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Considering your Desire for a Group Conscious Game Changer

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Some number of readers wants some kind of group effort to counter the unfortunate scenarios that are coming at us like invading weather fronts from the nether regions. The energy burbles out of the pit and... interacting with terrestrial conditions, after sucking up oceans and banging against mountains, they turn into corporate malfeasance, environmental calamities, ever more shocking examples of collective group stupidity and more variations of mayhem than Baskin and Robbins has ice cream flavors.

I’d said I’d address that at Reflections in a Petri Dish which is up after this but it’s not really a Petri Dish kind of a thing. I did break down and give it a Petri Dish intro, just in case anyone is feeling like walking away disappointed but... when you are seeking to manifest spiritually into the varying densities of this world, you pretty much have to go to Visible Origami for that.

Last night’s radio show (no, this is not yet another promotional effort to get you to listen to it) has certain sentiments being expressed in the last 3 or 4 minutes which play directly into what we are going to talk about today so download it... at least listen to that part because, in order to succeed at what you seem to what to accomplish, you have to have a certain kind of ground work/mindset manifested and operating.

There’s an old story about a Sorcerer and his apprentice. The sorcerer has been taking his pupil through different degrees of teaching and testing as well as demonstrating practical aspects of magic. So... the student was some ways along with his studies but like most students, had little idea of how much there really was to learn while, at the same time, had not grasped the simplicity of the process such as, “all magic is in the will”.

One day the sorcerer had gone off to some further place on some kind of business and the apprentice was home alone (grin). The previous day he had watched the master demonstrate a particular ritual in which a materialization took place. Having gained some degree of discipline as a precursor to becoming a practitioner; you won’t be much of one without it, he set about reproducing the results he had seen previously and, lo and behold, it worked and this blew his mind.

When the master returned, the disciple was excited and abuzz about what had taken place. The master gave him a wry look and said, “If you are going to practice magic you had better expect it to work.”

I had good reasons for offering the Manly Palmer Hall book for download over at Smoking Mirrors comments section. In just about every case, our concept of history is skewered and our understanding of what traditions and secret societies are, is woefully incomplete. You’re going to get a much better idea of what things mean by reading this book. It helps to understand what you are dealing with. If you don’t, how can you possibly proceed in an informed manner?

In the early part of the book the Gnostics come up. According to them; Christ entered into Jesus at the baptism and left ‘before’ the crucifixion, or what I like to call, ‘the crucifiction’ because the divine Nous could not suffer death. So Simon the Cyrenian offered his life instead and the Nous made it so that Simon resembled Jesus. This ties in with what Guru Bawa told me, which was that Jesus was not crucified but that someone else died in his place.

They also say that the ‘Jewish god’, Jehovah, is the lord of the material universe and not the Supreme Deity. Lord of the material universe means the devil, I would think. This explains their love of the material world and their search for a messiah who is a physical king on Earth. Jehovah... which is actually the Tetragramaton= yod he vod he, is the demiurge. The dark minds from this particular race/religion have so much power at the moment because of the preeminence of materialism. So, fundie rank and file Christians are actually worshipping the devil, which explains a lot. With certain modifications this is what I believe and having studied in these sciences for most of this life and probably plenty of others, I’m pretty convinced that this is more or less how it is.

This is all going to change now. We are entering into the transition now. All these things are going to pass away. I understand how it is hard to have faith given the power of appearances but you are just going to have to manage that somehow. Without this faith you are also not going to accomplish much in the way of a group effort to effect change. In other words, ‘you gotta believe’.

I don’t mind setting up a virtual time and place and I don’t mind putting some words together; clothes on the manikin etc. It is a waste of time to do it though unless those engaging in it fully expect it to work. It’s a waste of time doing it if the people involved are unaware of what they are dealing with and the fact that it is possible that a lot of what is happening is intended to happen by the all high.

That said, it is beyond dispute that a pack of malevolent clowns are busy working over time to destroy the world because if they can’t have it then no one else can either. I believe that one of the keys to success is to ask for the right thing. I think healing is a wonderful thing. I would prefer to possess that ability more than just about anything except the presence of God and the qualities of God. It is next on the list after those two.

So, in my mind, I think it would be better to focus on confounding the efforts of these John Wayne Gacy re-runs than to seek healing when they fully intend to keep right on tearing the bandages off and sticking infected forks into the wound; if you catch my drift. Now you may call this effort a lot of things but it comes down to being an exercise in practical magic. You can dress it up with other names but I assure you it comes under that definition. I’ve no problem with that but some of you might.

It’s not my place to jump in here and tell you how it is. This is not something I would assume to know. I am giving you my impressions and in this case they are pretty strong. I know for certain that the Supreme Being is not disapproving of our collective desire to have an impact on the crap that is being shoveled over our fence line every night and making our world a lot more difficult to live in than it might be but my preliminary reaction is that we’d be better off praying, invoking, commanding or... however you personally plan on going about it; that confusion and discord is magnified in the hearts of these miscreants and that their activities be turned against them; that they be exposed to the world and themselves and revealed as what they are in a way that cannot be avoided or denied and that they be hamstrung in their efforts to cause harm and mischief to the rest of us, who are a great deal more sane than they are. I’d like to see an epidemic of them shooting themselves in the foot. This is coming anyway but I don’t see any harm in speeding it up.

We’re not asking God to strike them dead and send them to Hell. They’ve already got their tickets in any case. This isn’t about revenge or payback. This is about our operating as the children of the all high, which in fact we are and asking our parent to permit us to focus our collective will upon the source of our discomfort that it might be rendered powerless from causing further harm. It doesn’t do much good to ask for the ocean to be healed when they just go right on doing what they do. You heal the sea but the mountains are poisoned and they run into the sea. You heal the mountains and the skies are poisoned and they rain on the mountains and run into the sea. You heal the sky and the mindset that brought us here goes right on behaving as if there were no limits to what it can do any time it feels like it.

I’m throwing this out there for you to think about. I’ve only sketched out some considerations. We are not at the next step yet but this has to be covered first. I fully expect things to work or I don’t do them to begin with. I expect that from you too. Let’s just think about it a bit and see if we can’t fashion a game plan that will direct its force at cause as opposed to symptoms. Once we have come to some agreement in the comments section, ‘then’ we will present something a little more precise as a reflection of the overall sentiment and that will be reflected in the next Petri Dish.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

Still reading, listening, and my ears are facing forward.

Just watching from the alley for a while, I'll no doubt have more to say later (*grin*).

Iris said...

I am so excited to be a part of a group effort to effect change. However, I completely disagree with working to magnify “confusion and discord in the hearts of these miscreants and that their activities be turned against them.”

Even though we see a difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’ in this 3-D world, there is only 1 of us here. I think the proposed plan would bring confusion and discord to us as well as them. I do not want our activities turned against us and so I will not work towards turning others’ activities against them.

Also, I don’t like the idea of ‘asking’ the Divine for things. I believe there is great power in a group conscious imagining a particular thing into existent. We could decide as a group on something we’d like see. Then work to bring it to existent through the power of our collective thought.

I picture life here on this plane as light through a prism. We are all from the same source of white light. When we pass into this realm, it’s like physically going through a prism. We are differentiated into different colors of light. We may be violet light and have trouble accepting our wavelength as well as the different wavelengths of light. They may appear to us as ‘bad’ when in reality they are only different. It does no good to work to bring about the destruction of a single wavelength of light/energy. Without it, we would not be a whole.

I suggest we focus on imagining the work of a prism. The individual colors would represent individual sparks of life, combining into pure white light. I think this would be a relatively easy first exercise that would get us into sync with each other. It would also send a clear message to the Divine that our hearts are in the right place. If each of us would hold a small prism, it might help us connect in a symbolic physical way.

We are love, and we are light. And we finally remember that.

Anonymous said...

At last, you are just about there what some of us have known for decades. It is absolutely true that thoughts are a form of energy and if we ever would accomplish a collective mindset expressed as will, belief, or desire, the dark forces would have no chance of surviving. Darkness and light are not just metaphores, they act exactly like matter and anti-matter. It is only a question which one is more abundant.

The Doktor said...

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." H.D. Thoreau

Thanx for everything, Les...


veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa, see, you see what I mean? There you go again, I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying. There is no proof that jesus existed let alone when or if he was crucified (and yet I believe in his devine presence and eventual return as the Christ, go figure). The only mention of any such punishment is a greek transaltion of aramaic and the term is 'stauros', this is a simple upright pole, the chinese and spanish still use them and just about everyone including the British Army during and prior to WW1 used them. No mention of a crossed member beam; only Roman soldiers were subjected to this punishment in the most extreme cases. Oh, and what of Barnaby the thief? Caught at the temple when all fled, silver coins in his possession. Haredim coins, the same ones that fell from the tables that were kicked over by jesus and his followers, Barnaby was a participant in the raid on the temple I'm told: Revolutions cost money and what better way to acquire some shekels than to put a hit on the synagogue of the sh'tyn and swipe some much needed revenue? Barnaby's father may have chosen to sacrifce himself to save his son, Barnabas the Thief? Barnabas was a Jew born in Cyrus. His name was Joses, and due to his devotion to the cause of Jesus, the other apostles had given him the surname of Barnabas; this term is variously translated as "Son of Consolation" or "Son of Exhortation".
He was a successful preacher with a magnetic personality. Any one tormented by the clash of creeds found solace and peace in his company. His eminence as a man who had been close to Jesus had made him a prominent member of the small
group of disciples in Jerusalem who had gathered together after the disappearance of Jesus.

I think more and more we are cut from the same cloth, I am obviously some ways back down the track from you and possibly I have taken a different fork at some stage, yet, I can't help thinking you and I are working for the same boss. This 'World' is not my world because it is not anything like I am told (little voices, certain nuances in my dreams, call me crazy) is the one I should aspire to. However, I aint gonna stand idly by while yids murder kids! Sorry Les I am not so possessed of my own potential for enlightenment as to think I can aspire to the next bardot and allow this shit to go down behind me while I board the life-boat. If I am wrong then I was made wrong. Perhaps I am not yet developed enough for the big change and will do just fine as cannon-fodder so that others can make good their escape. Who knows?

Love you and wish you light & peace brother visible.

Maranatha my friend...


Anonymous said...

On the part of Muslims, we also believed that Jesus was not crucified as stated clearly in the Quran - see Quran 4:157. Leaving the beloved Prophet of God alone to be crucified by the evil doers, contradicts the Power, The Fairness, The Justice, The Love of God towards one of His beloved Creations Jesus alaihissalam (peace be upon him).

In actual fact the God that we all are worshipping is the same Lord that Jesus was praying too. This should be the basis of all religions in the world. He who has no beginning, He who has no End, He who is not begotten, nor was he beget. In short The Lord- Creator of the whole universe.

