Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Real, Encased in Light, Encased in Light.

{Last weekend before I left for the solstice I tried to do a radio show but the breakout box for my M-audio sound card was missing. I tried on my consort’s new Mac, recorded the show but couldn’t get it to leave the computer. It was a day of confusion and enemy action from the inner planes. Then a reader was supposed to meet me for the solstice. I went through a lot of trouble for him and then he turned off his phone. This is the time of the weird. I might find a way to get that show up this Sunday but if not, there will still be a show because I got another breakout box. In any case, I will present the essence of that show here today as it touches upon the single point of any importance in respect of anything, no matter what it is.}

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am getting a lot of letters lately from people who are in various kinds of trouble and who cannot discover what to do or are oppressed by the hidden forces in their environment or by fears and confusions appearing within.

Let’s reduce everything to a single compelling fact. Even if it’s not a fact for you, it is a fact for me and those others who need no further convincing. The divine ineffable is real. It is more real than anything else. One might say it is a light of such brilliance no one can look upon it. It is sheathed in another light of lesser brilliance and that is also sheathed in a light of even lesser brilliance. Outside of that falls some degree of shadow. The more one departs from the presence of that light, the greater the incremental intensity of the shadow.

Shadows are a mirage. They suggest the presence of something else but in many cases the shadows are taken for the real and life becomes a recurrent hallucination. They are the shadows on the walls of Plato’s Retreat (grin). Look it up. It’s not that off the wall (inside shadow joke) because it deals with sex and everything is sex. This is where we primarily get screwed up, which may or may not be better than getting screwed down. Either way, you get screwed in the shadows, which is how some people prefer it. There’s the idea that it’s kind of romantic and the moon which casts the shadows and the wine that creates the shadows in the mind, all conspire to give the impression that you are actually with someone.

One doesn’t need to know anymore than that there is something which is real. This realness generates all things, both real and unreal. It generates the real by intent and the unreal by its presence in comparison with what appears to exist in the shadows. We could play with all sorts of ideas related to physics here but such games, like anything else that requires complication for the purpose of intriguing the mind, are only more of the same distractions that have set us against ourselves and each other for lifetimes and which account for so many lifetimes in the shadows.

True cosmic love, which is that light encased in light, encased in light, exists unto itself within all things and apart from all things and is a conscious thing. It should not be confused with anything we call love here except for, perhaps, the love of a mother for her child. This mother, in a cosmic sense can be viewed as the mother of the divine ineffable, insofar as it is birthed into manifestation for whatever its purposes may be. It also remains unmanifest in its greater portion forever; never coming into manifestation to the degree that there is ever more in manifestation than there is in reserve. This love was in existence before anything and out if it everything emerged. It is also the ultimate result of the sublimation of the sexual force as it wends its way in the lives of exceptional people who will not rest or settle until that occurs. It is the bridegroom of which Christ speaks; the final result of the alchemical marriage and it has been defined in many ways by many faiths, all of which are the same.

When one is troubled one has departed from the real into the shadows. There is no other reason. One may have been attracted, pushed or lured there but that is the case. In these times there is a powerful sense of confusion and fear and people will think that there is something wrong but cannot place the cause. The truth is that the forces of the shadows are broadcasting to the separated self. It is happening ‘to you’ and to all of us as we handle and understand it according to our understanding.

The light is Christ, Krishna and other permutations, encased in veils of light. The shadow is the tempter or the left hand of God. It is the fulfillment of the spirit in search of experience. It’s all a play of light and shadow for the purpose of entertainment for the divine ineffable, who plays hide and seek with himself in the uncountable changes presented by the female counterpart who is the energy of appearance in all things. Generally the sex force is directed outward and that is why the gut is sucked inward and the back bent as the aging, which accompanies an outward directed sex force, marches on its relentless quest for the comfort of the grave.

Inwardly directed sex force results in ever greater stages of illumination, until the light is revealed within the shadows of the self deceiving mind; it results in intuition and revelation, self realization, the Philosophers Stone, the Pearl of Great Price and the completion of The Great Work which is The Operation of the Sun as described in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. The Sun accomplishes this work entirely in the person of the willing.

You are having difficulty right now because of your state in relation to your higher destiny and because active forces are radiating into the environment and into your mind because a crisis point is being reached in the battle for souls. The whole of the drama of life is a battle for your soul. Your soul is already safe if you would have it so and that is the terrible irony of the thing, like the mouse hiding behind the refrigerator who is safe from the lurking cat but is compelled to seek a greater safety despite the security of the moment and then places itself in danger.

