant. I would have to say anything but. However it is in some ways so strange and new that it overwhelms the emotions so that they appear and define themselves without warninig and makes any sort of order or planning impossible. Ordinary things get done, even more efficiently than before but there is no telling when it will happen or what will follow it.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thanks again Les,

I have been wondering if the vivid structures of the dreams I've been having is something I should be paying attention to.

First George, and now you.

OK, I'll be paying attention.


Anonymous said...

Re: "Sometimes when good things are happening you can find yourself in bad situations by not correctly reading what’s going on.
One of our greatest failings, generally, is the inability to distinguish the meaning and intention of circumstances".

Ain't that the truth!
Beautifully said Les.

Any ideas on how to correctly "distinguish the meaning and intention of circumstances" ?

The reason I ask this is that I've arrived at a particulary dire circumstance and am torn between trying to get back my old life or making a complete break to "new pastures".

Thing is, I'm afraid that not fighting back to regain what Ive lost might be the cowardly way out - then again maybe I'm just meant to walk away....

You've been an inspiration Les - thank you!
- Frank

Visible said...


I don't know your circumstances but I do know the immediate impression I got from processing what you said.

The idea of fighting to maintain something for no other reason than to not appear a coward strikes me as having a possibly unfortunate result and not confirming anything in the end. Also it's impossible to win the good opinion of many people who are not capable of holding another in esteem to begin with, given that they already hold themselves in contempt.

Walking away, especially if there is something to walk away to would, on the surface appear to me to be the smarter move and very often this sort of thing is a cosmic ass-saving opportunity which we, being what we are, often don't see at the time.

As I said, I don't know the details and even if I did, I don't know if that wouldn't make it more complicated given that you seem to have stated two things and if that's what it is, then it's one of the two, isn't it?

I don't like to give advice because I don't know enough but maybe there's something useful for you here.

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks Les!



Unknown said...

yes will tear you apart...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

Im not feeling the "shift" as such, more like another tick or tock? This last movement felt like it was "building up" so its hard to place it right now? In time it will be clear?
I sure do see myself in a much more earthly mannor(and Im not happy about it), and to find my "soul" apart for it? I can walk either path nowadays, but people and desire returns me to you all. Its like Im leaving my body, but its going to take more time?
Something have planted itself to us and the mother, yes. We like to call it an outside force, but it might just be the other half of us finally coming into view, I dont know? I have done the same and planted my feet and heart to this place. A little fairy friend keeps telling not to? I cant clear my mind to it, as much as I try. I cant explain it either?
You right, is better to have gone mad once before(or trip too) as Im now move into much more madding states of being lately.
I have to say Im pretty happy for this whole deal! I was waiting for the world to change so I could show and grow, but it seems I needed to change? I was placing the heavy lifting on others, not myself. Thanks for all the help folks. Fuuny, I really didnt take a active role in my changing. I just shared my mind and others ideas with the divine, and over time, I became this?
Im all kinds of mixed up over wants and needs still. I fight my own body, over and over. Its like to disfuncional parents fighting over whats for dinner? The body mostly wins the day, as I need sleep, but I wish it wouldnt!
I cant help but feel myself wishing for a "middle earth" or other plane to move to. I think this means Im done with the status quo or I didnt get it to begin with? Whatever it is, Im thankful!

Pstonie, sounds like your ready for a new opening of your consciousness? Dead ends help start new ones?

The Fool

Dammerung said...

Why should this world be seen in this way, as a problem and a distraction?

I would just as soon see this world itself and the framework of physical laws which compose it "raised" and as a desirable place to be. I want to view Los Angeles not as a trouble spot in the universe but instead as a wonderful resort location for beings of all types.

What stops this from being the case? Is it the influence of the obvious troublemakers coining the currency? Is it the framework of physical laws themselves which create conditions of scarcity and loss?

I had a dream about piloting a war mecha. When the blast shield closed my consciousness literally merged with the machine; in fact I even had to learn to walk AS the machine and I stumbled around trying to get my "mecha legs." Then when I got out I had to readjust to my human body.

The digital revolution ought to conclude with the digitization of the physical universe. Houses being larger inside than out. Bodily vehicles for consciousness being able to be dissolved and reconstituted at will. Transformations and teleportations. I have had the intuitive sense all my life that this constitutes a POSSIBILITY for this world, and we ought not give this world up to deprivation.

Dammerung said...

Here's something else that bothers me...

I happen to ENJOY computer programming. I like writing scripts. I like the pattern with which computers "think." I like the kinesthetic feeling of watching a program flow like a river, switching between channels and making the electricity flow through locks and canals.

But the 'higher consciousness' experiences and dreams never seem to have a place for arrow thinking. I would be seriously pissed if I got to "heaven" and there wasn't a way to create IF THEN ELSE DO WHILE circuits. Oh wait, they don't allow you to be pissed there do they?

Anonymous said...

OT - Oil Volcano in the Gulf.

Apparently a very large meteorite
crashing into the Gulf of Mexico could have been reponsible for the mass extinctions of 65 nillion years ago.

Fast fwd to today's catactclysm in that same Gulf - nature certainly might be rhyming...

Visible said...

Dammerung, I don't know of anyone saying what you are assuming. I imagine all of us 'here' would appreciate the world being hospitable and welcoming. I have probably had more full on fun than most people. Eat, drink and be merry is not something I'm opposed to; Biblical references aside. I have all sorts of pedestrian interests and I would wager most people here do because are, all people... looking for answers and hoping that our mutual engagement will provide some.

It is patently clear to me that you are seeing things that aren't actually there/here. I don't know why that is. Also, another presumption, no one here has described heaven in the terms you are responding too.

We're not out to change the world, just ourselves, although the former could follow as a result of the latter.

Dammerung said...


Well, I'm sensing keenly the fact that my body is not likely to last forever. I'm only 27 and it's already developing a couple of noticeable bugs. Also, the PTB either always have been or have become self-destructively insane. So I feel a pressing need for a sense of spiritual security.

But I mean I've read so many things about higher consciousness and as far as I can tell anything that can possibly be said about it already has been. It's heaven, it's hell, it's oblivion, it's the afterlife, it's dreams, it's just-like-this but better. It's reincarnation. It's oneness with God. It's ever increasing cycles of individualization. It's outer space. It's inner space. I mean, it's like a Rorsarch where you throw a handful shit at it and see what sticks. Some sources seem more credible than others but I've never found two credible sources that agree on what it's like to continue on when your body blue-screens.

Just what the hell is going on eh? What's it like to be alive? What's it like when your body BSODs for the last time and can I still play the original Super Mario Bros.?

Visible said...

I'm guessing that Super Mario is probably out but as for the rest, what people have to say about it is not nearly as important as one's own efforts to experience whatever it is that it is.

All kinds of people are very well informed on all kinds of subjects including these and often don't know shit. They're like parrots. They can repeat it but have no experience of it.

I think reading and studying is good because it is a guide but unless one walks the path and has no fear of the dark and is willing to let go of all that is familiar in order to acquire the most valuable item there is, they aren't going to acquire much more than sore feet and homesickness.

Actually it's simply Love so one could say the path is inward no matter in what direction you walk. People dismiss this because it seems to simple and they get that, "Oh yeah, sure." thing going but their problem is they are unaware of the Love being referred to. They have confused that with the usual interpretation of Love which is rarely an expression of what I am talking about.

Real Love is a power beyond the capacity of words to define and it lights up everything and can turn a simple tent into a palace and make a simple man a king. The lack of it reduces everything to something of nothing more than temporary, transient value.