At this moment, the world is divided into two ends. One is those who believe in the Oneness and Greatness of God, on the other denying even His existence. On the one side proponents of religious moral values, while the other opposing these same values. This evil side is trying their damnedest to inculcate negative and destructive consequences of atheistic, materialistic ideas while the good one is trying to establish societies with moral virtues, happiness, peace, security and the feeling of well-being.

We have to ask ourselves, on which side are we?

Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that.

Your take on Halls work is very clear and I have to agree. This book you suggest reading was about the fourth book I looked at many years back to begin this path. I fear, that many of the images he defines are a bit misleading or onesided but the overall tone is very healthy still. The overall lack of the female is telling? Still I suggest reading it as a bio to the forces at hand and not a guide to follow?

Les you are a healer.

You take a very "safe" approach to it (healing). Not sure why? Im guessing many backfires in the magic stream have helped you see where and when to act. For this you have become a master, for sure.

If your not sick on it yet, thanks for this place and your will to help us all man.

The Fool

Anonymous said...


That was sooo neeeded here. Thank you.

I would say, and not knowing the outcome, but you can "talk" with the divine anytime, and part of that is talking with the "group" too. Its does seem correct not to asked for anything.

The Fool

Visible said...

The point of this post is to offer a forum for the airing of opinion meaning agreement and disagreement and the majority will rule. of course when this event occurs, everyone is certainly individually free to perform according to their own fashion.

However if there is only one of us here then there is no point to any of this. Whenever I run into those kinds of statements I begin to think well, yeah... what is essentially true is not relatively true nor is there any relative application for it.

No one here has to do anything any particular way and a discerning mind would immediately grasp that I was being provocative intentionally. I don't' necessarily intend to focus on these things and I certainly don't engage in it as a routine. Most of the time I don't even pay attention because it's all under control but, for the purpose of being a person in the manifest as opposed to the appearance of other people (grin) certain eternal games must exist.

I very clearly stated that things like destruction, sending to Hell and the rest was NOT what I was talking about. And I can assure you that God very, very often sows confusion and discord in the hearts of the people I am speaking of and turns their efforts against them and there a boatload of scripture to that effect.

What I will wind up recommending will result in perfect freedom for people to express as they wish because there are also going to be people who don't want to do it your way either (grin). Also, my recommendation is only one of many and carries no more weight either.

It really comes down to whether I want any part of this because I'm already engaged in it in my own way and have been for some time. I'm not big on groups of any kind for a whole lot of reasons but I make exceptions here.

I am especially grateful that I am catching on to things that other people have known for decades and I won't even point out that these very things have been mentioned and considered and bounced off the wall here at this site from years ago. But I suppose it would still be decades (grin).

Thoughts as a form of energy is actually widely agreed upon by many people and has been around for many, many thousands of years.

I'm guessing we are looking at a spirited exchange of ideas and I don't want to be too accommodating (as you can see from what I just said-grin) lest we lack grist for the mill.

Guru Bawa or Muhaiyaddeen Guru Bawa
was/is a Muslim Sufi.

Visible said...

All over the alternative media you have people talking about certain things being evil; things Like this.

and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This probably has a lot to do with so called truthseekers walling themselves off from the truth because they threw the baby out with the bathwater. It's not a black and white thing.

I do what I do here as do many but in the unspoken regions of my being I am naturally wary about everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. I really appreciate your posts and your heart-centred writings.

Though I don't consider myself a fundie, I do believe that Jesus was crucified and rose after three days. Since there are arguments in the comments against this, I thought it fair-play to include an argument for it.

The extraordinary feats, sacrifices, and martyrdom of his disciples whom he visited after his rising put me at ease in believing the crucifixion/resurrection from a practical perspective.

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that it was necessary that the innocent lamb be sacrificed to allow us into G_d's kingdom. Through him we enter. He was without sin and when Satan points at our sin as making us unworthy to enter, Jesus who was without sin yet was brutally murdered calls into question Satan using our sin to prevent our entrance into the kingdom.

It is a subtle argument that hinges on the universal laws of justice that shine into our hearts if we allow them.(along with the rest of the kingdom of heaven)

But Jesus did say you can deny the Father and Son and be forgiven, just not the Holy Spirit (ed. through the heart)

Anonymous said...


"However if there is only one of us here then there is no point to any of this. Whenever I run into those kinds of statements I begin to think well, yeah... what is essentially true is not relatively true nor is there any relative application for it."

I have no clue what this means to you but I agree. Im still saying it maybe just one, and there still is a reason or point? You said a few posted back, it helps to repeat what we see as divine. The one is divine love?

The Fool

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I don't think most of the people who attend the system churches are actually worshiping the devil, the way I see it is that most of those people don't worship anything other than themselves, and of course mammon who is the god of material wealth (who they dearly love because he enhances the god of self). Most of the people who regularly attend the system churches are addicted to top-down-control and have to have some man-at-the-top who they can look to for 'guidance.' There are other factors as to why they attend church such as the posture of perfection, concern for what others think about them, guilt, insecurity, the desire to see and be seen, etc. Top-down-control must have a man-at-the-top in order to function properly (this is true not only in the realm of religion but also in the realm of politics, the corporate world, academia, the military, etc.). The man-at-the-top in most system churches goes by the title 'pastor,' which is a misnomer seeing as how he is really nothing other than a functioning priest.

Most of the people who attend the system churches and profess faith in Jesus don't really know him at all, and the smaller percent who do know him don't know him very well. They regard him as a fire insurance policy and as someone to recite their wish list to more than anything else. Then there is a still smaller percent who know him in a personal way, but most of them have their relationship with him sequestered by the spirit of Antichrist (in his role as the spirit of top-down-control) who they unknowingly submit to via their involvement with the system church. Most of them don't have the confidence to leave the system churches, although at the present time there is a move of the Holy Spirit to bring people out of the system churches (but that's another subject).

Most of the people who attend the system churches have taken a further step into top-down-control via their acquiescence to Christian Zionism (i.e. the 'God's Chosen People'/God's Chosen Real Estate/Holocaustianity charade). The degree someone develops a relationship with the spirit of top-down-control will determine the degree their relationship with the Lord is sequestered. And the Lord allows it, for several reasons, #1 being that he doesn't interfere with people's free will. Also to teach them a lesson (the reason I know is because I had it taught to me). But he doesn't want to leave people there so he puts a desire in them to know him in a more personal way, and when they start praying in accordance with that desire he'll send them a prophet to tell them they've gone off the rails. It is at that juncture where they make the decision as to who they are going to follow, the Lord, or the spirit of top-down-control, which in today's churchianity manifests primarily as Christian Zionism (or in the U.S. as Sarah Palinism).

vixen said...

Would it not be beneficial to support an intention to manifest a united consciousness on a continual basis? For the blind to break out of their current numbness, see through the veils shrouding their reality and begin their journey? An intention to open the eyes and hearts and that they continue to be aware and grow until there is the much coveted shift in critical mass. Then solutions to the problems facing mankind could be offered and the many would be working toward the same goal.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I just had the thought that I could be wrong about Christian Zionism manifesting as Sarah Palinism in all of the U.S., I live in North Alabama which is the geographical middle of the Bible Belt and so what I see going here on may not actually reflect what's going on across the whole U.S. Here where I live the majority of professing Christians are head over heels in love with the idiot queen. That doesn't speak very highly of the intelligence of most of the people who attend the system churches here.

I don't think it actually has to do with intelligence, I think it has to do with a spirit that has the power to override someone's intelligence. I have one friend who is a way above average intelligent high level engineer for a specialty defense contractor in Huntsville Alabama who is a full-blown Christian Zionist, plus I have another close friend who is a systems analyst for a weaponry contractor in Huntsville Alabama who is also a full-blown Christian Zionist. And they both think Sarah Palin hung the moon. Which is why I say I think that what has happened to them is that a spirit of control has hijacked their power of reason.

Anonymous said...

Reading Saturday's post and comments last night - I thought the exact same thing. I too am hesitant to rely on individual members of groups to all be on the same page and to all have the greater good as their foremost goal. Grouping while retaining discernment and inclusive exclusivity, is a task. Weeding out potential saboteurs is a full time post...and yet, realistically pondering what individual effort alone accomplishes makes the thought of a group effort sound really really good. Though you were being deliberately provocative, if there was a seed of maybe yeah there, then I'm on board, not trying to call down on THEM what they've dished out - just render them impotent. I disagree with Iris about asking the divine for assistance, and that comment gives me pause on sooo many levels that all I can say is I'm consistently in awe of your just right responses, don't think I'd have had the wherewithall to navigate that without blatant rancor. I've been reading here for maybe a year and in all that time, I've only come across one post that struck me as 'off', like maybe you'd been hacked or attacked, but just the one. That's amazing and enough of a rarity in my world that all I really wanna say is: So true. Thank you. Please continue. You were saying...

Anonymous said...

this might be a bit OT - but what stupefies me about the "power elite" is what seems to be their complete lack of recognition of where they might be headed - for eternity.

Now since eternity is a pretty long time - you'd think that that would at least make them more circumspect in their actions - but no! They seem to rush all the more headlong into their nefarious schemes!

Any idea why they appear to be so completely BLIND????


Dammerung said...

We used to play this game in grade school. You'd get two groups of people in the back of the school bus, and you'd whisper "penis" at the bottom of your breath. Then each group would trade off, saying "penis!" a little louder. You "won" the game when somebody yelled "penis!!" so loudly it could be heard over the rumble of the bus, and the bus driver swung around and shouted at you.

Some days it seems like the elites are playing one big game of "penis!!" trying to get God to stop the bus and come back there.

Neko Kinoshita said...

You've referenced that ramakrishna picture before Les.

I get that the hand gesture is not evil in and of itself. I am not comfortable using it myself yet because of the implication of power without understanding.

I am still reading through many of the things that have been brought up on these blogs recently.

I am all for confounding and confusing the opposition. Can we also focus on "light" thinking?

I'm just not wishing to get to deep into theosophy. I think there may be too much range represented here.

Of course, that’s just how it looks from here in the alley,

Zoner said...

Pardon my intrusion, as I have no strong feelings either way, but if we agree that thoughts are indeed energy, then what difference is there between focusing intent upon the relief of a suffering group en masse or individually, or from the perspective of aiding one vs impeding the other? The injustice is obvious, the solution aided either way, and none of us is hiding anything anyway (at least from the One who matters), so is ceremony or formality, which requires consensus (which will require a degree of compromise for many which diminishes the focus of the intent, etc..)really a needed accessory?

Just to toss it out there, but you do it your way, I'll do it mine, veritas looks for the chance to use
the traditions that have been embraced, Iris can have her prism, etc...