There is only one thing anyone must do and that is to practice the presence of the light, of the real. Nothing else is required. No mumbo jumbo, rituals and routines besides this are necessary. No external condition can inform or protect one; no power, no money, no army, no fortress, nothing. Only the real can protect you from the unreal, period. All the distress in our lives comes from our avoidance of this one simple fact. It is a matter of faith, which is the link between the real and our souls, as well as every other component. Life tests and makes strong this faith in those disposed to the tempering and trial whose sole purpose is this, unless your purpose is all the other things besides what is real. This is the reason for the all pervasive materialism and disorder of the times... to see what we prefer and to see how bad we want it. Those pursuing the real have ‘everything else added unto them’. Those pursuing the unreal lose the real and everything else as well. That’s it, period.

No problem, no difficulty, no confusion, no fear and no anything is anything more than an opting for the shadow over the real. The whole purpose of life and all of its vicissitudes and sufferings are based upon leading you into the light after being lost in the shadow to the point where the attraction for the light is more compelling than anything else. Every problem, difficulty, confusion and fear can be resolved by seeking and practicing the presence of the divine ineffable; the light sheathed in light, sheathed in light. There is no other solution or sanctuary. It’s that simple. Even if you are taken away in the process of this you attain it.

Think of the various similarities in all religions where the mind is fixed upon the divine ineffable, in the life, at the gates of death, in the final moment. You attain it. You don’t go anywhere. You are where you are. Those who intend to enter the Kingdom of Heaven are already there before their seeming departure and Heaven, as has been many times stated here, begins where your feet touch the ground.

Walk in the presence of the light as the light. Walk through everything and every moment as the real in the presence of the real. Make the real your best friend and constant companion. Make the real the single focus of your every moment while engaging in whatever duty, which is also only a part of that focus on the light, on the real. If you are shaky in this then up the intensity. Your intensity must be like that of lungs deprived of oxygen. In this case, the result is very quick. Study your life as it occurs and observe to what degree you perform this task. See everything in this context. Walk and be and live in your life as the living force, without which, you would have no life and you will have no concern about anything else. Your concern about anything else is the reason for all of the conditions and states already mentioned. The one real is the one goal. Make it more important than anything else and it will let you know it is present.

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Anonymous said...

mr visibles,how are you on this fine morning,its all the time now when ever you say stuff the flowers bloom the sun is shinier the trees greener and the rainbows a little bit rainbowier if their is such a word.
and good morning to all of you out their may the loving grace inspire all of you lovely people.

..peace neil..

Anonymous said...

will be back with a poem later,have had about 3hrs sleep,when I woke up
their are feather type clouds all across the sky where I live, now I suspect but I'm not sure that that was you lot out their thinking and writing them wonderful things
I suspect their are some shadowed types muttering profanities at them
they cant help it,we need to help them to the light peoples as they have completely sort of lost it.

.may the stregnth of everlasting light guide us all..
..peace neil..

Anonymous said...

Strange, as I read this a bright red tiny fly, a type I've never seen before, came and sat next to me and cleaned itself. When I finished it flew away.
Things like this always happen when reading your posts.
Thank you, Les.


William Freeman

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thanks for reminding me. I was one of those who wrote you about my problems. For a while there I was in the shadows of despair. Life seemed to be going down a very dark road and I thought for a while of giving up on it all.

I felt like Théoden in Lord of the rings when he had been taken over by Saruman. I had become a shadow of myself, weak and in darkness and open to the suggestions of Grima Wormtongue. I felt trapped and all I could here was his voice in my head telling me it was all pointless. I felt somewhere in my being that the light was still there but I couldn’t remember its face.

Just writing to you about those shadows seemed to clear the air a little and over the past week or two the clouds have cleared some and I remember now.

Your words this morning remind me of Gandalf’s words to Théoden “Your fingers would remember their old strength better... if they grasped your sword.”

The battle of Helm's Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.

Thanks Les,


Anonymous said...

A feeling of peace comes upon one -and one if simply thankful.

Thanks for your words, Les.


Neko Kinoshita said...

As always,

Thank you for the reminder.
Focus clears the vision.


Anonymous said...

Les and all–

Spent a wonderful day floating on the river nearby with a fine group of friends. A very large rainbow trout allowed me to catch her and bring her in close enough so she and I were surrounded by the group then I quickly removed the hook while she was in the water and she was gone. The group smiled, and the day continued in wonderful harmony as the sun shone.
The world was in balance for as far as I could see... hardly any garbage floating (unusual). We did recover a bowling ball floating in an eddy – yes, a bowling ball floating in an eddy. Such are the times we're living in :)
I've often told friends that I was an atheist, but I've always qualified it with the statement that if there were a godhead and upon death I were to meet such an entity I wouldn't fear my atheism because such a being would look more at how I've lived my life rather than what my beliefs were.
Blindly believing something because I've been told seems rather stupid, and I feel a godhead wouldn't care much for stupid creations.
And after spending several years of my youth tagging along with buddy's to their churches, I realized the god most americans worship is a greedy, angry, violent god. The god of america can't be a god, but some sort of devil, judging by the way he (yeah, it's a he) is constantly looking for burnt offerings and smiting people. What an asshole!
I figure not worshiping that creep is probably the real test of godliness; maybe rejecting the snide , angry assholes who attend corporate church is the truest path to salvation.
The net of light grows brighter, I feel the positive vibrations becoming stronger.
p.s word verification: cantsold

Anonymous said...