Real Love is a jewel of priceless value and anyone who possesses it knows exactly what I am saying. It deepens and it widens and it is beyond definition and there is no end to that unknown land where it takes you. There are no words and no maps that can tell more than a very little about this so... it's up to the individual what they are after and it us up to the nature of their being the degree of effort and the amount of suffering they put into the process and endure to achieve it.

It can be achieved and it brings every other fabulous gift in its purse; immortality, wisdom... the list is long.

Zoner said...

Dammerung, sounds like you are referring to the "singularity" that so many scientific minds see as the ultimate next step in "human" evolution.

As an observational note, the intense dreams lately all have a common thread and theme - union with.........well, NOT a machine, and not in the way one might think when talking about union between a male and female (although those are the roles played out in these dreams).

It seems the last remaining desire that has any lasting importance. All others only lead to disappointment and self-loathing.


Time for a rhyme said...

You can't arrest the time
It's committed no crime
And after all
It was you who was killing time

Time hasn't got time to turn around and wave
Time will see the flowers wither on your grave

Time doesn't care
Time's got other plans
Conjouring up worlds
And then burying them in sand

A time will come
A time to go
Back to the place we've heard of but don't know
Until then we will never know when
Then end
Will be

Dammerung said...

Zoner: But isn't that the desire which contains the capacity for the fulfillment of all others? A "singularity" type situation isn't the end of desire but at last a true beginning.

Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect comes very close to what I'd like to see in the world. Also warning - it's an extremely NSFW ebook.

Anonymous said...


Love, what a word. The first healer and guide in my life told me she had this ablity to tap into love. I really wasnt listening at the time. I asked how she could share her enegry and healing and not be worn out and drained? She just laughed and smiled at me! She said that we all have a battery that never runs out, even if you share it with the whole world!
It seemed clear and simple, and yes I just said "yep I understand," but really didnt. She said we can use the love and enegry we started with in this life or use a higher. The higher is open for us at all times. The first was to be "farmed and grown?" Simple and easy yes, but very helpful I think?

The Fool

Anonymous said...


You are here to help, wow, super thankful. Just to be a copycat, sorry, but there is a theme coming out here, in much of peoples dreams today. One word avatar?

The Fool

Neko Kinoshita said...


I understand part of where you are coming from. I’ve been here in this incarnation almost twice as long as you confess. So let me tell about bugs! Loss of endurance is only a portion of the loss, parts are wearing out. With so much to come, I sometimes wish I had been born later, but there were reasons for the timing.

I’ve been seeing how things should be, and trying to reconcile with what is for a long time. It is so painful to know that the conditions of scarcity and loss are created by the same obvious troublemakers that think it is better to kill and hurt with your profit than to just profit.

I also enjoy programming, but design is more fun for me… Generating a valid structure and flow where before was only a need is very rewarding. If programming is not to be in the ifalong I will miss it.

Most of what I’ve learned (correct me if I seem off-base here Les) indicates that the “higher consciousness” is learning to let go of the material and embrace the eternal.

I’m sorry man, but playing in virtual worlds is so much less than the real. After all, reality is what the virtual is imitating. All of it. I figured that out when C&S was new, GRUPS had not yet been invented, and Traveller and D&D had drifted too far from what they should have been. Of course, this was before you were born.

I’m still waiting for a proper VR interface, but I may not actually see it before the whole thing comes down…

Oh well, “C'est la vie" I find myself more comfortable thinking of the whole thing as a version of your “mecha” dream. After all, when this body BSODs you will look at how you played, and plan the next round, yes?


Neko Kinoshita said...


Sorry to sound this way, but Carmeron abused that word.

I know he needed to find a way to describe a Genetic creation as an RPV but still, Avatar means something else entirely.


Zoner said...

Dammerung, I don't know if we are talking about the same thing, but my understanding of "The Singularity" takes place as a result of technology evolving to a point where greater than human intelligence results, rendering "human" evolution void and possibly causing our demise as a species.

It sounds like a vision of evolution matching what many see as a spiritual change resulting in moving beyond our denser physical forms, only taking place not as a result of a change in human consciousness, but the further advancement of "tech" - man's hand guiding itself through evolution beyond the limits of our current capabilities by physically creating something beyond our own capabilities (if that makes sense). It makes no sense to this simple mind, and I want nothing to do with it.

Fool, I do wish to help of course, and if I ever express anything that accomplishes that in this forum then I am grateful for the opportunity and further indebted to Les for inspiring it and providing the circle we gather around.


Anonymous said...


I agree with you very much!!!! That word mean a "deity" takin another form, to me?

I was just trying to make people think about the images that they let into their subconscious?

The Fool

Neko Kinoshita said...


Of course, using the term in the context of "moving down" and taking control of a "virtual character" might just be a presumptuous use of the term...

Neko Kinoshita said...


I just noticed, that was supposed to be "GURPS" in the comment above.


Neko Kinoshita said...


I always felt that the "Singularity" represented the point where something beyond our ability to understand occurs (usually "machine intelligence") and therefore a point past which "everything is different."

I’m beginning to think that this transition to Aquarius from Pisces may in fact mark such a singularity, just because of a change in “vibrational state.” Many things will be different in the new age.

But then, I am merely a kitten.

Erik said...

Hi Dammerung, Niko and maybe The Fool?

I just rolled out my local, after celebrating with maybe a little to much beer? .... so please bare with me.

Dammerung: of course there will still be Mario Bros on this plane ... the only question is; Who is playing?

Niko: When you can answer this question, you will understand that you are already part of the best VR game money can buy, and that Avatar isn't maybe that far fetched.



Visible said...

"The most important holiday in Satanism is one's own birthday, as it is the birthdate of one's own god. This is a reminder that the Satanist, committed to true "vital existence", should consider himself (or herself) the most important person in his own life. LaVey recommends that a Satanist celebrate his own birthday in any way he chooses, with as much pomp and ceremony as he sees fit. The Satanic celebration of one's birthday can thus be seen as something of a "Black Mass", by redirecting to oneself the sanctimony and celebration typically reserved for the many "high holy days" commemorating the births of key gods or saints in other religions.

Three Satanic holidays are named by Anton LaVey in The Satanic Bible but are not considered sacred.

One among these holidays is Walpurgisnacht, which in addition to the occult significance the date carries, also marks the formation of the Church of Satan in the year 1966, or I A. S. (Anno Satanas, "In the year of Satan"). This date is commonly celebrated by Satanists with private or group rituals, and private parties or family celebrations to commemorate the foundation of the Church of Satan.

LaVey also mentions the summer and winter solstices, and the spring and fall equinoxes as lesser holidays. These are likewise often celebrated by ritual or private party. However, they are sometimes also used to substitute popular holidays that Satanists wish to avoid imparting a Christian overtone to but still wish to celebrate in some form.

Halloween is very commonly celebrated by Satanists, but typically there is far less occult significance attached to the date by Satanists than the public might imagine. Halloween is a popular date for both private and group ritual ceremonies, but also a popular date for Satanists to hold private parties for no other purpose than to enjoy the dark fun that is commonly celebrated on that date by the public at large. If anything, Satanists seem to take a sense of irony and humor in the holiday.[citation needed]

Satanism does not specifically forbid the celebration of any holidays or festivals held by other cultures or even other religions. Entirely secular holidays are commonly celebrated by Satanists either for personal reasons or merely as an excuse to have a good time. It is not entirely uncommon for Satanists to even celebrate overtly Christian holidays such as Christmas, though the religious trappings are generally stripped from the holiday, secularizing it. Many Satanists, however, either transfer such holidays as Christmas to the Winter Solstice and either place a darker spin on it or secularize it entirely, or decline to celebrate such holidays altogether.