I'm not dissing this notion of a group action, in fact I was glad to participate in the last one, but the time spent trying to agree on exactly what to do and how to do it may be better spent just following the path that is most affording of a full and true commitment. Another "many paths up the mountain" type thing with the simple agreement of the need and what is to be lent our support (I think that is well established here already). Please know that I have zero understanding of practical magic, it's implication or implementation, nor do I have the time or inclination to begin that path. Sounds like we do it every day anyhow, just without the label.

I am having trouble with words, but a simpler way to say it would be; hey, we're all on the same team, so why don't we all continue and intensify our connections, support the cause in the way that speaks loudest, and not sweat making it some kind of a thing? I guess a secret hand sign would be cool, like those cats in "Big Trouble in Little China", but let's draw the line at forming a club with any sort of code of conduct beyond an agreement that we serve the same interest - different paths accepted and encouraged. Just my 2 farthings worth.

The gentleman in the pic is obviously evil - just look at his footwear!


Anonymous said...

Les – A heartfelt thank you for being a catalyst in this process. It's important for there to be living examples so others may learn.

Neko – I read a fun quote the other day and I thought you might like it:
“I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats," –Eckhart Tolle


Visible said...

The hand sign is a manifestation of the awakened kundalini; force is flowing through those fingers. He is not holding his hand that way. It is doing it all by itself. That is the goddess expressing through the medium. I have this condition myself and I can therefore say with certitude that that is how it is.

The general person just making the horns sign doesn't have any meaning or power in it.

There are people who are active practitioners of the dark arts who 'subvert' this power by the force of will to personal ends but they are merely allowed to for an allotted time.

There is one force only. There is no good force and bad force. There is one force which can be applied to two different ends. This is what confuses people.

Ramakrishna was a saint by designation according to all who were around him. I am not a saint. This power can diversify in many different ways. It is generally an imprimatur upon whatever that diversification is. The same is not the case in the perversion of it or what can be accurately called reversed kundalini.

The same holds for secret societies.

Sooner or later one or more readers will have an encounter with me. either by visiting or via serendipity of movements and the opportunity will present itself for a little practical demonstration. I would suggest however that sufficient demonstration has already taken place by virtue of the unusual state of conditions here.

Anonymous said...

Ilove the part about having certain powers. Due to the fact that one of mine has also been the ability to heal, and undo what harm has been done. Except mine is more of a one on one basis.

As for the collective belief needed in getting a certain task accomplished.....this is true in my experience as well, since before I adopted that thinking I used to fail 95% of the time and since then it's reversed to about a 90% success rate in things I do.

For me the difference was finally stopping and taking the time to mentally build and visualise what I was going to do before I did it or do it.

I'm also glad you pointed out the fact that it does no good to heal the ocean when......

1.) They are just going to do it again probably, and so is a wasted effort, where effort can be placed elsewhere...for the time being.

2.) That even if you do that the mountains will runoff their poison back into the oceans, and the sky will rain it's poison onto the mountains.

3.) It is actually double that because the poison from both sky and mountain combined.

I have always been angry in the fact that hardly anyone even remotely thinks in a manner that you just layed down in this post, so thank you for putting it into words, that I have had trouble putting into words myself.

Anonymous said...


"That is the goddess expressing through the medium"

Is there more you can say about this?

The Fool

Zoner said...

So many things misunderstood and perverted - worse, accepted as fact without inquiry.

How many here, by definition, are engaged in "jihad"? Try that one out in conversation sometime just to see the reaction.


Anonymous said...

well its up to all of us
a combination of efforts from all
I suppose each practise whatever they do
doesnt matter which particular school
myself I would say
all thats needed
a deep respect for mother earth
the bearer of all men and women
but most dont know there worth
all of us are life here
we are all living being's
mother earth is part of us
our heart our sight our breathing
she's of the stars
we see at night
also sacred in the sky
as are all things everywhere
everything is divine
I'm sure mother earth
will recognise
with the power of all our love
sent high into the sky
flying peacefully like a dove
well I suppose
its the thought that counts
and the feeling behind
so I try to cultivate deep empathy
and flow it though my mind.

well peoples however you want to do this thing,I'm happy


Erik said...

Hi Les,

Congratulations and thanks.

It looks to me from the many heart-felt comments here that the 'magic' is already happening.

'In this blog there are many mansions'(grin)

Many thanks to One and All,


amarynth said...

I'm all for coming together for a spell to uhm .. make a spell or two :-)

Then we can go off and do our own things again - as long as we're all involved in doing the right things.

Anonymous said...

Count me in.

I am endlessly hopeful in between the times I am feeling despondent.

Our minds are so powerful. We must use them to help ourselves. I believe we can do anything.

It's funny, but maybe not so much, that I feel protected/safe in the unsafe environment our earth has become lately. I just know, without knowing why, that I will be ok and that my family will be ok as well. I wake up believing this and fall asleep believing this.

I believe in goodness and believe goodness will win in the end.


Anonymous said...

I like the vision of the prism of white light surrounding a circle of beings with intentions to use magic on TPTB that they can only express Truth. Visualizing all their words to be the truth of what is happening, the truth of their intentions, the truth of all the harm they have caused. Everytime they open their mouths, nothing but Truth flows out.

We can start with Dick Cheney and the secret meetings he held in the white house with the oil barrons.

Anonymous said...

The best response is no response. They will make their own beds, as we do. It’s just not up to us. If we make it up to us, we’ll dig our own hole. As Les has been telling us, literally for years, it’s all for the purpose of demonstration (to learn). God’s gifts are available to each and every one.

We all have our own missions, should we accept them. Some of us operate around the perimeter. Some of us operate from the center.

Hasn’t ‘groupthink’ gotten us in enough trouble? While our intentions may be benevolent, we as humans are shortsighted and biased. I’m not insensitive to earth; she’s a part of me. I hurt that she’s bleeding profusely. But it just isn’t up to me to undo what others do.

Be careful what you wish for…


kikz said...

i've had hall's book for ummm 18 or so yrs now :)

and HPB's isis unveiled I & II.

i've been studying unc' al for 10yrs
now ...

but my fav by far... and the most concise...

the kybalion :)

jim said...

The Physical World is merely the object of your attention, and because people attract into the Physical World what they desire, it can truly be thought of as a projection of your mind. If there were no Physical World, then there would be no time, because time is your mind's measure of a sequence of physical events. This is why dreamless sleep seems to take no time at all, while it actually occupies several hours.

Without the Physical World, all eternity would occur in an instant. Can one exist if there is only an instant? It seems clear that life requires a Physical World.

Why then does anyone ascribe ruler ship of the Physical World to a demon named Satan (or any other silly name)? The Infinite Creator clearly created the Physical World and completely rules over it, as Satan and all other demons are figments of Human imagination. The Infinite Creator gave Humanity Free Will, and in fact exists through Humanity (and the rest of the Physical World), and all evil that exists is totally the fault of Humanity.

Mass brain washing to eat fast food, take drugs, engage in sexually deviant acts, and all other harmful behavior is not engaging in group consciousness. It is hypnosis, and contacting the Universal Mind through meditation and prayer is the opposite. Following the Human lemmings off the cliff is the act of a slave, discovering one's roots in the Infinite Creator is the act of a master.

the BCth said...

I was typing up a comment here when my computer crashed. All of a sudden I felt really tempted to throw my hands up and not be a part of anything. "Let a third of the oceans die, that'll show them." "Them" meaning the human race at large. I don't often have such uncompassionate thoughts. It was like something cold coming up from the depths within me and turning my heart into ice. But one way or another, humanity must awaken. I'm not sure that even such a calamity could do it...

My anger has passed. I am numb, except for a deep, deep sadness and regret that it has come to this. Let wars and mayhem come, if they must. Let the biosphere die and be regrown anew if it must. I am so tired of this crap.

And yet I am also, by my own choice, a member of this same race. I am not indifferent, nor uninvolved, nor without my own part in humanity's predicament within and without.

I want to thank the planet for her sacrifice. I want to thank the Divine for allowing these ugly, soulless beings to play their machine-like role of spreading evil to the limits of allowance, so that we can bloody well learn not to go that way, and to see what the antidote to evil is.

Hate engenders hate. There is only one Power that can render it null and void by displacing it from the heart. It also happens to be the Power that made the universe, and the reason for all of existence.


For this reason I will make Love my focus. Whatever else is needed will be communicated to me by the spirit of Love.

We are all on the same side. In fact, there are no sides, but that is a matter of the absolute, and we are not in that realm here. Well, we are, absolutely... but not as far as anything we can perceive. My hope is that Les will do whatever the spirit of wisdom instructs in terms of setting up this group effort. It is all of us together that will make it what it will be. Each one's unique individual ray will go towards the total resulting spectrum, and that is exactly as it should be.

Yours in the spirit of Love,

Liz said...

I was reading the comments here whilst listening to Bob Marley, and, imagine the synchronicity of it all!, One Love/People get ready. I don't have any other words. And that's my vote.

Anonymous said...

Jesus flesh died, his spirit departed and then came the death of the flesh.


TheSparkle said...

Ooh, my. I am only part way through the radio show, and I hear your tearful agonizing for the poor oil companies. It happily reminded me of this:

logas wv

TheSparkle said...

It's too bad that The Matrix trilogy is so lengthy and full of fluff. An edited version of the trio leaving out the long boring parts that have no essential content would yield a very interesting Gnostic model of the world. The trilogy already does this, but the long fight scenes and other non-essential parts detract from the whole and make it harder to follow the theme. I remember when Neo first went to meet the Architect, and I expected something good. The Architect is the Demiurge/YHVH, not the Source/Creator. It is a very interesting thing, where we have been led over these last few thousand years. I must thank the awakened ones of all ages for trying to warn us, whether intentionally or only de facto.

wv aughters

TheSparkle said...

I am only posting because of the word verification. It's a decent one.

wv blieved

TheSparkle said...

Remember the place seized and co-opted by Constantine. Much confusion is needed there. This is one focus.

bholanath said...

Les sir -
I've just barely skimmed your post, and quick-checked the 37 comments,
but this was just sent to me:

International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers - calling for "Conscious Participation In Healing Our Planetary Waters" -TOMORROW!, MAY 18th - World-wide WATERS BLESSINGS DAY. Check the link and download the pdf to see the world-wide locations.
click on "Events" at top, pdf download at bottom.


Zurdo said...


I observed this sandbox from afar for several years after a meeting with Richard Gage of the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. This set me on a path to some really eye opening information (to say the least). I continued observing until I felt I was ready to contribute in some capacity.

As I read many of the post I can see why I'm going to stay awhile. I have been leaning heavily on my indigenous roots of Navajo and Apache from Eastern Arizona, Clifton to be exact, and see a strong presence of the natural laws of nature with the folks here.

I'll participate and share what I've learned as most of us are doing now.