Well written, truth well told. It's all that really matters now. You know when all longing for the physical world and the creations of the Creator fall away from you like an old skin and all you want is Oneness with Creator.

Pstonie said...

I think where many religions and beliefs go wrong is that they present this "god" as something external to ourselves, leading to people always looking outward. God/the universe/the force/life IS us. We are it and part of it as much as the mammonites are part of it. It's people who think their god is in the clouds and out of reception range that act as if they're his little gift to the rest of us animals.

On monday I felt that it might be a difficult week and so far I've been right. My new philosophy is being continuously tested and I take that to mean that I'm on the right path. Sounds like many others are being tested as well. You must be doing something right if the forces of darkness are trying to destroy your focus.

Many years of bad habits still lead me off to fixate on the past or the future, where lazy brain math and badly-informed assumptions lead me to wonder whether there's a point to it all. I doubt there is a point or a meaning, anything that can be assigned to it is probably as varied as the mood of the person doing the assigning. There is just LIFE, and despite what some want you to think, I believe that we are in complete control of each and every moment. Nobody drags me into my soul-sucking job each day except myself. Not even the creatures scurrying out of Israel before they drop the bomb have any real say in what happens to me. (I suppose now that I've said that I will be tested in such manner as well.)

Things will not always go as we assumed they would, but that's because we're not proceeding in synch with the life force which animates all of us.

Anonymous said...

So let me cliff notes this Les. Your saying the key to happiness is to get more pussy, so I bust a nut more often and release tension and just be me and my women in love like the pervasive love in the universe? Interesting, have you seen much love in the world Les? In addition, you talk about shadows and light. And old wise one once told me that when times are too crazy, the best thing to do is stay in shade. There are a lot of people pursuing what's real and in the process they are destroying everything that's real. They are not destroying the imaginary in the quests for more real things, they are destroying flesh, blood, lives, homes, families, and property, and anything else you can think of that can be destroyed. "Or as my friend Dj Rnm once said "they are like a bull in a china shop". I notice that those in the shadows who observe the light with proper moderation are more able to see what is real and what isn't because they are not blinded by the light which then leads to them missing the bigger picture and everything in between. Most of the people in the shadows since the years that this world has taken a turn for the worse have not contributed to madness of following the yellow brick road in the accumulation of real. (Grin) I know a few good twenty-somethings with families that were real that were ordered to go pursue some more real objects based on orders from their leaders who peddled lies as real and caused some very real destruction to an abysmal amount of people. (Grin) what is this grin sonsense? Anyway Les, if I see you, I'm breaking your jaw dude. That is real. And what is this my phone was off on sunday layered shadow communication? My phone was on superspy or supercomputer or superfreakshow, whoever you are. Later dude. I'm breaking your jaw so bad Les, or Lies.

abe said...

That's why I love Les. You realize there are people who spend millions of dollars, dozens of years, and do incredibly humiliating things to themselves just to receive a portion of such a simple truth. I would laugh if it weren't, what the hell - I AM laughing. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

that zio whatever he is,I think all he would ever accomplish with that attitude is maybe tripping himself over..neil

Visible said...

Update; this fellow is connected to another fellow Chris Criminal (a musician) who recently broke up with a much older woman who blames me although I haven't seen these people in over 3 years. What he's achieved is to bring real heat upon the source should I care to but I'll let it percolate for the moment except for actions already taken.

This is why I mentioned it in the intro to the post without having any evidence at the time like I do now.

The intuition is an amazing thing. I sorta knew this was happening but I didn't hear about it until a day later. I intentionally provided the very environment he would have wanted (a way station meeting place) had he been able to carry this out in the first place. I'll admit that this sort of thing still gives me a charge; takes me back to my Wild West days in Hawaii. I have to watch that but since I can recognize it I suppose that's enough.

m_astera said...

But what if Mark hooks up with Laura's daughter? ooooooo. Scared yet?

I'm reminded of a time when my psychopath neighbor decided to wake me up by running his chainsaw right next to my cabin. I went out and told him to knock it off and go away; I was pretty pissed off. He started in screaming and ranting at me and hurling abuse, which I gave back for a bit but then realized it was just stupid.

So I opened my arms and said "Hey, brother, c'mon, this is stupid. Come give me a hug."

He turned and literally ran as fast as he could to get away. Doesn't always work that way, but that time was a real eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

Les, dont know the debate or issues you have with this dude but running off his words, I say he has something important to say, as we all do.

Light doesnt work without darkness.

You have been talking about a not so easy part of the self to see lately, as I hear you.

