Thursday, June 17, 2010

What has been Happening in Several Segments.

All segments will appear in this post so check back here.

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Good day, good readers; presently engaged in the longest comments thread so far, at these blogs over at S.M. This will be long, probably at least two entries and I will endeavor to make them happen quickly so you’ll have to come back on your own because the follow-up won’t be linked at other locations like this one is.

Most of you are aware that I just passed through some life changing and consciousness changing events. Most of you, like me, are aware of the transformative power of the times and some few, as always, have graced us from the sneer and jeer section of the world audience from scattered locales in places where weeds prosper and flowers struggle for the sun (grin). Their numbers are less than the fingers on one hand. All are welcome.

As I’ve chronicles in the ‘travelogues’ published here in Origami a few years ago, I met someone of great power on a beach whose identity was unknown then but lately revealed to me. This led to a massive Kundalini experience in the same year; my 21st. Many events followed with nothing of similar force until recently. I’ll focus on the recent exclusively. These started around the time I acquired the property in Southern Italy but did not become consistently active until around 3 years ago.

Prior to that a hunger began to develop in me for my walled garden and, as far as I can remember the spelling (this will not be correct) was based on the meaning of the Pakistani word ‘para deez’ from which the word paradise evolved and which translates as ‘walled garden’. Near the same time (on my second visit to Italy) an intense desire for contact with The Devic Realm emerged and I encountered the Hindu Deity, Ganesha, who is the ruler of that realm. The active phase of events began 3 years from this coming August in the early part of the month when I traveled with my Indian (India) friend Roy down to the house in Italy.

This began a period of suffering that lasted until the recent events that will be illustrated here in these postings. This was set off by an Ayahuasca experience that covered several days and shook the ground both actual and virtual in my world and which occurred shortly after Roy left.

During this experience, God had several interactions with my female nature that were choreographed to show me something of the true nature of God’s personality; some of this I have commented on recently at S.M. and in other ways. A significant part of this treated with the sexual nature of the divine and related back to things I was told on the beach when I met the astounding presence I encountered there. The other significant feature was God telling me that he was waking up and thanking me for doing so. I took this to imply a personal aspect rather than a cosmic all pervading one but that cannot be discounted either (insanity alert). I have recorded this event elsewhere and do not remember when or in which blog. I’ll give a brief summary.

God repeated over and over, in many different ways, some permutation of the following. “I’m awake now visible and thank you for that. First I’m going to stretch (yawns accompanied all of this all through. Those familiar with Ayahuasca know the yawn I am talking about.) and come up through the planes, say Hello! and have my morning coffee. Then I’m going to confer my blessings and you, visible, are going to be included in that.” This is when I first started hearing, “You have no idea” which has continued until now and still continues. God then continued and as a constant component, would start over again with, “I’m awake now” etc. Sometimes it would take some time to actually complete the statement due to going back and starting over again. As I said, then God would continue from the blessings to say that he was, after the blessings, going to open a small window of forgiveness and that everyone on the planet would be informed. That window would remain open until it closed and would not open again. After that, God informed me, he was going to, “kick some ass”. He was going to show up right in the middle of ‘them’ and expose them to themselves and the world. He was going to mess up all of their operations. He was going to kick their ass and send them to Hell.

People would be safe and far more than that, based on their trust in him and the distance covered in pursuit and search of him. Many times I found myself laying on a futon couch and slamming my leg and knee into the side as punctuation to the force of the statements. After this until about two or more months ago there was a seldom interrupted period of discomfort and outright pain for me and a wonderment at not seeing what had been so profoundly impressed on me and ‘where the Hell are my blessings’? I have learned that God’s time and my time are not the same. This time is speeding up until divine and human time are soon the same. We are in the initial phase of the blessings period right now.

Around two months ago, a voice came alive in my mind and began to take me through various stages of belief in comments like the following; “It’s about to begin and it is inevitable, no matter what you do and do not do. The only variant is your comfort in the process”, “Rely on me in everything, open, surrender, and realize that I am causing everything that happens ”,“ I am here now. I have always been here but now I am really here, right here, right now”. There were other statements and extended conversations that had to do with variations of this and also, well... a lot of things.

This intensified and intensified until is was happening almost all of the time and which finally led to the first event in which I found myself entirely in another world where what happened was also taking place in this one. I first found myself standing in my yard near the road, apart from and inside of a God named Wesak who was of a certain tribe. He was standing next to Berlusconi and the property was his. He was talking with Berlusconi about Italy and what he did for Italy and about ten grams of Cocaine that authorities had stolen from him ( I know how weird this sounds and should state that no cocaine was ingested by anyone through the whole affair.) . I now know the symbolism of this but it’s not important for the tale. The tale from this point; about 25 days ago in genesis is extremely complicated (covering most of the time between then and now) and I have to be brief.

Berlusconi said he would replace the coke. Wesak was complaining about how he received no respect from Italy and that the Italian people were completely unaware of what he did for them which amounted to a lot; power, money, protection and so on. This led to a twelve hour or more adventure which went up and down my street and all the way (over a kilometer) to the main road. People who lived there surely saw and heard the spectacle of Wesak destroying CIA agents, discovering them hijacking one replacement after another. Out of well over 10 shipments of the drug, Wesak got none and wound up waiting for 3 hours at my front gate until darkness fell. He was swearing he would not go in until he got what he wanted. On the way, parasites that lived in plant life everywhere were destroyed along with many other things. Finally Wesak got angry and started destroying portions of the Earth; all CIA headquarters, Chicago and New York, Paris and London and other things. When this part ended he threatened to destroy whole countries. He didn’t get what he wanted. Do you see the classic paranoid implications of this? I did and I was there at all times. This destruction is being held in completion on the virtual plane and requires only a command to cause it to become actual.

The next morning I woke up and Wesak and I had merged into one person. He was what you might call the subconscious and I the conscious. For four days this accelerated while neighbors went about their business and were right there while I acted out in ways that would have brought an official response many times but brought nothing. I was invested as a certain cosmic character that shows up every 2,000 years or so and elaborate ceremonials occurred. I should add that a close friend of Tony Blair’s lives only a little over a hundred meters down the street and was at home with his family. Quite some action involved his yard. Further up the street is an immense spa under construction and near completion, which is so exclusive that none of the features; restaurant etc; are open to the public. It is being built in a remote area with no conceivable justification for expected success but, on it goes. In the last couple of years some very wealthy people have built some serious living spaces all around. When I got here, none of this, except the spa, was going on.

It was through this and right outside their gates that this whole drama was taking place, night and day and not a word. When Susanne arrived a few days ago with a friend to get me, because she thought I was in severe danger, the neighbors were very friendly and insisting that she come and bring me to some large dinner taking place or something else and were very disappointed, as only Italians can be, that she did not. There was no mention of events which got a lot more frisky as they went along.

I’ll stop here and continue shortly, backtracking on occasion to diagram things I will surely leave out. This part is nothing so you can understand my reluctance to do this. I suggest you look on this as entertainment unless it brings about some other reaction. More to follow.

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I should add that, unknown to me, I was given my own section at Rense entitled 'Dog Poet Transmitting' and at one point 3 on my essays were listed one after the other at the top of the page as well. This has been going on for a month or two. A few days ago I disappeared entirely from the page while everyone else remained. Nothing has been said or done here or anywhere else connected to me that would have generated this. I mention it because it gets explained a little further on and also to point out that alternative news sites, just like Mass Media are all under the power of the collective reality control with very few exceptions. Some of you may be finding this on one of them.

Part 2

This first sequence continued for four days non stop and impacted on me to the point where I believed it entirely. The night before it ended I was up throughout, in conversation with images of Lord Ganesha, an Avatar twin, Ramana Maharshi and Babaji that came to life and provided me with one of the most memorable evenings of my life until dawn. I should mention that at various points I did not sleep or eat for long periods.

On the afternoon of the third day I was talking to a world leader and sundry in my kitchen when Susanne called on the phone. It was all so real to me by this time that I began recounting it and disturbing her pretty good. I asked her if she wanted to talk to the world leader (yes, you can imagine) and she became even more distressed. I went into the kitchen to find the world leader gone. I came back outside and almost immediately the entire scene dissolved while I was talking to Susanne on the phone. I said goodbye and confronted the nothing that remained. For the rest of the day and until the next morning I was disappointed and depressed beyond anything I had ever experienced and that is saying something. I had known that not only was I who I was told but that I would get to do certain things (long desired) and there were also the elaborate rituals. At this point I thought, “Man, do I have a powerful imagination and Man oh man how could this not be true or at least divinely influenced”? I had never been anywhere near something like this before.

I was destroyed and very unhappy and I was saying so. Suddenly, the man on the beach appeared in my head and this resulted in a twelve hour period of me sitting in my chair and interacting with him. Halfway through, it all looked like a fraud because of a sudden change in the exchange and my bullshit meter ringing off the hook. One thing I don’t do is work over time to convince myself of anything when it looks wrong even when I want it very badly. Then came the reappearance of the real again and several hours of even more convincing exchange in which things were said that I could not have known. This ended in my driving into town and having the whole thing made to appear a charade after being reconvinced that I was who I was told I was in the preceding segment. Imagine my disappointment now.

In the space following this I went to a club frequented by a younger set who were aware of my music and other things and had not seen me in a year. The owner, a young Italian man closed the club, packed up all kinds of drinks and he and some number of those present, male and female, followed me up to the house. The owner could not stay long at all. Something was freaking him out and he had to leave. Several people left with him and then returned and a bacchanalia resulted that I won’t diagram but will say was unlike anything I had ever engaged in and which consisted on me having powers to make near anything happen, according to what I saw in their heads and them being aware of it and fully into what followed. This resulted in certain acts being commanded and carried out by those present for the full entertainment of all present who were watching and leading to all being engaged in one way or another. This was the first time real people became involved and it was all you can imagine and involving all permutations between both sides of the eternal equation of our two different aspects here.

This carried on to another dawn where my disappointment in yet another intensely real event; the man on the beach sequence, not what followed... proving where my real interest lay, left me ruined and wishing death and never having been born. After a protracted agony the man on the beach reappeared and indicated the lamia room of the house as the next stage of occurrences. The words, “everything is changed completely” appeared on the wall next to the entrance along with, “I am here, now, really here” and “It has begun, is happening, is happening right now and is inevitable, no matter what.”

The man on the beach left and I waited through the whole day for something to happen. These same things had been said during the 12 hour sit down where I also waited all through. The next day nothing was happening again and my disappointment was severe and I was then distracted by something that took my attention off of it all. The next thing I knew I was in that room and people began arriving; people from the group at the club and people who had heard about what had happened and entities from all over including my brother Hartley (never encountered before until now) who was shown to be an avatar of all of the physical changes coming. The diagrams of everything coming appeared out of Hartley’s head and it was beyond anything I was capable of. The schematic of the communities to come, the inventions, the social and political realities, the buildings... all the infrastructure was presented for all. I was blown away. What I was told was coming did come and once again it was delayed because of the time difference between human and divine. Suffice to say that Hartley was well beyond anything Da Vinci ever was, or anyone else.

People were coming to see Hartley who had the power to operate sexually through anyone on anyone, as anyone and it became very apparent very soon that Hartley was widely known by rumor and testimony all over the place. A scenario evolved in which Harley demonstrated sexual events through people, not only taking them to states of enjoyment and release that few have ever experienced but also healing them in the process and anyone anywhere who suffered from the same. It was made clear that the primary problem and vehicle of human torment was all associated with a misperception of the sexual force and that this must be healed first before anything could happen. The whole tapestry of all religions was laid out and this point was made blindingly clear.

Somewhere through this it became apparent that the whole of my front yard was filled with entities from divine kingdoms, the lands of myth and legend and extra terrestrials. I had to walk out on to my deck with no pants on, only a shirt and greet them as the entity I had been told I was and which was also the reason for their presence. I was somewhat deranged, having drank only a few beers and thinking as I spoke, how ridiculous I must look. Tara was there with entities too numerous to name and we spoke for a bit. I then said I should probably shut up. I apologized for appearing crazy, comical and so forth and said, “You can’t expect God to conform to your expectations. He’s a lot more like this than he is what you have come to expect of him and yourselves”; quite some number of those there were Gods. I said, “I’ll probably be back and I’ll be sure to have pants on the next time.” This was outrageously funny, most especially for me. The fact is that I didn’t know what had happened to my pants and that wasn’t because of what one might first think.

Shortly after, we became aware of negative aliens and parasite aliens that closed off entrance to my place. It became more and more clear that the entire house and grounds were wired by the Pentagon in concert with the aliens and it was such an intricate affair that it was never settled until just before I left. These presences were operational all up and down the roads and were there from the first event. A space ship appeared in the sky and Hartley knew the pilot who came from a planet that was in charge of all documents and prototypes, all numbers and languages that were used for the construction and maintenance of the universe. He had a weapon on board that could destroy the Pentagon/alien apparatus that was in place. Is this not classic paranoid state as well as evidence of a severe schizophrenic break? This gets proven later when two parts of myself separate and remain so for days, having conversation with one another and so much more.

The action of the alien and the calling forth of my own powers resulted in a massive space war in which at least eight bad alien armadas were destroyed, including entire planets and parasite aliens who, I now know are our biggest problem. Space was completely clear and ships from several systems began to land. The alien who had been helping me whose name sounds something like Devona began to land. He had a beer on board for me and other things but never could land. Finally Hartley said, “He’s afraid, you have too much power.” The power was love. I grew tired of this and told him to get lost and not come back. That got resolved later on.

Okay, this qualifies as another segment. I see there will be no more than 4 now. I’ll put this up following the last one so that all of them will appear as one posting. Now I am going to take a break for some hours. Much backtracking is going to be required. Some things I won’t say but there will be enough for you to imagine what might have happened that I don’t want to talk about. Satan shows up next and gets fully explained. I will say that shortly following all of this I received a jacket that no one could put on and which radiated so much power that people were demanding I put it on to stop their discomfort. I threw it to Satan, effectively giving him the power to control and destroy everything and scaring the shit out of everyone. He just tossed it back to me and I put it on. I kept hearing about his all the way until I left. Later for more... This accounts for about half of the time involved, maybe less.