With Gratitude,


ether said...

Dear God,

Help us all find us...I mean You...I mean...,


simon said...

It isn't just Thought that is energy. It is Emotion as well, chiefly. And that energy is measurable as electro-magnetic energy and it comes from your physical heart. –

Your heart is a thinking organ with its own neurological areas of neurons, axons and ganglia - it thinks, makes decisions and has its own array of endocrine/hormone glands (google neurocardiology, heartmath)

The electro-magnetic (EM) signature of every heart-beat is an exact analogue of your precise physiological, psychological and emotional state. Like any EM event it is broadcast to the universe like any radio, tv, wi-fi or phone signal.

The power output of an average human heart is 4 Watts! With over six billion people on earth, well, you do the math. (then consider what the human race is broadcasting to the universe, and weep)

Particular states of consciousness, like Love or Fear, have particular EM heart signatures that are the same between people (and other life?)

These signals can add together (or cancel each other out) and demonstrably effect the consciousness states of other people.

For example if there's a lot of Love, or Fear, in the room you can pick-up on it and become more loving, or fearful yourself. Women living together tend to synchronize their periods together without any talk on the subject. many many proven and quantifiable examples.

The problem is synchronizing a particular physical, psychological and emotional state between enough people worldwide so that the signal of Love (or Fear) is coherent and builds a strong, worldwide, self-perpetuating consciousness state, independent of any one particular individual (my idea of what an Egregore is). The Egregore of THEM, of Fear Hate Greed ..., has seemingly achieved this.

It is my (intuited) belief that achieving the necessary levels of synchronization was one of the main purposes of the ancient world's use of Astronomy/Astrology, dance and song, and ceremony. And that the human race once was truly the conscious expression of the life form we call Earth.

What hope have we of achieving this now?


iconoclast said...

Thanks for the resonance. Lol, "pack of malevolent clowns", I like the phraseology. Also the idea suggested about a collective focus on rendering them neutered, so to speak, is excellent; I'd love to play a role in that.
I used to yearn for much more but then I thought something similar - that if their weapons and tools of manipulation and destruction could be taken away or neutralized, that would be enough.
I can imagine, a focused will/intent at a given date/time, possibly aimed at certain coordinates (I believe the head knobs reside in Switzerland) would give them more to contend with than just being nihilistic, soulless hobgoblins.

Visible said...

A couple of things. I recognize that my saying that fundie Christians, according to a logical progression I made about the God named Jehovah, could well be seen as devil worshipers; not in those words but the point remains the same. I recognize that this probably won't go down well with everyone.

This shouldn't be seen as a reflection on Jesus 'the' Christ whom I consider a friend; well, Jesus anyway. Christ isn't a person it's a station of consciousness. Everyone who reaches it becomes a Christ. Jesus was just the first in this particular channel, "the first fruit of those who slept".

when I say fundies I am referring to intolerant, killer robot parrots; the people who follow Hagee from the Texas Tub of Lard Ministries and other big hair, gold watch wearing, hypocrites. These ministers are absolutely worshiping the devil and that unfortunately puts a number of their follower in the default position.

Israel is a satanic enterprise and The Rothschilds are most certainly satanists. Jesus Christ made reference to these creatures and named them as 'of their father the devil'. So, even Jesus says it and if you look at what's been presented here it stands to reason that A=B=C.

Now I could use gematria and mathematical associations to prove this literally by letter/word and number transpositions from scripture but that requires me spending a lot of time on something I don't find entertaining and those of you with academic talents can do that on your own.

Let me point out that the Hebrew alphabet is not Hebrew, they took it from the Chaldean flame alphabet as so many traditions took what they claim to be originally their own from their predecessors.

I've come up with a solution to the subject of the post under discussion and I'll put it up in a special Origami to replace this one very soon. This solution is a template or several and will fit the needs of everyone.

In conclusion, in respect of how I started this out, I don't have any use for religions. I know there are people who do, just as there are people who need lined paper in order to write properly.

I like my God direct. I don't need priests or mullahs or holy men even. They cut no more ice with God than you or I. I have benefited from the teachings of certain holy men but the idea is to take what is useful and go on your way and not hang around and annoy them with your presence.

None of these people know any more than I do because I don't know. Consideration of that sentence might provide something of value for those so inclined.

I'm not here to win friends and influence people, regardless of how it may sometimes work that way. I'm here to do what I'm told and to speak the truth, inasmuch as I apprehend it; to be useful and to move on. This means we are not always going to agree because the truth is not an agreeable thing except to the rare collectors of such exotica.

It wasn't my intention to give the impression that I think all Christians are devil worshipers. That's a legitimate faith but devil worshipers exist in all faiths and most of them wouldn't even define themselves as such. In the words of Jesus the Christ, "by their works ye shall know them".

m_astera said...

Yes, let them only be able to speak truth when they open their mouths.

That's a good start.

Anonymous said...

Jim said....
"The Infinite Creator gave Humanity Free Will, and in fact exists through Humanity"

Are you saying that without humanity there is no Infinite Creator, or God will cease to exist when humanity ends?

What DumbGoyNot said...
I agree with you about most of the people who worship at the system churches, but there are exceptions.

Les. About Jesus’ crucifixion. I personally believe He was and I believe what the bible says about Him in full, old and new testaments.
I have no proof I can offer you except the bible and a deep personal experience that happened me some 15 years pass. To make a long story short, I was taken in the spirit and lay under His cross + and was drenched in His blood. For this reason I can not deny Him. The bible clearly states why He came and why He had to die. The prophets told of His coming but the religious leaders of the race of people from which He would come, the so-called “Chosen” failed to recognize Him. This is why Jesus referred to them as, “the synagogue of Satan”. One will come in his own name and they will accept him and we all know how that will end. There are Jews who accept Jesus and it is they who are the real chosen along with all others who profess that Jesus is Lord. Every knee will bow every tongue confess. All people will some day come to see and understand this.

About the picture. If I meet that guy on the street I would be a little worried and ask him if he was in pain and need some help but that’s just me. However, I will accept your version of it.

You said something about the majority rules. Sounds too much like democracy to me and I don’t like democracy.


the BCth said...

"... if their weapons and tools of manipulation and destruction could be taken away or neutralized, that would be enough."

My thought exactly. Like a parent taking away a dangerous item from a child who's proven incapable of using it responsibly.

Visible said...


Your personal experiences are just that and I sincerely hope you reap every benefit from them but that's a subjective thing. It doesn't apply to everyone.

The statements in the Bible has a literal truth to them but that is a limited thing and a guarantee of contradiction on a regular basis. Then there is the spiritual meaning hidden within the literal and that is the important thing.

Jesus had one teaching for the masses and one for the disciples. I have no interest in the former and I have no interest in Christianity, now or at any other time.

All religions are the word of God as distorted by men. That doesn't mean there is no word of God; it affirms it but one has to look past religion or one will have to endure the unfortunate karma of having to be born as some kind of priest.

Moonmonkey said...

Thank you Les and to all the comments posted here.

We are all learning and at different stages in our journey, so this more practical posting has helped me so much to re-focus my energies so that hopefully it will assist the greater good in some way.

It is quite tough for those newer to this material (such as myself - only 6/7 years in)to find their way in terms of reading material, as well as knowing what to take in generally from the internet or various personalities in this space.

I can hear you all say that the most important thing is to listen to your instincts, but I think the confidence to do so comes with time and experience. Sometimes, of course, we want to listen to our instincts, but it can be a sticky web that we find ourselves in which often means taking baby steps is a necessary course of action.

Les I concur with your feelings on group work! This posting and the comments which have followed have a re-vitalised energy to them though..............something is happening here and I like it!

Now I MUST get on and read my Manly P. Hall!!! Was putting it off until I finished my dissertation............and needless to say I haven't even started it yet:)

Neko Kinoshita said...

Everyone has their preferred form.

Les, you tend to reference Hinduism most often. This indicates your preferred method of relation. You also occationally referance "In my fathers house are many mansions."

I confess an affinity for the christian perspective, but I must admit I am developing an affection for Ganesha.

Meow all,

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. a little disclaimer here for the neophytes and something of an explanation to y’all...

The truth is ruthless; this is not why people dread the truth: The truth is dreaded because truth is responsibility, to wit... when I set out to champion the truth; I accept that there will be collateral damage; I don’t fear the truth because I am as utterly irresponsible as the lie, this is how I champion the truth.

And so it goes...

Just a query here team, what is it with satan? Many people are obsessed with bangin’on satan, why? satan or sa-tan or sh’tyn originates from the torah and the talmud and zo’rah (a work in progress I might add) they are found in the holy Quran and various scriptures outside this geo/demographic such as the Asiatic disciplines – I cannot and will not comment, suffice to say they have their daimons and sa-tans also.

The term satan ‘literally’ means ‘adversary’. Hence, one can read “synagogue of [the] adversary/ies”. sa-tan is not a singular creature but a creature or creatures manifested for specific purposes.

E.g. An Angel of the Lord is called satan when he blocks the path of balaam [baal] (Numbers 22:22, 32). A satan is also utilised by G-d to prosecute sinners in G-d’s court; so, we can surmise that a satan is a Prosecuting Attorney at one time or another, yeah? Who doesn’t want to see sinners prosecuted? Someone’s gotta do it. Also in Zachariah 3:1-2, a satan stands at the right-hand of an Angel to bring charges against a high priest.

The horned demon with a goat's body from the waist down is more about the Greek god Pan than anything from the bibles: Like the ‘grand high executioner’, an anonymous public servant and a role performed by many different persons/personas.

Oh, there are many other names for a sh’tyn: including Belial; the evil one, the ruler of the demons, the enemy, the ruler of this ‘world’ (my favourite) and Beelzebul (Beelzebub, meaning "Lord of the flies," which is a play on the name Beelzebul, which means "Prince Baal").


So, Les,’s those Mets?

PG. [Parental Guidance (grin)]

P.S. Gurnygob, why anyone still holds to the KJV or any other bible without further study is beyond me, however totally agree regarding democracy – it’s a fraud from the get-go and a device of the chosen. Cheers.

Visible said...

Not bad for an Aussie, re; "How about those Mets"

The classic revelatory piece of scripture which the dogmatists and fundies have been working over time to change (and which you can find on the cover of my "9/11 was an Inside Job" album) is, "Be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment."

He is most certainly the prosecuting attorney and the reason for this is that he attends all crimes in the process.

However, speaking for humans, this information and other information regarding just one more of the things that are generally misunderstood, it's not a good idea to be courting his attention or seeking his favors or worshiping him by particular forms or action or words.

There's a rumor that he can grant all kinds of things and the evidence of the world that he does but there are things he cannot grant and it turns out that they are the only things worth having.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. The truth is a bitch and cuts both ways: Here me now: I do not invite the sh'tyn into my world, my home or my life,(I project this statemant as fact)I have all that I need and need nothing so easily obtained as that which would cost my soul.