Of recent note, June 6, 2006 marked a Satanic High Mass in Hollywood, California by the Church of Satan. This celebration was by invitation only and limited to 100 attendees, and was held in large part to mock the superstitious fear of the date by the public. The date 06/06/06 does not hold special religious significance in Satanism, nor does the number 666. The event was documented, and many members of the Church of Satan were interviewed, by the BBC with permission."

It would appear that one could argue that holidays overlap and can be celebrated for different intentions without a connection. Arguably the use of the word Beltane was out of context. Otherwise they nearly all celebrate similar days in proximity simply to to the clock of nature. Being that I am neither Christian nor any of the others I didn't feel this sort of clarification was my responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Your title sounds like a grasshopper or a praying mantis? Anyway, I think youre on to somthing pretty cool with the Aquarius from Pisces idea! Many suggest that aquarius means mutli use or multi tasking? Not good with big ideas sorry, but that we are "adding" another part to the human system, a new one created by singularity? Me, I dont follow singularity, its a con much like trying to be still, it can be done? Still a larger portal to the divine "body" can be overlooked and I think you nailed this one down well?


Super cool idea man! "you will understand that you are already part of the best VR game money can buy" No Shit!!!!
Problem, Avatar the movie, is tooo far fetched, if you as me? Its a tool to sell video games, and make people move into a child like state of understanding about self and earth? It does more harm than good, misled masses of people can really fuck shit up?

The Fool

Dammerung said...

Les, I've never found myself having a problem with Satanists or Luciferians. On the other hand, maybe it's related to the trouble with Jews - the people you meet aren't the problem if they're not the billionaires running the banks.

As to the Singularity/Shift/Rapture whatever discussion...

First, it seems to good to be true. Too good to imagine we'll get out of the world's troubles by rising above them. But maybe that's my natural cynicism and leery conservatism prejudicing me.

If it does happen, well... see, I made some modifications of dubious legality to my Wii. Now I can play NES/SNES/N64 games downloaded from the 'net on it. It emulates the older systems because the Wii is significantly more powerful and can do so. Perhaps the "new world" will be like that. It will be able to emulate our current world and you can pull out situations you want to experience at will.

I love my PS3 as well, but sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like loading up an old SNES game like Super Metroid. No matter how good or involved or photorealistic new games get, the old classics have a magic all their own. So maybe we'll just see a new radical freedom of choice that accomodates an emulation of the world we're currently experiencing.

Of course, you could also argue this has already happened

Anonymous said...

The big poser is, of course, the why, wherefore, and how of life on this planet. I avoid touching on extra-terrestrial takes. Dammerung wonders what to expect in the hereafter.

I've found the accounts given by mediums interesting and informative, especially since there's a great deal of overlap in what different mediums say.

Systematic and longitudinal study of mediums as a branch of parapsychology has been conducted and recorded only in western societies, as far as I know - Europe, N America, Australia, and Brazil esp. There's also a lot of information in autobiographies of mediums like Mrs. Leonard, Estelle Roberts (Brit), Arthur Ford (US). And Betty Shine (Brit, 4 books or so) who died 3-4 years ago, is the healer (as well a medium) to whom David Icke went, and who told Icke when he was still a Sportscaster, that he would be writing books, and helping to awaken the public.

Accounts of the afterlife can be found in several places. Here are some websites, some with free books on line.

Current experiments with mediums include these two below:

Two British healers, one a medium, living in France

A circle in Germany:

This Australian lawyer cites others

I'm wondering whether this planet is like a prepared stage-set, and will never [emphasis] be anything except a mix of the terrible and the beautiful, of the "bad" and "good", a compulsory stop (multiple times) for human and animal life (and plants too?). A scene one hopes not to have to return to.

Animadverto said...

To walk through the fire is to see. On either side of the "veil" is a tomb; no light enters, no light escapes.

Now We Are Free

Sorry Les, this went to the wrong posting the first time around; it was meant for this one. This is my favorite version of the song, next to the original.

Visible said...

Uh huh... but I saw this one first (grin)

Night all, I'll see your comments in the morning and some of you maybe even before that... heh heh and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

evening good people
my brothers and sisters
may the power of calm
flow through all existance
on the spring air
on moon beams through the night
into living dreams
waves of light
invoked potent flow
by lantern light workers
origin of things
the ancient's were knower
I suppose the
mysterys inscribed
in the essence's of life
when harmony unify
line with the light
with all the might
of living earth
the stuff that
stirred the stars
rebirth of mans worth
must be written on the cards


ravenise said...

This girl, or archetype was in my dreams last night as well. She is the last person I saw before I woke up and came directly to your words. Long brown hair, slender, and beautiful, goddess like? Hmm. Interesting you posted the picture with the raven, she (if it is who I think it is) often chooses to shape shift into one as well. She is a practitioner of magic. It’s safe to say she is a real person with immense power, beauty, and loyalty caught in a dark flurry. I don’t know what is going on, but it seems she may have invited you to take part in/against a magical ritual with her to help destroy one of her Demons or that of her peers. I am sensing this right now. I will leave it at that.

Is there any chance the humor aspect had anything to do with projectile vomit or something to that effect? No need to answer that.


Neko Kinoshita said...


The name "means" "alley cat," but a direct translation is "cat found under a tree." I put this in a Petri Dish Posting a while back.

I try to avoid being trapped by this form of the "world riddle." Is reality only a dream?
Well yes, but don'tlet that stop you....

Neko Kinoshita said...


I think the point is that after the sigularity everything will be "different."

How it will different is a big question, but has discussions of how it was "different" before (Jaynes seems to have a take on what that could do to perceptions), and that could be a clue as to how it might be "different" again.

Just speculating from the alley,

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

OK, so I got into a little of my homemade wine (from a 5 gallon batch I made back in February from Welch's white grape raspberry frozen concentrate that I bought at Walmart). So please bear with me.

The Old Testament principality (fallen angel) Baal is the primary spirit running everything now. The ancient Caananites were the first to make contact with him (which was why God condemned them). This principality openly revealed himself to the Caananites as Baal (a counterfeit for God Almighty). The Babylonians called him 'Bel,' the Greeks called him 'Cronos', and the Romans called him 'Saturn.' The main reason the people of those times worshiped him was because they recognized that he had power over the weather, over crop success/failure, and that he had influence over time (our word 'clock' comes from the word 'chronograph' which comes from the Greek name 'Cronos'). Same spirit, different names to suit the time period. The Apostle John called him 'Antichrist.'

Antichrist/Baal is a many faceted spirit. He is at the same time the spirit of idolatry, the spirit of top-down-control, the spirit of genocide, the spirit of universal peace, and the spirit of looking back (having to do with time). But his forte is his function as the spirit of idolatry, because by presenting himself that way he becomes at once the bait, the trap, and the cage. It is through our idolatry that he acquires rights of control in our lives, and idolatry permeates our lives.

The word 'idol' in scripture was used more or less interchangeably with the word 'image,' which is the root word for our word 'picture.' When movies were first invented they were called 'moving pictures.' TV and movies are 'picture' in animated form. They are 'idol' in animated form, which is ten times more powerful than the idolatry practiced by the ancients who had only statues, figurines, and artworks to remind them of who it was they were worshiping. In other words, the spirit of idolatry hides in the shadows behind everything we see and hear coming through TV and movies.