The "shadow self" is real important to feel out and come to terms with? The shape of the shadow can be used to guide this awakening.

Now sitting in it(the shadow) isnt going help you see it, but its sure does affect the outcome of your actions like the dude was saying. Thats not a bad path to learning stuff, but its only one way of many?

Stay in the light to long, and you might just forget youre making it? You wont see you shadow looking up in wonder and hopes of "real" change.

Now whats "real" and whats not have nothing to do with the level of light or darkness casted on it. The image is made with shadows and shades of lights. The higher self is "behide" the light and not a reflection of it.

I think thats what this dude was saying a bit, or not!!!

Love Your Life

bholanath said...

Take care, Les -
You probably know all about the Grand Cross on Saturday, but it's a new open doorway (we haven't seen in centuries, if at all) and all sorts of shit could be coming through.
Just sayin'...

Big thanks and praises for this post and for the advice/prayer over on SM to the commenter.

"Without Earth, there is no Heaven" - John Trudell


Anonymous said...

you must of picked up on his fear or something,the ears immedietly sort of prick up I suppose he will probably be seriously questioning himself as we speak .neil

Visible said...

Well, Michael, that's scary. The woman's name is Laura though I don't know if she has a daughter. This is too freaky. I'm going to bed.

When Susanne heard that she was sending some people after me she said, "Well, at least she had the good sense to send five guys."

No one can figure out why after all this time she flipped like she did. the weird thing is that I didn't have anything to do with what she's telling them. the guy flipped out and started saying I was God and I was talking to him inside his head. this was four years ago.

Visible said...


Tell me what you can about this because an event is supposed to start happening any time with me.

Or please direct me to some information about it. It usually doesn't do any good (grin) because my situation is in the hands of particular invisible energizes but I'd like to know even if I won't see it until tomorrow.


Frog said...

Light does work without the darkness. Light is fine on it's own.

Real things persist in the light, false things and shadows fade in the light.

The light and fire of God (the real) consumes the false, dark, ignorant.

The "shadow self" is something to come to grips with, accept it so you can reject it, but I don't see how it could lead you to anything other than astray.

From "The Straw Men"

"Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow
Life is very long"

-TS Elliot

Visible said...

Never mind Bholanath, I've uncovered enough concerning it. No one seems to have any real idea what it means though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
You know me as Nick N on a certain social networking site. I am very thankful for your continued work and efforts. The blogs have been quite the amazing journey and I am just thankful to be able to read along.

Seeing that you wanted some information on the upcoming cardinal grand "t" cross I figured I'd drop a line.

Check out this blog for a more spiritual perspective on what is happening (a great deal of people who call themselves astrologers are running around screaming that the sky is falling but we all know that does no one any good.) ;-)

eternusphoenix (as I see there is already another Nick commenting)

PS: Maybe I'm still "fresh" to the scene but I've never seen the comments section so alive. It's been a pleasure to read all of these viewpoints & perspectives.

Anonymous said...

hopefully that bloke will settle down
and come back in he may need to well just calm down and rationalise whatever he is thinking
this playing in the shade
well that would mean he is hiding from himself ,so I would say thats not really a good thing to do...I wish him well and hope he finds some sort of understanding soon.neil

also this grandcross with the stars
and stuff I never knew this was going on,anyway peoples may we amplify the greatness of our inner being to all its mightiness

love and peace neil

Anonymous said...

@ Leszek

TS Elliot is such good stuff!

Your right, light works on its own, bad word choice on my part.

I was thinkin you dont really "see" the difference between the two without both being present?

Im not sure we are use like terms, but the shadow or dark self is something you need to come to terms with for sure, but I say you shouldnt reject it, but accept it and move with a more round sense of self.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by what Bholanath said, and what you asked him, LV.
I checked out the Grand Cross, and came across these which seemed interesting. I barely know the terms in astrology.

If this seems significant to you, I hope you'll comment on it here.


“Eclipses seem to be felt for at least a month ahead and a month after, and if it hits a major point in your chart you have probably been preparing for a big change this summer anyway.”

“The June 26, 2010 eclipse: The lunar eclipse at 4° + Capricorn conjoins Pluto and activates a grand cross involving the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, the Moon, and Saturn. These are all within 5° of the four cardinal points. This will be a very important event, for better or worse, with a huge impact on global events.”

interesting essays on the goddess Nut and the Milky way and on solstice effect on nation-states

bholanath said...