Part 3

The event with the spaceship was followed by a steady stream of people wandering in the area between the driveway and the walkway at the side of the house. The barrier was back up, knocked down, back up etc. On the night of the event there was a lot of unhappiness about the presence of Satan and The Anti Christ. After my tossing of the jacket of power to Satan I explained who he was. He removed his devil outfit (which was impressive) and I stated he was one of my most powerful angels. He blossomed into the sky in awesome brilliance. I explained that he took this role voluntarily and had the keys and secrets of darkness hidden in his breast and consciously forgot who he was in order to perform in this role.

The anti-Christ came forward and stepped out of his guise and was seen as someone with a terribly burned face. I had died centuries ago and he was saved as a result. He was a bad person at the time and went on to achieve immortality by a particular means and assumed the role. Both of them figured in public communications with me and stated they were my friend. All of what I am supposed to be is explained in the section coming which concerns Mother Nature. I’ll skip the general awareness of this already existing at this point and deal with it there.

A great deal of the time I wasn’t eating or sleeping. By the time Mother Nature appeared I was a mess and because of my appearance (calculated) I was allowed to perform a ritual which treated with M. Nature and unhindered or harassed in the hope that my weakness would result in missed steps in the ritual which would make the ritual impossible by me for a very long time.

For the next several days a lot of things took place in the lamia and were related to the sexual problems of humanity. Hartley was there until the end when he disappeared. I kept saying Hartley was making it all happen. Hartley kept saying I was making it all happen. Hartley was responsible for a lot of the good things that now exist but cannot be seen and would not take credit.

The events in the lamia ended and people were coming from all over. I was waiting for them but no one could get up the road to the house. A woman with green eyes and flaming red blonde hair appeared around the pathway accompanied by several ‘people’. She introduced herself as ‘the’ energy known by many names; the goddess personified in all cultures as Isis, Diana, Demeter and many more. I called her Lady Nature. She said our relationship would be explained after a ritual that she had come here to have me perform. Satan and an angel who had been around me for a very long time, named Gabrielle came into the frequency of sight for all. Gabrielle was attended by a group of angels whose numbers I am not sure of still but which are no more that 11.

When Lady Nature mentioned what she was there for I was instantly awakened and understood that I had loved her for many, many centuries. She told the story of how she had met me long, long ago when I was searching for her in the wild and how she had appeared to me and led me into secret places where we made love and how she had revealed so much to me. She mentioned my congress with Kali in the graveyard and other events that I knew from after my Kundalini event following my encounter with the man on the beach. There was a festive air and she made people laugh when she described my romance with her darker side and how I had gone mad previously and could experience these things without distress. This was in the early afternoon. She and I walked into the yard in back and began the ritual which went on for hours and ended in the early evening. The steps and words were enormously complex. As I came near the end she began to appear in various guises. Hartley was inside me and now was in a carrier bag on the lawn. The ritual expanded to include him. Finally the ritual ended and Lady Nature, glowing and filling the landscape with her presence came forward and said, “I am free”. I handed her her powers and others that I had won through various incarnations.

She came up on the deck with me. The carrier bag was empty and Hartley had gone away. She told the story then to those who were there and to the Native American and other indigenous cultures. She said that I had won avatar status through a continuous series of lives that totaled 300. Later she told me that all of this was allegorical but very real regardless. She said that though the avatar status appeared to be the motive for my taking so many lives and dying for love that it was true but not for the reasons explained.

Earlier that day an attempt was made on my life by those who had corrupted the avatar state in order to replace me with someone else. Twelve attempts were made while I was with her. She lifted the green apple juice that I had and explained its meaning in the ritual and many other things. She said I had done what I had done for the love of her and not as it had appeared and that I had concealed this all through and hidden parts of myself for millennium in order to be where I was today. She began to speak into the internet and across the world to many people and we could hear them responding and the numbers growing.

She told how I had been walking in the meadow several days earlier with someone who I thought was just a person I knew from the neighborhood and what he actually was and how I had looked at the ground and seen her and said, “Is that her”? I trembled when I realized that this had actually happened. A lot of things like this were commonplace. She said I covered my act and just walked on. Later that day I had returned to the place and extended my hand. She had risen out of the ground and we had walked through the meadow under the olive trees and she had kissed me and we had spoken. This had all happened and I had forgotten. She appeared at places around the planet and to Bholanath where she revealed something of her being. This is one reason I had contacted him on that night when everyone was gone.

She told how what had happened in America and many other places was all because her powers had been stolen and could only be recovered by what I did and at great risk to all. When she told me what people were responsible for this you can already guess who they are so I will not say. I had been performing the avatar ritual for several days and that was an amazing bit of work which I will describe in the comments section in a few days. She told me I should speak to Lord Surya and gain his voluntary assistance. I went out on the deck and raised my hands to the sun and he flat out blew me away... he turned me into liquid gold and I have never had a period of ecstasy like it. I gave him certain powers that I had and he was very pleased. He said he would track my movements and assist me.

Lady Nature told the people that I had given her half of my powers to act with others in the saving of the planets and the people. She told how the return of her powers guaranteed the return of the lands and cultures of indigenous peoples and I could see various Native Americans watch the return of the sacred buffalo to the plains. Many things like this happened then. There were a great deal of tears and rejoicing.

I was beaten and exhausted and trapped into a ritual by one of the people who had accompanied her and driven to where I could not even stand only to learn that this person was abusing me from jealously concerning the lady. I drove them from the property with some violent actions. These were actual people, not entities.

Earlier Lady Nature revealed my angels and it came around to my asking for them to be my companions. They were about to be freed from service. Because they wanted to stay and because, you can just imagine that I wanted them, god gave them to me. Not a moment has passed since then that Gabrielle is not sitting beside me. She has all the equipment of angels and a face of porcelain with enormous eyes that are reminiscent of the faces of aliens that we have all seen. She now has a human face as well. I am leaving out a lot but we will pick up the final segment with the night when I was near destroyed. I had not eaten or slept and was burned out by the ritual with Lady Nature. She had left (I thought) to go among her people and was to return. My voice had nearly gone and was no more than a croak so that I could not perform protective rituals. Everyone was gone and I was alone inside the house. Poncho was nearby by unable to help.

I will take some time at the end of the next and final segment to backtrack and insert many things which have not appeared. I will explain where Lady Nature now is and how where she was in the final days insured my safety and led to (I thought) amazing events and the destruction of a nasty little nation whose name leaps to any mind anywhere.

Part 4 will be the most dramatic of the segments because of things that I discovered of which I had previously been unaware and because I know the reader will instantly go, "Of course!" It will probably be tomorrow before I finish. I am sorry that there is a lot of atmosphere and other things missing from this segment. I could not paint this as a living picture because of the effect it would have on me. I will sort that out in the backtrack which will be an additional segment.

Part 4

So, I was in the house after a day of pure exhaustion not having slept or eaten and I found myself making croaking noises as if I had a respiratory problem. I knew something was wrong but I thought it was just an extension of the crushing fatigue. While sitting in my chair in my office I found myself crying out. It was some time before I actually heard what I was saying. I was saying, “Help me”, please help me” over and over. This seemed very odd to me. I wasn’t frightened but apparently part of me was. I kept moving from my chair to the bed in the lamia and back. Then I would go outside to the walkway at the side of the house. I was expecting someone but they never came.

I knew I had to relax and that I could and that would happen and then I would be up and moving through the circuits again. My mind focused on the circular light in the center of the fan on the ceiling. This is where God would talk to me, here and on the wall of the kitchen above a shelf that had been built there. Any elementary psychology student could see volumes with this. It can be assumed that I was aware of all of that all through. I could not hear God now and knew the communication had been compromised. It had happened before. If anything was scary it was the mute light above that had been the source of so much illumination about the situation but was now a menacing object.

Before this began and after the 12 hour sits with the man on the beach I had had a long interaction with God at the wall and this was so informing and unique that it did much to aid my belief in everything that followed. I often remembered it. The night before, a beautiful girl arrived who had an aura of unusual power. She said I had rescued her in Milan some years ago when she was 13 and had become the sexual toy of an aging vampire in the fashion business where she had begun employment. I remembered it all but never questioned that I had never been to Milan except in recent time. When I rescued her it was by spiritual extension operating at a distance and I was shown how I had done a lot of this and still do but don’t know about it. I killed this man to free her and made it possible for her to move in the environment of powerful men, heads of state and to cause all sorts of mischief among them. She now looked about 16 but was obviously older. Everyone in the room was aware of her. She took off her top and turned her back to me and there was an electric glowing tattoo there over the whole surface of the skin. She was the manifestation of my Kundalini and had arrived with the man on the beach. He was me in the future and she was his lover in some arcane way.

Later it turned out that everyone was a fraud and my enemy and then later that turned out not to be true either. Strange individuals began to arrive at different times and to make requests to conduct business with my permission. Some of them were practitioners of what we might call evil but who were much preferable to those operating now. One of them brought a gypsy girl as a gift and she kept trying to embrace me. When I let her she began to change my state of being. I tossed her aside and told them I didn’t want her. They were surprised. They thought any man would want the changes that came from having congress with this girl. It conferred powers in the darker realms. My Kundalini told them I already had these.

I woke up the morning after the terrible attack and remembered that I had written several people about my situation. Help had come in the night. As soon as I awoke I knew there was something very bad about to happen. I ran outside and called to the sun although I could only whisper. He came into my mind and I asked if he could restore my voice. Amazingly he did and it stayed present for some hours until it went away once the danger was gone. I am only now getting it back via the healing efforts of Lady Nature who told me she doesn’t do miraculous cures except in certain situations and that real time healing is what I get.

I asked the sun what was happening and he told me that Lady Nature was again confined but still in possession of her powers though unable to use them and that my angels were compromised due to sacrifices made on my behalf prior to the activities of the previous night. Satan was also bound. The sun freed all of them and everyone arrived. The sun cleared them and found all sorts of traps. I should mention that though Satan seemed very helpful through everything and would often tell people who thought they were in a position to hurt me that he worked for me, which blew their minds. Evil serves the one like anything else. It did turn out that he was not my friend and a more correct relationship followed (grin). The angel within was my friend but the outer casing of an eternal verity was not.

Because we were able to free everyone and because the sun accomplished it in a way that kept this information secret we were able to not only stop what the evil alien-Israeli and puppet leaders were up to but to fuck them badly in ways they did not realize until too late.

I had been having a hard time understanding how things I was doing like eliminating all pollution and conferring gifts upon existence were seen and then not seen, happened and then seemed not to have happened and there had been a constant pressure for me to publicly announce these things. It is lucky for me that this was of no importance because I would look like a loon now; as if I didn’t already. Then I was shown, due to a ritual all of us engaged in when Lady Nature and the angels were freed... then I saw what is really happening. The real danger to natural life on this planet comes from alien intelligence and ancient forces on the inner planes which are allied with Israel which is an instrument of evil and whose people are the children of the devil. This, the devil made plain to all of us. Due to magical powers possessed by the aliens and ancient forces and which involve technology and occult powers there is a curtain that has descended on the minds of all humanity... good and bad and it radiates a controlled reality. It veils and often consumes positive acts as if they never happened.

I saw this in action many times and could not defeat it in the beginning. It is now broken. This mechanism is broken and only continues due to focused concentration by these forces which cannot rebuild it and focus too. This came about by accident it seems when I suddenly turned and let go all of the force I had at them eight times until it seemed I had no force left and then let go with a large reserve. This was facilitated by my associates.

A lot happened that I can’t remember right now or can’t say or which has been edited by whoever does that in my case. At one point Susanne called on the phone to tell me she had seen what was happening in the lamia (grin) and that she thought it was beautiful. That seriously impressed me. Then she had called during the ritual with Lady Nature; actually the exhaustion ritual that followed and I had handed the phone to that fellow who had engineered it and told him to tell her all was fine etc. He let the phone lay there. Two days later I am sitting in the chair in the lamia when I see our dog Lily walk by. What the Hell? Is it her or... then I knew. I walked outside and Susanne was there with a companion that we knew who had dropped what he was doing to come with her. They had driven 1400 K. Susanne thought I was in terrible danger. I was sitting in the chair drinking a beer. She couldn’t believe I looked as good as I did and although the things I told them were, shall we say, incredible, it was apparent that I was rational in all the important ways.

Over the next 3 days everything integrated and Susanne spoke with neighbors and whatever it all was it wasn’t insanity or even negative. As is often the case, Susanne does not believe in any of what I take as reality but she has seen too much to discount it. The case of Poncho is compelling as he is completely changed and many characteristics gone and replaced by new ones. The companion who accompanied her was more and more curious and believing as I went along. We drove back in the most rapid and effortless journey ever taken and experienced time distortions that were incredible. Changes in me and the dogs and other things are impossible to explain in normal rational ways. The power of the reality control curtain interposes frequently but is no match for the glaring reality that something supernatural occurred and is occurring.

I should mention that, after the ritual when Lord Surya freed everyone, Lady Nature went inside me and is there now and has been every minute. She rises to greet me every time we go into Nature and it’s quite and event. My inviting her inside caused a lot of things to happen that the dark side could not prevent or figure out because when they looked she always was found sitting outside. She’s already provided some amazing evidence of her power to formerly disbelieving individuals which makes this present environment amusing to say the least and much more than that. I find myself in an enviable position of having the uniqueness of this state confirmed regularly and this is the sole reason for my writing this because I know it will be confirmed at any time when it is important and no matter who may be present.

I go now shortly to a serious solstice celebration and will be gone tonight or tomorrow morning so there will be a couple of days of nothing happening here as far as posting comments or such. Meanwhile, carry on and I will think about backtracking the event and anything additional which I will have up today and maybe a Smoking Mirrors too; got to do the radio show also... busy... busy (grin). And a little ‘nevermore’ as well as some, ‘so what’ and a little ‘watch where we are this time next week and see if it doesn’t all go back to what we call normal no matter what anyone thinks’.

