Friday, October 27, 2017

To Grant You Salvation from the Flaming Inferno of the Desire for Temporary Things

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Greetings my friends. How are you all today? I hope you are well. I know some of you are not. I wish that were otherwise. I wish there were something I could do about it. I pray. That is how I handle everything I can't handle. I know there are people who feel I could do more if I wanted to. That's not true. Within the limits of what I am capable, I do all I can do. Believe it or not ...and the ineffable can and does do everything else. It matters not whether anyone believes in a supreme being, I know we would not be here at all unless a supreme being believed in us.

It seems that at least once a year and sometimes more often than that, I have to write something like this. It used to be I had to write these rare and occasional posts because something had happened and I felt like I had to do some kind of damage control. These days thanks to my invisible friends, I can see it coming and I can see it coming now and I'd like to step in and clarify a few things ahead of time.

I know there are people who come around here and do not believe in God. I've looked into the warp and woof of that and I've determined that the God they don't believe in doesn't exist. A great many people have a problem with religion and this causes them to throw out the baby with the bath water. I don't judge people who don't believe. I know for a fact that sooner or later two things are guaranteed to happen to each and every one of you. One of these things is that we will discover that a great deal of what we presently believe to be true is not true and the other thing is that sooner or later we will come before a representative of divine authority; on rare occasion it will happen while one is present in a particular lifetime and if not then, most assuredly it will happen after one has departed and has to answer for whatever they did and did not do here. People can argue without respite about this but it won't be with me.

The point I am trying to make is that whether you do or do not believe in a supreme being and an invisible hierarchy, I certainly do and subsequently it is going to be the subject of discussion here and that is going to happen more and more often as the divine becomes more and more present in my life.

Someone came by my Facebook page, today or yesterday and said, “I lose your message in the God stuff.......” The God stuff is my message. I am still at a loss as to what this person was trying to say. I responded at best as I know how and that brings me to the other point. Several times recently, in the comments section and in emails I have encountered certain communications where the intention was conflict or where an appeal was being made in search of a predictable response, which I am not capable of providing. I've studied my responses to people and I can see where they might take away a certain impression of what I was saying because of the way I said it. I can see if there was any emotion behind my response that it might indicate something other than what I was actually saying. There is no emotion behind any of it, except for Love.

I have a real problem with pussy footing around with people and measuring every single word I employ in order to skirt every possibility of conflict. I find if I am not direct and clear then I am being dishonest and that makes me really uncomfortable. It's been said from the beginning here; 'take what is useful to you and ignore the rest.' Very likely subjects discussed and points in the process of being made have nothing to do with you. That is very likely also true because you have nothing to do with them. They do not relate to your interests. Don't worry about them.

There is a school of thought that says you most certainly should worry about or be concerned about them but that is not my department. I will say this; you are here for only a little while. It might seem a long time but in comparison to the rest of the procession of existence it isn't even a blip on the radar. Only if you come to the attention of the one who developed and operates the radar does your blip possess any meaning. Here today and gone tomorrow certainly applies in a dramatic sense. Very few here can tell you where they came from and where they are bound so... to my mind this is all important. It is far more important than anything you might have or desire here because wherever you may be headed, that is not coming with you. Only those changes that took place in your being, as the result of experience ...and your responses to experience will continue on with you and another kind of radar comes into play with that.

We are the result of who and what we admire because this is what shapes us. There is a grand template that exists and it is what we are measured against. This determines the real success and failure in every life. I am the product of those I have admired and whose lives and words have influenced the course of my actions. I have not always lived according to what I claim to believe in but I have suffered the costs of that and continued to seek to overcome the inconsistencies of my nature. Though I have fallen ten thousand times ten thousand, I have gotten up again and stepped back on the path. The only real failure is a failure to try. If you do not give up you will succeed. This applies in the negative as well as the positive and a lesson is inherent in all permutations.

My heroes are men like Jesus Christ and the Amitabha Buddha. My heroes are without exception, the seekers after and lovers of, the ineffable. You heroes can well be different than mine. I come here to remind people of the temporary nature of their presence here and the possibilities of what lies beyond as well as how one might arrive at that further place before they have even left. If this is not a concern of yours, I suggest you go somewhere else and find whatever it is that is important to you. I ache with a desire greater than I can express that each of you will reach that shining city on the farther shore. Nothing would please me more and I am going to talk about matters and such related to this for the duration of my continuance here.