I know, Les. No one is sure since it's unprecedented, obviously.
It is a cross in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), which requires pro-activity.
The right response is to step up and physically assert the Truth as strongly and deeply that we are able. ACTION. It is not for 'surrendering' or relinquishing authority and initiative. The PTB and the deluded will probably be assertive in their illusory 'power', but the true humans will and are beginning to display just who has 'a pair'.
Don't forget your pants (grin).

wv: happinec

Anonymous said...

funny things you know
the way things go
how things come about
from the hidden to the shown
how things wriggle free
they all have the ability
its up to each to see
I suppose individualy
to see into themselves
reach only for true wealth
the inner light bring health
living truth truely felt
sacred living profound
sprung from living ground
between the up and down
eternal humming sound
humming like a bird
sing a song of birth
coming from the earth
heals the things that hurt
heal who allow
I really dont know how
something in the tao
it comes the mind devout.


Anonymous said...

He whom God wishes destroyed cannot remain alive and he whom God wishes to live cannot be killed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words of wisdom.
Thanks for the gift Les ;)

- Frankie

Mark Sowers said...

Dear Les and fellow readers,

This is Mark Sowers and I must say that the 'Anonymous' person who wrote that nasty message at 8:46pm IS NOT ME.

You responded to that comment as if it were really me.

The facts Les stated are true: I did fail to come out to the Solstice and he went to some trouble to arrange a place for me to sleep and to meet some really cool people. I didn't answer my Handy and Les was patient and kind to make repeated efforts to reach me further and left two very pleasant messages. Mea culpa, For that I'm deeply sorry to ignore you and very sorry to disappoint you Les. The other remaining comments about me are very unsettling and my stomach is in knots about this and I want to assure you and every good person on this fourum that someone else wrote those awful threats and comments.

I also wish to make clear that the few comments I've left on your fourums have always been respectful. I don't have a Blog so it comes posted as 'Anonymous said...' but I always leave my name as Mark S aus Züri or Zürich.

Any one can call me at the phone number or write me at the posted email. You can find me on Facebook too.

Les, I've written two emails to you about this, in this case, I think one can conclude a case of mistaken identity.

Help! That's about all I can do to (partially) redeem and clear my name. I hope you will forgive me for what happened last weekend.


Mark cw Sowers
actually, it's Thalwil and very close to Zürich.

Ben There said...

Just finished reading this and the previous post(s).

I KNEW something was going on with you. Frankly I was a little worried after such a long absence here. Glad you are still with us and that all remains in tact.

Wishing you the best, as always!

Anonymous said...

mr visibles also yesterday between the honorable hours of sun in third of sky and about 10 minutes later
I was looking up as I usually try to do this time of the day and low and behold what did I see,on a totaly blue sky day I saw the strangest looking cloud that looked like a dog sitting with an actual rainbow coming out the top of its head,
no rain or anything
anyway the cloud that was a dog was
holding another cloud that was a feather to the sun I immediatly thought of yourself.
in your finest

peoples peoples thanking you're graciousness and for not mental cage fighting with each other as we are on mr visibles fine page
of the visible orgami
the living light is in all of us
and may its beauty shine through
us all equaly as we are all just an interpretation of the light or something like that any way
night night I'm off to sleep..

..peace neil..

..peace neil..

presence said...

Here is a link to Kindran Arnesen @ the Gulf Emergency Summit: She's a fishing family/mother who has, interestingly, been allowed Into the inner workings of the disaster: into the meetings & out on the gulf on c.g. boats & helicopters: she's got quite the story, and spunk:
Love & big circles of Light all...

m_astera said...

Les, what we had there was a coinkidink.

I was referencing the remark you made about Laura KZ'z daughter telling you she could kick your ass.

But don't you just love it when crazy people make up shit and then blame you for it? Or do things themselves and then tell others you did it (or made them do it)?

Like I wrote to someone the other day, climbing the mountain doesn't seem to get easier when you get near the top, which isn't really the top, just the start of the next mountain. Such a deal.

"you are not the recipients of divine labor and meticulous training only to ensure that you may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a purpose of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If I designed you to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of my creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential learning."

Thanks, Mom/Dad. Do we get summer vacation?

Anonymous said...

Man, when I'm there, I'm really there...then I trip over myself and it take me a little while to get back there. Just the same, you are 1000% right. It's there.
You just moved me closer to It.
Thank you.

Lukiftian said...

the ring is MINE.


Josey Wales said...

Hi Les,

I'm still here and thank you for this message.

I am at it constantly working toward perfect faith.


Anonymous said...

“The whole purpose of life and all of its vicissitudes and sufferings are based upon leading you into the light after being lost in the shadow to the point where the attraction for the light is more compelling than anything else.”

Thanks Les for the above and many other pearls in your post today. This is why I continue to view your site daily. You reach me in ways that few others do, and for this I am truly grateful.

You say that all a person must do is practice the presence of the light. But how is that to be actually achieved? You say that no mumbo jumbo, ritual, and routines are necessary. Well then, how do people “practice” the presence of the light? Before I accepted Islam, I understood that my purpose on this earth was to grow in Gods love, but I wasn’t getting very far so I concluded that I needed a path to follow and some help focusing my scattered mind.