To those dumbfounded by this or generally inclined to disbelief I say, “sorry but that’s how it is”. I also state what I have said a number of times recently, “Go ask Nature. Ask within... confront all of this in your own way and see if some of you don’t get a reaction in some shape or form. This isn’t just happening to me. My case is a little unique in that my whole life has been about this but not unique in relation to others and do watch what now happens in the world. It’s about to go nova in a lot of different ways. I’ll be in and out through the day.

Remember we are talking about a span of almost two months and the intense part covering nearly a month of non stop activity.

Part 5 (Backtracking)

This is the backtracking post that concludes the event I passed through recently in Italy. It’s good I get this done now because it’s about to start happening again. I must say that I am looking forward to it. I know a lot of people would cringe at the return of such a thing but it just excites me in a way that few things do.

What I didn’t mention but which was much discussed some weeks before the events detailed here was the Kundalini event that resulted in my hardly sleeping at all for two weeks. After this most recent event I sleep a great deal (grin). I have no idea what to expect in the next one. I’m still tripping over RJ mentioning Wesak who was the God I met (or was inside of) on the first morning when the first series of events began. Apparently Wesak is the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday and his enlightenment. Some say his death too.

Between the Kundalini experience and the beginning of the first of the series of events in the most recent period of extra dimensional activity there was a period of about ten days of pretty constant conversation that had to do with what was coming up. My previous understanding of these kinds of things was that it’s always in the future somewhere and likely to just integrate back into the dance. I was wrong. It came upon me much faster than I expected, if I expected it at all and this is all connected to my hearing, “I’m here now. Yes, I’ve always been here but in a dreaming state except for those exceptional moments but now I am here, right here, right now and I’m going to be.” Then in the event came the additions of “Everything is changed now. Everything is different. Everything is really changed.” And, “It has begun. It’s happening right now and it is inevitable no matter what you do. Nothing can stop or alter it. The only differences lie in how you perceive it and that is soon made as positive as can be.”

During most of the experiences, I was performing a ritual of power which had me standing in the back of the property (after I found out it had been rendered ineffective close to the house and then my voice was made near inaudible as well). I would stand with my legs apart, just beyond my shoulders and with my hands palms inward by my thighs, sweep my arms inward and all the way around over my head in circles for each, crossing over each other and resulting in palms outward as my hands came even with my shoulder and returning inward as they returned downward and say, “In the name of the avatar”. Then I would do two more sweeps while saying, “By the power of the avatar”. Then, with my right hand like a knife held pointing outward I would state what I wanted accomplished, bringing my knife of a hand down and pressing the request into a container of sorts, followed by two more sweeps where the phrase, “By the power of the avatar” followed by my bending over toward the Earth and slashing downward with my right and sometimes my left hand as well, say, “Make it happen, right here, right now, make it real right now, right here” or permutations to that effect. I found that I had left this part out on some occasions or forgotten its need and couldn’t understand why nothing happened. One of my companions (probably Elder God) set me straight and all I had to do was another ritual which stated the inclusion of things being held on the virtual plane. I got all sorts of things done and was sure they had happened. I could see and feel the evidence and then find that it was gone and it hadn’t happened.

I told someone to go to the pope and recite “Sete viome, Sete Viomo’_ (not sure that is correct) followed by “pederaste pope” 3 times. The person was virtually visible to me and when he did this... saying this at the gate of the Vatican and at all points through brought him directly to the Pope. The Pope said, “Tell Visible hello” or something like that and I found myself with the pope and Satan (whom he served) standing by a piece of ground that was not where I was but it was all happening for my viewing there and The Pope made certain pronouncement over the ground and it became apparent that whatever was buried there was now accessible. I knew otherwise and told those I left to guard it not to attempt to retrieve what was in the ground because it would instantly kill them and send them to Hell. Someone didn’t listen to me.

I showed up in front of various world leaders and behind the scenes controllers with Satan and had some interesting chats. At each place I would turn to Satan and ask, “Who do you work for?” and he would say, “You. You are my employer.” Which would seriously freak out whoever I was talking to because they thought Satan was an independent agent. His job, a cosmic one, was to encourage the evil in the hearts of men and to be the witness and prosecuting attorney at the end of the road which might come at any time.

I turned into a young lady at one point while still a man and felt all of the sensations that attend that role. At one point I went all the way down the road as her to where the main road (still a back road- over a kilometer away) is the top bar of a T. and back in a state of high distress because of all the alien and parasite energies and powers that stopped all traffic and the delivery of things I asked for. Later there was a break between me and myself so that I had conversations with myself and also found myself saying the same thing in unison. Other times one of us would tell a story that either of us knew had happened to us, not some other person and then realize that we were the same person. This got forgotten a lot and led to several amusing experiences. In one of them I thought he was John Cusak.

He would go into stores with me and then disappear into the back part of me though I would still be talking to him. No one seemed to notice anything. He was part of a long conversation with Obama and others during which Obama was thinking of having me killed and I pointed out to him that everyone who tried wound up killing themselves. That didn’t seem to have any impact on him even though he knew I couldn’t be harmed. I was able to enter him telepathically and found that he was much more evil than I had imagined, a real psychopath who had done some horrible things. All of these nogoodnicks had done terrible things to children. I had the hidden history of everyone at my finger tips and I told him what I knew and told him that I wouldn’t release this info unless he annoyed me by trying to kill me. Someone tried it while he and I and others were sitting there in my office. I felt it and commented on it.

I saw the whole new world coming in virtual reality and how Hartley had designed communities for all sensibilities and how the communities could ban all sorts of behavior they didn’t like so that everyone with certain predilections and tastes wound up together. People could go anywhere but they were aware that they were only tolerated up to a point in other neighborhoods. Evil had its own neighborhoods where anything goes and you could hire protection or buy immunity in various ways. It was always trying to spread but I had my eye on it in a certain way and always caught it. I realized that due to a cosmic pattern that evil had been allowed to grow and grow and grow until the avatar had to come and destroy it using evil to perform it on itself. I eliminated this and made it so that evil had no parity ever and could not grow beyond a certain small size. Hartley set up financial limits on what anyone could have and after that people seeking to acquire fortunes had to work for the good of all without remuneration. The gods were impressed with our methods. I also had to destroy a lot of the old Gods with a ritual that Lady Nature knew and which we performed while they were busy collaborating with evil to effect my demise. This had a profound affect on life and the general emotional and psychic atmosphere to a wonderful degree.

I destroyed a certain country and all of its inhabitants. It came down to certain verities in which I saw this was the most effective thing and I really didn’t have a choice. I then gave the country to the previous inhabitants. This was accomplished on the virtual and I was made to understand that it was now a fait accompli that would be initiated when the time came and that it was made possible by breaking the back of evil and the controllers during a period of intense application. Now it only exists through the agency of a focused concentration by those on the inner planes who are in the process of being swept out into the manifest and into the physical bodies of those they were controlling for the purpose of judgment. Les Visible, whom I no longer was, made out very well but we won’t go into that. I was able to exist as him and as what I had become through the release of certain forces and other things locked up inside me in things like chests and which I was given to understand that every human also possessed.

There were a whole lot of scenarios like this including a tearful reunion with my close friends the dolphins and that was something to behold as they did all kinds of things in the ocean to demonstrate something. It turns out that they are the repository for certain benevolent alien intelligences and I proclaimed a unchangeable law of immediate application for anyone who sought to harm them. I was crying so hard during this event that I could hardly manage what I had to do. There followed communications with all of the other creatures and Lord Ganesh showed up near the end in a tuxedo and we would stroll up and down the road outside my property that dead ends at one point and we had some amazing conversations and he said he was going to bring The Devic Realm to me and that he was going to make all kinds of things happen that I had long dreamed of and he told me to consider him a friend and that he was aware of me all through the five years or so when I was very regularly chanting through the day a particular Ganesh chant that, for some reason I cannot remember at the moment... oh there it is... Om hari Sri ganapatiyay nama avig namos du.. which isn’t written like that but sounds like that.

I realize I could add all sorts of events about Gabrielle and the angels, Lady Nature, Elder (inner) God and others but this gives a good idea. There were also entities that would appear behind me that had no affiliation with anything and were mysterious to everyone and who inexplicably began to do things of their own accord. Time to stop now. Thus ends what I intend to say about this except that it continues to the present moment sans the active altered dimensional states which are due to begin happening again as soon as tomorrow. And so it goes.


TheSparkle said...

That is good news. I have been seeking a walled garden for the 17 dogs which I look after. And Molly has baby buns in the oven. Maybe they can be born into a better world.

wv: ounce

Visible said...

Part 2 is in this same post and all of them will appear here. Am taking a break for awhile.

Visible said...

Please note that at Smoking Mirrors there are now so many comments that you may well not be on the most recent page. Look for the blue words (very small) 'newer' and newest' to navigate to the present. They are at the bottom or top of the page or both.

McKenna Fan said...

Look on this as entertainment?

It`s ALL entertainment, my man!

Roll on with it!!

Always enjoying your style.

Dammerung said...

Quite an outrageous story.

But this is just an inner universe thing, isn't it? We're still going to have to go to work. Still have to stop for flashing blue and red lights. Still have to genuflect whenever one of the hallowed Archons makes its way past.

Apocalyptic visions are universal in spiritual literature. The Apocalypse of John is one but few people know about the Apocalypse of Adam, Apocalypse of Peter, et c. et c. The system of the world that is oppressive managed to endure those revelations - why should it not endure forever?

Dammerung said...

Off the top of my head I can name a dozen anime series or JRPGs that end in an Apocalypse or a similar revelatory vision of divinity -

Serial Experiments Lain
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Chaos Head
Paranoia Agent
Ergo Proxy
Star Ocean: Til the End of Time

I hate the Black Iron Prison, but I am also terrified of it. Its power is unimaginable. It has survived all of those piercings, above. How could it fail to survive another?

Visible said...

Maybe... but as for the work part and the rest, there's no 'we' in 'me', not that I am not fully employed and if it had been a fully personal or internal universt' thing then there wouldn't have been other actual people involved all through as becomes even more apparent further on.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, great uptake on this!

This is better than your book you share last year. Much faster and to the point? Some themes seem to be repeatng in both. Healing/control and sex seem to come up a lot?

Its super healthy to share such things and reflect. Thank you for being open to your self and having the forsite to share. I should wait to comment till your trip is done. I have a few ideas forming here.

The spilting or other parts of you seem very healthy and on a path of growth. We are only one person, but to affect and see our place we need to spilt as we spilt ideas and put them back together. That you take on this in a bodly form is most powerful. Timing is big on that, I feel.

"I have learned that God’s time and my time are not the same. This time is speeding up until divine and human time are soon the same."

This theme seems to be running in the back ground much here. I suggest but have no clue, you have moved into "divine time" many times over the past few, but leave it we you act out the ideas you have spilt and are playing with? Thats all good, and much more may follow? I take it you laugh a lot during all of this? Thats good too! When I speak with the mother, she laughs a lot! I should think, if I spoke with the man hed be laughing at me too!

What fun man, thanks!

Love Your Life

Neko Kinoshita said...

I love the way you write, and I am waiting for the next wave to break.


Anonymous said...


I've been lurking in the background for the several days of your 'event' and I must say good work!

I'm not sure about anything anymore, but that feels as if that's truly the most divine spot to stand upon; any direction my mind travels from this point is going 'somewhere'. I feel a bit like I'm standing on the point a compass needle floats upon and from here I can freely look where I please.

I feel the base line being played by celestial hands and pretty soon the whole band will join in. We'll see some serious dancing then.


Anonymous said...


I've only read the accounts of Graham Hancock when he took the psycho-active substance, iboga, used in parts of Africa, (and later, ayahuasca) described in his book "Supernatural" and of the anthropologist Jeremy Nabor, when he took ayahuasca, described in "The Cosmic Serpent". Hancock's theory is that one has access to different frequencies of reality, which are there always, when under the influence of ayahuasca, etc.

I would like to know how your dogs were behaving during your experience.

The word you refer to, paradeez, is in the language Urdu (an Indo-European language, descendant of Indo-Iranian, with Arabic and Turkish loanwords, from the Mongol - Mughal- rulers of former North India, of which Pakistan was a part) which is one of the languages of Pakistan. (There was no "Ïndia", of course, until the British created it. Only the sub-continent with many kingdoms and rulers.)

The language Urdu, written with the Arabic script, is equal to the language Hindustani, written with the Devanagiri script. Very close to to Hindi (which has more Sanskrit words), one language of present North India. The followers of the religion of Hinduism are Hindus (early British spelling was Hindoos), Hindi being one of the languages.

The word Paradise (paradeez in Urdu) goes back to the (Persian) Avestan word pairidaeza = enclosure, park, from pairi = around (related to Gk peri) and diz = to form, make (wall).

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great stuff Les.

Just a side bit here:

Phil Tourney survived the June 8, 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that left 34 Americans dead and 175 wounded.

It was during this Israeli operation that Tourney gave a one-fingered salute to armed Israeli troops as they hovered in helicopters over the USS Liberty while preparing to rappel to the deck and, he surmises, kill the survivors and sink the ship. Just then the captain aboard a nearby U.S. carrier scrambled jets to assist a vessel under attack by an "ally."

"kill the survivors and sink the ship" you just gotta love that zionist army!


Angeline said...

I'm following along from the coast of Washington State about an hour from town in either direction. Been here 2 1/2 mo this time, longer I am here the more this feeling arises of "something" going on. For awhile I could hardly concentrate and as always I really appreciate coming here to read you. The mind had begun to quiet this week and everyday I sit in the rain forest and go to the ocean. Your story spun my head this morning as only meaningful messages can do, esp those that connect with other seemingly unrelated parts that are found to be of course related. This will be with me as I connect and feel my own way through this time.
Thank you, love to you,

Visible said...

Only one dog was with me, Pancho. The little guy I took back here when I came up in February and there was no internet. He is now with the area dog trainer. I found him in the rain when just over 5 weeks old. He proved so exceptional and smart that the dog trainer had to take him. Then it was discovered he had a coming serious hip problem so they have made arrangements to replace it and he's on a silk cruise for life.