The punishments for idolatry are myriad (you can look in the Old Testament and get a real clear look at what I mean). Most people when they hear of punishments get mad at God because he's supposed to be a loving God. What hardly anyone realizes is that the punishments exist almost as a separate entity, the same as the blessings. 'The punishments' is like a territory one enters into (or conversely, has the sense to avoid). It's the same with 'the blessings'. It's like a territory with boundaries that people can enter into. It's not like God is always watching every move we make and decides whether or not we are worthy of entering the blessings. No, we are the ones who decide whether or not we are going to enter which territory.

The real problem is that people love their idols (i.e. TV and movies). And so according to majority rule we have collectively entered the territory of punishments. We have nobody but ourselves to blame for what's going on.

I haven't had TV for going on 19 years. Not that I was a spiritual giant when I got rid of my TV set 19 years ago... I moved out in the boonies of N. Alabama and couldn't get any TV reception. By the time satellite TV was available I was fully weaned off TV and never wanted it back. So in the absence of that crap going on constantly I learned how to hear the Lord speaking to me. I suggest to anyone reading this to try it out for yourself, you'll be glad you did. The Lord is absolutely the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. He has only your best interest at heart, yours and mine. You get a relationship with him going and he'll tell you about things you would've never thought of in 1000 years.

m_astera said...

Usually I read all of the comments before making one myself. This time I've only read the first three, and I'm commenting despite.

Here is what is going to happen. Ta da.

Humanity is going to prove, with hard science, the existence of the soul.

The human body was designed as a soul carrier, to allow the individual entity to experience this 3D plane. Not all human bodies are soul carriers; they can function fine without a soul, observer, and recorder.

Lucifer, or whatever the hell you wish to call him, invented very intelligent bodies that don't need souls to function. They are here amongst us. We are interbred with them and they are in our own families.

Another and parallel scenario is that there are human bodies animated by animal consciousness, devas for lack of a better term. Imagine a human body animated by the deva (group soul consciousness) of a wolverine or a shrike, a thorn bird.

Only some of us "humans" on this planet are actually soul carriers of the real soul, only some of us are sparks of the ol' original.

Yeah it's a mess and I'm only surfing the surface here, but hopefully you get the idea.

So what happens when we prove, identify, and can scan for whether or not a human body is animated by an eternal divine soul, and those who have no soul (at all) and those animated by predatory animal souls? Guess we will have to make a choice: which do we want in our reality? And what do we do about the others?

Real humans with real souls are not the problem and never have been, but we have a decision process ahead of us.

The end result must be that predators and soulless ones are forbade from incarnating here. I mean that seriously. They must not be allowed if we are to progress. How do we accomplish that in a non-violent manner?


Visible said...


I haven't encountered projectile vomiting in real life or in dreams ever, unless you count watching TV so long ago I can't remember when I stopped.

One of the basic realities that people seldom ever put together is that everything is either sensory or super sensory; meaning it's a matter of density only and involves a spectrum that runs from insects decapitating their mates during the act, upward through red hazed violent rutting in the animal kingdom into forced sex for the purpose of dominance in the lower human spectrum up into more rarefied interactions like kama sutra, friendship and love manifesting through the carnal arena but with the attention somewhat beyond the process on into yogic union with devic intelligences to the varying levels of contact that have to do with the thickness of the sheaths that overlay the space between partial and complete union with the divine.

Life expresses itself in some variation of this in every act in which it engages. It's all a matter of degrees and goes a good way to explaining the difference between good and evil in real terms as well as indicating that most things are just shades of gray, speaking metaphorically.

The scenarios that I mentioned but don't feel like delineating involved something in this area as well as what might be called a form of transmogrification as applied to the subject under discussion as well as interplays of persona in contemporary scenes juxtaposed with wild near indescribable leaps into entirely alien landscapes.

I can't believe I just said all this. See what a horrific nightmare on this most recent evening combined with very little sleep makes possible?

It used to be that only chemical substances could provide the sort of thing I'm getting lately.

Meanwhile everything is fine. Sometimes I think I should be less truthful- scratch that- less revealing. The problem lies in the reality of the tale as it gets morphed in the imagination of the one reading it.

Anyone know anything about the effect of household mold on the human consciousness through effecting changes in the atmosphere or through the breathing mechanism? I'm dealing with that at the moment as I attempt to remove it and paint the surfaces and I've just got certain suspicions though I am flat out certain it can't all be attributed to that but the possible poisoning on the consciousness while experiencing naturally altered states; like the effect of the strychnine in peyote, arsenic in wood rose seeds... that sort of thing.

I'm not ingesting anything but since my body is now reproducing this phenomena at will I was wondering about the possible impact of a poisonous environment in the equation. It doesn't actually look that bad but you can see it and it reappears within days of my having eradicated it so... not my area of expertise actually; not that I have one.

I think I'll have to save this comment for a future post. It gives me ideas ( grin)

Visible said...


I'm aware of what you're presenting and you make your point well.

I also agree entirely with your conclusion about the nature of the one.

I should point out that Beltane is not a satanic holiday per se under that name. This has nothing to do with whatever might go on around that time that is also not directly connected to the aforementioned Wiccan Holiday.

I'm aware of your religious persuasion and the fact that it naturally equates all of these various practices as parts of the same caravan. As you can see, some people object to the lumping and I can understand that.

It's a difficult art to dialogue with the differences which appear here. I do my best while trying to remain tolerant across the board. Personally, there's a part of me that thinks it's all bullshit except for the pure reality of the matter for which religions are only so many suits in the closet of a God who moved to another location a long time ago; as concerns the present reality of truth. I do not deny though that he left all kinds of things in his pockets for consideration. I also don't doubt that the vibration remains and that you can reach him through contact with certain enduring artifacts the same way a lover can hold some article of one departed to their face and experience things of which we are all familiar.

It's God... the divine... in the present moment that interests me. I am certain that whatever he said in the past is relevant at the moment but unfortunate alterations have been made over the course of time. I feel like I could go on forever and never make my point so I'm going to go do something else now (grin).

Visible said...


Or... alternatively, we move on.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your comment earlier about your daughter and where you live. You have a natural gift at expressing certain things beautifully.

Visible said...

I hate to be so present here at the moment but it is sort of my job to keep you informed of what I may be in a position to share and having just walked outside and seen the sky at around 6:50 AM I have to say that something very strange is going on.

I haven't seen this kind of thing nor felt it hit me like this since I can't remember. There's a dead haze over the sky and the sun is like a dim white disk behind it; reminds me of one of those energy saver bulbs that don't put out much light though they claim they do.

There's a feeling of anticipation mingled with anxiety in the air and I am far removed from most locations of density though perhaps nearer areas of conflict while most of you are much further.

If I were to hazard a guess I would say something is about to happen. I get the feeling that something is in the wind and all sorts of things are behaving oddly. There's a sort of palpable sorrow in the air. I haven't slept and feel no need to.

Last night I had a really unfortunate engagement with something of loathsome and monstrous evil that does not require description and you can thank me for that.

I don't know what to make of this but I am suspecting that it is at work all over the place and keying in certain locales. China has had some incidents recently and I will say from my own experience that this entity is very much into these sorts of things given the imagery I ran up against.

During the last week while recovering from having had all sorts of new senses opened without warning and running into situations beyond my depth I have been having a running conversation most of the time with the one who has guided me through my life. This is not the normal routine.

I was being told over and over that everything was fine and that I was in good hands and need have no fear but that I must endure and remain focused and so on; not necessary to list it all.