How can people on a daily basis stay in the real and away from layers of darker and darker shadows? As a Muslim, I have my five daily prayers as an exercise the returns my attention to the divine and reinforces my commitment to strive to follow a clean, wholesome path in the light of Allah.

These prayers are a constant, daily challenge that forces my lower nature to abide by my higher nature. Sometimes my higher nature wins and I pray with sincerity and intent, other times my lower nature succeeds and I either pray fully distracted or I don’t pray at all.

My point is that we need to some way to structure our lives so we can more easily follow our higher natures, don't we?

I love you.


the BCth said...

Recent events and circumstances, both internal and external, have brought me to a point where I have had no choice but to surrender fully to the Divine Presence. I guess this puts me in the same boat as many others who follow these blogs. It is not the easiest thing to do coming from a history of (relative) spiritual confusion and blindness, but it is the most natural state of being there is. It's our native state, our birthright, to be at one with God. It's the only thing worth striving for in the end. It's the key to our survival, our growth, and our bliss.

For myself, I am more deeply convinced than ever, in my heart of hearts, that this is the only way to live.


There's an amazing story about the power of sex to bring us into the Divine Presence over at Reality Sandwich.

Visible said...

Well, that's a comfort. Whoever it is is trying to perform elementary psy-ops; indicating affiliation with military types and by association himself. This probably works with people who read too much TV or can't get up out of their chair but I'll look at it the way I always do; someone who talks what they can't perform or the possibility of an adventure involving a little cape work.

Visible said...


It all begins in the mind. Even the universe we move through, which is composed of the 'substance' of God is an extension into the manifest of 'mindstuff' and a precipitation of 'chitti' into form. So... let us think of ourselves as Gods for the sake of argument. What emerges in our minds, either from 'other sources' or within our own mentation are all vibrating idea forms that can precipitate down through the planes of being into the world we are walking around in and become, chairs, airplanes, encounters, situations, food, body contacts or what have you.

How we create and manage these things results in the world we find ourselves in in this moment.

Ergo... we should stand watch at the gates of our mind and allow no substance to clothe anything we don't want to encounter in life. If all we have before us is the guiding light, which also composes all that we are and encounter in some form or another on any plane then we will be slipstreamed toward that light in all we think and say and do. Everything we encounter is frozen sunlight; plants, animals, people... their physical extensions into the world of the senses are all frozen sunlight.

Most people think of the divine occasionally, if at all, and therefore their actual contact is only occasional. If someone thinks of God all the time; the real, the light, encased in light, encased in light then... the light in and around them will be present and powerful to that degree; to the degree that their focus is on it.

Praying five times a day is better than one time a day unless you are praying one time a day all the time. If for instance you are saying la ilaha illa allahu all day long then you are doing what I am suggesting. But who does that? masters do it, saints do it, the realized do it. Some are doing it in the resonance of it being said from the realm of heaven by angels and it is a magic carpet of sound glorifying the divine.

Truth is like a white light before it enters a prism. consider the prism to be the first expression of manifest existence and the seven rays as seven different heavens that are the immortal living state of seven different faiths. The truth is one and the expressions are seven.

All religions and paths of faith merge in one truth on return and we are all on the path of return. Most are content with one of the seven heavens. Some few want the truth itself. Some of us have that already, even before residence in Heaven, because we have briefly been taken there.

No matter what, there is no way around ceaseless prayer, or Zikr, or the ceaseless practice of the presence of God, or unceasing yearning or however you personally put it. It is all about the degree of consistency because anything else involves some degree of shadow.

That's what you get when you go to church on Sunday, "the odds against going to Heaven, six to one"

No one wants this explanation because it seems like and is (for awhile) the hardest work you will ever do. I am living proof and others are much greater proof that this sort of thing contains a great reward. I look at my own efforts and I see inconsistency and all sorts of error but... I have given great effort in this regard and I can say that it works. Probably the only reason (not knowing more than a little about previous lives) I have had any success is because these are very dark times and any amount of this sort of effort reaps benefits it would not do in other times. I have the darkness to thank for my own degree of progress. Otherwise I don't know what might have happened (grin).

Anonymous said...

hey mark sowers,nice stuff..peace neil

Anonymous said...

words unravel traveling
like birds in the sky
activate things
in the learning ones eye
inner bee buzz sounds
indigo violet blue
seven star crest spin
truth flower bloom
atune signs through lines
of transmitters of love
rainbowed olive branch
carried in dove
the love in things
grandmother spin all of life
weave the clothes
of true nature
through pupil weave light
across the star winds
the seven sea's of within
moon beams of sunlight
mother sews with the string
the strings of life
lead with a needle that she thread
tip toe on the solar winds
through the mind of dread.


Django said...

Hi Les,
Jessica Murray, ( has an interesting take on the upcoming astrological events.
Thanks for all that you do, and especially for the layered shadow communications (grin).