Thank you for the heads-up my brother; I am closed to all offers.

Nameste to one and all...

Whew...! It's late here man.



Sile said...


thank you for posting that information. I am going to do this...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. Love that youtube link. Here’s the thing... Shortly after I got out of the Army I got a job as a Concierge at a boutique Hotel in Adelaide. One Sunday afternoon while returning to work from a break: (an 'Amber sandwich' down the road - an 'Amber sandwich' for those not antipodean is a beer) anyway I heard some nice tunes coming from the Balcony Bar which opens out above the Mall on which this Hotel was positioned. When I had got myself sorted and was certain everyone had seen me get back on with it, I surreptitiously slipped upstairs. Well, I had been getting into the Blues in a big way for a couple of years now; the Army will do that to a kid. I had just bought the ‘Blues Collection’ and at that time was never straight and not listening to those CD’s when I wasn’t at work, truly. I top the last step and who do I see? It is not easy to recognise someone for the first time in the flesh, which you have only ever seen in clips or photos: John Lee Hooker, “That’s right young man” John Lee Hooker. I was elated, I was beside myself, then I remembered – the Sunday Jazz club also did the Blues thing; there had been a lot of old names through that little Bar in the time I had been there; Peter, Paul and Mary etc; a lot of big names from the protest era and more. It was John Lee Hooker’s first gig of a four week stretch - Sweeeeet! I was an aspiring photographer – self taught – four awards since, one international – fuck awards; in my opinion the people that hand them out don’t know shit. I was also teaching myself to write at the time. I got to know Mr. Hooker over that month and I did my best to treat him well. He was alone in a strange town. I got some incredible photos and had a few great sessions of “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”(grin), actually, truly, I had a ball with a legend. I will never forget that whenever I sorted something for him or mixed him a drink he always said “ya’ll right young man”, I like to think he was saying; “you are alright young man”. This was about four years before those sell-outs U2 met him.

Some days are diamonds.



Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 18.66

sarva-dharmān parityajya

mām ekaḿ śaraṇaḿ vraja

ahaḿ tvāḿ sarva-pāpebhyo

mokṣayiṣyāmi mā śucaḥ


Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.


The Lord has described various kinds of knowledge and processes of religion — knowledge of the Supreme Brahman, knowledge of the Supersoul, knowledge of the different types of orders and statuses of social life, knowledge of the renounced order of life, knowledge of nonattachment, sense and mind control, meditation, etc. He has described in so many ways different types of religion. Now, in summarizing Bhagavad-gītā, the Lord says that Arjuna should give up all the processes that have been explained to him; he should simply surrender to Kṛṣṇa (God). That surrender will save him from all kinds of sinful reactions, for the Lord personally promises to protect him.

Dammerung said...

As for me, I'm a Gnostic. My patron deity is Sophia, with a few other elements

Anonymous said...

For just as the population doubles, so does the number of people who are waking up; so does the number of people who take a stand for the Highest Good. Both the population and the number of people who are carrying light are expanding exponentially at the same time - but hold it a minute! There's a wild card in the mix!

When seen from the bigger picture, the Universe as a whole is raising its frequency. It's raising its vibration and readying for a tipping point of its own. A transformation is upon us as light floods into areas of the entire cosmos that have been consumed and ruled by the dark for eons. The veil is being lifted, and it's not going to matter how the population grows or the infrastructure crumbles because a new world is coming - and with it also comes the ability for us to work directly with light to clean up the chaos, clean up the waters, clean up our old habits, and lift our arms to the sky in gratitude for the grace of God.

One day, in the near future - in our lifetimes - we will stand together in awe of what we have witnessed. For we will have taken part in the most extraordinary transformational experience available to anyone, in any dimension, in any size or shape of body, in any world, anywhere.

And we will have remembered why we came here. For, in rising from the darkest depths of despair to the highest of heights, there is no experience in all of creation that we could have chosen to be a part of that is as good as this one.


Visible said...


Like I was saying... heh heh (grin)

Yeah, spot on, pretty much exactly how it appears to me..

Dammerung said...

'tis a nice science fiction story, Martha. But I for one won't believe it until I see it. I always thought Thomas was the most faithful of the disciples - he demanded that belief be grounded in reality.

still - that science fiction story being true is the only way I'll ever be able to live out the kind of life I want, so I have a prejudice towards it.

Visible said...


On occasions you are a real source of comic relief and I want to thank you for that; that is not the definition of faithful.

Erik said...

Hi All,

This excerpt from 'Secret Teachings of all Ages' by M.P. Hall might give it all.

If not, it is indeed 'food for thought'

If the Infinite had not desired man to become wise, He would not have bestowed upon him the faculty of knowing. If He had not intended man to become virtuous, He would not have sown within the human heart the seeds of virtue. If He had predestined man to be limited to his narrow physical life, He would not have equipped him with perceptions and sensibilities capable of grasping, in part at least, the immensity of the outer universe.

The criers of philosophy call all men to a comradeship of the spirit: to a fraternity of thought: to a convocation of Selves. Philosophy invites man out of the vainness of selfishness; out of the sorrow of ignorance and the despair of worldliness; out of the travesty of ambition and the cruel clutches of greed; out of the red hell of hate and the cold tomb of dead idealism.

Love to All,


P.S. I hope you do not mind the copy/paste Les?

vixen said...

Interesting that there was a write up posted today on the meaning of the horns sign. Struck me odd that it was just being discussed on here. I must have seen it for a reason but am at a loss as to why. Since I am a transplanted Texan I’m familiar with it as hook em horns, a gesture that neither I nor my three sons have ever had the slightest desire to use and found it silly. I must not be that much of a Texan deep in my heart………

Dammerung said...

Well if this schema really has a basis in reality, it doesn't matter what we believe or intend. It would be the natural and inevitable result of current conditions. Thoughts and opinions are irrelevant to a dropping ball. There must be an objective method to make this science fiction fantasy world come into being. It's got to be amenable to reason and it has to follow certain patterns as natural laws. Otherwise, it's just a naked plunge into self-indulgent dreaming and frankly I find many of my dreams dreams to leave a lot to be desired.

Anonymous said...

Some very interesting food for thought contained in these comments.

Today I was driving, something I do a lot of, and I tend to think while I drive, sort of mull the world over while the scenery passes.

Today's self-sermon was on the relationship between the sexes... how difficult it has been for me to find a somewhat sane female to share my life. This is kind of one of those always-lurking-in-the-background things I spend far too much mental energy thinking about. But today, while I was going thru the motions of thinking, I noticed much of what has been being discussed at Les' sites started to slip into my mind, like waiters at a dinner party, they came in quietly and at first un-noticed.

What happened is that I suddenly realized my difficulties in relationships comes from my inability to 'know' a healthy one... that I've gotten exactly what I asked for, but then that's the trouble, isn't it? How can we know what we want when we're constantly shown conflicting ideals for what an experience should be? I'm talking about everything in life, not just dating.

In the semi-united states where I've lived my 40 years, we're so damn confused about what 'healthy' is. Some people think they can make their body healthy, and not work to make their minds well. Others spend weeks buried in books, exercising their minds, but poisoning their bodies with crappy food and drink. From youth we are told to be good at this or that, rather than develop skills to keep our body and mind healthy and operating at the highest level.

I think it is all well and good to focus our energy on positively influencing the shape of our collective world, but I feel if individuals would focus that energy internally... focus on healing themselves first, then the world would become a more positive, pleasant place. We'd see the goodness in ourselves and would be projecting/radiating that back out to the world.

Be a firefly and light yourself-up... it won't take too long before there are fields full of dancing lights, stars dancing on earth.


Visible said...

Erik; you should ask Manly Palmer Hall about that. It's none of my business. However, this whole book is in the public domain so I'm thinking there is (grin) probably no problem. I certainly don't mind. It's a brilliant quote that's just one more piece of evidence we are on the right track here.



I was referring only to the quotation that was posted. I didn't go to the web site and don't know anything about the provenance. I simply agree with what I read here.

I was referring to you defining Thomas as the most faithful. I found that terrifically amusing. It gives a whole new meaning (one that is not likely to gain legs) to the term doubting Thomas.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Could not agree with you more (grin)

That is why I would like you to reconsider your re-write. I, for One, would not like to lose the current focus on what I consider to be developing into a 'Golden Thread'

Your thoughts?


Vanguard said...

Visible - thank you for your timely messages. I've wrestled recently in my spirit regarding appropriate "wishes" to help deal individually and collectively with the massive evil in play.

I understand the need to consider self, other, societal, etc. karma. But having a clear thumbs-up is not always easy.

I recognize in my own life how long-time friends drift away, and new ones appear. I know my current group are good people. The people I need to be around in my current development. I see how their lives are changing for good, step by step.

I know I benefit too, though not in the same manner. I need to look in higher places for unseen inspiration. But I am so thankful for the wise upon this earth and the Internet for the sharing of very pure/refined wisdom (even if couched with seeming crude remarks--I do the same and recognize the appropriateness).

I would pray/wish/invoke/evoke for the evil ones to have a change of heart. But that may not be willed. They might choose to change, if not fully enslaved of their own choice, but it is so very unlikely.

The ones working the greatest evil upon the earth, on such a massive scale, will not change. But there are so many others in the bell curve who can make small or large changes for good. Just as they make changes for evil.

I do accept that both good and evil are necessary in all existence. However, in times of tremendous imbalance, those who fight for right, if evil is so massive, are endowed with incredible power if they do what is required of them.

So I hear the counter arguments to just love them all. But the Spirit does not attest to the truth of those fancies. I do strive to love my enemies. But balance is sacred, and that is violated on a massive scale, and warriors of light are justified in willing a return to balance.

So I add my voice as one who believes that it is righteous to use power to reveal the dark doings of evil men and women (and spirits) upon the earth. Let them stand exposed. Let the norm be balanced neutrality for the souls to choose. Let those souls not be brow-beaten, date-rape drugged into all manner of wickedness.

Let it be that darkness, and shadow, and lies and manipulation cannot easily take place within our presence/zones. Perhaps as a group we can carefully expand that effect.

And if the evil ones bring their dark ill-gotten forces to bear against those who bring the light upon them, let them wail as they break themselves upon divine power and manifestation.

They shall all be confounded. God shall raise up sons and daughters against whom the terrible powers of the world cannot prevail, nor withstand.

If the evil ones are stuck down and speed down to hell, it will be of their own doing. Does any man curse gravity or nature, if a madman casts himself off of a high mountain, and presently splats upon the rocky ground far below?

Visible said...