I do not want to offend any of you but I am certain that I will at times because your values and desires are not the same as my own. We will sort that out in the cauldron of experience or we will not. At no time have I set myself up as a teacher or some oracle of truth. At no time have I sought to present myself as someone without fault or the capacity for error. Take what is useful to you here and leave the rest.

Surely there are people who think I am engaged in censoring the behavior of others. I have my opinion on the result of certain lifestyles but that is separate and apart from how I view humanity in its various expressions of life. People are free to live as they choose because they will assuredly find out the value and cost of their behavior. I am not the judge of that but... I am not going to remain silent about the weaponizing of sexuality, or the effects of runaway political correctness and the terrible harm caused by social justice terrorists and those who educate and finance them for the purpose of resident chaos and disorder. Feel free to disagree with me. I will continue as I do regardless. I will make errors in judgment and I will learn from them. I will see the error of my ways at different moments and I will make the necessary adjustments. I extend this latitude to you and I expect you to extend it to me; that we will show compassion and mercy and forgiveness when we are in a position to do so. There are people who presently hate me for events in years past that did not even take place in the way that those who weren't even there remember them (grin).

I am not that person anymore and in times to come I will not be the person I am today. I extend to you the understanding that I would hope you would extend to me. I am not paid for what I do here most every day and sometimes all day long. I do it for the joy of service; should that be the real result. Certainly, on occasion there are those who contribute to my ability to continue in this work but I would not be able to survive on that if I had to. What that does is make it possible for me to purchase the tools of my industry so I can keep on doing what I do. I live by the grace of the ineffable who by mysterious method sustains me at all times; who feeds and comforts me with water in the desert and sweet honey from rocks. It's been going on for long enough now that I am certain it will be here tomorrow and the day after.

I know some of you have expectations of me; who wish I were less spiritual and more political or... something. This is what I am. I assure you that the invisible author of all good things is real, more real than you or I or anything we may encounter. This miraculous and wonderful being seeks to befriend you at every turn and aches with the desire to help you and grant you salvation from the flaming inferno of temporary things. He often sends his progeny or comes himself, in the various garbs of the times and places in which he does appear. Avail yourself of this unspeakably great good fortune while you can.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Let us Drink from the Quenching Waters of that Forever Flowing Fountain Within.

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It's getting to crunch time my friends! Here is the most amazing event I have encountered in many a day. The town of Dickinson, Texas is forcing its residents to “sign ze papers", stating that they will not engage in any boycotts of Israel or they will get no funds for Hurricane Harvey relief. This is apparently in reference to a recent Texas law that requires all contractors to certify that they are not participating in any boycott of Israel. Just a few days ago the ACLU filed suit on behalf of a Kansas high school math teacher who is being forced to sign an agreement that she will not participate in any boycotts against Israel in order to attend a teacher training program. WTF?

Are there boycotts taking place in Texas or Kansas? This I do not know, nor have I heard of any upticks in anti Israel boycotts going on at the moment. I may just be missing all of it but my sense is that something is going on outside the general sight-line. It could be that these are only examples of what has been taking place around the country for some while now and they are simply coming to our attention at this time. What I think is that these reverse Kabbalah creatures are reading the future through their own invisible sources and they see trouble up ahead. As you well know, this is a great apocalypse and 'they' feature big time into what is on the way.

The Zio-Satanic Atheist Communists ran into a large setback when the modern day reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory, Hillary Clinton was denied the presidency, throwing a monkey wrench into their continuing push to turn America into a godless den of depravity under the rule of Communism, which they created something under two hundred years ago and then first instituted through the Bolshevik Revolution, where they murdered tens of millions of Russian Christians, which was possibly the greatest mass murder spree of all time ...that possibly might have been eclipsed by the Maoist regime in China. Whatever the case, they were both expressions of Communism. Lovely system eh? They are hoping to pull off the same type of exercise here in America.