Anonymous said...

Thank you phoenixeternus for the link you sent to the excellent article on the eclipse tomorrow.

This below is on mundane matters, but needs Light and Intent for change.

May all allow the Light to shine through.
May ths community help in that.

Anonymous said...

Wenn Du glaubst es geht nicht mehr,
kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her!

R. Zuercher
(The Swiss in Florida)

Anonymous said...

BCth, Osho always said Sex is Prayer and Prayer is Sex.
It can't get any better than that but what if it can...
Thanks Les, as always!
Love, Deb.

Anonymous said...

There's a big big difference in thinking/pondering/serving Brahman or Parabrahman.

Immediately one knows that by attending Parabrahman one automatically attends Brahman (and everything else), but the opposite is not true.

Visible said...

immer etwas ist

Anonymous said...

And after Osho can no longer 'get it up' he will then conveniently proclaim himself a master of penance, an austere one, for practicing celibacy.

Not only childishly predictable, but also very superstitious.

Visible said...

As long as anyone thinks they are the one getting it up it will come and go.

Anonymous said...

They will come and go regardless.

Anonymous said...

"If for instance you are saying la ilaha illa allahu all day long then you are doing what I am suggesting. But who does that? masters do it, saints do it, the realized do it. Some are doing it in the resonance of it being said from the realm of heaven by angels and it is a magic carpet of sound glorifying the divine."

I had never heard this before, I am very glad you wrote it. Quite a bit that you write resonates with me and this hit a tune. :)


Visible said...


I can't possibly make decisions like that, especially given the medium whose latitude is wide. You have to make that decision.

Anonymous said...

intricate patterns
star waves cross the sky
inner beam aum
frequency colors climb
indigo feather chant
pulse of the drum
living ground flow
spin living sums
higher inner
in inner blaze
the pathways of right
seventh sound spin peace
loaded by might
cosmic ray pierce
with the thunder
and the rain
multiply the frequency
of all things change


Anonymous said...

it maybe ok,I trust you totaly anyway les...
I'm going to stay here I think for the rest of the day/night see what comes out ..neil

Anonymous said...

reading through the cloud
mauve in yellow sound
feather off the ground
harmony profound
natures loving truths
red and green and blue's
playing on the flute
digging at the roots
living goodness thought computes
leave trail of inner truths
when one commutes
angles of all views
suddenly sublime
transcending heart and mind
overflowing buttercup
indigo in signs
hum of bumble bee
buzzing round in free
the ever living tree.


the living holy light
inner flame burn bright
strength and love and right
freed through the night
indigo in flight

risen purple waves
stations of the rays
to the cosmic gate
living goodness reawakes

colors of the ground

Anonymous said...

solar wheel spin
spin solar string
streams from the spring
river bird wing
life bringer bring
bringer of peace
set in the west
rise in the east
with indigo seeds
of buttercup yellow
blue spiral greens
on thunder chief meadow
grandma weave's
colors recite
weaving the medicine
of true natures light.


Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin.>

Copernicus Kidd said...

the word goes around from father to son

Anonymous said...

AWESOME.....needed that


Anonymous said...

Very timely post Les. thanks again from St. Louis

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Oil for the Lamps of Heaven and Hell.>

m_astera said...

Music and Lyrics by Gary B. White

Love will abide
Take things in stride
Sounds like good advice, but
There's no one at my side

Time washes clean
Love's wounds unseen
That's what someone told me, but
I don't know what it means

'Cause I've done everything I know
To try and make you mine
And I think I'm gonna love you
For a long, long time

Been thinking for the past while about the two themes that Les has been bringing up here, Gratitude and Surrender. Gratitude is pretty easy to learn and pretty easy to teach. Put your conscious focus and your energy where your heart is, right there in your chest, and bring up the feeling of thankfulness. Think of something you are thankful for today, or something you have been thankful for in the past. The feeling will come, and it will grow. Gratitude. The more and the longer you practice it, the easier it will become and the greater the feeling of thankfulness will become.

Surrender isn't so easy. How does one teach, or learn, surrender? Surrender to what, the unknown? The draw to spirit, how strong is it? Is it strong enough? How does one teach the surrender of the spirit to one who is in love, in love with the person that they know is perfect for them? The one that if only they were by your side, joy would abound? How does one teach surrender to one who knows that if they only had that success they dream of, however that success is measured and defined, all would be well in their world? Can they be convinced to give all that up, give it all away, for an unknown?

Probably not. Probably those worldly desires must be lived, the dreams must be fulfilled, fulfilled enough that they are seen and understood. The unknowns must be made known. They need not be disappointments, nor ashes, nor seen as an empty thing, for they are not empty things; they are the desires of this world and this world is real to the body and mind that desires them. They must be lived, and only after they are lived and understood may one come to the place where they have had enough of those things; where the longing for something more, something deeper, something lasting and eternal, mystical and unknown, yet somehow known in a way beyond thought and words, something that has always been there in the stillness, can come forward into its rightful place.