I'm not sure what you are referring to. Do you mean when I write what relates to this that the comments do not attend the new piece? I've no problem just appending the rewrite to the bottom of the blog.



When I lived on Maui I heard constant complaints from men, who were more or less sane, about how batshit crazy the women were and that you could not relate to them. I've never been on the market much- moving from one relationship to another without looking for replacements in the meantime. That's kind of gone down automatically for me but I have seen the hand wringing despair of my friends and associates

Arguably, California and Hawaii have a surplus of the self-interested, hedonistic, cactus pear personality types. Along with being airheads to the max the degree of personal selfishness is a wonder to behold.

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, discussing architecture, "at one point God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to California." That would apply across the board.

This is not to imply that you are in California because I don't know where you are but I do know about the man woman thing in the U.S. and there are a lot of problems with that.

I am in no way insinuating that there are not a lot of fantastic women in the U.S. Their numbers however are far exceeded by the ranks of the psychologically disturbed. America is poisoned on a lot of levels and culturally is one of them. Look what they have on TV and this imprints itself on the subconscious of the population and then acts out in real time.

Women are hit by the madness before men because their biology and makeup are more vulnerable to the problems. They are the natural, nurturing caregivers and are also closer to Mother Nature than men because they are miniature embodiments of her. When Nature gets messed up the women are first in line.

During the final years of my stay in the land of dark make believe I began to see some disturbing things. I knew I was on my way out. I had already moved as far away as I could and still be in the U.S.

I decided I was going to Europe and began announcing it at all of my gigs. In a few months a European woman flew into town and grabbed me. Now I'm in Europe and it's a whole other world here with the man woman thing. I'm sure you can find evidence of what is in America but, by and large, they are sane here and also much more intelligent and articulate than their American hair-flipper counterparts.

You see endearing things here like something that would be going on in the 70's and before. I'm not in the cities any more but in the countryside, people are... well... people. Sometimes they are extremely depressed and sometimes they aren't all that bright but in general they are significantly brighter than their dumbass American counterparts.

I hesitate to insult the general population of America but I see what I see. As I said, there are surely some number of bright and aware people there. Some of them show up here but on the whole the prospects are dismal and will take an act of God to ameliorate.

The best of what I have seen; education, intelligence, demeanor and likelihood of remaining human afterwards are the Russian women. the Polish women also have much to recommend them and can be mind boggling beautiful. I hate to get into this sort of thing but I do notice.

My consort is German and possessed of remarkable intelligence, various manifestations of talent, as well as having the best attitude I have ever run into and I'll tell you... in a relationship, nothing is more important than attitude.

Visible said...


You mentioned certain things that are already, near exactly what you stated, expressed in what I am putting together. it's amazing, the degree of sympatico and high end telepathy that goes on around here.

I was provocative precisely for the point of these sorts of ideas coming into the harbor. Sometimes when you over state it makes it certain that others will see the need and come in to the breach.

Thanks for the fine articulation and well crafted ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to insinuate that all women are crazy... but rather that I either find ones who fulfill this belief of mine, or I that I make them that way because that's what my expectation is.

There is a lot of BS about conflicts between the sexes, and I don't envy women any more than I do men. Everyone must navigate a rather twisted reality when it comes to dating, mating and cohabiting. Isn't this a big part of the reason the world is in such conflict?

What I realized is that I am truly in control of my reality... and since I expect crazy, then crazy is what I get. If I expected Rhodes Scholar, then that's who would come into my life. The world is so topsy turvy that I feel it's best for me to sit back and watch. The great mystery has always provided the things I needed in the past... I certainly expect it to continue doing so, regardless of what I think I need :)

Peace to everyone


P.S. I grew-up in California, I now live in Colorado, and what you say is true... but it's pretty easy to beat-up on California. It's a state with a massive population, and at one time it was the eighth or ninth largest economy in the world. It's an easy target. There are lots of airheads, but there is also some really neat people. Plus you can surf there, and that's not a bad thing either. Remove 25 to 30 million people and it would be a heaven on earth... Before the arrival of the Europeans, there was supposedly as many languages spoken on America's West Coast as there are known languages spoken today. Something to think about.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Appending would indeed solve my perceived problem (grin)

I am just a Dutchman trying to express his innermost feelings in a foreign language, so I may err sometime in unneeded complexity.

(As explained before I often do not know what I type; Grin)



Visible said...

Well Dave;

That is why I painstakingly put disclaimers into my comment in regard to both women and California because I also happen to believe as you do.

As for Hawaii it is nearly only the airheads that moved there.

Visible said...

I've got a list of movies that have stood the test of time and quite a collection. Tonight I'm watching Pure Country, one of my all time favorites. It has some moments of heartbreaking poignancy and pathos and moments of genuine America. It's a film, so it's flawed and like most films, not entirely real but I bend the rules for the romance of music and human interplay.

If I've got disappointments it's that I never got any of my songs to someone like George Strait or Willie Nelson and others. I don't think of myself as a competent musician, more of a songwriter with the hopes that someone with talent would make my songs what they should be instead of the inconsistent presentations that I came up with due to limitations in various areas of production.

So, I see a movie like this and I get to live my life in pieces for moments of vicarious thrill in others. I look at it as a sort of recreation. I have to remember to do this because I tend to work all the time and... I don't even get a salary (grin). So, it's a kind of payback.

I'm going to open one of the unused blogs pretty soon; probably the Les Visible one and I'm going to start listing all of the things that impressed me in films, music, books, art and whatever, on the off chance that some readers never heard of something and might enjoy them too.

cosmic calabash said... said...

Not sure about the group trying to manifest a better outcome thingy, and I know I won't be popular with this statement.
To me, it's a catch 22. I believe most people are not at an awareness level to try to manifest, except of course for themselves and many have not cleared blockages and fixations or hold enough mana in order to manifest. Kind of feels like giving the child a lighter. My point being, most without knowing can manifest a bigger mess. Don't need that these days. Of course, on the other hand if focused intention be placed on the best outcome for all involved, thats about as close as I would come. I've had this arguement with others about a group of people getting together to change the weather, however...what if the weather in the bigger picture is the beginning of a huge energetic cleanse that needs to happen, or that many people have made agreements to leave the planet, and thus this creates a window for those to move through. Your intention is good, just not wise for seeing the bigger picture can be easily missed. All along one is thinking that they are creating a saving situation and not realizing that they have gotten their will in the way. Though the consciousness is moving into oneness, this is also the time to be shifting from thy will to divine will and this need to be carefully exercised without our interference. I am all about prayer and the wanting the highest good of all, so perhaps if addressed in a format such as this, it would be the most useful and on the mark. What say you?

Visible said...


I suppose you know this wasn't my idea and I stated similar things, although partially veiled, in the post.

I'm aware that to be effective at this sort of thing the groups has to be possessed of certain collective features to pull it off. I'm not so sure of negative fallout because I believe the circumstances here are guided. I've a strong sense of that.

My feeling is that if it makes certain visitors here feel better and it helps on the road to actualizing this at some future date then it's a positive. You got to start somewhere.

I'm taking my time with the wording; which is arbitrary according to the practitioner and I believe that the preface and admonitions will be useful. We'll see what we see.

My sensation is that the first thing that happens with this sort of event is that it works on the practitioner initially and continues to until the practitioner is more channel than object. It's like when you pray for the betterment of certain circumstances in the world, the power and consciousness that allows for the prayer to have an impact tends to grant in both directions.

Anonymous said...

because you don´t like g-mail?

Visible said...

This is why I think of stopping them and not going with traditional healing exercises

Could this be true?

Visible said...

Because you are unable to explain yourself?

Visible said...

Wy I am not in the U.S>

Anonymous said...

I used to be optimistic about things. When you live on the Gulf and see the impending doom at your doorstep, things are real and very different.

I guess if I lived in the mid-west or overseas I might have a brighter mindset regarding the future.

I see dolphin and manatees playing out in the water every day from my sofa + balcony. I used to get excited whenever I spotted a pod - now, my stomach aches with fear.

Dolphin are highly spiritual creatures. I cry every single day.

I'm not sure how to grieve for the loss of our oceans.

Visible said...

Neither am I, neither am I.

I'm not that sharp at the moment. In some ways it looks like I'm sharper than I've ever been... in a good and a bad way but two weeks down the road, realizing that the sleep thing is probably permanent, it's to be expected that I'm going to miss things and make simple mistakes that I would have caught before. I'm making mistakes now that I never made before and my usual follow-up double checking seems to have been switched off.

The reason I laid out this plaintive self indulgence is because, irrespective of my own difficulties of the moment (and I can feel it integrating each day so it doesn't worry me all that much; the initial blowout in my consciousness requiring a deal more time for integration than normal at this higher level where nothing is that familiar even when it looks exactly the same) is that one thing which has come with this out of left field hundred mile an hour wind that is trying to squeeze me through the backstop of this chain link fence is that I have this serious certainty that they are going to get theirs and this is all happening to prove the depth of their culpability and to make it clear all round and to them as well that there is no possible explanation or justification. It has to be seen in terms of human tragedy. It has to really hit home or it won't make an impression; that's how asleep they are.

Like you, the thing that kills me so that I can't even allow myself to think about it is the unnecessary- no point to it- painful death of dolphins (God's dream companions) and the other sweet and cheerful creatures that never did a fucking thing to these psychopaths. I can't really take any more tears at this point. It's torn me up too many times in recent days and the worst part is that I can't do anything about it. Seeing "The Cove" was bad enough.

One just has to persevere and strive on to the cosmic denouement. As I said, I'm convinced now; it's one of the things that has impressed itself on my soul that they are going to stand before the court of universal being and have to answer. I take no great pleasure from it. I would much prefer to have the suffering undone.

I don't talk about certain specifics that much but some things mean a great deal to me and I'm not talking about myself or my human friends.

Light Keeper said...

I appreciate all insights shared in this stream of comments. Many I ditto, too many to cite individually.

Recognizing that like everything, the current oil volcano serves a number of higher purposes. To name a few, awakening many and drawing attention to the dark forces destructive activities, opening the heart energy and reminding us all of our love for this Divine creation, Earth, providing a vehicle for many to leave the planet, allowing Gaia to release toxic energy she's absorbed for so long... AT the same time I still feel sorrow that it's gotten to the point that this had to happen. Each day I go out in my garden and put my hands in the Earth's soil, touching her with love and gratitude.

Les, you're about to post your response to this inquiry. One comment about focusing first on the mal doers falling on their swords. As you've stated in many times, this is already happening. It makes me wonder if putting conscious thought towards manifesting something that is already happening, wouldn't leave us experiencing it over and over, Like the movie Groundhog Day. I concentrate my thoughts, emotions, and actions towards a world that is pristine, full of light forces, and love, and where the dark forces no longer exist. Really just a little farther along the process, however I don't like to devote any of my energy towards the existence of the dark forces.