A very disturbing piece of news just hit the airwaves concerning the Satanist, George Soros, one of the main hydra heads of the Rothschild Satanic Empire. Quite obviously he is about to unleash a holocaust of financed mayhem in some number of locations. He's come a long way since he made his first billion shorting the English pound. He did it in one day. Now he's worth over 20 billion. That's a lot of money when your intention is to destabilize cultures and governments around the world. He'd have not been able to do what he did were he not fronting, as J.P. Morgan once did (might still) for the Rothschilds.

Okay... my friends, we know that there is a handful of Satanic acolytes who are separately and in union, seeking to create disunity and legalized perversity around the planet. They seem to be very powerful and also in the driver's seat. For some, whose faith in the ineffable is not what it should be, they are very scary creatures who do not only appear on Halloween imitating icons of evil. They are icons of evil. For whatever the reason may be. I laugh at them. I had the good fortune to be thrown into literal hellholes where horrible events and conditions were earmarked for my experience. I saw first hand and under the worst of conditions what the power of the ineffable could accomplish. I later saw it again where what had never happened before, happened and then... has not happened since. I've seen similar miraculous results take place and where I also had to suffer accordingly, all... all... for the purpose of demonstration. By this time, NO ONE can tell me the ineffable is not real, or that the ineffable does not come to the aid of a friend, or that there is any situation where the ineffable cannot absolutely triumph, over and over and over again. Much Love, Lord Ineffable!!!

Sure, there were dark times. There were periods where dark times were all I knew of weather. Metaphorically I was living in Iceland in the winter. There is no darkness where the ineffable does not shine! God is real and can be depended upon in all places and times, period. You can believe or disbelieve as you wish. That is your affair. My affair is a love affair with the eternal lover and author of all good things. I wish and hope and pray with all the force I can muster or channel that any one of you and all of you might have the warm and endless love and embrace of the everlasting God and all it takes... all it takes is to believe that you already in possession of this. Simply know it is your birthright and has nothing to do with whether you deserve it or not; “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god” There is none of us that are worthy... all our “righteousness is as filthy rags.”

The whole of this life and your experience of it hinges on only one thing. Do you accept that God is real or do you think you are real and everything that surrounds you is there for your enjoyment, even when neither are real? You are only real insofar as the light of the living god illuminates and defines you. If you are defining yourself you are in Grimm's Brother's territory. Those elder fairy tales were not sweetness and light. Grimm is a compelling irony.

“If God is for me who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” That works for me. You are what you tell yourself you are, as least in your own mind; 'as a man thinketh'. I don't want to be whatever it is that I might imagine myself to be. I don't know what the best expression of that might be. I want to be what the ineffable imagines me to be and as far as concerns the ineffable, for the ineffable, to imagine is to manifest. To see it is to make it real. There are and have been some pretty competent magicians on this plane and they are graded in ability according to how quickly they can precipitate their creation into form. They are also graded according to degree of difficulty in the act being performed. The ineffable has NO degree of difficulty. Everything for the ineffable is effortless. Why would you work for anyone else?

Sure, IBM has a pension plan and contacts in government can facilitate you being so rich you don't need a pension plan but by comparison with the ineffable? Don't make me laugh.

It's always the world my friends. Sometimes you are here and sometimes you are not. You are always coming or going. As soon as you come here you start going. As soon as you are gone, arrangements are being made for your return, in some form, in some location. There are exceptions to this and that is what interests me. If I could have the world and all that was in it, I still wouldn't like it here; not with what I know about other locations, where I can spend my time in closer proximity to the divine. That is what I personally want and nothing else and everything else put together doesn't come close. If you have ever experienced the love of the ineffable then you will hunger without respite until it is yours again and you will hunger without respite until that is all there is to you and what you experience.

I've said it here before and I will say it again, “Lord, let me sit in the furthermost reach of your kingdom, right there at the border but... where your light still reaches and I will be content. Your presence is all things to me and even the smallest part is of greater value than all the things of the world that are, or have been or will ever be all put together. Let me sit there on the margins where few others would choose to be and I will be content forever.