Pancho was indestructible and stayed outside nearly all of the time. His part was to have something concealed on him when I was in the most trouble and something was being looked for. This has resulted in several blessings for him so he goes around with a big smile on his face all the time which is noticed by everyone. He's a changed doggie. This is one of the most compelling evidences that something happened.

Dammerung said...

Well, something better happen at any rate. I've never felt more physical pain or mental exhaustion in my entire life. I've been burning the candle at both ends for a long time now and I'm running out of wax. Dies irae or bust

Visible said...


Protection of self for all who are not consciously willing to accept anything as being so, no matter what;

"I believe it could be true and if it is I will be shown."

This shuts down the controller which is causing the energy loss and all attendant negative phenomena for those in a particular state. It is applied as a general truth in the mind.

Dammerung said...

What difference has the truth ever made?

Spiritual truth is like - trees converting CO2 to oxygen. It happens. It happens if you believe, it happens if you don't. You can't make it happen, you can't make it not happen. Our lives are mere epiphenomenea of the natural process. we have no "value" to process because it is not capable of holding values.

The conversion of CO2 to O2 doesn't rescue an innocent man from Death Row, nor does it put the guilty man behind bars. How can we really, genuinely expect help that isn't in the form of a grave?

Vanguard said...

"Before the Al Jazeera video was cut off, it clearly shows one of the commandos who had been lowered from the helicopter brandishing an Uzi silencer-equipped submachine gun. It shoots the 9-mm rounds that the Turkish coroner found in the bodies of the nine slain Turkish defenders. The use of such machine guns could help explain the large number of gunshot wounds in most of the victims, as well as the very high number of those wounded (about 47) by Israeli gunfire."

"If Israeli commandos were really intent on minimizing casualties, one shot in the leg would have been enough to incapacitate a baton-wielding assailant. The presence of at least one Uzi, however, indicates it may have been Israel's preferred method of crowd control. The fact that this weapon with silencer is relatively quiet may have made it possible to inflict maximum injury on the most people without drawing unnecessary attention."

"Poignantly, this video shows Muslim medics fervently trying to save the life of a wounded Israeli commando. In contrast, testimony of survivors said Knesset member Haneen Zuabi, aboard the Mavi Marmara, desperately tried to convince the Israeli commandos to allow medical aid for wounded Turks. The Israelis refused, and the victims bled to death."

O ye enemies of Christ! Ye fallen ones!

In all the earth, ye lovers of great sin, strike as with one blow. Blood spilt, to the waters, under dark sky, in pain.

Ye lovers of darkness and death, are one people. The condemnation of the whole is the bitter fruit of thine individual iniquities. Thy father is Satan, well are ye taught.

Sulphurous fires gleam red in thy mad eyes. Yet all your dark dreams shall fade. In utter dark, thou are lost.

"Then they took my son, they had him strip naked and they also stared firing between his legs to terrorize him. I held my mother, she was ninety. The Israeli soldiers started rounding up women and they forced me and my mother outside the house. My mother was barefoot and there was so much shattered glass outside the door. They forced her to walk on the glass. Her feet started to bleed."

"If we consider the numbers of Palestinians possibly murdered during the Nakba and later through various massacres, including Deir Yassin where pregnant women literally had their unborn babies ripped from their bodies and killed and also the massacre in Jenin and most recently in Gaza, the numbers of Palestinian murdered by Israel in its genocide, could well be in the millions."

O ye rulers of men, lovers of thyselves. Thine armies unleashed, art thy humanity lost. Sealed unto Satan with the horrors unveiled.

Devouring youth, innocence...wishes and dreams. Spitting forth poisons which burned amid screams.

Ye leaders of nations, lovers of wealth. To thy great god mammon is all worship and thought.

Your idols stand frozen, thy souls leak into the dust. Stony gaze into dying gaze.

Behold, ye sycophants, bloated with wealth, having taken of the children of the earth: Health and hope. Life and light. Yea, even their inheritance unto generations.

Their gardens are spoilt. Their homes deserted. Where sings the bird? Where wanders the lamb?

Ye reavers of children, their lives and their light. All the coins thou gatherest, beyond hearing and sight. They are thy moments, in time before man. From eternity thus taken, reduced by that span.

As the Lord God liveth, those blessed lives taken, art thine eternity lost.

Visible said...

Part 3 is now up.

bholanath said...

Mr. (now extremely more) Visible -

Astonishing and amazing!
Deliriously inspiring, and, may I say, hilarious. I mean that in a deep way, as I know this applies only to 'after the fact'.
Truly amazing to have the gift of sharing this with such clarity and feeling. Yow!
It feels so good, bro.

I would like to assure you of my sincere respect and gratitude to you, and that nothing I might have said implied any condescension or 'comparisons', but merely my attempt to convey somewhat of an understanding and acceptance of your communications and reports.

Know too that I was among probably many others who didn't know the actuality of what was taking place, but who were standing with you in spirit and calling on their own greatest allies to be of any assistance to you if needed.

Thanks and praises
-bholanath out

Anonymous said...

damms hang in there also anyone else who's feeling it at the mo.


Visible said...


It was her that asked for and mentioned you without any input on my part. I was there for all of this and I am still incredulous. It's still happening too. The thing with the angels is amazing. I went for a walk with Susanne and the dogs at dusk and The Sun- Lord Surya had some things to say and then asked for the angels. They all flew to him and have not returned except for one who is here now and no word- nor curiosity on my part- about the rest except for, "Oh, it's good alright. good for you."

Can't process it at all. (grin)

Franz said...

Incredibly compelling Les.

It's worth mentioning (or it's just a bat I got going thru my belfry right now) but if these strange times of ours had a Kerouac or a Hemingway they would be experiencing and laying it down about like you are here.

Makes it a shame, because I just went to a giant brick and mortar B&N bookstore and found nothing worth reading. Compelling writing and REALITY ITSELF has abandoned the print world.

But when it comes back... and I expect it might, sooner than we all think... you might want to clear your calendar if you still bother with one.

m_astera said...

She was a gordian shape of dazzling hue,
Vermilion-spotted, golden, green, and blue;
Striped like a zebra, freckled like a pard,
Eyed like a peacock, and all crimson barr’d;
And full of silver moons, that, as she breathed,
Dissolv’d, or brighter shone, or interwreathed
Their lustres with the gloomier tapestries—
So rainbow-sided, touch’d with miseries,
She seem’d, at once, some penanced lady elf,
Some demon’s mistress, or the demon’s self.
Upon her crest she wore a wannish fire
Sprinkled with stars, like Ariadne’s tiar:
Her head was serpent, but ah, bitter-sweet!
She had a woman’s mouth with all its pearls complete:
And for her eyes: what could such eyes do there
But weep, and weep, that they were born so fair?

John Keats, Lamia, 1819

The strange vision that keeps recurring in my mind since that night is of insectile, crab-claw like fingers clutching at money, at bags of gold and hoarded wealth. All I see is the fingers reaching and clutching, and then I see my hands snapping or clipping those fingers off, like crisp branches, exoskeleton fingers. The stubs ooze dark fluid and draw back from their hoard, but soon come back and I clip them off again. It's a very strange little video to have playing randomly and repeatedly.

I'm smoking a nice cigar, a Don Quijote Robusto, and thinking about what someone wrote on Reality Sandwich the other day, that tobacco will be worth more than gold or silver. A special package arrived a couple of days ago, from the New Hope Seed Company in Bon Aqua Tennessee: Nine kinds of tobacco seeds. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

be back with a poem tommorow peoples,
we have got our mr visibles back,
the flowers are blooming more and the sun is just that little bit shinier
and I think I noticed the birds singing in a higher pitch.


GodSend said...

Hey - Les Incredible - you have been doing FAR too many weird mushrooms and God-only-knows what other mind-altering substances in your life - and it sure looks like it has finally taken its toll! If I were you, I would give Ganesha a good yank on his elephant trunk the next time you guys are playing Pinocle or Canasta or spin-the-bottle or whatever and maybe that will bring you back to reality - but I doubt it.

I pity the poor suckers here who have been bamboozled to think you're the bee's knees of Hindu-stan - or whatever you like to name the weird realm of the totally absurd, which you now inhabit. The most memorable line is: "God thanked me for waking him up" - or something similarly amusing and absurd.

Better turn yourself in to a shrink before they come and get you, dress you up in a white jacket - and you'll have to spend the rest of your days hatching elephant eggs in the cuckoo's nest!

I am reminded of the demons who were compelled to enter some swine, which sent them charging into a lake to drown. DO stay away from large bodies of water, if you choose not to turn yourself in for your own good.

Anonymous said...

Maybe my understanding is poor. Or maybe your literary genius is beyond me.
Or maybe the conspiracy theorist in me is doing overtime thinking that your blog had been hijacked by 'them'.
If this is your idea of communication with God, then it would only scare off those who is trying to seek God.

God is 'Lai sa' nothing that resembles anything in this earth. That is definite. The Creator is nothing like the Creations.
Remember also the voices that we heard in us could be those of our Nafs (ego) or the voice of Satan or from our Pure Soul (from God).
It is not easy to differentiate it but it is also not impossible.

Anyway I am still trying to crack my head on your post after a long absence. Perhaps there are underlying meaning that is beyond me.
But it sure is hard work.

Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...

Brothrt Les, you are standing at the center of the universe.... many many more miracles will you witness.. time is short and quick.
God Be with YOU..Les,

Vanguard said...

"What happened to the dedicated human rights activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla in the early hours of Monday 31 May was yet another example of Israel’s barbarity against innocent human beings, yet by the following afternoon it could not even be called the latest attack."

"A 21-year-old American photographer was shot in the eye by what is thought to have been a high-velocity tear-gas canister. Emily Henochowicz was immediately rushed to hospital; she now has only one eye."

"On Tuesday, three Palestinians were killed in Gaza including a 65-year-old woman who was shot in the legs in the area of the Kerem Shalom crossing."

"In the northern West Bank, settlers from the Yitzhar colony torched around 100 dunums of Palestinian almond and olive groves on Wednesday."

"Thursday morning brought yet more Palestinian blood; this time is was the blood of two schoolboys. As children from Al-Aroub refugee camp crossed a road on their way to class a car stopped and an armed settler stepped out of the vehicle. According to witnesses, the settler then proceeded to open fire on the schoolboys. This incident happened in full view of the permanently manned IDF watchtowers that dominate the entrance to Al-Aroub Camp. Two boys were shot; one was hit in the thigh, whilst the second boy is still in critical condition after being shot through his stomach. Doctors are as yet still unsure if this boy will survive. Following the shooting the settler got back in his car and drove away."

These violent acts are dark expressions of pure evil.

They are the result of immoral insanity.

Woe to the individuals: hating, burning, shooting, murdering.

Woe to the soldiers who look upon it with apathy or glee.

Woe to the officers and politicians whose orders and laws condone such, in practice (de facto).

Woe still to the blasphemous "spiritual leaders", any Rabbis, spouting any Biblical, Talmudic or other teaching, torturously contorted to call that which is evil, good.

Woe indeed to--not the hapless--but the vehemently lusting and crazed civilian supporters of such murderous hate.

The blood and fires of each and every act drench and scorch them all.

Moreover, there is no end to it, no place in all the earth, where those who openly or in their hearts support such heinous acts, feel not too the reddish, burning flecks from hell.

In all the lands, ye craven, bloody servants of Satan, repent ye, and beg forgiveness of the Lord, both day night, in sackcloth and ashes, for thy destruction is nigh at hand.

Yea, even do the vultures flee from the stench, not willing to feast upon thy unclean flesh, tainted of thy souls' rot.

In all the lands, ye servants of the Lord, working out thy salvation with fear and trembling, sorrowful at the pain and loss, pray ye for mercy, and a change of heart for the damned.

For soon enough will the Lord stretch out His hand and cover such wickedness from the face of heaven.
Yea, even shall such brazen, entrenched evil, fully fruiting, be cast, burning, into hell, that the earth be cleansed.

Yea, even shall the blood of the innocent fallen be answered from on high.

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Visible said...

Actually I expected a lot more than I got by way of incredulity. First thing I can say is that drugs are not responsible. Pressing toward one thing and having it mean more than anything else, really mean more, so that nothing can act as a material anchor is the cause.

Not meaning any offense, sincerely, you will note that the two new comments that indicate confusion or outright rejection are both made by individuals who are already certain in their minds that God is something they are sure about and that no other characteristics or definitions are allowed.

I'm simply relating what happened to me, in my head or wherever this sort of thing occurs. If I didn't have a lot of physical evidence and witness observers who weren't naturally inclined toward accepting such things I probably wouldn't have written this and I know that as these specific coming weeks pass that both external events and the resurrection of the blogs and radio shows will cause the collective mind that arrives here to even forget that this ever got written.

I would say that after several posts at the various locations that most everyone will react as they always do and this will be like a dream remembered but not often referenced.

A quick mention; people coming to Smoking Mirrors can't locate the newest comments. Look on the page for the small blue ink words, 'newer', 'newest', or whatever they are saying and you can navigate. There are so many comments that several pages are involved. There is nothing more mysterious than that.

I've written and will finish today, a wide overview of, at least, what I remember happening and still remember vividly and also that entities I mentioned are still present. Not only am I comfortable with it but I like it a great deal. There's no danger in this. The danger is nearly completely gone but also understood as was never the case before.

I recognize the impact on the minds of various readers and how it could compromise a lot of work and belief that has been built over time. I also realize that in a short time, those readers will forget this and remember that I said so too.

Like I said, treat it as entertainment. Don't harass your mind to accept what you find unacceptable. See it as a story and quit looking for a culprit like drugs. You would be wrong.

Can I say more? Probably. I will say that I have left out and will leave out the truly disturbing because there's no good in that except for those who would immediately be able to understand it and they don't need it. As for anything said about Satan or the like you will find that Christian scripture confirms what I said and let's not have to find out that I know your own scripture better than you. The first thing I noted during the event that connected with what you call evil was how everything dovetailed with literal scriptural statements.

Vanguard said...