Thanks for raising the topic of coordinating collective thought. I got much more out of this endeavor than I'm able to convey here.

Light Keeper said...


"Some days it seems like the elites are playing one big game of "penis!!" trying to get God to stop the bus and come back there."

The other night I read an account by the son of one of the six priest who, since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, used their thought/meditation towards mind control to create the all the destructive systems on the planet, including mind programing of the Illuminati. The priest's son explained that they did this, over multiple incarnations, for the sole purpose of getting God to talk to them.


ravenise said...

ugh, my net is down so I am piggy backing here

Vixen, your idea "Would it not be beneficial to support an intention to manifest a united consciousness on a continual basis?" I think that is the best idea here.

~william love to you my brother, thank you for your honesty and sharing your wise words

Les, Anonamous: I agree with your ideas about healing the ocean. Generally when man creates a disaster, our solutions only complicate things. We smash the crystalline structure in the cave, and in attempt to fix it only muddy the pond. I'm thinking more from a scientific/materialistic approach but, but I think collective prayer and focused intent should be further explored.

Just a simple thought... if you are interested in healing the planet, perhaps focusing on the earth as a whole, starting with the worst problems (particularly a lack of our lack awareness)... and working your way down the list.

The best physical application I have seen to clean up toxic pills of this kind was developed by Fungi master Paul Stamets. In previous spills he used human hair to absorb the oil, and then they used the soaked hair to grow oyster mushrooms, which break down and ingest the hydrocarbon bonds to produce healthy edible oyster mushrooms. Watch a short fascinating video here. If you let them rot flies come in which lay eggs. Birds come in to eat the larvae, and lay droppings/seeds, speeding up the process of regeneration
millions of times over.

Here is a great video more in depth on the subject Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

I think the evolution of our species rests upon our recognition of the inner beauty and importance within every living thing. As biodiversity is the key to a healthy eco-system perhaps religious diversity is the key to a healthy spirituality. There is can be no profit of war in truth, peace and love, and there is no profit to be made with conscious awareness and action. (Unless you sell GOOD drugs, music, books or art)

One thing I have noticed from multiple psychedelic sessions over the last week or so is just how interconnected we all are to each other. If God/EM/Universal Consciousness is resident within all of us permeates every living thing... I would imagine our desire, will, and dreams resonate amongst each other through space time starting from the spiritual, mental, and down into the physical realms.

The various archetypes we find in religion, archetypes which are prevalent throughout the many spiritual practices stem from an ancient source that has been encoded into the Universe since dawn of time itself. Since the dawn of man we have tiled over and created much of this reality with our preconceptions as the mind, and language constantly mutates depending upon the needs of the observer and external forces at any given moment. If one believes in something then it has meaning, substance, and power, but only to those who believe, or so it might seem. Either way this global consciousness and spiritual integration is moving towards an integrated singularity and nothing can stop it.

love @ all

Visible said...

Great thoughts Lightkeeper but I didn't say anything about them falling on their swords and if I gave that impression then it's probably once again the result of too much brevity.

What I said, what I think I said was to focus on their confusion being increased and that their acts would turn against them in such a way that it would become clear to them. More importantly what my main thrust was, was that they should be revealed to themselves; that what they are and what they do should be revealed to them in a way they could not avoid or discount so that they would find themselves incapable of continuing due to the impact of this ever present information which would confound them in all their efforts;

Though this is an expanded expression of it I think you can see that this is my intent. If I had meant them getting their asses kicked in some vigorous manner I have no hesitation about saying it in a direct manner. I'm not shy in that regard. I want for them what happened to Sauron's forces outside the gate when the ring went into Mount Doom's fires.

I'm midway between cold vengeance and the other extreme of 'we are all one, even our poor misguided brothers who really don't mean any harm no matter what they do and it isn't their fault, they're just misunderstood and if I could just lay down and let them cut me to pieces and also give my soul up for them too, I surely would because just saying it is really easy;

I'm midway between those points and thank god I don't reside in either.

Light Keeper said...

Les, you're choice of words was very good, much better than mine. By "falling on their swords" I meant that their actions would turn back up on themselves, I was not envisioning or wishing for violence upon them or anyone else. Violence in any form only creates pain and suffering. Even though their deeds make them appear to be totally lacking in humanity or any of the qualities I associate with being a "good person", I truly believe they are bio-robots operating under mind control from other powers. I'm with you in desiring their awakening awareness of their actions. Their awakening would bring the greatest healing to the planet, as well as to themselves in this lifetime.

I think it's important to note that I've reaped immense inner growth from endeavoring to find deeper levels of understanding about the circumstances, events, and interplays transpiring in these times. For that I'm very grateful. Suspect I'm not alone here.

Visible said...


Thanks for your kind and diplomatic manner. It just seems to me over the course of the commentary that there is this sensation that my words got taken out of context here and there. I went back and read my post and I couldn't find the sense of what I was getting here and there.

I have a certain difficulty in being comprehensive within the space limitations that I have hardwired for my posts.

I had a less than pleasant email exchange with a Christian today who presented me with something I didn't say and when I clarified it in a way it couldn't be argued against... then.. then he got extra angry.

There's this tendency to hop on a line here or there while not understanding that the comment did not have to do with everything contained in the paragraph but only specifically the sentence which contained it but... certain buzz words heat the blood and cool circumspection goes out the window.

I know it's splitting hairs to want to point out the difference between people shooting themselves in the foot, which was only an analogy after all, and falling on their sword but probably the most important thing for me here is to be understood in the spirit and precision of something closer to what I actually meant.

There's no defensing against this (grin) and it's something I'll just have to be accepting of.

Hopefully what I put up today (Wednesday for me) or tomorrow (Thursday) will be more clear.

I'm having to deal with something that has an unavoidable element of distraction in it. It is incrementally merging with reality (or what I call reality) but it hasn't quite accomplished it yet and I have to remind myself that my car didn't actually turn into a spaceship even if it feels like that is exactly what happened.

It's kind of like seeing incredible forms going past the window over my left shoulder; making it a peripheral event, while typing whatever it is that I wind up saying here and constantly turning around to make sure I didn't see what I am pretty sure I saw except it's past the window now so what are you going to do?

That doesn't quite say it but it catches the spirit of it. On the whole it is exciting and new and I wouldn't trade it for what I had under any circumstances but it does serve to halve my attention on a regular basis, whereas before it wasn't happening.

vixen said...

As for the healing of the leak in the gulf, solutions abound and several tried and true methods are being ignored. Some are temporary and can be used until the permanent fix can be attained. Ravenise shared some of those ideas in a previous post. So now one needs to look deeper into what is actually going on. The criminals that did the deed are now also in charge of fixing it and their motives are never good. Do I sense some type of collusion here from high places? The simplest and easiest temporary fix would be to pump the oil out of the gulf into waiting tankers as has been successfully done many times before in other countries. That however would mean taking tankers out of service delivering very profitable pay loads to other destinations and that equates to loss of dollars for big oil. Or maybe that thwarts an even more devious purpose. Whatever is going on down there it appears to me that it is intentionally being made worse and the ends they wish to achieve could entail a multitude of diverse scenarios.

ravenise said...

Sorry for the grammar errors guys, is easy to overlook them when copying back and forth from the text editor.

I am starting to understand how you felt before you left the USA. Canada is beginning to turn into a shite hole, as far as the government and the general masses are concerned. Canada has many natural resources, biodiversity and some amount of recoverable oil. Our most pristine and ecologically valuable land base has been sold to foreign nationals to be carved up for profit right under our noses. Every time Haarper is about to be booted out, he suspends parliament. He is one of the body parts of the Anti-Christ which I wont go into here... and now is now moving to corner the Zio-Christian, err… I mean Satanist vote. They and their handlers are trying to criminalize criticism of Israhell. The criminals are tightening up on homeless crime while cutting support for rehabilitation... even the ex-head of CSIS (our CIA equivalent) has recently voiced his utter contempt at our government for tabling legislation which calls to (without a court order) detain ‘potential’ terrorists. (You know, because Canada is just full of Taliban) You get the idea… it is a really a sad affair here, and at first glance, doesn't appear to be getting any better. I don't know what the future has in store but as it stands the serious cluster feels closer to home than “home” right now.

Light Keeper said...


You are a master wordsmith. I greatly admire your insights and awareness, and also your skill in expressing them. I didn't perceive you were splitting hairs, and appreciate the opportunity to clarify my meaning. Glad you took the opportunity to further clarify yours. Doing so adds richness. We all want to be understood clearly, that's universal.

I too find in reading the comments that I have to go back to your post to find exactly the phrase or point referred to. Especially lately, my mind isn't working the way it used to.

You're not alone in experiencing a massive expansion over the past few weeks. I'd describe what is happening for me as Higher Self descending further down into the physical body. It's exciting, exhilarating, and confusing. My perceptions have expanded and I find myself wondering around internally exploring new areas of greater comprehension. On the outside, I'm having great difficulty focusing and concentrating, and communicating coherently.

I'm picking up from this forum and in other areas of my life that this burst of expansion is happening to many of us over the course of the past three weeks or so. Maybe it's a good time to remind ourselves that we're all operating somewhere between our Wiser Selves and blithering idiots as this integration takes place and we adjust. If we're gentle with ourselves and with each other, asking for or offering clarification when we notice the need, we can support each other through this multifaceted process.

And really, Les, is this phase of the expansion cool or what?!!!

With love to all,

Visible said...


It's too cool for school.

I see from your wording that you are indeed experiencing things in a similar relationship to my own.

ravenise said...

Les I will read this book you provided and see what kind of techniques I can gather which appear useful to me. I don't really have any personal experience in contemporary magical ceremonies/practice, or use of objects to accomplish my goals... the whole sheep's bladder and toenail stuff...semi charred rhino dumpling tincture shots just don't attract me but...

I have over a decade of experience with prayer. As I have practiced of late, this presence came back fairly easily as it was imprinted thoroughly in my ole days of Sunday school.

I am currently combining the practice of prayer with focused intent on connecting with the ole snoring bearded man within and without... calling to the divine, and expanding my sensitivity to other energies I pick up as well.

We shall see where the kite blows, and I am looking forward to seeing where this energy goes. Keep in touch, who knows what dreams may come!

Visible said...

Must just be how it is at the moment. I've got no interest in Magic whatsoever. I merely wanted people to know what the actual definition of this sort of thing is despite what they attempt to label it as.

You can call it Theurgy or anything else you like.

How toenail filings and other detritus found their way to being representative of what I was talking about I will never know. By what means I would be identified with such things also exists beyond my grasp of anything known and unknown.

I was about to explain this too and then I realized it wouldn't make any difference and I'd still have to deal with a dozen more explanations so I'm just going to pretend I'm on the radio from now on and, "never explain, never apologize".

ravenise said...