If you have ever experienced the presence of God, even for a moment, then nothing else will ever measure up again. Everywhere you might go cannot provide a reasonable facsimile. Everything else that you might experience is dwarfed by comparison. Anything you might possess is a poor imitation of a third world knockoff of an original that itself is crap with a European name on it and cannot be compared to the unutterable and indefinable sweetness of that which is the divine. The nectar of the divine, called by some ambrosia and some soma and some by other names (and by me as 'love'), is the thirst quenching waters from that forever flowing fountain within, that draws its substance from an immeasurable ocean of wonder and delight; an endless soul refreshing eternity of youth, ever renewing itself out of the deathless love of the creator for its children, which it created in the first place, to shower with love and blessings beyond description, should the creation only choose to recognize and love the source of its ability to exist in the first place. The ineffable is a 'willing' slave to love. Imagine what the result is when you love the ineffable. Imagine at your leisure, you will never, ever, come close to the truth of it.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Turning of the Tide as True Dawn Breaks upon The World.

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The world is the world is the world. It is what it is at any time, which you may be sure it is not because it is always only appearing. It seems. It seems to be and this explains why there are such a countless number of dissimilar impressions of what it is and what is not taking place. At times it can seem pleasant and serene. At other times it is restless and disturbed. That is why it has the appearance of stability or the appearance of disorder. That ancient text, The I Ching describes the alternating patterns as well as anything can. It is all about change. Sometimes it is changing and sometimes it is not. Sometimes there is transition and sometimes there is stasis. That is why the I Ching has changing hexagrams from one to another. This is the critical truth one must accept concerning the world and one's time in it. It changes. Ergo, stability must be maintained from within. Everything about YOU depends on you; not where the world may be at any time and not, in reality, whatever seems to be.

If the world is confusing and you are confused, well... that is generally the case here. If you are not confused then it does not matter if the world is confusing. How does one arrive to the point where they are beyond confusion? Rely on the ineffable, because the ineffable is NEVER confused. Depend on your own devices and you will not prosper and advance in any meaningful way. You might amass a fortune and come into positions of prominence but nothing meaningful will have taken place. This, one discovers later in the game. The game is fixed. It is not fixed by powerful individuals that pay the band and determine the music and nature of the dance. It is fixed according to the principles upon which it exists. This is why you can't win for losing. This is why, no matter what level of power or wealth you may come to, you will have, in fact, accomplished nothing... because of the principles, the spiritual principles upon which the manifest is based.

We have just seen a classic example of, 'how the mighty have fallen'. Harvey Weinstein had it all. Of anyone in Hollywood you would think him untouchable. He certainly thought so. The timbers are shivering in the back lots... who will be next? Forget about whether Weinstein got thrown under the bus, or whether it was some freak interplay of opportunistic forces. It's Mr. Apocalypse and previously he was headed into town... rumors of his arrival had been heard for some time. It got to where it was like the Kalifornia Big One. You hear it for long enough and nothing happens and you figure nothing ever will. Then it does. Mr. Apocalypse is now 'in town'. Speaking of Kalifornia. If all those entrepreneurs just got wiped out, how long will it be before corporate interests step in? Makes you wonder...

Then again, as concerns Herr Weinstein. Don't kid yourself about all these outraged actresses. They would and do sell their bodies, their services and their souls for a chance at the Ring of Power. They will sell their children and anything of value that they may possess. I've been among these creatures. Show business is just that, a business and it's all on the auction block. As the old joke states; a man approached a woman in a bar and asked her if she would sleep with him for a million dollars. She replied that she most certainly would. He then asked her if she would sleep with him for ten dollars and she replied, “Of course not! What do you take me for?” He answered, “We've already established that. Now we are just dickering about price.”

Could something like this be true? We know some version of it is but NONE OF THIS MATTERS. Only the ineffable matters, whether your attention is there or not. On the one hand there is a clear weather eye upon the horizon. On the other hand you are walking blind.

This is why... this is why it behooves every sincere and caring soul to seek out and discover the indwelling spirit within. Only the indwelling, only the ineffable, knows what is and what is not. You CANNOT win on your own. Whether you realize, or simply accept that this is so, or whether you discover it in a state of regret at some further reach, it will come to your attention. My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you this out of a true concern for you welfare. The whole of existence, the entirety of it, is about one thing and one thing ONLY; whether you have put your attention upon the divine, or whether you have put it upon the things of this world.