I didn't know why except to think I was just being told that what had happened to me would integrate and I should just move along naturally as it did but now, now I suspect it has as much to do with what's going on and is probably why all these senses got opened.

I'll close by saying if you saw that sky with me this morning and felt the atmosphere you would know what I'm talking about because only a very dense person would be unaware. However, I suppose you know in your own way, given what we've been hearing here.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'd like to talk about Love a little if i may. Well, Les is very right about Love, it's a real treasure to possess Love. And be possesed by Love. The thing is Love beat death some time ago. It is stronger, it is actually unbeatable. Well, who would be able to judge Love ? Spirit of this world perhabs ? Hardly. Noone ever could. Love never goes anywhere, but is always present. Even if your own mother leaves you, Love never will. He is humble more than anyone else and seeks humbleness in others.
Thats why the big ones of this world would hardly possess Him. That's why the small ones often carry Love in their lives and deeds and the Love Spirit gives also wisdom so they see things strait. For this very Love pepole used to and still do give up their own lives. Love is more that one's own life. St. Paul wroute : "Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law."
God Himself is Love.

Visible said...

Man... thank you. That is the sterling truth and one of the finest things to come around here at any time and what I also fully believe; and right on the heels of the donkey story too. We're pretty rich around here.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for waking me up this morning, so I could witness the 'eery' lighting conditions with you; it sure was pretty strange .....

I have felt a sense of urgency for about a year now, and it's getting stronger lately. That is maybe the reason why 'I' no longer 'beat around the bush' in my comments here. (Like you I sometimes sit in amazement when I see what was written) (Grin)

Keep up the good work!

Love to All


Pstonie said...

That explanation makes sense to me, considering what our society looks like, but at the same time I'll reserve judgement until proof is available since that's the type of idea that strikes me could very well be seeded just to divide people. I think we all feel alienated and that we're surrounded by fools. Far as I can see it's pure psychological projection to deal with our inaction in the face of what we KNOW is wrong.

If it turns out to be true, I don't think violence would be required (everywhere). If these are the type of people I'm thinking of, all we'd have to do is leave them behind. They're parasites, not capable of what matters, and leaving them to themselves should be sufficient.

It does sound a little too much like the 15%ers meme, though.

Pstonie said...

Interesting what you're saying about the climate. I get a seasonal thing where some things (I think mostly the smell) cause the feelings I had when previously experiencing that atmosphere to come rushing back. Essentially when the season starts changing I get a very strange feeling of being in a previous year at that time.

The other day I went outside and got this same feeling and thought "it feels like that time before society completely collapsed" then realised it hadn't happened yet (this time). Since I've only been really aware of the times we live in since about October last year, thus unable to get bleed-through from a previous year, I found that odd.

I think the denial of real positive change occurring I'm getting is possibly relating to it feeling too good to be true, or maybe I'm just afraid. Either way, it's getting harder and harder each day to deny that something is going on. I mean, when you can quote bits from Revelation to describe current events, things are... different.

"The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood"

The rig burned for a day before finally sinking into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - "avatar", from Sanskrit avatara, means incarnation, manifestation, or taking form.
In the two main branches of Hinduism, Vaishnavism (the system of those who follow Vishnu) posits different forms -avatars- that Vishnu took or takes, among them being Krishna and Rama, for a total of ten avatars. The other branch, Saivaism (the system of followers of Siva, not mentioned often in the west) does not posit avatars of Siva.
Vishnu symbolises Protection, Siva symbolises Destruction (and reconstruction, and Brahma symbolises Creation.
There is a reference to a time "before the Gods were created" implying a nameless Single before the human socio-cultural creation of gods and myths which are all time-space specific.

The One is referred to in different languages and cultures with different names, and as recent posts point out = Love.

Even physicists have posited a something which pervades the Universe, and not too long ago, gave it the name "Love".

Visible said...


Was it like that so far North of me too? Huh... well. Interestingly it became a bright sunny day here just a few hours later but that doesn't change the sensation of that period.

Visible said...

That is so. I believe they were referring to the 'attractive force'. They've also said the universe is, "thought born". I love the irony given that they are scientists.

That is true as far as the official traditions of Saivaism goes but there are various Hindu figures who have been called an incarnation of Shiva and my thought is that the reason there are periodic manifestations of Vishnu as avatars is based on the fact that he is "The Preserver".

In a less than humorous sense but with some amount of it attendant one could say that most of the archetypal incarnations of Shiva were not Hindu (You take your pick from history) so that might have something to do with it (grin)

Anonymous said...

i could talk till the cows come home but all i,ll say is fly on brother les you are one sweet person

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

One more thing and then I promise I'll shut up.

This morning I found an article that fairly well explains the spiritual origins of the power structure; where it all began, how it progressed, how it is now, and how it will probably be in the not-too-distant future. The article is surprisingly short and concise. Here's the link:

One thing to keep in mind is that the principality Antichrist has gone by many names throughout history; one of the names he has recently chosen to be known by is 'Lucifer,' which is a lie because Lucifer was the name God gave to Satan before he fell. But I guess it works for the kingdom of darkness for him to go by the name 'Lucifer,' for the time being at least. In chapter 13 of the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible the Apostle John referred to the principality Antichrist as 'The Beast', and he referred to Satan as 'The Dragon.' According to this chapter the principality Antichrist will take on a human body just a few years before the end of the world (as we know it). Verse 4 says:

And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast saying: "Who is like unto the beast? And who can make war with him?"

Evidently the Antichrist (i.e. the human person who is indwelt by the principality Antichrist) will conquer the world via military might. In regard to it verses 7-9 say:

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear.

All this could be perceived as very frightening. Fortunately, according to 1 Corinthians 10:13, those of us who trust in the Lord will be given what it takes to endure it. The followup in verses 14-15 is very interesting, to me at least, seeing as how the principality Antichrist is the spirit of idolatry.

Visible said...


You're welcome to post on any of these blogs as often as you like; keeping in mind that too much commenting with inclusive scripture will certainly bring out the wolves (grin) but otherwise, have at at it.

This is a conversational reality and no one should fear to be as involved as they like. I wonder sometimes (believing it true) of those who read and are shy or feel there is some sort of entrenched old guard here and I hope it will occur to them that that is not the case but I don't say anything (until now).

I pretty much like everyone who comes here. Even though some of them don't like each other. At the same time it is my considered opinion that often the reason people don't like each other is that they just don't understand each other and that is the first effort any of us should make.

Sometimes it is because they are alike and an unconsciously rivalry emerges. There are various reasons and for myself I try to remember that God doesn't behave in an inimical manner to anyone and the graciousness of his qualities and the beauty of his composition is everlasting evidence that the more we embrace the higher virtues the more we emulate the one who bears them and behave in a like manner.

I've read those parts of the Bible many times. I would have to say I have not come across any scripture from that book with which I am not familiar in a long time. I love God in all his expressions so I can't really be this or that.

I have found that there is a literal translation to scripture and a revealed meaning. We can understand a quote perfectly well and still have only a part of it's meaning as is exampled in the "glass darkly" passage.

Anonymous said...

Folks thought Id share

You might think this a "little" event, but you might be wrong?

Ok on to the real problem. So I been focusing much time on the Oil Spill? Its become clear that the media has turned this event in to a boggie man. The impact isnt as bad as they have reported. They wont even release all the images yet? The effects are overstated. And the end goal is the choke the US economy.
Now everyone going to bitch and cry I know. But you all need to chill out, take a deep breath and stop FUCKIN whatching the TV!
The earth has been around for a long time and so has the oil. Dont you think natural events of the past have effected the planet much like the spill today (THINK)? Really people, you all just walk the line and take ideas before you have a chance to really understand them? Sorry to be such an assface but I needed to get this out, thanks.