Visible, m_astera, bholanath, veritas6464, Light Keeper...other warriors quiet...

I rejoice in what was willfully accomplished, in courage.

Verily, a "shadow of good things to come" shall lead to "the very image of things" ...thereunto...

Visible - we know I can say nothing else, other than, "Thanks for abiding some hereabouts...!"

And, "Keep the insights flowing!"

To all: Les Visible, in his written and spoken comments, touches upon truths which cannot be only guessed at, and which are signs to many in various paths. Good journeys to all on your chosen paths.

Lastly, I'm fond of a concept shared with me long ago, that if we could see each other as being in construction zones all our lives--realizing that we mind not or at least understand the inconvenience, scaffolding and patchwork of such sites--that perhaps we would be more patient and understanding with each other.

Visible said...

Part 4 is up now in this post.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

The Whore of Babylon Parties in the Bathhouse of Hell.>

Anonymous said...

Hey Les Thank you for being you

Anonymous said...

"The creator is nothing like the creations " It makes me smile when I hear someone state with absolute certainty what God is or is not.I am smiling now.
Les, I would love to see this as a novel, of course you'll have to work quickly or it will have to be a historical novel. Chiah

Nick said...

... it comes down to this: I wish I was there, not for the purpose of belief or verification because I already have those.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Make no mistake,

What visions I can see from here deep in the alley do not match with the symbols/events/experiences that occur at the place where you are and/or from your viewpoint.

I hope to reach toward your level of acceptance and understanding, but for now, my primary purpose remains that care and instruction of the catwing kitten in my care.


Anonymous said...

I once heard someone say that God was the Sun. I believe that. That's why I won't use sunscren : )

I had a vision once when I was giving my husband Reiki. I saw a face that felt ancient. It was bluish/grayish/white and had a cement feel to it. I saw a cobweb from the eyebrow going across the eye. I got that we have to awaken the God within us..... and what Les said is really quite something. God thanking him for waking him up. He's asleep right inside our being until we wake him up.

I once volunteered for an elderly woman who came to US as a refugee from Latvia after WW2. She and her daughter were quite psychic. One night we were sitting outside and they were conversing and laughing. I asked them what they were seeing. The daughter told me. It was all the crazy reptilian and insect looking beings playing around in the other dimensions.

Thanks Les. I look forward to more writings to try and wrap my head around.


Anonymous said...

to dear godsend the god botherer if you sre so unawake that you feel the need to regurgitate your brainwashing ....

Anonymous said...

now mr godsend their was no need for that,why say those things,the opposite of compassion,trying to take a mans light from him,doesnt this feel wrong,or do you feel good about this.


Anonymous said...

"The creator is nothing like the creations "

I cannot imagine how the inside of planet Jupiter looks like, then how can I imagine the Creator of Jupiter would be like.

We are only given the knowledge of His Characters. All around us are manifestations of HIs Might, His Power, His Will, His Love and so on.

The secret of our existence is indeed in ourselves. Know thyself before you know God.

Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...


It's about time you got down to "brass tacks" and shared specific details that have previously been implied, probably in order to be gentle with us and those that aren't familiar.

I've always had trouble identifying what I feel. I think it may be because I don't happen across what "it" is in mainstream life to be able to understand. And the people I've met who do seem to understand metaphysical things have their own agenda, so I lay low and move on.

You and most of the people here have been most helpful. I do know my own pace, but feel the need to know what the hell is going on, no matter how ugly or "creepy" or unworldly it gets. But I also see it is meant to be wonderful, by your writings.

Nature has been dear to me. I wasn't sure how or why and that she lives and breathes, but now I have a clue to go on. I'm learning more and more to go by "feel" first, then rationalization.

I know I'm where I need to be and figure the awareness will come in increments according to my level of understanding. (Well, no choice there).

So good of you to take the chance and tell it like it is. I have 10 heads, too. At least, that's how some people look at me.


Anonymous said...

Ok got the second half in.

"A woman with green eyes and flaming red blonde" - This is the mother to me too. She has much darker red hair most of the time, but when trying to get me to listen, it become very light in color. She has helped my with "darker" parts of myself too. Its seems my lust for her created much of it?

I must say Les I dont hear you talking about the snake? Not sure why but that part seems mising?

The will to create and the love of the creator can be hard to see apart. The mother seems to help me enjoy both but has shown me the real affects of my acts on myself and others.

I cant make out the parts of your story that are guided and those you sugguested to your self?

Either way you seem to have battles and rutials on the mind, some? I suggest you are still move up the scorpio ladder. My take is you are moving in form, from the scorpio image to the bird image. Your Kundalini will take you to the snake or serpant in time?

Im just feeling out ideas here Les, but your take on the mother within you now is much akin to my interact with the mother. Kundalini aside, as I know little about this path, the mother awakens me in a fasion as such.

This just seems tooooo cool to place.

m_astera said...

She was a gordian shape of dazzling hue,
Vermilion-spotted, golden, green, and blue;
Striped like a zebra, freckled like a pard,
Eyed like a peacock, and all crimson barr’d;
And full of silver moons, that, as she breathed,
Dissolv’d, or brighter shone, or interwreathed
Their lustres with the gloomier tapestries—
So rainbow-sided, touch’d with miseries,
She seem’d, at once, some penanced lady elf,
Some demon’s mistress, or the demon’s self.
Upon her crest she wore a wannish fire
Sprinkled with stars, like Ariadne’s tiar:
Her head was serpent, but ah, bitter-sweet!
She had a woman’s mouth with all its pearls complete:
And for her eyes: what could such eyes do there
But weep, and weep, that they were born so fair?

John Keats, Lamia, 1819

Thanks m_astera! This is the image I see of the mother. Its really joins may ideas and images together, what wonder and joy!

Love Your Life

m_astera said...

Yesterday I laid on the grass and herbs just above the beach. We have a short beach here, with a small steep rise above it. The tide was in and the waves were calm. Beyond seeing what I could see, whether I could detect an important change in Nature as Les describes, I was thinking about the mind video that I referenced above, the grasping clawlike fingers reaching to protect and hold on to their gold.

From what I have read and seen, the control of this physical world is largely monetary control. It's been that way for a long time, at least since the psychopathic robbers figured out that they could pay an army to extend their power. These days the equation goes something like 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth. Imagine that. 100 hungry people sitting down to eat, 100 abundant servings of bread and cheese and olives on the table. 1 person takes 90 servings and keeps them for their self, threatening death, suffering, imprisonment, punishment to anyone who would argue otherwise. They will use part of the 90 servings to feed those willing to oppress and kill their fellows in exchange for food. What is left they will simply keep until it rots, because they get a charge out of having power and control. The other 99 of us are left to squabble over what is only enough to feed 10. How are you and your children doing on your one bite of food per day, knowing that a thief and liar has a thousand or a million bites of food to your one? Knowing that they would cheerfully kill you if you dared ask "Please Sir, may I have some more?"

It's worth noting that said greedy ones are in alliance with the alien forces Les writes about in the original post. These forces feed on suffering, so it is to their advantage to help their minions in this plane retain control. Perhaps I should mention that from our perspective these beings are time travelers as well, able to enter our plane from any point in time; when goodness sprouts and begins to grow they can go back and destroy the seedling before it has a chance to root. Thus they have kept us marching around in circles feeding their perverse appetites for all these hundreds of generations.

So I was lying there above the beach and wondering how this world would change if somehow the greedy ones no longer had control of the wealth of the world. If all the abundance were spread out as it should be. Now, it is like water dammed inside a hidden cave while the plains and gardens eke by on the rare rain that falls upon the desert.

There are no real shortages in this world, there is plenty of abundance for all, even seven billion of us.

Visible said...

Amazing confirmation Michael. In my backtracking summation the one major point I left out was the time travel feature which became apparent to me about halfway through and which also accounted for the seeming invulnerability of the curtain of reality control. Seeing what you wrote and looking at what I had to say about it is spooky to say the least.

TheSparkle said...

It seems to me that what we perceive as time may be part of the control mechanism, something to do with Saturn as the god of time, the lord of the rings and such. Time loop anyone? I can't help but remember the hyperdimensional hexagram at Saturn's pole.

Les, this is all so strange yet somehow familiar. I have been wanting to wake up or perhaps remember everything that I haven't been able to access in this episode of existence. I have been thinking of myself as a baby just beginning to wake up, way way behind the game. But, I kept hearing about all the other sleepers who need to wake up right now. And, I don't know why, but I was thinking this quite strongly about you. Yet, you are one whom I would see as already orders of magnitude more awake than myself. So, I was quite perplexed that I was having these thoughts specifically that YOU NEED TO WAKE UP. I didn't really want to mention it, and even after reading of your encounter I wasn't sure. But, it is a strange coincidence.

GodSend said...

Anon 4:21PM

I did not take any true light away from Les and what I said is necessary to expose the fraud which is being perpetrated on the gullible and those who fantasize about a spiritual world which is self-deception, at best.

The idea of God thanking Les for shaking him out of his stupor is about as ludicrous as any idea which has entered into the confused mind of a man.

If Les has any sanity left, he will realize that he is a victim and begin to seek the true Light. Hinduism, Ganesha, Krishna, etc. are delusional fantasies of an injured mind and a confused soul. When Christ arrived on the scene, all such delusions were exposed as lies and deceptions of the Devil.

No, I'm not sorry I said those things - I said them to do Les a favor. He is struggling with forces which are out to deceive him and destroy him!

Christ said: "I AM the Light of the world". There is NO OTHER, TRUE LIGHT!

Angeline said...

"The creator is nothing like the creation"
This to my mind is quite impossible. I think it's the other way around, if you want to know the creator then study the creation, with humility and an open mind. We are hindered by our programming and what we are able to see.

Anonymous said...

GodSend, mate, you've tripped and fallen.
Now, get up, brush yourself off and play nicely.

Visible said...

I don't have a lot of time God Send but in the same spirit you have extended to me I will also, in hope that you can open up and not devour yourself in a narrow self-righteous corridor of darkness, offer you this.

It's your pattern here which you have repeated many times to come in with a decent attitude and actually pass for human for a short while before you send everyone to Hell.

I should tell you that the Jesus you believe in doesn't exist and thank god for that. Any fool of a novice Christian should know that Jesus was a man and Christ is a station. Your scripture points this out in many ways.

I've no use for your religion and no belief in its power as it expresses through dogmatic literalists. You have a heavy ego investment in your association with this and it is all about you and nothing about whom you serve.

Like many of your type you disparage religions far older and more intelligent and sane than your own and from which your own emerged (fact) without ever having bothered to study them at all.

Self righteousness is a serious sin and so is playing god in condemning those who are on far more intimate terms with the creator than you. Anyone visiting your site who possesses objective reasoning notices immediately that your site is a billboard for your own importance.

You need to let go of the millstones you have placed around your own neck and beg God to free you of your shortcomings among which ignorance is significant, along with intolerance, violence and a whole lot more.

Your stiff unyielding neck is leading you into trouble you really don't want. Finally, only a fool has an opinion on something he hasn't taken the trouble to investigate. Christianity of the fundie self aggrandizing type is perfect in this regard, just wholesale everything to Hell because your unforgiving, jealous anthropomorphic, non existent God says it's okay.

Better you meet God personally instead of insisting you have and denying that anyone else has because I have met God in the flesh and had his power demonstrated on me and around me.

I know why you come here and you know I know why you come here. No need for me to say it because everyone else does too.

May you find that light you profess to possess and may you see why, in fact you do no presently possess it, because possession of it guarantees a power to your words and acts that changes yourself and everyone around you in a beautiful and genuine way. Think about the implications and strive to know that I have done you a real favor here.

Visible said...

One more thing, God is sleeping in most of us and dreaming our lives. When he wakes up in anyone it is evident. Your scripture is also full of this and there are many here who can quote the verses besides me.

GodSend said...

Thank you, Les, for your thoughtful comments. Now hear this:

Your critique is flawed. In fact, there is very little truth, if any, to be found in it by any sane individual.

Let's start with this claim:

I have met God in the flesh.

End of discussion, because that statement alone disqualifies you from any spiritual credibility, whatsoever! God is Spirit, Love, Light and Holy. There is no flesh to be found in or on Him. Flesh is corruptible (nice word!) and there is NOTHING corruptible about Him. He does not materialize with the head of an elephant or the body of an octopus. In other words, you were/are hallucinating.

PS Anyone who actually believes there is a divine creature with the head of an elephant (among other, equally ludicrous ideas of Hinduism) is a delusional NUTSO!

As for my website, you obviously do not understand any of it.

Remember, "You must be born again from Above". Being born again from Below qualifies you for groping around in the Dark - and that's all!

Once you find the "Treasure" in the field, you STOP looking for it anywhere else!

Now turn on your radio, find a Christian station, and HEAR the Gospel. Faith comes (starts) by hearing the Gospel. God willing, you will begin to understand.

GodSend said...

I know why you come here and you know I know why you come here. No need for me to say it because everyone else does too.

So now you're psychic, are you? - able to look into the minds of everyone here - including the lurkers?


I come here to try to save your sorry butt - and those who are being deceived by the false light being flashed!

Visible said...

Hmmm. let me see. God is in everything and made everything and without him nothing was made. Christ said, "Greater things than I do shall you do because I go now unto my father." This would mean that the spirit of Christ descends upon those who have reached the place where that occurs and it also means more than one person.

Since Christ is God therefore that which descends is God and it must descend into one in the flesh because how could they perform works>? OK, that's clear. Let's see, what did Godsend say?

I can do this all day and I can offer much more scripture on this one point and I can prove with your own scripture everything I have said even a God with an elephant's head.

I know the next step is you beginning to scream and threatening Hellfire and my sending you away and you trolling here again for the people who read here because nobody interesting comes around where you are.

But I'm busy so I'll just let you melt down until I ban you temporarily and see you in six months or a year.


GodSend said...

Les, you don't "get it".

You will not "get it" until you have been born-again by the Holy Spirit, descending from Above. The Holy Spirit is the 3rd Person of the Godhead (NOT elephant head!), in addition to Jesus, the Son and God, the Father.