Let me point out that the ineffable is not concerned with whether you are rich or poor. It is perfectly acceptable to be rich, to be famous, to be good looking. As to the last of these, I personally know this to be true (Visible!!! heh heh... sorry, it was there to say and I said it. I was joking, in case that went by some of you). Anyway... it is perfectly okay to possess any of these, as well as to be in positions of power and influence. It is all for the purpose of demonstration. It is not what you do or do not have that matters. It is what you do with it! It pleases the ineffable mightily to confer upon you all manner of wonderful conditions and circumstances but you have to be in a position to receive them. Here is an example. The shower may be running but if you are not standing under it you cannot get wet. You have to be standing under the shower to get the benefits of the shower. It is as simple as that. It really is as simple as that and I am speaking from experience in this regard; in both instances.

We have mentioned the presence and progression of a severe crisis in American life. It is direct evidence of what we have been speaking about today; you can expand horizontally in the material sense or you can expand within and up in the spiritual sense. Here is the victory of appetite over restraint everywhere. It's right in front of you and it is not simply about the ubiquity of comestibles everywhere. It is taking place in the sexual realm. It is taking place in the arenas of experience of every sense. Human life is awash in sensation and the most widespread vehicle of them all is the cellphone. I have a cellphone. Only two people know the number and one of them lives in this house (grin). Occasionally, when I have no other medium available I might use it. It's an iphone that a friend gave me. I haven't been on the internet with it yet and I have had it for a year. I'm not trying to paint myself as anything special here. This is only to say that the ineffable actually is my main and enduring focus. This is why I am one of the luckiest men on Earth and I share that honor with all like intended souls.

I know it may not look like this is true, given the degree of suffering I have endured. Trust me when I tell you I haven't reported on even half of it but... every measure of pain and loss is money in the bank. It counts for nothing in a world of suffering but it is coin of great value in the world beyond and it also counts mightily here as well because the time may well come when one's fortunes turn. AND- the most important aspect is... how do you feel??? How do you feel when nothing you have or may ever have compares not a wit with that which will never leave you? The quality of life can be measured according to how one feels about themselves and others in life. What is the state of your internal being? How do you feel? If all is not well, you can change that. Change yourself and the world will change around you.

These are not just words my friends.

Mr. Apocalypse is here! He is in the corridors of power. He is there where the deals are made. He sees and hears the orders being given. He sees the papers being signed. We have seen some events in our time but nothing like we are going to see soon. The most amazing feature of it all for me is that so many of the elite untouchables believe that they are in the drivers seat and that they are causing the events to take place but this is not the case at all. They are being inevitably herded to that denouement on the Road to Damascus and it will not be Jesus Christ who is speaking to them and yet it could be but in a far different manner than what took place all those years ago. This is the beauty of the fact that the devil works for God. The game is rigged. The game is fixed. Does it not make the greatest sense to be a part of the plan of the unassailable will of the almighty?

We may be whistling past the graveyard in the dark of the night but there is light up ahead. We have dwelt in the invisible corona of false dawn for so long that we have despaired that the dawn would ever come. The relentless push of manifest malfeasance has spread its shadow over the entire atmosphere of life but in the end it is only a shadow as was it all when The Ring went into the fires of Mt Doom; “And then at last over the miles between there came a rumble, rising to a deafening crash and roar; the earth shook, the plain heaved and cracked, and Orodruin reeled. Fire belched from its riven summit. The skies burst into thunder seared with lightning. Down like lashing whips fell a torrent of black rain. And into the heart of the storm, with a cry that pierced all other sounds, tearing the clouds asunder, the Nazgûl came, shooting like flaming bolts, as caught in the fiery ruin of hill and sky they crackled, withered, and went out.”

So let it be.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

May the Light of the Everlasting Find you As Soon as Can Be.

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Let us open today with something from a friend and one of the finest photographers I know, Timothy Raab. Something like this serves to remind us of the beauty that is too often obscured beneath the assault on on human consciousness and culture by various factions of The Dark Lord.

Sunrise at home Timothy Raab

There are the Gender Bender Armies of bent, folded, spindled and mutilated sexual expression. There is The Atheist Brigade and the Satanic Military Command. They are assisted by The Protocols of Zion Infantry and the Antifa New Reign of Terror, who are supported by the Communist attack upon free societies the world over, or at least those societies that imagine themselves to be free. They are in a nervous alliance with each other. At any given time they could well be adversaries because their only concern is their own supremacy over everyone else. For the moment they are in concert as they seek to destroy all that is good and unifying. They hate what is good and they hate unity because in unity there is strength. Subsequently they seek to change the definition of good until the general public has no idea what is good and what is not.