The love that Rumi and the troubadours sang of, what is that love? Who is that beloved? O mysterious one, who are you? Where are you? Come to me, come into my heart now; I have had enough of these fleeting things, I am ready now. I give it all up, I surrender. Come be that which I am. Transform me, beloved. Make me transparent that the moonlight may shine through me, that the wind may blow through me without resistance. I am yours.

'Cause I've done everything I know
To try and make you mine
And I think I'm gonna love you
For a long, long time

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now

I'm Free and Freedom is Reality.>

Anonymous said...

Les, you have gone too far. The damage is done and there is no turning back. I know that you feel it and it is the worst feeling you can have. Good luck, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Global Predictions Found in some 'Brighu Nadi'
Palm Leaves

Jul 02, 2010 — MADRID, SPAIN (SUN) — According to legend, the library was created more than 5,000 years ago by seven holy rishis. They apparently wrote biographies of about 80,000 people who will come to ask their fate.

FromBeyondOmega said...

This is a very trying process all human psyches are being subjected to these days, one which began being described for Judaean-Christian Bible readers from at least the times of Daniel. Besides that, anyone who knows how to read and think should no longer doubt that these are end times of one world of human experience whereof we are simultaneously being informed on how to prepare ourselves for a markedly different one coming into place. Religion and science are becoming one and the same.

Those who do well at transitioning this period will know the future and continue being integral components of it, those who do not will cease to exist. Pretty obvious straight-forward stuff; wouldn't you say?

Peace and wisdom to all.

Anonymous said...

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.12

na tv evāhaḿ jātu nāsaḿ

na tvaḿ neme janādhipāḥ

na caiva na bhaviṣyāmaḥ

sarve vayam ataḥ param


Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

FromBeyondOmega said...

To not elaborate the distinctions between the living organism's physical body, its mind and its Spirit when rendering the statement - "Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be" - misleads its naive and unwitting readers.

All living organisms' material bodies, comprised of dense physical matter, necessarily one day die; after which they proceed to cease existing as systemically coherent organismic structures by deteriorating into an eventual scattering about of molecular fragments.

Even the incorporeal minds of living organisms one day effectively die into non-existence in terms of how they once thought, believed and thus once were during their interminable course of reincarnations; with each time requiring rebirth and suitably regrowing themselves into each subsequent world of life's ever-changing conditions.

So it rightly is only the Spirit - with its perfect mindfulness thereof itself, whereby everything else comes into existence - that never ceases to exist.

Anonymous said...

"We are not the body."

This can be said in those five simple words, easy for almost anyone to understand.

"Krishna (God) consciousness is not a question of belief; it is a science. The first step is to know the difference between a living body and a dead body."

"The material body is an imitation. It is false. Because the spiritual body has form, the material body, which is a coating, takes on form. A cloth originally has no form, but a tailor can cut the cloth to fit a form. In actuality, this material form is illusory. Matter originally has no form. It takes on form for a while as a body, and when the body becomes old and useless, the matter returns to its original position. In this Bhagavad Gita the body is compared to a machine. The soul has his own form of spirit, but he is given a machine made of matter, the body, which he uses to wander throughout the universe, attempting to enjoy himself."

FromBeyondOmega said...


I(we) commend and thank and love you for your response.

You have made it clear to me and my wife that any significant difference that occurs between us and you is one of semantics wrought of the different narratives from which we have constructed our different words for expressing the same principles. Your words have made it clear to us that your conceptual/scientific principles are very nearly identical to ours. Perhaps your mind agrees with ours? If not, we are pleased to receive further words as to why.

I was given a Bhaktivedanta translation of Bhagavad Gita As It Is over 30 yrs ago by a devotee who was tutored by Bhaktivedanta. The devotee (who I have been out of touch with since about 1983), whose American name was/is Will Atmore (I do not remember his Hindu name), and I came together as friends and enthusiastic conversationalists as a consequence of his being assigned to develop an Ashram where I was living in Colorado, USA at the time. Our rapport was splendid.

Again, we thank you for your response.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful! that you and your wife possess such kind intelligence.

Anonymous said...


I might add that I myself am not very intelligent at all. Or competent. Or very much elevated beyond base animalistic tendencies.

I honestly do not have nor do I desire any so-called original thoughts or ideas in which to contort/distort/pervert the absolute truth of Bhagavata Dharma.

I am though, by some divine mercy, offered the incredible chance of exposure to those acharyas and pure devotees who are in fact competent, wise and pure enough to deliver this Sanatana Dharma without adulteration or personal conjurings and preferences.

For this I am indeed blessed beyond belief!

FromBeyondOmega said...


It has been a pleasure conversing with you. We will watch for your words at Visible Origami.



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