THAT is the START for any spiritual understanding. It matters not 1 iota what other books you have read or will read. No mushrooms or any other substance can be substituted. I don't scream. I deliver a message on my website and here. Take it - or leave it. It's best for you if you take it! :)

Visible said...

I'm afraid I must say no. I don't eat processed foods and I don't ingest processed, white bread religions. Our conversation is officially over until you come slinking around again with the big hair, Rolex wearing, parishioner groping, mind numbing, ear paralyzing bad music and ponderous sleep inducing party line again.

Entertain yourself for whatever time you feel you need and if I'm not around please see yourself out.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Godsend gives all of us Christians a bad name.

I'll pray for you Godsend, your chosen name alone says much about your hubris.


Anonymous said...

come on godsend,we are brothers and sisters here, all of us are trying to cultivate a spirit of understanding and of unconditional love ,we are not here trying to stone each other to death.there is a wild bunch of nazi types at this present moment in time who have got it into their heads that they are going to take over the world.
they exploit the slight differences between the religions,you seem to be doing their job for them,have a think,what would jesus do.


Anonymous said...

I don't usually respond to trolls, but I gotta say "Why the fuck is GodSend even hanging around here when the subject matter is so disagreeable to him?" Just click the mouse and go somewhere else. You are not preaching to the converted here and never will be. You have no purpose for being here.

Les, keep up the good work (and it IS hard work).


vixen said...

Learn a lesson from your master. The only place he caused commotion was in his Father’s house as it was being used inappropriately. This is not your Father’s house and we are free to express our views without having someone so evidently lacking in scriptural truth try to clumsily foist their personal beliefs on unwilling participants.

JR said...


I went to your website and found this gem:

"(tell others about this website - the ONLY website with the WHOLE TRUTH)"

Wha? You would make a fantastic case study on the subject of fundamentalism.

I'm curious. Why do you read Les's blog?! You already know all that there is to know, right? So then, are you hear to evangelize?

Anonymous said...

GodSend, do you not realise that nobody, that's nobody, here needs or requires your 'saving'.
Do you not recognise people possessed of 'God' when they present - warts and all??
If you would only relax and look to *your* relationship with 'God' you may eventually ‘get it'.
Read all that Les has just written!! Understand mate.
You have no understanding at all. All you present is dogma, rote from elsewhere, not understood. Understand.
Les has presented this to you before; you keep coming back with the same.
Get thee behind me…

Vanguard said...

As you all know, I'm moved much these days to decry some of the most insidious and evil beings, people and acts on the planet these days.

I appreciate your patience in what I feel must be done. As you know, it's not directed at you, but it must be proclaimed. I think there's enough air time for all!

You know I'm here because I'm comfortable, and also because this place is blessed. And since there have been some positive "Christian" comments here, I'd like to share something I posted elsewhere and consider positive. Balance in all things!

And remember, this "creed" of sorts is a gift to those follow this path.

If you understand that I've not spoken out against other "more ancient" faiths/religions, you might realize that I know/practice them as well--the pure concepts, not the dogma, of course. You might then more easily relax when I share Christian concepts (hopefully no dogma?!).


There is no greater cause than righteousness.

It encompasses and leads to all feelings and practices commanded of the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In righteousness, you will love the Lord thy God fully, and your neighbor as yourself. You will seek the kingdom of heaven first. You will be born of water, and of the Spirit. You will in all things, seek God.

You shall surely turn the other cheek, but also, you shall surely cast out–with righteous anger–the blasphemous moneychangers in the temples of your heart, your home, and your people.

You will be loving. You will be firm. With the Spirit to guide you, you will ever seek to do the Lord’s Will.

You will begin to know, as He did, what each situation warrants (ever within God’s Laws, and according to His Wisdom).

…Being. Loving. Knowing. Teaching. Praying. Fasting. Resisting. Fulfilling. Celebrating. Gathering. Healing. Feeding. Visiting. Proclaiming. Rebuking. Forgiving. Raising. Foretelling. Surrendering. Enduring. Sacrificing. Overcoming. Unbinding. Resurrecting. Renewing. Glorifying…

Joy is thy reward…in sorrow and in happiness, all thy days upon the earth.

Life is thy gift…now, and throughout eternity. Even though thou dost die, or art slain, thou shalt surely live, if thou art born again. So saith the Lord.

Heaven is thy Hope. And Faith, thy guide.

The Lord, thy Love, is the True and Everlasting God.

Nick said...

I seem to remember an invitation by Les to comment freely in this thread. So I've typed out a snippet from "The Axion Esti" by Elytis. I was communing with Lady Nature at dawn today and this poem, from 1959, took over my thoughts. I do not for a moment doubt that what happened to Les was/is his Axion Esti. I think Les is a marvel and have known it since I first came across his work.

After the storm - which was given birth by the mind of man - will have swept relics of old stars and cobwebbed corners of the heavens : but before this, behold, generations will pass their plow over the barren earth. And secretly the Rulers will count their human merchandise, declaring wars; there the Policeman and the military Judge will have their fill, leaving the gold to the obscure so that they collect the wages of hubris and martyrdom. And great ships will spread their flags, marching songs will conquer the streets, balconies will shower the Victor with flowers, while he will live in the stench of corpses. And darkness will open to his measure the mouth of the grave near him, shouting: "Exiled Poet, speak, in your century what do you see?"

I see the Military Judges burning like candles at the great banquet of the Resurrection.

I see the police offering their blood as a sacrifice to the cleanliness of the skies.

I see the perpetual revolution of plants and flowers.

I see the gunboats of love.

Then Creation, paying for the works of ancient Rulers, shall shudder. Turmoil will fall upon hades, and the planking will sag under the sun's great pressure. But before this, behold, the young will sigh and their blood grow old for no reason. Cropped convicts will rattle their mess cans against the iron bars. And all the factories will empty, only to fill up again under requisition, so they can produce preserved dreams in myriad boxes and a thousand brands of bottled nature. And years will come, pale and weak in their bandages. And everybody will have his few ounces of happiness. And the things inside him will already be beautiful ruins. Then the Poet, having no other place of exile in which to lament, emptying the storm's health from his open chest, will return to stand among the beautiful ancient ruins inside. And then the last of men will say his first word: that the grass shall grow tall and that woman shall rise at his side like a sun's ray. And again he will worship the woman and lay her upon the grass, as was ordained. And dreams will take their revenge, and they will sow generations forever and ever!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you have urgently to read the book Masquerading of Angels, by Dr Karla Turner. (It has been available for free through internet, just hit the Google) You have been taken for a ride, mate, after being on the right track for a long time.

Furthermore, montalk's article Discerning Alien Disinformation can be of a great help. Do not forget that intuition as an input from one's own being does not come as "a voice in the head", but as an inner knowing (mind you, the "voice of the god" advised G.W. Bush to attack Iraq).

The same forces have been organising various virtual reality scenarios for you, in accordance with "your needs", or better to say - weaknesses (as determined by them). Dr K. Turner was mentioning this sort of their manipulation strategy in one of her last interviews, which could be found on the net, too.

Best regards and wishes,


Anonymous said...


You told Les that he did not meet God in the flesh.

God is inside all of us! It never ceases to amaze me that the people who claim to be the MOST CHRISTIAN seem to have the least knowledge about what is real.

We have been told that the KINGDOM OF GOD IS INSIDE OF US. So all of us--every single one of us--has God inside of us. We meet God in the flesh any time we interact with other people. We see God when we look into the mirror. It's really that simple!


Vanguard said...

And God said to the rabble assembled, "If I let you go back at this time, you will fall further, perhaps beyond help."

But they clamored and begged: "We will definitely do what is right and good! How could we not? We know heaven is the place we want to be!"

And it came to pass, that the most evil upon the land, relishing their sins, and the hurts inflicted upon others, were those same who begged for another chance at this very time.

And it was also those same, who, once left to roam again, did waste no time in remembering old tricks, and in seizing all that their wicked hearts did desire.

And behold, it is these same who now seal their fates beyond divine mercy. Having cast all decency aside, and whatever honor might have remained, they have sacrificed their souls and their creative wills, giving such to evil beings of dark power...using sworn oaths, bloody contracts, and hellish rituals profane.

What other fate remained to those: having defiled and sacrificed the blood and creative life of all around them, including--most terribly--countless innocent children.

The dark souls of these final fallen shriek and howl in dissolution.

Anonymous said...

from B. continued...

and, please, take into consideration the words which are coming from one of the most prominent UFO researchers, Barbara Bartholic, who after more than 30 years research, could say the following:

"I think people need to know that alien hierachiesare are behind both the Mother Teresas and the Jeffrey Dammers."

"we are members of a global population which does not yet have the mental circuitry to realize that we are being directed by outside forces."

"People are being played like pawns on a chessboard at the whim of an alien hierarchy."

(They play both, white and black pieces, so that they can have the game always under the control.)

Source: Barbara, The Story of a UFO Investigator, as told by Peggy Fielding (the book was available on scribd_com for a free download)

It would be worth of an investigation and contemplation, because of possible implications of this important information if you find it as true. And you will have to use your dicernment to the best and to switch off your "wishful thinking".

Furthermore, some very useful info could be found in the books: Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees from Salvador Freixedo, Our Haunted Planet and Operation Trojan Horse from J. Keel, etc.


RW said...

Mr Send

Live and leave all the stories behind

Have a nice day.


Visible said...

You really believe Bush what sincere when he said that?

Let me rephrase some of your commentary. "I disagree with you. This does not make you wrong nor me right and I recognize that I am drawing my conclusions from an extremely limited pool of information that isn't even complete yet."

How's that sound?

ravenise said...

"A 'drug' person can learn to cope with things like seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth. But no one should be asked to handle this trip." Hunter.T

Visible, this is one of the best short stories I have ever read, period. I busted a nut laughing, (with you not at you). I admire your ability to go mad and still retain your integrity and sense of reality. Really, a very incredible healing journey all around.

On another note, I want to announce that the other night I converted my Christian brother to an anti Zionist. (!!) He is part of a Christian community who lives communally (housing and all) for the purpose of living with and helping the poor. They are some of the few decent examples of what Christians should strive to be... but this is new to me, finally I'm not alone in my family!

This is where it all started, not the greatest piece, but for others interested in opening their brainwashed friends and families eyes you may be interested:
There's Nothing Christian about Zionism

"God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out all fear because fear has to do with punishment [and God is love]."-1 John 4:18

"No religion owns God and no church owns Jesus, who was never a Christian, for that term was not even coined until three decades after he walked the earth.

Jesus was a social justice radical revolutionary nonviolent Palestinian devout Jewish road warrior who rose up and challenged the job security of the temple priests by teaching the people no need to pay the priests for ritual baths or sacrificing livestock to be OK with God;

Jesus always dealt compassionately with the humble, the poor, diseased, widows, orphans, prisoners, refugees and outcasts, but hypocrites received his wrath!

Compassion, which is sorrow for the suffering of others, is accompanied by the urge to help."

Anonymous said...

How stiring is this shot??

Nick said...

Hey Anonymous who said: "do you not realise that nobody, that's nobody, here ..."

For some reason you give yourself the right to come here and speak for every single person including the site-owner.
Who are you who do not think before speaking for Everyone? Mr Policeman wannabee perhaps?

I like being able to read Godsend's comments when I want to, they are not rude and he is not an anonymous or a troll.
He is both respectful and it is evidently well mannered and respectable.

Visible said...


Godsend is not respectful as surely you or anyone can see by simply looking at his most recent comments. I'm a little stunned that anyone would even say this.

On the other hand, he's welcome here and I've left him back at least 4 times where he does the same thing over and over. He's also not banned at the moment and it takes some doing to achieve it.

just saying... (grin). Boy I don't like that phrase.

Anyway... Rodney King will probably be around to clear that up soon.

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up now and there will be the final segment of Visible Origami to follow-

Snake Dancing like Sleepwalkers into Childhood's End..>

m_astera said...

"The real danger to natural life on this planet comes from alien intelligence and ancient forces on the inner planes which are allied with Israel which is an instrument of evil and whose people are the children of the devil. This, the devil made plain to all of us. Due to magical powers possessed by the aliens and ancient forces and which involve technology and occult powers there is a curtain that has descended on the minds of all humanity… good and bad and it radiates a controlled reality. It veils and often consumes positive acts as if they never happened."

When I read this I felt a great sense of confirmation. Yes, Les gets it too, I'm not as crazy as people have assumed when I have tried to explain this. What I have put together from experience, observation, and logic, another has come to the same conclusion.

They are aliens, alien parasites, but they are not aliens from another planet; they are from another plane.

A source I trust and have found reliable over the last dozen years says that the only form native to this plane is the human form. That needs a qualifying adjective between only and form, but I don't know which adjective so I hope it makes sense.

These beings can appear here, and they can send their insectile automaton servants, the greys here, for short periods. The UFOs in our skies, for the most part at least, are not interplanetary or interstellar modes of transportation, they are inter-dimensional, vehicles that allow movement between different "frequencies" of "reality".

My personal experience bears this out, e.g. seeing a huge craft pass overhead, around 2 km long and fully lit up, drop down into a valley that was too narrow to contain it and then shrink to nothing.

If beings are in human bodies, they are likely from this 3D universe, unless they are wearing a disguise. If they are not human, they are not from our dimensional reality. Not to say that the doglike or other forms of beings written about are not real, but that they are not interstellar visitors, they are interdimensional visitors.

It is sooo good to have a place where I can write things like the above without being consigned to the loony bin or attacked by a majority who have accepted dogmas (including New Age dogma) unquestioningly.

Visible said...


All the crafts I have encountered, including one that landed right in front of me and Douglas Hume just outside of Palm Springs CA were all interdimensional. In the case of this ship, the entities were holographic, possessing colored vibrationary outlines and they spoke to me in modulating frequencies.

m_astera said...

Also this:

"I had been having a hard time understanding how things I was doing like eliminating all pollution and conferring gifts upon existence were seen and then not seen, happened and then seemed not to have happened"

My experience too. Particularly with the Gulf leak. Clean it up to sparkling Caribbean blue, then look again and it's muddy brown. Over and over, but as the I Ching says, perseverance furthers. I'll continue to overlay my desired reality over the desired reality of those bent on destruction.