You have heard us speak of the Satanic nature of Rap Music for some time here. It keeps becoming ever more brazen in this particular expression. The Gender Benders and Satanists have completely taken over this particular industry and that is generally well known to those who stand in singular objection to it. We are literally expected to bend over and take it. One thing must be kept uppermost in the mind concerning the events of the day. The objective of the Satanists is CHAOS and DISORDER. This is why the basic male and female identities are being blurred to the extent that they no longer appear to exist as specific types.

This is why certain wars and conflicts are initiated in certain locales where the resident cultures are vastly different from The West and as a result of these conflicts, forced immigration is instituted, in order to assist in the destruction of the cultures they are intentionally migrated to. This is why all local law enforcement agencies are ordered to not interfere in crimes against the public that are committed by these migrants. This is why the authorities in Charlottesville told the police to stand down when Antifa attacked those protesting against politically correct offenses against the public and why in the media, wherever it is discussed, we are told that those who were protesting and then attacked by Antifa, are Nazis and White Supremacists and members of Hate Groups. They are so named by the Soros financed cataloger of hate groups; The Southern Poverty Law Center. The real hate groups are the ones attacking the ones being designated as hate groups.

Another demonstration of CHAOS AND DISORDER are the attacks such as the one that just took place in Las Vegas. These are intended to generate FEAR and OUTRAGE in the public mind and which are authorized and carried out by a hostage government which takes its orders from Israel and other centers of Satanic control, like London and New York and most especially from the invisible planes.

Only a fool does not see what is taking place the world over. Once again it is OUR DUTY to inform you that there is only ONE SOURCE OF POWER and that is the ruling authority of the invisible hierarchy. This source apportions all power whatsoever is apportioned and it is done for the purpose of demonstration. As has been stated by philosophers and mystics and poets and others through the totality of this period of recorded history, this world is a stage, where experiences are had for the purpose of enlightenment at whatever far reach that may occur. These same sources and all legitimate spiritual texts have stated that the ineffable ruler of all things, created both good and evil for the ultimate completion of the drama that takes place here. It has been said that not a sparrow falls without the knowledge and consent of the all seeing and all knowing ruler of this planet and all planets and planes that ever there were or will be.

We lack total unity in our minds and we lack the faith and certainty in the necessary amount in our hearts. Were we to possess these we would indeed fear no evil. Nothing of a malefic nature could touch us.

There are more philosophies and points of view put forth here than one can list and they differ widely. Some agree completely with one another and some do not agree at all. I am not concerned with any of them. Some may be true and real to the extent that they reach but NONE OF THEM, none of them reach all the way to that place that is everlasting and eternal and which one arrives at through the good graces of the indwelling guide and by the invitation of the one who resides and rules there from everlasting to everlasting. No man or woman at any time has been in possession of the means or the power to accomplish on their own, true liberation.

There are those that will seek to argue with me on this account and they are welcome to do so, though they will find I am neither present for nor engaged in that argument. I know that I do not know, just as certainly as I am aware of one who does and in those hands I place my fortunes and my fate and have no interest in any other system or ideology of any kind, believing as I do that all of them are methods people use to convince themselves that they have found what they are looking for or will find what they are looking for, especially when 99% of the time they do not even know what it is they are looking for. Some will tell you they seek peace but they cannot tell you what that is outside of a subjective impression of it and the same applies to all else, whether it be Love or God or anything at all because everything changes and is no longer what is was, given that we change and our values change and our objectives change, once we see the limitations that are the unbending parameters of whatever that objective may be.

God, or the ineffable, or the divine or whatever you term it, whatever name you give it... is real. It is truly real but it is not what we think it is. It is beyond the reach and capacity of thought to define or comprehend it. I trust that I will know and be taught what it is I am meant to know and what it is that I am meant to learn and that may well be no more than a very small sliver of what is there to be known and learned and I am fine with never knowing or learning any of them so long as I know and learn what is meant for me to know and to learn.