The Fool

Pstonie said...

The Beast sounds suspiciously like America.

Joe Bloggs said...

It’s all symbols and signs
Twilight langauge riddled with rhymes
I dunno how many times I've had to wipe off the grime to see
There’s no such thing as a straight line
Everythink is entwined
So what’s reality how’s it defined
This is what you get when the blind read the blind

bholanath said...

This has been one of the all time best threads, Vis-ji, especially some of your sleep-deprived flights of poetical wordsmithery. Like a wave that rises to exquisite heights (like the Love expositions) of pure truth-fragrance. Then there are the (to me) valleys of self-programmed scriptural quotations that smack of "I know"/"I have the answers", light years from the humility of "I don't know". Doesn't matter if its the old testament or bhagavatam...whatever, it ends up being entertaining. However, I would point out that claiming to be a "seeker" (of truth, wisdom, reality) does not make one so. Other than those born realized, my experience says only the serious in surrender and those humble enough to live in receptivity to 'meeting the master', able to recognize such a one, are genuine seekers - those willing to sacrifice ALL, and to die in the process. Just my take.

Regarding Shiva: the ancient proto-type, Rudra, supposedly had 11 "avatars", Hanuman being one, maybe the last. According to the 'story', Shiva heard about Vishnu appearing as Ram, the Devi as Sita etc., and wanted to join the party (the leela) so he jumped in as the "monkey" warrior/diplomat/initiated-adept. Many levels to this...for another time.

Haven't seen the crazy sky, but up here in the high desert the wind has been horrendous, like a portent of something approaching never before seen. It's been kickin our asses.


Zoner said...

Just because it moved me. Apologies if it is off-topic.,0,4653627.htmlstory

The whole story speaks volumes about our current state as well.


Anonymous said...

The name, bholanath, is one epithet of Shiva - meaning "the unsophisticated, the simple".
Who is Shiva (and all his aspects/names)?
Your very own (realized) Self - therefore the Destroyer of Illusion (heh heh).
God, I love my idols! (grin)

Kevenj said...

Yesterday, I was @ church for a week one hour to hear the pastors(there were three) drone on and on about the SOLE validity of the bible and subsequent torture sentence if you deny any part of it. I have little respect for fundi-Christians anymore since they tended to be the loud mouth 700 club gun-slingers-from-God that got us into the M.E. shithole, without asking obvious pesky questions about, well, why and who benefited?
It's not that I disagree with them for the most part, but their fearful pompous arrogance is keeping many from seeing the vast richness of their world myopia construct.

"In my house there are many mansions."

-the wolf

Kevenj said...

By the way Les,

Funny you should say that about the sky.
The other afternoon near dusk,(Monday or Tuesday) the same sort of thing happenend here in Virginia. The sky turned a very luminous dull, sick silver grey.It also seemed omninous but it's been a hard week so that could be me. Hard to explain though. I commented to my wife about it, and there was no storm before or after it occured. I thought it very strange but didn't think anything more until you brought it up.

Erik said...

Hi All,

I spent some time tonight with the God of Guitar - Ritchie Blackmore

and found this gem:

Deep Purple - When a blind man Cries



Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Very good article Les.

I ran into this post on another website that perhaps pertains to your early morning "vision".


Posted By: The_Fox
Date: Thursday, 13-May-2010 13:14:00 NASA recently launched its Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO,in order to gain a better understanding of our sun.


There's things happening out there, over which we have no control, and with the recent rise in earthquakes, and Jupiter having now lost one of its stripes, all is not well in space, or down here.

It could well be the early precursor or effect, of a massive galactic storm, due to make landfall any time soon.

There's even talk of the approach of planet X / Nibiru , with many people now claiming to have seen a second 'sun' very close to our own.

'Evidence' of this can be seen by performing a simple web search. It's said the best time to see this phenomenon is either during sunrise or sunset.

Now the people of this world are being asked to keep an eye on the sun, as NASA and other institutions, would like us all to take part in a stormwatch, or to put it bluntly , - an attack from space."

There is another article on this same site that suggests the BP well blowout in the gulf may be a fatal blow to our Mother the Earth. Oil is abiotic. This is the deepest well BP has ever drilled. They do not have the tecnology to stop the unimaginable pressures from this depth. It is equivelent to a human having his carotid artery punctured.

Namaste...Oliver in GA

Anonymous said...

how do you do today
good people of the way
on sacred earth we lay
sacred in every way
sacred for its truths
man has his use
but he choose's abuse
instead of universal truths
universal notes
on higher plains float
when a man awoke
the universal spoke
the universal quote
remove the hidden hoax
cos living in a hoax
only serve to choke.


m_astera said...

Ahh, allow me please. What do I know?

I come from a different lineage, one without a spiritual hierarchy.

Mary Jane, my daughter, left today. Was harder on me than I thought it would be. I do love that girl.

This morning she told me "Dad, it's not important that we see all of the island while I'm here. Let's just hang out and go for lunch, maybe go to the pool in the afternoon."

So we hung out here for a while, her on her Mac computer and me on my new Toshiba. Doing email and business. Then we took a taxi to a beach restaurant that serves Thai food. I had a hunch to talk to the old white guy when we came in. Turns out he is the owner of the place. He sat down with us for a couple of hours while we ate and drank; Mary Jane drank margaritas while I drank Solera beer.

Good food. His wife Jak, from Thailand, is the chef. We had crispy fresh pargo, red snapper, with excellent salads, and pad thai, shrimp with noodles. Fresh, crisp, good. And a great seviche (raw fish "cooked" in lime juice) for an appetizer. Jak's Thai Restaurant, Playa Concorde, Margarita.

Interesting conversation. He flew jets for Air America. Those of you who aren't aware, Air America was the CIA wing that brought heroin out of SE Asia.

But anyway. When I posted the long screed about Margarita on The New Shangri La part of the idea was an organic farm in the hills, and a restaurant on the beach.

This guy wants to sell the restaurant. The same sort of thing isn't allowed under the Chavez government, but they are grandfathered in. OK I'm getting ahead of myself here. This restaurant is ON the beach. The waves are lapping ten feet from your table.

Enough of that. My girl is gone back to the states.


Visible said...


To be truthful, I have no idea of my lineage. I think only in terms of my master and don't know his lineage either. His presence assures me beyond the need for inquiry.

God I love Thai Food. I've been making Summer Rolls recently with my personal sate sauce. I may be alone a lot of the time but I am the recipient of a fine table as a rule.

That restaurant sounds incredible. I tell you... You make Venezuela sing to my heart. That's exactly my favorite type of environment which is why I lived on Maui for so long. Maui is unfortunately populated with a majority assortment of people who do not get along with me regardless of my splendid and (to be honest) less than splendid efforts on occasion.

Then a tidal wave of drunken Republicans showed up to populate the epidemic condo growth along the shores. I actually managed some large complexes there so I have first hand experience from the hot tubs to the board meetings. A real stranger in a strange land experience with me as Michael Valentine Smith but with less of the appreciation.

I miss the tropical thing and the turquoise sea that I could melt into in my aloneness with it all, those fantastic white combers galloping on the beach so as to make you think the sky was laughing. These days I seek that land internally because it always comes to be that there are things that eat you in the underbrush no matter how good it looks from a few feet away.