OT (if anything is on this thread) I've been thinking about the Old Testament of the Bible. Is there anything spiritual in there? I mean spiritual as found in the Vedas, Tao, Shamanism, Buddhism et al? I don't recall anything spiritual; mostly a bunch of strictly material goals and actions, along with the sort of occult events that one might expect when calling on demons. More evidence for the book being written by the soulless. They do not have access to the powers of creation, hence the need for human and animal sacrifice to release the life force they cannot access themselves. That life force is then manipulated for material ends, as well as being food for demons and alien parasites. The Aztecs were into this on a massive scale as well.

I have often pitied those who choose the priesthood in the Catholic church; this applies to Protestant Christians (and to Muslims as well, with a few caveats): Growing up in our societies, being drawn to spirit and the divine, but the only path open and available is that of the established religion. So one chooses to become a priest, a nun, or a minister. They enter the seminary or equivalent, in the case of the Catholics taking a lifetime vow of chastity and dedication to the church, only to find that it's an empty bag. The system they have consigned their lives to has no answers, not even techniques. The very exercises and disciplines available to spiritual seekers on other paths are forbidden to them under punishment of hellfire. What a sad situation to find oneself in, having sworn allegiance and dedicated one's life to a fake path that holds no answers. Where even the asking of questions or the search for the higher abilities and understandings is condemned.

I once heard a discussion on a "Christian" radio show about the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The host and his guest were in a dither about that book being used to teach drawing in schools. Their objection was that it taught the poor tykes how to access an altered state of consciousness, which the radio Christians knew without any doubt was opening the door to Satan. How fucking pathetic is that?

As for those who would have a hard time dealing with sweet Ganesha, what will they do with Kali, Lamia (look her up), or Shiva the Destroyer?

Anonymous said...

On Lord Shiva's (among others)) kind and sincerely benevolent requests, i'm very glad i took the short cut..

Anonymous said...

P.S. Don't forget, Lord Ganesha is not only the remover of obstacles, He is also the placer of obstacles for those who need to be checked.

Typically, humans see most things to their advantage. See and hear and imagine that which they desire to se and hear. Even if it means cheating themselves. Which they often and avidly do.

Vanguard said...

I may fervently decry what the Israelis inflict upon the Palestinians, and some may rail against me, saying: So do such horrors occur elsewhere, by others to yet others!

But I speak against only the jaws which savage children.

This beast covers the earth.

I personally am squished by its tread, and swatted by its tail. My pain is not abstract, though not yet mortal or fatal. You think I know not first-hand the darkness and oppression of this mad, evil, insidious creature?

How else could I cry out from the depths of my soul, to my God, for justice, and mercy, in the face of such rampant wrongdoing, especially to the harmless little ones?

Or think you that I do not see the active seduction and destruction every place it squirms and prances, in all the lands upon earth?

Think of some hound of hell, slinking this way and that, bloodily ripping open babies nestled in cribs, with the only adults watching in sick fascination, thankful it's not them, and that does not begin to describe what is transpiring here.

Also, all you so knowing, do you think I haven't wrestled with the implications, of those dealing and receiving such horror, in endless reversing roles?

The cycle must be broken upon this plane at this time. As was foretold.

Death is a part of life. And death has its season. And death may be called in dire, utmost need. Yea, even the need of an entire world. So that life may be restored, and flourish.

P.S. Dictionary.Com's helpful hint was on the amazing words: "Israel" and "Gaza" Oh, and how Israel is sending more aid. The voice of the great whore lilts and croons in numerous meeting places across the earth. Seducing with her wiles...her flashing glance, her sultry whisper, and her sweet-scented breath. Embrace nor kiss her not, lest the darkness within flow to you and consume you from the inside out...the numb, warm-seeming death of a hellish freeze, as the light of your soul fades to black.

vixen said...

The words of this child got inside my heart like no other even though I have seen and heard much worse where maiming and loss of life is concerned. I so wished I could hold her in my arms and tell her everything would be alright. To try to explain why people treat others this way when I really have no way to do that because I haven’t been able to understand it myself. But we all know that will not happen in this lifetime between this child and me. Read her words, she speaks in Arabic but there are subtitles. The innocence she expresses is just heartbreaking and all she wants is the Israeli’s to just smell her clothes that always reek of gasoline and permeates everything around her. She doesn’t understand why they broke her toys and ruined her personal items that meant so much, nor do I. Such innocence being forced to live in a prison of misery dodging bullets and bombs, making due with next to nothing, her childhood stolen.

Anonymous said...

Les --

I'm still stunned by the Wesak link appearing on my Facebook page.

To re-cap Wesak is a 3 day celebration of the Buddha beginning on May 20th, right around the beginning of your sleepless period.

It is celebrated in Java and Indonesia in honor of the 2552nd birthday of the Buddha. It commemorates the awakening of the Buddha after a "water catastrophe" (Gulf?) when the world was overrun by DEMONS (NWO?)

It commemorates also the union of the Buddha with the animal realm and in the video the first image is of elephants (Ganesha)... And to top if off the video was broadcast by Supreme Master Television.

All the verification I need...

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Just looking this over, wow.

Thanks Les for the images and growth. Your words and willing to share only help all of us no matter what silliness you hear otherwise.

Someone here said your story sounds like archetypes of the human soul, I agree.

Les just about everyone has these images foating around in the head? Dont get to bent up if other become a sockpuppet to these images. Support it?

Godsends "type" seems to be the trinty. Its a good one! I too agree, once you let in and share the power of 3, you open a new world to move within.

Its important to see yourself not as one, or two parts but many. Using the power of three opens this mindstate. Godsend is right here, you need nothing else to awaken the spirit.

Is Im a lover of Buddha, I suggest "unlearning" more than understanding. There is reason why we have these archetypes in the head. Your trip seemed to place and arage the images you are using Les, but will the time come to move on and or will these pictures stay with you?

Love Your Life

Les as you share your images, it seems you work of a twoway path. Its you and then someone or something else acting on you or with or againist you.

Just looking at the larger picture, but can are do you play a more passive role or doing you have to affect maya and matter all the time?

Anonymous said...

(Sorry I couldn't post this directly in your comments section, but Google is creating difficulties over passwords.)

Congratulations on your attainment Mr. Visible, and best wishes for the wise and successful deployment of your powers and influences.

Do you plan to encourage participation in certain rites such as your previous campaign about "Out Demons Out!"?

If the Zionist state comes under pressure, will there be some means of preventing them from fleeing back to America and Europe and strengthening their control over these countries? Also, will it be possible to prevent them from using their nuclear arsenal to destroy the world? Will something be done to liberate western societies from their financial, media, cultural and political control?

Do you see any connection between the Hindu/Vedic deities and those of pre-Christian Europe? Perhaps some of these god-forms may now seem more active and relevant to most Europeans than the Indian forms if the underlying energy/ divinity is becoming more awake - if that is a general occurrence and not just your private experience.

Curiously, there are already a few people like Woden's Folk
who are anticipating the arrival of an Avatar of retribution in Albion.

I await with interest the next installment of your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Albion, land of light and wonder! I hope to return home someday!

Boy I hate saying this stuff, but its my job.

Avatars are an allegory not a real event. In somemuch as one changes into another, its creations is called an avatar. If that change is withing the "stations" of know energy, we "see" a different form before us.

Why are you all waiting or "seeing" the coming of a being from outside yourself? This makes little sense and you can be fooled and misguided the whole time.

Its via your creation that an avatar will form. Its you eyes that will look apon it, so when will you get it, youre creating the image and then mixing up the energy youre feeling as an apoarching being?

This is all happening within and not an external event?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Love your Life,

I am convinced now that you are either a nasty troll or you are fucked up in the head. There's no indication that he said anything about The Avatar being external. It is quite the contrary from my read.

The most insufferable thing about you is your patronizing expressions that you know what you are talking about, complete with your misspellings, bad English and what looks like Zydego powered alligator wrestling and bayou incest born personality.

You are a loser and not useful in any way.

Coming here has freed me of the mind parasite of political correctness.

Finally, you don't know shit about the classical interpretations of an Avatar.


Anonymous said...

Just a link about using ritual words and the self

I dont mean to push only one side of this avatar idea. Think of an avatar as a tool for guiding and forming energy and not as a being?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Think of shutting the fuck up or committing sepaku. You'll find instructions on the internet. A good kitchen knife will do and you don't have to understand Japanese to parrot the words. It should fit right in with your present games.


I'm sorry about this and I've never done it before but I've had all I can take from this ass clown. I feel better now so I don't think I have to say any more. It's a relief to get it off my chest.

Anonymous said...

It would be better to think of me as nothing, but a troll is fine, as Im here to create new ideas for you all and all I have to use your your own words?

The ideas and feelings you attribute to an avatar are external, in a classical sense?

So that we dont have run around the elefant of time, I do "know" what Im talking about. Most times I have no idea why I saying it or why I feel you need to here it, but I know what I know non the less.

Look all Im saying is you all are "role playing" if you move with the "avatar" theme, that all. You dont have to get all balled up over simple overviews do you?

"You are a loser and not useful in any way." - If you meant that youd say know things instead, but you didnt. Thats a clue you feel like a loser? As you arent, it would help to not feed the fear monster anymore than both of us already do.
Didnt Thumper saying something about this? If you dont have anything good to say...

Love Your Life

Visible said...

His intent seems to want to generate anger and a reaction from me. It's subtly constructed to push my buttons. My solution is to publish him and no longer read what he says.

This makes it a little hard for me to know what set you off but I can imagine.

I'm sorry about that Rick. I have to allow anything up to a certain point and I'm guessing that's known. At the same time it's been useful because I'm more prepared now than I might have been. I find that everyone serves my efforts to get rid of my shortcomings one way or another.

Anonymous said...


If you want to help youd explain yourself and not put me down, you dont want to help or have anyone understand you, you want to cry and bitch at anything other than your own uneasiness?

You dont want to do anything more than hear yourself putting others down, and I sorry you feel better about doing that. You will change someday. Till then dont listen to me friend, I wont help your rage out.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Old Les

Im sooooo sorry you fight my words and there not welcome, really. That give me pain I haven had in a longtime. Its not your fault at all man, Im the one trying here.

Im not suprized about it, Im no fun and I dont support others egos. It looks like I just give over my ego to others to learn from, and its true and a lonely place full of "your a piece of shit man" comments and what not. It has never been different, more I have to share still.

I do love and I do share. It hurts me too, dont forget.

I have used you willingness in the past for my own little pick me up, but Im sorry man, you dont share your(or her) love well. I bet women say the same about you.

Peace brother, you dont need my snake oil.

Its one thing to be open Les. You seem to want to be open to her and the soft voice she brings, but your actions will only drive her away my friend. Dont claim to be open if you dont want to hear it, or her?

Love Yor Life

Anonymous said...

love your life,you need to come off the masters platform you cannot claim it for yourself,you may feel as if you are stuck their or something I dont know,we are pupils I suspect if maybe you tried some form of creative writing you may find you are quite good at it plus you wont have to deal with all the commenters that you have
made unhappy because that has got to hurt you aswell,
from a fellow brother peace.

Anonymous said...

You're right.

How typical. I've got all this education and poise I assumed belonged to me and like anyone else I just get sucked in if I don't pay attention. Sometimes that means intentionally not paying attention. I saw the author's nickname and moved on this time without reading.



Thank you.


vixen said...

I find it interesting that more and more often there is a spirit of antagonism rearing its ugly head usually about something Les has mentioned that someone takes exception with. I find that odd, since I was of the belief that the reason most of us show up here is to see what Les has to say. I love to read his take on most subjects and respect his perceptions of his experiences even if his views and interpretations are not mine. To engage in a duel of words is a no win situation. I haven’t seen an even match for Les on this blog yet. This is wisdom, Battles you can win, Battles you can’t win, and Battles that aren’t worth fighting. In this case, rather than respond to diversions (except for big hair bible thumpers) I would do best to choose my enemies well lest I become like them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion brother, its a good one. I draw, but words are fun too.

Its does hurt to watch other people suffer by their own hands.

It might look as if Im watching on high, but Im not. Im feeling and living others pain too. Thats the burn?

Master of what I ask. We are all masters and it make me sick and resless to watch you all give over your masters gifts sooooo easily for some simple gains and images of future change.

Call me out for taking on the gifts and enjoying the ride, but Im not letting anyone off the hook, sorry.

Masters learn stuff too?

All you need, you have, or create, and stays with you, now, and later. Why are you all carring around all this crap still?

Les was talking about the coming unveiling back when, and suggested you all look to things you could live with out. Dont stop with that.

I hope you dont need me to remind you all that you are the world you wish to see and live in. You need to remind yourself. When I do, it gets ugly. The only way you see it is me talking down as if I know it all. I dont, and Im done.

Love Your Life

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Love your life, Le Mat and all the other pseudonyms. One thing I can't get my head around is your deliberate messing around with the language as if there was some actual reason, as if it was a real condition. I've noticed no consistency in the errors. As a result they are deliberate. This more than anything makes you a fraud.

We are not all masters here and you certainly are not unless you want to think of yourself as a Rajneesh type with Down's Syndrome. Like R. I don't have the PC virus at all. I'm also not going to read anything you put up any more. This last flurry was enough to curdle my stomach.

Let's get back to discussing the elements of the most recent addition. I like the scene with The Pope and turning into a girl sounded outrageous. So did showing up with Satan and having him say he was your employee. For some reason it all sounds so real. If I read this somewhere else I would just shake my head and move on but it just sounds like it happened even when it sounds impossible. It doesn't sound crazy either. But I know you personally don't I? Please notice the actual legitimate use of a question mark.

Long time lurking off the sauce Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Dude you over read. Im lost here. I cant spell and Im too lazy to correct it. Cant even spell the same word right most times. If you really cared to understand anything about this youd look into why some people are like me and not put me down for coming to a place of peace and chillness with no mastery of spelling?