I am willing to put aside all personal ambitions of any kind. I am willing to give up anything and everything to acquire the presence and communion of and with the ineffable, the father, author and source of all good things who knows in a way that I shall never know, what is right for me and what is not and is generous and merciful to the extent that he will provide for me all that I shall ever need and much that I was not even capable of imaging. This will all take place to the degree that I am able to put my faith in unwavering fashion in that one, above and beyond all others; that one who put the stars in their place and the planets in their courses and holds them there for so long as he is pleased to do so. What pleases this source of all things is what pleases me and I have zero interest in anything else.

For a good portion of this life I was a fool. I may still be a fool but I am a different kind of fool now. I am God's Fool, here to dance to whatever music it pleases him to see me dance to.

All are welcome to come here and take what they find useful and to discard what is of no value to them. All are welcome to agree or disagree with me. I care not a wit one way or the other. It certainly pleases me when anyone finds useful things and when their life is improved, even in the smallest measure but I can take no credit for anything. I willingly accept ownership of every error and mistake and will strive in all my moments for the length of whatever time remains to me to improve in every area of endeavor. For the moment, no doubt, some amount of error, some portion of mistakes, will continue to occur but the day will come, the moment will arrive, when an end will be made of all of them.

I pray that the everlasting light shall find you one and all. I await that blessed day when we shall see each other as we are and not as suffering profligates in a strange land. I know with unshakable certitude that this will come to pass and so... I am content to wait and to watch for so long as that is deemed necessary by the one I seek to serve, however imperfectly that may be.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting.

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Good day my friends. We will suspend the usual interests in the ineffable in the usual manner today; not forgetting the mention because it will come but... information is rapidly coming in as proof that yesterday's attack in Las Vegas was a false flag. Here is some information and speculation. Of course there is the twisted evil of those who celebrate what happened because they imagine it happened to people on the opposite side of their ideology. That she is a full blown member of The Tribe should come as no surprise. In passing let us note this telling tidbit from Breitbart and the source of the commentary as well. It is obvious at this close point to the event that it was an orchestrated false flag. It gets more and more amazing as I watch Mr. Apocalypse dance, this information in this article is riveting. Speculation follows speculation but it is fairly obvious if you know anything about physics and guns that a lot of the speculation seems more accurate than what we are being awkwardly fed. Follow that last link with this one and it becomes more and more clear.

My apologies for so much information from so many locations but one must set the stage, just as they did.

Now they are trying to cover their tracks. It won't happen. Here is the latest from that Tribe Sleaze Fest at TMZ. The head guy at this sewer pipe production formerly operated as the shit fly reporter from the “Meet the Feebles” movie, who spent most of his time buzzing an unflushed toilet. This stars Muppets like you have never seen them before. I was telling a friend about how outrageous this film was and I guess he wasn't paying attention cause he went home and put it on and started watching it with his 12 year old daughters. Yes, you are correct. I burst out laughing. After a decent pause he laughed too. “Well, you could have warned me.” “I did warn you, you just weren't paying attention when I was describing the contents.”

There is a distinct pause that has extended from shortly after the event until now. The Crass Media is attempting to cobble together something credible and it just isn't credible. It is incredible. There is no way that they spin this tale past a very large body of the public who may have been on the fence about events over recent decades. They won't be any longer. This is the moment when they stepped in it. All you have to do is follow the tracks of their feet.

Trump is now faced with one of those presidential moments that will most surely define him. Until now he has been a ping pong ball, his features are a blur as he moves from one concern to the other; talk about living in interesting times! Suddenly I feel the need to suspend this commentary for a bit. I don't know why that is and you won't even know it happened (grin) until you read it here and it will seem as if it is all a part of the same flow but it won't be... sort of like that pause that is going on now with the tale weavers being undone in the tangles of their own lies.

Well... I'm back and I wasn't gone long. Fact is that I can't think of anything else to do. A guy is laying tile in one of the rooms in the house and using some kind of disc grinder/sander. It sounds like that scene from Marathon Man when the mad German Nazi doctor is drilling into Dustin Hoffman's good teeth and asking, “Is it safe? Is it safe?” I tried doing the same thing but no one could hear me. That suddenly reminded me of the Cheech and Chong skitch where one of them is a torturer and one of them is an elderly man. The torturer is saying, “Sign ze papers old man. Sign ze papers.” He replies, “I cannot sign ze paper.” This goes on back and forth for awhile and finally one last time. “Old man sign ze papers!” He responds, “I cannot sign ze papers.” “Why not?' is the answer and the old man says, “because you have cut off my hands.” Yikes!