Getting late again, not tired, can't sleep. Days have gone by. NO substances involved... massive kundalini outbreaks at any given moment... laid on the bed earlier today and it was as if the Earth was climbing through the floor and the bed and the bed was vibrating more than one gets from putting a quarter in the ones you sometimes find in hotels... whole body vibrating like an electric toothbrush... pulsing waves continuously flowing over... get up... nothing. Truly freakish. It's over a week now and still no sign of sleep. I'm laughing because this is inexplicable and unlike anything I have ever seen except when it first happened but that was a major psychedelic period and there's no chemicals involved in this one although you couldn't tell the difference. It is a strange affair to be so ripped without having taken anything and have it follow you around.

Not talking to you especially at this point, probably to myself. This is well past what can be considered sane by anyone and yet it's generally even and not too scary except for the new sensory associations. Part of my mind says, "Visible... this isn't natural" and then I realize that I'm getting a play by play most of the time from the one I trust the most. I suppose it is human nature, even when it's happening to you and has an authenticity and imprimatur that nothing in the world possesses, that some part of us, albeit the smaller part, still has difficulty trusting what is going on and completely incapable of communicating it either.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the oil leak:

You might think this a "little" event, but you might be wrong (THINK)? Fool.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Thank you for what you said, which I perceive as an invitation to keep it going. But I'll honestly try to not take advantage and to keep it as discreet as possible.

You wrote:

"You're welcome to post on any of these blogs as often as you like; keeping in mind that too much commenting with inclusive scripture will certainly bring out the wolves (grin) but otherwise, have at at it."

My experience with 'the wolves' has been that they'll never enter into an honest debate with someone who knows what they're up to. My guess is that the reason they avoid any such debating is because they're scared shitless of the consequences should they end up being made to look stupid, i.e. consequences coming to them from their superiors. I've read testimonies by people who were in cults who embarrassed the cult leaders and were literally tortured for it.

So what they opt to do instead is to change the subject, either that or to try to poke fun at whatever truths have come to the surface. But by far their favorite strategy is to try to change the subject. I see it happening full bore (pun intended) in this comments page.

One of the common characteristics of someone inhabited by a religious spirit is that they will come across all authoritative and bold as long as the ball is in their court, but the minute they lose control of the ball they start scrambling like hell to try to find a way to change the subject. And the further away from the subject the better. Either that or to try to respond with some cosmic enlightenment bullshit that nobody in his or her right mind can relate to.

The truth is a hard roe to hoe and most people simply aren't in shape for it. So rather than get in shape for it they opt to perfect the art of distraction. To boil it all down, the entire thrust of the kingdom of darkness IS the art of distraction.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Vis )
We are certainly connected !
... and I am very thankful for it.
I can hear your voice, when I read your words ... and your ideas, often bring clarity to my 'fog'
Merci, Mon Ami
Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

m_astera said...

Sr. Visible-

And I'm getting nothing from the usual sources. Nada. I feel like I have been cut off. Did I do something wrong?

Good things coming my way, I just feel like I have been left to my own devices to see what I will do with them. I'm envious that you are experiencing what you are, because I love that stuff. We love the weirdness and I'm not getting enough.

Earlier today I was thinking about hitchhiking up the coast of California, back in the late 1960s. With my girlfriend at the time, we got picked up by some fellows from San Francisco. Lots of drugs on the way, and then they went into some strange homo stuff. We got dropped off, on my insistence, somewhere north of Santa Cruz. Slept on the beach, with a red tide coming in. You know this I'm sure, but a red tide means every wave is phosphorescent. They glow as they crash, and glow around you as you walk through them.

Anyway, what I thought today is that I'm always as I am. Doesn't matter the amount of drugs or outside influence. So where are you going to be in late June or sometime in July? Me and a friend are going to do Homer in the Baltic on his sailboat. Wanna come play with?

All the Best

ps: and where is long john?

Visible said...

Proving that telepathy does not require prior physical introduction, I was aware of how you might feel once I posted the comment and I went, "Ah". But you put it nicely and I feel better now (grin).

Yeah well... I had a long dry spell and a whole lot of dark and painful shit in between; more than I care to remember, including full on astral assaults and crushing internal pressures that threatened to suck away the juice of life so, that it is happening now, I couldn't be more grateful. It is what I care about more than anything else and nothing has much meaning without it. I've spent a lot of my life like someone who went on a boat cruise (uh oh possible poor analogy.. heh heh) with everyone he loved and got left on a barren island with indifferent stick figures who spent all their time attacking each other. Years later the boat came back for me. My invisible friends haven't changed much. I have.

That offer sounds compelling and the company of course is the deal maker. The problem is that Susanne is going to take off for a couple of weeks around that time to travel and see friends. Given that the timing works you can count me in... that's an affirmative.

A lot of people here are dear to me but you are right at the top of the list with a couple of others. they know who they are (grin).

As it turns out, I have friends in Sweden, Estonia and Denmark and I'll be in Germany at the time although at the other end but that's no problem. It really comes down to the timing because my time is my own.

Also, I have a solstice event that covers whatever weekend is in the neighborhood of that day and I don't like to miss that. They construct a bonfire often over 20 feet high and elaborately constructed. People come from all over... sometimes there are two hundred people and sometimes 50 but usually around 70, 80 or so. We all stay in tents and the beer and other comestibles flow and the food is out of this world. Everyone brings something and we are nearly all excellent cooks. God I pity people who don't know how to prepare their food. it makes me sad to think about it.

An impressive cadre of drummers beats out the ancient rhythms and we dance the night away... although most people just sit and watch. it's different every year. You never know. We mostly all stay up all night and after breakfast the next mid morning we play Bolle, like Bocce I guess. I must be spelling it wrong cause I couldn't find it on Google but it says Bolle right on my set and that's how they pronounce it.

Generally I would be in a major shroom zone while there but given what is happening now I can't imagine what would be what because I'm already dealing with something all too similar without the peripherals.

I actually slept for almost 2 hours this morning in and in and out sort of a way and now it's becoming more than a week and I got up and took care of all kinds of business, went into town, drove through Italian traffic which is it's own kind of thing... going to knock out a lot of yard work and house work, brimming with energy it just blows my mind; a total of about seven hours of sleep in all this time. I can't even think about it because part of me can't compute.

I was leery of even mentioning it for all kinds of reasons. I've managed to piss people off without intending to and I'm trying to quit. But I asked and was given permission like it didn't matter and was pretty much told so. I got told that it didn't matter what I did because I had no choice about what was going to take place. Everything I ask about it doesn't seem to matter because it isn't going to change anything and I'll be getting a clear idea about that pretty soon. I was told that these are the preliminaries which is just about enough to make me climb under my bed and get into a fetal position (something I've never done by the way).

Anyway, like I said. Got to feed Poncho now.

Visible said...

John's in Northern California

Light Keeper said...

Les, I'm posting this as a comment on all three of your sites. Our collective, sustained focusing on the image of healing the wound of the Earth has the power to heal. This message comes from Arvol Looking Horse - (19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe)

A Great Urgency

To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders

My Relatives,

Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their Leaders. I
ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer.

We, from the heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the World; we are guided to speak from all the White Animals showing their sacred color, which have been signs for us to pray for the sacred life of all things. As I am sending this message to you, many Animal Nations are being threatened, those that swim, those that crawl, those that fly, and the plant Nations, eventually all will be affect from the oil disaster in the Gulf.

The dangers we are faced with at this time are not of spirit. The
catastrophe that has happened with the oil spill which looks like the
bleeding of Grandmother Earth, is made by human mistakes, mistakes that we cannot afford to continue to make.