I dont spell or write like others cause I suck at it, its all just little letters placed together to me. Im sooo thankful the rest of you can spell, it helps my remember!

You create meaning as you read my words, not me, so dont call me out for your own minds rambling?

The only fraud is your willings to waist your time overthinking. Use the other parts of your body to.

A "curdle" in your stomach says a lot. Focus on that and not my third grade writting level.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

sorry peoples I was talking about the plane of awareness that is the master
or the light or god or whatever name you prefer to one can own that,we can only move through it and interpret our own unique way
les is also a pupil,
as all are hear
I would say
but I may be wrong


m_astera said...

Les, how come you get to have all the fun? :-)

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

I Forget what it is that I can't Remember Anymore.>

Visible said...

I'm not a pupil Neil, I'm an Iris.


Michael, I explain all of that at the Smoking Mirrors post I just put up but I can't remember what it was that I said now.

Anonymous said...

yep I reckon thats a definate you are an iris
which would also mean you are rainbow aswell les as I have just had a look on wikipedia or how ever you spell that word.

..peace neil..

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what,I am going to try and stir up some of that peace and love and see what comes out,them grandmothers need help over their with their net of light,theirs fishs and other sea critters that are in extreme pain be back with a poem in a while
also les I will write a poem for what you have been through I think this is special and needs the utmost complete respect I have tried thinking about it I dont know where to start need real higher higher plane stuff for this one,so will write for the grandmothers first as they are calling now

..peace and love to all neil..

Anonymous said...

oh grandmothers council
of thirteen
I heard your calls
mother earth screams
you said something
a net of light
I will try to help
stir my love inside
stir it and stir it
round it goes
round in circles
inner beams flow
flow in streams
into the net
weave the love
with utmost respect
for mother earth
and all things
amplify the healing springs
by higher nature
of the light
weave all day
and weave all night.


Vanguard said...

A Letter From A Recovering Jew

Dear new believer in the Messiah, the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ:

I pray for joy for you in your new walk. You are blessed to have found this (and hopefully other) communities where Truth is sacred.

The Lord's promises to you now are many, including increased understanding of holy matters, leading from faith to knowledge.

"For we walk by faith, not by sight" (KJV 2 Cor 5:7)

You can look forward to the kingdom of heaven, and to dwell in the presence of God eternally, which joy is beyond human understanding. Think of the most wonderful, happy and equisite moment you've every experienced. Heaven is so much greater even than that.

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." (KJV 1 Cor 2:9)

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." (KJV John 14:1-3)

In your new walk, you will be asked to learn and grow like never before, and share your unique spirit with all around you. The Light of Christ will be apparent, and can lead others to accept the same Gospel truths you know.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (KJV Matt 5:14-16)

There will be trials as before, but the Lord is with you now, since you have acted with faith in Him.

"There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." (KJV 1 Cor 10:13)

Remember to always listen to that still small voice, and by feelings of peace, you can know which choice to make as you journey through life.

"And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice...And, behold, there came a voice unto him...And the LORD said unto him..." (KJV 1 Kings 19:11-15)

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (KJV Phil 4:7)

My greatest joy, is in the complete forgiveness of my sins through Christ's divine sacrifice unto death for us all, in love, and Resurrection, in glory, breaking those bonds of sin unto death which is our fallen inheritance. Heartfelt acceptance brings renewal (again and again), and feeling washed, cleaned, and strengthened to follow more closely in the footsteps of our Savior.

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." (KJV John 11:25-26)

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (KJV Mark 11:24)

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you always. Amen.

m_astera said...

Anyone have some advice for those of us who are not looking for a savior?

Visible said...

How about a tormentor?

Is it safe to say that the level on the flask is down a little (grin)?

Vanguard said...

Well, as much as I deplore violence and harm to little children, how could I not offer a spoon-fed helping of encouragement (scriptural quotes and all) to a "child" (newborn) in a new faith, to help her rather than harm her? This is a good thing to do, according to my mind, and my heart.

I would think some people would be happy that yet another soul escaped the heavy burden of a mind-controlled life. Why not point out some positive things in an otherwise dreary world (from her perspective shared)? There was a relieved sadness in her tone at her conversion. Now she is beginning to believe and act on a real God.

People need to journey one step at a time. If they act with genuine faith and goodness of heart, who dares to knock them off course? Because of their own superiority? You take on responsibility for harmed advancement.

If people are put off by Christian values... I thought Visible Origami was for spiritual things. Perhaps everyone is beyond simple truths?

"Anyone have some advice for those of us who are not looking for a savior?"

How about the 22 paths, East or West, from the World, to God.

Visible said...


Even at Origami it can be rough and tumble. I get a twinge now and then thinking well, maybe I drove off Godsend with a little help and truth be told I don't want to do that. What seems right at the time with me often looks like something I could have handled with more care afterwards. Still, you always want to tell the truth.

I think the solution is for those of us not into the rigidity of what Christianity has in many ways become to act like a real Christian because how could any Christian then argue about that?

And for the Christians to lean more toward what is free and forgiving in Jesus so that we can both meet at a place between our constructs of what we don't really understand anyway. To create a common ground outside of our own limitations where understanding won't be intimidated and perhaps show up.

The more one day follows another, the more I realize that I have to widen and be more accommodating to even those who mock what I, in my own experience happen to know to be true and which they have no experience of at all. One does not win others over unless they can give way and surrender more deeply than the distrust in those being addressed and the chance that any soul might be put off by the residue of my arrogance or combative responses is a risk I definitely do not want to take.

I often think of how we who consider ourselves free and somewhat illumined have the capacity to lengthen the darkness and suffering of others by obscuring our own truth for the sake of winning something not worth having.

Vanguard said...


Thank you for those kind words of insight.

Perhaps I was somewhat sensitive because I was taught that seekers/practitioners should be tolerant of different religions and faiths, and it seems some of the wildest here don't subscribe to that seeming courtesy to others. I was also taught that it was not required, of course, subscribe to a particular religious belief. But for the awakening within...well...a person better have some crystal clear concept. I do understand that the highest developed have the purest concept of what that is.

Obviously, I'm still learning a lot and (still?) have some...conventional (?) concepts. Ah well, I still feel inspiration and see good things happening in life because of my walk, so I will continue to proceed from faith to knowledge--as much as possible in this plane.

I'm happy that I've never desired to control others, people, animals... So despite what people might think or be concerned about, I'm not trying to convert anyone to a particular ideology. If I wanted to encourage at the highest level I understood, it would be quite esoteric. People must seek such to learn such. It cannot be foisted upon others. The highest truths reveal themselves...and usually in stages. The established faiths, however, can be actively taught. They are gateways to higher truths.

What else can I say? That I began this life knowing some very esoteric things. That I grew up in this or that rigid faith--but never felt repressed. That I studied and practiced numerous Eastern and Western philosophies and mystical systems over many years. That over time I managed to extricate myself and shed habits, limits, and illusions.

It is likely that the "dramas" in addition to the truths shared here by many are meant to point out, as you did, more false attachments which I need to be free of.

Frankly, the main reason I started posting was because I felt prompted/inspired to share some truths I'd learned in the hope that it might be of help to someone now or in the future. Even one person. Even myself for having had to courage to act on my convictions.

I realize that there are those of low minds who would cage the golden goose, or even kill it. As you know.

Also, what is said on the Internet can reach the ends of the earth. I know in my soul that some things spoken here and in other places...must be these times.

My thanks for being allowed to share what I have.

Anonymous said...

your a good man vanguard.
also if I just touched a small piece in one heart and get it moving that would be all I ever wanted.
.peace neil.

Visible said...


The internet is like a still lake that has a rock thrown into it. Not a perfect image I know but applicable.

As for the higher esoteric understandings of Christianity; I know there are people who now think all esoteric organizations are evil. In my intuitive world, which is an actual place, I know differently, if I know anything at all.

The Rosicrucians are that high order as were the original Essenes.
When the burial chamber of Christian Rosencruz was discovered in a specially constructed room the coffin was found empty. There are Rosicrucians walking the Earth today who have been around for a long time. I've got this on unimpeachable authority.

Even the esoteric organization has, in my experience, something to recommend it. During one of the darkest periods of my life, my girlfriend Svargo (a true jewel) called them up because I had mentioned I would like to go there or somewhere to gain a respite and without hesitation they told her to tell me to come. I didn't.

The Characteristics of a true Rosicrucian are the selflessness of Christ and a humble manner. They dress in no special way and can't be told apart from the rest of us and their works are discovered after they depart.

They have one power that they exercise (they have others) and that is healing. It's what they do. Because they have the living Christ awake in them they can heal anything.

Being in the presence of one is a remarkable experience as they bring Christ with them wherever they go. They are light workers in the truest sense and reside in the Kingdom of God wherever they may be.

The book on them by Paul Foster Case is a useful tool although written in a certain code that requires actual intuitional guidance. I find it strange that people do not actively work to engage the intuition and cause it to strengthen, like the imagination and concentration and meditation, these are tools that are valuable beyond the comprehension of most people.

One of the greatest books I ever read was The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother, Lawrence, also, As a Man Thinketh. Some people consider me antagonistic to the Christian faith. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the only part of it that interests me is the presence of The Christ, nothing else.

FromBeyondOmega said...

towhomitapplies: greetings

felt/thought i'd best wander in and let y'all know y'all're getting a bit disfocused fragmented discombobulated near-incoherent disoriented etc etc etc down here at supremely wonderful visible origami et al but then what's to expect other than what's that?! that's being produced in response to the grand getalongs that vo's et al' dear host and neo-orienter has been experiencing and sending our way for us to try parsing into something useful as well as at least somewhat intellispiritulectually semi-circumspect jeeze! all of you are/it is wonderful! really! thankyou!

please do emotionally dismiss these railleries if they seem not serious/playful this ultra-audacious authoritarianism sometimes fully physicalized busy-ness sometimes just up & down/in & out does this sort of thing for instance, & bear ever in mind from here to wherever:

Everything that has ever happened, and is happening as of the moment, and ever will happen on this once-upon-a-time only seeming interruptible journey into eternity has occurred, does and always will occur exactly as it is supposed to; no matter WHAT it is.

First - Reorient synapses to comfortably assimilate that one; Next - Continue paying attention to everything your feelings want you to know; Then - Begin moving/thinking/visualizing/etc omnidimensionally outward from this point as an infinity of sentient sinewave frequencies & amplitudes. Once that starts working for you, you will begin becoming as one with everything that exists as is possible for your own personal systemically inter-embodied mind-spirit (just a personalized extension of the archetype of existence, you know) to organismically-sensuously-consciously experience LIFE IN FULL, and thereby find yourself as fully human as intended by the exact same ever-alive source of existence that courses throughout the organismically structured flesh of every other living life-form throughout the field of existence. (Remember now, reorient those synapses... comfortably....)

Everything changes in some ways while ever remaining the same in others. Always. Don't overlook the fact that it's the same for all of us; it's just that where we're all still at (for the moment), everybody isn't yet able to understand that it is.

jeeze! don't you just hate/love those fucking know-it-alls that don't know jack shit?!

Vanguard said...


Truly, an intuitive response!

Without knowing I was asking, there are several answers in what you said to things I'd either put in the back of my mind or had not considered.

Thanks again!

m_astera said...

"There are so many layers of relative truth that if you listen to the language of externals, you will most likely abandon your own power in favor the proclamation of language. Language is seductive to the ego's drive for power and control, as well as the mind's inclination to surrender to, and believe in, the language of externals. It can lure the unsuspecting into believing images and ideas--real or imagined--for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth, or keep individuals supporting the hierarchy when it no longer serves a purpose. The time is fast approaching when the veils of control at all levels of the hierarchy will be rendered obsolete by entities who are destined to pull down the veils and allow sovereign power to prevail over hierarchical power.

There are entities who have woven their future existence with Terra-Earth and are destined to demonstrate the truth of Source equality among all entities at all levels of expression. It will become the fundamental purpose of the hierarchy to slowly remove these barriers to equality in such a sway that the hierarchy appears to be the savior of consciousness rather than the guard of consciousness. There are those present that will ensure that the curtain falls swiftly for those who are ready to be equal with their Source, are willing to skirt the hierarchy's tangled pathways, and embrace their divinity as sovereign expressions of Source Reality."

Vanguard said...

Thanks ..neil..

I think I've only mentioned once before when you commented and tried to soothe some Anonymous nerves, but I really do enjoy every single poem you've shared.

Some resonate especially beautifully and powerfully with me.

Ones that speak of nature and even her furies; of Native American insights (some few of which I've practiced and loved too); and of pure truths, light, etc.

Please continue to stir people's thoughts and feelings.

Anonymous said...

oh I saw that aswell them last few comments beautiful thankyou people a sort of freshness lovely
.peace neil.

Anonymous said...

also with you vanguard honored to be share this beautiful place with yourself ...peace neil

Anonymous said...

flowing flower
maker bee
essence sacred
spinning free
warming holy
solar light
feather float
deep inside
spiral round
bringing liver
mighty warming
freeing river
flowing streams
of holy light
thunder cheifs
blow the flight
to our nature
loving ground
found in living
humming sound
through the crown
of beings wise
mother nature
bringing life.


FromBeyondOmega said...

To read that "Language is seductive to the ego's drive for power and control, as well as the mind's inclination to surrender to, and believe in, the language of externals. It can lure the unsuspecting into believing images and ideas--real or imagined--for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth, or keep individuals supporting the hierarchy when it no longer serves a purpose" cuts to the quick. Thus it is that the unwary at all levels of consciousness that implement language to its objective(s) & potentials as a medium of communication are capable of being assaulted by their respective levels of ignorance concerning the nature of reality. Not one human being anywhere has at any time known or ever will know everything, however true it is that many things are capable of being known by everyone.

The art of oneupmanship is a dying beast. All human kind are equals, whose respective sovereignesses intrinsically makes of us externals to each other. Our words are but a means by which we advance each other collectively into the future which life ensures to all who know no enmity and thus have replaced need of destroying anything by learning to understand everything.

If these words offend, it will only happen when mistaken as presented; something for which none need apologize.



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