Just a quick heads up that there is a major solar storm occurring at the time I wrote this... here is an image of the burst this will have a dampening effect on the collective mind. Look at the simulation in realtime here

It doesn't look like a sustained heavy bombardment but it will definitely have an effect. I feel a sense of peaceful positive vibes making it through.

Be well

kikz said...

p.s. another non-harmful natural resource that is being ignored in dealing w/deep horizon...


Anonymous said...

I remember about thirty years ago a patent was issued (ok'd by the Supreme Court) for the first genetic creation. The first patented "new life form" created from the relatively new science of genetics.

Ironically, this new life form was an oil eating bacteria.
Seems odd that in thirty years of science leaping and bounding, especially in genetics, that no viable "standard" solution has been accomplished.

Paste this in Google...

This Week in Science History - The First Genetic Patent

bholanath said...

A couple dozen of us gathered at a spot in the gorge on the Rio Grande last night. Many renewed old acquaintances, many new introductions. There was only a general "plan".
Thing is: we were both "of a single intent" and also individually many are experiencing some of what Les and Lightkeeper are describing. We immediately went deep in connection with the planetary team.

Everyone spoke eloquently from the heart, songs were sung, tears were shed, and all became focused to a singularity. Waters from Ganges, Titicaca, Glastonbury, many other places were put in the mix and offered. The children remarked that they were blown away at the intensity and power of what transpired naturally and organically.
Many of us use modalities of medicine that work on molecular and atomic levels (for both humans and animals), some of which are "illegal", and I see elements of this being promising for the greater work we are hoping to affect.
Horses and dogs definitely thought it was grand. The planet-rapers were not a consideration - their karma with the Creator and the Creation is their business and their problem, not ours. There was an unprecedented and new spirit of collective unity felt all around, even while many are long experienced in these matters.
You are now up to date, and return to regular life in progress.


kf said...

Thanks for the MPH writing. His lectures on google are among my favorites.

Also thanks to whoever recommended the Total Onslaught series by Veith. I similarly recommend Texe Marrs on Planet X and the NWO.


Anonymous said...

DM sent me this link, and I think it's a spectacular article by Mary Sparrowdancer. Maybe it's already been posted here, if so, sorry. Anyway:


cosmic calabash said...

Just leaving a share from Ano' Ano by Kristen Zambucka

And when water is disturbed
And mud is stirred up spoiling its purity
You need only wait and be patient
Stand aside as a sstranger watching from the banks
And soon the dirt will settle to the bottom
And the stream will flow on unclouded again
For every condition passes
Know that you will not step into the same water twice
By allowing outside events to fall in and disturb the clarity of your are disturbing yourself
Silently listen and you will be washed with these words
Silently listen and you will be washed with these words
For they will ring like energies of God striking chords inside you
Echoes of something once known and long forgotten
Open your heart to understanding and find your true self
It is the first step to lifting the veil of bad dreams you thought was life
for, without your own peace of mind you cannot help another
A seeker is like a delicate young sapling needing protection as it grows
And when you become a great strong tree..bearing fruit and offering shade to will be invulnerable to the disturances of this world
Your strength will grow by degrees as you make you journey..
Awaken to the miracle of a new viewpoint
Look again at the parched desert your life has become...
But this time..look with different eyes
And see not barrenness and death
but seeds waiting under that sandy soil for the gift of water to raise them to life
And soon the empty plain will be ablaze with blossoms...because of the faith of seeds.

ravenise said...


Thanks for sharing that info. Actually, there are groups using straw to soak up the OIL. I just contacted Paul Stamet's Fungi Perfecti and they are working closely with the clean up operations to brainstorm novel ideas to clean up the mess. The problem they say is that the scope and scale of the spill is beyond what these solutions can do to pacify the issue. We are talking tens of millions of gallons. Every little bit helps, and according to Fungi Perfecti heads around the globe are coming together.

It would be interesting to see if you could use oil soaked straw in conjunction with oyster mushrooms seeing that Oyster Mushrooms feed on straw as well. It would be much cheaper more efficient to use straw, rather than human hair...

As noted here: Mushrooms Eat Oil

One of the wonders of Oyster mushrooms is that if you have an Oyster colony that is picked and passed its prime, and you pour a cup of motor oil over it, it will eat the oil, and continue producing another flush of perfectly edible and safe mushrooms.

Now if only one was to develop a strain of cordyceps fungi that feed only on corrupt bankers and politicians...

(les, would you be so kind as to remove my previous post)

kikz said...


mother nature is truly awe inspiring. that sounds like a good plan, as to disposal of the oil soaked hay, so that it doesn't leach into other environs.

y, i do realize these are cosmetic (topside) measures at best, as the outflow is phantasmagorical in volume and the majority of heavier grades has not reached/will not reach the surface - to even consider topside measures applicable.

in total agreement wishing for the banker/poli eating
species. >:/

i also wonder why the 'oil eating microbe fix' is not being utilized, or if it is, it has not been made mention of?

much as i dislike the idea, and have no data on the potential side-effects, i can't understand what the hold up is w/nuking it? that would seem to be the only viable way to stop the outflow, as i understand the russians have utilized this fix w/a good ratio of success...?

Anonymous said...

The danger with nuking is that, as in the informative article below, unlike the Soviet gas-leak in an unpopulated area, this is located close to populated shores.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you again Les for this post, and all your works.

Your posts are really comforting, and much appreciated.
I'd asked you to comment on the Gulf situation - and you did just that. This helped me more than you'll ever know. :)

Honestly, knowing there are beautiful souls out there who sincerely care about our Animals and our Earth makes me happy. So few really do it seems. And far fewer can articulate this. You do.

Some souls here on the Earth relate far better to Earth/animal energy than we do human energy. It's just how we are built - it makes more sense.

I consider you to be a good friend - and this is a really great network of people.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Gathering Darkness and its Inescapable Destiny..>

kikz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kikz said...

@ anon.

i know full well where this rig is.. my daddy used to fish the chandeleur's.

possibly nuking isn't the answer, i just don't have another ready answer.. but it must be stopped.

Visible said...

I discuss my situation concerning this template, that I was supposed to have ready already, on the radio show tonight.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

Musing on the Times as Lord Apocalypse Appears..>

Jody Paulson said...

As you probably know, Masaru Emoto has done some very interesting experiments demonstrating the amazing ability of water to visibly reflect the conscious intent. Here's an interesting youtube video on this matter:

Here's a video of a group in New Zealand doing a water blessing ceremony:

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Vampire Bankers, Mr. Heinz Ketchup, John Kerry and the Payback Machine.>

juliaonthehill said...

I recently attended a Water Blessing ceremony where a First Peoples Grandmother assisted in leading the blessing. Her intent was to spread the thought that it is possible to make an impact on the smallest levels. We bless the water in our bodies, on the body of the earth and
set up a vibration that is a morphic
field. There is no formula for this only the desire to create healing within this fluid expresion of the most holy in all of us.

introspeck said...

Les -

This isn't related to this post, but it does fit into the VisOrigami themes. David Foster Wallace gave it as a graduation speech:

This is what made me think of your posts -

"...Because here's something else that's true. In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship. And an outstanding reason for choosing some sort of god or spiritual-type thing to worship - be it JC or Allah, be it Yahweh or the Wiccan mother-goddess or the Four Noble Truths or some infrangible set of ethical principles - is that pretty much anything else you worship will eat you alive. If you worship money and things - if they are where you tap real meaning in life - then you will never have enough. Never feel you have enough. It's the truth. Worship your own body and beauty and sexual allure and you will always feel ugly, and when time and age start showing, you will die a million deaths before they finally plant you. On one level, we all know this stuff already - it's been codified as myths, proverbs, clichés, bromides, epigrams, parables: the skeleton of every great story. The trick is keeping the truth up front in daily consciousness. Worship power - you will feel weak and afraid, and you will need ever more power over others to keep the fear at bay. Worship your intellect, being seen as smart - you will end up feeling stupid, a fraud, always on the verge of being found out.

"The insidious thing about these forms of worship is not that they're evil or sinful; it is that they are unconscious. They are default settings. They're the kind of worship you just gradually slip into, day after day, getting more and more selective about what you see and how you measure value without ever being fully aware that that's what you're doing. And the world will not discourage you from operating on your default settings, because the world of men and money and power hums along quite nicely on the fuel of fear and contempt and frustration and craving and the worship of self. Our own present culture has harnessed these forces in ways that have yielded extraordinary wealth and comfort and personal freedom. The freedom to be lords of our own tiny skull-sized kingdoms, alone at the centre of all creation. This kind of freedom has much to recommend it. But there are all different kinds of freedom, and the kind that is most precious you will not hear much talked about in the great outside world of winning and achieving and displaying. The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day. That is real freedom. The alternative is unconsciousness, the default setting, the "rat race" - the constant gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing. "

m_astera said...

Re the oil-

All of the solutions offered here to clean up the oil will work. Simply putting tankers out there with suction pumps at the well head would do a lot.

The problem is that the methods will only work on surface oil, or on oil that can be gathered somehow.

What they have chosen to do instead is to dump at least a million gallons of detergent, very powerful and toxic detergent that they are calling a "dispersant" on the Gulf surface and likely are pumping it into the oil before it rises too. This will insure that the oil cannot rise and hence cannot be cleaned up.

Fill a sink with water. Pour some motor oil into it; the oil will float and you can get it off the top somehow, right? Now take a handful of powdered detergent and sprinkle it on top. The oil will mix with the detergent and both will mix with the water. At that point, it's no longer possible to get the oil out of the water, is it?

If they wanted to clean it up, they know how, so pretty obviously they do not want to clean it up. They want to poison the ocean.

On a more esoteric level, I see no chance of these evil ones awakening to the error of their ways, any more than a weasel in the henhouse could awaken to the error of its ways and begin eating grass instead of killing chickens. One can send as much love as they wish to the weasel, he will still kill chickens because that's his program.

At least with weasels and chickens, one can tell which is which at a glance. What does one do when the weasels look just like the chickens?

Unknown said...

It seems working as a group to effect change is saying that what IS happening is not unfolding perfectly. Perhaps we could just all invoke Love/Wisdom devoid of ego, then have a good laugh.

expat drummer said...

Yikes Les... how prescient this May 17 post is. It certainly didn't take long for the Izzie's mask to slip, what with the freedon flotilla attack a few days later. It looks like the foot shooting has begun.

In just a few hours from this very moment, the Irish Gaza aid boat will enter "zone of interdiction". It will be interesting to see how the tribe handles this one, after the global rebuke of their last bit of rather bad behavior.

The apocalypse moves on. Now if I could just get those French Jehova's Witness robots to stop dropping by with their copies of their Watchtower comic books...



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