Does it sound like I am doing everything but getting to the point, as if there were one? How perceptive of you. I honestly don't know what to say. It's clear to me just the day after the Las Vegas attack that 'they' did it. That's a new record by a big margin. They've been clumsy before but relentless lies and total control of the media won out; that and the mindless comfort seeking impulse of the comatose public but now... no way they spin this, no way.

Who is 'they'? They is a cabal of malefactors joined together in the pursuit of self interest. The thing about self interest is that eventually it turns into every man and demon for himself and that will be coming along. Who they are is long term Deep State operatives, Zionist hegemonists, committed Satanists and various Materialists who are along for the ride in a relentless snatch and grab and of course, the military industrialists and ranking uniformed members who are actually part of the Deep State in any case but I wanted to mention them. They have an army of supporters who by default are in common interest bound; meaning, the social justice warriors and other Antifa monsters, programmed and programming, the sexual predators and culture morphers, members of the Academe, celebrities from all sorts of venues, the media and the various puppets that operate in the political theaters and every other enterprise that people rely on for one thing or another.

The manipulators are few in number but their influence becomes considerable when you add in all of these others, who assist in the proliferation of their ideology for personal profit. One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place. Like canon fodder, they don't draft the game plans or give the orders. They just follow them. This does not make them any less dangerous and it is so much more likely that you will run across one of them rather than the ones who have brain washed or employed them. You pass them in the street all the time. They're sitting in the pubs, should you frequent such places and shopping in the super markets and malls. They're wearing Bermuda shorts and Levi's. Sometimes they wear uniforms; everything from a waitress to a police officer and sometimes you find a human being. God knows, I am always looking. I find them more often than I used to, since I am more human than I used to be. They are as big a problem as the psychopaths that manipulate them through Fear and Desire. Losing that base of influence is, would be ...and will be a death blow for them. I don't know if this is the straw that broke the camels back but it sure looks like it could be.

This is either an act of outrageous overconfidence, or Mr. Apocalypse having herded them stage center for that wonderful denouement. I don't know much. I don't know if I ever will. Perhaps the more you know the less you understand. Hopefully, if that works in reverse, I'm better off than I imagine sometimes. I thank the ineffable every day that I am not one of those who recklessly and with a sense of arrogant impunity, ride roughshod over all and sundry (something might be wrong with that sentence. Just let it go, visible, let it go.). I have so much to be thankful for 'what isn't', as much as for 'what is'.

For the last couple of weeks I have been watching people at work in their professions; in sports, in ancillary associations, in the arts and pretty much whatever is similar that has appeared before my eyes and found myself thinking, “thank you Lord that I am not doing that.” It's odd... because there were times in my life, earlier times, when I was seriously ambitious in the effort to get somewhere in my fields of enterprise. The amount of opposition I ran into and serious energy (followed by defeat) that went into each of these efforts was something, I assure you. I could not understand why I was being denied over and over and over. Now I am as grateful as can be with the result. I simply did not understand what was involved and what the cost would have been. God is as merciful, as he is great, as he is wise, as he is all things in their supreme presence and power. Oh... words fail and they will always fail. They fail everyone and they fail me and I am grateful for that too.

How much better is it to be honored in the eyes of the ineffable than in the transitory affections of a fickle world? The ineffable tells me that in good time all efforts are recognized for what they were and failing that they are recognized in the secret chambers where no good or inspired deed goes overlooked. In a whimsical world one has no hope of sustained and never ending appreciation and what does it mean then when it turns on you, as is so often the case, or you forfeit all you ever really loved in the pursuit of it and found you didn't even enjoy it and it was taken from you anyway?

Ah... the follies I entertained on my way. How grateful I am for being spared those accomplishments. It's a big world that grows infinitely smaller by comparison with what lies beyond and yet it is a vast area for those of us made smaller by comparison with it and all our greatness is a mere fantasy of the imagination, never seeing what really small fish we are, who were only impressive in the narrow parameters of our own mind. The intoxication of the self is a heady brew indeed. I am content to wait and rely on the ineffable who sees all, hears all and knows all and who loves me and calls me friend.

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