I asked, as Spiritual Leaders, that we join together, united in prayer with
the whole of our Global Communities. My concern is these serious issues will continue to worsen, as a domino effect that our Ancestors have warned us of in their Prophecies.

I know in my heart there are millions of people that feel our united prayers
for the sake of our Grandmother Earth are long overdue. I believe we as
Spiritual people must gather ourselves and focus our thoughts and prayers to allow the healing of the many wounds that have been inflicted on the Earth.

As we honor the Cycle of Life, let us call for Prayer circles globally to
assist in healing Grandmother Earth (our Unc¹I Maka).

We ask for prayers that the oil spill, this bleeding, will stop. That the
winds stay calm to assist in the work. Pray for the people to be guided in
repairing this mistake, and that we may also seek to live in harmony, as we make the choice to change the destructive path we are on.

As we pray, we will fully understand that we are all connected. And that
what we create can have lasting effects on all life.

So let us unite spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer. Along
with this immediate effort, I also ask to please remember June 21st, World
Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites day. Whether it is a natural
site, a temple, a church, a synagogue or just your own sacred space, let us make a prayer for all life, for good decision making by our Nations, for our children¹s future and well-being, and the generations to come.

Onipikte (that we shall live),

Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Brian David Hardin

Pstonie said...

I identify with what DumbGoyNot said, so I'll try to keep this brief. I feel, and have in the past felt, sort of like I'm abusing the blog comment system. Truth is this has become my favourite community. It's difficult to find people in the "real world" who have any interest in discussing what it is we're doing here. Actually, it's been impossible, so people on the internet tend to get an earful from me. It's like you only get to understand the value of a belief once you try to explain it to someone else, and sometimes you need to show your wrong answer for someone to see it and correct you.

Recently I would not be surprised if some authority told me I had no soul and am essentially an NPC, sent here to keep people's computers running. Lately it's been difficult to feel anything about anything, because I've come to believe that many things we feel are artefacts of limited perspective. You could feel sad about something coming to an end, for instance, but if nature/universe/god is truly a fractal, like I have "seen", then what you're lamenting exists elsewhere and at all times. Good or evil, however sublimated or defeated, is never really lost to the system.

It and everything is the same everywhere. Granted, we're most likely in the circle of suffering right now, the VIP room for people who hate themselves, but in the end it's most likely just a house of pain set redress for the same old basic laws that apply everywhere outside the realm of oblivion. It just goes on and on. There must be people who can enjoy this and I will leave them to it, but after having seen the simple mechanism at work I find myself decreasingly impressed. For every measure of joy you will get a proportional measure of boredom and suffering. Count on it.

I'll keep the computers running, but for the love of god, someone enjoy this shit, okay? Revel in the laughter of your children or something.

Through a once obsessive nature I've been able to go back and read some of my old... things and what I have learned an tried to practice with varying success is that I should really just STFU.

Visible said...

I tend to agree with most of what I hear; references to my being a good first baseman aside.

Shutting the fuck up is only relevant when the noise factor drowns out the impact of the commentary. Otherwise freedom to speak is sacrosanct.

Since this is a protected zone it can't be touched unless the intruder gets inside of us. Then it doesn't matter where you are because you are carrying it around with you as you go.

One of the unfortunate features of fear, uneasiness, discomfort and so many things, when the origin is not specifically clear, is that you suffer for it long before there is any actual reason for it.

Everything is as fine as we are and we... are truly fine.

Anonymous said...

Last May, when my son and I were going home from the downtown area of our upper Midwest town (which I usually try to avoid) at about 7:30pm, the sun seemed huge and the tinge of everything seemed surreal to me, plus there was almost no one around. It was like we were some of the few left. I recognized it even though I didn’t.

I got this same surreal feeling a couple weeks ago just coming home from work at about 5:30pm. Is it the time of year or something else?

I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s another one of those feelings that I seem to know but can’t put a finger on it.


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of dreaming that I can’t get home. Dull gray flicks. Can’t find the right road; can’t find the car; not sure where home is; keep walking. Sometimes similar, sometimes different. It explains the feeling I’ve had most of my life that I couldn’t put a finger on until more recent times.

I’m tired of people looking at me as if I have ten heads. How can an “average by most statistics” person see much of what’s going on, but people I thought were most intelligent and knowledgeable cannot. This is not just a U S of A thing. It’s global folks. Probably universal…

How can people say they believe in god, but cannot acknowledge the entities that are not in the physical plane that are draining our spiritual energy?

I find sanity here. How I feel makes sense now. So, so hard to break out when most around me are boxed in.

I have patience though, and can tell periodically that I’m where I should be and will know what tools to use when the time presents itself, compliments of the chef here.

What helps keep me centered (well, of course, all of you) is what a commentator suggested: remember why you are here.


vixen said...

Thanks Diane. Remember why you are here. That phrase goes round and round in my head and forces me to post it here. I suppose we are all here at this particular time for a multitude of reasons, many deeds each of us are present to manifest. Realizing just what those deeds are, is the task I’ve been working to discover my entire adult life. I came here to be a part of what is now beginning to be revealed (as in apocalypse). Knowing the experience will be riddled with uncertainty as events unfold and not even completely aware of what the ultimate unfolding will bring forth, I resonate with expectation of the cleansing that is on the horizon. I’m right where I was meant to be at the perfect point in time and I get to enjoy the music all the while as I complete my journey.

m_astera said...

Vixen and Diane, thank you for those sweet posts. Yeah, remember why you are here.

Les, wow what an idea, the summer solstice. Would it be OK if I showed up there? My daughter will be in Rome at the time, doing some sort of cataloging of old pottery.

There are supposedly a couple of direct flights from here (Margarita) to Frankfort every week via Condor. I'm not pushing the envelope, just thinking.

Will have to try out the non-sleeping thing tomorrow. All I've been doing is sleeping.

Long John:

Visible said...


Are you kidding? The door is wide open and I got plenty of space on both sides of the event.

You should email me.

Unknown said...

Interesting piece, I will study it more, but you have a piece of confusion early on. The man crucified was not a substitute. He was the same man. You can read PJ #2 on my site for confirmation and I personally know this man, as he is back on starship. look under Phoenix Journals #2 And They Called His Name Immanuel. The Creator Son of our universe did enter also with Esu Immanuel at birth. Esu downloaded his OWN monad at the baptism, and Christ Michael the Creator did depart at the time of the Crucifixion.

cosmic calabash said...

Another sharing, another poem (ano ano)

So tides of conflict have torn at the shores of your world
And seasons of anguish have left you devoid of faith and short of dreams
And life has become grey and tastes like ashes
And advice from others gives no answers and no comfort...
Then break the binding chains of dead words
and dare to walk into the unknown
For in leting go, your life will be simplified
And spectres of the past will begin to fade
Then you will feel the slow rekindling of old fires within
For you will look at the world with new eyes
And when you pass through wooded terrain
cooled by the breath of many blossoms
And green lace canopies shade you
And silken quiet presses in like gloved hands around your ears
You will feel the miracle of new awareness dawning...
For nature will begin to speak...and ancient voices will respond inside you
And a long lost harmony will be restored
Then a new flowering will begin in your mind and heart
And as you blossom...everything around you will burst into celebrations of loud color and mirror back recognition
For all of life is one...
Nothing every dies
A rainbow may fade...but it is still there...
vibrant and colorful in the mind's eye...and so it still exists
A dry leaf drops...but a new green shoot is already sprouting
The sun may set here...but it is already rising somewhere else
Dawn is always hidden in the sunset
And it is only an eclipse that covers your inner sun of faith



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